Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on March 8, 1968 · Page 7
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 7

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Friday, March 8, 1968
Page 7
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FRIDAY, MARCH 8, 1968 Doctor Alvarez .. Dr. Walter C. Alvarez is I emeritus consultant in medi- - cine of the Mayo-Clinic and C emeritus professor of medi- , cine of the Mayo Foundation. [' Cancer of the mouth must be ;watched for, especially in older 'people. Commonly, it is recognized by dentists. If your dentist 'finds a mouth cancer, go immediately to an oral (mouth) sur- Igeon, an expert in diseases of ·the mouth. Perhaps the com- imonest place for the cancer is Jon the back of the tongue. Also, 'it can be on the lip where a .'.man always rests his pipe. It is !;the hot pipestem which injures | the tissue. Also, hot pipe smoke ·^can cause cancer on the side of "the tongue. I; Any sore in the mouth which Mails to heal quickly must be in- ;;vestigated immediately by an -expert. It may or may not ··cause pain. Sometimes there is ji a bit of a lump or a thickening, !lor a whitish or a red patch, or a :Uttle patch that bleeds. There 'jnay be a sensation as if there -were something in the throat, or '-there may be difficulty in wear- i'ing dentures. Any such dis- I;comfort should make the person "go .immediately to a dentist or ;;o'ral surgeon. Sometimes an early symptom '·of cancer is a lump in the neck, which is due to a "daugh- ; let-growth" that came down ; from a cancer in the mouth. To make sure, the doctor can cut _out the lump and have it examined. If there is an ulcer in the month, the doctor can take out a liltle piece of that and have il sectioned and 'examined under a ;microscope. An expert pathologist can tell in a minute if it is a cancer. Such an examination is called a biopsy, or an exam' ination during life. BIOS is life and PSY refers to seeing. Most mouth cancers grow and spread quickly; hence they 'must be investigated the day , they show up. Some have to be cut out, while others can be destroyed with electric sparks; many are destroyed with X-rays or cobalt rays. It is so important to see an expert. Recently I saw a man who was told by two oral surgeon _ that he would have to have par of his tongue and part of his jaw removed because of a cancer on his cheek gum and tongue When he begged for a con sultation, I sent him to a nation ally known expert who said, "No, we won't need to do any cutting." The specialist said the white lumpy area on the tongue was really only pre-cancerous -- a plaque that could later grov into cancer. In a few minutes, he removed the growth with the help of electro-dessication -- a destruction of the abnormal tis sue by means of tiny .electric sparks. A few months later the expert looked again to see i: any of the cancer had returned but it hadn't. I read that sometimes cobal rays can be used and some times hollow needles full o radium are implanted to de stroy tumor cells. Lymph node; enlarged in fhe neck are re moved surgically. Mouth can cers cause some 4,000 deaths E year in the U.S. About half the people with a cancer of th mouth are alive five years afte treatment, and many more would be alive if they only had gone quickly to get expert care Eighty-nine per cent of men with cancer of the lip get a five year cure. Only one in threi with a cancer of the tongue is likely to be cured because thes people go for help too late Many cancers inside the cheel arc due to cigar smoking. Som tongue cancers are due to months of irritation of one spo by a sharp bit of tooth. WHAT IS A LIPOMA? In Greek, LIPO refers to fa and -OMA means a tumor Hence a lipoma is a little lump of fat perhaps an inch and half in diameter and shape like a big afterdinner mint Some people have a number o them scattered about the bod; in the fat under the skin. I never heard of one having become cancerous, and in al my years in medicine I can re member only one man who hac a lipoma under his belt so bi that I got a surgeon to remove it. Rarely do the lipomas be come big, and I never saw one that was sore to the touch. If had a few of them, they would not worry me. For further information abou epilepsy which can be caused by encephalitis send for Dr. Al varez 1 booklet "What Is Epilepsy?" To obtain your copy sent 25 cents and a stamped, self-ad dressed envelope with your request for it to Dr. Walter C Alvarez, care of the Tuesoi Daily Citizen. Copyrfshl 1761 T U C S O N D A I L Y C I T I Z E N PAGE 7 i-^^vC|.w! r-^^T** 8 SsgSu^** ·*SSfe£fe i^vjj m Mm Hi ^OtJNTE/dl HAST 22 NP ~K I V sSS --^ B SSAvKtii* : -.'~ \Z-.--^~-. !$(?··. ''A.,,¥j ^iSW O (HUB ^. ·$¥«£;£· ;i'*i^^'^ 1 ·«£zCS£J C*CZ' ONE-OF-A-KIND STORE 132°° 305 55 95°° [Reg. 189.95'Famous Brady 5 PC.Gleaming Chrome Dinette. Chairs Have Wrap Around Backs. Extra Nice.. Now j Reg. 409.95 Famous Make.Loose Cushion [Back Sofa, Love Seat Matching Chair. I Avocado Quilt .,.,. Now Reg. 129.95 French Prov.Double Dresser I Piate Glass Mirror. 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