Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on February 11, 1976 · Page 55
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 55

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 11, 1976
Page 55
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PAGE 58 Vampire control expected Anti-coagulan destroys bats WASHINGTON (UP!) _ . - U.S. biologists, after years of study, think they have come up with a good way to control / Vampires, those little bats that feed on blood sucked from animals -- and so' ne- times people. The contro! weapon is an * anti-coagulant that causes the vampire to die from massive hemorrhaging. The vampire bat, found in an area from northern Argentina up to Mexico, at times may feed on livestock, turkeys and even humans. About the size of a blackbird, it is t.he only mammal known to have a diet of blood alone. The vampire sets down quietly at night on its sleeping prey and makes two cuts with razor-sharp teeth in the skin around the neck, tail or feet. Then it laps up blood from the wound and flies off, leaving , the victim still bleeding and susceptible to rabies or other viruses. It causes an estimated $250 million damage a year to livestock in Latin America, killing up to a million cattle, according to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service whose biologists studied the pest. Last year more than 100 people -- mostly children bitten on the toes while sleeping . -- suffered vampire bites in Granada, Nicaragua, after an earthquake apparently disrupted the bats' regular roosting habits. Very rarely, a human will die from rabies transmitted by a bite. Fish and Wildlife Service biologists have been working on vampire contro) in several Latin American countries for the past six years with $800,000 in funds provided by the Agency for I n t e r n a t i o n a l Development. After field and laboratory tests, they found a harmless injection of an anti-coagulant called diphenadione into cattle will stop 90 to 95 per cent of vampire bat attacks. The bats, which already have an anti-coagulant present in their saliva, die of internal hemorrhaging within three days after they bite a treated animal. Another method'is to smear a mixture of the anti-coagulant and Vaseline on vampires caught in nets and then send them back to their roost. As the bats preen each other like monkeys, each vampire smeared can cause the death of 20 to 30 others. An Interior Department spokesman said biologists think the new methods are especially good since they can be used selectively -- to con- tro] bat populations that attack livestock without endangering other vampires that feed on animals in the wild without coming into conflict with man. Olympic ads hit legal wall S A C R A M E N T O , C a l i f . (UPI) -- Makers of products advertised as "selected for use by the U.S. Olympic team" could be prosecuted in California for misleading advertising . and unfair competition, a . state official says. Consumer Affairs Director Taketusu Takei said no comparison testing is done on such an advertised product but the slogan implies the item is superior to similar ones. He said manufacturers are allowed to use the slogan in advertisements if they contribute the product and a minimum of $35,000 to the Olympic fund. In a letter to the U.S. Olympic committee, Takei said manufacturers involved in such advertising "could face prosecution in California for acts of unfair competition and misleading advertising." To prevent consumers from being misled, he recommended the slogan be changed to show clearly that a contribution was involved. He suggest. ed advertisers be limited to a choice of such slogans as "support your U.S. Olympic team" or "contributor 10 the U.S. Olympic team." BILL QUIMBY Outdoor Specialist . . . in the CITIZEN TUCSON D A I L Y C I T I Z E N WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 1976 Rediscover Lucky. Still Lower Overall. With all the talk about lower prices, who can you believe? Well, Lucky has always been recognized as the low price leader, not only by shoppers, but also by the supermarket industry. These low prices are just a few examples of the lower overall price* throughout our entire store. So, with all the wild claims about lower prices, just remember, Lucky was first in lower prices and is still lower overall. Lower Prices on PACKAGED 19' 35' 39' 29' «* Harvest Day Green Beans CUT Harvest Day Tomatoes Harvest Day Peaches VELLOWCLING.SLtCEDOR HALVES 29.OZ CAM Niblets Corn GREENGIANT Del Monte Peas Campbell's Chunky Soup Del Monte Fruit Cocktail Lady Lee Chunk Tuna Harvest Day Peas Harvest Day Corn CREAM STYLE OR WHOLE KERNEL Harvest Day Pears Welch's Grape Jelly or Jam"°^ _ - . , . 32-OZ J A R W V Franco American Spaghetti ^ oyc Harvest Day Applesauce ^ 4 5 0 Libby's Corned Beef "'^"QQC 12-OZ CAN W«9 Large Ripe Pitted Olives AQC G A R L Y CALIFORNIA , 6-OZCAN*T»f Harvest Day Lasagne ^ IS 11 I- i n . 8 0 2 . PKC Kraft French Dressing ,Crisco Shortening 6 °«^ L -149 Kraft Barbecue Sauce 7* d c 12VOZ CAN 57' 34" 79 o ,22^ SMOKED OR PLAIN Lower Prices on LIQUOR Mistala Wine 5th Rose House of Stuart \i Gal. Scotch Seagram 7 Crown Whisk ay Calvert Gin ' u. Crown Russe u cai 99 " «* 799 7" Lower Prices on PACKAGED Lady Lee Catsup Lady Lee Apple Juice Lady Lee Tomato Sauce Nestle's 59 0 Cheerios Cereal Harvest Day Deluxe Bread v~+ 15.OZ BOX 169 '.r, | 76' 39 Mothers Cookies FIG BARS OR DATE CAKES Gold Medal Flour Kraft Macaroni Dinner DELUXE Sunshine Vanilla Wafers Lifesavers Del Monte Pitted Prunes Success Boil In Bag Rice 77 ( 16-OZ PKG ^ 10-LB GAG f* RRC K-OZ BOX \J\J . I I - O 2 BOX IScSOLL 190 I k 12-OZ BA 16-OZ PKG 77 I I Lower Prices on FROZEN DAIRY 31 OZ. PKG 9 ,-OZ PK 10 . oz 39' I 3 9 Orange Juice Troptcana Sara Lee Cherry Pie Sara Lee Almond Ring Golden Fried Sole CEfm FRESH Fish 'n Chips ^ QQ C V A N D E K A M P S ^ .. . , 16'.,-OZ PKG %JU Cooked Peeled Shrimp ,,+ 101 BRILLIANT . . . ^ 6-OZ BAG I Mrs. Smiths Cherry Pies Cti Fna P'UKtiii PMX| iimilNt 1Uti incil II bi illKUri Irw WUHlb]. Fllrnn ll!l nn Tnidf (rtniiy 17I 1976 i I 56 Lower Prices on BONDED MEATS Blade Cut Chuck Roast BONDED BEEF Any Size Pkg. Ground Beef Bone In Round Steak . BONDED 9E6F 57' 57' 105 LB § Bone In Sirloin Steak 1 29 BONDED BEEF LB | T-Bone Steak 159 LB I BONDED E!EEF LOIN 05 .1 98' Bone In-Rump Roast BONDED BEEF ROUND Boneless Cross Rib Boast BONDED BEEF CHUCK Boneless Tip Steak 129 aONDEDBEEF ROUND LB f Boneless Top Round Steak 129 BONDED BEEF . LB I Boneless Bottom Round Steak 119 BONDEDOEEF LB I Blade Cut-Chuck Steak c 7c BONDEOBEEF LB 0 f Large End-Rib Steak 119 BONDEDBEEF LB | Fresh Spareribs 128 SHALL SIZES LB | Pork Loin Roast 129 SIRLOJN CUT. S-LB AVERAGE LB | Country Style Ribs 129 PORK LOIN LB I Pork Loin Chops i 7 « " " " L B | CENTER CUT Lower Prices on HOUSEHOLD PET Kal Kan Cat Food 4 VARIETIES Wizard Deodorizer AEROSOL. 3 VARIETIES Jergen's Bar Soap Lady Lee Liquid Detergent Depend-0 Bowl Cleaner ^ 57 U I CtnX«M !!! t, lick, Dm. | K u *+n liuntt mc« in tuiMM iinfl« |i i CMMM Ittn UM DISCOUNT SUPERMARKETS er Lower Prices Ovei There's A Near You SOUTHGATf SOUTH 6TH AVE. AT FREEWAY NOSTHGATE 3925 E. GRANT ROAD AT AlVEKNON EASICATEPUH 5667 E. SP£fOWAY GREEN VALLEY 101-10W. ESPEHANZA AMPHI PLAZA 1ST AVE. AT FT. LOWELL ROAD SWANWAY PIAZA 4722 BROADWAY AT SWAN ROAD LUCKY DISCOUNT SUPERMARKETS IN THE FOLLOWING AREAS TO SERVE YOU COUHTY FAIR 5540 22m AT CUYCROIT PUEBLO PLAZA 22ND ST. AT CHERKY AVE. Lower Prices on PRODUCE Bulk Russet Potatoes U S NO 1 BAKING SIZE Fresh Cabbage SOUDGRESN HEADS Fresh Spinach RiCHtN V I T A M f N A Pinto Beans U S NO I Leaf Lettuce Green. Red. Sutler LARGE ASSORTMENT OF VALENTINE PLANTS AVAILABLE AT LUCKY'S LOW EVERYDAY PRICE. BUN 14' 8' 12' 19' 14 Lower Prices on DELI Oscar Maye _ ,_ Franks ..- QftO A L L M E A T O R A L L B E E F 16-OZ PKG 1^ ^J Pillsbury Biscuits 8UTTERMIl.KORSWEErMILK 7'i-OZ PKG Pillsbury Wiener Wraps -oqc i| « R1ETIES . A-OZ CAN£U Oscar Mayer Bologna cot SLICED, 4 VARIETIES . . . . 8-OZ P K G ** U Oscar Mayer Salami 07$ SLICED. COTTO on MACHIACH a oz PXG 0 I Cracker Barrel Cheddar Cheese ,- 1 39 E X T R A S H A R P O R SHARP. . . . . . . . , 0 - O Z P K G l Kraft Sliced Swiss Cheese ^ one Kraft Mozzarelia Cheese '" *»L « · · · _ . Sharp Cheddar Cheese RAUOOM WEIGHT LB PKG 179 I 159 Lower Prices on HEALTH BEAUTY ,1 *7 Secret Deodorant RQU-ON Sure Deodorant REGULAHORUNSCENTED , Head Shoulder's Shampoo »-OZ TUBEOR 11.OZ LOTION ~ Scope Mouthwash 15Q FOR FRESHER BREATH ,, ,, nT I Crest Toothpaste PEGULAROR MINT . s-oz TUBE STORE HOURS: WON. THRU SAT. 9 A.M.-9 P.M. SUNDAY 9 A.M.-6 P.M.

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