Indiana Gazette from Indiana, Pennsylvania on October 27, 2002 · Page 50
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Indiana Gazette from Indiana, Pennsylvania · Page 50

Indiana, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 27, 2002
Page 50
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6 — Indiana Gazette TV. Sunday. Oclober 27,2002 General Hospital Lucky and Liz renew their friendship when she offers to help him find Luke. By MARY ANN COOPER THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Amber visits with an unconscious Taylor, but is saddened when nothing she says brings Taylor around. Steffy presents Ridge with her security blanket "Stinky" hoping it will help her mom be brave. Shortly after delivering the blanket to Taylor, she awakens, much to Ridge's relief. Taylor accepts Brooke's apology for her past transgressions against her. Once alone, Taylor watches her unsteady heart rate. Meanwhile, Ridge enthusiastically tells his children that Taylor is mending just fine. Massimo explains to Sally how frustrating it is that his family is in crisis and he can't do anything about it. Taylor pretends to be asleep as her doctors speak candidly about her condition. While visiting, Bridget notices Taylor's heart rate spike, but Taylor assures Bridget she's fine. Taylor's spirit brightens when she sees her children. Mark explains the severity of Taylor's condition to Bridget, but assures her they are doing every thing they can for Taylor. Taylor tells her children how much she loves them. They echo her sentiment as they give their mommy good-bye kisses. Brooke tells Ridge she believes Taylor's strength will see them through this crisis. Taylor tells Stephanie she knows something is wrong, and while she's not giving up, she wants someone to be prepared. Suddenly, Taylor's heart rate spikes. Brooke tells Thorne how grateful she is to Taylor, she's hopeful Taylor's luck holds out. Stephanie is searching for Ridge as Taylor consults with her doctors. Ridge enters the room to find Taylor sitting up in bed, disconnected from all the machines. THIS WEEK: Clarke gets a surprise. Ridge seeks out Brooke for Need more room? Rent safe and convenient storage space...small or large to suit your needs. Furniture, boats, vehicles personal goods and more. Indiana's Only Mini-Warehouse A STORAGE INN 2125 Shelly Drive OH 724-349-6611 support. DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Roman cancels his date with Kate because he's looking into leads on Hope and Zack; she's stunned to learn of their disappearance. Billie sees Kate with Roman before he leaves and later confronts her mother about the relationship. Kate goes and Billie makes a call to the mystery man; Brady overhears part of her conversation when she says she'll stay away from Bo for now. Hope awakens in the basement and the mystery man returns; she is still reeling that her abductor is Larry Welch! He reveals that he has new, more powerful connections that helped him secure an early release from prison. Bo returns home, confirming that Hope and Zack were abducted. When Bo leaves, Cassie offers Shawn her support and he responds, allowing her to embrace him. Brandon and Lexie look through Hope's wallet, hoping to find clues to her abduction. Jennifer gets emotional and Jack comforts her, which leads to a kiss.Chloe reveals to Brady that she's worried about her classes and that she doesn't think she'll be able to keep up with them.- Brady suddenly blurts out that he loves her. However, he covers when he sees her reaction and says that he loves that the old Chloe is back. As Bo prays for Hope to come home, Billie shows up and Bo lashes out at her, venting all of his stress and frustration. He begins to trash the room and Billie grabs him and tells him to get a grip because otherwise he'll do things that he may regret Abe tries to draw information from Lexie by softening with her. Brady confronts Chloe about her residual feelings for Philip. Billie convinces Bo that the DiMeras may not be responsible for Hope and Zacks disappearance and he begins a search of all Hope's old arrest records from when she was a cop. THIS WEEK: Lexie figures out that she's being framed. Cassie sees Brady and Chloe's closeness. THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Ashley is angry and stunned when Olivia admits she watched the videotape and now knows Victor is Abbys biological father. Ashley explains that unbeknownst to Victor, she acquired his sperm from Diane and was artificially inseminated. Ashley pleads with Olivia not to reveal her secret, but Olivia won't make any guarantees. Mary admits she wishes Chris was still married to Paul. Later, Paul returns and argues with Chris, who says Mary is a major threat to his marriage to Isabelle. Colleen is distressed when John grounds her for seeing JT. Brittany lads JT, sensing he actually cares for Colleen. When Colleen calls, JT says they should lay low then is affected as he hangs up. At the office, Jack and Silva are stunned when the District Attorney furnishes a surveillance video from a hardware store which shows a woman resembling Phyllis purchasing a can of paint thinner identical to the one used to start the pool house fire. As a result, Silva suggests a possible insanity plea, but Jack adamantly refuses. Phyllis learns she's been indicted for arson. Phyllis professes her innocence and Jack says he finally realizes that it's possible that Diane did set her up. Despite Lily's desire to return to Paris, Neil pleads with Dm for them to stay, wanting to help get Lily back on track. Later, Lily gets upset when Neil informs her that she's staying in Genoa City and will attend Walnut Grove. Dm reaches out to an unhappy Lily, explaining her reasoning, and they share an embrace. THIS WEEK: Victor asks Victoria to move back home. Nikki condemns Sharon's behavior. PORT CHARLES — Jack rushes liwie to thehospital and Ian scurries her into the operating room. Lucy, meanwhile, encountersTess, thinking she's actually Liwie. When Tess collapses, Lucy takes her to the hospital, believing she is saving Liwie's life. Stephen Clay's song "Naked Eyes" makes both Lucy and Rafe uneasy and they express their concern that something weird is transpiring around them. Lucy shifts her attention to Alison, hoping to convince her she won't feel settled until she makes amends with Elizabeth. Alison digests Lucys suggestion and makes a date to see her mother. Jamal gets a confusing earful from Jack when he gets filled in about Liwie's look-a-like Tess. Jack worries when Tess' cave is empty, unaware that she's wandering the hospital in a daze. Lucy's encounter with Liwie leaves them both puzzled when they each have different memories of what happened the night before. Chris stuns Jack and Jamal when he claims there is no medical proof that Jack ever broke his leg. Tess, meanwhile, gets spooked and makes a quick exit out of Brennan's room. Frightened, she rushes around the hospital looking for Jack but bumps into Chris who thinks she's Liwie. Marissa flips out when she realizes that Joshua has her lyrics and tells him she wants nothing to do with him. THIS WEEK: Alison is left speechless. Liwie is left rattled by Jack's comment. GENERAL HOSPITAL — Edward's visit to Sonny has Carly worrying that her husband would readily trade Michael for Alexis' baby. But Sonny shows his true love for the tot and sets out to prove to Carly that he's merely manipulating the old curmudgeon. At the same time, Alexis refuses to slow down and listen to doctor's orders, even when she is confronted by a health scare. Lucky and Liz renew their friendship when she offers to help him find Luke. Lucas is in the hot seat when Bobbie calls him on his change of attitude after learning he and Maxie snuck out to a party. Little does he know Speaking of Soaps that he's the object of Georgie's affection. The stalker tells a calm AT that he'll never be able to watch Courtney 24-7. Jason rushes to Courtney's apartment when she gets another call and is knocked out by a mysterious someone. With Courtney hiding in the closet, AJ arrives and beats up the stalker. An icy Sonny cuts any and all connections to Alexis and turns down Brenda s affections when he realizes she's in love with Jax. As Cany watches Brenda making the moves on Sonny she expresses to an understanding Jason her fears of losing Sonny. By the end of the day, Sonny is a basket case after his skirmishes with Alexis and Brenda. Sonny and Carry erroneously think Jason carted Brenda away to Puerto Rico as they originally discussed. THIS WEEK: Liz and Lucky end up in an Atlantic City. Courtney rejects Carly's claim that she is falling for Jason. ONE LIFE TO LIVE — Viki is rocked to learn that she, in fact, gave birth to twins all those years earlier. Bo goes to bat for her and vows to find out the truth of what happened the day she had her daughters. Rae, meanwhile, rejects Asa's suggestion that she divorce him for Viki's sake. After Blair insists to Sam that all feelings for Todd have disappeared, Todd can't help but be rattled when he watches them kissing passionately. Ken, meanwhile, confesses to Antonio that his one-night-stand bothers her more than she originally thought. Liz admits to Nora that she is keeping something from Keri that could end their relationship. An innocent comment from Keri has Antonio worried that he fathered Liz's baby. Max, meanwhile, spurns Roxys plea for help. But, after remembering that Roxy gave him the tape of Luna, he lets up on her a little, and decides to try to help her get out of jail. Michael continues to be a big mystery as he researches Natalie's past. Bo, meanwhile, learns that all the nurses who helped deliver Viki's babies died mysteriously. He and Viki head to St. Ann's to see if Allison can fill in any missing pieces. Although when she arrives at St. Ann's Allison is completely spaced out, Viki questions her anyway about switching Jessica and Natalie. THIS WEEK: Cristian slugs Al when he says something nasty about Natalie. Starr secretly helps Todd. PASSIONS — Luis drinks the beer Beth drugged with medication as Mrs.Wallace watches. Beth is .thrilled when Luis reveals he broke things off with Sheridan because he believes she really loves Antonio. The effects of the drugged beer begin to take effect. Mrs. Wallace fears Beth win over Luis after all and tries to get him to leave. Sheridan takes Antonio to'Beth's house so she and Luis, together, can tell Antonio they are in love. . However, she is devastated when . she looks through Bern's window and sees Luis and Beth locked in a passionate kiss. Antonio tries to comfort a distraught Sheridan. Confused by her emotional distress, Antonio turns to Gwen for help. Kay advises Simone on the best way to get even with Chad and Whitney. Simone wants to attack her sister, but Kay thinks that would be a big mistake. It would only make her parents upset and they would force her to stop seeing Chad to bring peace back to the family. Meanwhile, Chad insists Whitney's parents and Simone be told the" truth immediately. Theresa doesn't know how she is going to go on now that Ethan intends to marry Gwen. Pilar comforts a devastated Theresa. Gwen and Rebecca pass by, and Pilar and Rebecca end up having a violent altercation. Later, Rebecca seeks revenge on Pilar by using Antonio. Beth lies and tells Luis they made love while he was drugged. Luis is stunned and apologizes for his actions. Beth tries to hide her hurt when Luis again declares his love for Sheridan. Meanwhile, Ethan encourages Sheridan not to give up on Luis. She decides to tell Antonio the truth. However, she doesn't realize she's too late as Rebecca "helps" Antonio figure out the truth. THIS WEEK:' Chad objects to Whitney's plan to keep their love secret a while longer. Eve tries to conceal her horror. ALL MY CHILDREN — Jackson's presence prompts Kendall to supply Trey with an alibi to keep him from being grilled by the police. She voices her hurt when she realizes that Trey was planning on abandoning her. She packs her things, moves out of the loft and later bumps into Aidan at the Valley Inn. A psychic named Dara approaches Greenlee, saying she saw Leo alive and well. David, Trey and Anna think Dara's visions are a bunch of hooey, destroying Greenlee's hopes. Later, the tests prove inconclusive on the drug David squished into the carpet, prompting Anna to order another round of analysis. Marian offers her support to Adam for a reconciliation with Liza. But Adam makes it perfecdy clear that he's not about ready to dive back into his marriage unless they get intimate. Later, Brooke watches as Adam flirts with a sexy bartender at the Valley Inn bar. Brooke and Adam sympathize with each other as they nurse their drinks. He escorts her home and they dance closely to their favorite tune. Taken over by the moments — and the alcohol — they begin to make love. The morning of Leo's funeral, Bianca puts a flower in the rowboat to be set adrift in his honor. Sensing her grief has overtaken Bianca, Erica and Maggie team up to comfort her. THIS WEEK: Maria is left uneasy when she hears David's kindheart Continued on page 8

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