Independent Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California on January 4, 1959 · Page 50
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Independent Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California · Page 50

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 4, 1959
Page 50
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C-12-INDEPENDENT-PRBS-TELEORAM 4, l«» 17* LINCOLN TAKE OVER PAYUKNT8 ''64 Lincoln Capri cpt. All po ·qulpmtflt. LeOded. Jeffrey F aeoce Corp., 11130 laaf Beach · Blvd.. ly a.voxi. IAILOR _ Coupe. 'UK. Fu» pwr. Z3.. OK f MEBCUKY WOW! '55 MERCURY S995 J10.NTEREI HARTOP Auto-tmu., Rd.. btr.. 2-tocc. Pay as Low os $8.92 Wi. 5% Discount for Ciurj Ckiwa WILLIAMS CAR CO. 17SOO BELLPLOWER TO 8-7*11 17240 LAKEWOOD TO 6-011! BELI-FLOWER. CAUF. WOW! ·67 MERCURY WONTERKY JH95 Auto, trans., radio heater 2-tone finish. Very clean. Pa u low as JH. 82 wk. 5% Dlscouai for Cash Down WILLIAMS CAR CO. 17240 Lakewood TO 6-031 J 17SOO Bdlflower TO 6-7110 BELLFLOWER. CAUf. $1295 ·55 MERC. MONTCLAIR HDTP 4-wav seat, Uercomatlc. Beau- tiful'red S. white Interior. Weekend ipecll. COTTER'S USED CARS 22!3 AMERICAN CA 7-3555 # $1095 ft '56 MERC. HARDTOP ROSCOE MOTORS 2295 American Ave. ·85 ilERC Monterey Hardtop automatic transmission, radio, heater, full vinyl Interior. J1.199 (P- 279A), 525 down, low monthly payment!) (with good credit). Beach City Chevrolet. 3201 E. . Pacific Coast Hwy. GE 3-0212. 1957 MERC, turnpike cruiser. Like · new. Less than 20,000 miles. Black. _?'un£..I»'wered. TAKE OVER PAYMENTS '56 Mercury hardtop cne. All , equipment. Sharp. Jelirey FI' nance corn., 11130 Long Beach Blvd. ' J *62 MERCURY Monterey convert., RQH ft O'drv. New Vear'a ape- Cial, $395. KB 6-0010. LES RUTLEDOE. 1001 Amerlcai ONE DAY SPKCIAlT '32 Merc. RH, odr. $399 LQ-LQ Motors. 2101 E. Anaheim r C3 MERC. SPT. CPE. |595 P.P. CABRILLO MOTORS 15SO AMERICAN AVE. ·B511BRC. Montclalr. RII. w.\ . Clean, lowered. GE 1-7001; HA 5-7312. ·fi4 MERC., RH; overdrive, two- tone. Xlnt condition. $550 cash. · 133t E. 2nd St., Apt. A. *49 MERC. Tudor. Good condition. Maho offer. GA 4-6030. *54 MERC. -Mont. 4-dr. Mcrco., RAH. Real clean. GE 0-5S60. ·fil MERC. Good cond. 5946 John Ave. GA 2-7070. NASH TRANSPORTATION LOW PRICED DEPENDABLE CARS ·60 NASH Odr. K45 · '51 PLYMOUTH Cpe. TM--5363 '51 OLDSMOBILE 4-Dr. 5395 - '6^ DE SOTO 4-Dr. S395 ·52 PONTIAC. Stick 5395 Reconditioned Family Cars ' LLOYD C. PATTERSON ' · 1800 AMERICAN 17 NASH OLUSMOBILE SURPLUS 1996 OLDS SS Holld* !T}-Jra-Mttt!e. rsifi, fcwtc.-. wftj lir«, 115Q. Alvrayji foil dlxeoun WESTMINSTER MOTOR . . 7233 Westminster Av*. ID mlnattr. Calif. TW 3-3531. Dtt e» welcome. _ _ SURPLUS 1957 OLDS SS 4-dr.. f power. J1S95. Always full Jl count *t WESTMINSTER ilC TORS (discount bouse, affiliate wilii WORLD CAR V.1IOLI SALERS of New York, Detroi Chicago). 7232 Westminster Av In Westminster. Calif. TW 3-353 Dealers welcome. SURPLUS 1955 OLDS SS Hardto full power, like new. translsi removable rafdo, $2675. Alwa full discount at WESTiONSTE SALERS of New York. Detroi Chlearo 7232 Westminster Av In Westminster. Calif. TW 3-333 Dealers welcome. J 57 Olds 4-Dr. 98-52195 Full power £ air condition!! '57 Olds 98 Convert. 52395 Full power rJr condmonlnL '57 Olds 88 2-Dr. Hldy $199 Full power. Real Buy. HILLTOP AUTO SALES KM E. PAC. CST. HWY. rne. newer equipment, air conditi Loaded. Jeffrey Finance Corp 11130 Long Beach Blvd. Lynw '54 OLDS. $895 SS HOLIDAY OPE. CHUCK WEIDELL 99S E. ANAHEIM HE 7-064 £4 OLDS 2-Dr. Sedan. Full cus torn. JSOO or best offer. OA 3-3153 52 OLDS 98 4-dr. stdan. Hydra R 11. Pvt. pty. GA 7-7461 27J7 Clierry Ave. 50 OLDS 4«dr. 76. Hydra., orls ow miles. Must »ec to appre late. 2237 Fine. Apt. 1. 59 OLDS 98 Holiday 'Coupe. Exc cond Ulte new. 17.000 ml. Prh party S2.695. FA S-385S. i3 OLDS super 2-dr. pwr. -easy eye Kl. good cond. $650 MID OreenllrleF OE 3-3120. 55 OLDS Super S8 Holiday. OriK owner. New black lacquer palm All extrna GA 2-29 )57 OljLJM as fatar rirc cuuver All power equipment. 19.000 m Take over paymenta. HE 6-067 fil OLDS, hardtop coupe. Hydra. R*H. Sac. 1195. HA 9-0905. 350 OLDS S3 hdtp. R.tH. Hydra Xlnt. cond GS 9-g7fl_ FACKAKD 52 PACKARD 400 4-dr Radio heater automatic transmission Very clean. XlnL tnechanlcallj S39B full price. $25 dn. Si mo Dealer 810 W. Anaheim Wilmington TE 5-CS4I u "BEAUTIFUL blaclt Pacltar 400 S250. Call GE 9-2650 or se nl 2253 Canchlll Ave. "851 PACKARD. S250. Rood snape 2fi Rlvo Alto Canal. GE S-5791 ^"PACKARD, good TMnd. scs 5^02_pbbpo ME 0-396 ,2 PACKARD, exceptional c luxury extras. GE -t-9050. " PLYMOUTH 940 PLl'ilOUTH club coupe. R. H. '59 plates. $90. OE 3-4420. 52 PLY.M. 2-dr. R.H Exception ally nice. 831 E. 70th. N.L.B iS PLYM., good working 1 car 739 W. 31at GA ._!'"5; 52 PLYMOUTH 4-dr. O'drlve RH. 5150. 2934 Nlpomo Ave NOTICE Town i Country Rambler, Inc., announces its OPENING CELEBRATION TODAY, Jan. 4th, showing oil models .of th« famous Rambler line for '59, foaturing one of tht largest new car display rooms in So. Calif. (35 cars). Guest drive this exciting '59 Rambler, and receive a valuable full color 4'x5' mural of a beautiful outdoor scene. 555 S. NICOLAS AVE. FULLERTON, CALIF. TRojan 1-2040 NOTICE! THE J R BUDGET PLAN For folks who hove tried to buy any new ear or any used car and did not succeed: RI9UIREMENTS if Jo* four length of 1lm») * Payment* Tarn HI0R on ·* Trod* vr No Tracts Present Cor ·£ f qitllv or No Itpltr * Prucnl Illls Too Mutfi to * lua tnhtd or Long-rime Allow Payment for «e.Menr New Cor McKENZIE'S DOWNTOWN STORE FIRST and AMERICAN HE 7-4967 ArtwhrMt. PLYMOUTH BRAND 'NEW 1958 BraM ntw fully equipped. T ~ Special Bavinrs- BOB McCLURE Plymouth A De Soto Lcnj Bntch - Likcwood ' AtlanUc *t 51st GA 2-12 1955 PLYMOUTH this Ml*; $975 Wilmington Motors DODGE-i'LVMOUTH DKALE 413 IV. Anaheim Wilmlngt _ TK -1-ll^S '57 PLYMOUTH FURY SPORT COUPE *»wer steertnB. power brake power windows, power aeat. r dto, heater, wbltewalls. Uat rlass. Commando engine. BOB McCLURE Plymouth-De Soto Long Bead. - LKewood Atlantic at Mst. L.B. GA 1-1 Sport Coupe, . malic transmission, power stee Ing white tires; a ttta! 21393 Always full discount WESTMINSTER MOTORS (di count house, affiliated wi WORLD CAR \\110LESALE) of New York, Detroit. Chlcato 7232 Westminster Ave. in \V«5 minster. Calif. T\V 3-3531. Dea ers welcome. # $1295 '57 PLYM. V- ROSCOE MOTORS 2295 American Ave. "55rpjjyjTdUTH convertible. Rat automatic transmission, clean beautiful thniout. Jl.195. 525 dn. with your goc credit. Dealer. S10 W. Annheln WllminEton. TE 5-OS IS. 51 PLYMOUTH coupe. RiH. JTe covers, E°° (I rubber and pair S225. PARAMOUNT SALE 60QO Paramount Blvd. 50 PLYM. club cpe. R. H. Gou cond Orig. owner. 5250. 13 " 5 3 P L Y M O U T H sedan. Rail! heater overdrive. Gd. cond. HE 2-4S34 55r TMC 1 AB$Llo SH £o?6R i i 95F 1550 AMERICAN AVE. S5 PLYMOUTH Belvedere con Pwrfllte, pwr steering, safe helts. Excel, tliruout. TO 6-113 if PLYM. Belvedere. PvL part Clean. GE 3-297S. 2181 Terrain 58'PLYM. H.T. Fury ens. Auton Loaded. GA 2-94F 50 PLYM. 2-dr. Orle. owner. S to appreciate. TO 7-9607. 50 PLYir. club coupe. 5100. 85 Ramona. Bellflr. ME 3-3079^ PQNTIAO JOU1TY '55 Pontlac, Hydra.. ·57 OLDS 88 2-DR. SEDAN Has Hydra-Matic, radio, heafer, otc. Sparkling 2-*one green finish. Original thru- out. Sold new by us. Price slashed today only and it's hard $1700 to resist · * * * C.Standlee Martin fjrc/usiv* Oldsmobite Dealer 1201 America! HE 6-?624 BANK t FINANCE CO. REPOSSESSIONS $36 DELIVERS Balance ·57 FORD *1A07 Fairlone 500 Vie. lUTf ·56 MERCURY Hardtop ·56 DODGE $1170 Station Wagon .... I I * * ·56 FORD JOQ1 Fairlani 4-Door _ w7 I ·54 BUICK Hardtop ·51 CADILLAC Corwertlbl. ·53 NASH 4-door Statesman Payments as-low as $15 mo, KEVORKIAN MOTORS 5464 SOUTH ST. (at BelHIown Blvd.) '764 '452 '193 SEVERIN MOTORS. Inc. De Soto-Plymouth SALES and SERVICE SEYERIN MOTORS 1427 AMERICAN HE 7-0011 de Ville motors . . . Largest Selection of Cadillacs in L. B. ^=-1958 C A D I L L A C Coupe de Yilles ... Sedan de Yilles Fleetwoods... Coupes... Convertibles (Choice of Sixteen) Priced From $ Down Payment $' 4495 795 (FORMERLY COTTER MOTOR SALES) ii e 'Si Open Sunday m o t o r s corner of anaheim atlantic HEmlock 7-2731 ANN* fw Sri* FONTIAC 1956 PONTIAC V-8 Star Cfalel C»Ulin Sedan. I maculate throusticut. STear-e clearance price-51550 Wilmington Motors DODCE-PLYSXOLTE DE.'.LE 413 W Aoahelm WltmiRCt TE i-llSS 'SS Ponliac . Catdina 2-Dr. Hardtol Hydroaatic. radio, bfater. wh vallA. A cood buy t $1295 LOU HARRISON MEHCURY--EDSEL--TAUNTJ 17617 So. BelUlower Blvd. BelUlower SURPLUS 1956 PONTIAC Catali Hardtop. Hydra-Matic. rad neater, .white tires, ?l225. A ways full discount at WES* MINSTER MOTORS (dtscou house, affiliated with WORL CAR \\-KOLESALES of X« York. Detroit, Chicago). 72 Westminster Ave. la Westmlastr Calif. TW 3-3331. Pealers v come. SURPLUS J957 PONTIAC ChlX tain Cataiina. full power. Jt 31k* new, 12095. Alwayi full dl count at WESTMINSTER Ml TORS (discount house, afflllat with WORLD CAR \VHOLT SALERS of New York. Detro Chicago). 7232 Westminster Av In Westminster. Calif. TW 3-35. Dealers welcome. '57 PONT. CATAL1N Custom Star Chief, 2-lone, Rl IF-S-W, power stecrlne, low mil PIONEER FORD 18403 PIONEER IN ARTESI. UNderhlll S-OU5 Open sunda 58 PONTIAC Cataiina coupe. H dramatic, radio, beater, shov eicelleot care, 51,299. (P358A 425 down, low monthly paymen (with good credit). Beach Cl Chevrofet. 3201 E. Pacific Ooa H«X GE 3-02 52 PONTIAC ,, -- ?31 This Is a Iloney. ITALE YOUNG FORD 1 E. ANAHEIM UE S-11S T of HIGH RENT THSTRIC OPEN 7 DAYS WEEK 58 PONT. CatfiHna Spt. Cp Jll-dra., R. II.. wsws 2-ton Real nice. J1.29D. Parkwoc Chevrolet. ME 3-07S Financlgc on Appro. Crec . 54 PONTIAC Caialina Clb C Radio, licaier, pwr steering brakes. Automatic, clean car J7£ L. A. Anderson. 1^j2 E. Anahn 56 PONTIAC V-S 2-tlr. Hydr Matte heater. 2-ton* white lite green, like new, orlglna $1095. HK 5-358?. 51 PONTIAC i-dr. sedan. Heate hydra., good tirei battery, e" teptlonauy clean. Private -part HO MqrnlnEsIdft. 66 PONTIAC Cataiina hdtop.. S' efries. Very clean. Mnny extrn 51,500 5263 E. Carson S NTIA( LE . _.. Ave.. Garden Grove. ,, EXECUTIVE CARS '58 Mercury Monterey Hardtop Coupe, ilercoinatic, power eteerlDB and brakes, 4- way power seat, radio, heater, w-s-w tires. '58 Edsel Bermuda 4-Door 6-Pass. Station Wagon. Air condiUoning, many more extras. Both cars are, llk« new. Hundreds of dollars below original price. '2795 LOU HARRISON Mercury - Edsel - Taunui 17617 S, B«l!f lower Blvd. BELLFLOWER. CLEAN CARS '57 FORD $1499 V-8 %-T. PIOKUT 8' box, dlx. cab,, standard trans., twin chrome ctack. beautiful maroon flnlsH. '55 FORD $1299 V-8 CONVERTIBLE heater, new top. _, tires. You'll love this black and yellow beauty. '55 PONTIAC $1199 ,V-8 Btar Chief 4-dr. Eadio, heater, Hydra- ilatic, wilitewaHs. Original thruout. Drives ltk« Dew one-owner- car. TODAY'S SPECIAL EXECUTIVE CAR '58 MERC. $2299 Monterey 2-Door Hardtop. Sliver satin finish. Radio. heater, MercomaUc, power stccrinc braltes. Can't tell from oew. Original Cost $4571 '56 GHEV. $1199 14-Ton Panel Delivery, lie economical 6 - cyl. with Hydra-Matic, near new w-w tires, beautiful medium b l u e finish, showroom fresh thruout, one owner, very low miles car. S*» and you'll buy. '56 FORD $1199 V-8 PICKUP Heater, overdrive, deluxe mirror, wrap-around bumper, w-w tires. New sparkltnc mack fln- isa. Drlva and you'll buy. '52 CHEV. $699 Stake bed. Heater, hard-to-find 4-apeed trans. Heavy duty rubber (new on rear). Drives nice. 100% Fin. No Dn. Anything of value token In trade suen ai guns, beats, trailers 6 jewelry, etc. CHIEF CHAMBERS FORD DEALER Utri C.r Dlpti 15550 Paramount Blvd. Paramount ME 4-2600 (dr. Hillm i Fmiiiil) Atfe* *«$.*. 17* TAKE OVER PAYMENTS ·i3 Rambler'Country Out). O'- drlve. RH. wfw. enarp 2-lone. No casa an.. « J«re; Finance Corp., 11130 Loot Beach Blvd., Lynwood. IMS RAMBLER Crou dry. S 4-dr. Mdan. « cyL WtH liSit, W-S-W. RiH. reelin. Mats. Lit. nor. Will wring. llEl-im. 8TUDEBAKEB $1299 '56 STUDEBAKER 8-flvl. Hawk. Rtd . white. Orlc- inil two-toot finish. Has all the «itras. Slock No. 260SQ4. MEL BURNS 2000 American HE 2-6950 SURPLUS 1957 STUDE 1-dr., automatic transmission, radio, heater, white tires, $1450. Always full discount at WESTMINSTER MOTORS (discount house, affiliated with WORLD CAR WHOLESALERS of New YorU. Detroit, Chicago). 7232 Westminster Ave. In Westminster. Calif. TW 3-3531. Dealers welcome. 58 STUDEBAKER Hardtop. Automatic, Heater, Radio, Whltewalls. Tnls car was never registered. Will glva new car, 4,000-mlle warranty. This ear has been-reduced J900 for quick sacrifice. ED BAHBARi Studebaker, 6200 No. Bellflower Blvd., Lakewood. TO 7-2731. 1953 STUDE 6 cyl -t-dr. sedan! 5300 cash. 1060 Newport, Apt. 8. 17* FREE... LARK baker tiMler lor your frt* tickets. This offer only arallable at JAMESTOWN. Choos* from four 1958 all new studtbaker ears at uemendoui close-out aavics at ^ JAMESTOWN 1S50 AMERICAN HE 2-TH1 AMMfcrM* WIIJLTS 'S3 4-DR. Will;. Arrow w/oMriTe. Extra clean, priced to Mil quick. I Ph. Sat. «y. * all day Sun. lira. Orermeytr. HA 9-1320. '56 OLDSMOBILE MHOUDAY COUK S3 STUDE hdtp.. Immac.. xmi ·ell. Best offer. 17212 Downe ·58 OLDS 98 HOLIDAY SEDAN This luxurious ear has 2- t o n * sapphire m i s t and white finish with matching interior. Full power equipment including ' s e a t and windows. A n o t h e r one- o w n e r new car trade-in. PXZ353. $3699 value for only C. Standee Martin fxe/uiive Oldsmotjite Dealer 1201 Amerien HE 6-9624 --C+tM SUNDAY-CORMIER CHEVROLET Offers LONG lEACH'S LARGEST SELECTION of USED CARS Your choict of 105, «nd fretK trade-ins arriving hourly on }ke new 195? Chevrolet. ttfcrt You luy Any If51 Car Sw and Try Tim* GOLDEN RULE PLAN NOW AVAILABLE TO ALL Would you like extra CASH and a BETTER CAR. TOO? li'i easy THE GOLDEN RULE WAY. Lock of cash -- no trade -- or no equity in trade-irt. Your old car need not be a problem if you Uv, the following qualifications: if EMPLOYED (no time limit) if MARRIED OR SINGLE if LOCAL (or out of town) CREDIT if GOOD MORAL CHARACTER If you hav» thes» requirements we can Help you even if others hav* turned you down. See Us Now!!! Golden Rule Plan LEO RULE OLDSMOBILE 505 So. Long Btach Blvd., Compton -NE 8-4111--22 Year* of Honest Dealing ·58 Chev. S 2599 STOHT'CODM: | Pull power. Air conditioned. (NVOS45) | '58 Chev. '58 Chev. WAGON Power steering, r a , Less than 5.000 miles. $ 2599i ) w e r steering, '2199 wer steering, radio, neater. (NZJ212) '58 Chev. '2099 BEFORE YOU BUY ANY 1951 CAR SEE AND TRY THESE ·57 Chev. '1899 AIR SPORT COUPE V-S. Powcrellde. radio, heater, low mileage. (PSTS89) BRAND HEW'59 FORD NOT STRIPPED -- Fordomatic, $ Radio or Heater RIPPED -- I9UIPPEO WITH 2169 Undersea!. Turn Indicator, White Tires 299 DOWN BANK TERMS With normal down payment ·r If you or* short of cash, «r If you think you ewt too much, en your car--MI . uil We hav« hclptd hundrtKfi with thejr down pdymtnu or monthly paymanfi and we can help you. Wi UNDSMILL EVEftrONI IN SVKKT WAY 59 PER MONTH 18403 S. PIONEER BLVD. ARTESIA UNderhill 5-1266 Open Dgily ·Til 9 P. M.--Open Sundays ·57 Ford $ CONVERTIBLE V-8 with Fordomatic, radio, hent (MPS786) '57 Chev. 5-nooR extras'. Almost new. (MLD762) 1799 $ 1499 BEFORE YOU BUY ANY CAR SEE AND TRY THESE '56 Ford $] CCSTOM SEDA rdomatic. radio, neater. V-8 SEDAN Fordomatic. (HUU137) ·55 Chev. BEL AIR SlAAO t\JWt '55 Stude. SEDAN Radio, heater. '59 Chevrolet trade-in. '52 Mere. '499 CORMIER "CHEVROLET/ 6th American HE i-529! I Ith American HI «-52»4 Open srenliies And Bunday. '59 BUICK PRICES START AT ONLY AND YOU CAN PICK THE EQUIPMENT OF YOUR CHOICE IOU CAN BUY. THE WAY IOC WANT FROM HARRY CLAKK BDICK CASH! TRADE! OR NO DOWN PAYMENT * THIS-Ph. . Fin. WMta. «f Lo,. Modrt '56 BUICK ROADMASTEB CONVERT. Dyna.. R. H., power steer- lag, brakes, elec. windows, 6- way seat, wliltewalls, beautiful Blltmore Blue arid ~" ' · W h i t e , matchlne $1499 '56 FORD CONVERTIBLE Fordo., radio, beater, whitewalls, power s t e e r i n g , brakes. Mechanlci special. $1199 '53 BUICK HPEO. KIVIEKA HARDTOP Dyna., radio, heater, white* walls, tutone preen ilnlsb. $599 '58 BUICKS Just 6 left: sedans, coupes, hardtops. All have Dyna., radio, heater, whltewalls; some hava power. New car dealer warranty. Low as $2499 'So CHEVROLET V-8 DEL BEY SPORT OP. Powergllde, R. H.. whitewalls Korffeons robin lit blue finish. Real nice. $1399 '58 CHEVROLET V-8 IMPAIR Fowerslfde, radio, heater, whitewalli. power Bteerfng, brakes, elec. w 1 n d o w g, power seat, factory air conditioning, beautiful tutone finish. Mileage so low it'a a shame to call it used. $2999 '56 PONTIAC Hydra, radio, heater, whitewalls, gorgeous coral A white tutone finish. A beautiful family ledan. $1499 '57 CHEVROLET V-8 CLUB SEDAX PowergHde, radio, heater, whltewalls, tutone white t u r q u o l B e , Immaculate throughout. $1699 '55 FOftD COUISTRT SQUIRE ·do., radio, beater, white$1499 ·55 BUICK $999 '55 BUICK RIVIERA HARDTOP Dyna., radio, heater, whlt*- walls. Sold and nrvlced here; local car. $1299 -54 OLDSMOBILE ' SUPER 88 Hydra., radio, b e a t e r . whltewalls, power steering, power DraKea, beautiful tu- tone finish, $1099 HARRY CLARK BUICK 150 SO. LONG BEACH BLVD. COMPTON PKont NEwmark 5-7141 Block end white finish. Radio, Healer, Hydra- Mafic, W-S-W Tires, De Luxe Inferior, lock-Up Lighti, Oirecfional Signals. 1595 JOHN M. STOKES 17150 Loktwood Mvd.. IcWtowtr TO 7-1721 Just Arrived! I 5 CARLOADS OF 1 1958 FORDS = · TUDOR SEDANS * HARDTOP VICTORIAS = · FORDOR SEDANS · CONVERTIILEJ = · COUNTRY SEDANS ~ All fully aquipped with FordomaHc, radio, htattr, ^; power steering. Sam* with power brakes, pow«r SS seats, power windows. All have whltewall tirei ^Z and leat belts. = NEW CAR WARRANTY = NOW ON DISPLAY IN NEW CAR SHOWROOM SAVE $ 1200 I UP TO = MUDS, ALSO | MEL BURNS FORD 12000 American PUBLIC NOTICE TAKE OVER PAYMENT SALE The following cars may be purchased under the following term i on approved credit with payments as low as following: TER WK. FUIX FRIGE VIN. '54 CHEV. 5,18 496,54 100% CLUB COUPE '55 MERC 8,93 986,42 100% " HARDTOP '56 DODGE 8.97 982,46 100% · V-8 AUTO. TRANS. '55 FORD 849 1082,72 100% STATION WAGON '57 MERC, 14,82 1492,81 100% MONTEREY '57 FORD '13,86 '1496,82 100% HARDTOP SERVICEMEN WELCOME WILLIAMS CAR CO. 17800 BELLFLOWiR ILVD. TOmy t-7410 I7J10 LAMWOOD ILYD. T0rr»y «-01l» IELLFLOWEK, CALIF. DRIVE THE FABULOUS HUNT RAMBLER Station Wagon SSRHRMelHelleHleWi ^^.QQ DOWM Bank Terms Monthly 59 . . . 1OOO Approximate iavmg in gas per mo _ · *»·*»*' Normal monthly repair and worry. _ I y»W Actual additional outlay 34 ' driving new Hunt Rambler. *ef alflO. The Smart Man / Driving Rambler--Hunt tarn- bier--and Getting Tnii frte: 36,000-Mllt Warranty--Life, Healtft and Occident Policy. WE WILL NOT BE UNDERSOLD.' HUNT RAMBLER SALES 402 W. ANAHEIM TE 5-5M8 WILMINGTON TE 5-5647 JANUARY CLEARANCE These Cars Have All Been Cheeked and Reconditioned One-Year Unconditional Guarantee Available '52 CADILLAC "62" CODPE S 698 ·57 BUICK SPEC. BIVIEBA H-T Dynaflow, radio, heater, w-s-w tlr«, AIR CONDITIONING. 1998 '57 CHRYSLER A'EW YORKER SEDAN Automatic transmission, p o w e r steering, power brakes, electric windows seat, radio and heater. Sells Itself for only $ 2398 '55 PLYMOUTH SAVOY SEDAN Factory equipped. P 1 u M automatic transmission. Bring the family to sea this ctm at only $ 898 '56 CHEVROLET fl-OYL. "210" 2-DR. Factory «qulpp*d. Auto- matlo transmission, etc. ' 5 1098 '55 CHEVROLET 2-DOOR 2-tone blue finish. A beautiful car at a low. low prict. Only . , . S 898 '56 FORD PARKLANE STA. WOX. P o w e r Peering, Fordo- matic, radio, heater. 2- tono green ilnlsh. A fi- vorlte for only S 1698 ·53 CHRYSLER NEW YORIvER 4-DR. P o w e r ateerlne, power brakes, automatic transmission, radio, heater, jet blck finish. Alt the luxuries at a budget price. S 498 GUY MOOTHART, Inc. Imperial -- Chrysler -- Plymouth 1112 N. Long Btach Blvd. COMPTON NE 2-7174

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