Independent Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California on July 16, 1961 · Page 43
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Independent Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California · Page 43

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 16, 1961
Page 43
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Autos for Sol* 174 Airtoi for Sal* PONT1AC '57 PONTIAC Chieftain 2-Door Radio, heater, Hydro-Mat*, original 2-tcna rrnlsn. Local wie- cwner, low mileage beaun/. Lie. Ho. HCM «0. $899 DICK BROWNING .; e*cJuilv» OLDSMOBILE Dealer ..1»1 Long Beach Blvd. HE 6-TO ·-'-·:. '55 PONTIAC " · CataHnti rtuJtOj heater/ auto. Irani., all lealher trJm, new transmission. $698 GUY MOOTHART 1112 N. 1-8. Blvd., Compten HE J-7U4 '55 PONTIAC Catalin., $599 2-dr. Hardtop. A Steal I SUBURBAN MOTORS 500 E. ANAHEIM WILMINGTON 174 STUDEBAKER WRITTEN WARRANTY l»40 studebater Lirk 2-Door Hrd- Tog. Driven only 4,400 miles bv 111 orlolnal owner. Hoi a maiK on the body, interior Is l;Ve ntw a.-d tKe spare tlr« has never been on Ine gr'Mjnd. Has aulomalk shift, radio, v*hUewalls, elc. 5179* $25 down vrlin app*oved crerflt GLENN E.THOMAS--DODGE 333 E. Anaheim HE 4-1783 '59 STUDEBAKER V-l LARK HARDTOP COUPE Badlo, neater, let blade, overdrive, vthlta wall tires. $1199 J2S do*n with approved credit. DICK BROWNING Exclusive OLDSMOBILE Dealer 1»l Long Seadi Blvd. HE -?« 5TUDE. PARTS AND SERVICE JAMESTOWN IJ50 Long Beach Clva. 'il STUDE--R.H. '54 PONTIAC Borj-.evllle Convertible, lu!l power, VERY SHARP. Musi see to appreciate Ihls one. Olr ,,_,, S16S5 2223"L.BT Blvd." GA 7-3555 · ^5? POrjTIAC BcnncvllFe hardlOD ... couoe. Coral [n color. A local Towner. Hsrtl car trade-in that relicts Hit belt of care ___ 51,799 ,-; C.FRED HOLMES MOTOR SALES ^ 437 E. Arahetm in poYier'w/ finish, muiv , new. best buy In alter 5 p.m. GB 4-5134. fS9 PONT. sBorl cp«. ·sticV. Beaut, opll^ns, liXs town, alter .. 166? Lorn a Ave. U PONTIAC, -thruoul, 2nd owner, HA 9-663*. IH, GootI E 1-2JSI Autos for Salt 1761 Autos for Sals 17 Autos for Sol* STUUEBAKER . A-l 1955 STUDEBAKER 2DOOR COMMANDER Automatic V-8, radio, heater, whtlewalls, gleaming grtv flnlih, IIKft new Interior. A sweethevl. Lie. No. LAK M. $599 SEE OUR LARGE STOCK OF SELECTED ; 55-'»» MEL BURNS FORD 1990-2W5 Long Beach Blvd. GA 4-3351 - GA 6-3315 THUNDERBIRD '61 T BIRD--Full pwr. w/alr leslntr. «? down, JJZ87 wk. Call Credit Mgr. PR 4-toV IHUNOfcKBlRD Awlomallc power. '58 T-BIRD rsd/0, he*ltr/ foil $2499 PIONEER FORD PIONEER BLVD., ARTESIA UNM7M OMn Sunday? '61 t-BIRD $4495 Convertible. LWil blue tlnlsri. All power eq'-Homenl. BounM new In January. A twrscnal car. Carrlei full wrnty. Can be. financed l«%. CREST MOTORS uayicna s«ch Btvd, HE ?-_MM '40 T-BIRO HARDTOP ·53 T-DIRD. FULL PWR. S73 DOWN - S16.13 wit. Call CrecUl PR 4^573 '40 T'BIRD hdtcD, full wr. «? DOWN--»!».£? WK. Call Credit Mcr. PR. 4^ MUST SELL--'» T-blrd. Fullv eovlp Just like, n«w. Prly. pty. FR 5-51 174 THUNDERBIRD A-1 TOO NEW TO BE CALLED USED I960 T-BIRD HARDTOP Allratttve tPamo'-.d b!ut with full Nvr* vinyl Interior. All p o w e r ecutpbed' B'jkHna1 k, rad-o, r.tater, nadrtfed dash. t;ntea p'ass, while- wall)* Lo«!edl Lie. ftV TYJ 2H. Loofcs and runs lit:* rww. $3399 See our lorga stock ol T-Blrdi MEL BURNS FORD Cell Credll Mgr. wv. PR * '55 PONTIAC Kerdlop. JZ5 On., . 529.37 p-r mo. Call Mr. Klr.g for , fr«« horns Irlat, GA 7-S957 Dlr. '..'Sfi Pontlac 2-dr. R8.H. Auicmatlc, ^ Good cord., S7S. Call TE 4-l«8. ' f49 PONTIAC. SllcX. Kr. new tlrej. · G1, transportation. »95. »N 3^:583 T?52 PONTtAC--GOCd trensp. *12S. MM Linden. 'SI PONTIAC COUPE *!9i AT. RH. GA 2MS5 RAMBLER FOR THE BEST BUY? On a Ramb!er, drtv* 3 miles and * save WOO. Wa ar« cut of thi bio . overhflBd, tiich rtnt fflslrld. So we can §*!] for less. Choice seleo- lion oT 'J4-'57-'58-'i?-'60 and nev/ If61 Ramblers. After Sales Serv- TCQ 1» Our SpficFaltv. So buvl V/htre You Save!] HUNT RAV.BLER SALES 402 W. Anaheim TE 5-4M4 - "V/llmlnaton" ' CREAM PUFF '60 AMERICAN--$149? SUMr 4-dr. Redlo, Heater. Coral while. O.-llv 10.000 orlclnal miles TRADE WAY MOTORS .3530 L. B. BLVD. GA A2 FAMILY FUN '58 RAMBLER-- $ 1495 iLrcir Crtss-Counlrv Waoon. RiV dlo, Healer Overdrive. TRADE WAY MOTORS J530 L. B. BLVD. *59 RAMBLER Super American Real c'ean 4dcor wjtfl lev milage, orilv SM95. KENDOirMOTORS 1241 P.C. H!wav TE 2-SSH 4 B!ks. West of Harbor Freeway RAMBLER custom -rfr., V-8 aulo. tran^.r oower sleerina brakes. Full factory eqJp. Uk* new. S17?S. TE ^i-5973. '$« MASH Ra-nb1er 2-dr. A-1 condition. Clean. Priced (or quick sale. 6000 PflraTTKunl Blvd.. L. B. pA 3-S501 ME 3-0771 'M-RA.V.BLER 2-dr., oulcmalic radio, heater, 5.COO actual m!!cs. Snare never used. Dlr. S1775. MOO will handle. TE 4-4333. '59 Rambfer 4-dr. $1300 l.. autonl., HEJ-ilU evtl. is RAMBLER"VD'R. ssss. 6 cvlfr.cfer, stlcK shin. Clean. L. A. Anderson 18i E. Anajielm '£8 EWW8L.FR -dr., rewlsh wlfh radio, hea'er, other extras. Dlr. SIK5. KX will nandlc. TE t 6383 '£9 RAMBLER 4-Dr. Cusl. RH. Auto. 552 down, 511.86 nk. Call Credit Mcr. PR *S?3 STUDEBAKER '55 STUDE PRE5. V-8 STATE COUPE * Rawer lieerlna. autcmalic, radio, htater, 3-tone red whits flnfsli. · Rest dean car. $598 GUY MOOTHART 111! N. L.B. Blvd., Corr.plcn NE 2-/1M . ,'55 STUDE. 4-DR $399 '· V-s, overdrive- $10 dn., $23 month ; '55 STUDE. COUPE ,, S10 dn. S39 month '58 STUDE. V-8 Hdt. $995 ED BARRARI PLYMOUTH 6200 N. Ballllowtr Blvd. REPOSSESSION - SALE - Hoi y o u r credit been turned down bccaux of lack of credit? New In lown? Bankruptcy? and etc. '54 BUICK StlDV 2-dOOT Hirt!lop. A^tomatlCr radta/ healer. paYtnenls A3I.40 mo. SOQ740 'H OLDS a i- door HardleD. Automallc, radio, heater. Payments SW.TO mo. *CA7 18 Balance «··« 'U FORD Station WaDen. Automatic, racHo, healer. Payments I71.U mo. M11' 0 Balanci ··»«» 'JJ CHEV. Convertible; Coupi. Standard Iranimlillon, r a d i o , heater, payments *1tl'% $14 mo. Balance *·»** '47 STUDEBAKER 4-dr. Sland- ard economy tranunlsJlon. Pay- mtnt» sll mo. 'fiQ'" Balance *'·' ·u MERCURY s-door. Fully monthly. Balance -- *«3*' CALVIN FINANCE . 705 5. Loncj Beach Blvd. -NH 6-9327 -- NE »-2522 COMPTON Transportation BROS PLYMOUTH-VALIANT WANTS YOU TO DRIVE INTO SUMMER SAVINGS '61 PLYMOUTHS 2-DOORS 4-DOORS HARDTOPS STATION WAGONS $ DOWN PAY AS $/LO 22 LOW AS O£ PER MO. ON APPROVED CREDIT HUGE DISCOUNTS OK All 1961 PLYMOUTHS VALIANTS CABE BROS. PLYMOUTH-VALIANT 2201 LONG BEACH BLVD. HE 5-5381 uto* for Sals 176 Autos for Sol* THUNDERBIRO '60 T-BIRD Slate b'ul In color wtlh full vinyl m a t c h i n g Interior. AtlcmaNc, radio, heater, full potter. Drive) Ilka a nevr car. $3399 PIONEER FORD 18*33 PIONEER BLVD., ARTESIA H6-I7M Own Si-ndavi il T-BIRD HardicD. Willie with aqua blue Interior. Full potver, taclorv air corxHIorrr.a. EZ cyo glass; barely broken In. New car warranty. Save b'g on Ihrs one. sms 60 T-BIRD Hardtop, red In color, full power, Igw mlleaB*, [ike new tn every way. Priced to sell. ttss C. FRED HOLMSEU H.l'.ar S»!ei 3? E. Anaheim HE 174 VALIANT 1960 VALIANT -DOOR SEDAN Aulomallc IranimJsiloa nft K(a!er, b»tut.(ul block flnlt) wtiltewall llrtj. 1 $1699 BOULEVARD BU1CK \WQ Long Beach Blvd. GA 7-8777 Open Sunday* '60 VALIANT WASON New-I1)ce, all orlo'naJ Diluxi V200 with 4 docn. Fully equipped Eiwclaltv rtfct rns'cfe. 100 P»rli Labor ffuaranrec. WwXeni SMC ""~ BILL BRYANT 1S70 Long Beach Blvi). HE »-«» » T-B.RD. 2 BSi. OOfS «nd. INDEPENDENT-PRESS-TELEGRAM--D-l 5. Lem Beach. O' ' Sunday, July 1Q 1H1 Autos for Sal* 176 VALIANT YOU'LL MAKE a better deal on a MW Valiant at the Ed Bbrbtrl Plymouth Center, 6200 N. Bellflower Blvd. TO 7-3731. Many extras. Like new GA 7 Autos for Salt 174 VALIANT '60 VALIANT--* 169? V-MO itrta, 4-dr. ledan. A total ha mileage car. Standard iMf). R H . Xml. Ires. Guaramtw. Liberal Term* S. W. LEMON OEJ-9197 E. Pac. Cal., at Jcnhxro. L. B. Long Beoch vd., Long Beach WE HAVE OOCO ZiCd 7 Loncj VK ».. Blvd., Long Beoch . , . fn« finest uleclion of local -- -- California Cadillacs Tn Souinern alifornia, and our prices ARE RIGHT. See ui before you iry ANY Cadillac. Trr» Following An Exceptionally Low Mlltag* Can -Strut) Low as 5,000 Miles: 5 Try U BEFORE You Buy WHEELER'S AIR-CONDITIONED CADILLACS nn Beach ^4^|"af\ Lond BtKKfl 60 COUPE DE VILLES 4 to choose from. All factory air conditioned 60 CONVERTIBLE Light blue, low mileage, like new, $ Try Us BEFORE You Buy 59 GOUPE DE VILLE Yellow anil white, Low mileage, 59 "62" GOUPE Electric window), 6-way teat, factory air oond 58 "62" COUPE Baby blue, eleolrlo windows, 6-way Hat, $ Try Us BEFDR You Buy $ Try U BEFOR You Buy 57 FLEETWOOD SPEC. 5 Try Ul ?EFOR DON'T GUESS or GAMBLE ON THE DEPENDABILITY OF THE USED CAR YOU BUY! You take no chances when you buy an O. K. Used Car from the AUTOMOBILE SUPERMARKET You Buy New tiras, fully equipped, with factory tlr oond 57 GOUPE DE VILLE Low mileage, 2-tone blue and beautiful '56 "62" SEDAN White, eleo, windows, 6-way teat, licit, tlr eontt 55 "62" SEDAN 2-fone blue and white, original 49,000 aetua mlloj, Like new inside and out, 53 COUPE DE VILLE 2-fone blue, power staring, factory ilr con A I C^% ... we hov» 36 olhtr matsei of 1h* cUani ·*^l"*»^i^ cart in Long Beach, Come In and check ^ yoursetf. Open Sunday 9 a.m. to 10 p,m, 2259 Long Beach Blvd. GA 4-043 5 Try Ul BEFORE You Buy 5 Try Ui EEFOR You Buy $ Try Us BEFOR You Buy DOUBLE o "PLAY" '60 CORVAIR I 4-Door Sedan 1 Beautiful ebony black llnlsh, rad'o, heater, stfindsra Iran;. . Alisotutely like brand r^w, 1 M777 '59 FORD Custom 300 i Local one owner. '59 FORD | Convertible An Immaculate [deal one OWTI- *r car* V-f r wlm aulomallci I rad'o, htarcr, elc. Setlng I) bdlevlr.g on this one. Full price-- PLUS PRICES THAT CAN'T BE BEAT '60 FALCON 2-Dr. Sta. Wgn. stick ihlff, radio and healer. Nearly new. '59 CHEVROLET I Impala Bentillful Mone b r u« wifH I wh.levBlIs, V-8j automaflCr I radio, header, etc. Thi* li th« dear.est car fn California. ·59 FORD ' Country Sedan , Bcautllul all vtWt tmtih on | mil pooular gallon waaon. Red Vwhlle interior, v-t, automaHc, raTo, heater. DOW- , «r itecrlno. Kull price only- I BETTER BUY --NOW!!! | , Prices will never be better! Stock is complete I on ths 1961 Fords, Falcons, T-Blrds ... so, | give us a try, nowlll and save $5$ when | you buy, save SSS whllt you drive. . .. Enjov^ · bonk financing now on "all cars and trucks.'' i GLEN ORGAN FORD! "AUTHORIZED FORD DEALER" I CARS -- TRUCKS -- FALCONS -- T-BIRDS '220 So. L. B. Blvd. NE 2-71451 . OPEN r» n M P T n M ° p£N I EVES. V* W Wl r I W n SUNDAY I 108 Of the Finest Reconditioned USED CARS to B« Found Anywlier*! At Lower Prices -- Lower Torrrfi -- The Largajt Swvlc* Deportmtnl In Iho West lo Back Up Our Guarantee. You Will 1» Glad You THE TIME It NOW! 1961 ·61 VALIANT 2-DOOR HARDTOP COUPE Red In coror. Gas-saving silck. Radto, heater. Lie. No. HXH 513. This car is like new. A little over 4X00 actual mites. Cannot tell from n«w. *2199 '61 MONZA COUPE OUP Green Tn color, 4-speed, engine, radio, heater. No. VBH 2!i. £.000 -ho. Lie. '60 CORVAIR 4-DOOR DELUXE [vorv In color. Poweroi'cJe. r s d lo, heater. Lie. " nu 7NA A nm fu-tcml · r s a I o, nearer. LJC. rj. ffilv* ft a^VBifSffl I TMC m. 2 to choo!* from, SAVE SSS I $ 1799 '60 CHEVROLET lv«v Tn color. Tinted Bfws, V-3, rad'o, heater. A rea sharp low mile sec. Original $ 2399 '59 PONTIAC 4-DCOR CATALINA fvorv fn color. Uc. No. SGG C77. V-fl. Hydra-M atfo power steering, power brakw, n«ater. A real sna/p car. $ 1899 '60 CHEVROLET BEL AIR 4-DOOR SEDAN Tlnled ola!, V-1, r»!!e, heaT- er. Lie. Ho. VEE Ml. A real $1899 '58 CHEVROLET HARDTOP SPORT COUPE Ivory and blw. Lrc. No. NXR 1«. Powirtfidt, cowe sTeerfno, radio, healer. Low mlleafle, original owner. A nlct one. '59 RAMBLER 6-PASSENGER \VAG01I GT*XI In color. Gas lavlnff 4- Sick sJilft. ra^o, hfaler. Lie. Ko. JBA m«. '60 FALCON 2-DOOR DELUXE GU-savFng slick. Radio, heater, |vary 1n color. LTc. No. UBG 7K. A real lharp car. EXECUTIVE CAR CLOSE-OUT! OWE UP TO $ 991 AND MORE * * m '59 FORD 3-DOOR BUSINESS COUPE V-B, FordomaUc, heatw. Bful In color. Lfc. rlo. BAR tel. At a sprcldL prrct. '58 RAMBLER SUPER CROSS COUNTRY frPASS STATION WAGON Grey In cotor, Uc. No. PYA B35. GflS-savIng 4-cyl v^ith overdrive, radio, heattr. DOYIII *WE CARRY OUR OWN CONTRACTS Host Everybody Qualilkl $25,00 Deliveri '56 Oils 88 2-i!r. hardtop, Baloncs '67 Dotfgii Custom Roval. Btlane« _ ·55 Ford, over- oM«, Balant» -'H Baick Spr. 2-iir, hirdfop. Balance 'B4 Ford Jtalion waj. Balance __ '53 Utv. con- 1 1 flCSO virtlilt, Ba!anc»_ Itv '67 Slule, 2-door. SCQIO ------- U3 '58 CHEVROLET BEL AIR 4 DOOR SPORT SEDAN Ivory blue In color. Tinted glass, power ^wrina, racno, htsler. Lie. Ho. PXA 743. A real sharp car. M399 ------'52 FacklTd, aulo-_ $7(189 malic, Balance, ------ !«· ·91 STUDE. 4-dr. SEC 1 42 * Sedan. Balanciwwl ·48 MZRC. 2-dr. Coupe, Transportation Cars 1029 JooWi Long But* llvtf. Complon Kl 1-H5S -- HE t-tllt '57 FORD FAIP.LAI1E fed HARDTOP COUPE Ivory In colcr. FordomatIC power" steering, tveatcr. Lie. NO. NTX 504. $ 1299 '56 OLDS 88 HARDTOP HOLIDAY CPE. BHat and r«d In color. Hyora-Matic, power siwrlng, power brakes/ radio, r-.ealrr. Lie. Ho. DYA £W. 2 lo ctoos* from. '58 CHEVROLET B1SCAYHE 4 DOOR Beige and brown Tn color. Powerolltie, V-8, radio/ neater. Lie. No. SEY 243. $ 1199 '57 CHEVROLET BEL AIR SPORT COUPE [vorv and red. V-8, Turbo- olicfe, radio, fteaier, conilnen- fa1 fclt. Uc. No. NBR 974. 1 to ctxwie frcm. $1399 '55 PONTIAC 4-DOOR SEDAN Ivory Wui In color. Hydre- Matici power twaVei, radio/ h«ter. Lie. f/o, HVN 915. $449 '58 ENG. FORD J.DOOR 63UIRE STATION WAGOI1 Blua Irr co!or. Radio. UC. No. NEH W. $499 '57 PONTIAG STARCHIEF CATAL1HA HARDTOP COUPE Btfca ard brc'-vn in color. Hydra-Malic, ratflo, hear«r, LJc. No. BIX 2*1. A real car, cheap. '55 RAMBLER 4-DOOR SEDAN Ivor/ end red In ojtor. Aofp- mttlc. hea'sr. Lie. Ho. BOW 7«. A steal «t $449 '58 FORD FAIRLANEH 500 HARDTOP SPORT COUPE [vorv In color, uc. No. RXZ 102. V-e. Fordorr.*1lo radio, healer. H299 '57 CHEVROLET 210 *LX)OR 6-PASSENGER STATfON WAGON Tvory and brtrMi In cowr. V-8, pcwerullde, cower sr«r- Irvg, pcwer brikes. radirj, hSler. Lie. No. NVS '56 CHEVROLET DELRAY CLUB COUPE Ivory and lurnuolse. Power- otfde. v-a, rad:o, hia!«r. Lie. No, LUE «I5. A real lha.-o Defray. '54 OLDS BS 2-DOOR SEDAN Ivory In cotor. Hydra-Ma! k:, ptttr * t« * r I n g, pcwe- E-flJ(M, radio, he«!er. Lie. No. MRS 831. A real nlc* car. $599 *· THE TOP DISCOUNTS IN TOWN! Th» greatest savings onywhert . .. that's what's waiting far you THIS WEEKEND at Marshall Duffield's. STOCK = 1961 COMET lT AT,ON WACOM 4-DOOR s 234o w" . rr' ""· IOOH $2S DOWN $25 DOWN IUYS ANY CAR IN OUR STOCK ON APPROVED CREDIT HARBOR CHEVROLET 3770 CHERRY AVE. GA 6-3344 IT'S DUFFIELD FOR THE TOP USED CAR DEAL, TOO. 1956 OLDSMOBfLE 1957 MERCURY TO-DAY Super U Jdr. liirdtcD. StocK £4113. Hydra- MltK. radio, teal«-, powtr ' *977 1958 MERCURY 126C Comnrjtir . _ . Merc-O-yMalle, station w«gon. Mei raola, heafer, poure. »llll«w»ll!. StucV Hi. »2« 1957 CHEVROLET ""* '966 t-door Aardtop. stock No. Vl Mtrc-O-Matlc ridlo, liuttr, power slttrCng, w.w. tires-1960 FORD slarUHr Mr. turdtoa stock erm. V4, ForSo- malk, radio, hultr, po-^tr 788 '2077 FREE TRIAL EXCHANGE 1958 CONTINENTAL - S 2t44 4-door. Full pawn-, cendltlanln?. Btl Air «-dr. turilso. C41I1. V4. Powrrgllde, r«d-o, beater, w.w. ·-- 1959 MERCURY VovKtr Station WHen. Hx* totter, power slMrlnff/ ^ HMIewalli. vscitlen family special 1960 T-BIRD CO»VfTtfbI». 5ICCK NO. 41U. Aulun radio, heater, power steer- * ~ Ing and power brakM, This 11 a IMlatlful car. omiTic rrinx., 3244 Tn» Towa'i Top ^Uowaocei Art Yctri In Trad* eir fft* Grtat Continental lor '61

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