The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on March 20, 1920 · Page 3
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 3

Carbondale, Illinois
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Saturday, March 20, 1920
Page 3
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THE DAILY FREfE The Weak or the Strong One If you see before you a strong and safe brid^b leading to your goal, would you ignore it and choose some insecure and . totteyipg structure?— __ • -i. ••• If. you-were offered sure aid in time of trouble' •would you -hesitate to accept it?— ..;-.' ..~ >... The answer is .simple—you would choose what all evidence snowed to be the sSfe way—and'you would-risk nothing in ' useless e^eriments. .•••'•" •"'•*.<•-• "Why then do some women risk one of their most precious possessions —their health - in trying'medicines of unknown value, -when everybody knows thai the' most' successful remedy'" • " - -• flatnmation, pains in the side an? brick which were so sharp that th(' .pulled' me to my knees, and I,<x>n, not ; walk.-. I had an operati<ia>-ariil still I failed,'and in the eight years' I suff eredl had four doctors and nono "helped me. My mother-in-law advised me to taSeLydiaE. PinKbam's VegetahlelPdmpoanel. I was then in bed, and after-the first bottle I could betint of he'd, then I-took Veg- etable>Compourid Tablets and Lydfa E. Pinkham's Blood Medicine and also used the Sanative Wash. I still ' take the jnedroipe'alfd am able now , to dp mj-OTCn houseworks My friends say, ' Jly! but yon look Veil—what do you do? Who is your doctor?' and there, is only one answer,','Lydia ..-'E. Pinkham's medicines.'"—Mrs. Avar. -STEIN, 530 Douglas Street, Beading, Pa. years I-suffered untold agony each month with pains inmyside. Ifound only temporary' relief in doctor's ' medicine or anything else I tookun- til my husband and 1 saw an advertisement of Lydia E. Pinkham's . Vegetable Compound. I mentioned " it to a neighbor and she told me she had .taken it with good reisults; and advised me to try if. I was then in ' bed part of the time, and my doctor said I would have to be'opiirated on, but wo decided to try the Vegetable Compound; and I also used lydia E. Pinkham's Sanative Wash'. I am a dressmaker and am now able to go .about my work, and do my housework besides. You aro welcome to ' ..use this letter as a testimonial as I am always glad to'speakaword foryour .medicine."—Mrs. W. M. STEPHENS,202 Harvey St., Gainesville, Texas.., Don't Experiment — Insist TJpon ". Ho. -d-Id,'.'.not'.' know her name, but It did not stVilie him as peculiar. k A -glance at Ma's 'hprror-strickken .face- was' sufficient to 'enable the admiral to decide. . "We refuse," he saifl. i-' VIC'FQP EO17SSEAX7 s ir,-!.he' But Ida .sipped forward and la(d her-hand on the actuiii-al's arm. ' ; cut our runn1 "I cannot let you'refuse," she.said we - ve been "I am nothing—" . ..'. •• , • i Davies; . "You shall no) so / tney drove on. up the SNorweglan coast all day, find..wh9n.night .fell'they were still.hard on the .chase.' Da vies called-through' the engine- room (tube. , "There Isn't much power in the bat- . accept his" terms!". . . '/ ' (. "TcK," answered : theigirl,'fa<*ng hinj quietly.. "It is.only myself, nnd there' saltwater reserve .in -half, ".and it ..pretty freely. 'The dynamo -coil was -injured by the sea water.". ,•.'-. . , . "Go on, full speed,!'"said Donald. "MacBeard must have been running Ifiie . : fail, then .;petrol mo- . np and use. ,, "', , , '. - DonaI(J could see by the 'chart that Ami Davies was silent. For DonaKT had' said very nuich the same j hins • wlien. he thought I Ida dead -'on Pail island. " - i : Ida turned to MacBeard. "You wisl ' they were within .twenty miles, of their me to -be your wife?" she asked. : desttnati n when the speed of the F55' "Yes— if you like to call 'It so," h« ! began tb .? al1 " -She dropped to nine stammered-' in answer. "> ' » knots ' to ei sM. ..The .sounds of the ."I wIU.'go'Avlth. you,'.' jsho said. ! gasoline engine were grbwlng fainter. ' The admiral, interposed. -! Donala called .down- the tube.' "H'you wish to go, Miss Kennedy.: "Briu 3 her. up t"-.he ; Routed. sacrifice?' he saifl i "Aye, aye, sir!" Cl^lts^alJed .back. come from you" Hs Antl tte F i? 5 ' climbing out. of the addressee! MacBeard. "I am willing st. wnter lite;6.sea.otter, : seemed to-shake far," he .'said. "The government can.-, the (Jr ° r '? froin . her,- anjfl Continued- un- not .ret use to .ratify those terms. Whai'i de £^ the moon. .. ;;/;..'... , is your next?" | ' P"- 1 ' m 'the- distance iDjonald could see ' "My third and last demand is— fifti ' tnc ^ ense columh^ofiifbg.-as^.-it 1 dis-^ gallons o£ gasoline " ' " i n PP earc d toward the Norwegian shore.. _ :_ . Thr.t. smoicy devil -. MacBeard had, CHAPTER XVI '— • I } vra PP ed -himself ..In obscurity ••' to. his own. undoing^. Ete did., not dream of the -Nemesis, upon his : .lieelS; I must Accept the "But it can only Co: "FOR SALE—Colonial Hotel building and furndphings, my new apart»«nt building ojt 4. apartments, known as, the Bastln apartments, also my^reai- dence property at'corner'of 10th. and Jlairigoa Sts, 1 blopk fionv public square Foi information write Mis.] S Bastin, s Colouial Hotel, Mt Vernon, 111. I FOR pulleys at the Tree Press cones ifod * \ LOST. LOST —Between Oak stieet and Earth. .Theatre,, oh down towrr street, cameo pin Call 166 ween ' 'Oak street and Earth 'Theatre,- on; down -town street, .'cameo' pin.TCaarMrs.'E. B,. Eckhard. " and attendants; toothr-men .and women are. needed ^at .the-eJhfcaig'O stateihospital./Ad- dress Doctor Charles -P.'' .Read 1 ; Managing Officer, Duntoung.,-' Illy''for ticulaxs.- m20-3t HOND BKAJiJW. l A.l«ro.r • - '- lll.m --- .«nd «old metalllcX Ribbon . boits. sealed vita Lno other. AsJcfor rssssSSIL-, "years known as B»t,Saf«st,AlwaysF SOLD BY DRUGfflSTS EVFRVWHEBJ? BUYING A USSIjDHOTS " Now i have paid up' my pledge to tht s Presbyterian Church. ^Wheft ! think «rf hojy. much ) have made this yerir, what I g£ve wasn't much I will do more next ye^r. , i This plan of ^ivri'S'to (.lie church a certain proportion, possibly a tenth, appeals to ine, \ am going to talk it o^er with ray We. The arriount I gave last yearf'gi.rcs'OCTt to a. mighty email sum every weal:. Butrfttliat, die mon.«y 1 did pay bought a forpiajn rniasionary a Jirae for a -hide while—for--a few <Jj»s at4ca*t he belonged to me.i • ••-.,-•. "..Friend, can't jroujjjiye 50 cents a weejdy*" The i-Pace^jyierian •£• faurch yeaflr ends tyfarch . have^ali Accounts fortsvery cause'paid before th<5 ls»t week of MajichV '' . ' . • When ycu are in church next Sunday " >. thinfy 4$ Vtfs fncssof^K '-.. '.'", 1 New 'Era'Moveiheat in the.U.;S. A. . . 136 RKi,Ayb.;;rIcW-YorU CSfs RE». W. F. pAGLEfepN^MiniBter .',. HIGH TRIBUTE TO * __ BRIG- GENERAL D. H. BR <Continnefl from 'page one) 3ieutenant colonel. 'In 190.7'"he was made - colonel of .the -'24th , Infantry and 1 in 190§..was made rorigiadier general by .the late President iRoo&ev.elt- He. retired"in...i912. He took part ; in. - the • Indiani--qiiprismgs, the P^iilippine dnsiirrectibn',' -the Spanish-American' war aiirj;-.pi'ior . to, entering West. .P'oint'-ihe -served as a -private jji the Uiniiori--Army •during" the 1 .. War. -Mrs! 'Hari-ict Happ' -Brush, his- ividow, and' two sons (Daniel H/ Brash, of .Chica'go,'\w5io; serv«d during-the war in .-..the JTJrst'Diyasion of the United^ States Army, arid MaJQr Rapp Brush, wfio is at presenit connected with"'-the^ adjutant general's, riepai-tment) Yand : a daugtoter,--'(Mrs/ •.Clarence ;iDee-n-,s,"''wif«'>6f' .G61, Clar^ ence-'Deems) survive. : The-, funera-l arrangements liave notribeen' completed." ' .^ , :i ' : ''-- 1 ]ff|f i- .'Clarence Smith, his br.ofher is also "with the company, taking the place of his father, J.. T. Smith, V wh6 has been traveling "in _ this "section for .years," "init is\ now taking a vacation on Account -of his -health and need 'of rest after "years- of service. The "following as from the>Balti•more 'Americain: '• ..' • •. • Gen. . : Daniel H. .Brush. . ' N PiJl •mdiitkry. .honors ^will be ibe- stowed upon Brigadier Gem'eral Dan-'; aei H. (Brush, .U. S. A., who .died Man-! day moming s.t Ms 'home: 312 Woodlawn road, Roland ' Park, •• at -.the funeral this afternoon. .The ibady.'Test- jng'oji a gu-n, carriage draped in the natiwial colors/ -will^be 'escorted by. : a guard, of honor compo'sed of detach-"' 'anents of drifantrymeh-:of local posts, fromj-U.nion, J-JJabioh a t Washington - to Arlington National^ .iemetery, .-\vhere.iburial wall ;be anade ; , A. volley •\vill >be "fired over -the grave. At the - .(home 'in, 'Roland Parlc and 1 -at the • igrave brief but impressive services will be conducted by Rev. Dr. Theo,«ore G. .Foote, re%or : of St. "David's '^Episcopal church. ^ ~ - • The.;honQrar.y .paJlbearers will be: •Gen-.VJa-mes ;Kerr; Gen. R.' . .retirpd; cGol:: ' Roiboiit K. Evan§, Major. •iGeneral James :-W. McAndrews. Col. ^Thomas. -Smith, 1 Col. Benjamin^Iard- away,",: -Col.^ Prank Morrow, • Col." C. B. ' Walter Ba : tes and Col.' . 'boug-'rierty: . ". •Mesdames. Harry 'Marbcrry .and J.-H. Dabbs' Were St, Louis visit > Wedjiesdajh /.'--A. : . . . Smith Brothers Active , •" In Grocery Firm •Paul Smidi, .son of Mr. and 'Mrs. J. T, Smith, is in -Eldorado, where he is located .with;- -the Rhinehart- Smith wholesale grocery Co. Smith has cliarge of. -the territory surrounding Eldorado. Grider-Bai'inger Wedfling Yesterday .-' Wm. E. 'Gricler and Mrs. Nora Barringcr of this city were . married at the .coB'rt house" in Murplfys- bfcro at ''4:30 . Tliursday"""aftcri!O(J.n. Tlic bride is''.thc daughter of Mr. 1 and Mrs. Stephen Horn. Mr. Crider is/the son of/ Str.' ahd 'Mrs., T. .;V/ Crider. He .is' an,.I. C. carpenter. ; The .couple will ^make their home in this city. ...They were accompanied io'.-Mu'rphysboro :by T. *V. Crider, •'father 'of the groom, and Mr. and JVIrs. Wm. McGarvey. ELKV1LLE VOTES TWO TO ' . ONE FOR HIGH SCHOOL Elkville has woted two ,to, o,n« in favor 'of a community High .school. This is' the first evidence in the county as to how communities will show-, up, when. the question comes .up in .several Bother paVts.of the"county, of. which" •Carbondal&ds^rie. The result jn .the Elkville election reflects^fayor- lablyon what'may fee expected when the vo'te comes to the other communities. •'..•'.• ' .CARD OF THANKS '\Ve desire to; expr'ess.- our 'sincere thanks to our many friends for their kindness ' and sympathy" shown, us in our !btereav«ment, 'tneVdeath .of owr' ihusband .air.icj 1 father, Wm.-'Kayser. We are also very grateful -for -thermany bsautlfai floiikl tributes. . • •,. ^iM3|t§.:':WM. KAXSER AND ady._«rn'20 : ' '. • PAJVltLY. . • Mirs.'.'H. E. Lightfoot .was a Maiiiqn •l=it"or.. yest6'rB.a'y. , The Queen's Call. • It would be diilicult to. estimate thi mingled rage and ,';ofror that, swep: | ever Lomloh.that night when the new; ! carne of the admiral's treaty. . , | The] admiral felt Hint lie hail ric the world of a 'dangerous menace foi a bagatelle.. But x the fooling in tin Admiralty >vas one of humiliation am vindictiveness. I "The scoundrel!" muttered the seel ond sea lord, clenching his fists. "Wh< !- 0ne knows, that he will fulfill his pac'tJ" One 'He's ' 'Spurting •':!'Or '"• SBjbld -fjord," said Davies. . ' .t-Ta Be '-Contrpueia) • ,. 1 ! 'He must," said Donald. - "Why, sir?" "Because the moderation of liti terms shows that MacBeard ,has no ill terior- motive. I think," he added Cash In: Advance. mpntlj, per word : ...;'.., week, per woroS. One insertion, per word ....... Three insertions,: per . : ,.J&\ ...M u .WANTED sAi,5,S:MBi<'— TO solicit • ordefsV"i6r'"iu'brica'tm^5)irs-;-.'. greases' •and .pamts.." -.Salary '-' Address -The Todd Oil^and Paint Co., Cleveland, Ohio. — adv. ,'- ' .. m20 . WANTED. ' WiAjNTED—To.rqnt;small house in "that Hie admirftl did perfectly right'! Cavbohdaie. . Rah e rt>'$&ton f DeSoto, "And Miss Kennedy?" inquired tin IU -~' adv> . ,'-V.v.( ; m20-St sen lord. ' v id, herself for her comit^yT-i; have done," DonalcTfrjlilied" 1 But the second.sea 2ovd did not under, stand. Tho'news of the ejected arrival ol the E55 having become public, Donald sent a wireless message to a patrol" ship, Bordering intercept the vessel-.•.and bid it anchor off the—Jfore, Where he cbuW go aboard without publicity. When he. arrive^ cnrly the same morning the first person who welcomed him from the deck was Davies. "Do you know, sir," he said, "I think we shall checkmate that scoundrel yet." 1 - ' -\ "It isn't possible," groaned Donald. "We havo pledged our faith." "I -"vy.pnder if there niny not be WANTED—Lady .. -. .or .' gentleman wanted 1-in .'Cai-bomdale'_; f or Watkins' Famous 'Products.' Watkins goods kimwn_everywheife. TBig PVOT fits; Wifite rtoday. Watkihs.. Company 51,- Wim'iona, iiinii.^-adv-m20 r WANTED—Good -iised-^furniture, ,G: H. Edmonds, 708>Nibrmai"Ave.° • - ' " • ..;' M19—Iw'k WAXTED—Lady or.i-gentel where Big profits. Write, today. "Watkins Company 51, Wiriona, Minn. WANTED—Men- or women,^salary ?24 full 'time, 50c an hour spare time, selling -guaranteed.(hosiery -to wearer. Experience unn^eeesaaiy. Guarantees Mills, Norristown, Pa. '-.'•••' i WANTED—^oung njpsn, : '17 upward, desiring railway •-' nja~if clerkships 110 a month, write for-free particulars, examinations. : R. Terfy,-.(f6Tmer Government Examiner) ,''"76'3 Continental Washington, D.^C. " .'' ! .;-'.' • .. , FOR ncrrr.- •FOR KENT—Lange .garden. •-; 216. West Main. street, y .- .m20-6t , FOR BENT—Two 'lumish Modern. 409 West Oak:".St.-.- "•" — -y,yuvn_i. ii. umsn; 11 lily I1UL U6J " ". —T'""" ""*-'• ^->"«J *J».--- &CL1 LC1J-UO.LI. ID human beings .nnder the sea, sir, who i Carbondale for Waifckms. Famous Pro- rule those devils. I wonder whether ducts. Watkins goods : known every"that fish-girl Clouts has got in -Jie - -- ' ftKssroom may not have some power over them if—if we give her her head. 7 I wonder if we couldn't use her to outwit MacBeard." "Absurd!.",said Donald curtly. "But .let me have another look at her." "Clouts!"' called Davies down thfc engine • A minute,later Clouts appeared, hur- ric<\b- pocketing his mouth organ ant? _ wipin;; Uis lips. "Aye, sir!" he said. '"- "Cnpburi Taget wants to see your— rIS.QV'.'r'friend, .Clouts." -'''JjpnaUl entered' alone-, "nnd stood looking across the mcssrpoi'n toward! the phantom shttpe at the! further end,-] The rjiicen shrank back against the I wall and s~tnfo<l at Donald with hei- ino'nrhEul .eyes. The face WHS waver ing, half-visible; but tiic- eyes wer teed .on his intently, and there was tru pathos of a soul snuggling for life in' them, such ns we see in the eyes o! Buffering beasts. , . !..'•' . She came to him and put her ""arm; about "him. -Her face lay for one'in- stant against his own. •.Arid'" to hi; aniOTcrrteht, to his hormr, Donalcj socrned to know that Ida was notSing .and that this woman was all. A soft murmur came from. th< queen's^throat. -It rose and fell, am? ,ros,e a'Sniu until it seemed to fill the en- .tire subinaririe with sound. It was-thc swnrming call. It was thc*cnll of thf . quoen when she has found her mate and Iciicis forth her army to new land new conquest, new "dominion. As lie ran the boat his brain hammered o,ut the clear, outlines, of his plan. • He would lead' the herd Into Skjold fjord, leave Davies in charge, kill MacBeard and rescue Idav. Then, he would send her overland southward with Clouts, and remain until a ship -could arrive with materials to block the passage.- . The high, precipitous cliffs of the fjord'would effectively bar in the mon-' stcrs. For a'few days or weeks the v,-orld'/3 -menace would writhe there lik'q a wounded snake. Then it would pass! Donald had doubt of his plan.' ; .•• ^But fie' did not. dreiim o£ .Ida; orJy he sot hiras.elf resolatelj; -to i;ho pursuit •- •- - '•-' '-.- . ' ' "' FOK HBNT— two irojit roomi OT« Style Shop, for office or Bleeping rooms Apply Miss Bl'ettS Normal and Monrw St. FOR RENT— Storage tor hotuetioU goods, in the one story brick-T>utldlng. cement floors, on s'liey ba»k of mew Barth Theatrs. Apply M1 B » RJ«th. FOR RBNT-^Two furnishe'd 'rooms. 216 West Walnut. 'Phone',,370 L. ( FOR RBNT-^Farm^40 acres', east ol Capbijndale, good orchard, . and fine place for 'cantaloupes. Also grain crops/ Reasonable ' terms • to, /reliable party. Apply Miss '.Maggie ;RJeth. ••' ' / FOR, S.ALE;"" " • " ' FOR SALE— We., buy, rajs.e and sell fur-bearing rabbits, . arid "" ot.her flit-bearing animals". List. .wha't you have_ with us .',stat,ihg- your "lowest prices -on ! large lot -s'lupmerits'. The I 7 «r & Specialty .Farming" Co.; 515517 N. P.'-Avje., Fargo, N. Pak. - . ' ' ' FOR- 1- SALE-:-!- Ijopui'-. Chouse' "with '. electric lights, west s;id'e, for $i,000' Quinine •at any--- as They have all supplied themselves \yithjt 5» Order to iatrcxJucft it to "the. people of-3'our city. Stop in at the i.firstifpiiE handy, to :you and get a bos of this spleridid,. good old staiM&b^ for-reKeif /Atom: ','-'' ' ' . _—'" : - "^ --*'•- - . '-' ' . :. , .' The Danger of Colds ;; ^ • • • ' •' -r • -•'".- - _ _ ..;/ '. - •-„ . -.../' , _ '•••... r. .-,-. • • •- ••••.-. -.. i' /No-person has the right to have A cold.. Never thought of it in rffat light, did you? But it's the'f act. just the same. For coH»;«re contagious, and trley -are as needless as tfisysftc. dangerous. "'" -."" :"" Of koelf a cold may not^te p a»tk« 4Maecrouc— iw*t Moat colds'become so if neglected. Pn'eumon^uS^^glM^^Seic.lil — and:-many colds. asne, .through c ardessffiese, alfowed to run f ijBto •pneumonia. ' . ''-'''- "" . ''"^'"' .; ..r-X-'C"''^'"' ' •. .;.' '••' : <; t '• - Then Aereistfeatnow^iIi'eai3(^"FIu"' ? ^bk^im%ri •vrathVhat in the beginning may Ee 'vjust' ffla oidfnary c6ldl "••• •• '•; '• : Kill the cold right at/the start— 4nd yqu ,Ke»d-off-tte»er'«4*« v dread diseases. Don't Jet a : cold' get itartedt : * : 'S; ^.;^fr r JKi ' 'V • 4" ' " Hvw To Relieve a Gold f If you are phj-sjcally at top'-notch— ya u have' hardiy.'a. chance -to catch'a'eoli: M. ' ''" ' . - . but ^cvery^human bem K gets careless— an d .when ybiii dp, .thfrlhing- right in .tho.tegimimg is that good old principled. 'remedy' ;"' • • • '* -, . . • . . . • . - to relieve :t As the best cure she knew for.-a -cold your grandmother-would have put you \\iappea insgoose grease. Today, all you need is -to bi- prepared fo? the first a sneeze with a box of Dr. Gordon's Ca " ctuckly and effectively,'-for a : c piopeily to function. You will the same time you head off In an dnteresting , colds ard their reli< t - • youi fiist box of ( mi » %ii • • 'i •-•• ^VT- -?•»"••« <f-v •«»•" j.ou The followjns druggists in- y»i *» «•»««..»- .J.UJ. WIH F V *,t/v J..LWII Vll ; .-city.' alre&dy; have it in ^ stock: / -, ^ot >£S2s^ -&* ^ $&£ I &TORB. ..- . • SE ORUO STQIJL: ; ? I S?»EUO-8TOliaK' itf»^ "^P ^•"9 % ^ with the Red Band .TOe'

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