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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 61

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 13, 1958
Page 61
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Alamitos Air Bid I Renewed Sen. Thomas Kuchel Wednesday reiterated his request that flight training be halted at Los' | Alamitos Naval Air Station. The request was inade despite' announcement of a re- I vised traffic control pattern and other .safety measures coordinating flying from the Navy field and Long Beach Municipal Airport to prevent recurrence of accidents like the Norwalk aircraft collision I of Feb. 1. He termed the new safety I effort "a fine cooperative step," but again demanded an end to flight training at -Los Alamitos in favor of Vareas where there is less air congestion and less potential hazard to people on | the ground." At the same time, Rep. Pat I Hillings (R-Arcadia) said he had been notified that early House Rules Committee hearings on his resolution for-the establishment of -an emergency joint congressional committee | on aviation are being arranged, Hillings' resolution is aimed I at bringing all phases of air traffic under a.single federal authority as soon as possible. Higher WASHINGTON UrV-The. erstate Commerce Commission Wednesday .authorized a rail- road'freight raTe Increase averaging about'2 per cent on most reight items effective at midnight (local time) Friday. The ICC action' applies only to interstate freight movements, but the authority took note that the railroad industry. s 'seeking comparable upward revisions' in intrastate rates rom the state commissions. * * * # THE ICC SAID · that if 'the ncreases which it sanctioned are applied to .both interstate and intrastate traffic, this will mean about 182 million dollars year in additional revenue.for ROK to Order I Atomic Reactor SEOUL, Korea CUP)--The Republic of, Korea so'on will order its first experimental atomic reactor from the United States the Ministry of Education announced Wednesday. The reactor, to be purchasec I with U.S. government financia' assistance, will be installed at the $750,000 Atomic Energy Research Center scheduled to be built near Seoul this year. PAWSOWS--", FLOWER SHOP funeral designs a specialty 3923 Long Beach Blvd. GA 4-5795 1ONBID MIMICR--FLORIST! ·HLIORAPH DILIVHY ASSOCIATION the carriers. ; ; j ' . . Through public notice, the railroads late last year sought increases averaging 3 per cent with revisions in operating rules designed to yield around\ 210 million dollars a year. It was contended' by'the .industry that even if this were allowed in .full, it would not cover an estimated 300 million dollars a year in increased costs resulting from wage hikes'last November. * ;« * » * ' ,IN SCALING down the railroad proposals, the ICC also issued a blocking order against twin proposals affecting port traffic. OnVof these proposals was to establish a ?1.20-per-ton Optimism Over 'Mooii Man' SAN ANTONIO, Tex.'tffl -.Air Force officials Wednesday expressed guarded o p t i m i s m over man's ability to .withstand the' rigors of x space -travel as Donald G. Farrell neared the halfway mark of his mythical week-long .trip to the moon; "We are consistently ' surprised at .Farrell's continual alertness', lack of fatigue; and especially his lack of boredom." Lt. Col. George R. Steinkamp, chief of space medicine at Randolph Air Force Base, said. * *· * « "ONE EXPERIMENT cannot be considered final. We may have in Farrell an unusual subject. But on the. basis of this experiment we are optimistic over man's' ability to withstand space travel," he told newsmen. Farrell, described as stii: bright and chipper, completed his third day .in the 3x5 foot sealed cabin at 7:35 a. m. (PST) Wednesday. He was due to pass the half-way mark of his seven-day simulated space flight at 7:35 p! m. (PST) Wednesday night. The 23-year-old airman for the Bronx, who is living in the same air pressure that is encountered at an 18,000-foot alti- tufle, has been subjected- to three emergency summons, during the past day. ' » * « * SHORTLY AFTER he went to sleep, an emergency bell in his cabin rang and a signal indicated that his oxygen supply was broken. Farrell awoke noted the signal, and had "his emergency gas mask in place in just'19.5 seconds, Air Force officials reported. It was feared that boredom would be one of the greates' hazards of cials 'said. space flight, But Farrell, offi- who reads'the -two text book's and listens to recorded music dur ing-rest periods in his 14-hour day,.has shown no boredom. _ Vital Statistics MarriageLicenses I Births «» jaix* COO.IT" MO ' ORB JE? s Sf-? OSP 11 ^ Clyd,,R. yrah.lmI.-J4M Z. 6th «. 81 ""^ Av . Sln , "noW A;"waTkeV'BWJ"Abraham Ave., Westmlnlttr .:,,.«. 50 Leillt W. Smith, Urbana. Ill 38 Marlon A, Wardman." 3356 Stude- bakir Hd. special charge, for loading and unloading export, import, coastwise and intercoastal freight : at shipside. " ; - , The other.was .to reduce to four,days the "free time" al- owed for loading and unload- ng at the ports before starting to collect car . d e m u r r a g e charges from shippers. · · The present "free time" al- owed,ranges from seven to 10 days. If a. car is held for a longer period, demurrage begins--that s a charge for delay in loading or unloading the car. * # * * " THE. NEW XTPWABD revision in rates to be made effec- Jve on Saturday will- be .the L5th freight : rate increase . authorized by ICC since the end of World War H. This series of likes has raised these rates about 110 per cent'above the .evels of 1946. In the current proceeding, the' railroads themselves proposed a number of exemptions; including such items as manufactured ron, steel and cement!-The commission itself ruled out proposed increases on scrap paper, rags and rubber. .- .. All of the allowed increases are subject .to later refund provided subsequent investigation shows them to be unreasonable. Frederick A. Johnson Jr..- 17S Nieto 21 Judith L. · Eliman, 320 Arcadia .-. U Ray W.-Webster. 2123-Oreron Ave.. 20 Carrollyn L.. P.aslalt,, 67S1 Hammond Ave.' -.^.....:----.'-- Mlron C: Jackson. .1214. Gulf-Ave., Marilyn J.- vVatk'lns. l'332' N. Island Ave..--Wltmlnnton 17 Thomas o. Burnett, 2351J S. , Anchor. Wilmington*...: 18 Janice M. P.enaluna, 26227- Preil- f1- *LaTKtv at., AUOJIBIUI,-B"V *eu. u. ;rrn; 2? MENDOZA--kr. and Mn. Ernut. H77 dent, .Harbor City.-..; Carl D: Wllcox, «03S Duniobln, 713 Lin Ftb. 3. wuvu jvv«., n»nta Ana, flrl. --n_ WRIGHT--Mr. and Mn. D. J.. 22138 B. Main St., Torrance, girl, tits. 3. WOLFE--Mr. and Mn. Hi E., 10412 ~ ~ ' SL, Anah.lm,- g-lrl, Feb. 3. Ollv»-Avi.,' boy, Fab. 4. MILLER--Mr., and .Mrl. W. M-, 409 . w. ioth at, 1 jiri,. Ftb. ,4. · EDWARDS--Mr. and Mn. C. E., 323 Majrnolla Ave., Klrl; F«b. *,_ . ALLRED--Mr.· and Mn:^J.,B., S334 " FlajzitonB Ave.,.ilrl, Feb. 4. MACKENZIE--Dr. and Mil. R. J., 237 Xlmeno Ave.. till, Feb. -i. ALLISON--Mr. and Mn. R. L., 220* ciiit duly,. commissioned and worn, personally : appeared :j: 0. iOyette known to.'me to be 'the erson 'whose name 1* subscribed o. the 1 ".within · Instrument, 'and dcnowledged to 'me. that .be' exe- utedr. the .same. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have jcreunto set-my hand and-- affixed my .official -seal the day and year in tht» .certificate first above written. (SEAL.) CLARENCE J. SMITH Notary Public, in and for . S»Id.County and State rly commission · expires 11/13/1960. 'an. 30,'Feb.'6, IS, 30,1968 (it) LSI 18 SMITH-DrraTd MrT. FauTW., S038 15541 Ryon, · _,,__..,,_ Lakewoocl ,, Lorriin, II. Kroll, Bellllowir. : Sidney B Maurtr, 412 _. · St.,' Torrance : _*..-. 30 Martha. L,"W«Uch, Inrlewood -- 18 H. B.. Yarbrouih, 001 w. 133 St., Coropton _ v .........----.....-- 24 Anni» L. Whit., 1828 E, lie PI., ' Voik Av.., ilrl,. F.b. 5. 20ivAUOHAN--Mr. and Mr».. Jo«eph c.. Dona'.d E. WoodTiy, VdiS E". · Comnton Blvd., Conipton -.. Viola B. Brown. 12820 Williams, compton - .,_. BARKEIWMr." and* l^i 6W9 Harvey Way, Feb. 5.- Rob«rt B;, -152B-A Ma CHAPMAN-- . nolla Aye... and Mrs.- rl, F«b. o. David D., S ri,- Feb. 5. ena A., 373 'Truman Boyl : Manor, · -girl: F«b. t. BARNETT--Mr.' and Mrs. Chester A., .605 West-E. St., Wilmington,, boy, BOLTQf-^Mr. and 'Mrs. _Rpb.rt · W., . 23 William" D*" Hopmis. jiai'S'Bl Granada, Lynwood . .Muriel C. -Vincent, name addjeai 17 David L. Huikey, 308 W. 235th at, · Wllmtniton .- 21 Edith E. Doollttlt. Loi Angeles ... 23 Randolph . 'A. Morfla Jr.,' HunUnu- Pa'uli. A. 1 BoTinT'lCsiT'McKerii'ey 1968 W: 20th St., girl. Feb. 5. RDON--Mr. a-id Mrs. Frank, 2383 27]OORDON' ,,,. Atlantic Ave;i Natal Dr., i ERRICO--Mr.. 1145 East 1st St.. GRAY--Mr. and Mi«. ' TommH'T. Speers. HOW Sherman- Ave.. Garden.Grove _...... Leanna J. Kendall. South Gate..- 17 Frtd D. Farmer, 10111 Sun Mlpiel, South Gate : Beverly J. Wood. 9000 Ban Antonio. South' Gat* Fotoll "gt~~~\Vliin!nrton"_ Vinipia Caracoia. same address NolanD Younr. 140 Mornlnnlde 8U 34 Claron S. Parks, 260 E. Plenty St. -.IS Clayton L. Williams. U3A Marine Bombardment Set Navy warships conduct shore bombardment exercises at Pyramid Cove, San Clemente Island, from 8 ajn. to 10 p.m. Tuesday, according to the llth Naval District. It will be the only firing scheduled for' the week. Fishermen and yachtsmen are warned to avoid the area during scheduled firing. Edwards., Blacksmith Here Many Years., Dies · Ave.. South GU -- 22 22 Stearnlee' St. girl, Jan.- 28. . liMERICK--Mr. and Mrs. .James M., 6853 · Einanlta Ave.. boy, Jan. 28. WILSON--Mr. and-Mrs. Franklin B., .·1981 Cedar Ave.,. boy. Jan. -28. RUZEK--Mr. and Mrs. Charles 3633 Sandwooi Av.., boy, 3*n. ORAY--Mr.- and Mrs..Gerald L., 5517 OriTije Ave., boy, Jan. 28. ORME--Mr. and Mn. _Don _N., Vail)i«. Cabrillo Hotel, Judith A. Snford. IB ... Cedar 24 lolino-Ave. 18 Births SEASIDE HOSPITAL SAEAL--Mr. and Mm. 3. R.. 2D8 Albatross ,BU, Wilmington, boy, Jan. BARNES--Mr. and Mr«. O. D., 1841 Lam St., Huntinston Btach, boy, LOCKLAIR--Mr. and Mn. J. P.. 1203 Weit "Q" St.,, Wilmington, gill, Jan. NOnRSE-Mr. and Mrs. T E., T77 Walnut Ave. r boy,-Jan. 27. . PIEPER-Mr.' and _ Mrs. H. H , 1919 Weatmlnsttr, and - Mrs. " girl, 737i Marino r ll.Mr, S 'S390 . J., 1689 SiahrlEht Ave.,'boy. Jan. 28. MCDOWELL--Mr. and Mrs; Evan J., 1991 Knoxvill. Ave.,'till, Jan. 23. HOWARD--Mr. and Mrs. Edwin W. 1731 East 06th St. gin, Ian.. 28. FEUER--Mr. and Mrs. Max, 3902 McNab Av«.,' boy, Jan. 28. XNE1TZ--Mr. and Mrs. Marlon. E., ,- 2349 Majnolia Ave., boy.' Jan. 28. XNOWLES--Mr. and Mri. All" N., 40 Xlmeno Ave., boy, Jan. .28. GRANT--Mr. and Mrs. Robert L-, 1274 - Cameron St., Eirl, Jan. 28. SNIDER--Mr. lid Mn. Lawrenc; J. ·6716 Hammond SL, f.rl, Jan. .8, REYNOLDS--Mr. and .Mn. Jack H. 1940 San Francisco Aye., girl, Jan DOUGLAS--Mr. and Mrs. C.- Enpnt 4821 East 14th St.. boy, Jan. 28. WILLIAMS--Xr. and Mr*.- Glenn W. 1606-B North Parton St., Santa-Ana . 'and.Mrs.JRusjen A., 3445 .. . Mr. "aoi '?*·* . . 4M East 17tn St., Apt. A, Klfli Jan. DEDRICK-- Mr. and Mrs. Richard. -- . . . 3356 Ave., Klrl. Jan. 29. (Jl,L-- Mr. anw Mrs. Kel Palos Verdes Blvd., Jan. 23. elvin A.. 2180 Torrance, HOGMIRE-Mr. and MPI. Jack C. Orange Ave.. girl, Jan. 29. Vutlta-Graode Ave., girl, s. D Jan. 27. . . boy, Jan. 57 ., , . BARRIKGTON-- Mr. and .... A R -- r . Mr«. J . »;· 3845 Welt 222nd SL, Torrance, girl, MO?lASMiTH-- Mr.' and. Mrs. A. 6903 El Cedral St.. [Irl, Jan. - CRAIO-- Mr. and ". » - Mrn. J. St ri 28. B., Wist D. R Janice St., s«. J»". 28. HOWARD-- Mr" and Mrs. L. T., Rlchflell' EL, . . ., 7213 Paramount, ilrl, Jan. - Alvin E. Edwards, 71, of 3469 Gardenia Ave., one of the last few remaining blacksmiths to ply-his trade in Long Beach, died Tuesday.' ; . Edwards, whose other talents included writing music, some of poetry which and was accepted for publication, retired recently after. 23 years ervice -as blacksmith- for the Long Beach'Water Department He was a mining operator in Colorado for several years prior o moving to California in 1926. le was a third-degree Mason nd charter member of -the Georgetown, Colo., · lodge, and selonged to Long Beach 'Sciots and First Methodist Church. Surviving are his wife, Helen; rother, James; sons,. Jean ;and With»tandi up » 40 degrees hot! rood tennpertitui rtion ordinory t bin SlMfk Double strength coed body makes ,tir« yirlually immune to impact damage. Skid M«ty Exclusive bloded Ireod dtitya increaiei stopping power, give* extra resistance to lid* slip. tdm Super *ovgb tread rvbbvr insures longer and more vniform Ireod wear for thousands of extra mile*; Hudson; sister,' t n a p p ; and Cevin, Lonnie vards. TRADE-IN ALLOWANCE for your two recappable tires on a pair of premium grade NYLON Firestone "500" Tires Proved safe on th« ImfiaiMpolU 500-miU Sp««dway at spwds faster »han youtl «v«r ciriv*. l 00 Down per fire j UP TO ONE YEAR TO PAY Get 9ft special low'prict on yoer sin I Low Prices on De Luxe Super Champion Nylons too! 2 for tax owl tw» Sin 4JO-15 T»b»-IJ» · LOW WEEKLY PAYMENTS on FIRESTONE TRUCK TIRES-low as I9 95 ^r,. ALL SIZES ON SALE ^^mmn^m^i DOWNTOWN 7th and LOCUST Til. HE i-8H« LEO'S TIM SERVICE til KUTH IT. U Mill ANAHEIM TIKE SERVICE I. 4TH IT. HE I 1171 'CHRISTENSEN AUTO SUFPLY GO. Ml I. *«»HIIM ME 1-1221 Avilliblt at ill UNION OIL SERVICE STATIONS LYND t WATKINS TIRE CO. - ICDt CHEXHT AVE. ·» 4-lllt WELLIK TIRE CO., BELLFLOWER I I I 17 I. WIEJI* . 70 7-1711 Now at ' S«rv1c« StatJoiw - wh«rmr yon SN this | 'Mrs.· Mary .S; grandchildren and Jon Ed- RIVALDO-- Mr. and " PtonEer St., "Wilmington,. Rlrl, F *m^- A-. *£*«*· IAI'LET--Mr. and Mr«. R. P., Colorado St., .boy, Feb. ^. 3619 and Mrs. Franklin E. West" loth "si, boy. Jan. 29. ' REEVES-^-Mr. and Mrs. James M. 371B Marwlck Ave., girl, Jan. 29. SCHULDES-Mr. and Mr. Richard E, 4622 Mayba-nk ATe,. girt. Jan 29._. WILLIAMS--M., -8033 Freckles Kd.. Klrl, BULLOCK--Mr. and Mrs. 2222 Constitution Lane, boy, SNYOER--Mr. and lira. T » u 312-A Molino AV«., gill, Jan. 29. linice. Jr Jan. 29 lane 29: Divorces Filed LONG B£ACII BOONE--Alb"t» EV vs. Clalr A. DARCHUK--Beulah vs. George. BUNDSCHUH--William A. vs. Qrac W M ST--Belt. J. v«. Raymond E.. JACOBSON--Zelma G. vs. Donald L. MARTIN--Georgia. J. vs. Guy J, WEST--Marlon L. vs. Loretta M. DOFKESNE--Richard -H, v«. Hazel WHITE---Dorothy- F. vs. Roger G. MYErlS--Evelyn D. v«. Hujh- L. "lA-Mildred h. vs. Etev. ll. SMITH--Leon S: v«. 1*11 E-I «2250 NOTICE OF SALE OF REAL ESTATE UNDER EXECUTION MARSHAL'S SALE.. · No. 97581 , J. A. Slaughter, J. W.. Parks »n George W.. Elder, 'partners, under he firm name . and style · of the Joctora Business Bureau of Southern California, -plaintiff, vs.-- ' Robert L. Sasseen, et al, Defendant. By virtue 1 of an execution Issued out of the-Munlclpal Court, of Long Beach Judicial District, County of Los Angeles, State of California, wherein Doctors Business Bureau of Southern California, Plaintiff, and Robert L. Sasseen and Dorothy 2. Sasseen, Defendants, upon udgment rendered the 26th day ol November, 1956, for 1 ., the. sum ol 1127.32 Dollars lawful money of the Jnlted · States, besides costs and nterest, I have levied upon all -the right, title, claim and Interest of said defendants Robert .L. Sasseen and Dorothy E. Sasseen of, In and .o the following .- described' real estate, situate In the City of Long Beach,- County of Los Angeles, State of California, and bounded and described as follows: ·. 'Lot 21, 0.91 AC E. 132 ft, of W. 792 ft. Ex of St of- Lot 21, Block 22, Tract California Cooperative Colony TT, ' Map 21, Page 16-16. PUBLIC NOTICE 'IS HEREBY SIVEN, That I will, .'on Tuesday the'llth day of March, 19S8, at 10:00 o'clock A. M. of that day, at^ the east entrance Bldg,. 120 E. to Jergins Trus Ocean Blvd., Long L«fl«l Nolle* hour, and . . : . ·.-'· - ' -.. BE IT'lTTRTHER RESOLVED'., that oral bid's will b» received, pro- ' ?ldcd such oral bids exceed by at' east 6% -the -highest ot. the said' . written' proposals ana/or the' next".. )recedlng oral bid,", and" .BE -IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Assistant Secretary be instructed to. publish .this resolution n the Long Beach Independent not ess · thsn once a week- for three successive weeks before the meet__,,; and to -post -a- copy , of said resolution in' three public places in the Dlitnct; and ' BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that'/the Board of Education re-, serves, the right to reject-any and all bids and to .withdraw .the property from, lease should it -deem nuch action for the 'best public; .nterest. IN WITNESS Of THE ADOPTION O F THE FOREGODJO RESOLUTION by.a vote in 1 excess of 2/3 of all members of this Board,. we, the members of such' Board,' present and voting, thereon, have hereunto set .our hands this 10th, day of February, 1958. BOARD OF EDUCATION OF 4 THE LONG BEACH UNIFIED-, SCHOOL DISTRICT 'OF ! - . . LOS ANGELES COUNTY. W. H. BOTD L. H. BREWER ' M. A. DUN-CAJf - . ELIZABETH HUDSON DWIGHT C. SIGWORTH ' · Pub. Feb. 13, 20, 27,. 1958 (3t) L.B.L. Beach, County .of-'Los Angeles, a el at public auction, for lawful'money of the Unlte'd States, all the right 3tle, claim and interest of said de Pendants Robert L. . Sasseen. an Dorothy E. -Sasscen of, in and to the above described! property, or so much · thereot as may be necessary to 'raise sufficient funds to satisfy said Judgment, with Interest and costs, etc., to the«highest and best bidder. Dated at Long Beach, this 7th day of February, 1958. JOE BOOKMAN, Marshal Municipal Courts, Los. Angeles County By L. J.' BERNARD, Captain Long Beach" Division. . "* Theodore Q. Let Plaintiff* Attorney. 409 Heartwell Bldtj. Long Beach, Calif. HE 7-0461 Feb. 13, 3». 27, Mar, 6,1958 (4t) LBI. Resolution No. C21058-G RESOLUTION-OF INTENTION TO LEASE SCHOOL BUILDING' ·WHEREAS, the School District will not .reo.ulre the use o£ Classroom 302 at Jordan -High School each Tuesday from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m., beginning March .18,-1958, and ending June 17. 1958, excluding April 1, 1958, and Classroom 409 at Wilson High School each Wednes-. day from 7:00 a.m. to' -8:00 . a.m.. beginning March IS, 1958. and ending June 18, 1958, .excluding April 2, 1958. and · - ' WHEREAS, It Is the desire of thai Board of Education to rent the aforesaid Classrooms.for such hbur» · as they-are not needed by the .District, - '· ' NOW, .THEREFORE, be It resolved by the said Board o£ Education that it declare its intention to offer for lease the aforementioned- Classrooms, and BE" IT FURTHER PJBSOLVED . that the' minimum rental · which- . " be accepted for the use of- Resolution No. 021058-A RESOLUTION Op'lNTENTION TO LEASE SCHOOL BUILDING WHEREAS, the School District will not- require the use of the Auditorium, Cafeteria Dining Room, Faculty Dining Room. Choral Room and Bungalows 907-908 at the Stanford Junior High School each Sunday from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., beginning March 23,. 1958, and end- Ing · June 22, 1958, both Inclusive. and the use of the Auditorium and Choral' Room from 7:00 to 10:00 p.m. on April-S and 4, .1958, said classrooms shall be J34.50 'tor the first use, and M-50 for . each. use thereafter, with payment . of. rental due in advance of delivery of the premises, and subject .to cancellation by either party at .the, time new rates are determined for this type of facility by the Board of Educatio'n, and . BE IT FURTHER HESOLVED that the lease be -entered into be on the condition that the Lessee will in no manner use the name- Jordan. or Wilson, the likeness of : a . Panther or a. Bear, or the Jordan. or Wilson colors in any of the literature, stationery or reference to th«- · Jordan, or -.Wilson' High -Schools,since such use' would give' -the 1 false impression that the Associa-* tlon has an official connection .with' the Jordan or Wilson High SchoolH 1 of the Long Beach Unified Schoo.r District, or In- any manner, repre- 1 sent that the Campus ' Bible Clas Service will be conducted by the Masonic Order and the Rev. Owen Geer in Mottell's Peek Chapel at 1 p.m. Friday. Inter- merit will be in Memorial Park. Rose Hills Bernhard-to "Visit THE HAGUE O f f ) -- P r i n c e Bernhard plans to visit .aircraft plants of the United States and Canada early in May. : As in- pector general of the Dutch armed forces, he is especially nterested in military planes. Service Set for Shoe Merchant Service.for retired shoe merchant Louis. J. Montank, 67, who died Tuesday, will lie con, ducted at 10:30 a. m. Monday I in Patterson Snively Chap.el, with the Rev. William M. Nickerson and the Rev. Milton W. Effithorpe officiating. Interment will be in Redlands. Montank was owner of the shoe shop under his own name here and for 20 .years prior to his recent 'retirement was gen-' e'ral manager of Barnett's Boot- ery, 207 Pine Ave. Surviving are the wife, Lillian; daughter, Mrs. June Fortress; brothers, Oscae and Dan; sisters, Orinda "Montank, Mrs. Ada Matzke and Mrs. Nettie Burkey and two grandchildren. MOHULSKI-- Beverly L. vj. XoBtrt. ULLERMAN-- Sandra J. V*. William WEST-- Dorie C. vs. Herman W. MILLER-- Ann P. v«. Joseph A. MOODY-- Beverly J. vs. Milan O. GRAY-- Arthur F. VJ. Marie. CAPPS -- Rosalie J. vs. Louis 0. HTJQOBOOM-- Mary A. -v. Earr E. BLA.TABIC-- America E. v». James J. 'ONES -- Clydii E. vs. Vola C. IcTAKIAND-- Eth«l,.vs. Pn»renc» A. OROVES-- Mar . IRADDOCK-- Mar/' M. vi. John. · OHU80N-- Donald F. vs. CnarlotU M. Divorces Granted BEACH - M. from Teresa B. - E. from William C. CNIOHT-- Doris R. , train Jesie. JONES -- Margaret from Howard. WAGONER-- Loretta -M. irom John J. 3ISHOP -- Arthur L. from. Ifarlon E. ;ERSIC-- Marlon- A. Irom i-ra.ncls V. lit M. from Edwin A. dltli .L. Irom Rlcll- JARED-^-Anna C. from Donald W. Death Notices FOGG--William, 81, of 1151' Via Wanda, died Tuesday. He eaves sons, Spencer, Virgil, Vernal and George; daughters, Mrs. Letha Telford, Mrs. Vida Jensen, Mrs: Ruth Peterson and Mrs. June Wickstrom; brother, Charles. Service will be in Rexsbiirg, Idaho. The body may be viewed at Spongberg's Mortuary until 7:30. p. m. today. ROBISOIf-- Mrs. Jennode D. 76, of 1833 Appleton St, Apt. 5i died Tuesday. Surviving are daughters, Mrs.'Arnyce D. Cox and Mrs. Ena McNees; sons Vance A. and B. Zane Disbrow Service' today, noon, Mottell's Peek Mortuary. STERIOS -- Theodor, 52, of 3644 Gundry Ave., died Monday. Service 1 today, 2 p. m., Church of. the Holy Trans- /iguration, Los Angeles. Chris- :ensen-£ino Mortuary directing. -- Chester Edwin 57,' of 143 Sunset St., die'd Monday. Surviving are wife, Ruth brothers, Dudley, Earl and Virgil; sister, Mrs. Dorothy Brady. Service today, 2 p.m. Spongberg- Mortuary. Ship Arrivals, Departures i Voiuel Alaska Spruci Andro» Caatle vmerican Mall Jarfe -*527 ,,:. Sutfalo (Nor.) ... Cormorant (Lib,) Silas (Llb.l Hawaiian Farmer Iberville (Compiled by. .The Marine VESSELS IN PORT Berth Operator WT R. ~ " Due lln Co. and pproval from the Jordan or. Wilson High Schools has any sanction or ap or the-Lon: District, H. v«. Jackie E. VI. Farley.- T_ ' Annulments Filed LONG BEACH MO2HLMATJ -- L«* v s. Doris. . . ROSE-- JoAnn va. lir.ton L. PUTTY -- Victor H. vs. Lucllli. Annulment Granted LONG BEACH · VAN SANT-- Barbara from William B. CLINE -- Minni« from V«rnon. I.Legal Notic«_ N O N - R E S P O N S I B I L I T Y NOTICE Notice is hereby given by the undersigned,' Gerhart Jonker Sr., residing at 731 W. 1st. Rm.- 12, Long Beach, California, that after the date of Feb. 12, 1958, he will not be responsible for any debts, liabilities or obligations incurred by any-persona other than hunself, Dated Feb. 11, 1958. · · Signed/GERHART JONKER SR. ·uofyeb.12, 13. 14, 1958 (30 L.B.I. NON-RESPONSIBILITY NOTICE Notice, is hereby riven -by the unde'rsiiroeo- James H. L. Mitchell residing at- 2110 B. llth. St. Long Bench, California, that after the date of Feb. 11, 1958, he will not be responsible for any debts, liabilities or obligations incurred bj any persons other than himself. #£=£ MITCHELL Flib. Feb. 11, 12, 13. 1958 (3t) L.BJ WHEREAS, it is the desire of the Board of Education to rent the aforesaid fcllltles for-such hours as they are not needed by the District. NOW, THEREFORE, b«- It resolved ty the said Board of Education that it -declare its intention to offer for lease, the aforementioned facilities, and BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED at the .minimum rental -which will e accepted for the use of said cilitles for regular' Sunday uses lall be JSO.EO for the.flrst-4-hour ie and $60.50 for each Sunday use .ereafter, and $34.50 for each use _ the Auditorium and Choral Room nly, and at the rate of J2.50 per our for each facility that is used eyond 4 hours, -with the under- andinj; that each 6 hours'of occu- ancy including the time for heat- g up and'preparation of the 'space laJl be deemed to be one complete se, and that any. time beyond the hours shall constitute another use ren though the extension of use is msecutlve and continuing, and ibject to cancellation by either arty at the time new · rates are eterrr-ined for this type of facility y the Board of Education. Pay- ent of basic rental is due in ad- ance of delivery of the premises, nd BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED iat this lease may be terminated ithln the above expressed term y the givins by either party of BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED lat scaled bids shall be received : the regular meeting of the Board " Education at 4:00 p.m. on Monay, March 17, 1958,- and -will, be onsldered at approximately that our, and BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED hat oral bids will be received pro- ded such oral bids exceed by al last 5% the highest of the sale -rltten proposals and/or th« next "^ HF FURTHER RESOLVED hat the Assistant Secretary be Intruded to publish this resolution n the Long Beach Independent no ess than, once-"a -week .for three uccessive weeks before the meet- ng. and to post a copy of said esolution In three public places in the District, and " BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED hat the Board of Education re erves the right to reject any and 11 bids and to withdraw the prop rty from lease should It deem uch action for th» best public n iN"wlTNESS OF THE ADOP TION' OF THE FOREGOING 1ESOLUTION by a vote in'exces f 2/3 of all members of thi ioard, we, the. members. of sue ioard. present and voting thereon ave hereunto -set our hands this Jndef. J^W-4i W JTt. WIIBJUUCtiiu ^*u. ......... ··· ...... ···-- · Iin ....... 19 OrlonSh.*T. Tib. 13 Mena Al Ahmada ~ -- 232-B Amtrlcaa Mall Une..Feb. 12 San Iran. . ,....200 Upper . . . Ti _j, eb . 13 crnc.nt C ty _ i _ . ,107 Uppud Col. B. T. Feb. 12 Creicent City _.__178 Fred Olsen - Line 12 Huenem« iorai Maru (Jap.) - Lsllanl ------------------------ Mormacxulf ....... -- - ----------------Marjare: Onstad (Nor.-TXr.) Mary · Olson _. -- » ------ Metapan .......... ------ . ---------- · President Grant , ----------President Hn-rrlaan -------- Showa Mam (Jan.) ----------Siena (Don. ) --------------- aheal Royal (Br.-Tkr.) ---- Tiuneshlma Maru (Jap.) .... Wonosobo (But.) ------- -World Ideal (L!b.-THr.).. Yaraaklku Maru (Jap.) Texan (Tier.) A . » A-^u w.-^- -- __________ . '. ____ 22* cle-D'arrr»t*m«itT, Feb. 13 aan Tran. .Anc Lalmol Bros ...... _..._Fet. 12 Yokohama ........ ins Mataon Navfta. Co,_Feb. 14 Honolulu iB-10 States Marie. LJne....Feb. 14 San Fran- Marln« Une._-F«b. 13 Mazatlan b. 12 1 -Ban Fran. ... . B - 2 0 1 ______ .230-D Daldo Line ..... -- -- . ___ XB-7 Hawaiian T«t. Inc. Feb. " - . 14 Honolulu ..i^j3-( Hawaiian JIKAL. -*u«. ·""«.-"'..;r":;r,vr 232-A Moor« McCormack LlneJFtb. 13 Balhoa ..163 The Texas Co. --J«b. 13 Yokohama _107 Oliver J. Olson Co -Feb. 16 Bandon __ 155 American Pre»id«Bt J(b. 17 San EieRO _____ 180 Nltto Shoitn K.K.....Feb. 14 San Fran. ____ XB-3 The E. Aalatic Co.-Feb. 14 San Fran. _______ 107 Shell TanK«ri Ltd. -- - ---------- .Indef. __ __181 lino Une -. __________ Jtn. 12 YoKohama _____ 179 Java Paclflc*Ho««h-F«b. 12 San Fran. ___ LB-7V TransoManic -- '_F«b. 12 Yokohama ...XB-24 Yamajhita Lin. -------- Feb 13. Stockton ______ 169Joshua Htndy _Teb. 14 Perth Amboy NON-RESPONSIBILITY NOTICE Notice is hereby clven by the un dersigned Shelby D. Banks, resid Ing It S2325 S. Main Torrance California, that after the- dat« o Feb. 13th) 1958, he will cot be re sponslble for any debts, liabllitie or obligations Incurred by any per sons other than - himself . Dated Feb. 12th, 1968. - (Signed) SHELBY D. BANKS. Pub. Feb. 13, 14, 15, 1958-- (3t)-- L.B..I. NOTICE TO BIDDERS^ Notice -i» hereby given that. th Board of Education of the Long Beach Unified School District County of 'Los Angeles California will receive sealed bids in the offic of the Assistant . Secretary, roon- 209- -Administration Building, _71 Locust Avenue, Long Beach, Call 'ornla, up to 2:00 o'clock P.M. February 27,. 1958, for the following Sched. #3177-- Blue-printing It, related reproductions Specifications · and bid forms be obtained in- the office Business -Manager.- room ministration Building. A certlfle or cashier's check or blddera bon in amount of $250.00 must .accom puny each lid received. The Boar of Education reserves the right t reject any or all bids and to waiv VESSELS DtTE- WEDNESDAY Vi»Kl Berth Oollna (Tkr.) 238 _ C. E. Dant, 187 Fiducia (Itl.5 Anc Masimar. -LB-25 _..-..... from Operator '^- ; !»« to SmU Estero Bay Oen. Petrolm. Feb. 14 Huntlnrton . _ San DleKO.Statei I ' ..Baltimore 'Calmar 13 New York Prodfomoa (Lib.) Anc_. Slrancer (Nor.) LB-34.. Ttiorsiile (Nor.V 230-E.. 101 "Vancouver Mai-time- KemWa - Ltd.. Feb. 13 1 13 ~_S"an~FSn.' Saguanay Shpx. JLtd. ...Feb. 13 London Fran. Weitftl Larwn Co.-f*t.' 14 Manzanlllo '~ n/PacHlc Is. Trans. Co: Feb..14 Papeete VESSELS DUE, TOD AY From'operator' , Doj .«« SsJL Vouel Berth Barce *537, 135 -Edward Luckenbach, 229. GOerffe 'Olson, 22S-A _ Humboldt Woodmans. 122. Ice Flower (Nor.) LB-34. Lompoc (THr.) LB-7T.i__^ Loch Loyal -(Br.) 180 ~ Maren Maerilt (Dan.) 174_Yokobama llaenk Line Mwmonth (Tkr!) l«f --'-- --' PrMtdant Taylor. 184 Coos* Bay Up?.r ~Col.niv.TowJJ.b7f7 Coo. Bay .^Brooklyn Lnckenbach- -Lines_Fet. 10 Ban Fran. Hu.nnnt Oliver. J. Olson Co.^.^..." San Fran. nen«me Sam. Broi. Tow.- Jeb. .14 San Ultfo capuli!o Pacific Ktet.r Serv.-F.b. 15 Cblmbow seatt!.'Pac. Ci^. Tranipt. Co.J«b. It Seattle an Jo.e Royal Mall Lin. - F«b 15 »«n J kghama llaenk Line _.J -- F.b. 14 Crlstob Martlnei W.H-Wlck.Mham Co...F.b 14 HonoMu Tork. American Presld«nt_Feb. 15 San Fran. Ltd-Feb. 14 KlUma .. (ifor.) Anc--Port Eigulv.1.8a«ii«nay· lavla. J9 _ :,'·:,.-8an Tran. Gran LIn ganta Fli _ spruce (M«%.) OJ-34. Torsteln CQer.) S3 u ^ r»ii. w«i. **·· . lniinad* ClaM«lcanaDaKac. - . .- 14 San Jo«« Ouat 14- En»«nada niina* a . - . ititdam No. CUrmas- Lloyd_Ffb. J* San Fran of th 202 Ad SCHOOL DISTRICT. By BERTHA PARSONS, Asst. Secretary PUD. Feb.' 13, 20, 1958 (20-- L.B.I. CERTIFICATE OF BUSINESS FICTITIOUS FIRM NAME- THE tTNDERSIGNED doea nereb- certify that he is conducting a He tail Boat Sales business at 9036- E Boiecrans, Clty'of Bellflower, Coun ty-of Los Anjeles, State of Cal Jornis; under tho lictltious flrrn name ol HTDRO SWEPT BOA SALES and that said firm Is com posed of the following persons whose names and addresses are · f0l ]° W 'd Foster da of January, 19S8. J. O. GOTETTE STATE OF CALIFORNIA. ) COtTNTT OF LOS ANGELES ) si ON THIS S7th day of January A.D. -1958, before me. Clarence J Smith, a Notary.Bublic In and fo «ald County and State, realdin ng Beach Unified School _ with the understanding that ' violation of this condition forthwith terminates the lease proposed hereunder, and . BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that this lease may be terminated within : the above expressed, term by the giving by either party.-, of BE" IT FURTHER RESOLVED . at! sealed bids shall be received ' the regular meeting of the Board Education at 4:00 p.m. on Mony March 17, 1958, .and .will b«- nsldered at approximately that- ur and ' - - ' " BE IT FURTHER RESOLyED' at oral bids will be' ded such oral bids .exceed by at f sat 5% the highest of' the said written proposals and/or- th« next Oth, day of February, 1958. BOARD OF EDUCATION OF THE LONG BEACH UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT OF LOS ANGEL.E COUNTY W. H..BOTD L. H.' BREWER' -M. A. DUNCAN ELIZABETH HUDSON DWIGHT C. SIGWORTH Pub.,Feb: 13, 20, 27, 1958 (3t) L.B.I Ruolutlon No. 0210: RESOLUTION OF INTENTION LEASE SCHOOL BUILDING WHEREAS, the School Dlstrlc ·will not require the use of th Auditorium at the Lafayette Schoo each Sunday from 8-a.m. to 12:3 m.. beginning April 6, 1958, an mdlng June 29,1968, both inclusive ind WHEREAS, It if the) desire of th Board of Education to rent th iforesaid Auditorium lor such'hour as H Is not needed-by the-Distrlc NOW, THEREFORE, be It n solved by the »ald Board o£ Educa ion that it declare Its intention .t offer for lease th« aforementione Audltorlum,and · BE IT FURTHER RESOLVE that the minimum rental whic will be accepted for the use o said Auditorium shall be $50.00 fo he lirst use,- and $20.00 for esc use thereafter, provided that sal uses do not exceed 4 hours, and a Jie rate of -JS.BO for each hour tha use of said Auditorium extend jeyond '4 hours .with the under standing that each 6 hour* of occi nancy. Including the time for hea jig up and preparation of the spac shall be deemed to be ona'comple use, and that any time'beyond th ! hours shall constitute another ui even though thf extension of use consecutive and ' continuing, an subject to cancellation by eith party at the time new, rates a: Setermlned-lor said type of laclli by the Board of .Education. Pa' ment of said rental Is d u e , advance of-delivery of the premise nd' , · · - / · . . · · BE IT FURTHER RESOLTOI that this leas» may be terminate ·within the above expressed term by the glvlnjr by either party 8 IT FURTHER RESOLVE that icaled bids shall be receiv at the regular meeting of the Boa of Education at 4:00.p.m. on Mo ·day, Harch 17, 1958, and -will considered at approximately tha . . at the 'Assistant Secretary be 'In-. tructed to publish- this resolution, the Long.Beach-Independent not. st than once- a 'week for thre». uccessive weeks before the, meet-. g -and to post a copy-of. said, esolution In three, public place*. l BE? e iT 1S FURTHER -RESOLVED' lat -the Board of Education' .re-' jrves the right to reject any and; 1 bids and to withdraw the -prop- rty from lese should. It deem' uch action for th« best publio IN WITNESS. OF .THE ADOP--. ION OF THE FOREGOING IESOLUTION by a vote in excesa 2/3 of all members of this Board^e · the members of such Board, resent and voting thereon hays ereunto set our hands this iota B^A^^E^UCATION OF ' THE LONG BEACH UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT OF - LOS ANGELES COUNTY' . W. H. BOTD L. H. BREWER M. A. DUNCAN ELIZABETH HUDSON ' DWIGHT- C. SIGWORTH ub. Feb. 13, 20. 27, 1958 (3t) L.B.L Resolution No. 021058-B ESOLUTION OF INTENTION TO LEASE SCHOOL BUILDING, WHEREAS, the School District 111 not require the use. of the Audi- orium at the Madison School each undny from 9:00 a.m.. to' 1:00- p.m., nd from 6:00 p.m. -to 10:00 p.m., eglunlng April 13, 1958, and end- ng'july 6, 1958, both inclusive, WHEREAS, It Is the desire of tli« card of Education to rent: the aforesaid Auditorium .for such hour» s it is-not the District. NOW, THEREFORE,- be it re- olved by the said Board of Educa- on thafit declare Its intention to ffer 'for lease the aforementioned AU BE t0 IT m FURTHER RESOLVED hat the minimum rental which will e accepted for the use of-the said, Auditorium shall be 150.00 for tha irst use and- $20.00 for each us» hereafter, provided the.use doei ot exceed 4 hours, «nd-»t the rate · f S2.50-for each hour'that the une efijied above extends beyond 4 ours, with the understanding that ach-8. hours of occupancy includ- ng the time, for heating up and, reparation of the space shall -b» eemed to be one complete use even hough the extension of use is con- ecoflve and continuing, and sub- ect to cancellation by either party at the time new rates are determined for this- type of facility'by he Board of Education. Payment f basic rental-Is due in advance BE'^VtJR^^RlfsV^D that this .lease may be termhrated, within the above expressed term by .he giving by either party of notic« RESOLVED sealed bid. _.haU be received SSMSSiT at .rproxlmately that b( BE- ; 'IT d FURTHER RESOLVED that oral bids wiU be received provided such oral bids exceed by at east 5% the highest' of the said written proposals and/or th« jiext that 'the. Assistant-Secretary'be; in- successive weetoi before tb« r*ett- nr and to post a copy of said rwoluOon in^three public placeM FURTHER RESOLVED that the Board- of Education re- Mrves the right to reject any and Ifbfd. «d to withdraw th« i property from lease should TION OF THE FOREGOING RESOLUTION by ·· vote in «c«. of 2/3 of all members of thia Boarov we tte members, of such Board^ present and voting the«on.. iav. nereunto set our. Vnd. this . 10th L'H. BREWER Pub. ret. 13, ZO, 27, 1J» C3t) L.B.I,

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