Independent Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California on January 4, 1959 · Page 48
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Independent Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California · Page 48

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 4, 1959
Page 48
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C-10-INDEPENOENT-PRESS-TELEGRAM t«f iMcll. Cdll., SunJo,, JciuOTy 4, 1»S» Ovt-of-Towii Property 143 VISTA COMFORT DE LUXE y b-.K bedrooms den. 2 "A bath*. For quick «lt only V32.WW. Also rood aupitx at $21.000. DALE E. WOOD, Realtor W2 ». Canta F*. VISTA. HOME INCOME S-BR, home furnlshtd apt. I-S* )oi, room to add. Both rented for $150. Owner will sell or trad* for 1..B. property. Your opportunity, call Oik* K. Uriglil AKy. HA 5-1201 WHITHER J500 DOWN 3-BR.. 2 baths, w-w. larj;e kitchen, slidlne doors to Ipe. ? lived patio, c / b fence, dbl. gar. fill exch. for ?nd TO. car. IMir. liouiit. Bellfiowtr area Call for details. BURT SMITH CO.. REALTORS P129 K. Flower Ave. TO 7-7»:3 Government Lands 145 FrAv 0 A. parcels. Adj. in Calif. Oiy water disi, still open. Free maps. I n f . OA 7-0913. Sm. fee. Sow open ior lllins. HO A. I-areeb nr. .Calif. City. Firf nunj. Sm. loc. Fee. GA 2-HM. Ranches or Acreage 146 sports. flsnhiK deer hunting paradise Not hi UK (town. (12 montli. Bkr. OK fl.flQ52. in K , fishinR. limiting. J4H5 F.P. 510 dn. SID mo. RYan 1-4300. Mountain, Dtstrt 148 (rot SALE) C E M E N T block cabin. Rourh plumbic;. *lec.. 1 acre on county road nr. Palm Sprints. Water. J5500. Owner. CE $-0012 a/I. 5 LOT t-flxlfiO in B-Bar H Ranch. 10 ml. Palm Sprinir Swim. soH. etc. Reas. Box T-176S. Ird-P.T. JIO A. neat Fremont Valley tt Calif City JllCi A. Terms. Bkr. GA 7-6913 20 ACRES -- SURVEYED INTO "5- acre" parcels at $1.750 each. Reasonable (eras. HE 2 -0120 PRICED RIGHT ~ I'll buy it. HE 2-0150 i.U«'Kh.VK I'aUrv lav-jie. $**'£ I*'el. S7S acre cash. RYan 1-5501. BIO BEAR cabin. Mod. plumb. + elec. 12995. J903 dn. RYan 1-5504 Money to Loan 151 (ON tIAL ESTATE) V/E'LL RE-FINANCE Your Home lower your pymts. pay bills WE SPECIALIZE tn Lkwd Bellflower areas FREE APPRAISALS HansMenser TO 7-6650 EARN 10% INT. Guaranteed bvv 2nd T.!. on exclusive apt. house fully rented. PR4-43S4. AUTHORIZED BP.OKERS Prudential Insurance Co. Deeble-Chapman HE 6-1269 action on all applications, tl B. Robertson 220 Allan. HE 6-3727 Money to LOM 1S1 (ON 1EAL ESTATE) C A , $ H IN A HURRY! t Borrow on r°ur Home. {ContoUdai* your EDI*. lit 2nd Trust Deed LMB*. ·a a » .Appraisals within tbe Hour. CALL NOW.*HA 1-8261 The QUIVER Co. Kit DEL A M D (Corner of BHlflower Blvd.) Lakewood No Commission Charge SPOT CASH where No »scrow Pee. No ap- liraln fee. No ted tape. QUICK ACTION. 35 vears In T.D. business in 1..B. The amount 1 pay Is ne: to seller PANK KEFS. PRIVETT HE 6-1733 GE S-1S15 K05 K.M Bide. 320 Pint- Need Money? WE HAVE PRIVATE MONEY WK MAKE 2ND LOANS Free rcnsultation appraisal HARVEY MILLER CO. HE a-bGM TO BORROW Low rates-- Fast sen-Ice. Moore HA 3-40S5. eve HK 4-R421 PRIVATE money for 1st 4 2nd VOi. i. A !'·· piMVA^ 1 '"-- ' · Days HE 2-9703; eve. GA 2-5C1T Monty to Loon, 151 (ON HAL ISTATIl PRIVATE MONEY $400.000 1 ST 2ND R.E. LOANS LOWEST COST QUICK APPRAISAL NO HIDDEN CHARGES COMBINE YOUR BILLS. ONE LOW iioxTHLv PAYMENT. BANK KKFi.'Kfi.N'CES ALSO · WE BUY · CASH NOW-- NO WAITING Hanbery's PHONE GE 4-3419 3200 EAST BROADWAY FREE APPRAISAL ' Lower Cost -- Lower Payments. EARL K. LANE 532 PIN1-: HE '-'-3975 MONEY TO LOAN ON I.. R. HOMER. 6^ Hunter. GA 1-7990 Trust Deeds 152 SHoOO. l!NU T.D. HCo im. 3 yr. I'HiV. pty. will buv 'Jml T.D. Cash In 24 hrs. HE 5-66P3 Monty to LOOT 151 Monty to LOOT 151 (ON REAL ISIAK) (OH HAL UFA! I) CASH NOW AVAILABLE ON 1ST 4 2ND REAL ESTATE LOANS Arranged In Your Home or Our Ofiic* CONSOLIDATE YOUR DEBTS TO 1 LOW MONTHLY PAYMENT PAYMENTS ON 2NDS LOW AS $1500 .... $30 MO S2000 $40 MO. 5- YEAR 2NDS Available INT. ON 1STS LOW AS S'/z'/. PAYMENTS AS LOW AS SB PER $1,000 Borrow V/ilh Confidence From a Local Established Company CERTIFIED HOME LOANS 8 A.M. to 9 P.M. 7 Days a Week 4200 ATLANTIC BLVD. GA 4-0794 Member Independent Mortage Bankers' Assn. Mmwy to L*M 1 SI Mew IOM llAl UTAH) ( CAS! AVAILA TODA 1st 2nd R.E ANY REAL ESI Komes-Inccme-Commerci PAID FOR OR M Monthly Payments $10 per $ 5-YR. 2N1 Available 5H% INT: Available on 1 We Come to Yen Day or Eve SAV-ON MTC IIS HOME SEEKERS' GUIDE A B EACH NUMBERED BLACK DOT TO A C NEW HOME in Orange County · F G H . . . indicates the actual location of a new home area. For the name ot this area, and other pertinent details about each one, refer to the corresponding number in the legend here below. Also, you can start in the legend and proceed to the locations through the key to map. Use this handy guide to seek out your new home in this showcase area ot lovely new suburban homes. · Rural Environment. · Executive Hornet · Choice Lots for Homesitei Trust Deeds GE 4-3-119 3200 Kant 17% DISCOUNT , S1990 2nd T.D., 3 y Buyer is owner "·" CA 3-G470. Buyej Ellis. On your 2nd T.D.. AT SV, H.P. rna. Spec. J199. Parl's "ID'. Cioo.'s 731 ORA EW '* D From JBB Pnclfl 14- OI.APSPAR LWo 'horse Here., ·-G cal E3S t nishlons. coa Skis. rope, m a n v more r,E 9-S740. S WE TRADE £ T Ftbcrclass lip. EvlnrHdf- trail windshield. This 10- Phi. Kinp. 30 HP. ele-. controls, uphol MIDWAY CITY SMELTZER .. hnv« arp at UnncH* 1 !. Sd 12SO Par IATI) (ON IU1 ItlMi) CASH AVAILABLE TODAY t 2nd RE Loans ANY REAL ESTATE iccme-Commercial-Vacani Lois PAID FOR OR NOT op.thly Payments Low As per $1,000 5-YR. 2NDS Available o INTEREST Available on lets Come to Your Home 7 Days a Week r -ON MTGE. CO. MEwmark 5-1621 idependent Mortgage Banters' Assn. 152 5UY · ST DEEDS O WAITING ery's East Broadway ;' 0 Interest on year due date. I business, ilr. ST PRICE .. cash inirned. RUST DEEDS. 1 E. Broadwav HA 9-1770 T.D. 'a. QUICK AY. GE S-05UU. st . Und TDa, lay. NE L-S4fi:i 11 Trust Deeds. HE 7-7401 J 1 E ? ey immediately! Side 10 Units! Inc. pay 5200! 1251, HE 7-1331 DGES CO. on new store Anaheim. Well S200 mo. Inc!, rs« w/recour«*. eve. GE 8-S570 on well estab. ss for expans. 1US. f. O. BOX ·p on home. C-2 or TIE G-4172 l -S73? " eiMieP " "O.'HK"""! '" GA 2-3647 mrds 1 6C "BOATS t FINANCE Kunnbout. 15 ler. st»erln{; £ rls $125. 0 lip. Evinnirfe olstery trail . Bunks for 2 larilware it dr -50^ 'orr on *. S rKT\ or mvY~ S SKI-BOAT * 1 new Skl-Bnn jv the maliers Line. "Swlft- al ski or Hsl in? In trie low SlO^s complete S- Trailer, reen \CH Area onH L..K B £^ r £ DUCT TON 3 a. S?38 99.9S 3 's ttrdv. GE AYR. M.-pRKNT -t! N.\V. we o f f e r b r e - f r n f t fiber- shmnlnr ir,' -nliv new A. n In T-.B. nnl Par. Cst. Hwy. o w /shield. 41) ntrol?. trailer. * swivel wiK ward approved, or. halt sled. iim, 272 Mini Evlnruile. ren- tilser f'. trailer or.. Vonr bc=t Trailers 165 All Used Soecials lor '59 Better prices ihls New Year than ever before -SPARTANS ARROWHEAD ·COLUMBIA OTHER. MISC. MAKES Better Financing Insurant: t for You Personally Do you need money? See us. PIONEER TRAILER SALES 28 Years In Business 9302 E. ARTESIA BELLFLOWEH TO S-7SH THE ALL NEW UNIVERSAL C I V E S YOU SO MUCH MORE! llURc selection of floor plans: from, slant or center Kitchen. 1. i or 3 hdrms. 40 to 50 It. MODERN OR MAPLE DKCOK TOr^S IN CONSTRUCTION! BEAUTIFUL IK DESIGN We'll take furniture, trailer or Gi house eqmtv in trade on new Universal or Terra Cruiser. RAY'S TRAILER SALES 5767 1,0115 Beacti Blvd.. L. B. BARGAINS LIQUIDATING STOCK VACATION TRAILERS. $195 UP LARGER TRAILERS. $495 UP. Nice selection of New Near New Trailers All Priced Right VIRGINIA TRAILER SALES 4221 LONG BEACH BLVD. Wholesale at Factory 1958--50x10 Rod Reel 1951 -- 'M' Roadcraft, rebuilt mod. 1955--30' General, rebuilt mod. 1943--29' Travela, Toilet. 1953-- IS' Twin Bed. Rod Reel Many Travel Trailers 14', IS'. IT' Sportsman Top for 3 ',-Ton Ford Mathison Trailer. Sales Repair 2923 south St.. No. Long Beacli · LOOKING FOR A DEAL? In a house trailer? OK, 1 will Think I 'ill Kidding? Then try me. See the top lines: FLAMINGO, · V I K I N G NORSEMAN, ROI.L- A W A Y k WESTWOOD. Also over 75 used trailers. KELLEY'S WORLD'S LARGEST TRAILER DEALER! 1572S ATLANTIC. COMPTON. Phone NE li-4246. JANUARY SPECIALS Bit; discount, 'all 1,T . IS' discount: 25' Weatwooil bargain IS' .Mainliner. alum., as Is 5245 .t others. Come see to appreciate. ^ BUMGARNHR TRAILER SALES UflS E. 10th HE 7-5721 1.171 DOWN, J5S PER MO. Buys the following CLEAN RECONDITIONED 1 or 2 Bdrm. used coaches 33 ft. TraveWe, 36 ft. Colonial ^6 ft. American as ft Roll-away 3G ft. Mich. Arrow R A Y ' S T R A I L E R SALES C767 Lori* leach Blvd.. L.B. YOU CAN" AFFORD IT! Most coach for the least monev. IJlad. 10 wide 4.1 It. 2-bdrrii. FLBETWOOU. *3.i)D;i 51.3S5 dn. StiS per month. Delivered ready to live in. RAY'S TRAILER SALES G T G T Long Beach Blvd. T. R. 14.10') Mnrbor. Santa Ana TRAILER SALES New and used. We trade for hnnips. f u r n i t u r e or anything of value. Open evenings For the best deals see -CERTIFIED T R A I L E R SALES 9111 E. Artesla. Bellfloiver TO G-3777 HA S-4800 KVERYBODY WANTS A USKD 10 KT. WIDE We have a 195S-- 40 f t . 2-bdrm. 10 f t . wide. L I K E NEW. M.195. SS31 DN. $Gl PER .MO. This on? won't last long HAY'S TRAILER SALES 67fi7 LonE Reach Blv.l.. I.. R. 30 KT. Mobile Coach with bath. SSJii. S"ll down. $13 per mo. 25 tl. Travelhome. Metal. Toilet. J795. $276 down. S37 per mo. RAY'S TRAILER SA1.KS fi~f.7 Lone Beach Blvd. ' * You'll SAVE On EXPANDO UNIVERSAL BALDWIN TRAILER SALES «S« LAKEtt'OOD BELLFI.OWER 1 mi. ,\. of Laiftwood ijav CO.J CLOSED SUNDAY WANTED-- Box trailer, ratn. sS. ·JOI home-mad*. «E 6-l'075 exc. trailer Space 1 65- A SPACE. Ailulls. Priv. balfi. 7l'nd A Atlantic PJ. K.L.B. 1 blk. i- B. Prtewaj-. 5W mo. ME .29!'fl ilODBRN TRAILER SPACE Accommodate to 50'. Children )TM7°f tp *" 5 '" * 30 """ N E Trailers for Rent 165-B ^·'EW and used vac. tmi. Sell-rent. Ht. 7-5721. BuniKarner 1163 E 10 trailers Wanted 165-C WE l IA y^ - * 3-BDRJI. HOMES To Trade for Trailer Homes CERTIFIED HEALTY SALES will E. Artesla, Belinower TOrrey 0-3777 HA 5-SOO n. \.NTED to buy-- 10' wide trailer or will trade ray 35' Terry for ,'?", r e!«Ity. Chaney Trailer Park 1 '1S 1-nes Ave.. U'llni. TE 5.!S!)1 H A V E III c ,i, I0 , ,,,,, ,,,,,,,,.. trailer Pncne NEwmntk IM1-46 W1LI ii*\ cam to private party 'or clear, trallei r/; t . g t a r 1JUOE HOME EQUITV (or houst trailer. Pettls TO 6-4615 Motorcycles, Scooters 1 64 BSA S CUSHMAN'S SPECIAL CLOSE-OUT ON ·58 MODELS Good Buys in Used llotorcyclti IDE KOONS 1360 E. ApIAHEIM HE 7-1359 '9 CUSHMA.N -- CLEAN New red lacnuar paint, new coll * points. Cen(rI[n E iil clutch. ernoon i'Su' df°' Bat ' *"" Call GE 1^7494 NO .MONEV DOWN New A Used Cycles Open Late Jlon. Frl. L B. TRIUMPH, i AK1EL 654 IV. Pac. C. By. HE 6-0158 . D A L E BROWN MOTORS 2141 AMERICAN GA 7-5941 37 INDIAN Westerner. Rebuilt 1919 POWELL motor scooter. Cood cond. 24Sn Maine. GA 7-3613 " 7HARtE yt?'L^vV"-* 3uo - ·5S TRIUitPH. TK 0 A. Xlnt contl. 5612 Sllnfleld. ME 3-0919. ·'·' .ZUiVDAPp sabre. Good cond. 5ill Cnralite. JIA 5-o°79 Airplanes 167 1-UUNO miui, 25, desire pos. with private or commercial alrcrait firm. wnlln B to do anvthlnc. James Hyman. 2303^4 E - Comnu Bl. iA Compt. NE 2-3092 Trucks Equipment 168 USED TRUCK SALE '57 Chev. l-ton atake vcrv few ml!M. dual wheels, (1.699 (C163) '56 Cht-v. H-ton pickup S1199 '56 Foid 1-lon pickup. V-S. automatic (P431) 51 199 '5C Ford ^-ton pickup. V-S. radio (C20fA) .....$1199 'fi-t Chev. H-toa panel, never uied J2r down. low monthly payment! . (with good credit). Beach City Chevrolet 2975 E. Pacific Coast Hwy. GE 3-0212 . GE 3-7421 $1499 '55 FORD 8-cyl. »i-ton pickup, has Fordo- matlc, radio, heater, deluxe cab. like new with heavy duty tires. has deluxe camper, sleeps 4. has stove, fee ref.. water svstern, too many features to mention A home on wheels MEL BURNS . 2000 AMERICAN HE 2-C950 $1099 '55 CHEVROLET H-TOX PICKUP TRUCK Kealiy fixed tip nice, white wall urea, chrome exhaust, radio, ^''"te *rab. Jugt_what the boyi MEL G BURNS 2000 A M E R I C A N HE 2-6950 ';in DOUUK PICKUP -- -XS«9 Pickup truck. New paint Rao rear intrnper. Heal sharp. PIONEER FORD 1S103 PIONEER IN ARTESIA UNdephlll ji-611f.-- Open Sllndavs o FOHD Cnst. Ranchero fl.OSu. Fordomatlc. heater 2-tone H A L E YOUNG FORD ' 2611 E. ANAHEIM RE S-1138 OUT ot HIGH RENT DISTRICT OPEN 7 DAYS WEEK 57 FORD li-T. PICKUP JH99 V-S. o'drlve. custom cab R£H PIONEKR FORD Ken GOING overseas. 4:i-rt.. S *"I.OOKI FTSHRTIMKN* fr Braml new ftshtnc o u t f i t . H* C.Tl-Boat 7'i hi Evlnrmle. American t m l l f . ' A H for 57P5 ft Wmt tn suit. Sc-s only at I-lnnrll s. . ils'lnn. .1170 R ' N E PAT.KR Cst. TIw 2-br. trnller. Xlnt cond. kitchen, antom washer, r air cond.. metal awning. _ party. Call anytime. GA 4-S06I Nfi 6-21t»i. Kxt. -JfiO. 19.1 FAMOUS M A K E 1-bdrm... -)0-fl.. 10 wid.. . Demo. List 51,995. First $n.i cash or terms, tnltes it away. KAY'S TRAILEK SAI,KR 6767 L.B. Blvd., Long Beach h"S E - 3 -4B SPECUfc MOVE IN FREEI No down pj^- ment, cosfj, impounds or monlhly paymenti unlil slier next year. Spacious, all 2-sfory homes on Garden Grove Blvo 1 . GI now offering immediate occupancy. 3 i 4-bdrm., 2-bath homes in resort area an priced from $13,975 to qualified Veti w!fh mo. pmts. of $74.33, Prin. S Int. Termi also available for non-Vets. Modal homes open daily from 10 e.m. Key to map D-6. 2. CHAPMAN PARK HOMES On Chapman W. of Placenfia; 3 4 bedrcomi, built-in range oven, fireplace, BBQ, from $14,750, new FHA, no dn. for GI; near new Stat« College. LA 5-8231, eves. LA 5-4004. Key to map H-3. 3. PARK SYCAMORE 3-Ldrm, family room, w/w carpeting, 2 bafhj, paiio. doubla fireplac* io ceiling; ovor 1600 iq. ft. living area; built-in O'Kcefe i M. oven range, Waife King dlshwaihtr (all colored); ceramic tilt. 2-car garage, 5 floor plani in 2l-hou« excluiive N.E, section of Orange. ..' $19,950 to $21,250. Conventional, FHA, or Cal-Vet ferrm. 4 bl. No. of Chapman on Cambridge, E. on Sycamore to 1200 bl. K El log 2-2091. Key to map, h-5. Walker Ue. Inc., Sales Agii. A K. W. Hall Development 1 'moHpl? or rtlP- SHG T,.B W. * CA"BfN"rniiPerrTfi : ft! "glnVs. 40 hn elec o.b.. t i l t trailer, rxtrnn. PP! toeelher. hnnt scnnratfiv or small boat in trade. HE OQOfi. 21'"BOAT. P^nk h u l ! " i e r r ; li hn.irri. Rearfr tn EO. *r,M Flip J 10 T . B. Yacht T.nndlnp. J f E 2-i397. ; Wrecked My Boat! Hav f Ifi' trailer for sale, in.^1 225C K. PAf\ rOAST'_} CHRIS TMT\TT Johnson 2... - trols cushions, etc. 2923 Smith St.. N.L.B. t* M E R i . i N B w/Merc. Mark tt motor t r l r ski pqnlp. i- nrcess. S1flji_ HK 7-3025; GA 4-677~. . XUx. ketch. Rlpi. 4- New s.MK Top condition Ncwm.T-h'B__ T^inc Bfflfh^tjirlmi "RKTNFORCKO ."I:! hont. Pollil mahoft 77" beam. All Fla^'d. · - - -nlnhed. 1IA 1-nr.^. - .T'r'^'^'bfW.'W f'rerl.nnnl. 57(1,1 "TRY snge Appian Way. ni.R. '_ J~TARGK sport fishing honts * n water tfixi.". Phown hv appointment, rait TF: 4-"iioo. | .. 10 wine. 2bilnn furnished in maple. Take t ' 2615 E. Olive, uompton. 51 KASTERN bit. 2.T. All meir t i l . shwr. 55itft--thaf!t richi $"i95. 1542S Atlantic. Compt or ABC - Columttin - Great i.nkt 1531 L.B. Blvd. Compton io:in R. A t l n n l l s Comnton -1-BR. Kasiern built, ull alum. ·-v? carpet, awninp. larpe livin Jom. 2fil, f i E. Olive. Comptoi x!i 1,'TII.ITV tr.T alum. top. Kxc F'J5 T. C A M P E R on 1056 jrd »l-lon pickup. H 6 ^Joh n A ve. G A 2-707! ATTENTION pensioners, Spartai ·13'. Like new. 2-BK. Has every thIng. KE 5-2.jG7.__evts- Clean new paint. -$-IOU. 2011 Greenbriar. GE 3-3420. .CPU OM "lic^l. NP' work. For sale, STflO a* i Box R-3(V77. Inrt.. PreF5-Teie. "165 ^AI'ITOI* Tear Drop camping trlr _JXlnt_conil. Prlv. ity. GE 1-1432 1-FJ', HOUSK trailer. ItCil nioilf i?/Calff. Caban 10x20._3.tE 3-426' is 1 J957 DKVII.'LE. CLEAN." 300 E.J!ome_St. 'RAIT.ER--2-whffl 4\C,. Ex. rond _ tirea._I«as._GA_7;Sl03jift. I 2-\VHEEI/"caf"so' IsG he'.l. CooJ condition. j ^ o . ' C i j 3-3461. 9' 2.WHEEL trailer! Good'slfapV __Eopj|_tire9. GE 0*1603 a f t e r 11). *5G MODERN 22-ft. Travele7« I.ll:e new. S1375. GA ?-2Jl3. K KT. 2-BR. trailer. '55. "mi " Fries. W i l m i n g t o n . Lot 54. ' SCHULT ( m e t a l i front hitch . First SSflO takes. ME 3-7233 2-WHEEL Box Trailer. 2.126 Van Biiren. DomlnRuez. TE 4-5'g2 61 Greenville Estates 3-Br., I and l'/ 2 b«thi, up fo 1250 iq. ft. Excellent floor plant, spacious rmt., well decorated. Disposal!, Rusco iteel tdih, wardrobe closets, painted ihroughout. Designed for family living and priced to you can afford one. From $10,650 with $295 total cath down incl. costs. Ail laleimfln about special savings on monthly pay'ti. Furnished models at 2201 Green* villa St. Key to map G-8, 193S CORVETTE, 14-FT.. SMS/J SS22 E. Artesla. Bcllflower 7, SECURITY HOMES Corner Wesiminstar Edwardt. 3 4-bdrmi., 2 batfii, walMo- wall carpeting, built-in range oven, aih kitchen cabined, etc. Walk to ichool it shopping center. $l2,500to $12,950 full price. Nor, Veil $195 dn. plui low coils. Key to map D-6. 9. WAVERLY MANOR Turn west at Collins. 3-bdrm. largo family room, 2 bat hi, large walk-in closets, patio, large sliding glass doors. 1500 sq. ft. living space. AH with fueplace, built-in O'Keefe Merritt ranga ovon, w-w carpets will be included, forced- air he At with lummcr v*ifch. Contemporary provincial design. From $15.950. $495 dn. KE 2-2200. Key to map H-5. Wfllker Lee, Inc., Sales Agts. « K. W, Koll development to Loan I OH R E A L ESTATE) 151 Money to Loan (ON REAl ESTATE) 151 On Werfminster, $12,200 to $12.500. NON.VETS -- $195 down -- plus $90 cost moves you in. No due dates, no balloon payments -- Over 1300 tq. ft. 3 4 bdrms., I'A 2 baths. Key to map, F-7. For Information regarding this Map Feature Please Call JE 7-9120 or HE 2-5959, Classified Dcpt. -- Ask for Ken Sather, LOWEST COST On 1st and 2nd Real Estate Loans INTEREST LOW AS 5% AS LONG AS 25 YEARS ON 1ST LOANS FREE APPRAISALS ON ALL LOANS BIG SAVINGS ON 2ND'S Home Loan Investment Co. 24 Hour Sfrvic. NE 5-5352, HA 9-1865, NEr (.7001 1S403 PIONEER IN \RTFSIA _UNderhill 5-C-tlj Open Suidaya ·4 ( .i CHKVUOLKT""^ pickup T- speed transmission. Very clean S2R dn. ft 525 mo. Dealer. Sin Vi. Anaheim. Wilmington. TE U M K V . Hv-lon pickup. Flrai sold In '45 with or without duals. Good cond. N\v motor, clutch rear «nd. Carter's Used Cars. 1SH39 3. PIONEER. ARTESIA asii CHEV. '^-ton pick-up, i electric cement mixer, 2 wheel- harrows, tamper, flnishlnpr tool-;. hverything goM. Can be seen 2Slft Rtnilebalier Kit. HA 9-.17SO CASH M9 StudelwkPr *i-lon _ 5150 *J6 Chev. i'i-ton Van ____ srioo 16S5 SANTA FK 'IS CHEV. 1'A-ton cab i chassis 2-speed. $335. Pnrkxvoort Chevrolet. ME 3-07S7. 100r 0 financing on approved credit. 17 HHEV. Ui-ton cah A chaiiiir, $235. lOOCn iinancing on approved credit. Parkwood Chevrolet. .ME 3-07S7. CHEV. it-ton pickup. Just like-' new S129!). lOOfr financloR on approved credit. Farkwood Chev- n.let. ME 3-07S7. I0"»'l WHITE 3000 tractor new engine, xlnt. condition. ifaulinK contract with sale. Call TOrrey 7-0704 a f t e i 6 p.m. '51 INTL. Vi-T. pickup $305 Chev. ?;-T. pickup $3i)5 HILLTOP AUTO SALES 2599 E. Pac. Cst. Hwy. camper. paymcn TO 1-B :t FORI)_ L. A.' Rep ,,. :. Call Mr. TVnite, j_or SPnice 3-1230. ~~vT" '..-ion pickup. 1SJ2 E.^ . . . . ^ . LOOIC Brand nu. '59 Ohev. plch- iiii. Only $150 dn., J5S mo. .Pli. MK 3-0781, ask for Mr PF.RT. 56 FORD i.i-ton V-S pickup.-All hlh. custom ml), w-w. R*H. S!*7rt._2502 Dashwood ME 0-1531) '47 PANEL truck, equipped for painter. S125 canh; in rood ahnpe. 2S01 K, 3rd ·»$ FOHD "--ton pickup. '52 Ford %-ton pickup. Good cond. 2321 Park Ave. ' l!i CHKVV. !i-T. pickup. RAII, de luxe cab. very clean. JJl-5. 7 l-'ORD FJOO new tires, town cover, very clean. Custom radio. De luxe cnb OA 9-.1101 ·00D trans, car cash model pickup. OR ,1-f54 . CAD. converted truck. J'JO. 2731 Van Riiren. DomlnRue?.. i KOitl) V-8 new. 30(15 Sni '4ft DODOK U-T. pickup JUS ORANGE SALE_3J2252 ORANGR il FOHIJ pickup. Hlr. Clenn....J(fi!) Lo-Lo Motora, 2101 E. Anaheim i" KORD Ranchero. All extrai, Inw mUcnKg.JjlTSfl. MB 0-HB5. C H K V V pickup Vi-T. cienn, ?r.9. r .. nnn Fi. st. IIF, 2-7S74. l-j-lon pickup, or tnuia TO 7-3-1 Ifi. I) Tiickup, new tires. Xlnt. Prly. pnjlv. _ NK_S^59p_. a i l A I t l ' Til l-'nrd Pickup. up. *i Tiff- HE 1-1033

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