Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 27, 1988 · Page 24
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 24

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 27, 1988
Page 24
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Page 24 Pharos-Tribune, Logansport, Indiana, Sunday, March 27, 1988 Hi & Lois Blondie NOW I'M READY Y AND I'M FOR SCWVE •</ READY MORE POKER X TOR SOME SLEEP NOW THOSE AREITHWS THE MAN-SIZED <> ONLY KIND SANDWICHES ] HE MAKES OV\, IT'S MAINLY THE /WAIL YOU -GET ANP i NEVER HERE, HAVE <&or rwto OF Frank & Ernest Rip Kirby THE 'FOCTUNe' IS VEERING SOUTH. FLANK SPEEP AHEAP/ WE HAVE TO STAY W/TH HER/ SP/KE ANI7 MAKTINE PON'T KNOW IT BUT TONIGHT'S BOAT HEIST WILL BE THE LAST. CM NOT ONE TO PRESS MY LUCK TOO FAR.' Beetle Bailey WHY NOT BEETLE THE SMITHSONIAN HAS ARCHIE BLINKER'S CHAIR ALAN ALPA'S GIN MIL! BAILEY'S BEP? Garfield Peanuts SOME COMPUCTOR5 LIKE TO PERFORM NEW MUSIC TO CHALLEN6E THEIR II5TENER5. UJMAT5 TM15 NEW Pi THEY'RE PLAVIN6 7 I'VE NEVER MEARP OF IT... BOHIN6 15 CHALLENGING 1 Hartland ABNORWl ACTlVfTY DWT WGHT WMK Rex Morgan " : V FOR A 50-YARD WALK-' THERE'S '"•RE W : : I SOMETHING I WANT TO SHOW GOING, J^-T rv YOU. EPicvr I DECIDED I'D OIVE YOU YOUR WFPOIMG PRESEWT IM ADVANCE' HOW DO YOU LIKE IT, DARLIM6? IT'S BEAUTIFUL—BUT, AS I TOLD YOU, I'M KJOT SURE READY FOR 1 CANT ACCEPT THIS, Born Loser r- IT^ Hi's-BIRIHCAY,,, WHAT TH^MAKiWrlO Lockhorns Crossword Bv Thomas Joseph © King Features Syndicate, Inc. Hagar the Horrible YOU DON'T MAWE TO REfVAEMBER LAST NI6HT VOU'LU HEAR ABOUT IT IM COURT." Yesterday's Answer Another summer—and another year that no one rode the bicycles? Sell them with a classified ad an buy something vou do need. 24 Young salmon 26 Medioim DOWN 1 Stand the — 2 Rose essence (var.) 'A Nogri of the silent.s 4 Perfect 5 Actress 13 Soccer team 14 Spud (dial.) man 16 Enameled 28 Public metal 20 Fashion (Uiostley 21Preci.se 6 Indisposed 22 Italian 7 Conven- city Uoneer 23 Atlantic 9 Flair or Pacific 20 ^ quarrel 31 Emanation 32 Pleased 33 European river 35 Sacred pledge 24 19 ACROSS ! (Generation -4 8 At tlie summit 10 She (Fr.) 11 FDR's dog 1 <i Boneless CUt 15 Amok 17 Top of an old scale 18 Starting words from Welk ' 19 — up, arise • 20 Twin crystal 22 One kind of review : 23 Hidden supply 24-- N'oster 25 "The -and Future King" '. 26 Sanctuary 27 Babylonian deity . 28 Withered 29 To he, to Bernardo 30 Massacre 34 Kind of agency ; 36 Void 37 Franchot • 38 Jordanian ,'•39 Pitcher DAILY CRYFTO<}[JOTES— Here's how to work it: 3«e AXYDLBAAXR isLONGFELLOW • One letter stands for another. In this sample A is used "for the three L's, X for the two O's, etc. Single letters, "apostrophes, the length and formation of the words are all ;hints. Each day the code letters are different. CRYPTOQUOTE !3-26 ; I) 7 D T V A Z A M M O K Y X A E O Z : Y L F A E Y E .1 E U S A X Z C T K B A V ;MC AXMVZ DXMVZ VALMUS -H M E U A V ' D Z Y M K B G P Z ' K L T E V E U S . — Y M K U A L F R T L V M U Yesterday's Cryptoquote: HONOR WOMEN AND •THEY ENTWINK AND WEAVE HEAVENLY ROSES IN " OCR EARTHLY LIFE. —JOANNE SCHILLER 40 Horoscope FOR SUNDAY, MARCH 27, 1988 What kind of day will tomorrow be? To fund forecast given for your AJRIES (Mar. 21 to Apr. 19) Despite your personal misgivings, the outlook for romance and leisure is better than you anticipate. In business, you end this day financially ahead. TAURUS (Apr. 20 to May 20) Travel right now will open up a whole new world for you. It's better to go out than to have company over at present. There is luck for a member of the family. GEMINI (May 21 to June 20) Business negotiations are tricky right now and full of complications. Watch out for an embarrassing slip of the tongue today. Romance is accented tonight. CANCER H out what the stars say, read the birth sign. (June 21 to July 22) Though career and income are positively accented now, extravagance needs to be kept within bounds. Evening hours are splendid for social life and heart interests. LEO (July 23 to Aug. 22) Work is sluggish as the day begins, but the pace picks up dramatically later. Business does mix with pleasure tonight, but avoid grandiose statements. VIRGO (Aug. 23 to Sept. 22) It's a conflict within you today whether to socialize or to stay at home. Indications are you should indeed accept what invitations come now. Romance is likely. LIBRA (Sept. 23 to Oct. 22) The situation is still not right at home for entertaining. However, social Jife is accented now with a plus. Watch your use of credit, but do enjoy yourself. SCORPIO (Oct. 23 to Nov. 21) Career is very much on your mind today and some accomplishments will be made despite snags. Romance is revitalized now. Feelings of love definitely grow deeper. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 to Dec. 21) Good times can be enjoyed now, but watch diet and self-indulgence. There may be business ramifications to a social get-together tonight. A child delights. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 to Jan. 19) You need to put the lid on spending and judgment could be bad regarding the use of credit. However, it's full steam ahead with romance. Be sure to go out now. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 to Feb. 18) Get those little things off your chest. Explain rather than complain and togetherness is assured now. Privacy abets romance and domesticity pleases tonight. PISCES (Feb. 19 to Mar. 20) Do enjoy the company of friends now, but advice you receive from them about business could put. you on the wrong track. Be less impressionable. IF BORN TODAY you can sell yourself and your product. Your gift for expressing yourself could draw you to the theater or a writing career. L. M. Boyd Q. What's a yawn do for me? A. Gets rid of your excess carbon dioxide. Q. How many "Fleet Admirals" have there been in the U.S. Navy? A. Four - Ernest J. King, William D. Leahy, Chester Nimitz and William F. Halsey. They all made that rank within a year after the Navy created it In 1944. What sort of peanut butter do you like? Research shows Easterners prefer creamy, but West Coast people buy more chunky. Among wild animals, experts say: "The safer the den, the sounder the sleep." Sellers of burglar alarms ought to be able to do something with this. Q I've read that a few early settlers of the Jamestown colony went immediately to live with the Indians. Why? A. To find out what wild foods they could eat safely. Hardly anybody can name the second largest country in Europe. Ask around, They should say France, but few do.

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