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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 21

Long Beach, California
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Tuesday, March 15, 1966
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Niarkos, Pelegrin Win Split Stakes Longshot Niarkos and Pelegrin won the two divisions of the San Marino Handicap as Santa Anita closed out its winter meeting Monday, but once again the feature was ·.Johnny Longden in his farewell appearance in the winner's circle. The 59-year-old jockey, who bowed out of the saddle last Saturday with his 6,032nd winning ride in the San Juan Capistrano Handicap was honored between races. Twenty-two fellow riders · stood behind Longden, who was f l a n k e d by his wife . Hazel, daughter, Andrea, anc sons, Eric and Vance, as track announcer Joe Hernandez recited highlights in the ".Jittle man's 40-year career. ' · President Robert P. Strub announced that a prominen 1 sculptor has been engaged to · do a bust of Longden. It wil be placed for public view on , the grounds. Sixty-seven of Longden's -'· 452 stakes victories were rid den at Santa Anita. Longden ^will shortly start a new ca '.'·· reer as a thoroughbred train sr. The San Marino was run at !'/£ miles on the grass mrse. Niarkos, with Alvaro Pi- leda aboard, won the first section of the $21,825 San klarino by 3'/£ lengths, with Sheldrake second and Miss Rincon third in the field of nine. Chosun Victory, the fa vorite, was fifth. Jockey Bill Shoemaker won the $21,325 second sectior San Marino on Pelegrin, nos- ng out Nashua Plume, with Bill Hartack up. Attendance and betting! were down slightly from last year's all-time record high for the.track. Attendance was 1,691,725, with a daily average of 30,759. This was 1.3% below the 1965 meeting when attend was 1,713,561 and the daily average was 31,156. The betting handle total ras $153,588,691 and the daily average was $2,792,522. SANTA AMTA RACE RESULTS CMTTtaM 1H4J by Trim* PutHttllnu, Inc. !.* 1 racti cenllrmed by official » l., Mxvhr naliiie c! JM7-- FI Klce Hl ST RACE-- furiHigi. 4 rur «X» Mud l». P»r» UNO. Toe dXnVng W23 Fill Atom, M R Fliher 2IU Skiing By, L C Howard H? gjrb?"* " · " JWRfch 11 [277R)Pocpetf Papa, MPorneranlz 117 2«60 Sir Kll, Mwilroie Fm 2115 Boundawav. G J Shim " Gown Sam, Benson 1H 117 S 114 3 B J 4 17 » 14 1 -117 10 Time-- :»«, :t«S, :SWi. 1:.1V*. Hazy, track fait. Temperature 74 tfsgrees, Fltz Alom _____________ J10.00 (4.M ailing By ---------------- ·.,« Dave King of Cowboys Ahead Ojdi Toe cowboy 35.50 1670 . ].H ... _ ..... ________________ . Slarl pood from pale, iwon driving. MuludPool mwri. FITZ ATOM raced CAEN CITY efeat at Ihe hearf of I he itrelch, . 5.00 cfear and won SAILING BY, - , . , lound a ilor along the f«1rg the ilrelch and rail Fed i. whlla tfotrg Ws bcsL unhurried fjrly, ? rail , e r a i l i.eadllv . «nd. COLONEL DAVE broke .rldcj raced close vo, o f f e r e d a weak 'v on tht ttrtlch turn then hung. SCRATCHED-- BCf, OtKardo. furlngs. 3 year etdt. Allowanw. PurK S4500. VVt. P.P. SI. ^ ?6» Baron Cruder, Wasntr S,a l» 6 :2i»)P«Hy Dr«arns, LK Shaplra 130 S " J 5 Steel Ruler, R Camo 117 10 « Escafalloo, E Lasker 117 9 ;5 Butch O'Hare, HSWcCarlhy 120 I 17 Frontlaih, A. P*cn«rs . 1JO 2 33 Rare Prince, K«rr Sla 117 7 W SI eel Blade, Elltaes Fni 120 4 Dt Falco 17 3 "- · Sfr. Fin. JcxMv Qdd This was below a year ago when the total was $154,802,350 and the daily average was $2,814,588. Advance Guard of Sulkies Arrives »--FOURTH RACE--1V4 Pllles. *n turf. andicap--lir D]v. Pun* ll,7» added. C onj. ant, IMr*, fourth III7S. '·'-Santa Anita's stable area, will be a scene of more than! slight confusion today as the advance g u a r d of harness horses that will be performing at the spring trotting meet arrive- at the same time s e v e r a l hundred thoroughbreds are in various stages · of departure for Golden Gate, ' eastern tracks and elsewhere. The spring harness racing '·· season opens' Thursday. First e x p e c t e d arrival '.· among the s t a n d a r d b r e d C stables is a vanload for train\. er Jay Russell, who shared '-· the driving championship of ;' the recent Bay . M e a d o w s ·; meeting w i t h Chick Eivins ; - and Clarence Hansen. Russell, Eivins and Hansen ' each scored a dozen victories '_ at the northern meet and al "are primed for successful seasons at S a n t a Anita this spring. . While director of racing Harry Hatch tries to shoe horn some 600 harness horses nto the available stalls, rac- ng secretary Milton Lied and ils crew will be busy assem ling entries for Thursday's opening day St. Patrick's program. The curtain-raiser will bi higWighted by the 21st edi tion of the Pasadena Pace one of the o l d e s t feature events on the Santa Aniti harness racing slate. Early favorite for the Pasa den a is Jack Marsh's and Ar Carlsberg's Midnight F i r e winner of the $5,000 Nationa Wine Week Pace in 1:59% a Hollywood Park last fall. Ap propriately he'll be d r i v e opening day by Irish Jac Sherren, who not only wear the traditional g r e e n an white colors, but also carrie a shamrock for g o o d luc when he races. v»l"- «i- .· :*· BRAND NEW '66 PLYMOUTH VALIANT $ 1849 Imntdlarc Dellviry on Order CHRYSLER/PLYMOUTH 4919 Candlewood St. LAKEWOOP CENTER 634-7530 INDEPENDENT TURF EXPERT LEADSFIELD Roy B e t z , handicapper for t h e Independent, finished first among all loca! turf handicappers with 120 winners at the Santa Anita meeting. B e 12,' perennial leader since 1948, edged out riva Ernie Mason of the Press Telegram, who had 116 winners. D e t z has neve lost to Mason at a thor oughbred meeting. Betz also holds the all t i m e record for winner selected at Santa'Anita in one meeting with 172 an has never finished wors t h a n third place in tha department. S MaWwaidoY . _. ' Mr. Lin, L I Hilton -ic--:?2, :Bi, :ilti, ck fast. ron Cruder " Drtami ON GRUOER went ti iS ! 7M 1 Shoemaker ?.tt Lambert " i Pineda a ere* pdlna Bate Ycaia 8 * Harfa'cfc nt to drew off without need ol urvdye n. urging aru Lalrer had flood . early pace tail wai I ta tp. for« id flood ioced to _ _ i bul wai NHIe ma _ In 1he slreltr,. STEEL RULER, I M I l e match lor the alter txHng cast In Ihe sale prk. .. the start, broke In front, wai lei drop bacV al the half mile ool*- olOtd f miw bid Into ttM tin left but was no oood vnouoh. JCRATCHRD--X _0t]\i Double, *-- Fltt Atom 6-Baron Cruder, paid U.6oT O--THIRD RACE- f» price- ilS.aOQ. :ong. 3 rear eMi brM In Calif. Pcfn HHO. toe culm'' wr. P.P. st. '. « Prowr Respccl, Lombardl .._ _ 52 Adeus Corner, G H Shfrna 112 3 to Ray Flirt, J Evraud IK s S5 ifKC SlCTlr, E 0 Sllte 113 2 33 Leroyls Hoce, EBBallens«r 118 1 53 A BoW Bay, A Fd[ow» IN f 5}]JK'.re, RolhicNiai 114 4 771 Apotteii Promise, BDIamonj 108 7 * "' ~" * ·"' sir. Fin, jotmv o*n l Bale 7HJ Yaner 31 H a r m a l E 4 l A l v a r e t around Dean Oliver set a new rodeo record last Sunday or money won during the irst quarter of the season. Now headed for Long Beach and the Pacific Indoor Rodeo March 25-26-27, the Boise, Idaho roper and steer wrestler has already pocketed $11,807 in 1966, highest ever re corded by March 15 accord- ng to the Rodeo Cowboys Association. In competition last week al San Angelo, Tex., Oliver won a scant $377, but this was enough to set the new mark Oliver has competed at al three past rodeos in the Long Beach Arena. THOUGH Oliver "is almost $4,000 ahead of Ken Stanton, Weiser, Idaho, in total money, he trails in individual standings in both contests. Top calf roper is Ronnye Sewalt, _ Mahomevll.Hl 61 Jennlnes 32.EO *-:nu, fait. Jlart oood from cate," Mvtutl M0 S3«8,2W. 4 , W 3.10 7.40 5.00 J.W creased his acVantaoe sleadllv wllhcui d of uralrra lo w'n at the rider ,.-sed. ADIEUS CORNER began lo make UD ground around the turn while -- ·ROPER RESPECT broke on loo, In- ike UD ihe ra oulllnlilKd RAY F d ridden ai the ru Latter wai hard rkkfen ai 1he runner-up on th« far turn but coukJ ael no nearer and tired late. SOt HUrkoI, Hatty Houie .., , »5)Sheldrale, Gotien Tan 116 4 822 Ml»i Rlncon, Blue Diamond IK 3 SWToutor*, R C EllMOflh ll» 9 sachosun victory, Rourd Hill 117 2 THShattv LMno. C Torella 115 1 MS Madlaj, May Slk Fm 114 4 S36 Going Abroad, Stltier 120 B 2838 Current Spetcri V^fiadkovlch 114 3 Wt. P.P. V V, H Ml. »lr. Fin. Jottty OJdi -:23ii, :4Hi, IrlRS. 1:3J, J:OHV, . Hazv, coufsa firm. larkot U.K 10.W 7.M. uKdrlke «00 Iss Rincon J.M Start oood from ca[e,won handily. Mutucl DOOl S431J11B. NIARKOS, oulrun for a mile, round, (isd to steady along ttie t.- relch while without room on Iha rail, wnd a narrow coenlnff between honej - begin his rally, cama outside Ihe jader entering the stretch and tfrew car under Inten t If mjcll Ihe b=J It 7« 7i m Pheda ll.« 3i 1J 2i 21 Lambert 3.40 / 6-a 61 5i 3 3" | Cam MI 1.4[ 7* 7" «t 51 4i Shoemaker 3.K 9 SW 9 9 7« yd Pierce 7.33 5 41 41 3^ 4M di Ycaia J2.W - " - 8' 6i 7J4 jetinliw 17,7 41 H* iVJ MaTwrnev 6.4( 2 1 - 9 9 Yanez ?4.0Q slcie. wore cown going abroad when ready to be In fuH ccmmand, laved ground against the winner on Ihe final turn but was no match. MISS RIN* CON raced en Ihe Inside In an even effort. TOULORE failed to rally. CHOS- ··· VICTORY had no speed. MADIAS ---wed little. GOING ABROAD racet wllh the early teacfen while hard helc Ihen gave way when roused. CURRENT SPEECH b3d to take up when wildcat room on the far turn aand slopoed. No scratches. I 315,QQ CE--1A ml lei, 4 yew iad up. purs* woo. Top 130 Green Cheese, Grecnlree St 1J2 5 «1 Game Rcuser, O Tucker 113 4 «8 Grey Abbol, W Radkovlcti IIS 7' . Lava Rev// Harrli ·2747 Ask Fa.her, L Rowan 118 ·BiS Cardlean Bay, Sprfnpbck 120 26*55 Prosaic One, Blira Dramond 114 It- li 1 3'f Mahornev 12.3 s'g Chico, Tex., $2,908 ahead of Dean, and No. 1 steer wrester is San Jose cowboy Jack Roddy. Here Oliver is but $80 )ehind. At San Angelo, the lead for he world title changed hands n bareback bronc riding. Jim Mihalik, a Broomfield, Colo, ider who has competed twice at Long Beach but never slaced, won a $523 second mze to go ahead of Paul vlayo, Grinnell, Iowa. Saddle bronc rider Marty Wood, Bowness, Alta., Long Beach winner in 1963 and twice a world champion, was top man at the Texas rodeo in his contest, climbed to fourth in national standings behind fellow Canadian Winston Bruce, Cochran, Alberta. Bull rider Bob Wagner, the 1964 Champion is back in the lead this season. Wegner, from Auburn, Wash., has .... been bucked down two years -* sKaktr 1:8 at Long Beach. In 1966 he lianas won $5,506, is $1,417 -AP WlnohoU THAT GEMINI 8 PROBLEM Technicians at Caps Kennedy, Fla., work on Gemini 8 spacecraft as they attempt to switch system from Gemini 9 into the ship which had been scheduled for launch today. Leaks found in both the spacecraft and Atlas rocket forced postponement a day, possibly longer. Nine-Time Winner Les Viland Leads First Leg of Economy Run __ . . , am« Rouscr ,," J " _ I7.2f is'c rev Abbot ,, ,, 7.4 Start good from eare, won driving, Mutuel --' ·'"·«·* GREEN CHEESE, under a v - ide, leek a favorable striking posllla Mln tr.e leaders en the backslrelch, dros .. a clear lead In Ihe upper itretch and remained under oressure to Ihe end to na!d GAME ROU5ER safe. Latfer iour.d his best Atrltfe on the tar turn, pained on the leaders while on ins oulslde and promoted the winner throuon the ifrekh. GREYY ABBOT broke slowly, ranged up outside the early leaders, l«[ ground and tired. No scratches. i furtongi in turf ceur». 4 ywr olds and up. Ctas Wl. P.P. ST. 7«57 Mr. Pavne, lov- Co , The ; 117 7 117 n 11? 6 »lr. Fin. Jortey 41 l-i Hall li 2"« Atvarez 2/?2 Perrts, M Burns 2S39 Switchback, The Pair Sla 2W8 Charmer II, D Carr 2M HlDli Perch, C Howard --1 K.V. Choice, Selker nrne--1:14. Hazv, course firm. ·»P-M»-HOII .._ M.C3 ».«· S.40 1 Barjin ..._ , J1.00 11.00 · e Good BOY _ J 40 Start lood from cafe, won drlvtno. TOp'-MY^HOSTbroke In slrtde, was unhurried while raclno close uo early, rallied when settled In the stretch to win n a blanket finish. BARZAM moved nearer Ihe leader; after rnaklpo the 3" Burns 4i Lambei. 31 S" Canessa 1.80 5' ft Medina 41.20 t' 7'» Shoemaker 5.50 7i 81 Mshorntv 11.2 li ?' Pineda 34.20 Id 10'i Yanfz 44.30 II 11 Harlac .1 the nlltslde COI.TS*. dropped I whfle crossing t^ main nnhhed Witt ! I bend - the TL rack snd us! miss. _ _ _ early lead, was ._. for the drive and proved a slubtarn foe In the closing stages while between horses. SCRATCHED--Saoaclus II, solajo. Gala Host, Torch Ember. Ing price 5M.OW. nrfex Harse H RACE-4 hrlonui. 4 v«w "Ids «nd op. Punt «*»«. Tap cUlm lie ad of Stanton. MARK* Schricker; Suthern, Ore., who won the most money, $1,499, at Long Beach ast year, is running back in 10 pack this season, after nishing second to Oliver vith $30,696 last year. Southern California's rich- st rodeo contest, Long Beach aid out $20,940 last year. Tickets for the five perform- nces are now on sale at the ,ong Beach Arena Box Of- ice and at all area ticket out- ets. Prices are from $2.50 to ;4.00 for reserved and $1.50 ,eneral admission. Children re half-price for the Satur,ay matinee. Owner Wt. P.P. St. WS Feeiiman, Rancho Rio Hond in 5 2743 Muslachlo, Puritan Sta 114 9 28M «y BrloM Baby, Dye 114 S 2837 Faithful Ruler, J J Elmore 122 B 1337 T«r-Ch|.Ber!o, Vaslly Bros 114 7337 Dartfanus, B J Errfnaton 119 3 2812 Black Pool, Wacner Sla 119 I 2837 Dear Bill, Rlcnlesv Sla 11$ ; . une- , track fast. Feedman . _ Muilidilo __ Mr Brbhl E Start V* Vi 1' Sir. Fin. Jockey odd 1 I'l lit Irt" Yanez 2i! 2" ?i» Medina 6i st 3«i Pineda ' 31 4H Lamber 71 8 i» -' ' I-' '.!. '" Kaiy, 7.00 Mutu FEE! tfoool . 2.40 6.3 31.50 24.7 /nanorney ID. - Alvarez 72.30 i y E' r° li Shoemaker 2.4 } 3^1 31 *· B Ycara J i B'ed Baze lum, responded wticn urced In Ihe Una At" , furlong to win with soir.e n the aujhm irlly 2m--EIOHTH RACE--Hi miles on turf. 4 year olds ind Handicap--Ind Dly.. Pune S1T.7M 11"" ~ - . MUSTACKIO forced the pace vAll "-.e outside along the backilrelch /aj no real match In the drtve. IRIGHT BABY, taken back early from lose quarters, wore down tired I n the rale stages. SCRATCHED-- Tanno,_jjold_lrivjj ond «7SO, Inim, focrlh S1I7J. Inilex Horse . -- -- up. Tn« san'Marln Gr«s HUZi. To winner 11J,M7,», jec- WHY NOT HAVE THE BEST AT DOOLEY'S LOW PRICES! NEW 1966 ALL-CHANNEL SYLVANIA owner 2822 Peleorin, H B Kec* 2834 Haintia Plume, Sefiizer Wl. P.P. 114 1 _ ..: Hat,' D" K' Turk" 114 4 Marelazo II, Elmendorf 116 2 2865 Jimmy Cannon High Tlrfa 114 3 2839 Standard, P Sawyer 113 7 !2a3OTIburon II, W L "allanl '» 6 2:27. Hazy, coursa firm. Pelegrln 8.40 5.20 J.M Nashua plome 4 4 3 JTJ Sift Hat :: _.._ 3.40 Sjart ssod i from _oale, won drivlno. Ml. Sir. Rn. JocMv odi . _ 3i) 3it H 1« Sdoemaker 3.2 5 ?'' ¥ iu ?! ?1 VS*"* " 7 7 7 SV 41 3* Atvarec 5 61 5V £* 4J 4* Medina 1 li H 1W 3W SI Jennlhas 12:50 j_HiL2. ?. 7* gar 0 'i ·Vuloel pool PELEGRIN gale/ .218. saved ground, wore fown · (facers around Ihe final turn, met .- ,SHUA PLUME'S bid wilh courage lo prove sltohUy best afler a long ±r.i rard duel. fiASKUA PLUME, unhurt ti for turn. mMe,moved~ close"r «T ihe'Tar ker- 1 to the outside for a clear _ . the winner In mldstrtk. Jut coofd nol Inch past. SILK HAT of fered a bid and fell short. MARETAZ II raced under a ilrnng pull early bu wnen asked to run was net good enough JIMMY CANNOIJ set the early pace '" ' " ' wlthsul need of ' IwT-ed 04ve ba 2M5-NINTH RACE--lr miles. _______ ..... 1URON II , ly as runner-up, forged ahead then back In ihe stretch. SCRATCHED-- Honored Sir. in* t/p. purw 1MW. Top cinmlr 2829 Hrjt Slrlke. S H Etr»re .._ (28451Home Town, J Lourence 118 · Wl. P.P. r. Vi v, MI. Str. Fm.JccKiy ock (28S9)Marks-Cover, M D Blrlnger 114 1 ' igh, J p Baker St MS I'm Hig , lit Alcan Road, Gem State lie 10 7M1 Barnyard Savage, WCaltanl 116 9 2iS9 Darlc Stiver, Halgtif 116 S (223)Papa Tl, J L Brown 114 7 7* 2 i » 8' 1* 21* Mahomey 3W 3i Joinings 6«J 4'J Yanrz By BRUCE YOUNG T, P-T MOM- S»rti Edll«r Les Viland Is as consistent as Christmas or a day in the week. The saying is that the people in his hometown of Livonia, Mich., set their clock by him. Les has made winning the Mohil Economy Run each year one of his regular habits with his smooth, consistent driving techniques. He is off and running again in the 21st cross- country mileage test. Viland has captured top \\i 2860 Bfooknie, G J Shlma Time--:2... Hnzv, fracX Firit Strike Home Town , :47, 1:1273, l:J7tt. 1 fast. '1.00 Muluel pool Dally total v/xi*in. Attendance «(LX70 FIRST STRIKE, outrun la Ihe , cjt was not oood SCRATCHEP--Mllla' Aqueduct Opener to Impressive NEW YORK (UPI)--Ogden 'hipps' Impressive ran away with the $28,450 Swift Stakes at the opening of the New York racing season at Aqueduct Monday, winning the six furlong race by seven lengths. With Jockey Kenny Knapp in the saddle, Impressive, a candidate for t h e Triple Crown Classic, went to the front on the turn into the homestretch and then left seven rival 3-year-olds behind him as though they were anchored as he romped to his fourth win this year in five races. A crowd of 46,593 turned out on a clear but chilly day for the first of 234 racing days and the fans backed Impressive d o w n to 1-2. The son of Court Martial, w h o b e a t stablemate Buckpasser this winter in a race at Hia- l «A / R^cvET r £!e8'eah Park, paid only $3.00, bw^ine final iumi$2.40 and $2.20 across the "%"'Tii'rn. | board. honors in the compact-six- cylinder class nine consecU' tive years, which stands as the high mark in the run's nistory, and Monday he gave every indication of making ! ten in a row. * * THE 53-year-old engineer, who designs carburetors for American M o t o r s , averaged 25.4030 miles per gallon in his 1966 Rambler American over ths 515.9-mile leg from the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles to the Highway House in Tucson. Monday's leg was marred by a rear-end collision, which was the first accident since Mobil's initial jaunt in 1936. A Ford Fairlane driven by Al Johnson of Trenton, Mich., nation's No. I economy driver. Les said, "No, I wouldn't say I have secrets, but the biggest key to the whole science of economy driving is using common sense. I avoid Jackrabbit itarta and try to watch the road well ahead of me not just the car In front. 'I try and maintain a safe, steady speed and try and anticipate what I am going to do in every situation. Some drivers do a lot of f a n c y things like driving barefooted or putting sponge on their ieet, but not me. Sometimes I rest my foot sideways, but that's it." sustained major damage when it THE SOFT-SPOKEN fathe of three won tha 1965 run from Los Angeles to New York by the mere margin o six ounces of gas. B y r o n "roelich of Downey, who fin shed a close second to Vilam ast year, is pushing hard again in a Falcon. Ho is av eraging 24.9951 miles per gal on. The drivers enjoyed f i n weather almost all the wa; and ran into only about 3i minutes of fog on the San Sernardino Freeway aroun 'omona.. The field was cu 'urther when Don Bailey, wh entered a Mercury Park Lane front - end was forced to withdraw wit struck the the flu. left rear of a Dodge Dart driven by Bob Checkley of Orchard Lake, Mich. The tightest competition all involves a Long Beac based car. Art Arfons, note speed Jockey from Akron THE UNITED States Auto Ohio, put the Pontiac S t a Club observer, Ed Marshall who was riding in Johnson's car, suffered facial cuts and was taken to Park View Baptist Hospital in Yuma, where the accident occured. He was listed in good condition. It was a tough break for Checkley and Dodge for he was leading his class, compact, eight-cylinder cars. He was averaging 22.63 miles per gallon, but it is not known now if he will be able to continue on today's second leg. Viland was asked if he had any trade secrets that have earned him the title of the Ca.-noai Harmalr 11 Distanced A[vt/tr 2X.20 cf the stretch, rlllerf a'ong fhe rail 1o wear (town the leaders and win goJno away. HOME TOWH rec?d etosf 1,-p - ware down BROOKHIE aM«r ihe Chief, e n t e r e d by Lon Beach's Mike Salta, into th lead in the m e d i u m-pric eight-cylinder-car class. Arfons, who finished se ond in the class last year, a\ eraged 20.2175 miles per ga Ion to nose out S t a n Raj mond of Tujunga in an Old mobile Starfire.. This writer's 1966 Plym outh hemi successfully mad it over the 515-mile, first-da course. Detroit's most powe :ul car averaged a surprisin Navy Ships in Port 19-IHCH PORTABLE TV With sturdy ne shatterproof, y handle UHF/VHF dipole ption, ti derized pict anfenna ·ansistorized 3 tube, ill-chan- funer. High School Golf Al Recreation \6 r»le) -- Wi\wn 23, Poly t, MedaIIsf--Richard Rombauoh ( one over, paul Malteon CV/l 3 over, Jv eare--(14 hot«)--Po[y 27, Wilson 9. fAtfyeriltement) $ 119 50 FREE SERVICE and FULL GUARANTEE Miracle Cushion Holds FalseTeeth Tight*?.' 0 Gums Enact brand Denture CoiQioaa 4I« a triumph of icl-«tttomMtl»i Jerry La/nMrt 305 Kt-otl Ycaia 232 Vvaro Pineda ...MS inael va'enjuela 207 Robert Usi-ry _ \K Donald Pierce _.___. 184 Miguel yanez .. 734 Ecv/ard Be'mor.le 1 WBIIam Harlack 1 DOOLEY'S Hardware Mart 5075 LONG BEACK BLVD.-NORTH LONG BEACH , ft Frl, 9 U S; T«s H WH H SiS i-fi| Sun, IB-E Sour «Met tore. irrlUUd fan* due «· lx«e ientorei. Help! »r««it fe«l P«tl del Sfttlnronder plaUl. Applied in mia Olei rr.ttft irotbllejt p!lte« «t»T drral] (n nli«-iHTei perfett comfort. Eat anr thioi-ulk. Uieh -- pUtn "it«y put- Snuf re-liner* ]ut /or levfrtl week!. Jockey Standings PIMLICO, Md. -- M. Mac - Ht( 1t !M vt Schwebel's S m a l l W o r l d [«· gj g ^ glopened up a huge lead and " " ? ^ a length triumph over Pure and Simple in the $6,000 fea- PUIICIIIVI -- . --------- 1 --- n? T, rla«. 3ia. Cabildo _________ . -- Tcdd Shlpvi Carter Hall __ _____ ____ B-21, NSY -· " " Char.dler "marrcn imitocX larmaranl iran! 8Ur »ft and pliable-hannleM to jrumi or iitlattt. Peel illtt oat when repUe*. "ent !· «e*!ei »o d.ilr iotier wiU. .*. lu»lrM.GtSirailr«iiiirellttir«Co«llioB« todtTl I tlr.en for nppw «r l«ric UMi| 1144. At HI dnnbta, "FOR VW STATION WAGONS, CAMPERS AND TRUCKS" lavnikj Pier 7, Nav. St» Pl«r IS, Nav. Sla lenrJnotwi _ B-24, HSY Ion Homirw RKhard B-U, HSY Jrvca Canyon Pier 15, Nav. Sla lulternut ________ , . Pier 7, Hay, Sta 2.6 miles per gallon, whicK excellent considering that averaged 65 mph and tha iginc In the car Is 426 cubic ches. The cars will cover 461.3 iles today as they go from e Highway House in Tuc- on to the Holiday Inn motel Albuquerque. The drivers ill be on the road 9 houra nd 19 minutes and will aver;e 49.51 mph. The run is cheduled to end Sunday in oston, 3,300 miles from Los Vngeles. Class leaders: Cxiwacl Six ClUadtr -- L« VIUn4 1 "- *~ rliSk;M.r»nV (lit* IMCW)"*.*«. Intermediate sin n«M CtfMtr -- ««·· MilMr (De«w ciVWl g.*«r, H» Plkd (MM toMW IMnu) JTaUJ. llambrri sin I Be c»nn*r--fit Inner Chevrolet BiioviM) n.un, JMrter «»· fv«i (pirmeuA tmt ll.Mt*. Lew riSS'. Mtd'um Prke K;misr:gf* 5 j.H,--«( m Lunury can--M«l AHturr (01* Ttrf iud) 11 «n, Mart FulierW (ChnoHr lew YKlur) 1I.I1M. w Prlc» EtoM cyllm»er--twt Reyer vrolll CMrlnl M.rU7, Carl DKhl taa Pfrlari) 1T.N11. Ministers Protest Cleric Removal at Easter Service LOS ANGELES UP) -- A! ;roup of ministers has pro- :estcd removal of a fellow cleric from the Easter sunriso service at the Hollywood Bowl as "interference with religious freedom." The protest, made by the Los Angeles Association of the Southern California Conference of the United Church of Christ, was in behalf of Rev. Hugh Anwyl of Hollywood, who recently advocated trading with Cuba. Anwyl, 36, traveled to Cuba recently on a journey approved by the U.S. Stats Department, a n d on returning said trade should be resumed with the Communist nation for humanitarian reasons. Ship Arrivals, Departures Vessel Aiwuslenfcurg (GerJ . Alaska Soruce AnnlsTon Victory . Caolaln John (Grk-fkr) -- ZI Don Antonio (Lib) --------- Cemall*41 IV hUrta« Exchange ACTIVE VESSELS IN PORT · irth OBtrilor _____ . L8.2M Standard Frull ---- LB. Ml ID !·" Far 55 Mar. 14 Guayaquil ar. .15. ·JM standard Frull 55 Mar. 14 Guayaquil i.ltt v/ R Chamberlain Co Mar. 15 Rjlnler in Walerman Une _-__JAar. U San Fran , 24! Al Prirc« Lumber Co ___lrifef, __ MS Tool'a?i"Sea"6(eri" Mar. 14 T«»lllarrjo 1« United Phlllpolni Llnei Har. 14 San D ego ..151 Cduinbuj SS. CorB __,Mjr...1. Salooii __ _____ ____ , _____ Pier IS, Nay. sti. __________ ...... Pier ?, fuv. Sta. ___ -- Bethlehem Shipyard Pier », H . . Shipyard Hav. Sla. Pier ?, N»v. : . .,,. ^Pler 9, (/av. i Cunnrr-Eflam ----, Pfer IS, Nav. : Oaie 8-3? r OiacHeKko " " - ·- - Hac)«n)co 'ef»lVTrTM""T."T~Pler J5,' Nav.' li reel ___- - .._J*l«r 9, Nav. Sla, rm re-' ^ Sttwarl n ' · - - ,5. Nav. Sta. Fellov/i 1 Stewart Plir 16. Hav. Sta. "-- "av. S'a. Fore* - _.._F«Hotts L St«w»rl Fox --.. -.. Todd Shipyard Grldley Pier 16, Kav. Sla. G'j'de Pier », Nay. Sta Halsev D0.3, NSY lI Jr. M "/Uamria Mar, i Saioot ._. sia"lei"Ma'rTne Linii -War. M Yokohama -_ JOO-A fAalion Mavloat:cn Co Mar. 1J Honoful'J U Nal'l Bulk Carrlirj Inc \nStt. , __ H7 United FniH Co ___Mar. 15 San Fm .,.,,.. ,..-., 8 JiyanH SWoolr.g CO-.Mar. 15 Ssi Frar. Charenle (Fr-Tkr) __ 107 Rix.*ll: ol France --Mar. ",P°«j" r*oc (Tkr) _- _ H? Pac. Caalt TranwT. Co _M»r. M Oieum Son Buenavenlura (Tkr) L8.74 Ma!hl«jeni Tankera Mar. » SM ·macglM LB-17 Moore McCormack _A(ar. 15 Far Eajl F E Wevirhaemer '-"-' ---- 1*5 V/ryerhMujer Line Green Bay Vlctjrv - *-"? Prwleiili"! '"" Gooher State . .--. Hawaiian MotorUl . Harrotort Roatfl (Tkr) ,, Junior .txml Javantl (Indl [ j tured eighth race at Pimlico. l f\ A * * * THE FIVE-year-old gelding spurted to an eight length lead in the first four furlongs HSIS v n,i«~coii.iiV-^:- fof? t yiDv'a S rd with jockey P h i l Grimm "*·"« -?'" '-· '""· 5'» abroad. The high weight impost of 121 pounds began to tell in the stretch and the winner was driving when he went under the wire in 1:45 3/5 for the 1 1/16 mile distance. Small World r e t u r n e d $5.40, $3.40 and $2.40. Pure and Simple, a H-to-1 s h o t , paid $8.80 and $3.80 and Double Warrant, the 3-2 favorite, relumed $2.40 for show. B l u e Nahar finished fourth. . - _ SI?A%r«i,r swcl ..-n--jrttft USSSK KVsrH^V US Bulk Crrln -Mar. IS U S Cawr _ ,, L8~^l US Bulk C*m«ii _m«. ·- _.^ .-...--- - v/aihlriiilon BeaT.: ~ LB-SO Padflc Fa East Line -Mar. 14 Sarv Fran VESSELS ARRIVIKC MONDAY VllKl Btflh From Operafor Belo HorTionU (Lib) LB-JM --Mworan Rein SS Co MIliluiM {?r\ LBJ __5an Fran Freo* Unj Ovjml Maru (Jap) 49 Koo« N.Y.K. Line VESSELS EUE TODAY .YrtoES ^ 1 ^r» '§i T ^_^jS»«J CSr^rp"rrS!Kn,"^SSrri-7- Win.. Vmtl lirth Aliu Miru (Jao) LBy i - (yb." 1 ' int'/ri (Tkt La-74 S»n Di«: .'jmiiiaien'j Tankirj Mar. 16 I« . San Fran Moore McCormac* LInai Mar. rsk.IQanl 17i --New York Matrjk Un« Mar. 7 _,.. San Fran Coos Bay.

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