Independent from Long Beach, California on May 23, 1957 · Page 18
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 18

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 23, 1957
Page 18
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Pege IS--INDEPENDENT '·"· ·"'- ai. i»w 'Daughter' to ; a New -Relationship (Tht» ii the mth in a series of in memoirs by Nelitla ' Rival, who wan ;or tivo yean the loyal companion of Oen. Juan Peron during the period when he wa* the president and dictator of the Argentine Rejiullic, , - By NELIDA RIVAS ·The day I moved Into the presidential residence In Fclinmry, 1954, Peron told Atillo Rcnzl, his chief of household, that ns R guest In his home. I was to be treated \vtfh full respect. He then Instructed Rcnzl to show me my room. x . -- Rcnzl led mt up Iho stalrcnsejaddlnc what I thought would lo.lthc second door, whore the Jx- the last feminine touch--lip- hotrfDoms were located, opened'stick. the door on a beautifully fur-| I went downstairs, walklnc nlsfiod, spacious room and asked as on a cloud, I felt like If ;Jt; would do. I told him It movie star, R wealthy heiress 1 1 waa . fine, ( luwas the bedroom of Eva Frtfll), the General's late wife. Puro Pleasures . I had never seen such a bathroom. I filled, the tub to the top, threw In quantities of t 'c- . lluhtfully scented hath salts, lathered myself from head to loot with frngrant pine soap and lay back plrflsure. to Indulge In pure or a princess. Then when he saw 'the lip. stick ,hc became lerlom am said; "Why did you do that ? I don't like II. You don't need any lipstick. That's for older women. The best thine for young Elrls Is to lie natural." "Yes, Papalto (daddy)," I re piled apologetically. Finally, I dressed for dinner, Sparkling new ' j flavor for vegetables Thiixorfivetardenfrtthvegctiblts j excltint new inlereit by Sliding ml- · Uiual flsvon. June Brllrr Humes (iardiiu lelli you how. Orctn beam, crtam chttM and dill; pe*i mil new onioni: ipituch and hont-radith; been and freth orange. You'll rind ncipet for these and more In Juno ,Brllrr Ilianti A Ganltiu. Oel your cony today, wherever msguine* ara soldi Pcron "Papallo" one day when looking taller than usual In his nrmy uniform, I told him he reminded me of Papalto Picrnai Larces (Daddy Lonclcgs), He didn't object and ever since I called Mm Pa- palto when wc^were alone. In public I addressed him B.I General. , He called me "nlna," thn equivalent of child, daughter or baby. 'To Be Worthy 1 : I wanted to be worthy of a man of Peron's position, the President of Argentina, so I would practice for hours In my room trying to perfect my WITH A DICTATOR ·Juan Peron, right, walks with Nellda Rlvas at the, V' Mar del Plata film festival In Buenos Aires, 1953. ' W i t h couple are two of Peron's aides. Ex-president ·: wears mourning band for deceased wife, Eva. . Her Patriotism Goes to Far By ABIGAIL VAN BtJRKX ' ' DEAR ABBY: Do you think It Is the patriotic duty of a married woman to go to service men's clubs and dance with the fellows there? My wife Is a good : looklng redhead who loves to dance and have a good time so this Is the way she likes to spend her evenings while t work. My Job allows me only one evening out a week. She thinks I am wronc In objecting. What do you think about It, Abhyr Thin «nd DEAR ORRUYl A m«r- * ' rliMl woman hnii nn huilnnii »H» f*ntfrtnlnlng wrvlrn men In thin way. kind of "charity" thnnlil begin at home end there! DEAR ABBY: I am the mother of nine children and the grandmother of 22. My oldest son In married to a girl who despises me. She gossips about me and says terrible things which are untrue. I couldn't believe my ears when I heard what she said about me. The person who told me has been a good friend of mine for years and Is a truthful woman and. a faithful church worker. Should I tell my son about II.-- HATED MOTHER-IN-LAW. -, DEAR HATKDl With it friend like Ibis. yim don't need any enemies! Don't tell your . ·nn! Tell your "kind friend" you would ap- f o r right! ' " · ' · · · DEAR ABBY: My husband and I have been married 19 years and his whole lit* seems to be hunting and fishing* He goes on one trip after another (asks me to go along, but I don't care for It) while I stay home with the children and a hall of crochet thread. Don't you' think he Is being selfish In spending so much . time nt things I have no Interest In*--LEFT ALONE. DKAR I.KFTl It's tlmi you startMl "h»v- ' Inff a hall"--and not nf ernrhet thread, fllvn v thoufi hunting and fishing trip* annlhnr rhanrft. Many wnmen have learned to love It ' after years nf hrlnff "left alone," DEAR ABBY: A friend of mine took a hoy Into her home when he was 10. He never married and Is now In his late thirties. She I* a married woman about 60 and has grandchildren and children. He calls her "MOM" and she calls him "LOVERBOY" In public and he never goes any place without her. Do you think this Is all right*--WONDERING. DKAR WONDKRINfli It's alt right with MK. What's YOUR problem* * - ' * - - * · ' · If you havii a- problem, write tn Abigail · Van Biiren In care nf the Long Bearh Independent. She will he glad tn answer your letter. For * personal reply, please enclose ., K stamped self-addressed envelope. « To Honor State -i OES Officers^ Keveral thousand member* of the Order of Eastern Star am expected to h« In attend- ·nee at the »nnusl Southern California reception for grand officer* to take place at Long , Beach Municipal Auditorium ' Haturdiy at 8 p.m. - . · · · . Leaden of the order tn be , honored *re Marguerite Wels* / hemer, worthy grand matron, member of Amity Chapter, _ Han Krandwo, and Klmer ·». _' Walther, worthy grand patron, ; member of WlUhlre Chapter, ' Los Angelen. : All members of OKS and " Master Masons are Invited tn attend. SHOP LINDER'S ART IIHCI ?»I7 19 AMERICAN AVt PIMM HlmlMS precinte It If she would keep such tale* to hnrnelf. CONFIDENTIAL TO "DONE MY DITTY." Your husband Is lor the hlnl»--tile MTOBKS! 8even kids In nine yean Is almost lull-scale production. If your health s poor and you ran't properly care for those you have, tell papa that seven Is your lurky number and you don't want to try GET SUM STAY SLIM THIS SUMMER VINYL PLASTIC CUSHIONS DOOS . OUTDOOt UVINO II \ L L » f % LOCUST -.NEW MANAGEMENT r EXCELLENT FAC1LITIKS ·" ' - FOK : -'·-···· K ·;·' IIAXqUKTS f KKTCVGS LKCTUKKS IIANCKS nnnnii {OP y«ur ruuvenleiire. l*t m help you wllh rumplrlR crrBngenientil lor w»ddln||a 4k rnrn|Mlaiia. WJn« mi4 f.fqMum II Ufmlrnt , PHONE HE 2-2985 speech and my bearing. ' orations and I was careful not to gestlcu-lcelvcd from gifts he had re- governments and laic with my hands as I talked officials In all parts of the world, -- a habit of many Argentines, At. table I was rewarded by the look of approval which Pa- iwlto would give me. I was the only s.\r\ In the residence during meals and all other times. There were never BODELL'S CHILDREN'S SHOES 944 E. Broadway HE 2-6002 SHOE CLEARANCE GIRLS 1 DRESS PATENTS! or WHITE CALF Sizes 5 to 12 .SCHOOL OR PLAY STURDY STRAPS-- ,Rtd, Blut and OO SPECIAL - U. S. KADETTES $450 PARTY OR PLAY STRAPS -- Aliorfed Colon ; · 15% DISCOUNT ON ALL REGULAR :' OR CORRECTIVE SHOES SHOE PRESCRIPTIONS FITTED CORRECTLY any women guests. Pcron offered no explanations of my presence In his me The first few weeks were my happiest ones. I had everything was furnished with rather unattractive outdated pieces. During my first days In the residence .Peron's relations with me r e m a i n e d on the father- daughter level. Then, without realizing It. the mutual attrac- tlon which had been taking hold of us swept us along a course which we could not r e s i s t home. After a Awhile "his gucsui Evcr '»lng happened at once, became accustomed to seeing ««ldcnly «nd unexpectedly. At the same time, I continued being his nlna, his little girl, and the daughter he never had but needed. In this respect I lived a dual life wllh Peron, I said nothing to my parents about our new relationship, I let them suppose that nothing Ifld happened. fin the tixth article of thin series, appearing tomorrow in The Independent, Prett-Telegram, Miss Rival telln of li». tening to General Peron itf- j liver (i lecture on conduct and ' : moral* to o group of high Jichool girl*. I had always dreamed of, : A New Scooter The General gave me a mo'tor scooter (eventually I had four), and I would go whizzing around the grave 1 ! roads within the palace grounds. He also gave me a deluxe blue and while Flat, originally presented to him by the Italian manufacturers, and showed me how to drive It, For my part, J tried to make the General as comfortable as I could. His late wife, extremely occupied wllh outside affairs, had not been able to give him real home. I would anticipate all his wishes--his coffee, hU clgarets, his slippers. I prepared all kinds of delicacies, and he love my cooking, especially my chicken la Porttigualse, and my home baked cakes. After dinner, when he was comfortably s e 111 e d In bed,. I would* bring, him the evening newspapers and be sure to turn on the television set whenever Ihere was a boxing match, his 'avorlte sport. Tho Third Roam '"·'-' The General's bedroom, separated own by a room n whch he stored the many dec- REG. 169.50 6-PIECE RATTAN GROUPING · 3'PIICI SECTIONAL . . . CLUI CHAIR ... CORNER TAItl... COFFEI TAIII . . . M«»ctiil!el Or.p.i «d Top Quilily St. Gnu -- 2Sc iq. I). EASY TERMS-- OPEN MONDAY, FRIDAY TILL f House Garden TROPIC SHOP "RATTAN FOR EVIRY HOMI" 4 ll.tki N*r«s if Traffic Circle 2196 Lakewood Blvd. HE 8-0069 Your figure takes on · mor* youthful looking, lovelinei* when you Improve your posture arfd reproportion your body with the STAUFTER HOME REDUCING PLAN of effortless exercise and caloric reduction. Get slim and stay slim by trimming unwanted inches from the right place* while relaxing at home on the famous Posture-Rest.* Reduce the modem way, the SUuffer way. mi HOMI DiMownunoN A Suurfrr representative will show you thl* modern reducing method In your home «t your convenience. No obligation. c a u GA 3-4944 Mail Coupon ITAUFPIS HOMI PUN ' JUT WII.Mr. II.* 1 ., LM Ang*l*i 1, C.IK. inrr IT roe A UOKTM -- iirr rr ros wet o«r IIFT. I.I. II Nm itwfttr rt priM*titlM cwttKt IM to Mil NOMC DIMONiriAtlON wltllMt Mllllllw. BUTLER BROTHERS WIN A 1957 CHEVROLET STATION WAGON - TICKETS AT BUTLER BROS. S0fc COMPLETE WITH . ALL TOOLS . 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