Independent from Long Beach, California on April 4, 1963 · Page 70
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 70

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 4, 1963
Page 70
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iw« (tKh out. Tun* . and All Ready to go means including Accident Insurance odercil as a Ueudcr Scr\acc of CTiidependenl The car has Iteen wniceJ, road maps have reen checled, reservations Lave Leen made... and ur 1'fader Seni(* a(c5lent insurance toill be in forcu ·wliile \ve are a\vay. You vouldn't dream of leaving irithont the protection of i spare tire. This insurance is much more important because it helps protect ajjinit the financial hardship of an unexpected atxident; gives jou Extra Protection because it pa}s in addition to otter insurance. This policy, wrikh pro^des 24-rionr?-per-da7 protection at home and away, pa)^ even higher benefits for auto and pedestrian accident:. (Se« outline of coverage.) Don r t wait until you are ready to leave. Re sure of this protection when )ou need it by sending in your Application TODAY! j // you already hare this protection, be sure that your policy remains in force b\ arranging to pay the premium in odiance for the time you trill be gone. Our Insured Readers Recently Collected the Following Insurance Benefits: LYKH M. WONDttlT. n XlTXM. tx« luck lut M «nt of m. tin MA(CU MElXHICft. STt Lra*. LKf «ODt CKtfir trt tr*m ltov« LUCItlt F. MUUHOM. C«J it v. no. ura non tt. CM .'435" ·420" . ·119" · 27" _ JKINNK 4 IMITH. 7 f*tn«. L«x luck '440" KTLllAM p. THCAIU 22* A CVMI«*. L . Fct Out af baflifvb S?. ' 13" '430" MYRTtC O, ftCNNCTT, 933 I. 2U. C*wght ti«nd to blades rt ai«*x miv-r M. PETtlSOK. »1 V. Kffea* toii balcncc anrf tji . ·OftftlE t. WEAVER. Mt H. Sari* SL. Cwnahw into · brtr* tlowti ft* __ ., EDNA IL ARMCNTK30T, m« l*n* »,, t_ B. * ' en *et kilchea floor. , ,, -630" _ '259" '116" EARL A. WRIGHT. BOS E. 2ntf ST. Ltni F*n. wtiit* w*Mna THCLMA J. tECHT, C7 MtwparX Left* aw M c»r «oor 19" VIOt-A WOOO. 12U1 C*OK«crc. C»mptM Got tftdnine M"«* M rvt _., · ALICE *- Klj v*l« M., _» 65" __ «55" JAMES M. CLANCY. Jr~ UHZ ·*«*··, Cjrdca Gr«v« Fmeer stuck M tow'-ne bjtt , _. CHARLES W. TH1KOOEAU3C Cut thumb Ort Bcwtr i«w JUE OTW»Y, SU-a LkiOn Av«. Lim I · CtTHA E. XOENFELOT, 1! SultWf l*Ck ClOtCC J. AMItOK. 8U SM Frtncno, tlix lock IlITT 1. IOEKFELBT. 1M11 6«ldCTw«, »i-ilramjCT tTOLtKc r. r«Azr«. «a Pur***. c«.n», '440* · 62" .« 76" _' 26" MARGARET L. TlWVt. IO« l^vv Sol inter- rmbedtlpd m fir»icr . 6LADYS L- CORNELL, HI Lime ttff »» Thrown to cv* bv DUTM snatctier _.._' 32* _ ' 94* _ _ · 12" '113* -T-.' 15 " __»220" KATKERINE W. DODO. SU1 lorrvcner. Ltn« JAf. L. SC1OCCIN6, RIT VH ovl«i. l«rmaw Beaten ft» unknown person RUTM E. BROWN. CIS f. Pkts^rt, LMTI Itach Stovt oriN fen m toof MART C. C A R R E Y , 171 Anonn*. Lena t XUDV 1. CRUICKSHANK, ~ " i»na mi *»e- taktwi Llnde«, L»fif Stack mcdiint M toot , . ARTWX C. W E B E R . 119 B F*i when bus stoprrt LEE R. CRLMCI. «10t tkn* *»«.. Ltn* Btack LILLtAlt E. tniRUH. 144 C«rdn» VitlL. Lanf itnortetf tfaw« »» robber -- «iso" "146" _._'.'18" ' 61" · 85" ___' 23" «175" "350" '155" OUTLINE OF COVERAGE HcrioncI Ceive^ Ce. Atddtnt PcHtf HM7674 All FAMILY MEMBERS ARE ILIG181E ON AN ANNUAL BASIS. Writ? or phone for additional applications. «h« ( »13iO»ortoa«ii«l«p Ihn ta 1 C«» »^0 T^l .. S »iejafar»-icyU«m« thM«T I JH.OO m««l«.w» { lin.oa t HM S-IT ta.n«ML. ,._. Moasa "ois ErEttZ!* · " r ~'^ J*40.00 MM · 1114* VI |^||VUft IWI UUWIMVUUI UHb JI| VUllVU4« , r r? ^AhS^SiVhria v;'r^4 : ^- o*-:-.?V''^^^i §.' ^VovirpoiicyVoo;4fSO^g-.^v v: ; 4A":-'^; ? ' - WV«-iv,,.-.-.,:' 3V* r,v to:the - »^ 0 ^ ' t " f ay "only , r*+r · *. · · · -.- . ;«,-». ---* .««, « ' · · · *o;the person TM / . " , · · t_ * ' _ i t _ · ; · - * _ _ ^k-te. I f t9 M I l.r !-^~ OT v« / f lfl.00 *-«*Jw«. Expi ·« Ivt^w I $1,OOO.OO [U.09 »f far 43 4.r4 3] (j-iially (j.. rarr (if I Independent, Press-Telegram, | Long Beach, Calif. thnrtrf ^ ·»~«k ^ l»oo ca »...~. CIIQO.OO 1 10.00 I In I030*-»jl JJOO 00 ·» S tuo.M w.«»« r ..*·, i«u nuo«o~« · .««M f30CJO ««RMW« MMM!^ fxM"M _ CUM *«T *· « »T $1,500.00 $3,000.00 l%JJ^kw $4,500.00 $10,000.00 I. I I appTy f*r "AccumttTotrvt** Aecla^tnl Iniaranct, fa l * c c m t «ffcct*«a rfflf B e T x y J» niuej *n4 I cV«J, I ·f*JfnfanJ tfot it tatti afc«u* 10 rfayi t« Hi«t · saficy «nJ ·o/r*a C I ) f· pay tft ^ »«ri9er f* tfiHvef prtffiHim t* abavc ·fftct; 111 t^of ^*H T vHI «.itom«t'rt»fry tipW* if I f«TI f» _ I avy premium wfciM rfw*. lMtwrc«c* 4«tt pat ca«er etrvem wfia h«v* l*i* IcHi fca^Jj «nrf fett | Jr. »r tV« iT^t «f fcetfc tyet. * I MARK ONE SQUARE BELOW I D W« riKT rOUCT IN rAMUT-- SnJ *· m«Afy. P«f carrrcr 50e tacl mcntfc ·f tff *«rrt« t'nw* y«« ^«^ '^ P*P*^- woxea and cUdre* between ojei I crel 79--tzt*pk Ihaie «rf o hove loj fccA liendt er fe«i GT vgft of beth e7«. in te-tf-tj frit yror. (ENEWAIU ot eprio* ef *· Cowpe-ry. EXCEPTIONS -- 8«r.eFHi po'J in accordance witK fermi ef policy. Do«t not cOTer accrdentt !· o mire; in railroad yard or from except oi fare-paying pas. ien9er; warfare; a · I e races; rerma; wdiU intoii- cafed or una'er ilit influence or rarcotict; ciptntt items paid under Compensation (nturance. n rot IACH ASOmONAl rOUCT IN f Si 00 A««»d Pro'nm ] - . - - , - , - - , .'rt* .«». ««.rr«e«.ii. i SUBSCRIBE TO THE INDEPENDENTQ.. .THE PRESS-TELEGRAMQ I ' * Afprof| Full N«-r« .._!. . S (Pri«f frvt* llO^t Tl« "H*l«« luT* eoj l«lf «Om«7 « 1 i i _ A 9 t I II f* ; i 'S^ri i . «r I J.O. N*Tit TJ-fc W cnfy · pnfie! fnac'ftt ftrri en j pnsrVoit d ft* paTicy. «f J Utt fi This list of recent claim payments shows why we believe the . 1 policy offered by the INDEPENDENT, PRESS-TELEGRAM IS THE BIGGEST VALUE IN LOW-COST PROTECTION

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