Independent from Long Beach, California on February 4, 1960 · Page 14
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 14

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 4, 1960
Page 14
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Go Ahead, Scare Her! By ABIGAIL VAN BUREN i DEAR ABBY: Our daughter i$. 17 and, believe me, we are not square parents. But how can we 'convince her that we put down certain rules for her o.w n g o o d ? . -For instance, her father ab- a solutely f o r - ' i .bids h e r to park on a lone- j ly road. She says a l l t h e kids do it and .she is'hurt because it looks ifke we don't (rust her. We DO trust her, Abby. She has never given DEAR WIFE: I don't know whut a dentist could -do, short of pulling all his teeth. Your only solution is to sleep apart or get used to the same old grind. * * * * DEAR ABBY: All winter I Dought bird seed and corn for :he birds and squirrels. The cannot. people across the street have Lhree big cats. These cats arc always in my yard after the robins and baby squirrels. The cats have already killed ;wo baby squirrels. I told these people to keep Lheir cats in their own yard, but they laugh in, my face. us reason to worry. But so They even watched their cat many young people have been victims of sex maniacs and robbers who look for kids in isolated places. Do I d a r e frighten her with these facts? Can you put some advice into words to help us, Abby? I'm sure other parents have this 'problem. MOM DEAR MOM: If awakening her to reality is "frightening"--then 1 say, frighten her. Young couples parked in deserted places are setups for all kinds of criminals. ALL parents should alert their children to this growing danger. a baby robin and they any protection for wild life or is it just for domestic pets? SENIOR CITIZEN DEAR CITIZEN: Your local SPCA should be notified. If .there is none, call the police. * * * * DEAR ABBY: Can a child born out of wedlock be christened? I have heard that he NEED INFORMATION DEAR NEED: You have heard wrong. A child born out of wedlock CAN be christened and special efforts are usually made to do so. "WHAT'S YOUR problem?" For a personal reply, write to Abby in care of this thought it was a joke. Is there paper and enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Heavy Smo/rers Lose Much of Zes/ for Life By DR. GEORGE W. CRANE CASE D--469: Mavis M., 38, is an attractive housewife. "But, Dr. Crane," she protested, "my husband is no longer romantically interested n me! That's a tragic fact! "He is a platonic mate and while he still comes home for "But, Dr. Crane," her husband began, "what about my smoking? Should I give it up at the same time or try to reduce first and then cut out my tobacco later?" DF.AR ABBY- For nine nK lb a l jliuu ""* " lale a " u IN MY practice, 1 find that years 1 have been married to w h i l e "; s t j» c " mes home for patients can cut out both a man who grinds his teeth hls mcals ' hc shows n() more nuisance habits at the in his sleep. I have been put- F d o r - "f" 1 he w o u l d toward same time. In fact, the fretting ling up with this like a good scout. But sometimes it gets so unbearable that I have to gn to sleep on the couch. He claims it is my imagination, but I know it isn't. Is there any cure for this? Maybe a dentist could help. Am I alone in my problem? Can't someone help me? GRINDER'S WIFE you can be fairly sure they habit pattern. sands of such men, I find thatjsqueczing the ball or tinker- BETROTHED Plans for f a l l wedding are being made by M i l l i - kan High School graduates Sharron Janet Byron and Jim J. Humpal, v\ engagement, was announced by her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Gerald L. Dixon. F u I u r e bridegroom is son of Mr. a n d Mrs. Hugh A. Schup- bol. his mother. "Yet he is only 43, so why is hc so stodgy and disinterested in affection?" The two greatest "love killers" in modern matrimony are tobacco and obesity! Cigarette smokers often begin to grow platonic in the late 30s. And if they also are considerably overweight, then make i n d i f f e r e n t husbands before they reach 50. IN COUNSELING w i t h thou- over lack of cigarettes helps divert their minds from .their stomachs. Smokers involuntarily will reach for a smoke at 30-minute intervals, so place candy coated gum in the same pocket. Then they can lift out the package, shake out a piece of gum and thus go through some of the former tobacco It also is wise to'carry rubber bands or a soft rubber ball in that pocket so the nervous tension can express itself in platonic husbands almost invariably are smoking fatties. That was the case with Mavis and her husband. For he weighed 210 and chain smoker. ing with the rubber bands. In d i e t i n g , too, try to have your sandwich or milk AWAY from the d i n i n g room. Eat al Bui Mavis hfjrsclf had lost much of her allure by having was a i y o u r office desk or before t h e ;TV so y o u r m i n d is not developed a figure. p l u m p matronly prodded into greater hunger from viewing extra viands on the table. For we psychologists have On her wedding day, she!found that your brain will told me she weighed 115, but generate a greater hunger if now she tipped the scales at you view a larger food supply. 162. Yet she was only 5 feetlshowing how suggestible we 3 inches. So I urged both of them to l a u n c h upon a diet. Mavis h u m a n beings really arc. Mavis and her husband prodded each other into stay- l i m i t e d herself to 800 calories'ing on their diet. And she while he stayed on 1,200 per even enlisted many other day. |wivcs in her church women's In d i e t i n g , he sure you i n - ' s o c i e t y as a means of raising elude p l e n t y of protein, snchimoney, for they c o n t r i b u t e d as m e a t , cottage cheese, bu-ans.lS?.. 30 apiece to the church for peas, etc., for your muscles every pound they shed. require a fresh input of pro- t e i n EVERY DAY. Send to this paper for my booklet on "How to Break the Your body does not store! Liquor and Tobacco Habits," p r o t e i n , t h o u g h it has plonlylonclosing a stamped r e t u r n of excess sugar and fat! · 'envelope, plus 20 cents. Our Bolmont Shore store is being closed forcing our entire stock to go on sale. Come prepared for tremendous savings! · DRESSES « COATS · SUITS · FORMALS SWEATERS · SKIRTS · COORDINATES STOCK AT PRSCES We accept INTERNATIONAL CHARGE and BANKAMERICARD WONDER SHOPS- BELMONT 5016 E. SFCOND STREET NEAR MISS PEACH By Mell L "" B " Ih - c ""' rlmt - "«"· * "" INDEPENDENT--Page B-3 AH,CPERWE..V,=CA3E, YOU'RE THE BEST SPECIAL ASENT THE S. ' TREASURY PEPAfOWENT HAS. LAST YEAR ALONE, YOUR CLEVER".) 7 V\OKK EXPOSEP b2,OOO,OOO,OOO DOLLARS IN TAX e'f5. J THEREPORE, AT 1C PERCENT, Y0UK BONUS / THIS YEAR SHOULP BE APPROXIMATELY. /COOPOLP \ PEPENPABLE v OFFICE* HE'S ·SUCH A COMFORT TO HAVE AROUNK / ^ / f e s N / THE / TOWNS / TAXPAYERS OWE HIM. MORE \ THAN THEY VCOULP EWER \ REPAY, 'ED Valentine Theme for Ebell Juniors A Valentine theme will prevail in table decor when Ebell J u n i o r s gather f o r noon luncheon Friday in Ebell Clubhouse d i n i n g room. Hostesses will be Mmes. Milo L. Mcyhnk and James A. Torrey. A brief business session will be followed by bridge and canasta. Oriental Theme for Style Show 'East Meets West" is :hcmc of eighth annual Red Cross fashion show and musical featuring "Oriental Fantasy" from Frank Sennes' Moulin Rouge in Hollywood. Spring f a s h i o n s from leading d o w n t o w n merchants will be modeled in Municipal Auditorium Feb. 29 at 8 p.m. Event is sponsored by Downtown Long Beach Associates, 601 Pacific Ave., where tickets are how on sale every day from 8:45 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and Saturdays from 9:30 a.m. until noon. AH proceeds go to local chapter of Red Cross. Miss Dillon Is Honoree Among festive bridal show-j Another recent miscellan- ers in honor of Miss Barbara I eons shower was given for Dillon, bride-elect of Charles;the bride-to-be by co-workers A. Brooker, was the reccnjjat North American Aviation miscellaneous s h o w e r givenj with Mrs. D o r o t h y Smith by Miss Frances Ann Bagala who will be maid of honor. Decorations of pink and white were used in both the flower arrangements and refreshments. serving as hostess for the affair. Miss Dillon and her fiance will recite their w e d d i n g vows on Saturday at St. An- thanasius Church. E»icturc Framing · Oil Paintings CLEANED RESTORED tinder's Art Shop SIHCt 1917 19 AMERICAH Phone HEmlock 6-5495 f s a joy to shop . . . ' ' ' * an y sales c ' er ' a k° ut Ncw- bcrry ' s NEW Credit Service - u ' s llSI^ 433 PINE AVENUE ® DOWNTOWN LONG BEACH Little or no ironing, no starching, no stretching. Perfect in any room. Sheer loveliness w i t h wash 'n hang fabric. Deep 3" bottom hem. Snowy while. 40"x8T: Panel REGULAR 7.49 Ea. No ironing, no starching, no stretching. The new Ever- Ion iabnc with self-lone honric texture design , . , £old, niiime/. 1 , sc.i.spray, pink, sand, turquoise, pumpkin or while combinations. ^1^0 40"x81" PANEL TJ TM Regular 1.98 Each R EA. COTTON SAILCLOTH CAFE SETS Printed cntton s.tilcloth in gold, pink or red. A li.inH- made cafe vjl.incc set. CAFE 60" x 36" VALANCE 6 6 " x l O " BOYS' BEDFORD CORD PANTS XV'jsluble, picshrunl: ! h c c n cord. Colors in- chule t a n , clur- r n j l . \\f_\M blue, hl.ick or .intc- lopc. Sizes 6-16. 1 Q7 l.3 fl Pr. ^e-"*,TM-^^ ^·'- L '****f?/?i3${4. ;-.i ·'-. ·*£$·;.' v ^ . .^ . .-.- jt,^*TM^ ^:"^^feiV--*%fc- J '' K^\' ^'. -i ^ m;s ir^cr"! f N i IF If " ·«lBM%MB?t m iiOiiiflti* ':' : i. : k'V: !/l^v-,t v'^^' l ^n.-l.:^ivi-:kvV;hi! J I'lockc-H d a c r o n marquisette. Deep r u f f l e w i t h flocked novelty t r i m . V a l a n c e 60x1 1. P i n k , yellow, blue. K ru t r i m . '·r ' - dt **'* »\v*«5^ '··( .~1 ,, . - e ^ - . V "-jUi* Aristomoor Woven Combed Cotton ff lf^ Double r u f f l e in K assort- A pre s h r u n k ( h e n i l l e sprc\ul with l u x u r i o u s cotton r u f f mi.'. No i r o n i n g needed. Simply w.ish dry . . . it' (he cottonctte liv P e t i t u f t . shapes. Kapok f i l l e d . Tv/in or Full Size Regular $5.98 Combed Yarn . 433 PINE AWE. «J.J.

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