Independent from Long Beach, California on May 23, 1957 · Page 16
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 16

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 23, 1957
Page 16
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Pag* A-16--INDEPENDENT ' '·"· ·*·* tll " HIT Childish 'Nuisance 1 Habit Can Warp the Personality By UK. OKOIK1C W, CIlAJOC Caie U-383: Donnlo J.. 0, has · problem that will trouble about 10,000,000 other American youngsters tonight, "Dr. Crane, Donnlo Is a vic- tlm of cnuresls," his mother In formed me after her P-T.A, meeting recently. "We had of. fered him anything he wanted If he would only get up at night and go to the bathroom. And I am sure he sincerely wanted to do so, but ho would have a wet bed almost every morning. "I kept a plastic mattress cover under him and I'd place « towel on that and then a small sheet. It was uncomfortable for him to sleep on all this padding but I have four children and just couldn't do so much extra laundry work, such as tig pads and sheets every day. "Once J asked a child specialist about the matter. He told me that some babies stop wetting the bed when ttyy arc small; others, when they start to school, Join the army or get married, end some never stop. "Well, that didn't help me, «o I was just about resigned to 'the problem, though I was very sorry for Donnle, For he'd feel so embarrassed when his boy! friends would ask him to go camping with them or spend the quilted pad night at their house, since he'd P lus " ll TM be forced to vague excuse. decline by some TURN I HAW one. of your dally newspaper columns that dealt with cnuresls. And I sent for your booklet on how to handle such problems. My husband and Donnle bought some dry cells and a doorbell buzzer, plus some strips screening. I guess of copperj they spent "Instead of urging Donnle to omit a drink at bedtime, we now urged him to take all the water he wanted. But we reminded him that If he had the slightest mishap, tho liquid would close the circuit In tho two wire pads under his hips and start the electric buzzer. Then he'd get an electrical shock where 'his bare legs lay across the two narrow strips of wire screening under his calves. · . · "And that's what happened. He went to bed about 9:30 that first night. At 11 o'clock, we Heard him'Jump out of bed and go to tho bathroom. Apparently, ic hud started to wet the bed but the electrical shock stopped ilm and he then went to the aalhroom. "Well, Dr. Crdne, I still can't believe It. But five weeks have passed and he hnsn't had a sin;le mishap since then. My laundry work la cut almost In half. And Donnle Is so happy, too. It ia changed his whole social outlook. ·· - · - . - . "And he Is so proud of his bed, for I bought him a new for his i bottom mattress, and top *·····;· ^' f S ^ J ' ^ ' ^* » ' ~ . ^ ,,,-..,/"V/"!?''*;,'·;; " - ' · "' ,*w , , V * A ,*'* - * ^V'^'r"^' T , . ' * · ' ' ' *' BANNER WEEKEND' FOR SECRETARIES t Unfurling their National Secretaries Assn. banner serves as pictorial proof that '^ these members of Queen Beach Chapter, NSA, anticipate a "banner weekend" beginning Friday when they will greet close to 300 secretaries from throughout ;* California, guests in Long Beach for anual state covention. Pictured, from left, .. are Rosemary Gnrmong, registration chairman, Elma Braid, delegate, Jo Maes ' ,'Knoerr, chapter president and a past state president, and Betty Mahoney, gen- , eral chairman of the big conclave which will headquarter, at the Lafayette Hotel (Staff Photo) sheets, so he loves to get Into ^ tils bed now. 'Please tell other parents; how to free themselves and their unhappy youngsters from this terrible strain." Please enclose a long, three- cent stamped self-addressed en vclope and 20 cents In request- about $5 on such'materials. IMellott, Ind, Ing a Dr. Crane Bulletin. Ad. W. Crane Syndicate, dress: Dr. George In care of Hopklni Residents' Here 701 Years?? Pair Notes Golden DateV; Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Shoenbcrgcr. long-time residents of Long Beach, were feted recently at a gracious afternoon garden party In honor of their golden wedding anniversary at the home of their daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Farrar of Garden Grove. The Shoenbergers. who have lived here for over 70 years, were married In LOUR Beach on April 21. 1907. Mr. Shoen- bergcr Is a retired city ticket agent for Union Pacific Railroad. · Assisting receive the 73 guests with the Furrars were the honorees 1 other daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas II. Curloy Jr. and grandchildren, Lesley and Linda Curley. Miss Margaret Dauscr officiated at the tea table which was centered by n handsome wedding cake surrounded DX yellow roses. ' · F TIME SPECIAL C O M P A C T C O U R S E (NOW TO JUNE 1ST ONLY] EFFECTIVE 14 25 ENJOYABLE FULL HOUR TREATMENTS · NO CONTRACT ^NEEDED ' · NO OTHER COSTS - " CALL GArfield 4-1227 NOW FOR YOUR FREE TRIAL TREATMENT AND PERSONAL FIGURE 'ANALYSIS. NO OBLIGATION, OF COURSE. 4376 ATLANTIC (at San Antonio Drive) Week Dqy» 10 to 9 ... Saturday 10 to'2 OMEGA (or * Illclfmt · 19 commemorate, handsomely, the Important hour of graduation. The smart, round v ea*« It UMltr-rriiilanl fourteen karat golo^filled - ·' the sweep second hand aiiurei spill-second liming the movement li a marvel of unerring accuracy. · BUDGET TERMS »2 A WEEK *,. WITHOUT EXTRA COST KM.rl ltd t ML Outfit I l l A l l l l H I D 333 PINE AVB. ' PhoiM HE 5.6335 virs: v Bishop' (Strawberry : .Pii, We · regret the · Ingredients listed for the Strawberry Glazi Pie which appeared In thcsi newspapers last week, were In complete. The corrected recipe follows: . ( , · C R U S T : ' ' -" * cup sifted flour · U teaspoon salt H cup shortening 3.U tablespoons lapprox.' · Ice water. Including tsp, vinegar or lemon juice Roll and spread with 1 table- ipoon soft butter. Fold up like i napkin. Roll out to fit pie ihell, Let rest ',4 hour and bake 150* until'brown. FILLING: 2 boxes strawberries (wash before hulling and dry well). Fill shell, reserving nicest berries for ton. Cover with glaze. GLAZE: '-#*··*··" , 2 tablespoons lemon Juice 2 cups hot water 1 cup sugar 4 tablespoons cornstarch Few drops red coloring Mix sugar and cornstarch and stir Into liquid. Add salt and coloring and tlowly simmer 2 minutes. Cool slightly. Pour over berries. Refrigerate at least ',4 hour before cutting. Whip 1 car ton cream and add 2 tablespoons powdered sugar. Fill pastry bag and decorate. -.- · · · · Tune-up.Sail' : · for Bay Fleet A "tune-up sail" Is scheduled for Sunday by the National-One Design Fleet of Alamltou Bay. Raleigh Moffctt, fleet captain, with Mrs. Moffctt will be on deck at Alamltos Bay Yacht Club, 5437 East Ocean Blvd., at 12:30 p.m. to greet skippers and crew and to plot a course. WE,THE **** n claen la lit* *··* -By Star Dath- Optl-Mrs. Meet ; Mrs. iOtto Mayfleld, president, conducted the May luncheon meeting of tho Downtown Optl-'^% i ~ k I i !.,Conclave Notes GOT RHYTHM?-- Tell you, you won't know the Cavalier Room of the Lafayette Saturday night after the Plaza Women'* Club gets through decorating for a sho' nuff calypso cruise, The gals will fashion a background of fish net, glittering sun and palm trees. Bongo drums, wicker baskets filled with bananas, straw hats and colorful scarves and ornamental masks, plus Roger Bacon's band comfortably attired calypso style should put the dancers Into a festively Informal mood. Club prexy Mrs. James Hayes and spouse will be among those planning cocktail parties beforehand. Their guests will be the Eldred Olsens, Claude Jcnnlngscs, Wllllom McQuecns, Henry Johnsons, C, M. Bakers. George Scanlons, Howard Hlndnes, Fred Lees, plus Margaret Dennlson, Lawrence Bryce and Paul Alcxaneer. ...... Evelyn and Harold Hirst have asked the Harry Staffords, Gale Housers, Jack McCutcheons, John Mendlzzas, H. B. Sam- uelsons and C. C, Schneiders over. The Jack Fredrlcksons have given the calypso high. sign to the Stoy Duncans. Rae Jacksons. Robert Brownells, Paul Halsteads and Jack Dellans, Cruising over to the William Obrechts will be the Robert Runyards, Richard Schlltzes, James Wllllamses. Clarence Nebers, Jackie Thornton and Joe Black. And hidden to the E. R, Hill abode are the Stanley Hlgginses, John Jorkes, Paul Fords, James Wilsons and Paul Ropers, BEYOND CALYPSOLAND have gone the Charles D. Clayton family. Destination: Venezuela. Turnabout factor Is that they vacationed In the O, S. because South America Is home while Charles Is geologist with a petroleum company In Qulrl- quire. With Michael and Theresa they visited Ills parents, the J. N. Claxtons of LA, and her parents, the M. E. Kcltys of Long Beach, .__ · . .. ... OLD WORLD fascinations talked the Louis Harrisons Into flying to Copenhagen on the first leg of a two-month visit. Plans call for a return by sea on the Queen Mary. TRAVEL? Atha and Harold Hlnes have had It, thanks, and are currently 100 times more fascinated with being grandparents for the first time. Garry arrived Tuesday at Good Sa- marltan Hospital In LA and was promtly claimed by Connie (Hlncs) and Don Scott of Whlttler. Soon as the word reached Long Beach cigars and candy made the rounds of 6th and Pine. Beta Sigma Phi Mrs. at Hoefly's, Bclmont Shore., Mrs. Hal Hunter told details of the Athenian Girls' picnic May 18 at Irvine Park with 130 girls, their school sponsors and Optl- Mrs. In attendance. Mrs. Ralph Smith reminded members of their Invitation to luncheon at the Boy's Home, Los Angeles, and Mrs. Robert Waldron, treasurer pro-tern, reported on club financial matters. HOUSEWIVES' ECZEMA Eue Itching, stop (cratchlng, aid filter heating of uply "detergent hands"_wlth Zemo, liquid or olnt- ~ irmula for minor zemo When tho 17th annual state convention of Beta Sigma Phi opens Friday at the Ambassador Hotel. Los Angeles, Walter W. Ross, founder of the social, edu catlonal and philanthropic organization, and his wife, Dor othy, will be honored guctts. Hunt, Doctor's formula for minor cuu, bums. Buy Extra Strength for stubborn Members from the 18 chapters comprising the Long Beach City Council will attend the three day conclave, Including Mrs, By · ( ron Ward, outgoing president, jMrs. D. E. Maynard, Incoming president of the council, Mrs. Hal E. Moore, who will conduct u Saturday morning forum on functions of city and area councils, and Mrs, Anita Christeni sen, who will have charge of Iscrapbook Judging. Snap back to par fast with this ·. · i " * * * " ' ' £ quick, refreshing v : " lift!, LUNCHEON : FASHION SHOW Friday May 24 : ' orse Exciting New Styles From PLAIN ft FANCY of Pg|o» Verd« Ettaiei -- From 12:30 , ' 1700 S. Pacific Cit. Hwy., Rtdondo Btach, FR 5-0547 'Highlight Day : for WMCers. By JEAMNK HAYS ' Wednesday was truly a "high light day" In Woman's Musi Club circles, ns members crowt ed Into Ebcll auditorium for a event-filled afternoon. The day marked tho close o a full club year with Installa tlon of new executive leaden; trio of musicians presented a outstanding classical program reports by outgoing officers re viewed events of the past bus months, and a reception te rustled with the happy conver satlons of WMCers and th swishing of full skirts as paste gowned officers, Incoming an retiring, greeted the member shl| and guests. "I look forward to n hnpp and harmonious year," respond ed Mrs. William It. Crutcher a she received the gavel symboll of her key office from the re tiring president, Mrs. Adolpi Brodbeck. Assuming executive position were Mrs. Don L. Gllson, Mrs Daniel B. Richmond, Miss Ra chel Morton and Mrs. V. Wayn Royalty, first through fourtl v i c e presidents, respectively ilrs. Frank Greene, recordlni secretary; Mrs, Raymond Hous on, , corresponding secretary rtrs. Adolph Brodbock. federa Ion secretary; Mrs. Charles H Cordray, treasurer; Miss Laura Moore, auditor, and Mrs, Pau C. Ellis, parliamentarian. Also Mrs, Oliver L. Benedlkt. sen, curator of sections; Mrs. G If. Kretschmer, curator of socla groups; Mrs. Andre V. Glullnny standing committees, and Mrs T. R. Scofleld, printing. Mrs. Brodbeck presided at the brief business session durlni which 1956-57 executives real reports of their year's activities WMC members applauded en- thuslastlcally th« talents of Mrs Allco Gallagher, soprano; Pepe Vlncento, tenor, anrt Miss Doris Prldonoff, pianist, who present ed R delightful program of class* leal music. Among the solos by Mrs. Gallagher were "Es Blinkt der Tau." Rubinstein; "Ich Grolle Nlcht." Schumann, and "II Mlo Bablno Caro" from Glnnnl Schl ··hi. Puccini. Vlnconto sang such favorites as "Still Wle Die Nlcht," Dohm; "La Donna e Mobile" from Rlgoletto, Verdi, nnd "The Jasmine Door," Scott. Accompanied by Mrs. Annette Grldley, the pair sang the "Duette" from La Boheme, Puccini. The brilliant pianist won special admiration for her Interpretation of Sonata No. 3, Proko- fleff. and two Chopin pieces, Etude In C» Minor and Ballade In G Minor. The audience laler gathered In the Ebell clubhouse, patio and dining room for a reception tea to climax tha -afternoon's festivities. I Art'Department: .After a very »uccetsful year at itudy under the chairmanship of Mn. H. H. Connor* the Art Department of Kbell Club In- italled Iti new officers recently with Mlu Ruth Jarvls assuming the post of chairman. USE BARNETTS REVOLV. ING CREDIT . . . foki 6 months to pay . ·. or t . . use our convenient 90-day charge. Pay '/» a month. '- lothe most walked /,., ,, · : about shoe In , v , America . our T R A V E L E R Black, brown, red calf ............$17.95 Visit our hoiiery and bag bar. An excellent telection of Matching Handbags priced from $5.95 up DOWNTOWN :, LONG BEACH ' 207 Pine Ave. PASADENA " UN TMK TON ' GLEN-DALE 6617 PicifirUlvd. 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