The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on March 19, 1920 · Page 3
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 3

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, March 19, 1920
Page 3
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r THE DAILY FREE PRESS ACMk QbAL/TY HOUSEHOLD PAINT Look at1 that warn- place on your "Icitchen floo'r. T.iic paint is gone'.. Soon the bare lloor' boards will ^absorb moisture and dirt, then warp, splinter and decay. Then' the repair man I \. A few cents tid'w tor Acme Quality Floor Paint will swe you dollars later on. Save the surface and you save all. Acme Quality Floor Paiur is a. weaV-resistiug, surface-pro-tecfing paint.. It serves a double purpose. It protects" the life of your floors. That's1' most important:' Arid it beautifies your home and saves work by making cleaning so- much easier.. No need to scrub as the dirt ■ can not sink into the floor when protected, by the smooth,v hard, sanitary1 .coating: of Acme Quality Floor Paint. ^ v A, L. SMITH, CARBONDALE, A Man to Man Policy that Wins THE Standard Oil Company was a pioneer in the petroleum industry. From the day of its organization to the present moment the Company 1ms put forth every effort to make and sell goods of the highest quality and always has been satisfied to work on' a small profit. It has made money for its 4711 stockholders by reascta of the volume of business done. In its dealings with the men and women who make, up its working organization, the Standard Oil Company (Indiana) has maintained 'a policy of fairness and liberality which has held its men and inspired1 them with the high ideals of service which^ have been the key to its prosperity. , Today the 22,000 employees are working bs on£ man to increase production and decrease the cost of manufacture and distribution, for they know that their every effort is appreciated in terms which are substantial. The working , and living conditions of the men and women employed by the Company always have been matter* of major interest to those in authority. Under the plan now in process of organization, the employees will be given an ever-increasing - voice in the management of their affairs. The spirit ~ of-fairness which, animates both the Company, and its employees, in their relations with one another; has again proved that all that is needed to . increase production and insure industrial peace is, to make it possible .-for the employer and employee to sit down^artd discuss all phases of their problems man-to' man. » Standard Oil 'Company 910 S. Michigan Ave., Chicago It's Always the Unexpected that happens.* : You cannot prevent tornadoes, but you can. protects yourself 'by insurance. - THE TORNADO1 SEASON. IS DUE IN A , ' • ' [ - SHORT TIME - " ARE YOU PREPARED? CECIL S3 VICTOR TlOtmSlMf- Tta was Tho loneliest .man! in the. world, as be bad always been. ■ But lie had not known . It or cared. He had rebelled against tlie human race. He was the motTern Cain : he had plotted the ruin at the- world, over --which hi was to-rulo, godlilie. But that was before ho- had set eyes upon Ida Kennedy. The thought or her renewed' his com*, nee. ^He found his motorboat upon the shore, uninjured by theTnundatlou, since the point of rock had-acted as a breakwater and protected it. Within a few minutes he had filled his great gasoline reservoir. with a simply suC-cler.t lor several^ ays. and set nut, in pursuit'of the herd.. Ho J;oew that ho could easily outdistance thfe subraa^ rlno-- ' .'■ Presently" he carae upon the monsters. . Th'eJr first wild dash hud taken tbeiff-ln all directions., so that .little Fapor Iiad formed, but now they. were beginning: to congregate, and a wall of black idoud, rising in .the distance, indicated their direction. ' Tho monsters made no edort to mo-last him, but they would not, at first, heed his tuning fork. Later, however, be managed to assemble- a small badytruard about him. . - - MacBenra pursued thera down the. east coast of England. His boat, hidden in the cloud, remained undetected by the patrol vessels. It was not until the second Tnorning that he guessed where the herd would mokejts main rendezvous. It was a simple deductive process, thousii nobody eljie had thought of it. It was the Dufigcr bank, swarming with fish, which . would provide the monsters with food. JEIr believed that, once the first clash of the monsters 'was oyy, tlioy would obey his call again. And bis first summons proved Hn^c-istu: hevnivi u:s expectations^ Jishaustea by their dash southward,' numbers of tho herd congregated about the motorboat to the sound, which was perceptible to them for a nrjch greater distance than Ihe tone carried to the human ear. From within ci radius of twenty irries a cloud roljed -la upon the motorl-usi, until JlacBo'nrd, invisible in tlie i.e:irl Df its blackness ii?;e sonic iifch-;levil, controlled Ills (lovil crew. Tills cloud was rpiickiy soon by -the, :ear-admir il's patrol vessels, white! It had "this disadvantage — it prevented .VEacEcnrd from discovering the F55 as she slipped past on her way sojith- She rna unchallenged through the lestroyer flotilla and came nlcmnsidt? the roar-admiral's -flagship,, a monster. :r.iisi.-r anr.ed vriih a :,->wu-ftil lriir-r >n; which be had hoisted bis pefinant. J. few minutes later Daviesi and Ida dnmhercd aboard, ionvins Clouts, in :Iira-sp of the' submarine— and or tho ju.ecn of the swarm. .' 'Halt an hour later Clout;; received :he command to/ take thp PJ3 to Lon-lop.ns best-lie could. Duvies' inter-,-icvi- with tlierer.r-admirnl lir.d :he hitter to open hostilities inmiedi-itely. The- squadron, spread out and ipproaehed the Dogger fan wise, to eu-;Ircle>1he monsters. 1 MarKotml, who had just nv.-akenert iboard the, snw in terror he great shells dropping all about lim. He thought this, was the end o'f til his plans. It .seemed impossible to . But. the monsters, terrified by the dashed wildly in all directions, ind, finding themselves rinsed ' in. •burned lrribe water madly. The man n the chains on die flagship1 looked at lis lead incredulously. It . marked 2 .fathoms, where it should hnvo narked 25.- It marked ten, seven, i bur— iin'd suddenly the sea seemed to ' ipen. ^-lalf the vessels in the uttack-itg squadron 'grounded. T'jcy lay on heir sides»ln the North sen sand, one ct of guns pointing henveu'.varrl_the ■tiler toward tho bowels of the earth. Then a huge, agitated wave, l'ticTiat-Ing outward from the still vortex In which the motorboat reeled dizzily, lashed them and buffeted them afloat Beyond control, the dismantled, 'fleeing squadron drove under the pounding waves in. all directions. Out of the' v::-nr •■ i 1 1 1 L--ni.l a motor-' boat. Slowly, as the haze subsided, she drew alongside. In her' stoodflldc-Beard, triumphant in tills display of his' power, -Five minutes later he stood in the prasenoe of the rear admiral, Daviea and Ida, as well as of the junior of- "You see^we are unconquerable," he said grimly. "But I have come to offer you terms." Ab a public enemy, many afterward said-that he should have boon hanged [hen and there, in spite of. his er.voy-shlp. But the renr admiral refused to violate the traditions rif the sea — ot porliaps he realized that, ilnclieard dead, he could hope for ho matins of ;;-:N [>.i his ciielialned devils. "What are they?" be Inquired cour-tc-oiisly. • - "First." Kaic; PJiieiioa;-.-!, "persona] Inrlemnity." > "In return -for wlint?'' "In return for the destruction of this menace. I pledge' my word that»if "shall disappear foijever." 'Tlut bow?" .-^■.cccara riesitntedl ■ Eager . as . he now was to destroy the herd, he Jwas not overanxious to reveal his plans, However, he yielded 'the point, 'JAs you hove observed,", he, said, "they are completely under my control, I will take them into 3Itjold fjord, on tho Norwegian coast. As you' know, it Is a huge body of 'water, surrounded by clit'Cs of high basalt, and havlng an entrance barely largo enough to adroit a small steamship, On.ce 'they are there,- Ihe. entrance can .be blu/.;:i'ird until they are dead of famine. In return I demand possession of—" and he looked toward Ida. (To Be. Continue]} THE PEOPLE'S COLUMN; . Cath In Advance. Odb month, per word" ''. .". , One week, per:' word .;'';,;.; One insertion, per word •-. . Three insertions, per word' ' WANTED. , WANTED — Good used, furniture, G H. Edmpnds, '70S *. Normal Ave, ■, - M19— lwi: AVAiN'J-iSf> — Lady'' or gent' in Carbon dale for Welkins ffitmous Products. Waftina ' goods known 'everywhere' Big profits. Write' today. Wat-kins Company 51, Winona,' llinn. . WANTED— Men- or 4Fomen, salary S24 full time, 30c an hour spare time, selling guaranteed hosiery-to 'wearer. Experience unnecessary, --Gaaranteet Mills, Xc-rris'town,- Pa. :' •' .-WAWTBI>-^-Young men;' 17 upward, .desiring railway mail clerliships 110 a raonti), write for free particulars, 'examinations. It. Terry-, ftormer tjov-er^ment Examiner), 733 ''Cont'iaental Bids!. Washington, 'D. C. .-''■- WANTED— To sell GOO choice-cherry ■cd poach, trees. Call atf 701 Pecan fob nercT. FOP. FjSNT— Two furnished .rooms; lodorn. 400 West Oak St FOR R2NT-— Two .iront roomg ctb? Style Shop, for" office or sleeping rooms. Apply Miss Rfeth, Normali'and Monro FOR RENT — -Storage lor houseloK goods, in the one story brick building, cement floors, on alley back of aeic Earth Thealrs. Apply MIsfli.Rleta. FOP. RENT— Two furnished rooms. 213 West Walnut'. Phone 370 L. ' _ FOR RENT— Farm, iC acres, east 61 Carbondale, good orchard and fine place for cantaloupes. Also grain crops. Reasonable - terms to reliable party. Apply Miss UlnsgitrRieth. ; ■ fOH SALE. ■;. FOli SALE— We buy, raise and sell lur-bcaring rabbits,' and 'other tur-bearing animals. List what you have .with us .stating- your lowest j:rices.on large lot shipments. The Fur & Specialty Farming Co., 515-517 N. P. Ave, Fargo,. 'N. Dak.'-■M19— lmo. FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE— Vacant lot, University Place. What have you to trade for this.' Address H. E. MeLz. DeSoto,. HI. . ' . . FOR SALE— Two inilch cows and two sows with piga. C. T. Miller, Car bondale, 111., Route 1. ' FOR SALE — Colonial Hotel building and. furnishings, my. new apartment building oE i apartments, .known- as the Bastin. apartments, also my residence property afeorner o£ 10th and Harrison Sts„ 1 block from public scjpaTe. For information write Mrs. S. Bastin:, Colonial Hotel, Mt. Vernon, J v-m: :..:5'.vA5i..--.:,5Ui-,tlvaj5ivi i If SOLUBYDRlJGQISTSeVeVWHEPf FOR-. SALE— Shafting, cones ana pulleys at the Free Press.'- FOR SALE-U room bouse with electric lights, west side, for $1,000 ea«b. Postofdce box 146. ' LOST — Between Orflr gtreet and Biu-tb. Theatre, on d'enivn town street, cameo pin, ' Call ■ ■ FOUND FOUi\-D— G.intleman's kid .glove for fiaiit hand. Can -.have-at If'ree Prcsf for iiaying for this -arl. • LtJST— Betwrien Oak street and Bu'rt.i 'rissntl'e, ,qa' 'down town street, ■'cam =0 pin. 'Call Mrs. E. B.- Eckliard. /if^il '. Wi Inyp Cfh© CJaa o^i | I -cpm 'S¥bu p 1} m and you'll .neyer uso any- ■■ ill | ffl thing .else. The 'delicious « j M '.fliivor oi this iiigh-qualilj,- B W. syrup will havo won you || | ffl ■ forever.. It'slcicalforovory W&: M-y housohoM usq — just tho jgj ffll thing to feed 'pleDiiluIlyTo m W the children. Try a cah— B W: your grocer hau it. ' ^ M Hj "TKEAIUOS-JAMES OHOCER CO. W NEW MARCH VICTOR RECORDS i'jVlight Be Your Once. In Awhik, and : Are You Free (Olive* Klin ei—$Sc Nqw i Know, and I'll A 'ways Be Waiting For You, (Malt Wtetei-*Sc WWT.We Ever a Pal Lik« Ycu- (Burr) And. Yoa'r. A Millife: mjSy . ' Fr^m: Nowhere (Harrison)— 85c . .. ' ■ '.T Belrind Your -Silken. Veil, Medley Fox Trot, and, Roses ' At .- '■ .SledJcy Wait* O'.-.-kcs'.- Jaziarimba Orchcstra)-«Sc ' You'd Bo- Surprised, Medley. Om-Step, and Keep Mftvin', Fox Trot'-i-fAI! Carolina Sunshine, Vi tit* ' Mystery,. Mcdlry J-ox Trot, and Oh, Mc'dlcy fox Trot, (Diest No»4* Orc|i.cstra>T-§Sc . . .-' ■ To -A Water-Lilly, and Spring Sonfc (Violin,' Flue, Harp, *nd Cello)-'-4fa M4RCH RED SE All RECORDS My Jesus As .ThoMs;b Wiltiv(Sopli[<* \Brasiau)— ?1.00. M.iIa-ucna,-(Piano Record b>-Alfred Cortotl— 51.00. r-A La Luna, (Eiiiilo: Ac Gogorz'a)— S1'.00.: ."' "- t vars, li-.nimv t'-.-.i :ii;— '-H>'. Kol Wdri, (M-iscl,«r .F.l1Ilan';)~$l.Sa • " RigolcrtOTpjaiigi, Fspciulla, . (G.illi-Curci-De Luca.j— S3.S0 f' l.hat lumblc- frown Shack In Athlone, "(John McCo'rmick)~Al «a '^ -R^enzi Overture Part 1 (Philadelphia Orchestra)— $1.50. ' A Rienzi Overture Part- 2 tPbiladelphi'a Orchestra>— SI. 50. MARCH COLUMBIA RECORDS In -Your Arms, and, Just Like A Gypsy (Nora' Bays) 12-in.— SI.2J. Hand in Hand Again, (Campbell & Bupr) My Love Song-(Harnson)—85f ■ ' Now I Know, ;and I'll Always Be Waiting For You, (Male 'Quartets V-8fv All I Have Are Sunny .Weather Friends (Campbell & Burr) and Now ' I IGaaw (Lev/is James)— ^SSc. . . .' -'.-.' Just Liku The' Rose (James ' Si Harrison) and, Where the Lanteri,* OIow (Campbell Si Burr)--85c . - "' ' ." ■ -" I Want A Daddy Who Will Rock Mejo Sleep. Fox Trot (Waldorf-Aslorfa Dance Orchestra, and ! Might-' Be Your Once Is Awfctle' Fox Trot, (Ycrkes jazarimb.a ■ Orchestra. ''s Rainbosv of 7Viy Dreams, Fox Trot, and, Burmese Bells, One. Step "(> rt l-iirkni^n's C.):-c:-.cst:-i.) v ■ ■ Nobody Knows* Fpx Trot, Trio)-€5c - "O" (Oh) Fox Trot, Ted Lewis- Jzvz Bond, and Barkin Dag,. Fox Trot, (Germans' Novelty Syiicopa'tors-.)_ — 85c. r Complete Line, of Phonographs ' " COLLvWBl'A, VICTOR AND SONORA Ue iiave a few. bargains in -used Phonographs, and one riantiltes. Baldwin Player Piano Mahoeanv Finish.' like new. rAI|J on Easy Payments, Nolnteresti. When You're Alone WEILER MUSIC CO. i Wonderful Pal, One Step, (Hickmaii f?Smooth as silk, eh? Same here" . —Chesterpeid TALK about a smooth, even-burning smoke. Chesterfields are all . that and then some^-neYer "miss," never fail . to "satisfy!" You never hear a "knock" on Chesterfields For Chesterfields are made of the real thing— genuine Turkish tobaccos, minfl you, the pick of the crop, blended with the very, choicest , Domestic tobaccos that grow. And what a blend ! It actually bring* out ^the hidden flavor of the leai— a flavor you; nevei' guessed was there. What's more, no " other blend is' like it, or clan be, for the blend is our private \ f ormula~f > am' t he copied. AnatlwfiaiynriifOalfdin . igthaixirai'maistm-e^iToaf' ■vrappsr on ncery' package. T

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