Independent from Long Beach, California on March 15, 1966 · Page 22
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 22

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 15, 1966
Page 22
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Page C-6--INDEPENDENT t - OM »··*· c ""- """· MK - "· "" B. C. By JOHNNY HART · OATUKPAV N5 /44 SOOP S \ THIS AXIS I LOCATED? I Tine conclusion THAr THE t=ARTH RESTATES. APTftRMS AIN'T TMC KlNPA GlOfZY I HAP L IN AMNt». po ABOUT ir. Upon AN AXIS. JOE PA LOOK A IISS PEACH ISN'T THflTGREflTZ ' MY KID BROTHER... GOLLY; PM i PTOXJPOF STEVE.' HERE IT IS IN THE NErVSPflPEK.... " STEVE Pfll-00«A, EX-MIPPLEWEIGHT CHflMP, NAMED SPOKT9 PIKECTOK OF KEflTH TV NETWORK." I fiSKED HIM, KflTHV,.. BUT HE'S HAVING PINNER flT HIS BROTHER'S HOUSE TONIGHT.' BUT B'LIEVE ME.. NOW THflT IVE TOKEN-THE JOB. I'M SCflKBP/ VERY SOON NOW, TH6 BIRPS WILL BE BACK . FROM THE SOUTH . OH, I'MGLflP,GLAR GLAP THAT STEVE ACCEPTED,' BUT WHERE IS HE,POPS? DIPN'TYOU BRING HM HOME FOR PifJNEK 7 Bv BOB MONTANA JUDGE PARKER Ry PAUL NICHOLS THEM,I6HO(JLP CONSIP6K \AMY, YOU'RE TAKING YOU ON A WORLP'S 1THEXINPOF TCXJK..ALSO PART OF YOUR / A MOTHER THERAPY.. AN P I COULPN'T/ EVERY GIRL POTHAT FOR LESS THAN SSHOULP HAVE! +10.000.' THEN,THERE'LL BE V , . INCIPENTAL EXPENSES..,J / / »? rWELL,lVE B E a J F I K e T , YOU'LL KEEP XT LEAST A. ' MAKING SOME YEA.K OF INTENSIVE PSYCHOTHERAPY MENTAL NOTES! ..PERHAPS AH ANALYSIS TO HELP YOU THROUSH THIS P6VASTATING TRAUMATIC EXPERIENCE...MAVE LIKE *iz,ooo WORTH; PRETrY ."OON WHOLE I CRAZY VORLD Blr. VUN 1\ BIG PLASTIC BALL } NO, I PI PUT PI6CU65 COST WITH PEAR MK5.5TANTON.. BUT SHE'S COMIN OVER TOMORROW FOR THAT. PURPOSE; YOU S1AND WHO CHANSEO \ AROUND VOODEN /VV3P HANDLE TO PLASTIC ANDLE? By DICK BROOK ]ACKSON TWINS THINK, y I'M TERWITE.'lTHINklN'/ I'M -THINKIN'.' JMGLAPI DONTHAVE \ GIVEMEANCE GWTLLT SLAVE PPlVEPWrTHA TEST IN SCHOOL V BULL WHIP ,w r*y/ ^00'VE GOT TO FILL INTHE QJESTONNAIEE SO WE kTNCW HOWiOUNSB? klPSLUCETHEAIOVi WELL, AS LONYOU ATE IT, PRETEND SO IT'S A POTHOLDER/ BUT AS LONG- AS WE'RE PLAYING- RESTAURANT. PRETEND IT'S A WAFFLE .' THK BKHKYS By CARL GltUBKRT DliNNIS THE MENACE By HANK KETCH AM FHKRK OUGHT TO BK A LAW Bv SHORTEN and WH[PPLK IN 1 ROtt. COM9O Like THIS USUAlLf WNPS UP.Wffl A HAME LIKE- CREEPV TOUR60MES SUCfl A9 THIS VJ1LL SPOC.T A MOHlCkEI^ LIKE- BUREAUCRACY EXPLAINTM BUT THE WAY TO MAKE * SEKJ5E OUT OF A SENTENCE, IS TO KIND OF SLIDE OVER IT REAL FAST,- CROSSWORD PUZ/LJE HELENECKSL /zi TtiiKP ME- HAWOt'HEI6/IT5. AW ACKOSS Float. Impart. Nautical Icmi. SufTn in words. His: Fr. Yogi licrra. Stands ill!!: 2 wordi. Walking . _ ; 2 word;. Saluralcd. Director of a bank. Like some road*. Frtudian Prim: Colloq. Nabob, for one: 2 t iNight ?pot. S7 Shirked. 61 ".Something there is that Hocsn'1 love - ": 2 words, 62 Operating: 2 words, M Kind o[ knife. 6/ Waterfall. IS £marl: Slan«. 22 Appear again. 24 Sprinkles with flour. .26 Barter: Colloq. 27 Vibrate. Member of a Turkic people. 30 Cleopatra's faithful' . 31 "Nor iron bars ": 2 words. 32 Content* of a certain hook. .14 Goad. .16 Dirk Deaetrye and otberi. .19 Sojourn. ·10 Visitor from · outer space. ·i.1 Cole Porter show. Lands. Scrooge's partner, 49 Cards. 52 Negative verbal contraction. 53 Old-lime workhaikeL 54 .Military acronym. . r .~i Shout noisily, .Vj Slant. Plate. 59 Outside: Prefix. Obscure. 6.1 Greek island. ! //STSVTOME! r THINK RNIN'TO^Xt^/" IHJGS RUNNY CLEMENTINE By BOB STEVENS THEN ALL THE WORDS ELENO INTO ONE THOUGHT AND YOU GO ON TO THE NEXT SENTENCE.,,,,SEE ? 00 YA HAVE DUST,PETUMIA? WHAT AW IMPOSED 7 s DO/ LAY, HERE I'M MAKING-A MUD BIRTHDAY CAKE FOR THAD/ ESlI'W DOING ,W SPRING HOJSE- CLEANIN'Gl Small fry. 69 iiodega. 2 " on the bacV; 2 ·AOids. 3 I'romellieus 1 gifl to ;nan. ·i Departure of a plane. Not long ago. 6 Suppress. 7 Numbers: Abbr. 8 Doctor's order*. 9 Discard. ]0 Horse-drawn vcbicle*. Pdrt «( Q.E.D. 12 Place in Pennsylvania. 13 Ancient melropolis. Where Callao is. Glaswegian. NATO, fci our. Nautical term. One ____ lime: 2 words. Decani. SHORT RIBS By I-RAISK O'NKAl Ira patient. Commonplace statement. Emphasis. Dcplorablr. Gossamer. FIRST, I ADD A LITTLE BIT OF DIRT,THEN WATER,A PINCH OF SAND, A HALF A CUP OF ROCKS, ETC.ETC. -WIRE'S o«£ WITH «;s ClEAB DOWN OVER HIS EVES THEEE'S ANOTHEK / WO MOT BEATLES SOMETH' WITH-THEIR LON'G HWR. \\MAT AVAKE'5 VOU SO SURElTWAS-WEKAtfS? LCXX AT 1MAT TEES' AIORTY AIEEKLE By IJICK CA^'ALLI FLCWLfkEA BUTTERFLY ·ST/NS L/Ke TO ntnioos nzzit AND PtJNCH UliS A A^LJLH. ANDTOTH1NK,THEY , HAVE A MAN COOKING-

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