The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 25, 1957 · Page 5
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 5

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 25, 1957
Page 5
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Special Page Of News, Pacts And Features They Feel The World's Pulse For You Meet The Facts' UP Daily By-Liners Joseph B. Flfmlnr (.aver Ov .,_ 1-r.ilr-y Jack V. Fox Robert E. Jonrs Jacluon Charln M. MeCann Norman Miller WendellS.Mtriek John J. Meen.n Ki\mond l.ihr Patrlete Wlftini THERE'S EES-Y MONEY IN Gl DISC BUYS • *• * • » * * * ,. European Exchangt Sytt«m Does Bonanza Butintit Thanks to U. S. Soldiers' Yen for Latest Tunes Am«rit»» n*n-t»mt nmple tarn* ef the very lolett hit lunee at the phonograph racarrf counter hi • United Itatet Army Port Ixchange In Nuernberg, Germany, IT omit ANDIKSON C'ntrrtt /Vet* Xssociatiort Corrfxpovfi>:xl .St'ERNBERO, West <«erman.r—The U. 3. Armv is operating a fantastic airlift which few know about—for phonograph records. The Army's European Exchange System lEES) flies discs by the plane Mad tr> Europe. Taxpayers, however, need not fret. This is one militsry activity that doesn't cost them s rent. On the contrary, it's making the Army's Central Welfare Fund s. mint of money. Thanks m part to the platter lift, which gets hit tunes tn Arm*.' Post Exchange* while they are still on the U. S. "too Ifl" list, EES has become the world's largest seller of phonograph records. The Army's European PX system does 12.SOO.OOO annual disc business. Airlifting records in no luxury— but sound business. The PXs' amazing *• les volume is a tribute to their shrewd merchandising of di«rs. Became of th» time and distance foctors. the PXs have s ticklish problem m getting hit tunes on . the sale* ihelres in Germany, i "In this business you can't af- France »n<I Ftaly while th» num- ford to be wrong very often. If hers ire still "top 10' m the you over-order you may take a Stare* big loss. If you under-order, there Bveri *n»ri the mtlift. *ne task isn't time to re-order. You have remains formidable. PX disc btiv- to be right the flrst time." Potter ers meet this problem by educat- laments, ei guesswork. They gauge the ... prospective popularity of new re- PUTTER has a hot tip for cord.n«s bv the recording trtiat. ftruggling music composers will- the tune snd tr.e title—"all very ing to put cash ahead of art: try importa/it." «av« Len Potter, the the country and western field. KES rhie< 4i«r purcnaser. EES literally can t buy enough * " * country and western tunes to BI.'Y'r'.R* their estl- me»t the insatiable GI demand. and We are grabbing nlmost every- beinr recorded—and it's *»'!! not enough," the disc buyer ma'.e* bv r;;fi Kg < rrurc Armed Forces ru Germany. PX se tfantiv ri^e rhe requesta to *he d^ network m ter »rnut« con- Arren"»n end f*nte*Ti to spot r "lusic laste. E'irooMn trends in ;K Mow PX disc r«rgo-« »re t.*»tir «vav f> r.'irr?p* hefnr* tune* land on the git Pnrnde. This WTI Potter's biggest error 'o date. h-,t. fortunately, one he coi::d correct. He explained: 'When v « started in the disc B»,nnes« fnur years airo, we flc- ured country and western (we don't call it hillbilly oecauw it makes the GIs sore) fans at 10 per cent. "\Ve raised it lo 2'} per cent* then to 40 per cent, and nnaJlf to 65 per cent. Now F,lvi« Presley and Pat Boone, who flt several categories, have jumped it to 75 per cent." » • • IN THK FRK-PRKSI.PY »rx, thf PX^' maximum order for »nv ninKl*- hit tun* was 4.000—but Elvis bl(*w off this lid. Wotrnrf Dog «old 12,000 dine A tr» th« »oldi*r rrade in Europe. The tune \vn_s on sale in PX« her* three weeks after its first listing: on disc reviews. There is al»n putter mortey to he made on offj>?at discs, particularly European recordings. C*Urina Valente was nutsellinjf many bi^-name U. S. srtists long h*forp| her Amencftn debut. M'ontavam. the British orchestra leader, is aJ»o \ preat PX favorite. On occasion, the PX records its o\vn best-sellers. One. AfiMt- ml M?tnonr* nf Germany, has sold ISO.OOO copies. Although the PX ni«kf« its money sHlinjr pops, its dine nhops handle all type.* of recorded music —classical, musical show?, international, operas and seasons!. "You must face th« fact. Though, that you can't make *. lonjfhnir out of a QI. S^ v.-« jrivft him whnt h^ wants—th*.t'« Pres-_ !*y, and tha.t'» where w« m*k* our monp'-,' s buyer obs;r\'«d. European Tour Is Due For Spinsters .VFW YORK « IT i —On* of trie *a,\est and. m (h* IAPJ: UP-A mosi thouuhtfu! nv*t sels of nr* • lo emerge from Europe Th;« pfans (or » n* 1 ^ ';ind of rmir. Tliis one ^voi;Ui o* 1 "(or hopeful Anr'ncan • Kkton, a Udy (rwvH gutd.» \>M York n^med K*»llv \,I 'ir»« up a lui of mo\ i .Htars sod « an, Austrian Scandinavian noblemen—M -vltom * planeload of American •V-A uoriri of possible sponsored /ig/ng through thp Middle Iji-i aid mpalv a day would be hard- •r.'yi. and herewith, for >nuv and Orient, not forgetting lo be tack. ,-p,,re it a <rlfc'fri and •orppncii mlwiiiced tn sake in .!apnn, ami Toui- for Some Peace and Quiet ',ift (<! possibilities end in California. —An\one for the space satellite? "•>,' for Hewing rlaclirliir* - Tour to Stop Smoking On- Get \otir tickets now. Tr— p,ane »«iW lea\e secreth Signs inside Ihe plane would sa\. Tour to Sa\e Money On—This xn : r-., announced riestina "Hanger, pisoline tanks in cabin would envision sitting in jour • ion ;t *r.\ H«,mpn u ere e-ncount —no smoking on peril of hoin^ hackvard for t\ui veek5 reading ."-n -n ?n^ .>f the foreign IHMI*. itl,i\-,n to hi!*.' 1 No one \unild ho tlu-ou^h a pile of travel folders • .f .-..I 'h^ ;>.^n*- -.v.Hild take off alloHrfl to loave the plnnc at am aivl fix>ni lime- to time sinping m -IP ,.r.» h>vn nnif DncnuiK girU at airpmts from t-iottles of tap water taken T.VII im- Mr^iinK Inin'i'stini; .i>ul,l IK- viewed through cnhin from holels in various foreign \^i'-^* r»n Trw.r H'rtnr r,jtKin'i« - ^uuiims. climes. l*ni« v,« 1.1 S» nn inrrp«.«inr;l> Tour to I.IKP \Vcijjln (>ii--\Voit|,l [ji\-p.America Tour, for people .7i#-fln« 1 ^ru,i: uu> i' «o>ild «i|Hi' iie«iti with evenlxxly on hic\c|pv, in Fvn-ope who hMe Amerira— ,^[> ,n wwjihern rluitfj*. heaH hfiri'-tl wpsi: on ipa.'hin^ R.WK> 'I1ip\ \\ould be taken to the near- i>>'fr sM niH^iie ei eo vand."* xi.niiitHin region. ,.\-pr\lKxl\ \\nuld pst mini IIPIP and allowed to ^r,*iir^ :n circl*-« Tiwfi i! 'xrnild change to horsphack: ihrep siarul- pp« thp monpv. Space Is Limited — A.M. RADIO UNSUCCESFUL HI-FIDELITY MEDIUM An OminouJ Wsrninq -- iS^HH'V^'Bugs Are Already Hot Weather News . '1 rhmk u out all right— it fMigh bait." The irip alv> * real Hv rHU.M'OV .M((,I!A\V i s»Hilinn tin- AM ••c, -11011 which ,,,l- and pick up nuui(-tu«n AM the I-\1 M-ciii.n ,.( Sin ,-^(ul n."i"«-i 'he Mtfnal Iliat Hie AM Mnlions. lunei II aK'> makes an AM I, ull, the f.inimrn nil l)an<i fur A full- r.inj;,. MHII-I!. IV.IHC A\l sliiliuns uilh KM Ir.'MMIl.Mr I s UM- llu'll' AM .'Hill IM ll.lllNllillll'i 1 ' MIIIUH'lMCilllvK lo luu.i.l, .si sli-peii|.lu>iilr \im ^i .tins !n *'' ! .'-.plltilni' httwul. . ->ii^ an- r.ut M' sull. Hit- tiiiiff "ill nit ihii'iixh Ihe lo in Ian mil In" murp mteresie^ m : The cunn..ui> mikei During Adjournment-COMMITTEES TAKE OVER LEGISLATURE'S DUTIES ,K«M|> cl.iiins (IN- Ihe KM tuner A «r ^1ninl> '^l.OUO c\cle p*M ^ec,ind iHspi>n>c ism plus or niinu.s half a decibel 'iiese Hum and no*5e ie\el fill riecir belou 100 per cent motiulati IhlM of (Mus ,11 nunu.s t\»o k iixitml and plus or minus 15 kil- ov>d«s without AFC i Il is a pretty htM r'M tuin'i. In a lest atxKit v\hat a t>pical oun- rr \uHild pin it to. it leceised all l»vul >iaii.,ns uith the (oot of an- lenni ihai conies *uin n. Albert Opposes Defense Seeinc* lies Of FBI BlI'illMi'lllv li> li 'l,i 1,1.. I, I ....... i. .i-lu.i; I -,,,H1 I .,n than "ii.i. I II 11,1-1 ,10 llirs" limn ii.'lj.i In l.ii I. 11 i- |»i M', h. I-. ' "jii.Iu > ' .'ill u! AM 1 1 . ' [Hi. .li .. H iuhri u ltd ,.n :.l;i-l!ii i i. ..... • . , I, 1 1 Tin., hum. ili I. Hit, ul Mn I, 'l.i-l lilil AM li.,:, 1'N.i , •.,uii.-.- ::,. lulu I l'^ hi I .-. lll.l> M .1,11 I-, I , .i ;/.L'. A lilj;ll II, il lll\ .'-111 li,,t> !,!• .1 ami in .-,i..,,ii.ill-. I',. In' li- ill.- ur^t 1 M pi, K Hi' .,ii AM >l.ili,.n ,,n in, i.ii.i i si,li- i>[ lin ,.,.., iii , "1).\ in^ ' II u-ril In I AM !ui,'i- h.iii- iiuiit- ill. in ,'i..iu.;l, |>mi i Hill ulu 11 lii,, ln.J, Iliiclill l,ih liihi > h' ilu il'-i|iu-|lr\ Ihf M.'ihi.n i> on afiii I.IIM-; f;-'lin 'o I'lili M "i f'<' ^i' 1 -. •' IK' In. 111 ,ui .tiilaii-nl slallon Hi,, ul II, r l:i.-.l l,!,.'n Iliit'llll «>iii|n.|i! ill;. iii.uiul.u-luu'iii in t.'liM- 11.11, • .,( Illl;, lll-lil'll-lll 'LI* SI,, I ,l ,,| I'll, I, ..ill, I l,,ll,,1nl I,-.-, Ilir .1 i L: . ,, . 1 1 .1 1\ fl • ur-'A Ml ul .Sp) Tin 1 '1','Mi* nij;., .if .1 s:uui.ii jump vili lie it'pl.i,,-,! ii\ t-.l in in,' t ;ilrn, i - Aikm to make a Mud\ iiiiu.n und makt- f (he ,on«li- id make ii nf mi., The tioiis lor revisions to Ihn nexi l.\ linn WASHINOTO.V a folded riit>ole""th'e rm-e l "' rl T |lonl * s <D-Te::«s> s«ni to- gj(tf ;' iliere sl:ce<l h.« tee .-not inlo uenl up aod hooked b\ ,-,H?pier d * v lnilt r "° 11 K r * SI should pa«s,» lake. The ball stunned » rising lo a leleMSum amentia, it picked (f*'«'alion Citing all de - Nr.'vi M>RK ,rp. --An ,<niiii.iu>< ni^h' It rte«-endex( lo a field of a* he na.« l«l a»a>. n,«e .n »«ne <i>paicnos trom her tnick farm, and litlle gieen: N'K\V YORK —Thirty monkeyi ,*b.\Ki.- *r,.H!Ki '-'am "i^ t nai ni*-n emerged holding torches re-; and a IIIIRP ii-npical bird mjsten- cn«ic,w*,i SU--1 sn«iiw a corner of s^nihlmi; ,-tivlelahni. She tied, ousl> ejcapetl late today from tne uleofu learn lo i««im,-. is she said Treillich's Animal Shop, On the th.ii n»-.t weaiwt tie"s hug i!KM-I\-IKK'K. Pa — Cliaswi sidp»alk. Hie bird sei/ed two oe.ii-'he Mil> neavn, h> H police who had caught him mnnke\s Otni,msl> overloaded. In Nr*nies. KrurH-e. iccenih a imp-, .nji. .Mph O'ne^a. a sidevhon and groaning to gain altitude en cornel "as found miimnme Km* m.dgel. IHII headlong into a bonl a t^ke-off dn\\n Broadway, it near the Place Rovale KfHiniain 111^ emporium, tripped, rolled cra>hed into Richard Kmpathy, a ;rj the center nf Ihe cit\. This i*. down an alle i ., and knocked o\ei broker, as he emerged from a Betting cln>r. But to be a trul> *ighr pins. "If I'd a-l>een normal bar. The ASPi'A charged Km- -j|l> !ieaM>n i'en\. ihe camel uould si/e I'd a-got a strike." he said nave had to be sitting in Ihe I'xm- um. iian IUM gone dust>do (or the first time e*ei in Killai!*->. Irelar«i. trie nthei the season almo-M ari-ueri, A \\ith blocking: traffic. trt^iii A tnstarKier ,Hini|>ed in lixim «l Ti'"^"^'* Supreme Conn decision which grabbed the hsh. and brought ^ GAVIOBU r held th»t defendants in fpne,.: back thf Ball. 10,1 Thi« «a* si! iign- Bui if liie '""«• p r«« *"«" ' \VA.SIII\(;'l\)X. Feed Grain 'Carryover' About 50 Million Tons •Situaliun." talinialed Ihe total i,l supph it-rop plus can-joveri of . . , u-tv-iiivi-iiiv .1 i-i ' foerf Si'attw »nd other concentrates u. Hie more difficulty there m connection with their trial. ,ws.,n i>«n lull> arrived, in* n.-n «.^>.III.M.I\J.N. IL.I . f)Xa ,i s i J le Ihe 1S56-57 feedirfi Hh i-10-.s - miKiulation "As «n old time prosec.uior in "tieii oueiied would have nad^ni -jur Agriculture Depailmen; ce- >fill . R1 s i, g htly more than 20(1 aitu'ima thai put court ar,. entitled Ic see all flies hp about as larga as in U'hile ill* number of (hi*I v\ ill »tudy 111 lrrittnig HL'«-di',( fail am! Ll. (iov. S ihe opemnji ot KB1 «nd oiber p.s. and the general pub! ,vt -lorp Hiittii.i Ui 1 .! u »' icplc.stinte.l equally uluily the needs ol K.tcn "ill n.tinc lt\f i ..Mi.'i.s khixjl *>jkiii. tuid- . iur a cllut'ns aU^iioi^ cuau^il ic to Sen»l (our-li ...^.. ... «. uuluplexiru: { -- . . •hamber. another )|U . k ou ( | le fa c k O f the chassi.' ! " v defendant can be insured that she ia» a I u-ge. luminous ob laige as tr.e grOiip I.. ^ i_. place- u | 11( .)i ,,| |tu'>enl 'M^ ihe -o.i - 1 '*' r trial by iur\ -vuhoul ' )e t -t resembl 1 - a grand pi '.ntf i-o'-'Utled * \e M.-HSU uHut» and com n )Mll , v ,,; u ,. ,„ a |,i;li fidclii\ tai '»* ">e jtoiernmci.t LO re-- ,ith flasliinj hslns where the bushel* tola' \.<lu>. to a inch hdchi> tai i-A 16 KPMj on i tujnubk. '-e*l lU band ia tola n 'ne>i aiiould be, in Ule publication ' iti» recxi i -\r-TTW* OB*» ** l MO nui -or* c*4«» rt-.s ^ S.100JM Kf» «

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