Independent from Long Beach, California on April 4, 1963 · Page 66
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 66

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 4, 1963
Page 66
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ZI-2--PI Z 3 -- P M Z*-JH Z5 l«»«PI»DtNI»«t»«*«» IM» ·*£», C0-I- Tturv. A«r« «. jBOOK REVIEWS Montgomery Ward j 'Six Irish Poets' ISth Century and the French Paul Tillkh hove beta pub- seph D. Cooper (Unrvtrwljis folloired by brirt.t ' as CHRlSnANITY Photo Book*. |I«) n* «qr-t»follow . ftfoss«xi 'AND THE ENCOUNTER OF ITKE W O R L D RELIGIONS, Sees Steady Gains CHICAGO--;la reporting aa ings will s u s t a i n the pro- · n c r e a i e of earnings frotagrara. Delightful to Read » illlCf " \J I\ *· V r\i- fc.JXJ«v**^ ·*· v^i.m*'*r · i ·· · -- ~-- - old *.~ ^=r--; iCo!um i ) u University Press: to frame anj fcc=s sub} being destroyed I j£73)_ written in lacguags and how to use both the i * *. .__J^.I^T^ »» *VA l**n*iw tr-m»*1^ *fu4 lyiiniill ^TOOl By VERA WILLIAMS modem implications for any j world where old [ed way* are by violence. The tale has iaj for Mbs Du Jmasttrful story teller (the'modem world and especially [Scapegoat. Rebecca. others),[its relationship to other re- author bow to load. advance i=i t^fold film, bow subjects ot filters. CltUTil and artificial licht. and a rariety of picture-taking subjects and LN TAKING ACTION to age (we mean the poetryJOskar*! father, a grocer, joias^glasj m a k e r s aad whose il.lJ per commoa share to UJ1 per share for the fiscal' ve year ended Jan. 30, 1963. theJ p i ol - eSt rri«irm.m and the president of .that *lhe use of direct incea-'men in the peat bogs, lepre- Vloatgomery Ward told the'th-e compensation plans has'chauns or b a n s h e e s . * The Irish poetry of this day andjcotnic. alway* bitter, as when^whose own" ancestors were ligions. ^[written in Ireland itself) is j nter wealed not a matter of cute little ' the Nazi party, worries about story somewhat p a r a l l e l s the proper brown shirts, is regularly cockolded when he attends the party meetings. The Glass Blowers." company's 104 000 stockhold-i 1 *" w^TM 1 ** and. during young Irish poets are very.Oskar's father d e l i g h t i n g ton .v . .v . v.1--,. ~~~t-~ l963 . w e Plan to improve the much like young American orover the burning of a syna- er« that the} beb«e contin-L^^y., g^p insurance English poet*. ' gogue. the father's death at ued concentration on the fun-j llx | retirement plans for em- -SIX IRISH POETS," edit- the hinds of the Russians in daientals of selling general ployees." A new contributory'ed by Robin Skelton (Oxford) his grocery cellar, while the merchandise through catalogs'employ e savings' plan in contains some of the work of ants en route to a sugar sack and retail stores will produce!'*" 11 ^ company's contri-|Austin Clarke. Richard Kell, detour around him, all the ^ _ __ = = an-ttechnkjues designed to make under$taJidable~to the layman'tcmatie and manual exposure the Kodak automatic camera special tnean-JTuhch discusses the prob-;coatrol* of each camera. This! owntr a master photographer. u Maurier. a'l«n$ of Christianity in the |=--: "I LOST A POUND A DAY Using the Simple, Easy, Economical COMET RICE DIET Yet Never Had a Hungry Moment 1 ." KODAK automatic cameras are the subject of a de[ l i g h t f u l paperback, "THE THE CELEBRATED Bamp-jGUlDE TO KODAK AUTO- Lectures of theologianJMATIC CAMERAS* by Jo- earnings. Record sales of $1,425,157.- in sales and butioris wU1 ** based upon Thomas Kinsells. John Mon- M C S .its p r o f i t s also was an- U gue. Richard Murphy and nounced. These moves are ex-| Richard Weber . Ut John grim and comic scenes observed by the dwarfed Oskar , are a mirror held up to a dis- eir. ,,, -n^-»«» nf 7S r*r! P ^ Cted '" further secure * ad |Montague. in "Old Sports of,totted world. And they tell! «nt ov«^tto« ol'last veaVriTM^ 111 ' P; rformmce of the West,- pve you an idea today's German people a Srf. rSJSST ?L monS r* W " d °^ lnizatlon - of wbafs or! the mind of a brutal truth-that they, cot- wtre reportea last monuLj Th- ni u ,tritM r»rvrt rfid i_-,v l e c t i v e l y and individually, were responsible for the witches* nights and days between 1933 and 1945. of of . those of last year, also were reported ia March. In their letter being mailed - 1^" MIMll d VH IJ1C i The illustrated report dis-| young Irish poet: to Stockholders. John A, Barr, c h a i r m a n , and Robert E. Brooter, president, stated: The strengthening of the naixagement staff and the improvement of the organization of -operations has made it possible to accelerate our ex- which have occured and which are emerging in the retail ia-[ dustiy, and reviews the merchandising, catalog and retail programs which are being developed to capitalize upon the company's historic strengths. Included In the report are the foUowing pertinent financial and statistical data: thicket. Evades with grace the snuffling hounds: But a transplanted bailiff, in .'i feudal paradise. Patrols for God His private grounds." Oxford issues also a scholarly history of what makes so much of Irish literature so paiision and f acilities modern- cent of total sales, compared ization program with greaterjwith 40 per cent last year, assiiraance that current earn- Catalog sales of $448 mfl- Credit sales were 42 per delightful Vivian Mercer's lion in 1962 were the highest oM ancl the history of Montgomery jj^^ ·THE IRISH COMIC TRADITION" is a study of the ma- THE FAMILY of a and famous French proud glass maker is caught up in revolution and civil strife in THE GLASS BLOWERS" by Daphne da Maurier (Doubleday: $4S5). The tale of the fate and fortunes of the family of Mathurin Busson is narrated cabre and grotesque, of satire by a daughter, Sophie, one of Ward. N e w stores established since accounted for 38 per cent of Ward's retail sales in 1962. new, with a finejMonsieur Busson's five chil ·- Swift and Irish dren. , Although the setting is the use the brand I you know and trust! Making Swords Big Business satire; of Irish parody and i James Joyce's c o n n e c t i o n with that Irish tradition. | · · * · j TT SEEMS unfair that a' first class writer is all but unknown to the world at large because the writer's nation is a small one. Portugal's Eca de Queioz. among the earliest of naturalistic novelists, the Zola of Portugal (he came before Zola) has ROOM ADDITION FAMILY ROOM ,, low ,, $4Q18 ,.. 1id»di»i fill Ui*4 trick Rraptac* rVV ft. BEDROOM and BATH"!r$dC ^ Ot TOU DO FAtT ANB SATE] Tf*J *.. FREE WITH EACH KITCHEN KEMODEl BUILT-IN RANGE and DOUBLE OVEN 2-EEDROOM HOUSE ON YOUR LOT COMMUTE US'. F I N A N C I N G M995 CONSTRUCTION COMPANY SAFE-WAY PHONE 630'6231 24-H»r StrrTcc 13212 PARAMOUNT ILYD. -- SOUTH GATE THE HEADLINE IS A Q U O T A TION f r » a tome people a i t d t a t Cemet Bid Diet. N«n«r- oc vert te'J Comet Eice Diet ftitb- f u l l y t i e r lo»t 1» poandi ia 1» £»!»· Some lost much !e««, and loase wy they n^*J »«'«^ . E «f c H on * TUT accorise t» tie ttirjdaU Tit aver»« lost for tiose wa» fiitifnlly followed tkt ComttEiceDietforitletrtSvt diTS, ia sa indepindent report- tar KTOin.. U »lout 8 poondi ia 19 days. Of the rrtnp, S% i»T ·ettinjr Coi^et Ricx freqjMatlj- trade Cxu i diet ea*r; »* rwre U furviiKei soldr u iaformi- tkn. Com«t Eict Cornpasr isatti t«s« cUlzcs for Comet Kict: «B]T Comet Eice a BOTH V'iu- £ed and Erriched t» protect rour If«!t1i. Eatiif erfiriiry rice -- »ttthtr jev tre dieting cr cot -- BIT not provide «nr« of the vitunT.i tad mix era! i ttit Comet Eire prurido. Dozens «f doctor* bivi rt- ouested huairtd» ef copies of ti:« Comet Rice Diet. If you vant t tre %-hether you cm lose mreittt mitiout bemt liavtrr, print year jusit IB! addren. ad enclose a Comet Giant Graia Eice Box Top to si. Comet Giant Grain Eice i* available to all food stores. If jtat (rocer does rot have it, he caa lecorc it fnx» WaHen-Braadt-Lytltoe Coa- 235-1S31, 1020 Colorado mend tils diet to .tiers. Sfn4 ,,,, 1(Jdtt ,, , ai tt. Jjx to, to «. mUET RICE - Note to PhT»:ri»n»: Doctor, if roa want to prescribe this e»»y, ?=pleVinevptnsiv, diet for your patients, ptwse ase your pro- fttiioul (UtioMir »nd tea ti how Buoy eopie. yoa need. st - Martin's Press, ADD JLAVORIETY TO LENTEN MENUS her de Colombo in Canada. SWIFT'S PREMIUM BEEF-100% COLUMBUS. Ohio W -His manufacturing operation |has produced 200,000 swords 'since he started his own, 5, James Oliver suf j" ed I THE. Fanning out some of the AMA R O work to a dozen or so otheri* 3 - 90 ' ' business p l a c e s a r o u n d 'STM'*- The Portuguese con Columbus. Oliver is produc- Slder !t » masterpiece. They ing about 10.000 swords a'* 1 * nght. It is a powerful, iyear for ceremonial use byl brilliant indictment of a cor- 'the Knights of Columbus in rapt society. 'the United States and Cheva-j The novel centers on the; jseduction of a Portuguese, jgirl by a man who wears! clerical garb. The girl dies inj childbirth. Swirling around the central characters is a j nightmare of tension* and psychotics. De Queiroz lashes' at clericals "and hypocritical anti-clericals and r a d i c a l s alike. But he also brings to the fore the truly Christian and saint-like Abbot Ferrao, and decent people like Amelia's (the seduced girTs) fiance [ Joao. Passions are handled by! this writer of the last century- For real bread lovers! DAFFODIL FARM BREAD PACIFIC AVE., L.B. tilt wt Hil Itrxn) · FL 4O-S4U WE JLIC LISTED Jit ITZVC » AKEY1 MEAT1 n THt YELLOW t WHITE rACEl *****+*********+********+****** THUISOAY THIOUGH SATUIDAT SftCIAU SWIFTS PREMIUM SLICED BACON 49 MB. FKG. FRESH LEAN GROUND ROUND 'rb 59! LEAN i TENDER CHUCK ROAST 49 ib PAN-BROIL SIRLOIN TIP STEAK Ib IFOR SWISS STEAK) THICK CUT ROUND STEAK 1% HOME CURED SLICED BACON ib LEAN PURE PORK SAUSAGE (with 1091) 59 ib TRIMMED AND LEAN 7-BONE ROAST 59 t Ib FRESH FISH DEFT. BONELESS RED SNAPPER Ib lottltis Wostt-Fre* CUBE STEAKS WE SPECIALIZE IK FREEZER BEEF! 104** Gsoraatttd for · Lowell Prices o»d Rarer I JUST. CALL 435-5405 FOR PARTICULARS with a skill that makes the 1 modem peddlers of sex books seem childish. Eca de Queiroz! caa reveal more in a few scalpel-like words than today's heavy-handed novelists in a dozen books. The author's message can be best summed up thus: "One tear shed in sincerity i» sufficient for the remission of a life of sin." CLOSELY* GUARDED espionage secrets of World War II are revealed by Stan-j ley P. Level I, wartime director of research and development for the Office of Strate- ;ic Services in -OF SPIES STRATAGEMS- ( P r e n t i c e - ( Hall, $335). Sworn to secrecy until nowl Lovell relates d r a m a t i c ' events which greatly altered world history. Events include the work of OSS Agent 10, code name for Allen Dulles, later controversial head of the Central Intelligence Agency, which led to a disastrous delay in the German development and employment of the V-l and V-2 terror rockets. This engrossing cloak and digger tale describes the use of such weapons as a completely silent and flashless machine fan. an explosive which was k n e a d e d and baked to resemble bread and a small bomb with an electric eye for derailing trains. GIJNTER CRASS has done a lion's share to set German literature back on the road to its pristine glory. In a novel which is a sledgehammer, he imagines a character, Oskar Matzerath. who at the aee of 3 decides he will grow no further than the 31 inches he has achieved. In a tol's] body there is the intellect of, an adult, and through that in-1 telligence Gunter Grass, in "THE TIN DRUM' (Pantheon' $6.93) examines the cock-| eyrd world, and Nazi Ger; many in particular. The incidents are ofttn CREAMERY BUTTER It's Butter-Baked To... taste better! The food rich things of the Earm make Daffodil'* great taste: finest fiour, rich milk nourishment and. at the heart of the flavor, loads of pure creamery butter -- jo lavishly used you can see its sunny glow, eroell its sweet aroma, taste its golden goodness. toast better I DaffoU U the firm, smooth-textured loaf real bread lovers want. It toasts a warm, even brown; marveloudy fragrant; crisp on the surface and tender underneath. Just perfect. nourish better! Lactalbomm, the "miracle" milk nutrient in DaffodQ Farm Bread, boosts complete protein 20ft. Why not, for a few cents more, get the great taste end nutrition of Butter-Baked Daffodil Farm Bread! Made by the Bakers of Famous Wonder Bread DAFFODIL FARM BREAD WITHi SHORTENING O '»*». COKTININTU IARM« COMrANT, i

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