Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 27, 1988 · Page 25
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 25

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 27, 1988
Page 25
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Pharos-Tribune, Logansport, Indiana, Sunday, March 27, 1988 Page 25 On Television SUNDAY e® 0 0 0 o 001 o ® o <E> CD (B ffi © ® 0® 8 0 o o O'W 0 (!) O 03 <D (B CD ® @ 11 AM 11:30 Funtaslic World 12 PM Open House (10:30) No Time lor Sergeants Wrestling Prog Cont Living City Sci & Beauty SportsCntr BOD Knight NCAA Final 4 D. Brmkley Gene Keady 12:30 TEA 1 PM 1:30 Beyond the Dream 2PM 2:30 3PM March 27 3:30 4 PM 4:30 Players Championship Final round golf (L) (:45) Angel in My Pocket Mov: Zenobia SpeedWeek Bus. Wld A. Griffith Mov: Knights ol the RounrJIable A. Griffith Clash ol the Champions Topaz SpeedWorld NASCAR Winston Cup Transoulh 500 (L) Newsmakers CBS Sports Sunday Mov: Red Sun FigM Back! Hlth Matters Supetbuok Club Lone Ranger CBS Sports Sunday Yng People Kidsworld Mov: Seven Sinners (10:30) CNN Prog. Cont, Brain Game Prog. Cont. Prog. Cont. 5PM Flintstones New Homes Face Nation World Tom'w 5:30 (2 00) Players Champs T Brown Brady Bunch Money Wld Happy (Jays Butterfly International Players Tennis Championships Men's Finals (L) NCAA Basketball Championships Regional Finals (L) Movies Mov: PelrilierJ Forest Mov: For the Love at Benji NCAA Basketball Championships Regional Finals (L) Campbells Mov: Oklahoma Annie Mm: Sad Sack Firing Line One on One Mov: Top Cat and the Beverly Hilts Cat Mov: Norma Rae CBS Sports Sunday Champ Fish'g 6 PM 227 (4 00) Clash ol the Champions TBA 6:30 NBC News Beaver (1:30) Topaz LPGA Goll Turquoise Classic Final Round (L) Out of World Marblehead (4:00) For Love ol Benji News Wilderness ABC News CBS News Sybervision 7PM Gunsmoke Mov: Bonanza: The Next Generation Great Performances Mov: Yours, Mine and Ours Players Championship Final round golf (L) NCAA Basketball Championships Regional Finals (L) Mov: Bonanza: The Nexl Generation 7:30 Our House 8PM Family Ties 8:30 By Day Mov: Hell in the Pacific Mov: Rendezvous Hotel SporlsCntr NHL Hockey (L) Mov: Little Spies, Part 2 60 Minutes Mov: Amazing Dobermans Empire Matt Houston Wonderworks Star Trek (2:00) Players Champs (3:30; Hang 'em High Big Valley Chas. Charge Small Wonder Chicago Sunday Evening Club 3's Company News WKRP Most Wanted Decision 88 CBS News Hee Haw 60 Minutes Crossbow Africa Anim. 21 Jump Street Lawrence Welk 21 Jump Stieet Our House 60 Minutes Mov. Little Spies, Part 2 9PM Mov: Hang 'em High 9:30 10 PM 10:30 Gore Vidal's Lincoln, Part 1 National Geographic Explorer Lifestyles ot Rich Supercarrier Murder, She Wiole Billy Graham Murder, She Wrote Paper Cliase Werewoll Married Cousteau Odyssey Werewolf Family Ties Married By Day Murder, She Wrote Supercarrier Runaway Gene Keady Pulling Mov: Tootsie Mov: Too Young (he Hero Star Search Mov: Too Young In Touch Shandling News the Hero Duel American Masters Shandling Duet Chg. Life Rock Alive Star Trek: The Next Generation Masterpiece Thealre T. Ullman Taxi Gore Vidal's Lincoln, Part 1 Mov: Too Young the Hero Mov: Toolste Ann Landers Being Raped Is No $5 Game Health Drs. Lester L. Coleman & Steven Andrew Davis Ride Your Bike? Wear Your Helmet A young patient of mine was born with a birth defect in the heart. After extensive studies it was the judgment of heart surgeons and doctors that he would be given many years of. good health if he were to have a heart operation. This was performed eight months ago. The success was remarkable. The convalescence was short and once again he was returned to good health. He was then 9 years old. Three months a^o, he was riding his bicycle and was struck by an automobile. A severe concussion of the brain occurred. He was in the hospital for only a few .short weeks before he died. He had not worn a helmet. The American Academy of I'ediat.r- ics has recently issued a bulletin I hat indicates that bicycles are one of the leading causes of head in.iury in children and adolescents. The suggestion is made thai all bicycle riders wear protective helmets. •Despite educational campaigns, less than two percent of children and adolescents who ride bicycles do wear helmets. This is sheer carelessness, for injuries on bicycles account for about (iflO deaths and almost 300,000 emergency room visits each year by children and adolescents in the U.S. These are terrifying statistics Parents can and must, reduce these injuries and deaths by insisting that children wear helmets while riding bikes. — U'. "GOOD MDRNIHG VIETNAM" R Sm 2-7, Mir Taw* "SWITCHING CHANNELS" Ft Sun 2:15-7:15, Monitor 7:15 My J Q: My problem is very sweaty armpits. This is extremely embarrassing and I have tried all sorts of deodorants without any relief. Do you have any tips on how I can overcome this? A: Axilla is the medical term for armpit. Hyperhidrosis refers to excessive sweating. i?ut whatever you call it. excessively sweaty armpits (axil- lary hyperhidrosis) is no small problem. Such sweating can be triggered l>y even modest exercise, stress, warmth or certain foods. Whatever Hie trigger, this hyperhidrosis can occur almost every day, be a major discomfort, and drench clothing. linl'oilunately, there is no easy answer to the problem. There is a prescription product (Drysol) which is a concentrated solution of n chemical found in ordinary deodorants. When applied in a special fashion this can work successfully. Some physicians also u.se a Metherie- mitie gel slick in the armpit. When medical treatments fail and Ihe problem seems overwhelming, surgical intervenlion may be justified. The sweat glands in the armpit can be mapped out and surgically removed or frozen. This therapy may sound excessive, bui it can eliminate excessive sweating in selected patients. — S.I), Drs. Coleman and Davis welcome questions from readers. Please write to them in care of this newspaper. Ask anyone who has tried our Supreme Broasted Chicken and they'll tell you its Delicious. Haps West Could You Turn Down Your Jacket A Bit? WAYNE, N. J. (AP) — What do you get when you take a jacket and combine it with batteries, loudspeakers and a cassette or compact disc player? The Sonic Jacket, which Toshiba America Inc. sees as the logical next step from portable cassette and CD players. "People are taking their music with them, so forward-thinking designers thought, 'Why not build them into our clothing to keep the hands free?'" said David Shoults, Toshiba's national sales promotion manager. The Sonic Jacket, developed at Toshiba's Wayne offices, is made of cotton and twill and has pockets in the front that house four C-size batteries and a cassette or CD" player. Five feet of wires sealed by Velcro into the jacket's lining are connected to four speakers — two low-frequency speakers in the lining of chest pockets and two "tweeter-type" speakers on the shoulders, Shoults said. The jacket, currently available in limited supplies, has detachable sleeves, comes in three sizes in white and black, and sells for $199.95. Dear Ann Landers: The- letter from the Florida moron whose girlfriend bet him $5 that he couldn't rape her made me furious. How dare he compare his $5 game to the real thing? I am a 28-year-old woman who was raped six months ago. I was not a victim of date rape. I was a victim of plain old-fashioned everyday rape. When a woman is forced to have sex against her will, it is rape. The fact that I knew the man made it no less traumatic. The creep who raped me had raped others as well and was caught. He was put in jail but released after a short time. I am going full speed ahead to press charges against him and the trial is pending. Believe me, it is an ugly and traumatic experience, but I am determined not to cave in. The reason he was walking around free as a bird was because the women he had raped before me didn't have the courage to prosecute him. 1 am determined that this sleaze-bag not be lei loose to rape again. A word to your female readers: If you are raped, report it immediately. The police are trained to work with rape victims. They took excellent care of me. The medical examinations were performed in a hospital. They were unpleasant, but they were extremely important. (No VD or AIDS, thank God.) There were questions and more questions and then more questions, awful to answer, but vital to a complete history and important for the police to help them track down the guy, I hated looking at photographs of scummy criminals, but it had to be done in order to make an accurate identification. I'd like to tell you about an organization in Austin, Texas, called Crime Victim Compensation. It is a division of the Texas Industrial Accident Board. They help with financial assistance to victims of rape and other crimes as well. They do a fabulous job and were extremely 1 supportive at a time when I felt very much alone. I hope you will print this letter, Ann Landers. It could help others who are too frightened to speak out. The monsters who rape benefit greatly from that fear and all too often they go scot-free. -- J.S., DALLAS ' DEAR DALLAS: Thank you for an informative letter. We spoke with F.E, Donnelly at Crime Victim Compensation in Austin and learned that about 38 states offer this type of help, (Check your phone book under Crime Victim Compensation or call your state attorney general's office. The only requirement is that the person be an innocent victim of a violent crime.) LIMOUSINE SERVICE ANY OCCASION LOGANSPORT 219-722-3958 Reasonable Rates 24 hr. service OPEN SUNDAYS TRIDAY SPECIAL—I r"*3 MOVIE RENTAL $2 overnight rental 2 for'5 (for 2 nights) EASTGATE PLAZA (next to Kmart) Sun. 12-9 722-6688 Mon.-Sat. 10-9 Movietime Video 400 S. CICOTT 722-6625 Sun. 12-6 Mon.-Thur». 10-8 Fri.-Sat. 10-9 -SUNDAY SPECIALS- Chicken & Noodles or Pork Roast,Dressing & Gravy includes mashed potatoes,brocolli,cole slaw, and dessert. Children under 12 half price, SAM & JERRY'S 722-9795 WitmyefS 2430 E. Market St. WING 2130 Market Street gt 22nd Street SUPER TENDERLOIN SPECIAL -COUPON' S 1.00 Any 9, 12, 16 or 20 Pack of Delicious CHICKEN Limit! Good til 3/31/88 Wing Ding al CASS PIAZA - LOGANSPORT 722-1300 ALL MOVIES $2.00 MATINEES TODAY) 2:15-4:00-7:15 WARNER TODAY 2:30,4:30,7:30 MONDAY 7:30 ONLY HARRISON FORD FRANTIC TODAY 2:00,4:15,7:00 MOM. 7:00 ONIY •"••••"••" 311 E. Marktt Downtown Lo9aiuport JUDGE RE1NHOLD Every college in the country wants Johnny... SUN. 3:40-4:20-7:25 MON. 7:30 Logansport Sunday April 3 OFF FREE COKE COFFEE or TEA with purchase of 3pc CHICKEN DINNER Limit 4 Good 3/31/88 Wing Ding J-A rw T' * | taster brunch SERVirSGKhOOa.m. until 3:00 p.m. Scrambled Eggs A In Kroeger Country Fried Potatoes Baked Easter Ham Slices Candied Sweet Potatoes Roast Leg of Lamb with Mint Jelly Cod Oscar Steamship Round of Beef "Curved for You" Whipped Potatoes Green Beans Almondine Cauliflower & Broccoli in Cheese Sauce Fresh Fruit Soup & Salad Pastry Table SQ95 Seniors are $6.95 Children under 10 are *».% RESERVATIONS RECOMMEINDEI) 753-6351 ext.230

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