Independent from Long Beach, California on February 26, 1964 · Page 1
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 1

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 26, 1964
Page 1
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FEATURES INDEX Amusements :A-1* Markets ....B-6.7 Classified C-4 Radio-TV B 8 Comics A-ll Shipping ....A-14 Death Notices A-M Sports C-l, 4 Editorial B-2 Women ....B-4, 5 eat - WEATHER ; % Sonny today and Thursday. Hijh today j 6C.' Complete weather, Page A-1C" . ( HE 5-1161 -- CUisJf « J Ko. HE 2-5?59 The Soulhldnd's M, Finest Morning Newspaper *) PAGES LONG 8EACH 12. CALIFORNIA, WEDNESDAY. FEBRUARY 2. 19M VOL 24 -- NO. 154 '/'m the Greatest!I Upset the World! 9 Unruh's Plan Spurs Hopes for Oil Pact Cassius Clay whoops it up with his handlers after seventh- round technical knockout of heavyweight champion Sonny Listen in Miami Beach, Fla., Tuesday night "I am the greatest! I upset the world! 1 am king!" he shouted. Jet Dives Into Lake, 58 Killed Cassius Clay Wins Crown From Overwhelmed Liston MIAMI BEACH m--Color-,ploa. Later, his purse was re-'enth, he leaped into the air ful C a s s i u s Clay stopped'leased when a team of sur- and shouted: Tax-Slash Final Vote Due Today WASHINGTON (UPI) -- ON BALLOT -- WHEN ? Vote Date Uncertain on Rumford Repeal SACRAMENTO (SV-California voters got the official word Tuesday that the battle over racial discrimination in housing will be en the ballot this year. Secretary of State Frank Jordan officially certified t housing initiative as qualified when the number of valid signatures passed the required 468,259 with petitions stul coming in. The total number of valid signatures was 59^517. Aimed at nullifying the Rumford Act, which bans racial discrimination in most housing, the initiative is proposed is an amendment to the state constitution. If approved by the voters, the measure would prohibit the state or local governments from interfering (Continued Page A-G, Col. 2) Gov. Brown's Nod Goes to Cranston SACRAMENTO Cfl -- Gov. Brown indirectly en dorsed state controller Alan Cranston Tuesday in hi race for the Democratic nomination for the U.S. Senate against ailing Sen. Clair Engle. jet plane crashed into Lake Pontchartrain Tuesday, and the 58 persons aboard perished. b o x l g t . in fight hisiory. 1 istnn. a heavy 7-1 favorite injury. Uston never really looked ' B Pset e way he did in winning' I est! Tm the king of the «rM!;^^!,i lhebte«t ta I upset the world! I am the _,. Sr »,:.,,,_, .,,, _,«v»j ;» the way the title from Floyd Patterson] City vanished soon after here. Chief of Police A l f r e d retain his title, failed to and defending it the seventh against ^'^n in two of am kingP n e w champion, the cut in history and rushed it I to the Senate for virtually left shoulder. The outcome! fourth fighter with a perfect record to win the crown, took charge from the start, feed a . - , - - . ' LUlg 22-year-old for-S mg Listen a steady diet of' ceit ' Brown said, however, he would remain neutral if State Atty. Gen. Stanley Mosfc decides to run in the June 2 primary. The Democratic gov- today. emor, first elected along with action meant millions D e m o c r a t Engle in 1953, taxpayers might start get- wrote off the 52-year-old sen- ting fatter payroll checks ator who underwent brain Knight at MandeviHe. about $ e v e n t h r ( ) L u n d techn!ca ] 10 miles north of the crash' v _.... t . n , f scene, said several persons told him they heard a thunder-like explosion about the time the jet went down. No knockout. Commission ordered Lfston's purse withheld pending ex(Continued Page A-6, Col. 5) amination of the former cham- swering the bell for the sev- Louisvine, cut Liston . _-) *? *' * to A White House spokesman ; "!said President Johnson win About one-half hour after and repeatedly avoided Lis- the fight, the Miami Boxing ton's better punches. the left eye in the third round °« S « U1 8 » «* ««"« »« ,,,,« ,..J,,~»i,, ,,-TMA-* i;«. sax! it was because Liston «l*bniioa to cut dsco surgery last August. Meantime in Washington, Mrs. Engle told the San Fran- When Gay realized the 30- year-old Liston was cot an- . . ,. . .. , i--aimed at spurring the econ- had Imnnent on his glove.* oay to new levels tf prosper. Liston, from Denver, said he j ty j. - thought his shoulder was ^jj jroken in the first round. (sena ,,_. 5%^^,i" K ,P?^l»to^»W^-"He «uld do Across the Nation Miners Rescued After 9 Hours JOHNSTOWN, Pa. t« -- A rockfafl trapped two miners Tuesday in a coal mine in nearby Bamesboro. Both were brought out alive within nine hours. Digging with bare hands and shovels, rescue workers first reached Joseph China, 48, of Barnesboro. His companion, William Przndi. also of Bamesboro. was brought out later. China's face was covered by a thick layer of coal dust. He was in risible pain and grimaced as a doctor moved his arms and legs. He was lifted gingerly onto a stretcher for the trip to the hospital. Prandi. barely able to see from the coal dust covering his face, was swathed in blankets. He complained of a back injury and was in shock. 4 Die in Fire WEST GARDINER, Maine IB -Two brothers and two sisters perished Tuesday in flames that swept through the ccHar of what was to have been their new home. Dead were Karyt, 13, her sister, Kaye, 9, and their brothers, Karl, 2, and KeDy, 11 weeks, children of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Thompson. The parents were away at the time. The Thompsons started work on the new home last spring and bad been living ia the cellar for months. Surprise Storm If Unjlctf fnu 1alcnifiafl^ A surprise snow storm dumped up to 5 inches of snow on northern Dixie Tuesday and drove northeastward up the East's Appalachian backbone. Another storm unloaded S inches cf snow on northwestern Nebraska and speared southward across the plains. Idaho du; out of highway-blocking, school-clcsing snows deposited by a near blizzard. Four to 5 inches of snow clogged roads in northern Georgia. The South Carolina mountains near WalhaUa got 4 inches and sections of northern Alabama cp to 3 inches. Twenty-one students were stranded overnight in a rural home when a bus became snowbound west of Idaho Falls. Snow plows extricated the bus Tuesday. NEW YORK (UPI) -- A spectacular nice-alam fire swept through a textile warehouse Tuesday right in the crowded lower lnhattan Industrial district known as "Heirs 100 acres," iajoring at least seven firemen. More than 200 firemen fccght the blaze five hows. Interior floors of the six-story loft building collapsed as fUmes engulfed the brick-front structure. this as possible after the Senate gives it final congres- Although the live gate was this atmoon. Quits GOP Post to AidRocky SAN FRANCISCO (UPI- Joseph Martin Jr., predicting that a Goldwater victory in worked out. Mansell Agrees to Parley By JIM McCAULEY t P-T SftcrinwnT* tariM Long Beach City Manager John Mansell agreed to meet with the State Lands Commission today as the first step in following up a compromise proposal by Assembly Speaker Jesse M. Unruh in the multibillion-dollar tidelands oil controversy. Minsell said Tuesday at a legislative committee hearing that "we win be happy" to confer with the lands commission in an effort to effect a settlement. · # · · THE compromise proposal was put forth by Unruh at Tuesday's session after testimony was beard from State Finance Director Hale Champion who agreed there is a possible basis for compromise. President Pro T e m p e r Hugh M. Bums cf the Senate, a member of Unruh's Joint Tidelands Committee, put the compromise in the iona of a resolution. When the compromisa resolution passed, Unruh called off further hearings of his committee for at least 10 days so that bargaining talks can get under way. Exact specifications for the settlement plan remain to be It was devastating to have the June presidential primary) -^.-. t ,~ t ~.~-w..». ,, However, Unruh said this those we thought our friends would touch off a right-wing could be the basis for settle- look at his unfortunate illness takeover of the Republican ment as a chance to grab this un- Party in California, Tuesday 1. Legislation to guarantee about 8,000, the total receipts] EIGHT days after Johnson were expected to reach cearfy,signs the bill into law, a $27$4 million because of closed miEion-a-day reduction in the c i r c u i t television. (Details,!federal income-tax-withhold- pictures in Sports Section.) ing rate will start to show up i in taxpayers' paychecks. I The House approved the [compromise worked out by House-Senate negotiators in a 326-83 roll-call vote. Sup- fporting the biH were 218 Democrats and 63 Republicans voting against it. Nixon Has Not Changed Mind MINNEAPOLIS t? -- For- expected political plum." Brown told his news conference: "An of the evidence I have is that he (Engle) has not im- resigned as GOP national Long Beach a specific figure committeeman and announced of tidelands revenue for fu- tis support of New York Gov. Nelson Rockefeller. The compelling reason for proved over his condition m y decision," he told a news when getting out of the hos-l confer *nce, " is * sincere de Baker Refuses to Talk pital six or ago." Eng!e has WASHINGTON (UPI) Citing the U. S. Constitution. Robert (Bobby) Baker Tuesday refused to answer more n ; r " Vice President Richard'paign. than 125 cuestxms posed by^,, said Tuesday night his! The CDC endorsed tare shoreline projects and harbor expenses. Champion had mentioned that $200 million might be justified. 2. Earmarking additional seven monthi sire to do my part to prevent revenues to the state and al- aamtt (the Republican Party ia Cali- said repeatedly fomia from becoming a mere that he's recovering, that he's branch of the John Birch ~ fit and able to campaign and tiety." was halting speech message to the California Democratic Council conven- lowing the state rather than have its way in a how the parcels a coa- . _ t $35 MARTIN", national commit- billion oilfield off the shore- teeman since 1960, said SenJEna cf eastern Long Beach. " Goldwater "is the only j. Sympathetic consldera- « t.l*r*TM»l""""" ate w *° k vigorously tion to Long Beach's demands a itirpnone snpport^j by jjjj Birchers that it maintain control as and the rightists' lunatic trustee over oil developments tion in Long Beach last weekend that he couldn't cam- and Roose.. .,,_. ;**· -- -·»-- '' ** Republican test Monday. But Engle de! his long-awaited p a rty called upon him. ' appearance before the Senate - - -I blackout of fringe. Inevitably, his victory to insure protection against will also be their victory--land sinkage. their mandate to take over Unruh said it was clear the party structure in Ca!i- from the Long Beach testi- i its entirety." mony that the city would not Martin, who in making his yield control of the field, but announcement joined forces might compromise on other with such Rockefeller support-'issues. as Sen. Thomas Kuchel · · · · ci tt Party contests," Nixon Engle, 1 just can't let that in" unity in the party." outside activities while serving as secretary to Senate Democrats. I stand by cy previous answer," he told his questioners time and again. BY THIS the 35-year-old onetime South Carolina farm boy referred to his appearance at a closed committee session last Wednesday when prise tidelands - compromise (or the party and for fomia needs two senators. i the gOT-emor said. Mayor George Christopher.'is entitled to some amount said he believed the Newjand it should be expressed in York governor's strength had: . improved "immeasurably" ^(Continued Page A-6, CoL 1) the past few weeks. u Tnt * if stand mute--and to refuse to; Capitol by its suddenness. [Continued Page A-6, CoL 2) --inoeirtl TV NED Iff Penny, a 2 month-old Pug, heard her first soondi this week. Deaf since birth, she was fitted with a special hearing aid at Cham- ralgn. re. L.R. ASSEMBLYMEN PRAISE CITY OFFICIAL Sudden Compromise Plan Stunning L P T I«7»m«it iria 'didn't wait for a forma! ex-'Sacramento at his own ex- SACRAMENTO--The wr-Uange of invitations for bar- pense to attend the hearings. SINATRA k i d n a p suspects wanted to play Monopoly with ransom cash. wonua tells court. Page A-4. "QUIET DOWXT. Jame* Hoffa tens his prosecutor. Page A-I7. Joint Tidelands Committee for I talks. Assemblymen Joseph M. conferred privately on bow to proved conclusivery that there : set cp the framework for tide- had t*«n no violations in the tidelands trust. Long Beach did an excel- accompushinz more in two Kemick . D-Long Beach, and lent job cf presentation.- he day* of h e a r i n g s than af- ** Deukmejian. - '*~i«~» other legislative committees in months of proceedings. There was speculation that the Senate Natural Resources ficials. They did a magnificent job," said Kennick, a member R/declared. Kennick. however, detected one «our note. "We are *tffl pica for saying that he cnder- stands that Long Beach hopes to obtain more than $300 mil- in tidelands funds for shoreline projects. Keccick asked Champioa if this was a formal request from the city of Long Beach. rather than facts. Committee, stated to take f ur- °' «** Joint Tidelands Coav ther testimony ia the tide- nuttee. Kennick noted the first . lands controversy, wffl post- degreeof flexibility towardjKennick, referring ,, .u^^^ w v.- r -^^«. pone or cancel hearings sched- compromise fcadbe en sounded mony by Stste Finance Di-But this dickering would be Champion replied it wasn't ^ ^ ^ ^ ^4 k4rted that if an the projects Lens confronted Beach wanu were added c? with the age-old problem of [this would be the totaLCtaai peop!e dealing witi fictioa'pion had said he felt Long " decIared^Beach could justify only $200 to testi-'niillioa la tidelands projects. [o'ed for Thursday and Friday. City and state o f f i c i a l i Deukznejiais, who flew to rector Hale Champion. Kennick criticized Cham-] gaining. left to the compromise bar-

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