Independent from Long Beach, California on April 5, 1962 · Page 30
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 30

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 5, 1962
Page 30
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1«151 COtfT TOMUSl "IHt flACt TO GO'J WEST COAST --- , Pag* C-6-- INO'.PtllOjH William Hall Chorale Spontaneous, Joyful OthrU D« HMMl ·ffitM* trim Yvtrtt MimMf _ O«**-** MwMtttm ("LIGHT In The PIAZZA" . . . - . One. Two, Three' · · Ht A.lff IMPERIAL The William Hall (.horatc ras presented in a concert "uesday night in the Fin !c(hodist Church hy the .erg Beach Chapter of Amcr can Guild of Organists. lANnit ntr as "GIDGET" I "GIDGET GOES HAWAIIAN" -- ill* h OUr -IREST i own 4 · m.--Frtt rirktoo WillUm CWt» MOLDEN Will 'Sitin Nivcr Sltipt J»ivtlf*r JIM JONtJ FONTAINE | 'Tindir It Ihi Nl t hl' -- »«!« to Ohr -I BELMONT, I IM !««·»··· Mmr*' ' Cf ft.lQQI. . AltC innm , Majority of One' 1:11-C ' LORCN CURTAIN AT I Pnitfltf-'Latt O rnt« USTINOV 1 "The Man Who I Wagged His Toil" COURTESY · · COMFORT By RACHtL MORTON NOW SHOWING rWMlUAND EDGAR UUN rors DUBOUCU CUSJICJ HOBBY APRIL\ SHOW ^ '^ " ADMISSION: ADUUS tu CHIIOIIH J» ·I Twenty-three men and ;|women singers, dressed In black, gave a a^d arduous program. A dedi catcd group, they sang will spontaneity and apparent joy in singing. The bass section par ticularly fine. T1IEIR DIRECTOR, Wil liam Hall, was a personable young man who held his forces well in hard am achieved some nice effects in tonal color. He informed the audience lucidly atxKt each number. Mostly the singing wa ( without accompaniment, but in the formidable "Symphony of Psalms" by Stravinsky there was an organ accom panimcnt played by Thomas Johnson. This tremendou: work really needed an orchestra, but the chorus acquitlei itself nobly. The harpsicord was uset in a b e a u t i f u l Chorale "Agnus Dei" by Pcrgolesi also in the two-part women's voices of Bach's "Jetu Der Du Meine Seclc." The pro gram opened with "O Magnum Mystcrium" by Victoria followed by a beautiful num her, "Lord How Lons Wilt Thou Be Angry?" by Purcell. From a mass by Schubert, the chorus sang beautifully the simple and exquisite music of the "Sanctus" in excellent and understandable German. Randall Thompson*! 'Alleluia" was very unusual and very fine. · * * · IN FOUR "Songs of the Nativity" by LaMontaine some beautiful solo voices were heard. A big dramatic number, powerfully sung and with piano accompaniment, was William Walton's "Set Me a Seal." The finest music on the rogram was in Four Folk Songs by Brahms which gave great enjoyment. SHOW TIME Here are starting times of features at Long Beach theaters as listed by theater managers: and "Thtv jilt ?i,. : l:u. 7:«f. 12:11. ITATf .^V^iST-r^'p.TM; 5; «-'·'""· torn,. ..r.r-rEerp^-^ MARVIN CLOYD is surrounded by fai r damsels in Long Beach Civic Light Opera Association's production of "Call Me Madam," opening tonight in Municipal Auditorium. Girls (I. to r.) are Ruby Horton and Barbara Kennedy (top) and Lucy Hermann and Millicent Treadwell (bottom). Civic Light Opera Presents 'Call Me Madam' Tonight 'Call Me Madam," a musical spoof on the experiences of a United States ambassadress, opens tonight at 8:30 p.m. in Municipal Auditorium's Con cert Hall. The Long Beach Civic Light Opera Association production is under the direction of Dill Roberts. Among the stars are Kathy Davis, Marvin Cloyd, Burt Orben and Elaine Nelson. General manager of the association, Harvey Waggoner, said tickets are $4, $3.50 $3. $2.50 and $2. The production will be Friday, Saturday and Sunday and April 12, 13, 14, and 15. 21 Rich Lawgivers BONN OB--The West German parliament has 21 mil- ionaircs among its 513 mem- ers. Six are Socialists, 7 Free )cmocrats and 8 Christian Democrats. loirtfici H»«VEY -- CtriUiM PACE "SUMMER and SMOKE"£ "THE INNOCENTS" * 6:15 ART «K» HUDSON--Dirls OAT "LOVER COME BACK" * »··+ 'oeVwi" {"PLEASURE of HIS COMPANY" r «. ] +*******» JUrrW FrM Am in 'ir^^**^HHHH^. THE MAGNOLIA THEATRE ni.iiiiMii4.ini 211 LIME FRI. 1.50 SAT. 2.00 OFF-BROADWAY THEATRE "MR. ROBERTS" OH STAGE (130 P.M. HE 7-3571 IF YOU FIX THINGS, tell people who need your «crvlce in "Call an Expert" In Classified. Dial HE 2-5959 now. . : -P0ftf»l 7,^£: v v^w- "Sunwtxf »«d **?**'« ··*' 'The liwOCMrtl. 1:30. A * * A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A * * PACIFIC THEATRES TOWXC 412$ AlUntlc U Mill ··111 Til I«I» tiuim rin- ··IIIHT rum- STATE ' "Bit tut tun Oeiu t Mm "«··» """ HE 1'21II "ItSllt riTMl" MATINEES TODAY! STATE RIVOLI RIYOlt · LB. Bird, Jill HE 1-1207 HUT usitrs ··riiittiii" ··iiiiii in" PACIFIC DRIVE-IN THEATRES · K · C ·1C * SHOWS START AT 6:30 cunt Trail!: Clrcli CE J-9511 1IUIT MIII1N "tmuiiri KOUI" ··linn mm ir Mil. ITCH" L1KEWOOD Canon, CHtn U 4-JS3I 111 (Oltl Ml" LINCOLN Lincoln W. el Knoll JA Mill 111 (1101 lltwl "tiiilitlKiei" Ml Ml UUIll LONG IEUH 221rd ll Smll Ft TE 4-II1S ··UIIT II Til riuzi"-tiui ··Til III!" LOS ALTOS "(II Til I"!" B«mir, Sprint tioiirrni" HA S-7122 -llttiT Mlltl" Hl-WlJf 11 111 CIlll Iliw Nr. C.C. Blld.-lltlir- I "IIBIir 1M-»I2 llll nwlllll" WARNER 1IUIT MOIIIN Winiir W. ·( ··tmuill'S liui" HI-WIT it 'TIKI «ititDT nil* VI 7-liSI Ml HI (mill ·JII1IIIIHIIIIIIIIIIMIMIIIIMIIIIM Illlllllllllllllllllllll Ljb S The Lakewood Philharmonic /isoelaf/on Presenfs = Gllberf and Sullivan's = I I MIKADO II COMMUNITY PLAYHOUSE "THE MAN CALLED PETER" $121 EAI1 ANAHEIM SPECIAL PERFORMANCE APRIL 4 t II--TICKETS AVAILABLE , THUI1IBAV. I.U-miBAV, m-tlJt UTUBBAV, lU-ilU Heir) Scailoi, Director . . . Jooa Scailoi, Choreographer = = Millikan High Auditorium | = 7100 Siowden Near Palo Verde aid Spriif = I APRIL 7-8-13.14 -- 8:15 P.M. 1 = MATINEE. April 7lk Oilf -- 7:tS f.M. = = Aditti 57.00 -- SKdeurs 75e -- l.formotlo.. HE 7-0311 = ROtE'S H»DWAE, 4in VIKINO JACK'S CORtlCAN ROOM, $111 f = WALUCK-lMUJICCIIT,li»LAKI;«VOuu.l..u. = ^lllllllllllllllliiili!Li!!l!!'!'!M!!l"!!!ii"'JM" M!" I"!!!"-!!!';- ROXY OPEN II AM - OPEN Alt HICHI CHT COOPER-RIO HAYWORTH TO MUMTER-C»«f . "They Came to Cordura LM» TUINCR--toidrt DEE JlfNI SAXON--CAMr "PORTRAIT IrTBLACK" DM CAMfBON-AUrr MU«PHT 'ELECTRONIC MONSTER' )] PIXE AVE. PHONE HE -44» -CICANTIS" "FORT DOIIS" "SOLOMON and JHEIA" Long Beach Cric light Open SAFETY OF SIZE: _______ the big difference at the CALIFORNIA NATION'S LARGEST FEDERAL FEDERAL SAVINGS SAVINGS ASSOCIATION EBDBZZDCn uivni cfricts COMPLETE BRAKE JOB $4475 rlESENT THIS AD rOt f ICC I«AU CHICK 500 E. ANAHEIM ST. -run: oo. (Long Beach) HE 6*9681 51 YEARS OF SATISFIED CUSTOMERS CAJT OF SI April 5-6.7.8-12.13.14 Lon{ Buch Municipal Aud. Lotltk Stts -- Fill Orchtitta ORDER NOW Tkun. A Jo.. - - - 12 t. Sl.SO Ffl. t Sot. .... Sl.SO to S4 IOX OFFICE MUNICIPAL AUD. HE 4-7542 Hw II It J DOWNtr NOXWALK lour ri i-ini ··mill in" ··lllll RIW1II" UK mutn. tiiriii TI i mi -uiii cm tier- ··rotmrut ir miitut" IIIKItl, Ir.l. Ul «· ···imr- ··lllltt llll NIWIIIll" XEOONDO HACH 111111 CM* »»"(·»· rii-iiit -IIIIT it m mm" ii mtfiowr* IUIIL Wl l-llll ··u»«t ii tit mill" "III, I»l. tint" Giore · Mil Jl Mill ·'iimt ii Tm ruin" ··Itmi IMIII ti K«I. nut" WILMINGTON Illllll it-n.ii HIM) II 4 HI? ··ri(*ii HUM mi" ··nun in- HIUII.1II1II. (mH tt l l l l l ··mitt mini m tiiir* ___ "111111111111 mill- 11 mini IK «» t«it,ii ti i tin ··ttiiti ti T*I umi" ^ __ rilKlgTt illiiri.,ii. mi nil ··til i itniit mit «i«cnu- ··iia_» Miniuir- ·nut ii TII -nun 1117 in TII iiiiiii fmifit fitnti it 111,1 mini -mmuii mill" ··imi i» tn inn WHIR-* MODERN CERAMIC FIGURINES · 17" TALL ·ASSORTED COLORS · CHECK YOUR INTERIOR DECORATOR ON THIS ITEM · S2.9S VALUE ANOTHER FIRST AT SUTTON BROS. Giant Pottery Serving Bowl ·1-9T., 2-9T., 3-9T. SIZE · ASSORTED SHAPES SIZES · SOME WITH COVERS ·SI.50 VALUE EVERLASTING WISTERIA TREES · Up to i' !· Htl«kt · Colon: LJloe, Orange, fi«k, Whit* · Pet Not luclidtd · 7f.tS ValM ARTIFICIAL FLOWER ARRANGEMENTS · Largo auortmcit to ckooM (ion · Rot*s. Nun. IraickK, littont, Cordtilnt nd mora · U ctramle dltlict or glott bud vottt · S1.CO Vol«« COMflHE EXTRA LARGE VENETIAN GLASS GOBLETS · IDEAL (OX A itA -- FLOAEH A H R A N C i M E N I · HOLDS UP TO II Ot. OF YOU* FAVOXIIE ItVERACr · $5.00 Value 2 49 ca. 4-FT.--5-FT.--6-FT. EVERLASTING Palm Beach Palm Trees · Decorated with Fan Type Palm Including the final touch of Coco Palm · Complete with wooden Planter Box · REG. $49.95 9V 2 " ITALIAN GLASS VASE · Fill Milk trctlaitlug (lowcrt · Attortnwut luclidti: Irit, Camtlliai. Hosts, Daffodils, HyocUlk. Easter Lllits aid more. · $4.95 VALUE COMPLETE 95 3»/a-FT. _ 4-FT. -- 5-FT. -- 6-FT. MANZANITA TREES · Btlow wholesale price · First time offered HEADQUARTERS FOR ARTIFICIAI AND MANZANITA TREES We feature a comploto selection of the finest quality artificial flowers, the largest selection of tropical plants and foliage. Hundreds of Manxanita trees of quality and design to choose from at the most reasonable prices. Our staff of artists and decorators customize high style flower arrangements and Manzanita trees to suit your own personal decor in your container or select one from our tremendous stock of unusual planter pieces. Also a comp/ofo selection of styrofoam/ (lay, peal moss, assorted paints and rocks for all you homo decorators. OPEN MON., WED., THURS., FRI., 9:30 TO 9:30; TUES., SAT., 9:30 TO 6:00; SUN., 10 TO 6 P.M. 5101 LAKEWOOD BLVD. ME 4-5440 Lakewood HE 6-5217 Stall Am Frtiwiy I* litiwiil llfd., Rl(kt t« likiwoid Sk«ifl{ Ctilir. ImtAnirlcirJ or UlinuUmtl Cft'll. SUTTON BROS. 6233 LAUREL CANYON BLVD. TR 7-5762 Ho, Hollywood PO 2-4058 Frwy. t, llir ,| CJOJIB. R. t* Villiy Plin Shopplt( CMlir, I'/, Blkt. t el VlcUrr. Wi Piek fir »ipilti(. Gill Wnppint J«nie«.

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