Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on November 2, 1950 · Page 26
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 26

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 2, 1950
Page 26
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Luxury Ship To Be Built WASHINGTON, Nov. 2. W--The government has reversed 'a decision--made when the Korean war picture looked dark--to complete the super liner United States us a troop ship. Instead, the original plan to construct the 4S,00-ton vessel as a Jluxury liner will be carried out. The ship, largest ever put under construction in this country, is being'built at Newport News, Va: The decision to complete the vessel as a commercial passenger liner was announced last night by Vice Admr. Edward L. Cochrane, maritime administrator. He said the decision--like the earlier one to convert it to a troop ship--was made by the joint chiefs of staff. I There-was no change i n - a de cision to make troop ships out of three 13,000-ton vessels under construction at Camden, N. J. They, too, were started as passenger ships. The order to convert them and the'United States to troop carriers was announced Sept. 15. The United States is being built Show Schedule FOX-LYRIC 'Bayonet Charse"--1:12, 4::2, 8:32; "All Quiet on the Western Front"--z:54, 6:34. 10:14. CATALINA ' i 'Good News"--2:15, 8:10, 10:05; "Little Women"--3:53, 7:50, FOX-TUCSON "Border Treasure"--!, 3:40, 6:20, 8:0!r ·The Men"--2:05. 4:40. 1:34, 10:20. RODEO DRIVE IN "Treasure Island"--7:10, 10:50: "Mystery Street"--9:01. ARIZONAN "Hed, Hot and Blue"--3:20, 5:38, 8:56; "Broken Arrow"--3:45. 7:04, 111:22. PARAMOUNT , "Cassino to Korea"--12:40, 3:20 5:55 8:55; 'Wagon Master"--1:40, 4:85, 7, 1C; On Stage --Jay Clarke--11:30, 8:40. Concert Member Drive Is Carded arrangements with the maritime administration, which is paying a major share of the estimated cost of 870,000,000. The arrangement provides that the ship, with de- SAFFORD, Nov.. 2.--The, dates of Nov. 13 through IS have been set by the Gila Valley Community ioncert association for the thirc annual membership campaign. A "kickoff" dinner, to be attend ed by the officers, board of directors and campaign workers, will be held the evening of Nov. 13 the time and place to be announced later. Officers this year include Spen- for United States Lines under cer Brinkerhoff, president; Lew J. Lewis, vice-president; Alvin Krupp, treasurer; Marcus Goldberg, publicity; Mrs. Spencer Hoopes, secretary; Mrs. Chester Peterson, dinner chairman. fense features built in, can be con-i Board members, are Mmes, Floyd ' " Nichols, S, D, Ellsworth, Bob verted to war use. The ship was scheduled for com-| pletion early in 1952 after a three and one-half year construction job.] Landson, Raymond Reed, Margaret Rhoads, Morey Sochat, William H. Harles, Joseph Peggs, Marshall She wm b e 930 feet long ^ a ^^^^^^ 2£ jorie Baker and Calvin Greer. speed capacity icr 2,000 passengers, and is intended to be this country's answer to the famed British "Queens" -- the 'Mary and the Elizabeth -- in Atlantic passenger competition. · TUCJON-NOOAIES BUS SERVICE 10UTHBOUND Leave Tucson 7:05 A.M. »;45 A.M. 10:15 A'.M. 11:30 A.M. 12:45 P.M. NORTHBOUND 6:45 A.M. 1:15 A.M. 10:45 A.M. 2:15 P.M. 4:00 P.M. 6:00 P.M. 8:30 P.M. 12:30 A.M. Leave Nopales 4:00 P.M. !i:00 P.M. S:30 P.M. t 8:30 P.M. · 10:30 P.M. 1230. P.M. »:1S P.M. Connections ait Negates for Hermosiilo and Guaymai CITIZEN AVTO LINKS Greyhound .Terminal Ph. 3-0538 Meet Your Friends for MakD CLUB LA JOLLA A Habit At Noon LUNCH»75° 1000 S. 6th Are. Ph. 3-5142 Mexican Loses Foot In Jump From Train PHOENIX, · Nov., 2. OJ.R)--A 56- year-old' Mexican national lost his eft foot early today when he attempted to jump from- a Southern Thuriday Evening, Nov. 2, 1950 Pacific freight train at llth ave-(- nue :and, the railroad tracks here, KtBan 03% -fflilfzHf Sheriff's Deputy Nat George identified the victim is Julio Diaz Medina. He was taken to St. Monica's- hospital, where his condition was described as good. The foot was severed at. the nzona Inn. Buffet Supper Sunday Night, November 5th . Mexican Music --Phone 5-1541 for Reservations-OLD TUCSON DAYS NOVEMBER 4TH 5TH " at the OLD TUCSON SET in Tucson Mountain Park Two Days of the Re-Enactment of Tucson in the I860's ·^ Indian Dances if Vigilante Acts if Can Can Show if Singing and Yodeling- if Old Fashioned Wedding Supported by the Tucson Boys' Choir if Dancing 26 ankle when a train wheel passed! over it. Now Son, be a good boy and when you grow up you too can go id The Stallion Room 4544 S. 6th Are. Phone 2-0284 ARIZONAN \ THEATER -- Matinee Every Day- Adults 46c -- Children IGc "Broken Arrow" --and -- Tucson's Finest Chinese Food C ^ C Hx£.W H O P -^gL W Serving 10 (curse Dinner for only "Iry It -- Taste and Tell Club Flamingo OPEN 4 P M . TO 1 A.M. TUESe, NOY; 7-8:15P.M. mail, Bfrthfol BKlMl pirtoniiinlrt IN PEBSQMi MARX 11 *t Harpo's Concert Bazaar IVAH KIROV * CHRISTINA GUMQU ^ IttNmt SAVRAH « 'HUM* **f L l l l p D V . STEINHEIMER'S 'Downtown -- 24 VScott nUnlV I . $3.05 -- $2.44 -- $1,83 -- Reservations 3-3550 DOORS OPEN 11:00 PHOJTE 3-7062 STARTS TODAY! · JOHN FORD irf mm c,mm ' fitsenl 'Admission for Adults 50° Children Servicemen .... 25° .- Sponsored Ly The Tucson Junior Chamber of Commerce GATES 6:15 SHOW 7:00 tOUTHQUOOEO PHONE WSJ'/ * END5TONITE L V IJ f f* * « * Isr 44c T I L L · 5*0 P.M. "ALL QUIET ON THE WESTERN FRONT" -- and -"BAYONET CHARGE" MtUMUTION Of t*lk«rt Utflh $t*V«M»N't 7T tlreasure Isfan PLAZA ~ STOW PLAYING -- ' "ALMAS EN UN MUNDO" Fernando . Emilia Fernandez "K Guin -- ALSO -"LA VALENTINA" Jorge _ i Esperanza Jfegrete f{ Baur · TIUCSON P^ONE 3-9491 - TODAY DOORS OPEN'12:30 MORE PU.NCH THAN "THE CHAMPION"--MORE GUTS THAN "HOME OF THE BRAVES"--BY THE PRODUCER OP .BOTH! STARTS TON1TE "CRISIS" at 7:07-10:42 "JESSE JAMES" at 9:15 Box Office Opens 6:30 Starting ' MARLON BRANDO TERESA WRIGHT . EVERETT SLOANI · HOWAID ST. ;OHH --CO-HIT-TIM HOLT "BORDER TREASURE" R A D I O D I A L CARTOON NOVELTY KVOA--1290 NBC KCNA--1340 ABC KTDC--1400 / MUTUAL NIGHT KOPO--1450 CBS KTKT--1490 LB8 8:510 Her-iy Aldridi S-.ls Heniy Aliacb B:iO Father Knows Brat «:« Father Knows Bost 7:00 Dragnet 7:15 Drapiet 7:30 ,We the People 7:45 We the People Edwin C.fOn Ebner Davij Music You want Music You Want 8:00 Punt Formation PJeate 8:15 Punt Formation Plean- 8:30 Football Tips 8:45 Richard Barkiiesi , Screen Guile! FI*yert Screen Guild Players Screen Guild Playera Screen Guild Playerj Fred Finney Fulton Lewis Jr. Touchdown '.tips ' Sam aayej-EUl Henry ~ FBI In Peace War FBI In Peace tc War Mr Keen Mr Keen November 2, 1950 Candlelight A'Wlne Candlelight it Wine United Nations Fiesta-Time · :l:iuj Km, TOMORROW 'SUNSET BOULEVARD 1 " " BOX OFFICE C:15 SHOW STARTS...- --7:00 4500 E; SPEEDWAY FINAL NIGHT OF "MOVIE QUIZ" ?75.00 CASH AWAREi $10,000.00 IN PRIZES steotaK LAHRT PARKS BAHBABA HALE HIT SO. 2 til 50 YEARS BEFORE YOUR EYES" NARRATED BT ARTHUR, GODFREY 9:00 One Man's Faiilly 9:15 Evening News 9:30 State Banking 8:45 Democratic Committee ioToo Amateur Hour " Amateur Hour Ainateur Hour Bobert Montgomery Sam Jone» School Days Democratic Committee Carmen Cavallero Clyde Beatty Clyde Beatty Red Ryder Reel Ryder Suspense , · Suspense Crime Photographer Crime Photographer Fiesta Time JE'iesta Time Fiesta Time Fiesta Time--News Hollywood Byline Hollywood Byline Edgewater Beach Orch. Edxewater Beach Orch. Ig Story 10:15 The Big Story 10:30 Reporter 10:45 Schools-Music 11:00 Strictly Collegiate 11:15 Strictly Collegiate' 11:30 Strictly Collegiate 11:45 Collegiate-News News and Sports ·0*N Highlights 'John B. Kennedy Harlem Jamboree Headlines I Lava A Mystery Rod and Gun Club Hod and Con Club Playhouse Playhouse Guy Lombardo Guy Lombardo Concert Hall Concert Hall Concert Hall Concert Hal] Nine O'Clo* News Crosby-Hef. 103 Papa's Tunes Paea's Tune* Glen Hardy. News Lean Back Listen Curtain Calls Curtain CaUs Designs la Melody Designs In Melody · Memories In Melody LBS Commentary BEN JOHNSON OOnNNEDRU /HARRY CAREY, Jr.-WARD BOND ' wit» OHMS rnnht ··· KM WVlUr · JAM BUWQi PLUS THIS 2ND BIG "HIT: AXU'(*WHtUfl« THI.U.I. HPUTMtHT Or ff EXTRA -^DDED ATTRACTION ON OUR STAGE 11:30 A; M. 8:515 P.-M.. Cuuuu ' America's Foremost Mentalist '·OO ' 0 OfUNE ALLISON UlTf f/3 PHONE":'.* PETER LAWFORD. IlllJ : 12:30. PHOKB 2-7571 JOHN*, *.A BROWN i. STARTS TOIAY! 2 BIG ACTION HITS K ROCK ISLAND . with flirZYKHIGHT Slotting FORIEST TUCKER -ADEIE MARA ADRIAN BOOTH-BRUCECABOt News-Bob Chester Bob Chester's Orch. J03-RequestfuIIy Your* .Requeatf ully Voun' Four Knights , Pipes of Melody ·Dance Band 12:00 Slcn Off Harlem Jambort* Two Beat Time' Two Beat Tim« Silver Nortume Silver Nortunn Silver Noctunn News Sign ait Tempo Rendezvous Tempo Rendezvoui Tempo Rend£zvoui Tempo Rtjndezvoui Sign Oil Dance Band Dance Band Dance Band, Dance Band MORNING Music on MooMbearoa- Music on :V[oonbeamfl MUMC ew Moonbeamii Mutia on Moonbrama N«w»--AU Night Party New^AlINlghf Party N"ew»--All, Night Party New»-All Night Party Nov. 3, 19SO 8:CO La Bora MaxJeia S:45 La Hora;Mesdcan» KT All Nl«ht Party TBZXQ Bout _A1I Night Party 6:18 La Bora Uexiaana 6:30 La a 0 ra Mexicans 6:45 Temperance--Schools ' Duaty'g -Hitchln' Poat Duity'a .Hitchin' Port Dusty'a Hitchin' Port Putty'a Hiuailn'- Port New* , - - ' Chapel In the Desert El Despertador £1 Dcspertador 7:1S Wake Up Tucson 7:30 Breakfast Newt 7:45 Arizona Highlight* 3:00 strictly Personal 9:15 Melody.Go-Round 1:30 Neva ' News ftnd Sporta. MartiB Ae-onslor Morning New» ^Musical Clock Breakfast Cliib~~ Old Pueblo Hour Old Pueblo Hour. Old Pueblo Hour Old Pueblo Dour Sunrise Serenade Sunrlfta Serenade " Sunrise Serenade Sunrise Serenade- Local News Arizona Newi .Sales Today Eddy Arnold News of America Musical Clock Frank Goua Arizona News Fiesta Time Fiesta Tim* Fiesta Time Fiesta Tirot--Ntw« Breakfast Club Breakfast Club Breakfast dub 9:00 Star Guessing 9:15 Music for Tucsoo 1:30 Jack Bercb 8:43 Sowa: Hemingway, Newa ' 15 Minutes · from B'way l! Minutes from B'wa? .15 Minutes from B'way' -Tell Me 10:00 Visiting Hours 10:15 Dial Dave Carroway 10:30 Latin Rhythms , 10:5 We Love and Learn , News-Brooms Sc Brushes Brooms snd Brushes Quick as a Flash Quick as a Flash Arthur Godfrey Arthur Goairey Arthur Godfrey Arthur Godfrey Liberty-Minstrels Liberty-Minstrels' Liberty-Minstrels Liberty-Minstrels 11:00 School, of the Air 11:15 School, of the Air 11:30 Optimist Club 11:45 News FRJD! Luncheon Club Luncheon Cluo-New» Freda's Footnotes _jFreda's Footnotes Cecil Brown - . Arthur Godfrey . What's On In Tucson ' Arthur Godfrey Melody Magic · News-Melody Tlm« Love Sor.gs Rosemary Disc Jockey'9 Roundtable Disc Jockey's Boundtabl* Disc Jockey's Roundtable Disc Jockey'a Koundtable Freda's Footnotes Freda's Footnotes M.Y IVue Storj My True Storj . Democratic Committee Wendy Warren Strictiy Personal , Aunt Jenny Shoppln'Around Helen Trent. Music for Friday Our Gal. Sunday LBS .News . Hollywood Gossip CoL BunXhouse Ballads Bunkhouse Ballade 1FTERNOOK Glenn Hardy Susan Taylor '1400 Club 1400 Club Big Sister Ma Perkins ' Vouni; or. M/Uone . Guiding 'Liiht Suggestion Box Keynotes by Carl* Inside story LBS Hews 12: li Double or Nothing 12:30 Shopper J:« News 1:00 Life COT Be BeaotU 1:15 Road, oi Ufe- t:30 Pepper young l:« Right to ,Bapplneas Betty Crocker Noon News. Crosby Art Baker Arizona-News' News-WMther Queen for a Day Quran for a Day Casa Fiesta Casa Fiesta Casa .Fiesta Casa Fiesta Second Mrs. Burton Perry Mason Nora Drake Brighter Day Great Days. In Sports GreafDys In Sporta Great Days in SportJ Great Days in Sporta 2:00 Backstage Wife 1:15 Stella Dallas 2:30 Lorenzo Jones ' 1:45 Young tvidder Brown Ladles Fair' Ladies Fair Siesta Tune Siesta Time 3:00 Martin Manner Music 1:15 Portia Paces Life J:30 Dr. PauL l:4S Heart to Heart ; Arizona Hayride Arizona Hayride Arizona Hayrtde Arizona Haytide HODS BYoifi NTowbere News ' House Party . House Party-Adams Great Days to Sports Great Days in Sports LBS Mown. Blue Barron Presents P. M. Mayhem P. M. Mayhem Homemaker-of the Homemaker of th! Strike It Rich Strike It Rich Day. News-Stars Address Day Tucson--Ref. 103. The Wax Works The Wax Works The Wax' Works The Wax' Works Arizona Haywde Arizona Hayride-Newe Modern Romance! Modem Romances - «:00 Welcome Travelers i:15 Welcome Travelers «:30 A.uni Mary ^ , 4:43 Schools--La Hora · ' News and Sports It's All Yours if s All Yours It's All yours' Old Pueblo Hour ' Old Pueblo Hour Old Pueblo Hour ' Old Fueblo Hour Today In .Tucson Jjenny. Herman Riders of the Purple Safe 'Joe Sodia Trio--News Hannibal Cobb Talk Baclt Peace of Mind · Ted Malone 5:00 La Hora Mexlcana . 5:15 Ray' McKinley's Orch, 5:30 News ot the World 5:45 Late Afternoon News It's All Yours Hemingway -. Anniversary"Time San 'Hayes-News P.M. Melodies Bcuiah Assembly oi God Buildere of Music Meet the Band Meet the Band KT Kapers KT Kapers U of. A Nsw« Musical Newa Music ' ' Music .Mark Trail . ' Bar O .Ranch Kiddies Wub Mark Trail ' News-On Spot-Sports Kiddies Klub Challenge of the Vukon Club 15 Sporti riaal Chaaenge of the Yukon Edward R. Morrow News TELEVISION--Vhoemix Statio» KPHO -- XHtTRSDAr NIGHT 4:00 Bob Canley Show t:00 Stop the Music a:00 At Home WUh Jack CaMdy . 8:30 The Show Goes On 6:00 Fashion Roundup · 8:00-You Bet Your Life «:1S The Little Show «:30 News 9:30 Touchdovm Highlights 10:00 0:45 News ..,, 10:15 Perry Corao 7:00 Film 10:30 Theatre I'M Lone Xuccr 11:00 Dance fihidto ARIZONA * ., ^ s v ^«; ^%- ··TX'? s' * ··''-'?·' ^V . "* ji tm '·St u Jt'^ _'**?*. 4*.L^ S iA*iky!W **-m**J' f ^ Authentic Frontier Town.^^lSquare Dancing · 7.to 10 P.M. Nov. 3-4-8-9-lO-Tltff^S^, Big car 100 mile National Championship Race Nov..l2i^( W Gigantic agricultural and livestock show ss? V1Q ; - · · - . . . ! in prizes^^ss^^.Horse Racing-Daiiy r, ~ *r* - fc Furv ; or-the Gay M^ Educational Exhibits, Arts, Crafts, Sciences (Iqtes open 9 A.M. - close 10 P.M. -- COME EARIY · STAY IATE

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