Independent from Long Beach, California on April 5, 1962 · Page 29
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 29

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 5, 1962
Page 29
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),«, (M-INDEPENDENT Lw« iMdb UW. Tkn. Awl I. (Ml ; : 90th Birthday ;to Be Celebrated' :.. Mrs. Lucy A. Calkins, long ·time resident of this city. Twill celebrate her 90th birth- 'day Sunday. She and her husband, the late George Calkins, came to Long Dcach from Erie, Px, In 1914. She is active mem- ·her of the Presbyterian 'Church. Her son, Floyd, a veteran of World War 1. makes his ^home with her at 1614 E.' First St. He and his father '.worked together in the real estate business here for 'many years. . By Love Over Possessed ABBV Alumi Glo shines aluminum fast! Restores satiny luster with no hard rubbing. Save Yt now! By ABIGAIL VAN BUREN "DEAR ABBV: i am 20 years old and am engaged to a very Jealous boy. He Insists on seeing me ex-cry night. When I come home] from work I have my washing and Ironing to do,' and 1 like to go to a . movie with a girl friend once in a while. He allows me to have one night away from him every two weeks. And then he gives me the third degree about what I did and who I saw. I think I am entitled to one evening a week away from him. He says be* cause we are engaged he is entitled to all my time. Is he right?--OWNED DEAR OWNED: If this Is a preview of how you two are going to get along after marriage, I suggest a LONG courtship. He Is far too possessive, and you arc Justifiably resentful. A Jealous fiance makes a miserable husband. F o r e w a r n e d Is forearmed. * * · * DEAR ABBY: Can you settle an argument that has been going on for 15 years? Should an anniversary be celebrated when one mate is dead? Or should you still go on sending gifts and cards to the one who is living? I say, what difference does It make? If one person Is still, living and able to say, 'Today Is my anniversary," then that person still has an anniversary. My wife says It takes two to celebrate an anniversary and it is not proper to celebrate it alone. Sign me -- TIRED OF ARGUING DEAR TIRED: Your wife Is right. It takes TWO to celebrate an anniversary. DEAR ABBY: I went with Joe for four years. I am 28 and he Is 35. We were more than just friends, If you know what I mean. We had our good times, but I went through more misery than I care to talk about. He promised marriage, but it was only conversation. He was a liar and a cheat, but when a woman loves a man she'll overlook a lot. I finally made the break and, believe me, my love (or him Is dead. He owes me $300. In order to get it I,will have to see him again. Ho didn't give me a "note" or anything to I'm out of luck there. I don't want to start up with him again, but how else can-I get my money?--LEARNED A LESSON DEAR LEARNED: You learned a lesson, and It cost you $300. Forget the debt-and the debtor. I think you got off cheap. · · · * CONFIDENTIAL TO SICK AT HEART: Forgive him. You never know when you might need the same kind of understanding. * · * · Stop worrying. Let Abby help you with that problem. For a personal reply, enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Box 3365, Beverly Hills, Calif. u« IMA a*, nw, ««rt 11*1 INDEPENDENT--P«g« C-f;', Oswald Jacoby Bid Helps Value Hand Snuth's hand was almost worth an opening two bid and when North responded with a single raise, South was interested In a slam and used the short suit try of three clubs In order to elicit further information from his partner. North did not have much of a raise, but the knowledge that South was short in the club suit improved his hand materially. North held good trumps, a king of diamonds which surely would prove valuable because South's shortest suit was clubs. Besides one of North's doublctons just had to represent distinct ruffing possibility. So North lumped right to the spade game. » · · * NOW South was ready to bid the slam and there was some slight possibility of getting to seven. There was nothing to lose by using Blackwood and S o u t h checked for aces. When North responded five clubs. South simply bid the spade slam and waited for the opening lead. There were no problems In the play. Two of North's trumps were able to take care of South's little hearts. There was one club loser and no losers In diamonds or trumps. GIANT STRENGTH: ·xtraprotectionattho CALIFORNIA NATION'S LARGEST FEDERAL FEDERAL SAVINGS SAVINGS ASSOCIATION ftftO IDAN AttOCUf IOW lUVUt orilC[.S DAILY DUUINO LUNCHEON 'Sad Sadler' AT THE CONlOLe CAIH I MANHATTAN M0» Eoit 4tk HE i-OtlO «wl Hum Aul«tU fit UlACIMM KOBTTJ 4 Q J 9 1 ¥ 8 5 (TEST VQ100 » Q J 1 0 f l * A Q « S *10t431 CAST A « V J 9 7 1 M 7 9 4 * * K J 8 eotrrn D A A K 1 0 8 B J V A K 4 J Oath ralnmBIa Earth (Test North Cut 1A Fua 1A Pui 3* Pua 4* Pan 4N.T Put S* P*u B* PtM Ru» PUJ Opentai NO TOOUNGf a new _ kind of milk ifyou dqilt drink milk U you're out of the habit of drinking milk, here'* · nice new habit that'* been invented for you. SO-LO-THE ILAPPY MEDIUM FROM FOREMOST. Foremost So-Lo isn't nonfat milk ami it isn't regular milk. It's just about halfway in between -- {rah whole milk with almost SOfv of the butttrfol removed So-Lo bat an excellent flavor: all the flaror of fresh whole milk, but not ao filling. Very refreshing. More vitamins than regular homo- Renizrd milk. More protein, too. Yet So-Lo costs lesi than regular milk. So if we've rnnile you thirsty for milk again, go So-Lo. You'll enjoy it At your store or at your door. NEW FROM FOREMOST 41 OR MORE TlUt FOODS ·IHllllllllllHlilV^ CHAIN WIDE UBLE GRAND OPENING SALE ·iiii IH^ WILSHIRE BUNDY STORE WEST LOS ANGELES ALSO MASON DEVONSHIRE STORE AGED STEAK SALE SWISS STEAK Ib ROUND STEAK All CENTER CUTS Ib BONELESS TOP ROUND, RIB STEAK OR SIRLOIN TIP FINEST EASTERN FORK SPARE RIBS SEIECT SMAll SIZES FARMER JOHN SLICED BACON Ml. no. BONEIESS BREAKFAST! STEAKS JONEUSS TO BROIt C T-BONE OR $' ibCLUB STEAKS 39 TAIL PORTION REMOVED ^' lb PORTERHOUSE LANCASTER'S PRINCESS) FRESH NEW ITEM! 4 TO 6 US. MIDGET TURKEYS lb FARM FRESH PRODUCE SWIET VALENCIA HORIDA ORANGES EXTRA FANCY WASHINGTON WINESAP OR APPLES FANCY FUERTE URGE SIZE AVOCADOS EA, MORE SPECIALS- VARIETY %// FINEST FROZEN FOODS FRESH PACT GRADE A, SLICED KOZEN STRAWBERRIES not. PICTSWEET FROZEN--| cg STAR KIST CHUNK TUN tVfOt. CANS CRACKERS PACIFIC STA CRISP ^~ SODA IAITEO Ot UNIAinD 141. HO. nn. MIXED VEGETABLES ti-oz. mat. LEAF SPINACH fEPPERIDOE FARMS »·«. »««. FROZEN PASTRIES AMl. IIUEIEIIT. IEMON Ot IAIMIHT TUINOVEU. APUI DuxniNSi, CKEIIT, lotti 01 Arm inuoEi SEA STAR II011H 1-OLMO. FISH STICKS $$$ CANNED $$$ "FOODS SALE! WAXEnElD KING CRAB MEAT CERTI-FRESH "0«"* Ml. MO. OCEAN PERCH CERTI-FRESH »«ozm Ml. M9. SOLE FILLETS DELAWARE ML FROZEN PUNCH WONG'S FROZEN- CHINESE FOOD CHICKEN OR PORK CHOP SUEvT SHRIMP CHOW MEIN, EGG FOO YOUNG OR FRIED RICE ,, 0 . EGG ROLL OR SWEET SOUR PORK no. 21Q' ^-MORENO'S FROZEN MEXICAN FOOD - AAc -x*ff"""""""55t i x. W^m CHEESE ENCHILADAS BEEF ENCHILADAS, MEXICAN DINNER OR BEEF TACOS , APPIE TIME »-ot «W^ ; APPLE JUICE ' F * t SOLID PAK £*. TOMATOES EJ DOLE **-° r - CAHS C^Stitlf*. PINEAPPLE JUICE HUNT'S KU-OZ- CANS NEW POTATOES S t W RED Z3a«i%£ KIDNEY BEANS (01 I Ul, t«L CAN5 , - GINGER ALE GRAPEFRUIT Ry GET ONI I FAK 7-OZ. OIN8EI All OI 111 HOT tlfOIIT mm ruiCMAti oFONi i rA« IMZ. CIAFEIIUIT (NO DIPOSIT ) ROYAt *»°«tIO INSTANT PUDDING (0 ' HOME OF THE TOIHO»AT COIOIN PREMIUM MEATS I "TOrfffc''"-' 1 -'"-'""'"' t * 1 *""TM * I s·K^^Qffi^l^^XDnilDIH B| OWN DILI KITCHIH FADM FRESH PRODUCE MORE IPICIALS - M O R I VAIIEIT :l.l-IH»1l:riM»MlHM«l[.HI OUR OWN "DELI" KITCHEN ^E^A*H^^^^ LARGE EGGS CRADEAA BUTTER GRAND OPENING A- NonuNB TO IVY ticiimnoH rotf MAY *. WINNEIS Witt it nonm» AH9 ronw rx Ail limn noin HAT T. non-nun. /I rilAltl -- NO CAW IOU1V11ENT. DONT BIUY --· IY tieiini HOW Ai rout MIAMII uinu itoti. ~ WIN! NORWEGIAN FOX SHRUG STOLES! ROM MAUMC1 IAU, Wttri UABINO FUUIII, VnUHUI AT SHATTO PUtt, 101 ANGIUS WIN! 15-DAY DELUXE ESCORTED TOURS Jo 1962 SEATTLE WORLD'S FAIR, ilV CONTINENTAL UAIIWAY* _ IUXU1T WAYIL AT SCENIC UVIl MEDIUM rpAnP A ? UALITY TILLAMOOK CHEESE GRADE AA MI. no. ^SALADS .POTATO, COIE SLAW, HEALTH OR MACARONI WIISOM'S ' «·"· WO- ALL MEAT FRANKS Q C CHUNK. U. ^7 4*1°°' ",el WIN! STERLING SILVER SERVICE WINI AW » U TiiW wo B A H I A C A T A M A R A N fy MIUION IEACH ~Q JAN DIEGO WIN! PHIICO TRANSISTOR RADIOS! WIN! IUHK WAON AIL fNCYClOPfO/ASI ninniim,- ROYAl BEEF »·»*. SALAMI MIDGETS AWARD WINNING DAIRY FOODS CREAM g*3 OLD FASHIONED VANIIU. CHOCOUTI. NEArOUTANj · 'ItUWIEIITl 01 CMOCOUTI UTS HALF^ GALLON ^SaveWt WATCH FOR NEW MULTI-VITAMIN LOW FAT MILK i VANtllA, CHOCOUTE. NEATOUtAH, rirrtuuNT, ITIAWUUT i;mi ci atsccun tin , PINTS 2-25' *2E 601DEN PREMIUM riNT MISSOURI BLACK WALNUT ICECREAM WINI TRIPS «ifgiS£t *TM"* MACHINE! imtU Ot THUNOtlllU Honui TRIPS TO .MAMMOTH MOUNTAIN SKY LODGE! .'VARY AND JBRARIESI WIN! COCKTAIl Dlttt UNGTHJ -OF GOtCEOUS IITNOlOt* ALUMINUM CLOTH WIN! ·O.L AND I1NIIH CLOCK MO TABLE RADIOS1 WIN! »CA WHIIUOOl . CLOTHES DRYER OUR OWN FRESH BAKERY ORANGE ROLLS 22Z PKO - OF6 DEVILS FOOD RJDCEICED,7JNCH 2-LAYER ITANDAU 1WJI. IOAF .DATE OATMEAL BREAD HOUSEHOLD NEEDS ALL PURPOSE GIANT PKG. jj-ir. tou SARAN WRAP 4-.. 0 HEALTH AND BEAUTY AIDS WIN! A TRIP FOR TWO to EUROPE OR HAWAII! VIA ·"* wano'i MOJI JET BIG s CONTEST! HY DIRECT FROM LOS ANGELES TO EUROPE IN ONLY TOV HOURS ABOARD A GIANT __ · J I T en r r it » ___^ VISIT LONDON, Mill, AMSTttDAM, IIUSSElt . . . 01 ... II WHISKtO MOM US ANGIUS TO HONOIUU1 IN ONIY 310 MINUTtS, IY A SWIFT IUXUIIOUS J I T C I I P P K 8 STAY ATTHI IEAUTIM FAMOUS IIIF HOttll GET YOUI ItCISTIATION I1ANK TODAY AT TOUt NEAIUT STOII 01 Wlllf A unu STATINS tout rAVOIIH-WHT H YOU SHOPATIAlfHS.tNOT OVU 39 WOIDSI IT MAY IE ONE OF TMI 7 "WHYJ" USTIO IllOW. 01 IT MAT IE 1. COU1EM FtEMIUM «. out OWM * IUND ««- nj, * HlHt. U.I DA. CHOICE Bill- tltCMENt "flil 2. AWAU WINNING I. IAIM HEM ·"' W OAiir noouci · *. OVt OWN JIUH IAIEIT ». MOII tTECIAll . · . VA1IETT r.'noYiH iiivici... umiActioN JERGENS LOTION WITH FREE 2-OZ. MOISTURE CREAM! REMINDER! EXTRA STARTER SETS AVAILABLE ONUf AC ALBUM AND PICTURE PACKET NO. I | 7 PICTURE PACKETS 1 THRU 9 ON SALE NOWI AND THIS WEEK . . . 11 12 ARE NOW AVAILABLE FOR ONLY 10* eal (110. U VAIUI EACH) COUPON WONDERS £ ANIMAL KINGDOM PICTURE PACKET^ REGULAR 2Sc VALUE GOOD APRIL S THROUGH APRIL 11 ADD TAX TO TAXABLE ITEMS PRICES EFFECTIVE THURSDAY THRU SUNDAY, APRIL 5, 6, 7 8 BE SURE TO TRY RALPHS NEW MULTI-VITAMIN LOW FAT lOih and CHERRY, LONG BEACH DEL AMD AND PARAMOUNT, LAKEWOOD

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