Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on May 2, 1963 · Page 10
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 10

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 2, 1963
Page 10
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PAGE 10 T U C S O N D A / L Y C I T I Z E N THURSDAY EVENING, MAY 2, 1963 THURSDAY EVENING, MAY 2, 1963 T U C S O N D A I L Y C I T I Z E N PAGE I I DR. ALVAREZ Health Clinics Get Entry Blank Here for... the Ml R AC LE WHIP ^ South Seas Dr. Alvarez is emeritus consultant in medicine of the Mayo Clinic and emeritus professor of medicine of the Mayo Foundation. By WALTER C. ALVAREZ, M.D. There are many thousands of persons who, when mental illness comes to them or to some member of their family, greatly want to know where they can find a clinic in which they can get expert advice. I am thinking particularly of people who cannot afford to pay the large fees which many a psychiatrist gets for a half hour or so of time. I would advise these people to find a copy of the new "Directory of Out-patient Clinics and Other Mental Health Resources in the United States." It would be well worth the couple of dollars it costs. It is now obtainable from the National Association for Mental Health, 10 Columbus Circle, New York 19, N.Y., and its divisions and chapters throughout the country. This directory also lists state mental hospitals, public Institutions for mental defectives and epileptics, psychopathic hospitals. Veterans Administration mental hospitals, mental health associations, state departments dealing with mental health and regional offices of the Public Health Service. From now on, this directory will be brought up to date and reissued yearly. As Robert H. Felix of the National Institute for Mental Health says, "This is one of the most exciting and promising movements in the entire history of the care and treatment of the mentally ill." I agree with him. Pain Of Gout For hundreds of years we physicians have wondered why a gouty man should develop such extreme pain in one of his big toe joints. Now, Drs. James S. Faires and Daniel J. McCarty Jr. of Philadelphia report they have found that by injecting crystals of sodium urate into their own knee joints they could produce a very painful gouty arthritis. The pain was so bad that for three days they had to go around on crutches. We still don't know why occasionally urate crystals will drop out of solution in the blood and why they should so commonly attack the big toe joint of one foot. Any man who wakes in the wee morning hours with an almost unbearable pain in his big toe joint will know he has the gout. To find this out, he doesn't have to consult a doctor. A leading authority on gout, my friend, Dr. John H. Talbott, recently was asked about the uses of colchicine and Benemid, drugs which are used in the treatment of gout. Talbott said colchicine is of value in treating the acute and painful attacks of gout, and in preventing their recurrence. Curiously, the colchicine does not have any demonstrable effect on the body's handling of uric acid, and, also curiously, the drug Bene- mid has no immediate effect on the terrible pain in a big toe joint. What it does, perhaps after it has been taken for a few months, is so to reduce the amount of uric acic in the body that the gouty person has fewer attacks or none at all. Talbott recommends that all persons severely afflicted with gout take one or two tablets of both colchicine and Eenemid daily for a minimum of one to three years. Then the dosage can be reduced. In his years of experience Talbott has not seen any bad side effects from giving these drugs. One of the most distress- Ing things that can happen to a family is to have some member become mentally upset. The booklet, "When Mental Illness Strikes a Family," by Dr. Alvarez, can offer help during this trying period. You may obtain a copy by sending 25 cents and a stamped, self- addressed envelope to Dr. Walter C. Alvarez, care of the Tucson Daily Citizen. Sailors Muff Book Larnin' In Geography SAN DIEGO, Calif.--UPI-Crew members aboard the U.S. Navy attack transport returning from the Far East broke out a sign as they entered San Diego Harbor readIng: "Hello, San Francisco." But as the vessel nudged alongside a pier where hundreds of waiting dependents roared their disapproval, they flipped the sign over to the r e v e r s e side which read: "Oops, Hello San Diego." 15 trips for 2-to EXOTIC ISLES - -. - 91 OTHER PRIZES NOTHING TO WRITE . . . ENTER TODAY MIRACLE WHIP Kraft Salad Dressing . . Quart Hawaiian Bean Pot A good casserole to go along with BBQ meats. It can be put together while the fire is getting ready. I--21/2 Can Pork Beans. Miracle Whip Dole Crushed PINEAPPLE Eucr-popular Waldorf with a Hula twist! .Hawaiian Waldorf / \Vi cups diced unpeeled Washington 1'/ cups thinly sliced celery apples 1 cup miniature marshmallowt t cup pineapple lid-bits or cubes 1 tablespoon pineapple juice drained 2 t a b l e s p o o n s finely chopped 1 banana, sliced candied ginger 1 cup coarsely cropped walnuts or Vi cup mayonnaise pecans Mix together apples, pineapple, banana, celery, nuts and marshmallows. Stir pineapple juice and ginger into mayonnaise and pour over jalad ingredients. Toss lightly. Serve in targe bowl lined with salad greens or in Vi fiesh pineapple with fruit removed. Garnish with parsley or watercress. Serves 6. MOLLY MAYFIELD I--8-oz. Pine. Tidbits, Drained. I--Tablespoon Soy Sauce. 2--Tablespoons Instant Toasted Onions. 1/2--Teaspoon Old Hickory Smoked Sail. 3 or 4 slices of bacon. No. 1 Flat can $ Have a low-calorie pineapple- cottage cheese salad I IT'S "HAWAIIAN WEEK" at El Rancho It's Hawaiian week at El Rancho! Every place you look there's a tit of the tropics-right clown lo special prices on many of yonr favorite Hawaiian fruits and drinks . . . Even our meal department has special tropical treats in store for you . . . Plan now to have one of your most pleasant shopping experiences-Visit your "Hawaiian" El Rancho this week end. Cottage Cheese Mix together and top with bacon. Bake 350", 30 minutes. Serves 6. Ardlen Hawaiian Delight ICE CREAM ARDEN'S 'ROVED Van Camp's PORK BEANS Flavor Fresh Half Gallon Dole Sliced PINEAPPLE FIRM LARGE HEAD POUND LARGE AVOCADO: FOR Large No. 2'/2 Cans Fresh Pork Stokely Hawaiian Applesauce with _ . _ ^ 4^ QQ No. 303 can LEAN BOSTON BUTTS [Illlllllllllllllllllllli Chuck ROAST GOLD SEAL BEEF Round LB. Blade Cut LB. GOLD SEAL BEEF LB. Round Bone ROAST GOLD SEAL BEEF Tender Rib STEAKS Mandarin ORANGES NCH TIDBITS SMALL SALAD CELLO CARROTS PKGS, YOUR CHEF DELICATESSEN LEAN, SUCCULENT, MEATY HAWAIIAN BBQ d SPARE RIBS Lb. $149 Phone in Orders--EA 6-3344 Speedway Store Only Dole "New Flavor Spun 1 LB. GOLD SEAL BEEF LB Hczncho Gold Seal Meats make a 7-Bone Roast Lb 53 Rib Roast "r'l^Lb 79 Ground Chuck L b69 Boneless Briskets L,. 79 Sirloin Steak Lb 85 Ground Round Lb 79 T-Bones Lb95 Top Round Steak , 99 Rump Roast±±Lu, 89° Sirloin Tip Steak : 99° Cube Steak u,99° Boneless Stew u, 79 C Pork Chops c r'l Cut Lb 89° Pork Steak Lb 59" Spareribs M ! dium Siie Lb 49° Pork Chops Loin End Lb . 69° better meal... Braising Ribs Lt 39° Ground Beef Lb 33° New York Steaks , b . I 49 Round Steak B !±V 89° Top Sirloin Steak ^ I 39 Sirloin Tip Roast 89 Chuck Roast B :± sLb 79° Chuck Steak Lb 49° HARD»VOOO ME5OUIT6 CHARCOAL BRIQUETS Chef's Choice BRIQUETS CH CANE SUGAR Hardwood Charcoal Lighter Fluid = BAG I only BAG PURE CANE granulated Orleans Shrimp Small Size For Salads--4'/j Oz Sliced Papaya CO Reese Imported--16-Oz. Jar *^ * MacadamiaNuts Royal Hawaiian Imported--3 Va Oz Burry Gaucho Cookies--11-Oz. Package Paper Plates or Dole Pineapple- Grapefruit JUICE oz. cans Dole Pineapple- A .. - '·- ·«· * * - * *. Juice Drink QUICK FIRE QUART .... m Fonda--Pkg. of 80 Sun Lotion Coppertan--Plastic Bottle $119 NEW! Corn King Brand Ham , ! REAL CORN COUNTRY FLAVOR Ib. can EACH Pork Link Sausage Hormel 12-oz. Pkg. Hormel Sausage Sliced Bacon Co n Kin * 2-/b. pkg. All Meat Franks S.X- 59' Lunch Meats !'£"#. 29' NEW EXCITING COFFEE FROM Hawaiian Kona Coffee Here's a coffee that will make you sit up and say "Aloa." So different it defies description Try it! 1BAKERY HAWAIIAN POUND CAKE REG. THURSDAY, 1'RIDAY, SATURDAY ONLY Kaiser Foil 2/65 Snurinl PriW 5 Ft. Free I MIX 'DA OR LIMIT RICmS RESERVED atttbw! Dole FROZEN JUICES Your Choice Too Used To One Another DEAR MRS. MAYFIELD: We have many friends, but none to spare. Paula and Paul are (or were) our best friends. They expect to be accepted "as is." We much prefer "as was." They feel at liberty to find fault with us, but when we mention their imperfections, they rebel. Paula especially has become spoiled and selfish. She expects and asks favors, but seldom gives us a bit of appreciation. We ask when she is sick, "How are you feeling?" Not once does she ask, "And you?" We call almost every day when she is not well. She never calls to ask about us. Invitations to their home are n i l . They eat well here. In public she may or may not speak, and in conversation she interrupts without asking to be excused. "Please forgive me" is not In her vocabulary. Excuse my ignorance, Molly, but what can we do to get them to be our friends again? EARNEST DEAR EARNEST: Strains of the bored discord! What you two need are fresh notes -- n e w friends who'll bring fresh problems. They'll help you get Paula and Paul in perspective again --for an encore, I hope. MOLLY MAYFIELD GOOD EVENING to Donald McLaughlin--Molly. Try A Little Aggressiveness DEAR MRS. MAYFIELD: My best friend makes me so jealous I can't stand it. She is the sweetest, truest friend I've ever had. She's easily hurt, hot-tempered and always insists she's right. I envy her for having that certain something with the Doys. She socks them in f ^ ° chest and talks about l : girls, and they eat it up. The boys talk to me as long as she's not around. Yet whenever we are together they'd rather talk to her. I guess I feel inferior. Not boasting, but I think we are equally attractive and popular. Why don't they listen to me? JEALOUS AND PERPLEXED DEAR JEALOUS AND PERPLEXED: Hitting the boys may not be ladylike, but it's a personal touch they seem to like. How are you with the personal touch? Even a plain girl with the ability to connect person to person will outdistance ^he prettiest. And I don't mean belting them. Make them your conversation piece and they will listen. MOLLY MAYFIELD Too Quick To Place The Blame DEAR MRS. MAYFIELD: Our son tries to succeed, but his wife manages to make him a failure. She is quite a few years younger than he and, though they've been married several years, she is terribly immature. He is in a tension constantly because of the way his wife manages the home, his children and publicizes his privacy. She discusses everything with other wives over coffee and the telephone. Is this a trend of the times or just an example of an immature girl not ready for responsibility? MARLA DEAR MARLA: Certainly irresponsibility i3 a trend of the times, but so is shifting the blame. From your disclosure, she may or may not be producing .the failure. Moms are apt to blame anyone but a son and, seems to me, you've produced a case in point. MOLLY MAYFIELD LIQUOR DEFT. SILVER KING GIN KRIVICHI VODKA 80 PROOF FIFTHS Mariani Assorted in I '/2 pound poly bag Advertisement Leaves Bermuda Dangling LONDON--UPI -- From an dvertisement for Bermuda: 'Tantalizingly suspended etween the deep blue sky nd the azure Atlantic is the magic island." Commented the newspaper Evening Standard -- "Visitors re requested not to alight vhile the island is in mid- lir." 2 QQ Whip Topping · ^0 ^^C Rich's For Desserts, lO-oi. can SPEEDWAY 3360 E- Speedway OPEN 24 HOURS CATAUNA 1930 E. Grorit EL CON CENTER 3607 E. Broadway 6321 East 22nd St. Flagstaff Man Heads Liquor Association PHOENIX --iff)-- A. H. Klick of Flagstaff is the new president of the Arizona Wholesale Beer and Liquor Association. Klick succeeds Byron U Kemp of Tucson. Other officers elected at tha organization's convention in Phoenix were Morris W. (John of Phoenix, vice president and A r t h u r L. Pcarcc, of Phoenix, treasurer.

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