Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on March 11, 1966 · Page 9
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 9

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Friday, March 11, 1966
Page 9
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FRIDAY, MAtCM II, IH4 T U C S O N D A I L Y C I T I Z E N ON FINAL VOTE House OKs Bill Disturbances PHOENIX-UPI-The House today passed a bill prohibiting disturbances on college campuses. The vote was 59-11. Rep. Tony Carrillo, D-Pima, protested that while the intent of the bill might be proper, the language was too broad. He said it could prohibit legitimate protests and assembly and he questioned ..its constitutionality. C =;; :·· ft-' -·-?. ! The bill prohibits^ disturbing the peace on jcampusi; blocking passage and refusing to disperse. ·,;;';, -.: ·':, ^ The bill; along with : a*;lengthy calendar of m i n o r measures, was approved in debate yesterday and put to the final vote today. The House leadership had planned to bring to the floor a bill imposing a tax on pleasure boats. However, the necessary constitutional amendment was temporarily withdrawn when it was discovered that the accompanying statute was still tied up in one committee. House Majority Leader John Haugh, R-Pima, said -the legislation might be ready for debate next week. 1 It imposes a'tax of 25 cents'a foot on boats up to 18 feet in length and 50 cents per foot thereafter. If passed by the House, its fate in the Senate is cloudy. There is opposition in the upper chamber to taxing the pleasure craft. Senate Ethics Group Studying Dodd Case WASHINGTON -- If) -- The Senate's watchdog committee on ethics takes a second IpoK today at the purported relatifihshin between Sen. Thomas J.'DodtTand a Chicago public relations man. The bipartisan select committee on standards and conduct, set up in the wake of the' politically explosive Bobby Baker investigation, was called into a closed, session by its chairman, Sen. John C. Stennis, D-Miss. The group is considering what Stennis called complaints made in recent newspaper articles against Dodd, a Connecticut Democrat, and the answer re : ceived from him. Sen. Wallace F. Bennett, R- Utah, vice chairman of the committee, said it was not yet ready to decide-whether ; to conduct any public hearings.': h .;;'7* "We are stilCafrthe stage where we are trying to get some of the facts straightened out," he told a reporter. ':···'.' Dodd, saying he had nothing to conceal, asked the committee to .look into,,allegations,,ia newspaper columns by Drew Pearson and Jack Anderson dealing with "my purported relationship with Gen. Julius Klein, a registered public relations representative for the West German government." Dodd said he had offered to turn over his files both to the committee and to the FBI. The case is the first to come before the new committee since it was established to police senatorial ethics and to recommend disciplinary action if it found any wrongdoing. The senate voted to create the committee after the investigation of how Baker, former secretary to the Senate's Democratic majority, became a millionaire while on a salary of $19,600 a year. Baker since has been indicted on tax evasion and other charges. Members of the committee, in addition to Stennis and Bennett, are Sens. A. S. Mike Monroney, D-Okla., John Sherman Cooper, R-Ky., Eugene J. McCarthy, D- Minn., and James B. Pearson, R-Kan. Krebiozen Case Man Indicted In Tax Case CHICAGO --UPI-- Dr. Stevan Durovic, one of four men freed in the Krebiozen fraud and conspiracy trial, was indicted by a federal grand jury yesterday on charges of trying to evade $904,000 in income taxes. The three-count indictment charged Durovic willfully reported losses for 1960, 1961, and 1962 when he should have reported a taxable income of $1,076,939. U.S. District Court J u d g e William J. Campbell set bond at $150,000. The amount was suggested by the grand jury foreman because Durovic, 61, flew to Paris the day before the Internal Revenue Service filed a criminal complaint against him, the IRS said. U.S. Atty. Edward V. Hanrahan said that if Durovic is convicted, he would face a maximum of 15 years in prison and a $30,000 fine. Durovic, who 'said he discovered Krebiozen, was f r e e d five weeks ago in the "cancer drug" Krebiozen trial of fraud and conspiracy charges. He is in Paris. The government had charged in the trial that Krebiozen was found in all animal tissue, and worthless in the treatment of cancer. Sacramento Paper Sold T* r* 1 1 o tiopley SACRAMENTO, Calif.-lfl Copley Press Inc., which owns 11 newspapers in Southern California and five in Illinois, has bought the Sacramento Union for ?2.65 million. Sellers of Sacramento's morning paper were a group of businessmen who had purchased it in 1962. Stockholders of the Union, whose masthead proclaims it the "oldest daily west of the Rockies," voted for the sale after a three-hour meeting last night. The sale had ben recommended by the board of directors. Leonard Finder, current editor and publisher of the Union, told reporters at the meeting that Copley paid $2.64 million for the paper. The group that took over in 1962 paid considerably less than $2 million, Finder added. He said that although he plans to leave the Union after an interval, he expects most of the present staff to be retained. Union officials estimated their paper's circulation at about 65,000. The city's other daily is the afternoon Sacramento Bee, a paper of 169,000 circulation. James S; Copley, chairman of the '. Copley corporation, named Carlyle Reed publisher of the Union and said Reed will assume" management as soon as legal detafls are worked out. Reed, 50, now is assistant to the publisher of .Copley's San Die?o Union and the San Diego Tribune. Arizona Senate Passes Legislator Pension Bill PHOENIX-UTI-TW ate tatejr pMwd a ud pension olM ti»t wftfhre retired tofteuton up i» fill a month. . . . · · . vv,' '·"· The vote wa§ »to 10, a thrte vote margin.overIhe wcewary L5. '-. · ' "' ·",· -^ *" ( ', The opponents attacked, tt as a ·giveaway," a "dole" and a burdefa on the taxpayers imposed Author Sandoz Dies At Age 60 NEW YORK --Iff)-- M a r i Susette Sandoz, author of 17 books who spent half her life chronicling the Old West, died yesterday at St. Luke's Hospital of cancer at age 60. One of her non-fiction works, "Cheyenne Autumn-," published in 1953, was made into a movie. Hiin: He May Be Armed FRESNO,.Cal5B-ff)--A police patrol car was sent to an address where officers were told to investigate: A male juvenile, two years old, smoking a cigarette on his tricycle. ' . . COMPLETE SERVICE PHONE 294-7601 , CURTIS 'ROOFING in part because reapporUooment will cause tome feffelaton to lose their seats next year. Sen. Milford Hall, D-Apftcbe, who voted against it, said no one had any accurate figures as to the cost, but he said he calculated it could easily cost the taxpayers several hundred thousand dollars in the coming years. The pension provides a minimum of 1100 a month to former aftalatott who served at least our years. They would receive an additional |» a month for Half A Loaf h Fine TULSA, Okla.--(fl--Gary Wright, manager of a .5 late-night grocery-store, told police that a woman came into his store and demanded: "Give me all your money. I'd hate to kill you." Wright said he told the woman she'd have to show him a gun. · "Well," she said, reaching for a six-pack, "I guess I'll just take some beer." Wright did not attempt to stop her. each year after that, with a maximum benefit of $300 a month. In order to qualify, a legisla- or must have served in the 27th egislature --the present one. lowever, incumbents could xunt prior service in qualify- ng for the pension. The pay- nents could start when the egislator reaches the age of 60. Anyone who served in other egislatures but was not serving this year would not qualify. All Youth's Body Found In Pond .. ' , s , : ,;;-.. ./;,..**. . T--'·' . . · - · · . . The body of a 15-year-old Nogales youth who drowned in a pond one mile west of that city, was recovered last night by members of the Pima County Search and Rescue squad. Santa , Cruz : County authorities said Francisco Chapetti, a high school student, apparently slipped from a home-made surf Carpet Paths «nd Spots Easily Removed . .. without cleaning wall-to-wall. Blue Lustre Carpet Shampoo leaves nap open and fluffy. Rent easy-to-use electric Shampooer for $1 a day at Gallant-Carroll. «5JE.4tt)«. - board in the pond while accompanied by two friends. Underwater specialists of the local rescue squad found the body in 15 feet of water about 8 p.m., they reported. 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They were Hall, Ray Thompson, Yuma; William Huso, Navajo; Tom Knoles, Co- MOTORS STEAM CLEANED CAS RANGES S CHINED , AITOMOBILE I'NDERCOATIKC rnow 149* HALBOHfrS Orach- - Prince MA 2-4426 conino; John Mickelsoo, Gra-1 David Palmer; Ytvapal; E. B. ham; C. B. Smith, Santa Cruz; I Thode, PinaL - Smiting Smt Fertilize Now! with WELL PROCESSED MANURE .from Tucson Fertilizer Co. * Ph. 887-1811 _ _ 3900 ff. F«rrW ROtIS SHRUIS TREKS * in - AAD Wufmm P«rt Mm, Cttutt tt»HM, You'll be glad you Purchased from Cecil Gaver Scrviag TUCSOM 40 yry 2 SPEEDS! BUDGET PRICED! \ NEW JET ACTION WASHER JET ACTION 1 FOR NEW DEEP CLEANING! I SO DEPENDABLE IT'S BACKED BY A YEAR PROTECTION PLAN . - . A T NO EXTRA CHARGE! "Strongest Frigidaire Washer Protection Plan in hittory! 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