Independent Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California on July 16, 1961 · Page 42
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Independent Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California · Page 42

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 16, 1961
Page 42
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* f Long Bficrr, Calif.. Sunday, July U, ml Autos for Sale 176 CHEVROLET '»* A-l 1959 CHEVROLET 4 D O O R 8'»ck bfautv. small economv V-S r^gl'^. radio, healer, automata, fyil cBroelj, verv sharp. Like ne*. lie. No. SDR Hit. $1549 SCE OUR LARGE STOCK OF LATE MODEL CHEVROLET* MEL BURNS FORD 1WIOSS Lcng Beach Blvd. OA 6-3J91 -- GA 6-331 i 1SJ7 CHEVROLET 210 ^-D Sedan. Color ts bailcallv blue, uot!3l$terv cri^nal encect for new tea: covers, ca r «U Cronr ar iear. Hai automatic ihlll, rad, hraier, t'nkd giasi, v/hllewa . tires, bRCkuD lflJi1i, e1C. S\099 S?5 down wi:^ dpo/oved crtdii. Glenn E.Thomas Co.--DODGE 333 E. Analiclrn HE 6-1183 e e · · e_e '55 CHEVROLET 4-DOOR SEDAN r. A rea, $598 GUY MOOTHART 1112 H. L.B. Blvd., Compton - BEAT THIS! '56 CHtV. BELA1R SPORT CPE. I'cer.... ind Immaculate ihrucuf. ONLY ?899 TRADE WAY MOTORS J.530_L. B. BLVD. CA 7-34:; FREE EQUITY TAKE OVER PAYMENTS (3 Chsvrolell To Clwole From) 'M BEL AIR 4 dr. RAH. A.T. ·57 l.V.PALA 6 SD1. Cpc. RiH. ·M IMPALA tar. HdlD. ·/·«, A.T., KiH. SSE= AT FINAHCE CO. -101 t. ARTESIA L.D. OPEN SAT a, SUM. 10 TO i '- IMPALA CONVERTIBLE LuiUous '5S all orlo'nal v*ilh Poweigllde, Weather Conlrol, Rail-o, efc. Week «rd sceclf-i at Slio9 ...BILL BRYANT ^7~~CHtVY~ccnver7 * Vw.~ atfio". heater. Gcod ccndKm. J^l.ver!TM- 5 .*! ._ GE _ ! :?. 3 - i * CHKY5JER r^e e e 0 · ; 1?57 CHRYSLER New Yorker 2- dDcr hard'oD. Pie«?e compare this v/ln dnv tuxurv aufo.ntob'le in the [ · '· CIY. we have no fiar! fa^tr f s'ccrlng ar.d brakes. Toroue Fhre - sh:it, all weaiMr l-ealtr. pjsh bulrcn rndso, rxtcll-n! whifewail .* tiles. FACTORY AIR CONDI- r- TIONtNG. rinlctf fl!a». Carrie; a a %vri||.;n ouaranlee. SI.69? J?5 dov/n with anDrovtc" cr-d:t Glenn f. Thomai Co.--DODGE ' 333 E. Anaheim HE a"i;3 -TELEGRAM i Vutos for Sate 176 DODGE 1957 DOUGH V-8 Larger, 2'Door Hard1ot. AH while body maV«s cor jla.-xl out. Ofia'nal 1r!m Is very nice. Puiti burton shlll, ra*o, heater, tv^in sireel mirrors, power i"«erlr.g and brakes. Unfed alau, TrvhllrwBl] lirei. Written Guarantee. 51W9. S75 dawn wilh approved cred t. Glenn E.TKomai Co.-- DODGE 333 E. Anaheim HE 6-1213 · · · · · e I960 DODGE V-8 Ma! Ado r 4 Doer Sedan tJiat'i showroom freiti in eveiv way. Color Is leal green, frarmoniilno orlo'nal Iripi, carpeted thruoyl. Hai puih bylfci drive, ft'l-weft!her hra'rr, finest rad-o, top qualMy, w-w*[l tires, ottier cxlta* S3W S7S dcwm with approved credit. 331 H. Anaheim HE 6-1243 1953 DODGE Custom Royal -Door Sedai. No maffci on the body. Interior Is likt rtfj. PuiTi bylto.n shift, radio, healer, power steering and brakes, padded dash, 1in!^d pia^s, v e r y cood tirej, dull exhaust. Guaranteed .SMW SJ5 down with approved credit. Glenn E.Thomai Co.-- DODGE 333 E. Anaheim HE 4-1263 SEE US FOR YOUR NEW '61 MODEL DODGE 150 TO CHOOSE FROM Snavely Langford Dodge 401 No. L.B. Bl. NE 1-6163 "COMPTON" mr DODGE S-tfr., RiH. owr steer dilioni/ig. w--w. Or'o'.nal owner __WS._J171 E._35nd._GA7-2S?0. EDSEL '59 EDSEL 2-DR, HARDTOP 7-door Hardtop, ,111 "em a 'ft, radio healer, po«rr ilc-rnng. $1599 PIONEER FORD IS«; PIONEER BLVD.. ARTESIA UN 5-1766 Open Su-.cMv '58 EOSEL, $899 Send blacV, hardlop couple. Te" icuch a-jlomalic. RH. Beaullfu cond. rhiu-Mjl. S. Vf. LEMON '53 FD-SEL. RH, a-j1o., pv,r. slro f4/ down, J9.EO wk. Autos for Sal* 17 FORD · A-l BEST BUY 1959 FORD TUDOR CUSTOM 3M cvl. Kwiomv/ avfomaric, Dower jrcerlnp, r*j 0, rieakr, wtillewftllj, 5011(1 while wllh blue Inferior. Extra c:ean. Extra nice. Lie. No. KiP 171. $1299 SEE OUR LARGE STOCK OF '59 FOROS, MEL 8URNS FORD 1SW-50S5 LONG 8EACK BLVD. CA 603?! -- CA 6-3315 · · · · · · 1959 FORD FaTrlant V8 X-tfoor setfan. A new car Irsoe-ln "hat's h^d extremely fta* care. Nicely eculcp«d with Fofdom]llr shift, power steering, push buMon rado. beil heater, bacV-up lichls, oooc lirei. Carries a wrMlen Guarantee. S15K ·$?$ down wilh approved credi! Glsnn E, Thomas Co.-- DOOSt 333 E. Anaheim HE 6-TiSJ · · · · · '56 FORD Fairlane Town Sedan ' FortfomallCi ratfio, holler, etc Orro"n,il Insfde arrf cut. Here Is a car reaHy priced Io sell al cnly $599 DICK BROWNING Exclusive OLDSMOBILE Dealer 1201 Long Beach Btvd HE 6-'!( t 74 e · · · · 195? FORD Fair lane 4 -tear Sedan. Co tor is Sea "oam green "ha.'mcn- Uina (jptKlitrv. Hai Ihc economl- rnl 6 CvllTirfer engine 1 , au!cmitic shift. v.Mtewall Eires. very belt radio arrf healer oilier lesser extras, carrfes a wrilten guarantee. 25 down~wflr7~rpcroved~ cred't G'enn E Thomai Co DODGE 333 E. Anaheim HE fr-l?33 '59 FORD GALAXIE VICTORIA Aulam#!lt-, radio, heater, power steering, ?-to.i« pa!nL Imjnaculdle $1999 PIONEER FORD 1MB PIONEER BLVD.. A R T E S I A UN 5 \1tA OBen Suiidriv* Autos for Sol* 174 FORD CLOSE OUT Savings ON '6 FORD GALAXIES AS LOW AS $ 73.82 Per Month Incf. Tax Lie. HALE YOUNG FORD 2641 E. ANAHEIM LONG BEACH GE 8-1156 · · · O · · I960 FORD 4- cylinder 4 - Doo Sedan, local car that gives every Indication of havino cinxi care- Has Fordomallc i v r.It, power $1eer Frig, heater, whifewali tires, olhe lesser exlras. Cartel d written owaranlee- priced to sell ,_."il74 575 da*n wilh amoved cr W3 E. Anaheim HE A-IUJ 0 9 e · · · ·57 FORD. SHARP 3-lone Falrlane Chromed Inlerlor, exterior molor. Slick. RH. Priv. ptv. 342! Ccnnulsta HA 1 SHJ HUDSON '55 HUDSON HORNET Autos for Sol* 176. JEEP 52 WILLYi JEEP x. low b»r. mela! tap, radio/ loot light, srrp iiBles, overload, rtbuilt eno. )fw. 5! CIV. JEEP. 4-wh". 0V. PeiF. (.ond. LtlMe ui«. $1350. Takt Ford p.u. DEER hynJer'i Jeep, 6 cvl. w/over- drivc. N«v; lop. J wtwel drive. »?65. 11HO E. cerso-i, Arleils. I.ARK M LARK, FULL PRICE S13JJ 150 DOWN *SJ 8? MONTH CALL MR. ROSS FR. S-9139 Belwcen 1 9 p.m. Dlr. 125 DN. j 1 299 P.P. ·5? LARK. R. H. Sldr. Tr. i Odr. DALE BROWN MOTORS 1»1 E. PAC. CST._HWV. ·W LARK ^-"Dr. Aufo.. 4 cvl. »7 dn. SO 54 vvk. Call Credit Mor. PR 4S553. ·59" LA~RK~dcTiu~e J^Jr. Kldto. 1119S. 5JI5 E. Canton HA 1-4(69 LINCOLN LINCOLN CAPRI G'eamrno '53 *Hri Power Windows Seal/ Mercomallc, Radio, Hra!- er, elc. Im.'naculale vtnyj In'erlor. \Veeh end special. BILL BRYANT 1570 Lonn Beach Blvd. HE ?-8"?'? 'S/'LUJCOLN Prem'ere Hdlp. Full cwr. w/alr. !M8 dn., S13.M wk. '59 L TNCOLN ~~ PreHi i eVe iiTrdioo". Full pwr. w/a'r. 13 dn., S?1.72wk. '54 LINCOLN Caarl. Full power. 1?15 St. Louts. HE 40721 MERCURY 1959 MERCURY I DOOR HARDTOP WCNTCl.AIR Full power. Local one owner car. Sceclal today cntv $1799 BOULEVARD BUICK 1690 Long Beach Blvd. GA 1-117} Ocen Su,-MJav; DIG THIS! 'S8 MEERC, MiJnlclalr Hdlop 51099 Pull power. Rdd., Hea'er. Ful leather interior. Beauiilul car. TRADt WAY MOTORS 2530 L. B, BLVD. GA 7-24K '59 MERC. 4-Qr. Hdrop. Cruiier RH, Dcwer I'.ccrlr.g, pcwer "braVes. Very clean. See to acorec After t, 6790 Gardenia. '58 MERCURY Parklar.e Hdrp. Veiv Sharp. Has tverylhino. Inc. Air Condiiloner, SH75. orivale party "?J2? Pacific Coast Hyv/v. Lomila '54 WERCURY 2-dr h.dfop--Mc-Ai paint. All new lires. Heal sharp-p.-iv. p.ir1v WH 3-1JC4 cr See a 7**,ia Cenlurv Blvd. HollytJaie. 'S4 MERC. ccnv. R,, H.. aulo Iran? ovtr.«i, seaK. i?95. H/i 9-S637. Autos for Salt 176 MJEKCURY A-1 1955 MERCURY MONTCLAIR A cne-owrtr, all-original, 4-dccr itd.ii. AulomaUc, radio, healer, poner teal, new ^liMewjII llret, ?-1one oreea i while wirh malcli- Ina Itfllher Interior. This car |$ rice. Lit i 1 MRB 377. Priced io Sell MEL BURNS FORD FALCON '57 Chrysler Imperial 2-Door Hardtop WHii air, powpr slocrirtg an BcflL-tiful air v/hiie Jiniih.' $1798 GUY MOOTHART '60 CHRYSLER, $2399 PeauWul \v:rdsor 4-dr srdan. Fu:i oower egjipt. Thlj Ij a quallly C3-- sp'llno at a price be'cw Tord S. Lhev. S. W. LEMOM SJSO L.B. BLVD. _ GA_7-«gj '55 CHRY5. WINDSOR, 4-DR. Pi-sll-ButtW) Drive. 2-ton« RH SA35 or B«f Olfer. ?12_Cp:eridce RcnmaorJ GE 1-1451 '57 CHRY'SLER Irr'perlal 4-Dr. Crown Sculh Hamolon. WMte. Xlnt ccnd. _Private_naMy. _ G_AJ?-21_SO _ __ __ '50 CHRYS. CM. Good tires/'bod/. _ COMET '61 COMET 2-DR.--BIG DISCOUNT B : a motor, AT, RH. 7,000 ac. ml. MARK THORNTON 7911 ALONDRA PARAMOUNT CONTINENTAL J pov.rr to acoreclate -- 1100 E. Co _ Blvd., Corr.pton-- Make £ff«r. CORVAIR Arlesla '60 C'ORVAiR S J CHEVROLET 119(0 E. South SI, UH_^l?7i ·61 CORVAIR WAGON Litlle used 7CO LeVewood X-Docr. H : I? au1wna!ic shifL rd^o, heater luggage rflck, elx. 10C% Parts £ Labcr Guarantee. BILL BRYANT Ii70 Long Beach Blvd. HE 3W "*5 MON2A;ufly loaded \ b'-i erglne. Tafce over pvmii. Frei pcuit/. Priv. oarl*. *V*=3-D781. As! _lor Ray Acatra. *61 WOUZA. Tak«~~over~paviTi«ri1s · Free equity No money down f. Dlr. Call cr lee MR.CHlCK BOY -^ER_ ONLV^. A*!**; 3-0731. «41 MOMZ'A liltejisrf. fully enjrwie free equify, lake over payrnen Ask fjr_Mr. Sovder cr 1 !y_NjE_6 03 "T3 CORVAIR 4 Dr. R H . 1ic Sl^SS. Pt;vale parry. GE 4.46 T5J3 CORVAIR 2^5 Hdlp. 3-ownc Like new. HP 6-03i ^. CORVETTE 7JW" CORVETTE" imm'acuIa'te blat ·--finlih ft iniorior. ^--,cred, fuel ' ?-.irclcn. ^:ll oosltrac! ci, tJirc · wheels, iU spiders S?, 1 i';S. ^ GE -J-H62 / .\ ; ) rnp\/FT - 'i? 3?. CLOSE OUT Savings ON ' 6 1 FORD FALCONS AS LOW AS '47.99 Per Month Incl. Tax Lie. HALE YOUNG FORD 2641 E. ANAHEIM LONG BEACH GE 8-1156 A-l SHARP 1959 FORD Galaxie Tudor Harcilop Fordcmafic, 700 H.P., V-I, radio healer, wMlewall tlret, (xxula Turouolie 6 whlfe wllh matrhinc interior. Full carpeti. This car I: nice thruout. $1899 SEE OUR LARGE STOCK OF HARDTOPS 1 COMETS MEL BURNS FORD 19W205S Lonff Beach Blvd. GA 6-33?! -- GA «315 '60 FORD FALCON ioor, deluxe trim, whll« vr j« Inte.-jcr. $1599 PIONEER FORD DART WM DODGE Dart Phscnix 4 door - hardloo. A lirsl cia^s avlcrncb.le -· tr-at slill has mcit c( ils cticlnal ^CDoal. Pu?h bvllon !^-if(, radis, hesler- oc^er sltetms, D.itfdcd d^sh, snivel teal*, t r.led cla». \vi:rewa'l tiiei. Wrilfen truarAn- KC. - _1?,;?? ^ S?i dcwn wiln sleeved cred.t -+ Glenn E. Thomas Co.--DODSE · 333 E. /.nahe'ni HE ^.1J4J :·' ne SOTO :TAKE OVER pavmenis on '5S~be- - Sc'o F^relliglit idr. Hardlop, Fully '61 FALCON WAGON Jusl wiwrecBed--Deluxe ^ A11 re malic, radio, healer, inlctior. 100% Paris A LB be puar*n;ee. v/eekend soecial. BILL BRYANT 1570 Long Beach Blvd. HE 1 " "BEAT THISI 'iff FALCON 9-DR. S1499 All wr-.ile. Rad., Hlr. Slirk. TRADE V/AY MOTORS _2WO_L. 8j_BLVD. GA 7-24 '60 FALCON ~4-DR., $1599 Radio, h!r., ildr. Irans., w.w. SUBURBAN MOTORS 500 E. ANAHEIM __WJLW[F)GTON TE 4-S?7 '57 FORD Talrlane ·"500" sedan, radio, heater, nu\o. Irani. 1 yr. puar. BV., real clean. $1098 GUY MOOTHART '57 FORD 4-DR. STATION WAGON Rad : o, heater, «u!cmallc, V-l. $ 1 199 PIONEER FORD 1W03 PIONEER BLVD., ARTFSIA NS-1WA Open Sundays American Motors builf -1 door. Hv- draniatlc. Radio, Wealher Ccndl- tlcnar, ek. One of the ntcit meiiculouslv keo! cati v.e have ever seen. Week end iDftclal. BILL BRYANT 1570 Long Reafh Blvd. HE 2-8987 BLACK"BEAUTY '54 Hornet X-cfr. AT R. 9 H. Xtfa iliarp Ihruoul. Near rc*f. V/iw, Gel Into fcr SI CO ca*Ti or trade only «Z mo. Call Fin. _Mor.__NE_2-15iM. __ '51 HUDSON. Good trVnip, Aftechar.l- ca^lv perfect. i?5. GA 3-9067. '60 MERCURY Monklalr 2-dr. Hwdlop Cole d» aiur. blue wllh maldilng interlcw. Radio, healer, power ileeri.^7. An Immaculate 1 owner car. $2599 PIONEER FORD 1S«3 PIONEER BLVD.. ARTESIA NJ-1746 Qpgn ^jnd 50 MERCURY 2-door. RiH, w . . Real shim 1175. GA 2 !5U MEfROPOLJTAN '54 METRO-- $499 Hd'cp CDe -- Good trjnsportalion. S. W. LEMON 5» L.B^BLVD. _ GA ?·«« ' ' " NASH ·57~NASH _dr._R i H._X I n I cond. HA '52'NASH stalesman' 4-lr., h.ea!«r t OP. SIM. Prl. parry. HA 1-Mla OLDSMOBILE '61 OLDS D* t.lixe F-85. ^-Dcor. Radio, r.ealer. $2299 DICK BROWNING Exclusive OLDSMOB.LE Dealer 1201 Long Beach Blvd. HE 6 '55 MERC. 4-dr. sedan. R?.H, ful (r*r. Clean. H75. 2040J Seine AVI Artesla. JJH M38?. ·55 MtRC". ·Wontclair.' rrlvat cv/ncr HT. P*r brks. RH WM, _1 WO _L-C_na_Beach_BI vdL_( rfi_rea_rl. '56"MF:RC. 4-Or. Hdlop, Auto. Or v/l'l tia^Je for cheaper car. 55«_Roie._L. B. ·Sl'MtlRCURY Club Coupe. Aulo. _trnni. Qfjg^uwner. S?OQ. HA9J530 ·y"MHRC., H.T., new t^otc'r, top cond. J150 cash. NE 8-8939. '57 OLDSMOBILE ··!!" HOLIDAY SEDAII Full power plui air co.v:! $1,399 S J CHEVROLET 11«0 E. Soulh SI. _Ar!tjla UN^ $25 DN. }399 F.P ·W OLOS ?S 2-DR. ItDrF. Fi,-:i Power-- Red! BUY DALE BROWN MOTORS 1501 E. PAC. CST. HWV. '32 HUDSON 2-dr. sedan, R?.H. De- pcnddbie car. $100. MA 1-72O. '58 OLDS. SUP. '88' CPE. $169 Air conrf, Invnac- ] owner. 73.000 actual mllei. OSSORN'S, 20TH i CHERR " ~ _ _ _ _ I960 OLDS Sucer 68 "?~dr. Hdli Power trakei steeling Ve Clean. 52,650 ____ _ I1E_5-U '$4 HOL." 91. LOBtled". "Like _ Jhroushoyl^Reas. _ TE= 3-» ·54 OLDS Holfdiv. Sell to~hlg fc .i brdder._ Prlva!e partv^ UN_i ilS--'47 OLDS. 'Good, deVtr.dabl transi»rta!ion. HE 5-9645. '59 FORD 2-DQOR SEDAN ' · V-B, Aulorndtlc tfivismls^lon, radio, healer. , tl,!99 ' S J CHEVROLET 11900 E. Sculh St. Ar]«la ___ UN 5 177i IMAGINE '« FORD VICTORIA HDTP. IMS Blue ft white. Radio, heater, Autcrmlic. TRADE WAY MOTORS 1 2530 L. B. BLVD. _ GA_2:?«! j " iT-- STICK SHIFT-- ^ I ·M rord 2-dr., BIG MOTOR, (3S! utos for Sol* A utos for Salt OLDSMOBILE '57 OLDS Super 88 Holiday Coupe Jet black finish vrllh mBlch'ng black and while leather trimmed Interior. Has rad.o ann healer, KYcJra-Matrc, power steering, «lc. Annlversory Sale Priced at Only $1299 DICK BROWNING Excluilvl OLDSMOBILE Dia!er 17Q1 Lono Beacfl Blvd. HE 6-9S24 '55 OLDS Super 88 Convertible KvcTra-Matrc. radio, heater/ power itcerlno end brakes. 2-kne whll« and ot.n metal vtlth original red leather Inferior, whltewalls, «3c. $799 DICK BROWNING Exclusive OLDSMOBILE Dealer 1201 Long Beacll B Ivd. H E_fr?«2 .954 OLDSMOBILE Holiday CCUM. AIF white body, matchfn? original unhohlerv thal's had fir.e care. Automatic shift, radio, healfr, power ste«rtn0 end brake », padded dash, E-Z-Eve;, v,Mte wall tlr«, other extras. V/rttJen Guarantee ______ _ ________ . ,, ___ J7*7 s?5 down with aoorcved credit. Glenn E. Tnomai Co.-- OODGE 3i3 E. Anahefm HE 6-37S3 _ _ FACTORY AIR CONDITtONED 1958 OLDSMOBILE W HARDTOP itvdramilic, radio, header, ocwei steering, 2 to choose frcm. Ai low as $1599 BOULEVARD BUICK 1890 Long Beach Blvd. GA 7-1777 Ooen Sur,d.iY5 '54 OLDS 88 Holiday, with power itetring automatic/ radio heater, «!c. $398 GUY MOOTHART 'S6OLDS. HDTP. CPE. aytomalrc, radio, healer, cfi '59 OLDS FIESTA-- $2495 Full power, law mileage. Clean S. W. LtMON 3330 L^ B^BLVD. _ GA 7 WE 1960 OLDS 63 2-dr."hdtp." Pow brakes steering. Priv. part 1 Sac. S23CO. Aft. 6 a.m. ME 4-50C qMea./e_ number }\£ S-?000. r yj OLDS, RH, w-w's, flood hvdra very clean, nev/ brakes pain Ht_s?00_tnkes._ HE 5jl_7-i. ___ '55 OLDS Hoilday Cpe., full POWPI i^.EO caih take over U.JS rm 14W3 Lakewoad Bh 176 Autos for SoT« OLDSMOBILE '59 OLDS Super 88 Holiday Sedan Tr\e mosl ooDolar c^r on lodav'i market. T W s iparkler In orloinal 3-to,-.c while ^nd betce tias I kt ne\v belae Interior and showi lh inellcutoui care ol Hi previous owner. Hai Md o ano healer, Hvd/vi-Malic. DOA-er jleertno arxd brakes, linlttf olas). vrhilewalls, $2199 DICK BROWNING Exclusive OLOSMOBILE Dealer 1^1 Long Beach Blvd. HE ^6 9634 PACKARD VERY CLEAN '55 PACKARD V-8 Couce. R«d:o, header, steerlnff, power brakeif automatic. 669$ ED RARBARI PLYMOUTH o»0 N. Bellllower Blva. PLYMOUTH 1959 PLYMOUTH Fury 2 Deer Hardloo, Dell n I Id y one of ntcer ustd cars, Losded wilh tiai, frrcludlrp PuihLultcn ihlll, finest radio and healer, padded dash, elccrrlc clock, back-up MgMs, power steerinp, lop quality vrhlle wa'.l lirei. Carrfes a wrMren cuar- anlee _ S1M9 «5 dcwn vril-h aaoroved credil. Glenn E. Thomai Co.--DODGE 311 E. HE 6- l?Si PLYMOUTH Belvedere V! 4-Door Sedan. A one owner loca car lhat'i had: ih* flnesl of care Eaulptrcd wMh puitibvllai shifr very best radio, all wealher hear cr, while v/all Ikes, elc. Carries a written puaranlee, __ ^i?9 1J1 down wUti aooroved credll Glenn E. Thomai Co.-- DODGE 333 E. Anaheim HE 6-123 '60 PLYMOUTH ....J2295 i^urv 2-Door HardlOD. Aulcmalic cv/f. s'eer., R8.H. Guaranleed Can Be Finar.ce-tJ 100% at CREST MOTORS 1135 Lena Beach Blvd. Hfc "6"" STICK '58 PLYMOUTH SAVOY--}M' 7-Dr. Fully Muteped. TRADE V/AY MOTORS ·3530 L. B. BLVD. _ G AJjL 2iD '?9 prYA~"Furv~tiardlop cocpi Full power Torcuohe In COIDJ Extra dean, 11.7W. C. FRED HOLMC.S MOTOR SALE 417 F. Ar.aTi«;rn HE 5-897 '57 PLYM, Belvedere convert. V-l All orig. 1 owner. Poshtultc trans., pwr. stro,, brcke^, oac too. 34,833 mi. Priced for quit GE '57 PLYMOUTH Belvedere ?-dr. HT Gcld/cet.rl. Seinl tuslomed. Rl Power steer. brakes. $550, CF. 3-0084 ·55 OLDS Hoilday, hvdra. RHl Ex ce:j conrJ. «?S. 156 Lore?a Walk. GE '53 OLDS," «. R. H., Aulof trans". Prlvalc party. »35. UN 5-7970. '54 OLDS 58. __cendif. Prt. parly. '59 PLYM. FURY Hdloa, auto pwrsl'g A brakes, SS8 dn. 113.3 _,k. Credii_A*-gr^PR 4 i573. '55 PLYM." 2-dr. V-8.*Coed com Make offer. TE_2-70, '56 PLYM. 4-dr. V-S. RtH. Orl _g-jvref. 1200 Ocean, Sea' Bfach._ 'i5 PLY. *-dr. New tire?. Stk SMS. FR *«». 174 PLYMOUTH A-1 AIR CONDITIONED 1957 PLYMOUTH FORDOR BeautClul 2-fonc blue Vrhirt wUK niakhlng rnlrrlor. Slick shlFI, V-S. r«dlo, h«a1w, air corKi'llDrJna, wNlewaM tire;, llntnl olan, onr-, acrual 34.000 mlkj, car- Mis loofc lik* ntiv. Lie. * NUK $799 MEL BURNS FORD IHO»55 Lor.o BtKh Blvd. CA 6-3!?! - GA 6-3315 '60 Plymouth Belvedere 2-Dcor Hardtop Potver ilecrTrio/ aulomallc, rdio, r.eater ar.d efc. I year ouara.ite« $1798 GUY MOOTHART 1112 N. L.B. BFvif.. COfTOlcn ME ?-?!? 1,54 PLYMOUTH V - 8 4 - Ocor Sedan. All while body, orloinal UBholslerv, ru-ns like a top. Full pcwer efluicmen! plus rad'e, healtr, pysh tnji!cn shut, other e x t r a s ,,____ WW (or S39 mcnth) S2S down v«ilh aparovcd credit, Glenn E.Thomai Co.-- DODGE 33J E. Anaheim HE 6-1233 O · · · · · 1?» PLYMOUTH V-! Door Sedan ihal ha» Sjeen han«:ed wllh care and is sure !o please. Leaded y/ilh exlras rr.c.ludlna power s!ecnrD, pwh bgllon sbiH, finest radio and fiealer. whllewall lire!, t'.c. .. S18W S2S down wllh approved credil. Glenn E. Triomal Co.-- DODGE 333 E. Anaheim HE 6-1J33 _ '59 PLYMOUTH SAUCY COUPE . Full Factory Eq-jipmrnl Try ard beah 1hli o:-* $998 GUY MOOTHART 2 N. L B Blvd., Comotwi NE 2-7174 _ . '55 PLYMOUTH 110 damn, S2/.50 month ED BARBARI PLYMOUTH 6200 H. Beltl'ower _ ·KTPLYMOUTH -dr. " PusMxilto drive. h!r. w-ws. BeBUliful v»h:ie. Scs this Baioaln. o,«r fcr 57! JI3.M J* Ff Take ^ __ YOU'LL MAKE a belter dent on a new Plymouth at If.e Ed Bar bin Plymoulh Center, 6?00 N. Eell- ' . _ _ _ _ _ _ . ·50 PLYMOUTH ~-«r. Mdan. Abov* average cor.«. JMO. 5«t Jl «« Hren-.rcr. _ _ _ HA^yDW ·54~PLYMOUTH i'cvl. Stick !-Dr. ·51 PLYMOUTH 2-door. Molor ex*- celFent. GT9-S779 . . ___ 2223 L.B. Blvd. GA7-3S5S DIG THIS! '59 FORD 2-DR _________ $!4W TRADE WAY MOTORS _2U3_ U. B. B LVD. _ GA_7-5«3 58 FORD FA'IRLAHE "500" ciL-t) 2-dr. Big engine, V8 o'drive. p3rrer sleerin?, rad!o, heater. Jet blacK In color. Like new IhnrcuL .51.?-?? C. FREB HOLME5MOTOR SALES _«7 F. Anaheim lie 5-E971 VALUES '53 FORD HDTP., $22 MO. On Approved Credil SUBURBAN MOTORS 500 E. ANAHLIM _V/JLMINGTOH TE 4-5J73 55 FORD vVcloria with a'r'tordY- tfcning, radio, heater, aulcmalic, power steering, power brakes. Full price S/99. Ed Barbaii Plymoulhr 4200 N. BeltFIOWcr Blvd. ECONOIVIY '61 FORD CONV. Lge. 393 rr.olor. RH slick Del, Fn Mav, lax tic. pd. I?i9^. 3101 E; Pdc Cit. HAFV. 55" FORD CROWN VICTORIA 4 way seal. Pwr. itrnc., brakei 'inflows. V-8. Automatic. Very 599' C. PAC. CST. FORD SMrllner DLR. _ hardtop cO'-Tr. Jet black In color. Full cower. Priced lo sell thi* weekend, i $ s s C. FRED HOLMES MOTOR SAI ES _X37_E._ Anaheim _ H E 5-8//1 f,- '57 FOHD Falrrah« "5CO" Hardtop SM Dn., SS7.37 per mo. Call Mr. King (or free Home trial GA 7-8957 __Dlr. __ '60 FORD 4-DR. SON. $1399 fp (tiany ex f raj. Very sharp girl. Rdscoe ...Mt.fS^ L .?jr?j L.B, BL. L.R. " . . . . . '58" FORD, 6 cvF. 3-dr. Furiy cqu^o., excellent tires, exlra clean. V.ust sell, po In o overseas. _ TAS-3/13 _ __ __ GA_7-27Bfl ft 'i9 FORD 2"-d3or. SlS'dn., S3/.68 r«f r m-inlh. Cat| Mr. Kin? for _Free home Trial. GA 7-3957. Plr. CAD.* powcrd"'52 Ford lust overhauled. S250. «i? Adcnmaor, _Lfcwd. __ HA S '57 "FORD SC-0 Vic. R, H, aulo., Pwr. s!rp. s?B down, W.E? \vk. _Cnll Credil Mgr. _ Pj \__4-6513 '56 FORD" CONVERT. V"l. . __ "SWS Rod., hlr. fi powr ifeerino Ciea.i- L. A. Andersen 13j3_f=. Aiyheim '54 FORD~V-8 2-DR. HbTX~S7!5 Rad., htr. Pov;«r sleerfno. Oean. l. A. _ Anderson __ 38j?_F. Anaheim " THE EASIEST PLACE TO BUY THE CLEANEST CARS FOR THE LOWEST PRICES WITH t MONTHS 11JOO ,,« r . |jjr , m . «I675 WARRANTY loccc "«»· wr., 4s mp». '1230 ··«»·· SDMB-R.M,. «*:bb 11/ion "JIM- *7RT? "1100" cir., 35 mpo. At^U -dr. Luxury Srt. ^OOO II MoScli IMT Fun ind UlililT -- B«!o(l Mlndiif SMART \ Economical » NEW LOW PRICES Palmer Import Motors-- 3300 :BIG MID-YEARCADILLAC! _ _ __ _ '56" FORD VictcrFa Cpe,, Xlnr., $78,- E3 Cash TaVe over mo., US30 Lakewood^ Bl. ME 3^134 dlr. '60 FORD *^tarline R t H au'ro, rwrsf'g M7 down, ilS.S7 wk. _Call Crp-a _ '57 FORD Fnirlsne 4-or. Hardtop. H. A AT. Nice. 5795. [ANAHEIM AT ATLANTIC: ?599 E. PAC. CST. . DLR. VILLAGE MOTORS 1470 LONG BEACH BLVD. LONG BEACH OPEN SUNDAY -2276 r 61 LINCOLN CONTINENTAL SEDAN Factory air cor.ditlonlno. PCD- ular wMte finish with Ofnufna Icalher and nylon Interior, very tew miles. *5285 '60 T-BIRO "COUPE" Powder bf u e flnish wi'*i matcih0 Vinyl Inferior, *hU* wall tires, ForcJofnaiic trans, Fu' I pow er- eqc'pm rr.t. A n bo'h Inslds e/irj out. $ 3195 '59 CADILLAC : "42" SEDAN Farfory air ccndjtfon.'nn. A really beautiful 2 tone linisfT with Imm EKUI ate Inferior er*i whiiewaiis. F-ullv ccuIpDed, $ 3295 ·» FALCON DOOR f-REE EQUITY -- NO DOWN CALL MR. ROSS FR 5913? . Be!ween_l f. 9 p.m..- Olr. j l ·41 FALCON 2'dr R 8, h., sljclt. ! · SS7 down, SH.76 wle F.P S1.S34. : ·M "FALCO H ~2-d r.~si57~AT" Slard., R8.K, xtrai GH 39169 SUPERMARKET DODGE '60 DODGE sr s««wi, ^ ' $ 1 7 9 5 *"·· PIONEER FORD ^'-i*"uo3 PIONEER BLVD., ARTESIA · -yN S-l?£6 pcen Sondavi ~'57 DO'OGE, $99?" ^DOOR HARDTOP SUBURBAN MOTORS 500 E. ANAHEIM ·., WILMINGTON TE 4-zm W DODGE Cororet / Au!o., cvrr. strg, Calt Cr««l Mpr. V DODGE Dr. RiH. Si 1.73 wk. PR 4-6W3 __ _ Lancer 770 compact .. 4'dr. Loaded. Low rr.ileace t. price, Coniicier ^rade. _ GE^a)^. ___ . . Bl. ME DODGE- 4~dr. fully GE 4-1679 _ __ '£4 DODGE icdan, oood ccrid , aur* __om.._R_»_H. GA 2533 afl._J ·* '52"bOtGE. "G'lKd Irani. 77 R(Ck»ndo, API. 4. _ GA 3-»«] ^54 DODGC, 4 dr.~sedan. Gd.~cond . RH. euro, ^xlrfli, i435. GA 4-3i^a '"53" DODGE. Clean, dciendable Iransporlalion. »?»?. CG 1-M7 'iS DOfX;e. "Overdrive," slick sJilfl. »32S. 70S Hava.-i. _ GE ?'58I4 '57 ' DO'DGE,"' J-or.. 47.100 mnti. Pri^. pty-^JP Heajti lane TJE 5^44?! '5A"~DObGE 3"br. Special $3W" Ml- no/«_sJ. 1|«3 S._ Pioneer, Arteiia. 19S5 DODG"E"4 : 6R. By owner." Mplt"' plfcr. GE 4-OOJ?. _ _ __ t c 5l DOD"GF iTlk. ledan^ new valve I, ring [cb, 1131 CA »0»1. '60 FALCON Rar.chero. Priv. parly il._ecu : ty^ReliaS. HA ?'8I66 FORD " ~~ '5» FORD Xdr. V-8 -*wfm*itfcTiiir" stcfr'no, radio- healer. Olr. S1495. K 'i'~FOR0^2-doc"r~«rcn~"jw7r7 w^ mo. Cdll /Ar. Kfra for free !wnie_lrial.__GA_7-e9i7_D'£ ; _ 'i3 FORD" VIcIcnaVfiltH Good iA d o -iffl or consider trade. '5f "FORD" V» aulo. trans. Ru-nj~4 K)«V-. c»d. Best oner over 1400 _t«e!. 5350 Eajjle 5(., L B ·« FORD"v» ;«." SI«~RtH. Mew tirei 8- batlerv. tjoo, LKWD JO 6-9555 ·56 FORD "FAIRLAHE, S495 4 dr. VI, A-l. rut. sleerl^n. RIM ? A _2i«i *M FORD convert. Fu!Iv louiiT in '57 FORD Fairlane VJ, 3f,5CO mi I _G»d_tire'. L Priv. pjrty._/AE_ojp;i ' '« FORD 2-flR. SEDAN, J7S. i GA 2-7332 New Concept CAR MERCHANDISING 7 A C R E S L A R G E STOP WHERE THERE'S STOCK. ALL MODELS, ALL COLORS. OVER 420 NEW CARS TRUCKS IMMEDIATE DELIVERY -- HUGE SAVINGS ^^ - ^^sx^^S^V%^'V^X^X^^*'^*''v'^^ $25 DOWN WILL HANDLE _ . ^ . '^3"PORO dr. Rai*IiO~X'Mi7~~Good cond., IW3 St5vely._GE_M?53. _ 'M FORD Fairlare," x'dr., au'om , pwr. srcerino, R6H. _U.'J*"i6773 '59 FO R D Vi cto ri a. Mecti . oooc. nccdi bcdy v;ark. _ GE 8 ; S«6 'S-l FOHD ?-Dr. Sedan. SI. "trani w/owerdrivfr. Priv, Dly. U/| -3ljx '"i.9 PORD con«rf;"Rl~*~~H.~VM-w (ires, ocwe/. ___ TO g *?!. 'i7 FORO. Good cond. __ $525 _ 'M FORD convert. Best uffw over *MOO. HA 5-8 185. CHEVROLET 3770 Cherry Ave, 6-3341 '57 FORD RANCH WAGON Economy 6 -cylinder with itanJard gai laving irons mi u ion, radio, hearer, tic. [deal low cot) frantporia* flon for your family vocal] on " 'M CADILLAC SEDAN DE VILLE Factory Air-Cond. Choice of 1 _'57 CADILLAC SEDAN DE VILLE '57 CADILLAC V OP COUPE Faclory Air conditioiiing . 'S7 CADILLAC "«" SEDAN Folly Equipped . '57 CADILLAC "iJ" CONVERT. Fully Eoulpptd '57 ELDORADO BROUGHAM Fully Equipped f tO BUICK 1NVJCTA COUPE Fullf Equipped -'59 BLTICX ELECTRA SEDAN _ Full/ Equipped , '«! OLDSMOBILE "tl" CONV. Fully EQUIpfled '« CADILLAC COUPE DE VILLE Factory Air Cortditionng 'H -FLEETWOOD "6V 1 SPECIAL Ctwki of "L Factory Alr-Cond. _ 'S9 CAD. "'*" SPEC. FLEETWD. , '« CAD. "*a" SPEC. FLEETWD 1 Facfary Air CondilfHilnw [ 'W CADILLAC "41" SEDAN FuU* Power Factory Afr-Ccnl : '£1 CADILLAC CONVERTIBLE Choke ol 2 '41 CADILLAC COUPE DE VILLE i F*clwv Alf CinHit 14nli9 ... $395 DN . $395 PH. $395 DN. $395 DN. $395 m . $395 «,,,. $495 DN. $395 DN. $495 ON. $395 DN. $395 DN. $395 DN. $495 OH. $395 DN. $595 DN. $595 DN. '55 CADILLAC "62 1 ' SEDAN Facfory air condEtioning, full power, «fc. Thit it on original whH finish wifJi beautiful terior. Mu^ ie» f o appr '« CADILLAC CONVERTIBLE Faclory Air Condillcning · $995 ·eclafe. * * ** '« CADILLAC COUPE DE VILLE Factory Air ConCitionina . _ . 'M CADILLAC SEDAN DE VILLG Ftclsry Air Condjtfoniftg _ 'A3 COUPE DE V'LLE cr«le« ol 2 '0 T-S1RD CONVERTIBLE Factory A'ur CorKfitiwifng '« TBIRD COUPE Factory Air Conditioning 'SJ T-BfRO COUPE Fully Equipped , '5S T-BIRO COUPE FnJlv Equtpped 'Si T-BIRD COUPE Fulfy EC'LJipF'rf . --___^__ 'if CADILLAC COUPE DE VILtE Fac'iMY Atr-ConrJ. Choice cf 2 _ '» CADILLAC M 44" COUPE Faclary A"w CandiJion'ms __ 'i9 CADILLAC "H" COUPE Fally EijuipBtiT _.- 'S» C A D I L L A C "S3" SEDAN Factory Air Concfilioning 'S9 CADILLAC COUPE DE VILLE Choict of ? _.,, . 'i9 IMPERIAL CROWN COUPE Faclsry Air CorKMfaniao 'St CADILLAC CONVERTIBLE Choice ol 3 _ $495 $495 $495 DM . $395 DN. $395 DN. $295 D! , $495 DN. $395,». $395 r,,. DN. DN. DN. 100% FINANCING AVAILABLE FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE I de Ville Long Baach'i Car/rfiac SpcciFahfl Annlicini nl Allan lie Phono UK 7-2731 '.

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