Independent from Long Beach, California on February 25, 1964 · Page 23
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 23

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 25, 1964
Page 23
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tae* VI MDir(ND»T -- T«IV. F*» a. na · '"f " rttU-TfUCKA/*, Tm. ft*. U. MM · Usorocct H · Axrto-- W« Insure Anyon* CA 47B7 JAtOSSC TV Afl«rr?lc Health AJdj 18 CWRIESHEJU.TN JTUO:O Woo- Hourt: liea. mr» Frt. Mi $«. 6 · **T» t E SH iml^!l,.Y *ME"533i 1OC1OORAMA vr fKHvldVJtf tcsstaa ·v wot. ·nlv. CE *406I 1 , £rrt!ri E nl? I? jhS: EftES 7TH IT. HEALTH CEVTCK 11£ E. 79L HE 1-S1S HeolHAWi It Massaoc* eH tveea rfeam, Br»a- t*t*. ME IVeJSt *f U* ikKf. MC *-«?» er W tJM* SUAAA BATH *AAisAC. UUVB Beadi B^4» Wesimlmter. r*. tn-MSA, IfrtB. Sum Vt« B.m. Hand t vibralorv masuoe. Bains town,o- 3K1* C. «Th. CC W31I Trieresa't He*Hn Center 11 a.m.4. 1711 E. **- O40S4 Heaitn efticex. HE JM7. uoo, ahm Tfcurt- n BOO*. IB B.m. WASSUCB.-- Oav tr Nit*. Your home "KT.w.vrrBi.'ftiva "SXZFSft^SFSgi. COCO if* awcOiiA massaoo-snam tar. Weckdawi B SUM. HC J4J13 GNOY-- «on«r4 Outc* rna»etA«. 14. :«3 Pacific Ave- CA 41^6*. Schools I Instructioi 22 School Instruction 22 Instruction Information "Preparation ' FREE PLACEMENT lor GRADUATES. Et * PROFESSIONAL BARTENDER DAT OR EVE. COURSE WEEK OAY* W A.JW.-I P.M. NEW METHOD BARTENDING SCHOOL C* E. »roadw»«. LI HE J 5MS I 1 , 1 1 MORE Vi^r MONEY j^jC , Vie career as MV as iWnamw You can became a trained' ft*M tev PuncB Ooerator tr brst » wcsks. Free piacetrrent service E*TB UB to t??S » man* to start. B'Jdget tuition Momi-« or BttentoCTt classes. Free aot.tyde anaiyt:» ·ssum vour success. f PBX TRAINING COURSE 4 WHIJ COIP-COIBLESS LITI IOA10S · id Attaint Typlig Ufrietioi long Beach Business College * * * * * [NtOLL NOW fOI: IBM Key Punch Tab Wiring 1401 Program'g EARN MORE IN '64 TVa Accelerated Tfa'm'trg Dayi ct ErenTngj ·A- FREE if PUcemtni AssTtfanct Tram Now -- Pay Lafer OTHU COUKES f E!*cfronfe AncTnbftf r' EUrironfc TecfinTcI«n» ' C.ihVn -- Oiecten f' UpKoTsftry-- PDWCT if FIX Itceptienitt CAU. vt arPLT M C«rLT WEST COAST TRADE SCHOOLS 1884 Atlantic Are, LB. GA 4-334? 10343 Rnecran. Betlflewer TO 1-V~i4 rs* t. Alondra, Cimptoa NE *-ttn Orange Cauntr JI I-711J * * * * * HOWARD BUTLER SCHOOL OF I.EAL ESTATE One Bf the e'desf ichoort tn ttxii arta -- thoutandi Bt ·raduafei. DAYS-- * AU. Moo. Tkun. IVSS--- 7 P.M. Uo*, TBUTX. 13 LCSSONV-- FU1L COVE RACE Vifcit Anytime Mixt lanson: CALIFORNIA LICENSE LAW Ad*«nr_*i* Oast 7 a.m. Wed*. Calf tor D*l*l It * Broclrure »17« ATLANTIC GA £4CI , AIRLINE Free world fc-ave*. Top cav future. Ask for totof wfiiVe tra^nino, AIRLINES SCHOOLS PAClFtC Ert 194 Closes heitf M L . * . Ptione 427-3364 tntrrnattonal Airport. *i-599l TRAINING IN 1LECTRONICS AsiemaJy-- Technicians-- Radio, T^ AVPROVEO FOI1 VTTERAflli Oar and Evening Classes CAL. FORMA TECHNICAL TRADE SCHOOL 5459 At .antic CA 7S467 *W£NV-- L£ARH TO OPERATE HEAVY EQUIPMENT Tracfon. Griden. etc* la Calif. AuocTated DU 2-8327 711 So. Vermont Los Anoem S Auto IntjusTTY Nee J* You IS Training Course* -- lAore J33 Auto Trade Scnooli ME f-7S33 Enrotl now. T7 wrrt course. A V E R BAR5EJ* COLLEGE of Long Beach. HE I«C7; HE 1 -ICH *r ca:t tar Free Brochure. Pacif'C HcfW Schs.. 110* S. Bdwv^ LA. Tram now! P»v LaTer. RI *-Tfi91 CON T R ACTO R SCHOOL loCt Pine Ave. HE A-3K7 Allied *Hd icftl Lvnwd. NE V1901 ^r.r.og School 22-A PACiflC DRIVING iCMOCn. BRUSH UP OR BEGINNERS 7«7 L. B. BLVD. CA *W1J LEARN EARN MORE AT AUTOMATION INSTITUTE "IBM · Keypunch · Tab Wiring · 1401 Programming SptcioTutd Treii4 I Data Processing Automation Institutes Are Notion's Largest Independent Scnoels for Easiness Automation Training. Automation ImtihrTt courses kt DaT« Procnsinfl offer VTHQLTC 1r«injrg -- Trtrafer prfvll«gei ·mong mort man S2 idioolt ·crou *i Unrfrt ».fH. ' *· Fre* NBloiwM. riocemeit Service f Oit COO Greduatet Mocrd !· CaGfonta ^ NotTaiof RrpBtorioi ^UodtnllM Mocltiii.i t* Aprlnd* Aiolpj'i Witfcoirt ObFTjatioi V ludgtt Tiftiel fin V Sead for lifonnotivi AUTOlMATION INSTITUTE 0JD 432-3585 LOO K WHAT WE OFFER NOW- A NEW BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION AND SECRETARIAL COURSE A COMPLETE COURSE WHICH INCLUDES . . . · BOOKKEEPING · ACCOUNTING THEORY · BUSINESS MACHINES · TYPING · FILING · AND MANY OTHER ESSENTIALS AND IEST OF ALL ... (7 ONIT TAltS FIOM 4" 12 WEIIS rot out OTH» 14 nut coums SUCH AS ** TTFI1G ^ SKOITHMD k" IIM Til I WIIIIC ^loouurnc i-'im MOUAMHIIC ^ |ffi^!S S ^ m'SSSrimT' "(WIT CIMEU ^HEtTlOIlC 1SSEKRT ** tin (imncx ^nECTieiw TECKIICIII VISIT AMERICAN BUSINESS A TO TECHNICAL SCHOOL 4000 W. CHAPMAN AVE. ORANGE Amcncr* Wort Rtodvr* Trtfninr Center, Comr»mentl»t tocafed tai ·n aovmiantt Ctei A CXmov CcgrrTv. or CALL nOM VOOTMUPO CJTifJ FKOM MANCt COUNTT UC 0 01 CO Kl 7-3006 HC g'aCIDu TR 9-8181 Health Aids It r LIFCTTE HEALTH STUDIO " ·Usuot. «*«m t totk. ·» HM ( '·-witaaS?.? 1 - 1 - · 01 " '.AT. SSSJ.."""" Sasrtorrarns, Hospitals, Homes 29 ClttiTWOOO t* MIU Cva. CA 3t3« 105, «_AMITG» IMUTiUnjM CAJIE tor n. xxl er loord. Guest Homes 20-A GR1DLEY GUEST HOME Loe, roam, wtnl-pn*. Bttli. Bed Sfanljy Gu«t Homt ^^OUNNBURY CUCST HOM£ Xint footf Prrvate B teml prrvail.* Re«sonabe. Jtwre 40*0553 SMALL gwesr l.ome-- towel » roomfc FA heat air cond. Good food. X n» care. KLB *:»ma CA I SITS tlMilCi'S GUEST MCWiE for aged. - Xirrt care, T V TR3 Htarcel^e. OR CRANOMOTH£R-*card. room Care. SDcclal diet. Xlrtl foo«. Home" atmoioft. JIM ^o, 714, m22 VACANCY. AmDularory laffv, «ood FOR Udv. »mtiuLaTDr*. Good food. Paha Mice vd, GA *VMA7 GUtST home tor tetuor erTvren. LOVELY home. TV. Excel teod Wwrse. 260 Ltrder*. CE f-llU. LADY-- 3emL er prl*. rnv. Drtv ·ani. 1159 i». 745 E. Willow rm. H«mc ke. FH l«El BOASQ room tor yranOrna Win lake ftlacn. CE «S4A4 VACANCY for la'eY S10S ma. uD. PR CSI7!» LOVELY Oiriitlsn home for asn9u» urory L»av, u hr. care GA H43 Loons ISaLCotlcterdJ 21 SPECIAL LOAN PLAN Get t'OO cash todavl Cost* emlv « 00 let J montnJv eavmenrti 6f US each. Or vou fnav get anv arnaurrt ta «? J *30 -- term* to 24 monmv Phone aheatf tor your Joan -- then, when arranoed. D ct UD the money on vour first Kis.t LOCAL LOAN CO. 2» E. *m St H£ 7^131 A^JI for E£ Srtnrtn. lAJnager Oocn Fndav ixitil 1 Frn DarlLina 3^4 or U5 locus] bnpLAo/ciejlWem.1 23 BENcFiCLAL EMPLOYMENT AGENCY It FINE. KM. 1201 HE 5-tfll for JOM WiTh · Futurt Schools Instnietioa 22 Barbara Mosj Colleg* for Red! Eiiift Knowledge In^rrugfor Z3 vri. mar.a^cr Bc^d of Re»ltarv Oont Icavt town tar taucsTlon-- w* tt«w* ?r» 4. XOV :n. PRIVATC TUTORING FOR ri»'CWA£LE SALESMEN 08 ; RRC. i * R S ^XAAtS. i WEFfT. -- i»i--- TMUWS. 7 P.M.I E K. CUEST! t R O C W R E T ? SOO E. TH ST. HE «MI PIANO t*acft«T for briinner U.TC. Jov NOTCTOSL »147 Florrnc* Drmng Scbool 22-A Amrrican Driving School «?*8KM HilpWarttdlWem ) 24 POLLY PRIEST EMPLOYMENT AGENCY 1240 Kn. A... HE 7*!07 : NO CEFOSIT PAY A $ YOU EAKM PEX $300 Tellers fo $325 GM Friary $300 A/P Clerl .._ J27S GENERAL OFFICE Busy otfJce need» gn Fnflav to antiver ohone. make acots, roi^e truc»« tv some hrpma 1 R;r1 office wim So. Cft'ifi largest can?** ft upholster* cleaning chair?. Good opBorrunjty. 5*«*3v lab tor ne right girt. Call Wr. lUiigni, 167- 14S. GIRLS-- TRAVa !*?«. N.Y. Wtxlff'i Fair. Ha*a t ail mil or ot f i Na exo rfc. Ve tra.n yaw. Above aver, cam- bos ft afl trani. fum. CirculaT.on ta'n. See Mrv utva. Capn Hofel, TO to S, AHention Young Men 1121. Nerrt 3 men. tree to tvave? Florida. N.Y I USA Transp. fim. Above aver, earnings CIr- : START LMMED.ATRY ' MATURE Vl'OiV.EN OVER 39 Pert time teleohone wart.. Hourly wage, mo exDer.ence riec«s*r, a* we train. Acaiy 153 Atlantic. CLASSIfHED SALES Ertperiemrea. Mjst type. Sorot 1 advertising tor dai'v bcadi eaoer. 1 AH benefits, salary ·»· eomm. v/n-t* Brteit. ut V Facihc Ejpd. BooUeeper- Office Manager Wei es^biished automcDiie dealer- ihio. Harbor aria E ice' lent BENEFICIAL EMPLOYMENT AGENCY If PINE. RM_r2CIH£S-S9M For Jobs With a Future F-I-S-C-H-E-R tVPtOYMfNT AGENCY Clerk tvpe like fiOS , ,_ .. 131 S Vat. Tvpirf 350 IIS Pirre Rm 7t ft «C3 HE ?5?77 RNs ODenJnos Al BN staff. Exceilenf b*r-r«iiTi. C*J Director TYPIJT-- T A X RETU^Mi Fun ^rne on IT Ina cart time ani no homework) MIA! be very accurate. Awl* l/ac Franhd YOUn anracnve barmaid for D'i/J» bar. M» e»». n*C, Will tr*rx US *«e* »us tin. THE DECK DIN. RM. HOSTESS C0, Sunday* only f a m i »m _L.», Ejks, Lodyev_«t01_ -.WJUa*. M to «. M.' S** C r3B W |r^. to*! ».m. Mon. ihr» frt. Write tnOn ·ms Te'e Bci A 1117. EXP. WAITRESSES APPLY JUT'S MUT 7752 t B. Blvd. Lon* Bead* E X P D xalnairt or beauty ear. w car tor estae M« route Comm. t ear allow. EJ F. Bdwy · AITSITTJH, my Ikonie. Vic. Ana- THurr. frt. C4253f. VfHOLSTERE* OUTSlDCK Steady work. 1794 Cat alma. L« Alamtrta. COtCTA. \ EXPE*. legal «ecre*arv-- «tior*nand A diet r-iact». Adt tor Mr. Edson. ' CiffU 71 TO 35, OFfKE HELPER. fVD^n*. fJino. etc. 11 25 ter. 1 HO-JSEirrPF»-*AA:O FOB CONVAL.ESCEHT KOsnTAL STEADY! 1T75 CHESTKUT r**T TIME even;n« pos.l.ons now BOTTT en aur te'ecnone or-3er Or* \ Carr IVU-. Snow fT^m H^KPR trv« M. « Ch'Onr-«. fr'j 10 fig) M». Rrfe-encei rea Wr i LVN 3-1 1 Alendre Co«n Hm*'*«l IMf741 | X-RAY TECHNICIAN j Wi1» Ub »KDrr. WF J5T3* 1 SEC*ETA*Y, Mn-flmc Cj« CJI *57M between 1 ft J Bin. Twn. i BAR MAID COCKTAIL WAITRESS Yawp 4, anractl^. m L-. »rvi tor BeHfl. cpte, inmy be exa CRJOUATE nun*. MO frwo. « *fflS *JTS 7S tan ·. le-miTi BTV.L, TorrvKi JOJT^* fe}* 1 ^ CLOT Mm LITE ftovMteccer t »«br *nrt »» lw« M. HC S-K71 Ulp Wasted 1 Woo. 1 24 GENERAL LEDGER BOOKKEEPER »»» X M 40 TnJ Ubnc*. bnl iflHmtRH. merrMy ceaWl. Betmont Savings Loan Assn. S2ME.J-JSI 6E4-J4SI METRIC FC FUNNEL AGENCY FREE SECRETARY . 1400 ua KEY PUNCH v"fl GENERAL C*fic£ _ r ^ 5353 OTrum O.E« H E ___ r a STFMQ rwg SECRETARY . . "" tSOC OPERATORS NITE SHIFT HOURS 4-10 Experienced 1 operator* en ever- tee* and smgte Meifle on blouses. 1395 NEWPORT RAIM figre crerfc. l» 71 *2M Payrofl clerk, aoe U/3t _«3S Secy-- n 30, toca* «7S aoe U *X 1 iuri office ..BTS HARBOR EMPLOYMENT AENCT I t O W Oc*a» I'yiHE 2 1993 Salesman Sporfinrj Goods BI« S »txe ht» ooenin« tor e» ·restive ulevnan w ojanr/ tor advancement. Good salary. aN berre- fits. See Mr. Casfa, *6l Cha* man A*e,, CanJet* Gr. OFRCE GIRL Aoe 31 to K. For Direct Sa n office. Must bt abri » take complete control. PHONE 377-2354 NEED 4 Women 18-35 4 hours · Bay fl.23 hour to start. Pleasant office work, AODiy 11* t to 10 AHA. Monday, Tuesday-- PactJc, Suite A. * to U AM. Monday, Ttmdav, Wednesday, ThLmday. HEED EXTBA MONEYT Hausewives ft. mothers Bt school ape children YOB can average «StSfl wk. i sMt tare tor your rotne « family, phene Mrs. Davfs GA 7-210? after 1 rm. Bart time, days ar evenirtn. L»o « Soortswear stioa. Excel, sal ft comm. Acrji* 1 ta tl a.m. JUDY'S PHONE Sol.cinrs. exoertenced. Salary * cemrrtission, Apply J P.M., ISifl E. *1ti. C3-WT EXP. CAR HO* -- Also counter girt, A t * Root B*er, Los Alamihw, Gc 1 PS2S R*a! Estafs SaTespeopTt Wort with active HI B oflite. trftcr Can pira'rw Jnsua Kea'rty 586* Orartoe, GA LZTO; GA 17711 APPOINTMENT GIRL Phone UN I-1655 ARCHITECTURAL CRAFTSMAN JONCttW, LUSSY ft ASSOCIATES TC 12373 Exp, Bar Waitress ?1 35. 12 to 1 days. Acoly anytime. 3054 F-acrfic A*e SALESLADY Beauty Coumclor Cosmetics. HAIR STYUST fun or cart-time. lk.* area Call HA ***: C4-BS1. COUNTER 6IRL «·«, fun time. Acoly In cer- *0rv iar-B-Buroer, iTBff Atlantic BARMAID Attractive under 38L Aooly Pm_ 2-wit V Avalcn. Sonnies. P A E S S E R V SPOTTERS, MARKERS. COimTFBS, EXP. HARBOR CLEANERS A3SN.. ZJ9J L 8. BLVD. A AC. OMLY, STENO For taw office. Ko txoer, necessary. HE S-'*47, WANTED-- Bar M*.C. ATtracTve under 30. Myst wear unifor-m. Oav*. Tony's Tavrrji, 1KO Ward- hme^Aooly In pervin. WINCfiELL-S OONUT SHOP 10699 Ananl.c Lynwood FASHION WIGS LOCAL, ce5f^.o*cie Bcr-mam-nt door To c:ar S?,KL.;OTS, tl.25 fcour ·*· tonui. Sh=y d make u tiour. Can 4 to 5 a n. HE f-*SC. TELEPMCKc worker tor sohotng. Your cwti hone. Your awn We V.^OruiCK tor l-.gra bomework, te eomaanion tor e'derly tafiv, J-J hrs. a day. «r. Lafayette Motel. $jO mo, 7V COM, MARKERO^ECKERS U. S. Naval S'* . Gate 1. tldo. 46 WAITRESS-- xDer»encea only. Over 21. Aooly « terso* between ) A 4 afternoons. I2C34 Firestone, Nines, FuO Part Timt STEADY! 1T7S CHESTNUT EXPERlEMCEO child cart. Mon" ttm Frt. «y dome. WA S-17«0 ATTractive CockTa.l WaiTrr« SURfCAL TECHNlCfAN EXPCRltMCED I64~TJ{1 ·ABY-SlTTtR wanted: frt^m IX B m. to 11 30 B n. Own ··arts LOCAL MANAGER hirw* L(nger, Fashion Comundrrtv Fyd er Bar .ftme. Can GE VlMl profit snanne. ffmrrn IB Sli »*- ra ow» or en ?«3 scetiaiisf, no er, wet. Acer* n Pifie, Sute 17*, Tl a m to S B m · EAITTY O P E R A T O R w m follow ObNIAL ann-arrt, 3 er- qid,- tx» wnirroortant. ME S-nn. WO/WAni comanroN wanted. H *mc*iHBL Uve lit, C7-447I Help Won fed ( Worn. 1 24 Eom [\^£ij$£* toast t \5fc\ vA. : r ^ ! Came n tito* Ita'-drr /or Orr T£MPORARY OFFICE JOBS EXr-EtltNCE lEQUKEO ' W ESTERN [ girl Inc. t* PM. tan. !·» . 1 1. ' tm ·· tn yii-j-igj ji · 1 DItanM E 1 CVt»MHirC»AI. C F f K E t elp Wonted (Worn.) 24 G^LDB^WE^T ACCIICY If flNt KM. 114 HE 7-CW1 CHOICE LOCAL JOBS F*n wim v«d Term tx.40 Li'Sl'McT 1 '*"" wa JTENO-CAL FRIDAY S36I B4 skiiH. 0il future. Car 1TENOS A i £ C Y S . S34 C3 SKPR-ACCTMT ...U^t» snarB, some totltyt -- fltabl* IBM KEY PUNCH -- $3*7 M'ont tfUft. *m4 exa. Car. OK* mvoicev tyce, car *t»a everytninfl «ar* -- L ft- Car, DMV'CONTRACTS M» wen exDd-- « fv0-rr« IB 1 * TYPIST " SI 32$ TYPIST RECENT. _S3P Type Kids 1 Correspondence liki varierv ot Oetxl. G£N IMSURANCE GAL. . UQO* vootf exa ta alt chai*» PBX CEN OFC .-,, t»a27S Cordlrst f BX, ne I* Key enod orecruJna. bte TVC* TYPIST cut . S7W.303 Bd copy (VDJst 71 ^S Car. WAITRESSES i COOKS COOKS-- MEN 1 WOMEN OU» JO* TEAR See us A choose » ctioice bob. We reomcrrt Best Cates WAiTSESSES^Manv lobs local ft. nearby towns 150.140 w*. ..--, ,,,, . _ T«t Bay CASHIERS 4Caf« en 1 Z1.1T.S77 FRY COCKS (men* ..Ile-ltl shm Ho tfeaosil Fees 15% of W ma Gw inn's Emclcvment Aoeney 31* Elrn terte «e*c* HE 7-2SU NURSES Registered ta Calif for Immediate openings at El Cemte Hospi- taJ, convenien.1v tocatrtf near dowTTtown Long Beacn. Join rh« skilled numns team at this fully- «ccrtdinM kosDital. Civil Service benefits. Salary SJ40-tSl| per ma, EKcedite* procedure In hiring. For turttier kntormation contad EVtLYH SPEE'S RW. Dirnrtor ot Kursing MOI Chestnut A^e. Ht 7-0891 NOTICE TO JOB APPLICANTS The LCmtJ BEACH INDEPENDENT, PRESS - TELEGRAM dcei mot knowingly accept helB-wante atfvertiseTtents from firms coveret bv me Federal Wage Hour Law. if they otter less man Ttie l*?a mitiknum waoe. H vou are eftered «» tv covered firms, or if you rave cuesfions concern irt? this law er other Wrtoe-nour activities 01 me U. J. Deoartment of tabor, cat| or write »e dB»rtmenrs local office at 4134 Atlantic Ave- ·ue. Long Beach, te^rchone-- CArtieitf *J3S1 PROFESSIONAL TEST CENTER 603 S. Long B,ac4 Blvd. U Co -rip*: a NE 1-0301 C^PAMT RETAINED Clascal · Secretary srcno · Pax Skilled: and Unskilled Factory NE 8-0308 CLERK-TYPIST Age 17 Tt. Permanent pcsilion available for generaJ office work. No exoerenct reoAJired. sut mgit be oood tvDtst. 5 Cay wort wee* wini good starring salary l cttier ^DIAL RNANCE CO. 7173 Pacfic Brvd, Munhnoton Pk. MRS. AVON CUSTOMER You have irced Avon Cosmetics. You know tneir quality 4 guarantee. There is a :g ctamand. tor Avon service amona families near vour home, kf yo« need money tor Christmas b'liv- can at enct for more rnfor-nation. No obliDa- t.on. CA 7-04TI, ftf. D. OPERATORS Sino'e ireedse coerato^i tor latJv'i swim wtar, (some trairren), a ia experienced Afl#n«wcverttck and cvtriock. Pece rates Bood ADO* Wes Sinof*toti 1028 Vlevt I6ti. L B GIRLS (MotJeT-Type) Aoes U7t- we exoer. rea tor ··Saort, boat t tra-ler show." LI tor 14 afTnoons, sr evrsi Too rrly. caw. Snorrs**ar tun*, by LA INDUSTRIAL COUNSaOR LOOP Emsloyment Agency *C3 S. L9na Seacn Blvd. OPERATORS EXP'D Single needle, twe n«cfie, Bver- tork A tackers. Piece work Swim suits A sports wear. Greene Products. hir_ T4BIB Snoemaher Ave., Norwaik. Kr Santa Ana Frwv. 1 Rosecrans. VTt 4-77BI SECRETARY Good short band, typing, and fal«mon« manner tor «ascnaj pageant operation, submit aua: ti- cahons to io» A IC4 led. press- PHOTO PRINTR Vvst be experienced on E K_ roH S rimer. Black ft white or color. Day work wk. LU *-910f . » TRUTONE PHOTO. INC 2647 E. Florence. Huntingtoit P* WOMEN GIRLS Work ta our pnone order desk Full or carT-fin-ie. An yog nvet f 4 anly, 115 Pirre. Roorrt J20. EXPERIENCED NIGHT FRY COOKS t*nc1)9 CofTet SFiop A'Pl-Y 131 «. AKiHEIM ATTRACTIVE 6IRLS Barmads. Acpry Tl a m 10 · m jipe'iofv sioo week rj«-anre«4 72307 L B Btvd., lynwootf. ' NCR 3100 Accounts rec»vjt« oent*ral Bfr:ci. Good: came any ber efifi BEAUTY Of ERAtORS" 0«v 1 Eve C-xxS e.ienhfre TRlNCtSS BEAUTY SALON *"4^ E. Swft» HA HTM GIRLS WANTED B A R MAIOS -- Aocrfy "Knotty F.rre," 11744 t, IMTtv, Artn-a. Cal tv7«nx Jim er Pat. WANTED tor famiry ef l j«ann« sire«£ Wn1» boi A 143?T T |nd, PreivTelroram. FASHION WIGS VH by wearing en Vie toft « socially Eflis* Lnm* f2S4i*. ! WeckoaVl f-eTM W f . UNSURPASSED OUAUTY. MafiM at Advert w«» paves f*e »*v tw ; i-i/uer Coftwirtantv Ooen-ngs r/a L ! aafe fo/ fun er ·art-Hr wort Cad HE tSM ter Jntervw* Rn 4 IVf Bellllowrr FDA Wt?d *cal wove. Mlon. Inrv Fr dj«rt PKrTO P R : W T I R S CHECK ItS C XPO APPIY CT1 FHOTO 17',f EAST AKAHElJW HAIRDRESSER fPf'T- **"· Wlo "'7*^ , HAIR STYLIST. EXP. 1 ^r*_* '^5_, __ ,^*_*5* TeiepKont Solicitors i M*frcal Reccptiomsf Part ffme. l*nerenr«4 Brrferrei BEE LIKE Fa^Axirs Morrve Pan · Plan, show **aut:M ctonvs. foe i ·arnmei.. Car ^eceisa^V- Ne k vesTr TE ISM er Si* 31 Si RN OR UC. LVN Medical Crauo. M Sat. »r Sw BABY Sitter, t-ry home. 1 Jay w J eJuidnen. »T.Tonr Snort. 9H ; tm immeo. eof-irnfl II M 1 «Tv, w*i*cwvrs B CKarge, Long l*ai MOM^at^TJS Pacrtle A*« t X P f R i r h C C O tfvoe Itlrr. P^ time. Camar-» $2C* Ha2?tror | »« ft bo*r« lor B*TT time O «lp Wntel (Worn.) 24 SENIOR KEYPUNCH OrEEATOU 024 t 054 IMMEDIATE ro'TIOWS AVAIt* 3Ut C^CtY A-. 1 ;^ Lenf ·*«* A^or. am. Ht tea IctpWoartdlMti) 24 PROMOTION PATHS CLOGGED? TRY THIS! 1 arm toolifl f f or · certa'B type of Bnae. wiffc W)^ lotej- rH-y anj top CiCter to tear* ·vary pfias* of my business. 1 wlfl q*ye liim «· ·pperhinjfy t. male $653 p.r nan ff. H ttart and 1 mare M BOOB ei tie »» capable of asaummj more responl tT ties. lon ? |.«c. HE 2 W51 1 to 1 Daily WE WANTS ·ar fcittirta excericncetf executive type salesman to contact ewnerj af smaU ta medium i-zed busi- n*ccs. Free to travel pcod car. supervisory exDerienc desirable (not mandatonrl. Musi be able to Kuorb training and assume man. YOU GET! association with raoiCCv i«and- tog mrcmanonaf Comaarry ixctu- s-ve patented ' Depresses fVwsf" line ef Praducfs sora m · soeclal- te*d, kntellinent manor. Imme*- at« above average income com. ability. Complete framing pertad. Advancement bmJtetf enfy bv proceriures and follow Arders. Call HE 7«9tS Mr. TbompsoR for ODDOintmenl SAVINGS LOAN Management Trainees We need several mature men. aaes n to 3f . Jhrefer some financial ixperienc*, but not required. Appr cants should be tnarrled. «*% to tvt*, alert venatire ft capable Bf raoid pregrrss. vi'e w D train you tf you emality. Vartlrro M^ary aacror. 1400, o- certdine en ability, experience ft potential. These pcrsitions are with a «row- ira concere ft oroviDe idvance- mem ecrcortumties. trtroe benefits. nrouB imurance, nrrufar ri vievn. » da« wk. ft cd. vacations. ADD cants must liave B H.S. tf 11170 L.B Blvd^ LynweotL 0 MIT. 18 TO 26 AflANAG£R3 IN TRACING $200 WEEKLY 5 HOUR DAY - DRlVt KEW CADILLAC '44 PUBLIC RELATIONS WAN Sauna too Bood ta be tru*_ weB tt rs; but tiave CODCrtunity *** vaur9 men witn good startfn pay. S Hour day witti excellen sa es future. Apply IB Person 1ft A M er | pu Only ion t. 7m st. · sX · MEN A-OJVlEM DRIVERS FwB ftme emoloymenf Oood eaminos Joa security Pa d vacations CTDUB Insuranct DIAMOND CAB CO. 1444 S«rt Frjnc'rsco, LB. SALES OPENING Bmy Executive needs man Frt- d«v In Long BeacA. ExtectiDral opDortunity tor willing, aiert, ao- Bm^i ve man with proven lead enftip, to kara every phne of my business. The mart selected » R be «ivem Intensive framing ft Bpoortunirv to cam S7» per mo to start, wim more as soon as he ft rewjy »0 assumi more re- MEN YOUNG 18 to 30 Deliver sm*n tion e!ectricar mool*- ·rices ft make advertising v piavs. Car necessary. SIZ1.M weffc atter dtdwctiorn fun time. Aoolv 5411 tong Brae* BVU, 10 a.m. daily. MEN 18 to 26 Start worl 'mmedTateTy. Earn }IIS ptr wect a^er payroll cUJuctloni. Car neceuary. J posifiorrs now avatTatte. Apply 2 p.m. Monday fnrg Frv o*a /. 1 7 J 7 N. LOTI g Be act BlvJ. Suttg 201 Compfon. MEN WITH YISIONJ WiP tram young man 2171 with pood appearance and educafion $400 MO. IF QUALIFIED Ho phony promiin. r* travel-ng 7horS*?E* yVSi 1 *"' 1 **- T ^ ^ SALESMAN sirable. M2$' ma., fjuaf^piuj comrn. Free bcrsoitaliiation Blan rree framin*, cromotkonv Niter *e*ra 94. tfietn. fhr« fri. Good'yiar Service Store 7l*» Bellt^ower Blvd. L B An Foual Oooortuwiry imo'dvei 2 Young Married Men fa work on »*cwm ft aoDfiarx repair fruckt. Door to door me rfmB for bwre-,s ha eroer^enc rtece'.sarv l.r?s monm aaiary k start. Rapid advartcerretrr ta riont nArt, Mtrj kave neat ap pcarance. A-,h tor T R O Y 14)1 CHERRY COOK Wim Italian food expcr-ente A anjuni man, 1,* to start CH*nt for atfvancemenf. SALESMAN j FREE JOB TOB cone any, trmo« benefits, ca fwrni^hrt. J years co^e*. 113 m JIM fmpfoymertt Agency **14 "L to«» Beacftv B'vtf^ L 1 ""MAiNTralCT Rrc j AN Must have fat-Tor* eioerrenc Know motors C«rti*Jtry, etc . U M hi Peruwinel Seryire Aoency 30S t. BJwy *m. SOS, WC »4r r v SHOE SALESMEN fc- TOUKG t tlPtC III Until. TIME. TOF tALART t PJM. 1 \TANOA*I SHOCS 71SI Ce'trloxr U, t^nf · ' MATERIAL HANDLER Cootf m«Jhn« tftos **r* K'tf ' A^oEMpion/ENT ASe*: 3 Ml A Atfinfic. 11 GA ; Ml BOYS 14-17 Have BOen'riv for Hvee M er4 tept. Parttim* af*er set-oof m 1 Sat. tarn 115 wee*. I* Pin Aoor* ttocm nS, J fe. 4 B m, r« $*WI fftTiBtO man wi»i w.fe 4 ·»» manage aors. Free rei w wnafl waw CAftlOM Daih/ Custom trart. Mr. Harrv r*endi 11 Cti-OAn «oer§fiir», I m. mmimu ^ ironies aOt f . Vermont, *ane .» on:* Fwiier BrtnH, fKJT. W LKtJTJO Dry Cleaner for 0*. ITU facmc Ave. CJ» felpWonttdtMti) 24 H Financial Sales Career Exxandine vubl'c acceptance re- ·uires we Ira-e, u persons tor account executive »osrtion*v Wort consists Bt BdvisJntt. Marmlnt and estaOlisfunw fuianclal vrogramj for Mevidx^ai Investors. Tfeis com- 1 Ratio* Investrrtent-ansurancB Bre- «ram bt Mcervrsed by · *UkM Sonar Bationat mvestment securt- h^e Insurance ·rvanJzanon. Requirements: Persons selected; ivtusf be fettwtca BQCS of 3t an« SB, mature. *i* sacs ar aubiie contact cxoerv ·nee. Must larvxnry L,k c p«O'e Bntf the basic Mtfactfoe. ofbefD. mi then kH their financial Man- Bino. Prrvtou* Btvestment exoerfe tnce Mot frecessanr. A complete and tnoreugn ftfianciaf alaruurB course 1m prewlded. Penent s«- kecte4 may retai* present *nv Pioytncnt wtUle be»n« Irarned for B erowirta and worthwtiile lnvn$. ment s«curttiet c*reer. Rewards: Earnings cemmenct Immedlatetv to Owinti tra-nlng. Ajnp!« leads ·nduSmf established cl-ertti art Ctrovided This, plus fcgh resales, assures tmv and rewarding schedule wit* excertcnt monthrv ear-nines. Fer confidentlaC Intormatlo* *r Interview phone tr vittf BUT Bf rce nearest VDV. California Investors LONG BEACH OFFICE 4241 LI ftM. GA 4-0731 Ton-ante SP $-1433 C**rtDe HE J42S a Les Artoelei * San Dew * Pasadena * San Bernar«n» MAN 21-29 Immediate; eoento» for career BosJtian. Nat an ordinarr tofi, NO itlllns. CxctctloRil eooortu- Btet ta advance w,» orowlng Consumer Ftfianct Ca. Good start- mg Mfanr wim regular Increases fim r»TBe emotove benefits. M t education er better rewired. Car necessary (wiTn em»!e allow- «nce). Good future for ilert oo»a- . DIAL RNANCE CO. I14I C. Rosecrarts Norwalt MANAGER TRAINEES Youna men T: to 79 who want rao d advancement witn recogrH- tion accardinft to meir kid:vidual performance wit* finrf a satitfyirrt career with mis inTemalional coraumer finance comoarir. Adust be ML S graduate. Prefer some cotltoe- Should 1 te sam oriented I nave auto, Safjrr + car allow- CAREER-MINDED 1 will hire I vouno. aggreuJve sa^evrren to astnt me J* promotional Interviews. No CxerierKe necessary, as compiett training ts ·-ven at Co. exaeme. WteXlv earninos. Including salary, t!65 plus expenses. Must be available af once A have la*e model car. Contad Mr, Bin Townwnd. Suite 4CZ Jeram* Bldg.. 13 E. Oceair Blvd., f a.m. te I B.m, or tan 43S-UO* for acoointinent. SALESMEN fcUJOR OIL COMPANY Has Ooenina for SALES T f t A I K E E S and OUALIFlEO SALESMtM. Must nave at (east J near* ffired selling * Service Station exDert- errce. E xcrll ent Company benefits and opoortunitv tor protnoticn. ifcYiTe PO Bo* ?°?.,,r ter ' 5 " ticr - ···*· "An feaual Oooortun 1v Empieyer** Bakery Route Salesmen Interviews 1 to 12 daily excxrt Thin-sdav and Sunday ME 0-1660 AAA-I COMPANY NOW HIRING Aget IS TO 24 3 Depfs. Open $°52FPER"MO. l/J". Ltnarn O-DB7S PRESS OPERATOR Ex per. Dril fret* «p«fator. ttfe to mtlnfaTg uf-up, tools. APPLY · AM to I P M ROBERTSHAW CONTROLS CO. Li. BLVD. AT tB. f R C E A T A Y An equal ecporturvty emolover MORE MONEY Sound sales opportunity for sut- stdntial continuvnt earn in ?s. ATinifious men w m« atiiUty to reo, a new service to local sm bvsmnsw R«a 4 manjre men aoe ever 35, Tramo. nee. personal mterviews f ta 12 week · H. CltBEXT 1 ASSOCIATES 11912 L B BU Lvnwood »-t Jr« ENGINEERiNS CLERK" *0 1159 me ARO EMPtOYMtNT AGENCY 3 841. A A fa if Ic, LI. G A 7-S494; MAN ASST. MANAGER 1 1 Sf. wk ry . position fronn itart bonus A medical tnsuranre Ouali- ficafions; married, 2 years cot!, w «3u'v.. 24 to- 3», tales Bfrscmai'tv r.'eVern div.j.on. m travel F»f Dc-^onal tntervie* -- ME 4H3I CABINET ASSEMBLERS experience* en Trailer arttf Pickup Campers TROPrcANAMFG.CO. *4U Cale St. B^ena Par* Mows* experience. « »rs. mini mum. Permanent. Good salary Benefits »fi*rrvr«ws 130 to 4 30 UTO SO MAfH GABOEMJ toual Oooortunfy EmpMyer VETERAN J ~ Siir.d ort Y«jr.) »rT Strong « Tit L«ccr*l. 4 f'm. anrv wfe by FURNITURE SALESMAN _ tort* fieach area Xtrrf. Bpoortufr ( ty tor ambifiout roimg man, JWj-i » »r/e ft air for BecCKetine. Ca Mr. Roman* K£ TCP h BENEFJCIAL EMPLOYMENT AEI^CY 1? PIKE. It M. 1201 HE S 191 f for Job* W-tH a Future jj W-tWS' efothint r«t«r| saiewna exp. In r.TTing better clome* ta Bne of laite^f volume se» n v Joors w Sowmem Calif. Ca Stewarl Fried ar Sa* Snaer *A IKi* fcir ao*T r HELP! r Colnrrs, *^f*rm»n, Blavtovi. wfi , CM kvc on (ioac« a «t*r See AV. TXompw p, t?SJ Ftoww. *fr|fifw*T- r 17 wj - P*ESSC~*V S P O T T E R V »AB ENS. COUTOTE* EXP HAS BO - CLEANERS A^:N, m L. J BLVO. AM, OKLY ^ JEWELER WANTED A BrVif U aAf* M 00 B^iemb wort. MLA »J4 CA«EEK MmOCO tramooriaTi w reoreicnlaflve for AUrMj v * ttr*e ao^nt, KI repi.ei centitfmti Y wi** tax ft R27, md, PrrivTt 4 fP'**"- - SERVICE STATION MEJ Exo. Salarr A Comm n on, j ~~ATTO~T»A,il~nirsT.HJCTOI *· Capable B* managemenf. Good H A*lto Trad* tdKxM. HI t-73 ^ A u T O mST*lrCTC» M b a t __ mrctianrc*. Mi^l Mv« fracfi ^ ItLL THE BEST. Ear* «· »nc -- EncT, eVJfannrCB. M« c«rva«i ni ·* c»«r9e tactt HA »«C 41 PtfOWE VAtC* «3*O Mr kr. m. anorm. tUS ·uaranteed. Pwrmanf tun BT part *m« BQVTIORS. «3»-3 tc- BiBLE sateweooie wane* f*e TM Blue * boon B b'e ttd Bf iALCSMEM -«EEOf- 1XB wft. f IB n ·*'"» UWJ Il. r 4t. BM -*=O* a rew carwr M Fioara J'« Sales. CM ffr. menger, CC *1 tip Waited (Mffl) 2 H CX!-IE CAM-CODY'S J GOLDEN WEST , M PINE. KM. 1J4 HE J-CSOI OfCElLENT CHOd Of CAftEEil CPPOKTUNTTtES Jr. ecctnt, degree, «oo4 ·radrs. bnvenr*v control Ok-ardinaior ·ccrg. BKOCU dre. trefd. ISO ·flrer trainee, stiara. career minded, mjn- lyrs. ceibeoe. 21 "M pYof. sales trainee. tiM. *rrfd Sharfc tt-M, KW. J*_s±. S4J3 Cuuam/ rominer. exed_«SSt) Prof, sa-es Vn«. thar*. vet, a U. toetf acDeer^. seme expertise* CiXIroe erjd trainee, H.-». enarrv ii« Bemtv^ V?V^f Documents cflc. tvpisf thoo. f Shar* ambitious trne., BfRce exa. Aut» parts mBr* while. 0ttr*b. Foreign plv exa. auet. . U59 TW Deliverr eWver, alert. Mai. HS fTM, TLT2. marrred ,t» t433 f«B^ snara. marrie*. */3l_t6JO TmJsl. pen. ohr, a' ert car 1303 Safes, BL* He rel.. marrietf. V-TS, tftaro. pood ac«ar_ car 4 S60» Chem. eripr. · bB chrmist U50 Wgmf. trnes, ZV3B. eren-r 1 vn. coleae, than, stable _S3SO 400 DRIVER SALESMEN W« furru'sh car, gas. route. tnJ pay you eemm. -f bomo. No casJi necessary. Ag» 21 fo 75. Apply: 60OO HUMOR CO. r» s. San Prtrx LJL Mr. Caused SALES FURNITURE Recall ture^ experienct necessary Lreeral company benefits. Incentive ba*s, Aoolv BARKER BROS. 141 East Broadway, LB. INTERVltWlNS HOURS 10 A.M. to U KOON ORDER DEPT. TRAINEE Young man under » needed to lear» Order Bee*. Brocedurn. Miol be neat, Intel ligerrt ft aftH to team quick ry.. NO previous Order Oeot. experietxe fieceuarv. $129 Per W«eV SaTary Can to arranoe a personal tnterview V a.m. to 1 l,m. Sales Opportunity for 9 sain couns«ltrs, ·s.nvt.ria In makinB ttieir arrangements m advance ot r*«a. at ttie new Forest Lawn Cvprni -serving ffie Lena Beach and Lake- wMd areas. TON muit be m tiood health, drive GWH car. Opportunity tor future aevartcemcnt. Guaranteed taianr trom the ftdv TO* start training- Ltberal ben«titv Aoe ever 30 for interview witn sa cs manager Bhoite Mr. Swanny, THIS IS Worth YOUR Time A rial ooportunitv for a substatv lar income and a eefinJTe program for advancement. A« oooortynrty e»st» witn a larae construction firm (IS offices* for Ex«cu^*w* Salei f option Na constructiOR euerience necev sary, we Iran irtieiviews 9 to J B m. daily. T247 Wilmington Blvd., PROFESSIONAL TEST CENTER 601 S. Long leach BfvJ. IB Ccmptoii KE 1-0301 COMPAUt RETA^Fo. Protrsi ;onat Managerial Clerical Sales Skilled crafts and Tradn. Unbilled and: Trainees. NE 8-0303 ORDER DESK CLERK V-e c*ic» lite type, voorf at £**«. fmr * _.·'»,,, PAYROLL MiO PERSONNEL CLERK Age 30 to K. Exper. In ««VTO« * personnel fa 1500 AltO EMPLOYMENT AGENCY 384 J-A AfTantlc. LI. GA 7-5494 OPPORTUNITY fcr good laffiman. «v*r 31 md H censed for Land Sales CuaranT^ej' Par? ar Fun Time For Ofia.ts Call Oen« Snow 4^*3*S War* Bicti.e C»*iSa Oiemirf ' Gfgrtt, no e»a tso LaQ In4r WTTIITII m«o-- u. 3(1, j »n college cfem. _ ua Accountmff «rk-- J yrs cof eg« accounting ... . ti', Stock conft oi-- « xDer s3Z HARBOR '"" IMPLOYMENT AGENCY UOW.Oc...II,J. HEM51] SALESMAN S*'*t Bosition 'm con^fruction fi«i available for man who w«nt] ti 9rf arwAd. La-0e cotitraftor w tram. Intrrvews T 4 » m.. Wed IH 3 ' 'Rw *A ve mel0 " ^wD?*.^ 1 " w "REAL ESTATE Bif*r er e«c*r. s*lriman want«x r *o t«-i» opera** 4 manage w* evarilnrwj etuce Cootf ocoor tunitr for Berwn *n»,om f* bu r 1 own t*-**r H Pra* Estate Wr ti I S o v A 77W. Indect.. Vt"' fjwin ·uafificationt. J TmtD O» tAYOfFI* 3 Ven f7 with car; ao* m ^*-^J cae fee Iram. A«»r J7 M ttowr 1 . HIRING NOW 1 YOUNG «rt» 14 TO tt n t» Hart. Apply IT4S Pacif.c. Soi r A fc#*w*«n I t 4 B m. Weo«a a B Tfturul»r- enfy ? YOUNS MEN for referral n' to sina'e *rt r arrtattic advrrTis-rrf prrMr»r B'ANO HEW on wtST COA5 « ,,«».».««.-* t«y_C»t4iI S PART TIME t S«rf* r*tirtd fnectijmrcjrt wwtir. f. fr^n to wort M vx-uur-i cl*«rt * **"*ll C *A»OtO« »0«» F.S f» P.rl Trr,, ! urrwooo c*i co. * 3Jtt MX AKSf ll»t - DANCE COMBO '' J er « ««res, roct t rail * popwlw Tor b*Tr Wa-em. -- HE fKxrr N tVt TBAIFI YOU TO Bats the f c. Ikenv* te4 ^ Lh* ^reoerty -- Sel Prtpertv c * Make StBOOl + per rear. C AV. Toner for BOOT MA J 7 jtj to Ml to* «am* vends, r* -- lem tv tor man w i* CamMM I9C ° 4« *" "' * N 5- ever )f rrv e* aoe. 5 JANITOR WANTED Boi 1771. Newoort l«ar«, C tet BAIT t f » EW. l lit arv 431 Saufii V. tA * 773 an. 1 pm per TOP L~M* (nv Ca. fcat e»rectx sales eppry 4004 L * *'-4 - · ^ ' eTpWonT*d M*a) 24 , SALESMEN wfte wan* !· Improve rieir Bcrrf- IUM and earning* «t TH4. Weaj have · Bositive, *nitue« an« are ·o* afraie: to worn bare! te Mr* more monev MOW1 Looe Beacftt fastest Brewtnei Fw* Dealer has apenmes tor 7 BUC* ·· etter vo« f amtnn wn.'e M framing rxtt Oem« PJ«* . . . Cuarannre High rate af carnnii'ssioil ... Set M antf Mara wny our average salesman earns ever CD* Mr wet* and PUT better saietme* ever ca per week ... See Sates Mafl49*f letweeB 104 LOS ALTOS FORD 2302 8ELLROWER BLVD. ICKS KEACH BOYS U TO 17 Need I bovs aoes a ID U 1e ear* r*00 tB 13 00 for « bours eactt wee*. Three *ours tw« eve- Mings and four hours BB Satur- lavs. See »Ar- Fulton from 4:09 * i 00 B.m. Tuesday. Wednesda*. Tnvrsday and Friday Bt «CO Cast Artma. * 2S. Bellflower. idea* tor votma fellows M Ww l,ak.e- wood, Pararnount. Cotncton and BeTllttwer ar«as. 4- RNAL RNISH MEN Prefer mchil home exBertence. fringe benefits, cud vacation hoFidavs 4- medical Ins. S3T3 TO SITS PC* MR APPLY IT| PERSON ONLY TERRA-CRUISER *Z5B YWASHBUm CROSSING KD, OOWNfY, CALIF rOUNG MEM OB tQ 33 Yrs) wim Hondo or Economy cars. Ideal Bart time wort. Mlenunj l»de- Itv Bf San An ton. o Atlantic, Re- ttonda I 7m. Can 43-2814 er «y 3037. AtWEDtATE Bpenino. Ertclrtc lire fcont epcrator. Must nave experience rurmina eectne Bne tools · Bl wells, sucft a* pertonnng a, tewing- top Bay. fast advance' ment ta experwnced men, A». prentices do not actnv. Hercytes MH Servlci, IflTlB Morwalk Brvd^ Santa Fe Springs, OX fr51«. NEED INDUSTRIAL COUNSELOR IOOI» tmolovmtnt Aowcr *03 V Lfln» t«K fttvd. In Comolon KE 1 ftjd ACCOUNTS PAYABLE CLERK OAANCC COUNTY FIRM Mmi have coH«oe degree and t veart coftstrijcTi on account ins **- p*f.«Tce. Send resume' to Box A «!*, Independt-rt. PreiVTe'e. CONSTRUCTION SALES Far* wti.V vou team. CET IK ON THE l%4 BJILOING BOOMC Predicted to be the Greatest Everl Higne-^t earnings. Well estabv comp.»nv. for mtervlew can tff. Dav s. 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