Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on February 11, 1976 · Page 54
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 54

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 11, 1976
Page 54
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PAGE 56 Fighting radios with radios PHOENIX (AP) - If the Arizona Department of Public Safety has its way, highway patrolmen will be monitoring truckers and others who use citizen band radios to avoid speeding citations. The agency has asked the House Appropriations Committee for $100,000 to put citizen band radios in 590 patrol cars. "If people play games, you play games w i t h them," said department Col. Lloyd Robertson. The committee agreed to introduce the measure. Bulk mail revamp coming Volume loss may continue WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Postal Service next month puts a new system to work handling mailed packages. But postal officials say they still expect the service's parcel volume to continue to shrink while United Parcel Service, a private company, enlarges its share of the market. The Postal Service points to rate differences for the explanation. The service's parcel rates are 20 per cent higher than those of United Parcel Service, its chief competitor. For example, a two-pound parcel sent from Washington to New York costs 93 cents by the government's parcel post and 75 cents by United Parcel. "We projected we would hold our volume when we got the new (bulk-mail) system on line," Assistant Postmaster General Edgar S. Brower said in an interview. " But we didn't project that 20 per cent difference in price." Brower said that "as a result of it, we expect our decline in volume to accelerates little bit." The new $l-billion system handles bulk mail -- packages; second-class mail such as publications; and third-class material such as advertisements which are mailed by the sack-full. The system is scheduled to be completed next month and involves 21 bulk-mail centers and 12 auxiliary service facilities. The Postal Service never acknowledged the system was to compete against United Parcel, but that was widely believed to be the motive. United Parcel has passed the Postal Service in recent years and is continuing to expand its business, while the government agency is getting less parcel business. However, even with the; continued dwindling of volume, the Postal Service says Ihe bulk-mail system remains a good investment. "The bulk-mail system is still a very viable system," Bower said. "The only impact the lower volume has is (hat we will have a lower rate of return on our initial investment than we planned." He said it "still will be less expensive to process mail in a bulk-mail center than manually. We'll move parcels faster and will have less breakage than under the old system. In addition, we have freed space in our existing f a c i l i t i e s to handle other mail." Under the system, parcels will be taken directly to bulk- mail centers for sorting by computer-controlled machinery. The parcel then will be carried on a special rail and truck network to the bulk-mail center nearest its destination, While this saves one sorting for each parcel, it sometimes results in round-about muting. For example, a parcel mailed from Lafayette, La., to Lake Charles, La., will be sent to New Orleans, Memphis, Dallas and Houston. The parcel's journey is 1,400 miles, although Lafayette and Lake Charles are only 76 miles apart. Brower said that while some parcels may be delayed slightly by the centralized system, most parcels will be delivered faster than under the old system -- "Processing the mail is much more expensive than transporting it. What we are doing is processing it faster." 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PACK U. r Big-city ; hopefuls sparse Most can cite humble origin WASHINGTON ( U P I ) -From log cabin lo While' House has been the dream; path of countless politicians throughout American history. Being of humble origin, particularly from small-town or rural America, has never hurt those seeking the presidency. In fact, only four of the 37 men who have held the office were bom in a big city: Andrew Johnson, Raleigh, N.C.; Theodore Roosevelt, New York City; William Taft, Cincinnati, and Gerald Ford, Omaha, Neb. Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt and John Kennedy were bom in small localities close to the big cities of Newark, New York and Boston. The others entered the world whose history they would one day shape in places such as Waxhaw, S.C. (Andrew Jackson); Cove Cap, Pa. (James Buchanan), and West Branch, Iowa (Herbert Hoover). Of 14 candidates and two possible contenders this year, only two come from cities of more than 100,000 population -- Ford from Omaha and Pennsylvania Gov. Milton Sliapp from Cleveland, Ohio. All of the others can claim they are men of the people, of the grassroots, of the farm, of the small town or medium- sized city, that they are men who have worked hard to gel out of the small (owns and into positions of national leadership. Of the 14 not bom in big cities, only Sargent Shriver can be considered to have come from more than humble beginnings -- born in Westminster, Md. ( p o p u l a t i o n 7,207), but to an old-line family of wealth and property. Birthplaces of the other 13 actual or possible candidates are: --Tampico, 111., Ronald Reagan. --Wallace, S.D., Hubert Humphrey. --Si. Johns, Ariz., Morris Udall, --Terre Haute, Ind., Birch Bayh. --Clio, Ala., George Wallace. --Walters, Okla., Fred Harris. --Laurinburg, N.C., Terry Sanford. --North Wilkesboro, N.C., Robert Byrd. --Plains, Ga., Jimmy Carter. --Everett, Wash., Henry Jackson. --Mission, Tex., Lloyd Bentsen. --Watkins, Minn., Eugene McCarthy. --Boise, Idaho., Frank Church. If neither the magnitude of the issues nor the size of their birthplaces arise as criteria for choosing a president, perhaps the common nature of their early jobs will. Among the candidates are a cotion picker (Harris), a boxer (Wallace), a drugstore o p e r a t o r ( H u m p h r e y ) , a butcher (Byrd), a sportscaster (Reagan) and a newspaper carrier (Jackson). Ford aide accused of threat SIOUX FALL, S.D. (AP) -Rep. Larry Pressler, R-S.D., has complained to President Ford about what he calls "threatening" lobbying by a Ford aide who tried lo get him to vote with the administration on gas deregulation. The aide, Vern Loen, chief of Ford's House congressional liaison team, called Pressler's letter "paranoid and defensive" and told a South Dakota newspaper the reaction was "typical of a freshman congressman." In a letter to Ford last Friday, Pressler said Loen had apologized for his tone, but Pressler said he felt Loen's pressure to get him to vote for deregulation "had a heavy threat to me in it." Pressler said Loen pointed out that Pressler had a 58 per cent voting score in opposition to Ford, and a vote against gas deregulation "might cause me great difficulty in the next election."

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