Independent from Long Beach, California on April 4, 1963 · Page 64
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 64

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 4, 1963
Page 64
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P 4 Z I - P 2 Z2-J-4-MZ Z5 Ttort, Aarl · na AIRSPACE NOTES LB. Aircraft Man Rooney's Duplicate · ;- . By LEE CRAIG ';. Long Beach Aztec Aircraft'iJ semblance made a deep im- i J e r r y H a r d i n has double pressioa oa head waiters and I trouble. I film starlets as veil as others I ! Hardin, except for his dirk-of lesser imporUnce. tf hair, is a walking duplicate - - - i «jf Mickey Rooney ... except ; that Rooney has less energy. ; '-Both have the same bust-, iling approach to life except 1 ,!,^ He will rush up and say: I thatAwhile Rooney has mostly) ^ d ^a* ; confined his interests to show'^,, ,i'. .,,_* ,,. J as been a HFS NEVER SEEN Rooney in person, but he's already decided what to do when he , Hlrfiar · .Marine Corps frogman, race Jcar driver, motorcycle ^« i a^rok'ee "^ith' * and mechanic and commercial · puot. t! ; ;,Now of 5329 Conazil ; Jerry lived in Hollywood fori ·Jears. where the Rooney re- VV-5" . JERRY HARDIX He's Never Met Mickey recently in the new Piper " ISO Ly 20 horse- 'power allows a gum-swallow it wouk to a Northrop T-3S. 1 latest Cherokee is a great improvement over the ISO and 160 models, mostly because of the added power. Vibration is no longer irritating and the ten extra miles an hour at 75 per cent power is nice to have. · * · · IT IS A LITTLE disconcerting not to have toe brakes, however. M a y b e somedaj Piper will go along with mos: of the rest of the industry and give up making us begin rers wish we had a thirx hand while taxiing. The Cherokee, overall, is an excellent product which should meet a fine reception.' And that 141 cruise speed for the 180 should be worth the extra gallon pe ·consumption. jnd convene in'special ses-'Minister David Ben · GurionV sua Sunday to deal with the'coalition government roblem of German scientists' working for the United Arab epublic's arms industry. Fital Statistics Births Birlhs LOS ALTOS Y STARTED Following ground-breaking conducted by youngsters, adult boosters then turned shovels of earth for the new $225,000 Los Altos YMCA building at 1720 Bellflower Blvd. Shown from left are . Judge Beach Vasey, presidehj of the YMCA na. ' tional council; Clyde L, Brown, chairman of the management board of Los Altos Y, and Lloyd S. Whaley, developer o! Los Altos, who donated the land. Executive Secretary Pat Vest directed the program which was well attended. I .' ST. MA*n nes»ITAI FORBES--Mr. A un. Paul J. V«a / ·· Llnaan A*«. bov. Mardi 22. ! tmOLtY--Mr. 1 Mn. Evtnttt R. 2M3 t »:LljVjJi--Mr VjArv Claude O. 2*571 ' CONN oil Y^Mr! »" Mn. RiOlard D-. ' i Francftca Ave. flirt. Marc* 22. jut Marc* 22 R--Mr. L Mn. Robert l_ * 19l?t Radclitfe Circiw, ftrslmimter, , COOK--Mr. 1 Mn Robert w. Jl Weo- ' tuna Aw. flirt, Marc* 22. · HOLUSEN--Mr. t Mn. Cavid G. Wit · Magnolia An.. My. Maix 22. t SH!RL£Y--*V. A Mn. Ricnard. G. 117 * 14111 IT* Seal Scach, rrc Marc* 22. COMMUNITY --Mr. and Ml _ · fU tin. Mart* ». 'W. and Mn. Witliarn F. 21131 .ve.. flirt. Marc* 20. · -- - -·- nv, 12141 S/?e Helps Uncover Old Ruins in Greece ST. LOUIS (UPI)--It wasj The ancient story goes tha Greek to pretty Elizabeth Agamemnon was slain by h Brokaw, but not anymore, [wife. Slytemnestra. after hi Miss Brokaw, a Washing- return from the Trojan Wa ton University graduate stu- Mn. Lawrence R_ rlrt AAarc* 71. ... i. Oan.M R, 471 W. ._ _r. San fan. boy. Mart* n. WHITE--Mr. and Mn. Jamn 0-. 4*1 W. MELU°i£Mr*T!nd = Mn. c-ien. E- dent here, can boast that she 131* Ptn. SC.LO. AKmitn. ..a^ ^ ^ spQt ^j, ^^ i T. 10M|O iogists to help uncover old f. n la worlds ju Greece . irSv* bo^l Th« archeology student was _ i OUTCHCR--Mr. vnt IkV*. 3151 T«rtnirn«r Dr* An -1 * 1 * *,. and Mn. Israel Parliament to Act on Germans M Rath Manager on Retirement JERUSALEM.IsraeliSectoriHerut, the Liberals and the _ . . . . . _ ' . . .^,»«*,,,'MTM**.,, -n^ «l - Israen parliament was'left-wing Mapam. Spokesmen Fredmck M. Burton, man-jfectrve Monday.. Those ,{· riered Tuesday night to'said they plan to tonne a mo-ager of the Los Angele* Rath tending the dauser Jndudei «ak off its Favssover recess'tico of co confidence in Prime Packing Co, Los Angeles'plant empSoj-es; many Rath _ j t- ... -- !,,:_!--T,..^ t_ r-..._-«..i . ^ ywj ^ ^^ grci^i castomers and Wpplien »nd wives. Prior to cccnicg to Los Angeles. Burton was Manager o{ all Rath Branch plants head. THE PERSON v*o owns by over 300 persons attending s retirement dinner in his honor at the Long Beach £- ^ r^°^^i=- a ar The session was called tr}"ing to reach you. Bei , - ~~ i . ~»u- fe demand of three opposi-lsure to read the "Lost" ads in Burton, who joined Rath as juartered at the company*! » parties --the right-wing the Classified Section 12 salesman in 1927, retired ef-[main offices in Waterloo. la. SUDDENLY. EVERYBODY'S DRINKING DAIQUIRIS. REASON; v FROZEN FRESH DAIQUIRI MIX MAKES FOOLPROOF DAIQUIRIS EVERY TIME! Eack can main I to 12 Dmjonl. Vuott mix ftcji frtA fordsrjivi rtfrigtrsxir. Specially blended for use with your favorite brand of dry, white Puerto Rican rum to give you a perfect Daiquiri in 30 seconds flat! TJ *OZEN Fresh Daiquiri Mix h the J"^ citunl joice of tree-ripened, yellow tropical Hmfv Look for the pale green can shown above in the freezer cabinet it your poetry store oc supermarket If your store hunt got h. ask them to |et ft. Just remember: the best Daiquiris are always made with dry, white Puerto Rican rum--aaafar rvna · dry f zu?izg%. This rum is distilled at hiti proof for extra dryness--utich gives every Daiquiri you make extra zing. AQ Puerto Rican rums are aged in oak. That's the law in Puerto Rico. So check the bottle for those proud words--Puerto Rican Ram. r«£t! 16-page booklet, write: Rum Recipe Booikt, Rums of Puerto Rioo. 545J VVusiire BNi. LA. 36, CaSf. il h esriboKt by Wilbur-Ella Co, 100 Seceni Ait, Nt« York IX N. Y Cj3 OXtord 7-4000. _ 21 ra chosen last summer to join 'Dr. George Mylonas on his' . 1 Mn. r., twin bcvs. . Mn. Jowo r* bov. MarcM 21 , - UDI VT»t« Jamn W^ Uirlhs , ·" Hj^iwia T;^ tatrwood atri VLardl -. aAarkat V* bov, Marcft 2*. ~ BURGESS--Mr. Mn. K. BEIMAK--Mr. Mn. Minon. Ml* Bon. (Tni ST. bov- Marca IZ I · i fair An., Lakrwacd. wrt, Marc* 24. CLARK--Mr. A Mn. D. E. 1 APXXULCTA--Mr. A Mrs. Frvo. 2120J V.. Bn. Marc* 12. I ."Slwwvfflrt. Maim 2S VERDUGO-Mr. - " ' THpwiON-Mr. 1. Mn. V«3or. 2531 _ Bra. boy. - Vermont it- iirt. Mana B. fOUMANf--Mr and Mn Ricftarl G-. Id Hackrtt.'tov. Mara 23. KXITR1Y--Mr. and Mn. Dell I- f» ·. TOrt jr- Harbor CUV. bov. Marc* 3*. SEV1ER--Mr. and Un. Herbert R.. 11tS4 C. Um St. ArTvsia, ptrt Uardl 2A TEUUILE--Mr and Mn. DovOtas. 4332 I. ism sr.'bov. Mara 24, .LJCKER--Mr, and Mn. Scott I., 110* M. staf CoMeoe. Anarttrm. bev. . Mn. ·» 477 t M W. ua c ·- Elm A»e, «irt MarO 25. .-·Euclid Art. bev. Man« 25."'"' WBCH--Mr. fc Mn. Cranarn V* TZ71 E. . n St. bov, Ua-rti 25. · aA!L£T--Mr. t Mn. Robert !f Souft . St.. «[fl. JRarx* 2S. .XMES--Mr, t Mn. Jamn ^ SC7 '·-·arapet Xv». tev. Marx* 23. lOMNEr--Mr. Mn Fraelantf F. :-jr«Y A ' - ROWW--Mr A Mn. H. T« 467 CuflarV' CHAR'O-^MT. a Mn. c c. izu* Ctnlraria Rd.. bov. Mart* - . v«« o:rL _____ Mn. ;. na . Kn KVIUBMI H. . . 'k Vta Wanoa. tfrL Marcft 23. OATES-- Mr. t Mn SWl»i E. 7m · Starrs St. Dirt. Mard a. · CAMTU-- Mr. a Mn. Jnu. 13M4 Dvrnp- · ' f^r Av*., Downey, bov. Marm 2S. COZART-- Mr. t Mn. R.ln B^ I7O PUCAM Careen rove. Rirt · . CdH«ENG--Mr ft Urt. Can'cf F.tfrr *«,, girt. M*rO» 25. Mr. 4 Mrs. K.cti HAU.-- Mr. fcirx. «,, J^ 554 Hcrvrv Wtv, bov. Marx* U. ft Mn. Jl 1* 26107 B«s»*ood U. KILL A*e.. RXVSfY r . . Mn. t, R_ U7 »*rhtt Av*.. bov. Marcb u. SUTIOWIT--Mr. t Mn. «_ l_ ISO I rd s», bev. " ' Mn. K. D. 1X9 Koran ' ism it_ oil. t Mn. *. E. M*1 w HUTCHISON--Mr. " cavating it Mj-cenae near AT gos in the Peloponnesus. The Mycenaean excavations are jointly sponsored by the ireek Archaeological Sen-ice and by Washington Univer sity, where Dr. Mylonaj is chairman of the Department of Art and Archeology. * * * * DR. MYLONAS took wife, daughter and son-in-law AWIA2NG OFFER; FAMOUS M., oy. MCCARTHY--»ir. t Mn. I. I Man* ST.. bov. Marca 14. ,, YpUWGER-- Mr. · vanton PL. fli JOM15-- Mr. ft ; t ' Mn^ Richard. 174) -u Marck 2*. _ _ . . _ Mn. Ceoroe F- SH7 . Oraro. A»«^ g.rt. MarcH 24. ;F«RMAK--Mr. Mn. William C., 31i5 1 frAUCH--Mr. I Mn. Alfred C. 2304 W. · WWand St^ flirt. MarcD 24. · »SYVI--Mr. 1 Mn. Jerom* t. MT - Rosa Aye., rn. Marc* 24. A-ARSCIUES-Mr. t Mn. WIHiam R a -- Am. Cold star Mwnn. ejrt. Mar. 24. ~ T.n Donald A* 4514 LactoM bov. MarO 24. Mn. J. C- Jlfl wo- L.B.. »rt. MarcH IS. ' vi. bev. Mara '». JIarriage Licenses Oon»il t. eamwn. U. ail Hav t- LaArmod; Antoinern aultack. L I C«rald f. 'Are.; Bettv _ |Tangir«od It.. . ^ _ ucJrr, M. U37 CalifcfB.a; Sum, 20. W3 California. 2ft. 2O Ttrraiii* ..- A*.. bov. Marc* of. 'n««NS--It. (J G l t Mn 0«i C. - nal C. 2nd St. e:rC Mardr 24. -·(ARNETT--«r. t Kn Ronald F. 1CT4 · California Ave^ Paramo»*it, bov. « Aurc* 24. ,": 3Iarria"e Licenses I'd 0. Taurman. JI,,B41» CatUIH. «VTI Menar I Wallao 5 -c??^* ?... tsffon. f^st S1^_ ZiBS Lrw:* Ai lie. 51. 4T15 Oranee Ave. - u. S. navr; s~n»r JoflK U. Oonnefl. a. WeHmln Doromv S. Will.a, U; 4OT Emerald ( . i . . . Latfxr. 2S. O » * tantiiv Ja. H22 t. .-Coo.: 21. BeHfo««r;' H ,^^T,^ ^ ·anon. » «J] l«r«l« Avv^-JiVSJi^ T »T r «.: l-r-.S^ivfr./.*! 1 i^2',*'?~ Un. 45. C1J 17HT . Uonar* T. Snultl, 22. «*i _tara K. /asfryp. 10. 4S^4 Murrei J with *i"n Miss Brokaw*s job was to record and catalogue any discoveries during the excavating. Excavating. Miss Brokaw says, is not just pick and shovel work. First, you've got to know where to dig. and that's where Dr. Mvlonas came in with all his knowledge on the subject. For example, an indentation in the ground might be the sign of a caved-in tombl Or .here might be a certain rock! in the ground which could be the piece of an important wall covered for centuries. Even the laborers who do the digging get excited on Hnding the trail of something important. Miss Brokaw said they can ten from the sound whether or not iff pottery or stone underneath. A F T E R EXPLORATORY trenches are dug with pick and shoveL and if there are signs of a possible discovery, smaH knives are then used. The dust is swept away with paint brushes. Nothing is used PICNIC J 10-OZ. -Wenoetf W Brumrr«n, 24. J - « . ilrjl- · M ^btl -n ' «o rvM«' «ooerr i_ vpomin*. 4*. I Vi Jcyc * *· ""**· "· swi OrnBt ,Sr. Terranc*; tMafl E. /Marfv. t CocU 21. Ult »on» Av,. "Jawf-J,- i'KSi'44. ·yjSSf*!tnSSS! "' T ""- l l "" »" T^rSi.*JSS.« £ X'MMTai, M«o '*TS.;'«atSr,". l *r»?!to damage any possible im= .^t.*a.lS-i".af».. jWportant fmd. - - T E. lRd.ll, 14. fm.^\,.,^ ,,;., i o O. W»lkc*. ;D»« t. FotfrT. II 2S Iw^or. An. . 2X . . Kawn. . T»n«fio«, I. K , IWB Appyon; 24. Lvnwoo Donnj] i j. Larvnzt. 24. ian ...J O. HcCon*4. « in C. cam j. Hrron, n. itii E « u. . --jfer W.. R«as. T. C9 Del Ama. taewoo«: ««-y 1. fur.f. JX P51 CaJ r« 4 toft Ange'el. A. Hoffman. 2C Itn; tA . Wrox. V. If* W. jwm»r, laa- Crar, rm f. i* C. Koa oaan. n. tS» lm«)«nal » T; E*»" - T«**r . Cadar V_ Mmow«r. ! .-TlSi** C. S«««r». 21 WW « I ·*«·, Saofll Cat»; Tom » »: lira Cunvv. IW. U. Cewnn. Divorces Ulerl _ KHXEI-Hann I- n. ««r«ij D. ._ itiarn RL vs. Sandra 1- IIBAV1C--Jacauaflne J. *«. R*:adeK ' MATTA^r^C.^ ^^ H fii^tvMriT'ir n. A»ert H. B, Cardenjc Can* A ton*, 20. J*511 SEOV "Y^,°^* ri -- - - '··'· . ^ lenar* T. Otamotg. Jt B Ct.. San Ptdra; Ajrtoin«*tv ^. I · fci» Carotina St. Ja» Pj*» ^^ . lame «. tearK tv. «2CT Sfwart » . Cray Rl. Oevrtev; ROM A. Wantz. U. IS23J Ardam Av». Cardena. . · iarr« T. JcfWer«aar«. 41. 121«J «"»" ·enuK. Ji. «ri»Tli»--enen ». IT .!iSsf. r! *- t T 4 » SUTI While Miss Brokaw was on iSt t "S the job, a network of corri weSiTi ami s »*· st. don, staircases and rooms **-, T. Ced^not. a. 5«s » _ aj oncover ed. Found in one chamber, gold, ivory, beautl- 'uHy painted rases, two srnaH bbratkn tables and a vase 'ragment bearing aa 'inscription in Mycenaean script. . But the most exciting find as the discovery cf what seemed to b« the base of a Sgurine. They found the hem cf her skirt first," Miss Brokaw recalled, "Then, flowty and earefuny they uncovered the rest of her--« beautiful terra cotta figurine." Miss Brokaw hopes to p] back (gain. She wants to be on the spot when they find Agamemnon'i tomb, burial place of the Mycenaean king. HVCK--Oonatd W. ·*. CVattvft f. RtDCEK--Sne-li y W Harnoa SMIT»VJofw* W. vft. Dora KL EHCTROIK*Oonald A. n. COaiTCRS--ajorman t.jn. lARGROVC^^rvda vl. lenneni A. VBrJ A. . ; C MtOW-- Pamela M. vs. Frvd L. ««ca*^ KCHTT-Aianiw f. w Fn« t . «*--» atne a i v» xA-lr-- Oora M. n. J MMptWI* t- VI. m Er C*vl -Xt£~x»r d C. 1 Caryl R. SOt4-*obcrt F. w TafT--i.w'ar V. vl. Herman c*-e«» at vt. AIM ' CRAVIR--KaltlXH w Jo-^oa «, m:Tn "JOTan C. vft. *ran« tANCXt*--Jana C. n. Conatd H. · CLE--Cerre vft. Oojmat "TLOVICH--Mancv H vft. Anthomr a. .RO-Marv V. VT. Aei DL "- " -" M. irft. CadlH I . . *v Oonai* A. rt C. Jr L n. Savv n. Oann n. Da*jm . HCB*r*A-J.avr«ncv . vt. Krtwoc M M. n. rr* a, LOOKING AT THE many amazir.g cffers in the Classified section lately? Don't miss the values you find there. Turn to Classified ads today and ever? day. BOTH FOR LESS THAN THE REGULAR RETAIL PRICE OF THE JUG ALONE * Sketch Picnic Jug keeps contents HOT or COLD for hours! * Holds full h gallon * Perfect for patio, beach, boat, camping, picnics YOUR GROCER HAS THIS FABULOUS OFFER NOW! SUPPLY LIMITED!

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