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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 62

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 13, 1958
Page 62
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PagsM-INDEPENDENT iwiej feexH, Criil.,Thurs., F*k. 13 · Legal Nutlet - · N O N - R E S P O N S I B I L I T Y NOTICE ' ,. Notice-IB hereby given by the' un. Vderslgned- Harvey 0. Elllups. residing at 1438 E. 4th St., Cmamns ad' ..dress P.O. Box 1482. Lone Beach, Calif orntu), that after the date of · Teh 13' 19BS, he -will not be re- ·«poiilble for any debts, liabilities or : obligations Incurred by any persons 1 .other than -himself. ' . *ub. Feb. 13. 14, 15, 1958-- (3t-- " '· 2251 ' ' NOTICE OF SALE OF R6AU ESTATE U N D E R EXECUTION MARSHAL'S 6ALE , No. SO 614654 Eaatorn Columbia, Inc., assigned to -..tho Broadway Credit Bureau . -California Corporation,. plaintiff, -Mas'ao Narlto, ct al. Defendant. - B v virtue of an execution issued ·out of the Small Claim Court, of . -LOS.Angeles Judicial District,. Coun- Legal Notice the S6th day of February, .1968,9:16 o'clock A. M. of that day, at the Broadway Entrance to the Hall of Justice, County of Los Angeles, sell at public auction, for lawful money of the United .States, all the right, title, claim and intereit of said defendants. Theodosla Earner; Olive Jones and Jarrics Stewart of, In and to the above described property, or so much thereof as may be necessary to raise sufficient funds to satisfy said Judgment, with Interest and · costs, etc., to the highest and best bidder. Dated. at Los Angeles, this 27th day of January, 1958.;' ' JOE BOOKMAN,. Marshal Municipal -Courts, Los Angeles County By R. .COX, Deputy . Bertram S, Harris Plalntlfft Attorney. p O Box 3193-- Terminal Annex choice .to supplies .partially .rrownj. produced or manufactured In · the State of California.- The Board of Education .reserves the right to reject any or all bids and to .waive any informality on any bid received. * LONG BEACH UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT By BERTHA PARSONS, · . Asst. Secretary. Pub. Feb.' «. 13, 1958 (at)--L.B.I,_ ·AKA Rose Price, Defendant upon a Judgment rendered the 14th day of November, 1957. for.tho sum oi S29 60 Dollars lawful money of the Ilnlted States, besides costs and In- 'terest. I have levlei upon all the Tight, title, claim and Interest of said defendant Masao Narlto AKA Rose Price of, In and to the follow- ing'described real estate, situate in ,the City of Long Beach, County of .£03 Angeles, Slate of California, ·and bounded and described as fol- 10 Lot H. Elk. 2, Tr. 29S4 Mb 37 page 35. " PUBLIC NOTICE IS HEREBY · GIVEN. That I will, on Wednesday the 12th day of March. 1958, at 10:00 .o'clock A. M. of that day, ot the .east entrance to Jerglns Trust Bldg., ISO E. Ocean Blvd., Long Beach. County of Los Angeles, sell at public auction, for lawful money ·of the United States, all the right, title, claim and Interest of said defendant Masao Narlto AKA Rose Price of, in and to the above described property, or so much there- 'of .as may. bo necessary to'raloe sufficient funds to satisfy said Judgment with interest and costs, etc. 'to the highest and best bidder. Dated at Long Beach, this 7th day of February, 1958. " JOE BOOKMAN, Marshal '. ' Municipal Courts, Los Angeles County .. · ' By L. J. BERNARD, Captain Long Beach Division. Paris Paris, Plaintiff'i Attorney. ·323 ,W. 5th St. ·Los Anoel's. Calif. MAdlson 6-8107 . Teb. 13, 20, 27, Mar. 6,19BS (4OLBI. : 6 ; 2 0 . 1958 LSI 80390 NOTICE OF SALE O F . R C A I . PROPERTY AT PUBLIC / :·· · AUCTION . (Sale No. 7.A) Office of the Tax Collector of the County of Lo» Angeles, State of California. ' ' 61493 NOTICE TO CREDITORS No. LB. P-316Z3 In the Superior Court of the State of California, in and for the County of Los Angeles. In the matter of tho Estate of JAMES T. J1LBERT, Jr., Deceased: Notice Is hereby riven to creditors having claims against the said decedent to file said claims in the office of the clerk of tho aforesaid court or to prosent them to 1 the undersigned at the office of his attorneys. Wenke Phelan, 403 Security Bldg., in tho City oLonr Beach 2, Calif., in the aforesaid County, which latter office Is the place of business of the undersigned, in all matters pertaining "to said estate. Such claims with the necessary vouchers must be filed or presented/ as aforesaid .within six months after the first publication of this notice. , Dated Jan. 23. 1958, JAMES T. GILBERT, SR. Administrator of the Estate of said decedent. W E N K E 4 P H E L A N Attorneyi-at-Law 403 Security Bldg. Long Beach 2, Calif. H E 2-5411 Jan. 30, Feb. 6,13, 20, 1968 (4t) LSI. WHEREAS, the Board of Supervisors of the County ot Los Angeles pursuant to the provisions of Division 1, Part 6, Chapter 7 of the Revenue and Taxation Code .of the State of California, adopted a resolution approving the sale ol property hereinafter described; and WHEREAS, there is filed, in my office written authorization for -said sale under the hand and seal of the State Controller, to i sell said prop"WHEREAS, -the minimum bi'd for each parcel is Ten. ($10.00) Dollars; THEREFORE; public- notice Is hereby given that unless the said property Is redeemed . as provided by W, I, H, L. .Byrarn, Tax Collector of the.County of Los Angeles, ·will, commencing February 34, 1968, at the hour of ten-o'clock A. M., and continuing from day'to day in he office of the County Tax Col- ector. '1840 . South Hill Street, in .he -City of Los 'Angeles, · offer for sale and sell at-public auction to the highest bidder, the following described real property: . Parcel No. 173. California -Cooperative Colony Tract. Lot com 'B 2a2ft from SW cor of Lot 10 Blk Z7 h N 20ft with a uniform.depth of SBIt E. Part of Lot-10 Block .27, Assessed to,Paul W; Sampsell. Tr. Location--Vicinity of Curry St Cherry Ave; Long''Beach. City. Parcel No. 318. Sub of Blk» 1 to 24 Inc of 1 the Inner Harbor. Tract. Ex' of St Lot .1 Block 2, Assessed :D Marlow Burns. Co, Location-- Beach, California, until 2:00 olclock P:M. March 8, 1958; at irhich time and- place said bids irlll be/publicly opened and- declared lor JUmlshing all necessary labor, ·tools, materials, appliances and equipment'for, .and doiiis; the "work of improving' the area located:But of Lorig Beach Municipal Airport-'and North of Spring Street Tiy the construction of lawn, sprinkler -system,, potable water lines, and agricultural tile drain lines in- accordance-: with "Plans A Specifications .No. R-2S66 for the · Improvement' of the Area Located East of Long Beach Municipal Airport aridTforth of Spring Street', by Construction ' of Lawn Sprinkler ^System- in the 'City' of Long Beach, California"; on file In the 'office of the City 'Engineer of said City, to which said Plans- Specifications No. R-2866 reference Is hereby made for further particulars. Copies of Plans ft Specifications No. R-2866 may be obtained at said office of the.-City Engineer, Room 502, City Hall, upon deposit of 125.00 per'set ' - ' . ' Pursuant to Part 2. Chapter 1, Article VII ,of .Municipal Code · of the- City of Lone Beach,' the'.City 61726 NOTICE OF TRUSTED On Tuesday. March 4, 1958. at ·11-00 A.M.. TITLE INSURANCE AND TRUST COMPANY, as Trusted -under and pursuant to Deed of ·Trust dated May IB. 1956, executed 'by HARRY J. STEPHENSON and -MARGARET J. STBPHHNSON. his ·wjfe.' and recorded July 16. 1956, -In' book B1737. pane SH, of Official "Records In the office ot the Her - "cor'der of Los Angeles County, Call- ·forhla, will sell at public ^auction 'to'highest bidder for cash (pay- 'abl'e' at time of sale in lawful "money of tho United States) in the lobby of the main entrance of Title Injuranca Building. 433 South Spring Street. Los Angeles. California, all right, title and interest -conveyed to and now held by it under said Deed in the property -artuate in said- County and State ·described as: ' . Lot 72 of Tract 16619, ns per -· 'mat) recorded'ln Book 477, Pages · - 8 to 14 of Maps, in the Office . of the County Recorder of said - 'county. "· . . Said sale will bo made, but ··without covenant or warranty* ex- ·prcss or Implied, regarding title, possession, or encumbrances, to'-pay 'the- remaining principal sum of the 'note, secured by said Deed, to-wlt: $3.633.83, with Interest from August '1, 1957 as in said note provided, advances, If any, under the terms V. "-naid Deed: fees, char-pes and "expenses-of the Trustee and of the ".'trusts' created by said Deed. -The beneficiary under said Deed, by reason of a breach or default In the obligations secured thereby, -heretofore executed and delivered to the undersigned a written Declaration of Default and Demand for ·Sale, -and written notice of breach *rid of election to cause tho under- sinned to sell said property to satisfy -said obligations, and thei-e- -aftcr, on October 2J. 1957, the 'undersigned caused said notice of breach and of election to be re- 'corded In book 65914. page 82, of said Official Records. Date: January 31. 1958. ." ' TITLE INSURANCE AND TRUST COMPANY as said Trustee, By C. J. Tlghc, . . · Assistant Secretary .Pub, Feb. S. 13, 20, 1968 (,3t) L.Ej.. __ Resolution No. 020358-B NOTICE OF I N T E N T I O N TO SELL REAL PROPERTY WHEREAS, the Long Beach Unified School District-lot Los Angeles County owns that certain parcel of land described as follows: Lots 18 and 20 of the Subdivision of Block 31 of Long Beach. in the City of Long Beach, Co\inty of Los Angeles, State'of California, as per map recorded in Book 21, Pago 67. of Miscellaneous Records in tho office of the County Recorder of said County; and WHEREAS, said premises will not at tho time of, proposed delivery of title be longer required for school purposes NOW, THEREFORE, EE IT RESOLVED that the Board of Education of the Long Beach Unified School District of Los Anceles Vicinity of Pico Ave Long Beach City. State St, ifutl 33 Ane itlon to 61826 NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S SALE · T. 0. No. 57-6361 On Wednesday. March 6. 1958. at 11 -00' A.M., TITLE INSURANCE AND TRUST COMPANY, as Trustee under and pursuant to Deed of Trust dated June 18. 1JS6. wccuted -by WILLIAM J. McBRIDE AND DORIS M. MCBRIDE, his wife, and recorded July 9. 1956. In book 51676, -page 138, of Official Records in the -office ot the Recorder of Los An- ·geles County, California, will sell at ·public auction to highest bidder for -cash-.(payable at time ot sale In 'lawful money of tho United States) 'in -the lobby of tne main entrance ·of Title Insurance Building, 433 South Spring Street, Los Angeles, California, all right, title and Interest conveyed to and now held by it under said Deed in the property situate In said County and State described as; Lot 161 In Tract 17893, as per map recorded In Book 465. Pages 32 to 39 Inclusive , of Maps. In the office of the County Recorder of said county. Said sale will bo made, but without covenant or warranty, express or implied, regarding title, possession or encumbrances, to pay the 1 remaining principal sum of the note secured by said Deed, to-wlt: 52,725,48, with interest from August County declare its intention to sell the same on the following terms and conditions: · FIRST--THAT THERE WILL BE EXCEPTED AND RESERVED unto tho Long Beach Unified School District of Los 'Angeles County, its successors and assigns, all oil,. gas and other- hydrocarbons in, under or that may bo produced and saved from those portions of the above described land located more than 100 feet below the surface, together with nil rights of every kind and description whatsoever'to drill for, develop, take, remove and · sever the same, or any part thereof, from said lands, provided that said owners shall not have the right to use the, surface of said " lands, or any portion thereof within 100 feet of the surface in connection with the development or removal of said oil. gas and · other hydrocarbons. SECOND--That the seller shall deliver into escrow a grant deed conveying title in fee to the property to the purchaser and a policy of title Insurance showing title free and clear In the Long Beach Unified School District except for such restrictions, conditions and reservations as are of record in the office of the County Recorder of Los Angeles County, with instructions to the escrow officer that theae documents are to be ' delivered to the purchaser four months after seller has obtained title to and possession of Lots 10 and 12 of Block 31, Townslte of Long Beach, as reported to the escrow officer by the seller, provided the escrow holds f o r - the seller the full sale price as finally determined by bid. THIRD--The purchaser will deliver into escrow at the time seller acquires title to Lots 10 and 12 of Block 31 of the Townslte of Long Beach the full sale price without recourse thereto .as finally determined by bid, which sum is to bo delivered to the seller four months after seller has acquired title to and possession of Lots 10 and 12 of Block 31, Townsite of Long Bench, as reported to the escrow officer by t}ie seller, provided the escrow officer holds for delivery to the purchaser a grant deed conveying the herelnabove described property to the purchaser and policy of title insurance in a sum equal to the full sale price guaranteeing the title to the property described in the grant deed. FOURTH--That, the sale of said premises shall bo under and by virtue of Sections 18601 through 18606, inclusive, and 18610 through 18615, inclusive, of tho Education Code ot 1955. FIFTH--That the Board of Education will not consider a written bid of less than J33,465,25. SIXTH--That the sale shall be for cash. SEVENTH--That tho sale shall bo made only if the seller acquires title to Lots 10 .and 12 of Block SI, Townslte of Long Beach. BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED Parcel No. 350, La Serena, Lot 4 Block 9: Assessed to Alice 'N. Sanders. Location--Vicinity of 28th Bt * Seabright Ave, Long Beach Parcel No. 351. La" Serena, Lot G Block 9. Assessed to Alice N. Sanders. Location--Vicinity of 29th St Seabright Avo, Long Beach City. " - ' ' Parcel No. 358. Licensed Surveyor's Map, 12/39- Lie. Surv. Lot I. Assessed to George W. Emma M. Taylor. Location--Vicinity of Roosevelt Rd Locust Ave, Long Beach Parcel No. 359. Licenncd Surveyor's Map, 12/43 Lie. Surv. Lot 2S. Assessed to George H. Craig. Location--Vicinity of 49th St Virginia Ave, Lone Beach .City. · Parcel No. 360.' Licensed Surveyor's Map, 12/43 Lie. Surv, Lot 21. Assessed to George H. Craig. Location--Vicinity of 49th St 4k Virginia Ave, Long Beach City. Parcel No. 483. Manils Avenue Tract. Lot 17 Block 35. Assessed to Abe B. Cummins. Location--Vicln- ,ty OT Ultimo Ave ft Eliot St, Long BC parcel No. S19. Moro Tract' E 1ft ot W 44ft measured on N line of Lot 6 Block 4. Assessed to Nicholas Vander. Location--Vicinity of 8th St Belmont Ave, Long Beach City, . _ Parcel No. 1122. Ramona- Tract, Lot B. Assessed to Myrtlo Henderson Location--Vicinity of Alamltos, Ave 19th St, Long Beach City. Parcel No. 1123. Ramona Tract. E 5ft of S 4SIt of Lot C. Assessed to Myrtle Henderson. Location- Vicinity of Alamltos Ave 19th St. Long Beach City. . Parcel No. 1216. -Townsend ft Robinson Tract. W 16ft of Lot D. Assessed to George. W, Bewley. Location--Vicinity of 14 St Elm Ave, Long Beach City. Parcel No. 1452. Tract No. 3207. Ex of Mining Rights Lot 15 Block B. Assessed to R. A, Brassy. Location--Vicinity of 31st St Pasadena Ave, Long Bench C!ty . Parcel W 1682. Tract No, S020. Lot 10 Block 1. Assessed to Raymond S. Wllma H. Holdrldge. Location--Vicinity of J5th St Lewis Ave, Long Beach City. parcel No. 1034. Tract No. 6134. Ex of St Lot 2296. Assessed to C. W. May Schlesser. Location- Vicinity of 49th St ft Elm Ave. Long Beach City. Parcel No. 1536. Tract No. 5224. Lot 14 Block -18. Assessed to Angel E. Alfred -Gonzales. Location- Council, by Resolution. No:- C-16848 has ascertained and determined -the general prevailing rate of-per diem wages and overtime, wages for each craft or type of laborer, workman or mechanic required In the performance o f . public 'work, A copy of said resolution is on file In the office of the City Engineer. Y Said job classification and general prevailing rate "of per diem -wages and overtime wages are Incorporated herein by reference thereto with like force and effect as it expressly set forth herein. Any contract awarded hereunder' shall provide that the Contractor . must - comply with the general prevailing rate of per diem wages'and overtime wage at specified In said code. . All bids and bid bonds shall be submitted upon forma to be secured at the office of the City,Engineer of the City of Long Beach,. Room 502. City-Hall. . ' Each bid shall he accompanied by a certlfled'checlt or'bank draft, payable to the City Auditor of the City of Long Beach, and drawn on a aplvent bank In-Los Angeles County, or a satisfactory bond of an amount of not less than -ten (10) per cent of such bid, as a.'cuarantee that the bidder, if awarded a-contract, will execute'.and deliver to the City Engineer, within-ten (10) days after such contract is tendered, a contract for furnishing' all the necessary labor, tools, materials, appliances, and equipment for, and doing tho work called-for herein, together with a good and,'Sufficient corporate surety-bond In'favor of the City of Long. Beach,.-for an amount of not-less than twenty-five (25%) · per cent of such contract price lor the faithful performance of such, contract, and a good and sufficient corporate surety bond In an amount of not less than fifty (60%) per cent of 'such contract price for. the payment of all labor uid material claims. · Contractor shall start the work Tithin ten (10) days'. That portion of the lawn sprinkler system north of Wardlow^jload shall be completed in forty (40) working days from the date of execution ' o f the contract. The installation of entire lawn sprinkler system-shall be completed and operable within elfhty- flvo (85) working days from the date of execution of the contract: Tho .City Manager reserves tho ht, at any »ta«;e of theso, pro- dings, to reject all bids and to' return all deposit! accompanying (aid nld.' Dated at Lou? Beach, California, this 13th day of February, 1958. B. E. VICKEE.S City Manager Pub. Feb. 13, 1958 (It)--L.B.I.- vicinity of Cameron St t Santa Fe Ave. Long Beach City. Parcel No. 1693. Tract No. 7200. S 15ft of Lot 8. Asacsjed to Mcr- wln R. * Gladys L. Lynch. Location--Vicinity of Gaviota Ave Artasia St. Long Beach City. Parcel No, 1706. Tract No. 753S. N 715ft of S 32.6ft of Lot 16 Block 3. Assessed to. Eleanor M. 'Gribble. Location-Vicinity of Eleanor · A Walnut Avee. L,o Parcel No. 1707, gin to* that a public rneetinc; of the JBoard of Education shall be held, at -4:00 p.m. on March 3. 1958, In the Administration Building. 715 Locust 3,3 / £ d , 4 a T V I L I 1 I H I U 1 V 3 L I t V l l l ***,«** A u i I l l U 1 3 U 4 1 b l l u l - t " w l l \ l , " f , . · » " f c . W W M t . f c 1 '1967. as in said note provided, Avenue, City ot Long Beach, up to (less the sum of $180.00, held by which time written bids will be re- beneficlary on account of rents) advances, if any. under the terms ot said Deed; fees, charges and expenses of the Trustee and of the trusts created by said Deed. Tho beneficiary -under said Deed, by reason of a breach or default in the obligations secured thereby, heretofore executed and delivered to tho undersigned a written Declaration of Default and Demand for Sale, and written notice of breach and of election to cause the undersigned to sell sftid property to satisfy said obligations, and thereafter, on October 81, 1957, the undersigned caused said notice of breach and of election to be recorded in book 55988. page 849. of said Official Records. Date: February 3, 195S. TITLE INSURANCE AND TRUST COMPANY as said Trustee. By C. J. TIGHB Assistant Secretary Tub. Feb. 6, 13. 20, 195S (3t) L.B.I. ceived and approximately at -which line bids will bo opened, and BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED hat any responsible person present at said meeting be given an oppor- unity to bid orally or to raise the )lds orally after the sealed bids are opened, provided that the first oral jld shall be at least 5% higher than he highest written. bid and that each succeeding oral bid shall be at least «# higher than the highest preceding bids, an'd BE IT FURTHBR UNDERSTOOD that the Board of Education reserves tho right to reject.any or all bids if it deems such action lor the best public Interest and the right to withdraw the property from sale under this resolution, and BE IT FURTHBR RHSOLVED that the Board of Education author- zes the Secretary of said Board to advertise the sale by publishing a 61420 NOTICE OF SALE OF REAL ESTATE UNDER EXECUTION MARSHAL'S SALE No. 397-985 Pacific Thrift and Loan, a California corporation., Plaintiff, vs. Theodosla Earner, Olive Jones and James Stewart, Defendants. By virtue of an execution Issued out of the Municipal Court, of Los Anaeles Judicial District, County of Los Angeles, State of California, wheroin Pacific Thrift and Loan, a California corporation, Plaintiff, and Theodosia Earner, Olive Jones and James Stewart. Defendants, upon a ' judgment rendered the 8th day of November, 1967. for the sum of · Three .hundred ninety-three and · 98/100 Dollars^ lawful money of the ·.United States, besides- costs and Interest, I have levied upon all the · right, title, claim and interest of · said defendants Theodosla Earner, Olivo Jones and James Stewart of. In and to the following described · «al estate, situate in the County ' of Los Angeles, State of California, · and bounded and described as lol- ' °Lot «, Blfe 1. Ksrr.iUon'!! Sub' division of Farm Lot 185 of the " American Colony Tract, Book 1, , Page 99 of Maps 1218-1242 Call-, . · fornla. Long Beach, California. ' PUBLIC NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That I will, on Tuesday Long Beach City. *,,,.,.. .,-. -707. .Tract No. 7B19. Lot com at NW cor of Lot 6 Blk 1 th S 0' 12' E 100ft th N 89' 48' E 10ft th N 0° 15' W 100ft th S 89' 48' W 10£t to beg. Part ot Lot 6 Block 1. Assessed to Clyde A. Velma A. Porter, Location--Vicinity of Artcsla. St Olive Ave, ^rcWo^b. Tract No, ««. Lot 1027. Assessed to Paul 4V Judy L. Davis. Location --Vicinity of DomlnKuez St Prospect Ave, L. A. City School Dlst, Parcel No. 1711. Tract No. 76«. Lot 1029. Assessed to Paul ft Judy L Davis. Location --Vicinity of Domlnguez St Prospect Ave, L. A, City School Dint. The foregoing described real property Is located in the County of Los Angeles. State of California. For information as to the amounts necessary to redeem, provided the right to redeem has not previously been terminated, apply to "H, L. Byram, County Tx Collector, 1840 South Hill -Street, Lo An»ele« 15, California. . , If redemption of the property Is not made according to law before the first bid is received, the right of redemption will cease. Tho real property included In this public auction t« ?ale is located in various cities and/or areas of this Cnunty. Tho notice of sale published In this newspaper does not include all ths properties scheduled for sale. A complete -list of theae properties is on file in this office. 1 Notice to Prospective Purchaser! Prospective purchaser* are cautioned that the property contained In this notice may be encumbered with foreclosed or.unforeolosed delinquent street bonds, income tax Hens, easements, etc., which may not be cancelled by · the tax sale. A complete investigation of these encumbrances should be made before attending the- tax sale. The minimum bid for each parcel is Ton (JlO.OO) Dollars. Property rurchased shall' be paid for in full, at time of sale. Payment must be made with cash, or in lieu of cash, cashiers checks, certified checks, or bank money orders, made payable to H. L, Byram, County Tax Collector. Dated this 30th day of January, NOTICE I N V I T I N G BIDS ' FOR FURNISHING AND- DELIVERING TWO (2) MOTOR P I C K - U P S W E . E P E R S EQUIPPED WITH DUAL CONTROLS TO THE CITY OF LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that, scaled bids will be-received at the office of the City Manager, In Room 303 of the City Hall of the City of Long Beach, California, until 2:00 o'clock P.M., .on the 26th day of February, 1958, at which time and place said bids will be publicly opened and declared, for furnishing and- delivering two (2) Motor Pick-up S w e e p e r s equipped -with dual controls, to the City of Lonif Beach, California, In accordance with "Specifications No. R-2224 for Furnishing and Delivering' M o t o r ,Pick-up -Sweepers equipped with Dual Controls to .the City ot Long Beach, California", on file In.the office of the City En- :ineer of said City of Long Beach. ._ .which said specifications reference is hereby made for further particulars. Copies of said specifications inay be obtained at said office o f ' the City- Engineer, Room 502, of the City Hall of tho City of Long Beach. The bidder's attention is directed to the following supplement to Article 5.01 of the specifications: ' In lieu of the -seat normally installed by.the manufacturer for the right hand dual control, the right hand dual control of the motor pick-up sweepers furnished hereunder shall be provided with a Decker Pneumatic Seat manufactured and. distributed by tho Western Pneumatic Seat Company, Incorporated, 1723 Glendale Boulevard, Los Angeles 26, California. . The City of Long Beach will receive alternate bld» for furnishing and delivering said motor pick-up sweepers as follows: Alternate Bid No. 1: Furnishing and delivering two (2) motor pick-up sweepers, less trader in allowance f o r - two (2) ' City- owned pieces of equipment listed ai follow] Type of Year City Equipment Equipment Make Model Number Pick-up Sweeper Elgin 1939 S525 Pick-up Sweeper Wayne 1949 2528 Alternate Bid No. 2: 1958. H. -L. BYRAM, Tax Collector OFFICIAL CITY PRINTINO nuvertiou uiu emu vy yuuiiniiujti « ,,. , T" nn--Vi ^ a 10 101x0 notice 'of such sale in the Long Publish Jan. 30, Feb. 6-, 13, 1958^ Beach Independent once a week for three successive weeks, and ' b y posting copy of this resolution, signed by a majority of this Board, la three public places in tho District not less than fifteen (16) days before the date of the above deslg- nated BEACH SCHOOL DISTRICT OF LOS ANGELES COUNTT W. H. BOYD M. A. DUNCAN ELIZABETH HUDSON DWIGHT C. SIGWOB.TH Pub. Feb. 6, 13. 20, 1958 (3t) L.B.I. NOTICE TO B I D D E R S Notice is hereby given that the Board of Education of the Long Beach Unified School District. County of Los Angeles, California, will receive sealed bids in the office ot the Aselstant Secretary, room 209 Administration Building, 715 Locust Avenue, Long Beach, California, up to 11:00 o'clock A.M., February 20, 1958, for the following: Sohed. #S158-D^-Cafeteria Camp Hi-Hill moat; poultry rabbit Sched. #3130-O--Auditorium seating Specifications and bid forms may be obtained In, the office ot the Purchasing Division, room 207 Administration Building. Price, fitness and quality being equal, first choice will bo given . to . supplies crown, iroduced or manufactured in the itate of California and · e c o n d NOTICE TO VOTERS Notice is hereby given that copies oi the proposed amendment to the Charter of the City of Long Beach lUbmltted by the City Council of sal- 1 City, to be voted upon at an election to be held in th« City of Long Beach on Tuesday, the 4th day of March, 1958, have been printed In pamphlet form, coplei of which may be had ujion application therefor at the office of the City Clerk. Room 101, City Hall, Long Beach, California, Dated this 14th day of January, Furnishing and delivering two (2) motor pick-up sweepers. The City of Long Beach reserves the right to award a contract in accordance with Alternate Bid No. 1 or Alternate Bid No. 2. The City-owned equipment listed herein may be Inspected by appointment. Appointments for Inspection mav be made by telephoning HEm- lock 7-2S91. Should the City elect to award a w jntract in accordance with Alternate Bid No. 1, the equipment 'to be traded In on the new motor alck-up sweepers shall remain In Ihe tervice of the City, until said new motor pick-up sweepers have been delivered and placed In City service. · ' · Delivery of the new motor pickup sweepers shall be made to the Automotive Yard, located at Temple Avenue and Willow Street, Long Beach, California. Each bidder must state In his bid the number ot days within which delivery of said Motor Pick-up Sweepers- wHl be made, after the date of execution of the contract. The City reserves the right to reject any bid in which salfl time required for delivery exceeds thirty. (30) jays. . . Payment for said Motor Pick-up Sweepers will- be, made In due course of payments of the City of Long Beach, after the complete, de- liven- of said sweepers and acceptance.- thereof by the City Manager.. All bids and bid bonds shall be 1958, /cnpi T. ) MARGARET L. HEARTWELL City Clerk of the City ot Long Beach Pub Jan 15 thru March i, 1968, except Sunday, (41t)--L.B.I. N O T I C E I N V I T i N O BIDS .. FOR THE IMPROVEMENT OP THE AREA LOCATED BAST" OF LONG BEACH MUNICIPAL AIRPORT AND NORTH OF SPRING STREET BY CONSTRUCTION OF L A W N SPRINKLER'SYSTEM IN.THE CITY OF LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA. . ' NOTICE -IS HEREBY GIVSN that the-City of Long Beach will receive scaled Alternate Bids-an follows: Alternate "A", "B", or."0", or any combination thereof at.the office ol tho City Manager,, In, Room - 3 0 3 - o f tSe City Hall of ihe City of Loni Pub. Teb. 13. 1958 .(It)-L.B.L submitted upon forms to-be secured at the office of the City Engineer, Bach bid shall be accompanied by a certified check or bank draft, payable to the City Auditor'of the City of Long Beach, and- drawn on » solvent bank In Los Angeles County, -or a satisfactory bond of an amount of not less than ten (10) per cent of such bid', as a guarantee that the bidder, if awarded a contract will execute and deliver to the City Engineer. «uch contract · within . ten (10) days after such- contract Is tendered., to him.- together with .a good and sufficient certiorate surety bond In favor of the CKy 'of Long Beach, for an amount of not less than twenty-five (2!) per'cent of such contract price, for the faithful performance of such contract. The City Manager reserreg the right, "at any stage of these-, proceedings." to reject all bids and to return all deposit* accompanying said bldi. · · ' . · · · .Dated at Long Beach; California, this 13th day of February, 1958, 8. B. VTCKERS, . City'Manager. S H 0 P C L A S S I F I E D «nneuiie«m«ntf 00 Funtraf NoHcts INDEPENDENT, " PRESS-TELEGRAM CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING- DEPARTMENT HEmlock '2-5959 CLASSIFIED -·DEADLINE FOR SUNDAY ADS FRIDAY 5 P.M. Funtral Dirtcron 3«44 anndry. ServicesThursday, U p . m..-at Church of the .Holy Traiufijruratlon. ' 5411 -Fountain ''· -V · ' directing ·mcHh--oTd: ^ o^Mr.^d'V.: Raymond Thompson o628 Cape- 'toTO, Lakewood Funeral serv- jeei Tbursday 1 p.m. at Pint Brethren C h u r f a , Bellfiower (tornir ot Flower and Clark' with Rev. Harry · flturz ln , B W. COON I" rffiMB directing- ROSE'GARDEN CHAPEL MORTUARY «3S -Atlantic " HE 2-7JU 1 Ned C. chrlstensen Oeorice J, O'Toole Ray * Irene MeKe. ' _ CHRISTENSEN-PINO MORTUARY CHAPEL , 3 4 4 REDONDO AVE. PHONE GE 8-1145 i B. W. . FUNERAL COON 10th .. _, real *t_Oblspo .; 1 ft UU1BPU "** » HOLTON SON · Hlxth HE 9-9679 A Locust Emp. Agwcy Mtn, ..23lmp. AqtHtjUm 23 fmp/oym»nf Ar* LI«*»W ««1 B*ndMl by Hi* St«t* .f C«lrf«TI« anJ PMf*d t* -- .CALDWELL » pSf 301 """- ^SSSB 312 KB M481. . . . . . NEV 8-8237 ·Ceit Acct.. Z yrs. e*p., to.40 1450 Jr. Acct CPA tTaln«e._:_. v Open Jr. Credit Investigator : 131" + Finance Co. Trne., car 1300 Estimator, steel Jorglnn ....1460 Chem. Lab: Tech., expd. --1325 Fjaleaman, janitor lupplles--Good -MEDICAL DEPT. Hosp. attendant 1 , sfL A unem- cumbei-ed, good rets. ft e*5. NOT Id., 40-hr., 5-day- wt.-room * 'board + .L.-.-.- .-.-»290 mo. CERTIFIED PERSONNEL SERVICE AGENCf! 20» E Bdwy. Rm. BOO HB 8 : B1711 TO SAVE YOU TIME THERE ARE . BOX REPLIES. At The) Independent, Press- Tele-grani ofiice for the following boxes: Ctnuttrlti-Mauieltumsl OREBN MlLLB MEMORIAL FK. 87801 WeirtTm E Pedro TE il-4442 Ineomt T« K-3300 JU1377 M-4718 P-281J 8-357 S-4S15 T-526 T-46S6 K-4403 IT-lSl M-47ZO P-4520 3-381 3-330S T-580 T-4687 L-284. ' ' M-559 M-4742 R-451 3-1613 ·T-151 T-548 T-46J9 L-S87 M-4716 P-461 3-451 3-4614 T-556- T-13S2 V-561 EACH year' taxpayers, lose .thousands of dollars In over-payment of Income Taxes. For correct tax liability see-J. W. MAYS today. «, former Internal Revenue 'aneat. ·AMERICAN;TAX co. 737 E. ARTESIA ST., Or Coll; GA 3-5828 ' LBJiri^iio nlthts? Nervous? Tense? Not enoujh. money? Our course In sleep learnlim can chanie your life. Call Mr. Wll- nelm" riE 7-7184 for appointment. Conielor, Cambridge Institute. Funeral BIEBWILER--Harry J. Of CHA ocu .. Jamii C. Gorton offlclatinc. ·OGG--William, age 81, of 1161 Via Wanda, Services-will be Held at Rejuburg. Idaho. Remains may be viewed at SPONQBERQ MORTUARY until 7:30 p. m. today ..ANFABE--Mabel Erotna, belove_ sister ot Mrs. 'JUlllan Gordan and Edirar Lanfare. Services Friday, ll a. m., In the. Church or The Recesslona.1. Directed by FOREST LAWN MORTUARY, ASSOCIATES AGENCIES LONG' BEACH OFFICE 110 W. Ocean Suite 902 KB 6-22B8 Cost Acct., mi., mff. «xp., car, Brake Mech.,..«late Ho/, car. Good · SAVE-J.l?? TAXES We Come to. Your Home 'PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT : QA Jr4241 Office 5231 Atlantic Ave. Finance trne. --»2Sl| ...Open Escrow Man .._... £ngrs. -.(several) v · Screw Maeh: Opr. . ...T-Bales, Insurance _- ....--1.400-1 . sales, shoes Oood| ' MEDICAL DEPT: General Fractioner, I.. B. _J1509| M.D., Partnership. L.-B. .-.909b[ D. O. General Pract.. OpenL KENT--Top educ 418001 X-Ray Tech., reg, or not ,,.. Clinical Lab. Tech.,.He. _ Pharm. Rep., to 35, .exp " ' exp. A/C ..--12.50 Appliance Repair -:--12.25 u ,.. 219 E. Compfon Blvd., Common I LEE STEVENS AENCT '- I Phone. NEwmark 1-3319 · Personnel Employment . OLDEST.TM TOW: 4802 E. 2nd 122 W: Sth Lost and Pound 12 INCOME TAX Comp,' Bookkeeping- Service A R. Llnendoll t. Assoc. 10008 Artesla Place, Bellflowir INCOME TAX r. Reliable bookkeeping. Years ol exper. call, Ted i to p.m 1609 Cedar Ave. HE 2-067S UNTAGGED . DOGS IMPOUNDED AT LONG' BEACH .'ANIMAL SHELTER, _ Location 3001 E\ Willow St, Ph. OA 7-0920, -Hours 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.. Monday through Friday; 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday. Sunday and holidays. The following doo ·were Impounded -and will be Held lor the owner 5 days from the eate of Impoundment. Dogs not redeemed by owner may be pur- 1 chased. ^^ ^ COLLIE--Male, brown ft white. 8PRINOER--Male, liver t -white Usf Homti, Sqnlt'm*. 2QJ LET Sxpertenoed Accountant! handle your tax probliml: " W.E.-'/Ted" Splr.ney, Public Acot. 1848 ATLAMTIC HE 6-1592 OPEN dally, eves. A Sunday your INCOMB TAX service -horns or office. Days * jves. Sun. |2 up. A-l ACCOUNTING. 3008 Atlantic, OA 4-BB32; . _ · . BOokKEfipmo * IncomerTii Service. Years of experience. Open eves, 6M Linden MUHJIAY -- Clarence 8.. aged 71 ot 477 Rose. Survived byi-lstir, Ethel Whltmore, A graduate chemist ot OSC and a. charter member of American Legion of Vale. Ore. Services Thursday at 1 p. m. at Christensen-Piho Chapel 244 REDONPO AVE- Paclflo*lSoi3lee1Siig"* Tax'serv 2325 Pacific GA 7-5878 SBTTr " e, brown. ^. 'black*-white. 1200 Molino. .... . . MIXTURE--Male, black *· tin. · COLLji^Sa... same- * white. black, tan Bayard .Badly nerttd^ ..jTM PAULEY--Chester "- - lunset. ' a * e 5i day 2 p. m. SPO MORTUARY CHAPEL. SOREr) SEN--El liabeth JJ-LtiH OJEJ1 1 ' -^BJI I*B.UC kit HUtn, 'I' 43 of 4135 Conqulsta. Survived by husband. Henry. Services Saturday, 2 p.m. Latewood Mortuary Chapel 3»3« WOODRUFT machines, , NELL'B, _,.,.* or . buy--Addln * S2 50 per wk. BRiwjfc,,--"--", !o« Faculty.. Lkwd. ME 3-0291. BOOKKEKP1NO. accountln«-ft Income, tax work done on hourly ^teris. NEwmark 5-3258. INCOME COST Sunday" in Laltewooo. ,,,,, , TAX service br appt. Home or office. 1327 Redondo. P° or.: a-1519 or HE 5-891H, 1*11. M'J" J'friJ.Lg M^ J.l-1^ *f-uuj.vt EJtUDiloM, « WVL l« ofriciaL ·'sSSF'Si "itrVV VsT Atlantic ·Ave' N I.. B. J3A 2-6970.. __ , INCOMK " ~~ Dur home. IJ air impan wrench. Herlal Wo". B-38393- lost in vie rear of 1415 .E. ^I'JSfcg LOS ALAMITOS SANITARIUM, ·LDBRLt PATUNTB DEI AND AMBULATOR! PHTDICIANS INREOULAR *TTENDAWCT REG JTORSE IN CHARO«; LiciN'sin ^r, 8TTi * co. OE 1-MJ2 ALCOHOLISM,-. LONG-.BEACH SANITARIUM .1158 B.-Pat C l f H r . H B 5-3BM THE GATEWlT- TO ' 'SOorlety. -Health. Normal ARBOR" VILLA GUEST HOMEjJ »12! per mo. up.. Setnl-priv.. ain rms. -with bath,. Kecreatlon.l library, TV. hobby * names. : crounds. Inspection Invltsd. : Banta Fe.^Ifl:'5-08l. School Insr. -22 t whit* spup. broken loop on hurness. "« w «»,Vl u ii KMC " ' Reward. Ph. HA 5-7388. LONaiNE-Wlttnauer wnite «o!d watch, black band. Lost vie. T*s w a t c , ac . Altos shqpplni a-' 1 Antonio. South Date. LOSt birthday skate, In "onarQ-t Store. Call collect JA 7-9528. Td Trovtl Funtral Notices GOVt. Insurcmc* ^-A FARMEK'S'INSURANCE GROUP Rates moled GA 4-4227 days. £kaLCJ» *ii\. i C ' _ - J rtinrt A » . . . , n . n 1242 Pacific Ave. Pbotit HE 2-1901 PLOVER SHOP Phone HE J-6388 or HE 2-S901 LOPEZ--Frank R / a g e 33,. of 1810 W. SOth. i-uneral and Interment, QUlncy, Massachusetts. MILLER--Lydla D.. age 54. of 17422 Vlrglnli Drive, Bellflower, r u n t r a 1 arrangements later by DILDAY MORTUARY bd Boyd. 2490 American PAY ]N3UKANCE_BY MX) N J' H pombln. A u t y . r i r e ^ Lift. Etc; J1374 Atlantic JAROB8B GA 4-0701 Personals 11 LONO BEACH Woman Collects 1820.25 f r o m Travel Accident Policy after paying premiums for only 10 months. This liberal in- iurance policy Is offered Independent. Press-Telegram readers , for only 25c a month. Covers 22 kind, of accidents. · Pays up to 1360 for hospital room ft boara. Up to 1480 in disability benefits. Up to *70 for hospital «tras. Call HE 5-1161 for application blanks Abovt strvict:. will ti personally sitftrviitd by it mim- btr of.tht'Dilday Family. NEWCOMERS · WELCOME to our get acquainted dances every nlte except Monday. Al BkrlB . A Orchestra. Admission SOc. Non- dancers w « 1 c o me. C, L ,°y Bl ? BALLROOM 337V, W: Pike, L.B. TOIKD flfiD fl Iflmlf OS CHAPfl 79ei-raSe/UT3)lDi,B. HGO-MM CHflPeLOPTHePflLM RUMMAGE SALE SAT.. Feb. 15th. S a,m.-7 p.m. Sponsored by D.P.w. of L.B. · 546 W. BROADWAY BARGAINS GALORE i! MAMMOTH Bklers -- Accommod..- tlons for 10. J3 each. Good food, cocktails. Wagon wheel Lodge t Bishop, Calif., Reservations call, ,OE 8-»19» ' BIShQP 7842. " CONSULT MME. BOBB Hen or laolts. .troubled or lonely. "08 W Anaheim Ave.. Rm. 5. S-s pTrn- dally. Dntn, .only for appt. HE 7-9408. F-L-Y FREE LAS "VEGAS On Hacienda Hotel's All'Expense CHAMPAGNE,TOURS Evening in Las Vegas . $27.50 Feb. Spec. --$10 Bonus Refund Sun. thru Thurs. ··' O'nitu (Ind. suite) I35.-50 Wk.ender (incl. suite) $43.50 DAILY FLIGHTS FROM ' LONG BEACH- Depart 5:20.pim., Return 2 a.m. FRI. SAT DEPART (3:20 p.n. 8:20 p.m.. .-' Sunday -12:20 p.m.-5, 5:20 pm. Special Consid. to Groupa. FOR INFO.. CALL- GAfiield 4-8531 BE A 1 Grocery · Checker Meat Wrdpper Men. and Women XOU CAN EARN $92-$130 WEEK Short, inexpensive course EASV PA/MENT PLAN Day or Evening Classes Free 'Placement Service ENROLL NOW * BE ' FIRST TO USE OUR EQUIPMENT AT OUR LOCATION. Feb. I7th A -H!h CLASSEj MARKET -TRAINING CENTE! 12020 LOOK Beach Blvd., NE 8-4151 ' NE 6-0541 FREE DEMONSTRATIO Dole Carnegie Course Morgan Hall, 835 Locus rhurs.. PebMSii. 8 j,.m WHY YOU MUST "AYT^N / LEARN TO WEAK EFFEC TIVFU'X · ,/ feVvELOl- SELI'CONJI- / EivitioP MORE EAKN1N D^LOr LTAl^HIP REJENT'E'D 3Y ERIC gUTTOy LEAVING for Cincinnati Feb. 18. Take 1-ihare. Call af^er a, GE 3-9697. ; okLA. City, Tulsa bt Louis, Cnli Imm.ll. HA 5-0308. ***** **»'.'£?£ Church Notlcti 16 GETTING MARRIED? REV EDNA B, McOUIREjlSOl) E 7th Hi 6-2903. Circle Thurs. - · ----' «p.m.- consultations dang Bo you have Bamiuet LEMST Capacity to 125. For personalized tervlce call Al Riley, Vlllare Spa. ME 3-2878: MAN. steady, reliable, sincere meet ladv 40-55 .same for marriage.' Ref«. «ch. Write Box B-wSn, Ind.-P.T '_ DAN.OE--i'OU CAN ..,,.». H«alth Aldi TRoS- EXPKB. operators trom 10 to 8 airy, Hat. BROADWA* HEALTH iT-« n mt m*mn flW. EDWARDS--Alvln E., of. J4«« Gardenia Ave. Survived, by widow, Mrs. Helen Rutn -Edwards; sons, Hudson S. and Gene- brother, James: sister, Mrs. Mary B, Knapp. Services Friday, 1 P-m., with Rtv; Owen- Geer and Masons officiating- at Third'and Ala- mltoa Cnapel. , EKSTRAND -- Anna Marie, of 443 W. 6th St.. Tustln. 3 vivid by dauiiiter, V^-- 'ulams; son. Ernest, 'NOw *b AYitWr. VS8 j Dance Studio, 1229 E. LADY WILL msjr.-elerk, ,-. jlsue call KB portant asst, /,,· du-k. nlte, ·2478. Very Im- wltnesslni; Ralphs · Sat. 3- «v«. iocai scnl. 3A 4-9270 2510 B aVtwy. UJM- a -* wu ^. aours 11.7. After f, appt, only. 6K1ENTAL masseuse, open 7 dayi ^o'7-J57». grench and Colored masseuses. NE 6-8821. nrnaagu»cn. **- " ". GREBTU'a3l AoalttU'i »«'»£;?· Ics--1 ivr_Ms»sates. QB 3-T711 FREE'R.E.. SCHOOL We train yon;to obtaln-your llmJ itei R, B. iaUs»a»'« license td sell our own developments--ol which we hav« many. There \4 no obligation and if you are will me t o - p u t - i n - a n , - h o n e s t day' ·wjrh--you'll earn' MOKE thai the normal pay. For bota mei · and women. For appt, call GEOHGB 'BOWMAN GA 7-53430- Atlantic Blvd., L. B. HESPERIA .SALES COT GO! GO! GO! TRAIN IN LONG BEACH ,Groc. Cashiers - hlrh pay. E-Z terms Short tralnlnc ...· Day, nlte class--E-! · Your'Big Move 1 LOWEST TUITION IN L.A. --. ' I t w i l l - n a y "U" to nvestl«atel ilom-e Sch!s 245 E 7Ul HE 2-094J Barbara Moss College ol Real Estate) Knowledge (25 yrs. experience ,as. mgr. (Board of Realtors.) . A LICENSE doesn't earn money.. It takes a WORKING Knowledge! THIS IS NO . O R D I N A R ·· SCHOOL It can Include a tie? - 9Wiy ON-THE-JOB Tralninc Day or eve. course. - Get brochure GA 7-09*7 OA 4-8451) tyel ALONE? Write Hendrl Young's Social Club, introd's. Club meetings - - --· i - Boi E-1387. ind. P.-T. 1IA8SAGH. 1011 E. 10. -- Q-tmrjify rn- ' ·"·"'! N °" """ « ***'· C ""' A U * * , . . . T^ C»i.j(n Id W Q C l f l f .-^Grocery Checkers $ * Meat Wrappers,^ · PREPARE FOR MAR. HIRING ENSOLL TODAY, qualify In wks for any -major. Super Mar net. FREE 'placement service Easy payment plan. . COM-TECH Cashlerlnn School ' Call Now, NE 8-5102. SS^^T^^JSV^ ColQ^.^i^J^M^ CALL NOW--HE' 5-8111 130 Ibs. HO! ? iola 'Adams; son. j^meat, rlvate services Tnursday. · 3 p.m., at Coloblal Funeral Home. · · FERNANDEZ -- Juanita .Mar- tlnei, ot 10S42 Cedar St., Stantor.. Survived by widower. Mr. .Tose. Fernandez; daughters. Misses Grace, Olympla, bertha and YOlanda Fernnndeic, Mrs. E m e 11 n a Baca; sons; Jose and James. Requiem Mass. Thursday, 9 a.m., at Our Lady of Guadalupe C h u r c h , with Colonial Funeral Bonn, directing HOWLAND--Walter Roosevelt, of 10911 Oax at., atanton. Survived by parents, Mr. and Mrs. . Raymond C. Howland. Requiem Miuis Thursday, -9 a.m., at Blessed Bacrament Church, with Colonial Fu- nueral HomejilrecUni;.- MANEMANN--Anthony -Henry, or 3526 W. St. Gertrude Pf., S a n t a A n a . Survived by ·wi'dow. Mrs. Marian^ Kath- ryti; eons. Anthony L. and William R.; daughter, Mlsj Penny Louise; parents, Mr. and MM. Anthony E. Manemann; .ulsters; Mrs. Victor Tl«e«, Mrs. John Mahone, Mrs. Wayn« J, Woods; brother. Mr. * William G. Manemann. Recitation of the Rosary.- Thursday 7 p.m., 1 Colonial Funeral Home, fle- ouiem Mass Friday. 10 a.m,, El Toro Marine Base chapel. ROBT.BON--Jennode D., of 1833 Appleton, Apt. 5. Survived by daughters, Mrs. Arnyce H. Cox, Mrs..Ena McNees; sons. Vance A. and B. Zane Dl«- brow. Services Thursday, 12 noon, at Third and Alamltoi Chapel. j '_ UMPHEHOUR ·-- L a r r y , of 34012 Monroe St., Midway City, Survived by parents, Mr. and Mrs. -Clarence Umphenour; i l i t t - r i , Clarlse, Linda, Jimmy. Bebble and Tvonne; trandparents, Mr. and-Mrs. Thomas Terry-and Mr. and Mrs.- Claud Um- phecour. Services Thursday, 1-30 p m., traveslde, West- rainstsr blsirlct Cemetiry. Colonial Funeral Home, di- ., aub Box'A-393i: . I MEN'S double-breasted see'ks rent to _65. Ind. P-T. suits slnEle- yled, TzKf»ie.5a" Ladles' »u. rwty.-. Relman, 228 E. 1st St. HE 7-4974 WATCHES tl-ned JOE R ex xpertly cleaned -Guaranteed 1 year. BINS 17 American y-- Gives 3JA WooL bral order. Select - WHITSON -- .Clllton Oorman Sr.. of 14434 flan Pedro, . Oardena, gurvlv«d by daughter, Mrs. · Joan Allenbougb: ·on, Clifton Ooroian Jr.; brothers. Floyd. John; Carl, Perry a n d Georft; sister. Mrs. Mary .Bassett. Serv «s Friday, I. p.m., af -V.A. ClULpcl! Third and Alamltos Mortuary, dlrectlni. Servian Patnilitj of All ftilhi For Ovir * Htlf Cinturj 'Nt Out Evir Turned Aw»j For Lfck of Finds LON E. PEEK ,ed rny made t( ilors, OB 3-6807 VACANCY'for Dad or ».,_... fine licensed harmonious bosne, 1626 Ohio, GE 8-9077; SPIRITUAi Readln»s--Advict-. oi all matters. TOpai 9-3972..*- ' Lost and Found 12 LOST--Sun. eve. Bealpolnt male Siamese, Catherine at BrooX- hurst, G.G. Reward. LE 9-8364 after S. LOST--Br II loodtl '--Brown mln; female poodle, vie. Bbcby * Chestnut.-Doodle nup for reward. OE 4-9606, Lost--German Shepherd, black * tan Vic. Downey. Reward. NB 2-li07. Funeral Notices TANNYBTLL--John Jl. . ' Interment serv. Thurs., 11:30 Directed by Patterson A Snlvely. Mortuary MURRAY--Clarence S. Interment serv, Thurs., 2 p.m. Directed br Chrlstensen-PIno Mortuary GILBERT--GeoneW.- Interment serv. Tburs.. 1 p.m. Directed by ~ flmlui'i Mortuary PAULET--Chester K. Interment-serv. Thurs,, 1 p.m. . Wreetid by fponiberi Mortuary ' Knllht, KXPEUT massage in your, b y a p p t . Nevada «-7280. 'HYS. 11-*, W--bally 10-7; Bun. later by appt KB 5-4879 1«» Atlantic A rpECJAL 7-3887 Rtst ,, Sanlr'mi. 20 -- 24-hour nuTsinit fflsfiTSIffift.» · ^JSKiSKi Easier wav.- SanU i 101B N. J3r( ina" KI 2-3514, ATLANTIC QUEST HOME Complete care Tor aned. We ^n- Howard Butler School of Real Estate Our course is Interesting A eas to learS. NOTHING LEFT.OU1 You must pass. Jobs. . waltlni -Call for details, and-. brochure. 6175 ATLANTIC - "OA 3-647 j SCHOOL *'OK ~m , ASSISTANTS PRACTICAL Licensed. Placement Agency 'Qualified-Instructors , Easy payment plan^ Free info] Become a Practical' Nurse) EARN SB TO. 115 DAY While training. No high schw diploma req Fret placement. Mis. E: Goylord, R.N: ^SiSBy « Fra EN ^° PBX Operator Learn -to be' PBX receptlonls Trsjned- on new . swltchboardi · Free plaeemnt service,Moore's Bch 246 E. ""· SEAL'TIFUL- Liu. Hpme, top rat- inr, prlv. rms. 1125 up. GA 3-6752 REST HOME for sale. Is.uou dn. Jnc *800 no. +: upper- rnilal. Price 123.500. BKr.. HEI 8-396». ACROSS from Blxby j Pk. -Rtlf. Belmont ts. OE VACANCIES -for ladles: Oood-care i food. TV In. MM. Atlantic. HE 7-2421. ^U/0- AUtiat'^t ·"·" .-»-.»».. JtLDtottLY person, complete Xlnmy «ri J110 nome for men mo. :TO 7-fljHo. LQCHII 21A H«l«rr, *«t»r r»rnHuf»l CAREER with airlines: Blf paj Future travel. Alk us for tern) lob while train-day or nuht 4 hostess stwd,, Int. ground job! GE S-948S Airline tchls. Pacll aaAbB.8CBL_ : or 5ii xU^ MONEY. TODAY!$25 TO'$1,000 BORROW ON YOUH SALARY Employed people In airlines may ouali" " * TURE. This excellent security It fail one-day service. PAT DAt LOANS, or more loaned until TM. u./' or lonr«r,- 'Pay only lor actual .number W dayi^ you 12B P COgT'l6! FOR OMB WEEK * KO OTHER CHAJIOES PHONL 'FOR irOUR- LOAN ; LOCAL LOAN CO. 20« E. 4tB St.. 2nd floor- Corner 4th * LSciist. HS 7-4111 ASS: for Bd Bheeran M^r. Tree parkJni, 344 or 355 Locust Open Friday until S p.m. IfHNI |SJ to {2,000 at Commonwealth Loan Co., 17122 S. Bellflower Blvd.,. Bellflr. TO T-17B6 REAL ESTATE- SCH001 On 2 for 1 Special--Save »2 900 American HE 6-975 . WORK FOR U.S; Gov' MEN-WOMEN, 18-BO. Prepai for comlni Civil ·ervlce Exam. Start as nl«n as 1840 monUUj For free information write todai Box L-1377. IndeDendtnt P-T. "BE A. PEACE OFFICER Train in spare Mine for] I n r ' u p to $481 to «tart. For In Info A our qualification test; Jo office Box 712. Wilmington. 1551 INTERIOR DECORATiwoi Training In interior desUn ai color co-ordination. IB-week' b« ic course. HE 2-4629. "REAL ESTATE SCHOOL. Tuition for original .Lie. U Tuition, for 'renewal-. Llo. ,*2 Pniperty" Service Co, ME 0-591 AiftCRAFT ·ASSOCIA*E8. Approved . flilht school for .a FllKht Jb cround classes throuj A'T.R. Tx»nj:_B»ach. OA 4-43lH . CONTRACTORS Lie. law and tltlm. Monroe Institute urse. · 6-2 Driving School rtnq ACW: PACIJIC DR1VINO SCHOOL S13 *. Uroadway : . Q A - 4 V « t '

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