The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 25, 1957 · Page 9
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 9

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 25, 1957
Page 9
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and Brazoria County, Tuesday, Juna 26, 19i>v T K g FACTS BLESS HIS BONES!! LET'S see 'EM, MAW NO WONDER YE WROPPEO '5M ALL UP. SNEAKY VARMWT- THfV WUZNT CLEANEDH THAT WUZ CALEB AT TH 1 DOOR. PAW- Mf CAUGHT A MESS 0? FISH AN' 8RUNG US ENUFP PBR SUPPER DID VE LOOK DOWN AT TH' SWIMMIN' HOLP JAMEY 2 WHY DON'T YE ASTJUGHflID JPMEY •» LANOO'GOSHENN THAT'S WHY I'M LOOKIN 1 PER . •OU BULLET,' SOS I CAN FIND JUG ROUND- A80UHAWY YOUM- UNS •MIZ SMIP- WHAR'S JUGHAID'S DOS 'OC WLLCT"? SNUFFY SMITH. WHAT'LI. IOO' THE STRAPS APE BROKEN DUCK IN THIS PHOH6 BOOTM AMD TAKE IT OFF BEFORE IT FALLS OFF ( HeRE-TAKS IT.QUICK-.STUFf • IT UNDEP VOUI? COAT OAGWOOO, VOUPSLIP BVONDIE- VOOR SLIP O YOU RE THE ONE WHO RMGOT TO PUT THE CAP BACK On THE TOOTH Pftsrs' H£ LAW 51.-/9 HE CAS:T TOUCH MS ALK'NG TO THE «NtSAL. 6ABC-€ WILL K SORE,' AWVB5 VOU 6<CW.DNT HAVE COMPLAINED TO THE INSPECTOR- GSNEWt WOUT6AP6E OUTSIDE CENTRAL PARK OH AH WISHES Tweyo REELI/E AH IS MERELV AMMUNITION AMD CAPLWG LtZAttR I V WHUT CAJKfT GIT OUTA THIS sorr. IN CtNTRAL PARK- | ACCVg CEMTIWI. PARK-. YA A»S.CC-TIMEI«, NOW YOU HAVE A NICE BIO 0AU.OOM GRANDMA SURE/MY VACATIONS ONSIfrTOP TH6 TfJlPS 6BTWBEM me POST OfPlCB AW WY MlNO 8OACTI ANP HURRY.' 1 CAN'T U061 A GOT TO &kl THAT SUNDAY PAGE A WEEK LATt CM MV 6C^EDL>L» C WORK AttA . A6 IT !».' >^ TlMf ? ^ HELP ME CA8KV IN f WOO CW\W Kg'S A Coloring Confesf Winners Ar© Fefed Seven B r a z o r I a ounKsfer* v;ill be t/alce Pavilion In Lake along with their parents, at a Tuesday evening st The youngsters are the top the recent contest '.•hich was conducted in every the county for the County-kindergarten through sixth test. Paul Goodyrar of the Fine 'grade students. (Ar's Division of the Brazoria John Olenn -was chairman of C :°' jnty _ Cmmi r Fair Association ana members of his ct,m- honored. iw»rd winners in itterbug coloring the school program committee ,, ,. t ^ for the Keep Brazoria County event Beautiful Association. In addition to the barbecue, each of the prize winners will receive »10 in r*sh for their ff-!,"" 5 /.%• 4 • MH J A T^^r-» ., ».^-'" p acted as judges fer the The tvlnner* to be honored EHJOY A HEAL PIZZA FIE Iu»»n port fort* and » Ty-Dee, colorful plastic littrebaR for thu family car. Each room winner in the county received a DeLuxe Paper Mate pen and their winning entries v.-ere on display in the lobby or the Savings and Loan '.vhere the final judging wa? held. Seven different fcene<! point- in? up the <wllin»5« and unsightliness caused by Mr. Lit- terbua; were used in the con- Donna Hacke of Jones k, Kindergarten: Darin of V/ert Columbia, first grade; .Terrle Croft of Chitp. second Ans".Cf'on, third grs'ie; Byrom of (.'lute, four'h Victor | The leotard «how* to •?de; ' a " sportswear collection* Anita Avitts of Alvin, fifth 'New York manufacturer*. fM>>- _ , signer Bonnie Csshin ?he-w» 4M <fradc; «md Ronnie Spradlcyi abbreviated version — w«k of Angleton, sixth A short presentation pro i bloomer leg—topped with wool skirt of glen plsid. gram is planned for the Tuesday barbecue, with Mrs. H. C.' Scandul is cn » thing Haysiip, president extending never gets shop worn by the official welcome. continually passed areund. •»re: «r plain. Orderi t» f CHUCK'S RAINBOW nS Gulf Bl»«. p N. Freeport nmhreom LA KE V* * ! AHF THtATPe WKD. THfRS. FBI. THE LIGHT TOUCH JACK HAWKTVS The Community Calendar TttESDAr. IVttT, 2S 9:00 ».m— Brazo«port Wo- mcn'i Oolf Assocl»tlon, FYeeport Golf Course 11:30 «.m.— L«ke .I&ck»on Klranin, City Cife. Lake Jackion 8:30 p.m.- \nfleton L!on« Club. Arujleton Community Hou«e 7:00—B:-aK>sport Optt- mlJt Club, Oo W Hotel 7:00 p.m.—Ladle* AuxilUry, Velnsco Fire Dept., Fire Statlcri, Vt\ueo 7:30 p.m. — I*ke Jtckion Eastern ftw, Luice Jarkson Masonic Ha.ll 7:30 p.m.— Y Wlvei, Civic Meeting Koom, Braaosport Saying* renter 7.JO p.m— K of P Qulf Lodge No 197. K of P Hall. X'elascn 7:30 p.m.— Freoport Lion* Club. Pro* Cafe. Frerport 8.00 p.m.—Air Re5»rv« M«t- inu, Ix-gion Hnll. Frerport WEDNESDAY. JI : NE 26 12:15 p.m —Krerport Klwu- ni», Dow Hotel 7:00 p.m.—Marine Reserve. American Legion Hall, Lake Jackjon 9-00 p.m.— Alcoholics Anony- mou», Freeport Leirlon Hill 8:00 pm— FratemM Order of V*e\et. FOE Home, Highway 2f8 THBHSOAY. JTJNE 17 T-JO p.m.— BOT Scout Qualn- Un» Dtat. Meetint, First Methcdiit Ch-jrch, ijA- Jackson 7:M prr.— K of P Lodge No. 47S, K of P Hull. Freeport 7:JOp.m. — Freeport Plenninjt B«U ntgm* Phi. Ctv. Meotlr.R H»m. 3r?.zosport 8ft7lm(» Ctr.ttr 7:30 p.m. — Brazcuport Concert Band Rehear«a!, DOTP Plant B O.!elem 7:M p.m —Freeport Am-rri- cun I/erk>n, l/'glcn Hai:. Freeport 4.00 pjn.— KrJ«hta of Col- umbiio, officers ?r.d r/>rn- mittcc m'ft:nifT r K if c Hall, Fief-port fl.OO p in. - lA<f. ..'aciLv;-; Women's C'luo. L:::-i House, Laie .J-.'-ic-v.-n R.OO pm. — An-?!e*on V raiu ForelEn '.Varr M taf, I^pgion Hall. Ar^le C»Q rree»orl 1-U11, txteruten 224 for Ui«Bf Pr«*«nt«d a* a public serrice fay The Dow Chemical Company Texas Division A ^°^ rHtATtt WEDNESHAT LAST DAT . !_«<MT CAIHOOM -JTYOHm O^MHO 1/EUSCO NOW SHOWING DOTJBLE THRILL SHOW! "Paris Vies Squad" 2nd BO HIT "GUERILLA GIRL" Wedne«d»y THRU Friday THE BIG LAND Alan lAtt . TlrtlnU SUf. Edroond O Bri»B —2nd FKATURR— "TIGER SHARK" NOW SIIOWINO ANNAPOLIS STORT" AN ind R1T - !/>>< "THE BIG CHASE' TELEVISION LOG KPBC.-T" Ch-nnel J—KGiUL-TV Ch«B«»! 1! JCrpH-TV Chennol IJ—KOHT-TV ChsnMl I TUESDAY 4:00 (!1 Star PprformaiT* • 8) To BP Announced (13) Kitirik's Party 4:30 <2> Loon?y Tovn (8) Geography For Decision Ol> I Led 3 Li VPS 8:00 (2) Roy Rogers (Si To Be Announced HI) Range Pider (.'3) Mickey MOIISB Clu!) 5:30 (11) Sports & Weather ' S:46 <2> Channel 2 Nexvsreel (11) Uoug Edwards and | the News '• 8:00 (2) World At ^arjje (8) To Be Announced (IP My Little Margie (13) T. V. News fl:10 (2! Today In Sport* 6:15 <2i Channel 2 N«=->.?rsel 6:15 (13) John Daly and the New? 6:21 <2> Weath«rcarl 6:30 (2i Jonathan Winters 6:30 <8) A Prospect, of Lit- eralure Ul> Name That Tun* i<3> Conflict fi:45 (2) NBC New? '11.55 (13) Lat« N«w» i 12:00 (2) Sign Off <1J> Sign Olf | 1:2:1 HI) Lat* H«ndUBM : 1:30 (Hi Evening Hymn WEDNESDAY i H:25 (11) Morning Hymn ; IUO 12) Morning r (li) Rural Rev«ill* ; 6. ".S (2) George Roesner fl:45 (2) George Roesner 6:55 'ID T«land Headline* ,. (13) On, Anthem, i! Prayer 7:00 (21 Today ~" (11) Captain K«ni»ro» (13) Soundtrack 7:25 (2) Today'« Weather ' 7:30 <2) Today 7:4S (11) 11 Video Lane 7:55 (2) Today In Hourto* ' 8:00 (2) Homs ~ (11) Oarrr Moore Sh»ir 8:30 (J) Home (11) Arthur Godfrey Time _8:35 (J) Window In Horn* ~<>76h 9:30 (2) The Price Is Right <2) Truth or Consequences (11) Strike It Rich (13) Romper Room 7:00 (2) Jane Wyman 7:00 (8) Viz Quiz (111 Phil Silver- Show 7:30 <2> Circle T!iea!r» (8) The Latin Americas (Hi Rrd Skclion '13' Wyatt Earp . 10.00 <2) Tic T»c Dough (11) Valiant Lady 10.15 (11) Love of Life 10:30 (3) It Could Be You" (11) Search Tor To- 1 morrow i (13) Liberac* 8:00 (2) Presidents TV Assembly (ill S64.000 Qi;=tfinp (13) Broken Arrow 8:JO (2) Code Throe (8) The Bible Sneaks Today (11) High-A-ay patrol (13) Telephone Time — 11:00 (21 Mollie ' (11) Amo? 'n Andy 11:30 (11) As The World Tunu' i (13) ParT«~Precinct 12:00 (11) Our Mits Brooks (13i Tumbleweed TIra« 12:30 (2) Tenne«te« Ernie (11) Linkletter's Hous*. Parly 9:00 (2) Arthur Murray Party (8) Frontier Tn Spar* 9:00 <11) To Tell Th» Tru'h (13) San Francisco Brit 9:15 (81 Sign Off 9:30 (2) Punic (11) Private Secretary (13) Texas In Review- 1:00 (2) NBC Matinee Theatre. (11) The BigPiyoff (13) Action Calvacade Festival 1.30 (11) Bob Crosby 10:00 '2* Public Defender (11> City Detective (13i Movietime U. S. A 10.30 (2) Final Edition Newt (11) La'.e Show ^ (2> Late Alovie Pa'e i (Ji Mann Abo-jt SporU I (3) Tonight 2:00 (2) Queen For > D«y (ID Brighter Day 2:15 (11) Secret Storm (13) Liberace 2.30 (11) Edge of Night (13) Mollie -^ 2.45 12) Modem Rornanee* 3:00 i2) Comedy Time (ID Early Show (13) Paris Precinct 3.30 (2) Winners Circle (13) Krazy K*t Theatre MORE FOR YOUR MONEY PER ANNUM ON SAVINGS EFFECTIVE JULY 1 Each Account Insured Up To $10,000, By An Agency Of Th» Fedaril Gov&rment! Everyone wanis more for his mon^y. and that U just what this friendly thrift institution plans to tjivi- you by increasing savings earning* to a new hi£h rati effective Jiilj 1. Hv inventing your fund." in this ;nsurde Savings and Loan Association, you share in top earnings twice a year. A regular saving!, plan inea.'jg future security. Remember . . . th« dollars you wve here give you mort for your money. What Are Your Savings Earning? Call Or Com* In Today BBAZOSPOBTSAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION DIBECTOB8- Vf C. McItnJur ] Chvk* K. W*an«U, W. T. GaUomj, W. V. Carry, \ict-Pre*.. M. ?' Colt-grov*. SecrtUry-lrt»»uita, kl, R, C. 1-mdli), VW»-Pr«« BRAZOSFORT SAMNGS CENTER. FBEEPORT

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