Eureka Humboldt Standard from Eureka, California on April 13, 1962 · Page 6
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Eureka Humboldt Standard from Eureka, California · Page 6

Eureka, California
Issue Date:
Friday, April 13, 1962
Page 6
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HUMBOLDT STANDARD Friday, Apnl 13, 1962, Page 6 Brother Juniper "We're lost! Better release those homing pigeons!" Mai Sisfer Quits DAR, Raps Policy SOUTHERN PINES, N T .C, (UPI) --Mrs. Ernest L. Ives, sister of United Nations Ambassador Adlai Stevenson, Thursday resigned f r o m the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR), saying she does not agree with its policies. Mrs. Ives, a granddaughter of a founder of the DAR, said an in- creasing number of DAR policies "are wholly out of line with the policies of the United Slates of America as formulated by both the Republican and Democratic party, and as overwhelmingly endorsed by a majority of American voters." To Your Good Health by JOSEPH G. MOLNER, M.D. Dcnr Dr. Molner: In two years I've had a displaced disc In my spine three limes. When I let the hospital the doctor warnec me to bo careful--no lifting, ni bending, no dancing, aid lo gc as much rest as possible. I have five children, all boys and It's not easy to rest. I have one leg with no reflc; in the knee or heel. I'm in my early 40's and weigh HO. Woulc you explain some reasons why this should happen so often?--E S. Disc trouble, whether "displac ed," "slipped," "crushed," 01 whatever, means thut a cushion of cartilage and fibrous tissue be tween two of the vertebrae been damaged. The damage may be from ar injury or from arthritic changes In the spine. The result is tha the alignment of the spine i thrown off to some degree. 8Jid nerve roots at that point can bi "pinched" or irritated, rcsultin| in pain and loss of reflexes as in knee, or perhaps elsewhere. This condition usually develop only after repeated injury. 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Eureka " H r 3 .m," Crescent City",,,£,};· ForJuna""SI","?"" a. succession of lesser strains at- ler that aggravate the original damage. Generally speaking, present practice is to treat such cases conservatively--lake what mear surcs arc available to prevent the injury from being repeated, and lope for at least some degree of icallng. Hence the advice you had is sound--except that it's a problem 'or a mother of five boys to get a lot of rest. No lifting, no dancing! That's Important. And so is rest. You'll simply have to make your brain save your back. The rays must learn lo pick up after themselves and lo share a good many chores around Ihe house. IL can be done. I have in mind woman who was paralyzed in an accident. She has three children in elementary school. Confined to a wheel chair, she gives instructions on what must be done, and the youngsters perform remarkably well. (It's easier for them to understand, however, just from seeing their mother in the wheel chair). You will have to do a little more explaining, wid you doubtless will have to be rather firm. Otherwise the youngsters might shirk Iheir responsibilities. Often a brace or firm garment is used lo keep Ihe spine more rigid and Ihis protects Ihe damaged pliiec. Traction sometimes iclps. Loss of weight may help, Loo. In severe cases, and after conservative measures haven't been sufficient, surgery may be necessary, "fusion" of the .spine at the damaged point. Small pieces of mno won't bend afterwards, of course, bill it takes Ihe pressure off Ihe nerve roots, prevents further damage, and brings the spine back into good alignment. SACRAMENTO (UPI) - T h e udget battle is over and the Legislature hoped Thursday. Ending more than a month-long deadlock, the Assembly late Wednesday night voted 59-15 to accept a spending program very close to Gov. Edmund G. Brown's original request. All of the "no" votes were cast by Republicans. Scnale leaders predicted speedy approval of the budget compromise in the upper house and an end to Ihe session by nightfall. After weeks of demanding wholesale culs in the Democratic governor's budget proposal, Re- jublican assemblymen settled for a compromise which promises $28 totaling $1.888 billion. *radc [rom tour in the Sacramento area. The trip, an extension of classroom activities, covered six days, the reek of March 25-31. Funds for the trip were earned by the stutents and civic groups in the Samoa area. Accompany- ng the students were John J. List, d i s t r i c t superintendent; Miss Janet Hale, school nurse, Mrs. Linda Matias. 7th grade instructor, and Thomas Fay, 8th grade instructor. Four mothers from the community who served as chaperons were Mrs. Antone Olivcira, Mrs. George Pacheco, Mrs. B. C. Broom, and Mrs. Lee Chance. The students began fund raising projects at the beginning of the school year, and earned $1200 lo finance the trip. The group Denr Sir: My wife says one should snuffle the mucus from head cold back Into one's head instead of blowing It out. I say snuffling only inflames the Sently. Who is correct?--E. K. sinuses, and one should blow You arc, although y. certain amount of snuffling may be necessary to clear the passages back near the throat. Dear Dr. Molncr: I'm on a diet but 1 love honey. How many cal- orics docs it have?--F. H. About 62 calorics lo a tablespoonful. "You Can Stop Sinus Troublel" is the tide of my booklet explaining what sinus trouble really is, aid encouraging sinus sufferers lo do something about H. For a copy write to Dr. Molncr in care of Ihis newspaper, enclosing a long, self-addressed, stamped en- r elopc and 20c in coin to cover handling. Dr. Molncr is happy to receive renders' questions, and whenever possible uses them In his column. However, due lo the gresl volume of m;iil received daily, Dr. Molncr regrets he cannot answer letters individually. In Air Force ATLANTIC CITY (UPI)-A diet on which a person can safely lose ,10 pounds in GO days without get ling hungry was outlined Wednesday by an Air Force major. Maj. Paul W. Musgrave of the Air Force School of Aerospace Medicine told the 33rd annual meeting of the Aerospace Medical Association that the diet, calling for 350 calorics and one pep iill daily had been tested on volunteers at the school. Musgrave said the 350 calorics arc apportioned among foods providing sufficient proteins, vita mins, minerals and bulk lo maintain health. The pill is a 15-millt gram capsule of dcxcdrine sulphate which suppresses hunger hut lias little or none of Iho usual slimulnting effects in a person In- RpslinR only 3SO onlnrics. He emphasized the diet should ho undertaken only under a phy- nil-kin's direction, lie added it possibly might endanger persons with history of psychiatric disorders. The menu: Breakfast, one egg and six ounc- ; of skimmed milk; lunch, 100 ,,jimis of tossed salad, salt and ;cppcr and vinegar dressing; din- lor, three ounces of lean meat niiolher lossed salad. All the ea or coffee you want, without cream or sugar. One highball with waler or soda during Ihe day. 'here nro some. 1200 parks re.... veil fur Iho owners of mobile iiinii-s llirmiRlmiit Hw Unilcd nlcs. California Assembly Voles To Adopt Gov. Brown's Budget to call it quits million in real culs or "if and when" savings. Oddly enough, Ihe budget figure finally adopted in the lower house is only $1 million less than Brown's request. Takes Some Explaining It takes some explaining to make sense but of the budget figures, but it goes like this: --After GOP lawmakers in the Assembly, outnumbered 34-44 by Democrats, successfully kept the administration from getting the necessary 54 votes on the budget during the regular 30-day budget session, Ihe Democratic governor called a rare special session and submitted a request for a budget Fascinating Tour Peninsula Union 7th and 8th students recently returned an extensive educational icr plane and were instructed on jasic flying procedures. The next two days were spent n San Francisco observing a pro- ram at the planetarium, the Mu- ;eum of Natural History and the lapanese Tea Gardens. While ibonrd the school bus the grouo also saw the San Francisco financial section, Nob Hill, Fishermen's Wharf, Hie yacht harbor, nd the docks and shipping facili- es. The students also engaged in chaperoned free time activities, ncluding ice skating, going to 'layland, and a shopping session n Chinatown, where they enjoyed Chinese dinner. This is the first trip of this na ure ever undertaken by Pcninsu- a District. Students particlpaling nclude Mary Avelar, Lois Annis, Louise Annis, Shirley Andersen, ·Yank Blagen. Donna Beuglar, Mary Bostrom, Jerry Broom, earned the money by holding car David Camilli, Edith Chance,- El washes, cake sales and dinners. The group stayed at Ihe State Fair Grounds in Sacramento and made many excursions to educational sites in the area. The students received a guided tour of the stale capitol buildings, supreme court, and other slate facilities. During the lour they met with Assemblyman Frank Be- lolli and Senator' Carl Christensen, and observed sessions of both Houses for Legislature, where all their names were placed In the Senate Journal. They also ob ierved committee work of both houses and received a guided tour of the Capitol grounds. While on tour the students compiled notes to be used in writing a complete report of Ihe trip upon return lo school. Olher sites of value visited in ic Sacramento are included Sutler's Fort, California Highway Patrol Academy where students were given a tour of facilities and a demonstration of equipment; the Crocker Art Museum, where the children learned a new aspect of California history and art appreciation. Day at Navy Base One whole day was spent at Alamcda Naval Base near Oakland. The Navy prepared a complete program for the children as they toured the grounds, aircraft, and the attack aircraft carrier U.S.S. Midway. The boys in the group were given incentive to become fliers as they received a ride around the landing strip in an aircraft car- en Chcsley, Slarlel Cook, Frances Daggs, D a v i d Daugherty, )wayne Daugherty, Linda Ehling, )awn Fillman, Gayle Fillman Kristlne Forman, David Grow, John Hailer, Gladys Herndon, lary Husscy, Rosemary Jones, Sva Kain, Leonard Kaln, Olcnda jaslcy, Jane Ncedham, Larry Jllveira, George Pacheco, Marilyn Pallerson, Russell Roberts, Janice Stayton, Sharylin Sturm. Richard Richards Endorsement For Labor Committee SAN FRANCISCO (UPD-Rich- ard Richards, Los Angeles Democrat, has won sole endorsement of California labor's Committee on Political Education in the contest for U. S. senator. Delegates to tile meeting Wednesday voted 148,800 to 102.685 lo reject their Executive Com' mlttee's recommendation to endorse both Democrat Richards and Republican Thomas Kuchcl In the primaries. The high totals in the meeting of 300 delegates came because each delegate was weighted according to the size of the unions represented. With (ho Senate vole out of the way, the delegates backed Gov. Edmund G. Brown and his run nlng mnles for slate office. Ralph Richardson of Los Angeles won unanimous endorsement for the non-partisan post of state superintendent of public Instruction. The committee endorsed a solid slate of Democrats for Congress and the slnte Senate, but two broke Into Iho endorsement list In the Assembly races. In Ihe 20th District bolh Republican Carl A. Britschgi and Dcnv limit Donald A. Bnrr were supported and In the 27lh Dlslrlci. Dcpubllcim labor lender llnonl A. Vlnclllono and Democrat .1. liyiin were supported. --After 48 hours of negotiation by so-called "truce teams" from each party, a compromise figure was agreed upon which adds up .0 a grand total of $2,887,378,816. --The significant figure in the mdget calculations was in the change in Ihe general fund, the main source of revenue from the taxpayers lo operate state government. In Brown's original budget request, spending for the fiscal yea) sterling July 1 totaled $1.912 billion from the general fund. Mainly at the insistence of Republican assemblymen, that amount is reduced by $4 million. The reason the grand total ol the budget is higher Is that the compromise version adopled by the Assembly includes two addi- ions from special funds -- $1.3 million for operation of Ihe Legislature in the next 12 monlhs and S3 million as a loan lo help finance a vehicular crossing between San Diego and Coronado. GOP Accomplishments What the Republicans accomplished after weeks of nose-lo nose arguing with the Democratic majority was this: They hammered out actual re ductions in the budgel lolaling $885,172. --They succeeded in retaining another $1,476,317 in reductions which had been sponsored by a so-called GOP task force" in earl ier but unsuccessful budget ver ions. --They wrote into the budget language which requires the De partmenl of Finance to,save $8 million, mostly by not filling planned new positions in state agencies. The administration al ready had promised to save $6 million in this category but Ihe compromise version of Ihe budgel requires such a saving and raises the lolal to $8 million. --The largest savings put into the budget at the insistence of Ihi GOP was an "if says clause which jnd when' that if Coi gress enacts legislation for federal aid to college construction, all such funds shall be used foi building purposes instead of stall bond money. This could have thi effect of reducing stale expend! turcs by $18 million in the nex fiscal year. Crucial Vote Joaay On Farm Proposals , WASHINGTON (UPI) - The ouse Agriculture Committee met oday for crucial last votes on the administration's beleagured farm bill. -The key feature of the bill- which would Impose new controls on feed grains-- appeared doomed. Four' of the 21 Democrats on le committee have indlcaledihey will join the 14 Republicans on le panel in opposition to the eed grain section. Unless one of these four southern Democrats changes his mind, or unless two of them abstain 5 Year Old Case In Court Here; Three Jail Terms Merritt Evans of Crescent City was fined $368 for having a 1,200 pound -overload oh his logging truck in March of 1957, and resterday he paid the last half of lis fine. Municipal Court clerks, checking the files for old cases and un- laid fines, reported that Evans elegraphed the court from Crescent City after he had been noti- led of the balance still due. In other cases, yesterday, Nee W. Wilson was given a 45-day sentence on a charge of joy riding. His charge had been reduced rom car theft. Hiram Johansen, accused ol employing a child under the age [ 16 years, had his probation revoked and was sentenced to six months in the county jail. A drunk driving charge cosl Robert M. Jackson of Arcata a 276 fine or 55 days in jail, plus a license suspension for one year. He chose the jail term. from voting, the provision seems certain to die by a one-vote margin. ' Asked if he expected more help from President Kennedy, committee Chairman Harold D. Cooley, D-N.C., said even the President wouldn't be able "to do anything with these follows." Other congressional news: Space-- The House Space Committee has tentatively agreed to cut more than $100 million out ol the administration's space budget next year, a congressional source said. Much of the cut was sale to come from the civilian space agency's program to develop the Nova rocket, one of two possible means the United States hopes to use to put a man on the moon by 1970. Missiles-The Senate permanent Investigations subcommittee summoned two ordnance experts from the Redstone Army Arsenal in Alabama to testify about procurement programs for the Nike guided missile. The committee contends the prime contractor, Western Electric, held "absolute control" over Army purchasing policy for the missile. Damage Suit in Car, Truck Crash A September 16, 1961 collision between a car and a logging truck on the Bull Creek Road one mile west of Highway 101 was the cause of a suit filed yesterday by James Magyar versus John E. Fischer 'and the William Kerns Logging company. 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