Independent from Long Beach, California on March 15, 1966 · Page 18
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 18

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 15, 1966
Page 18
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: P«g«.C.2--INDEPENDENT "·· ···* «·"«·· Tim., *»«·. 1 HANK HOLLING WORTH Exeulift Sperfi EJiloV Traffic Jam in Making at Blair Long Beach is going to be in real trouble next week unless the parking situation at Blair Field is corrected. The San Francisco Gianls oppose the Cubs here Monday and Tuesday--and both games are close to sellouts already--with the Angels arriving on the scene Wednesday and Thursday. Parking is horrible enough in the Blair Field area ordinarily, but with these weekday games on the horizon, the place may be a disaster area for the four days mentioned. Main reason for the weekday problem Is (he fact that Wilson High School, directly across the street from Blair Field, will have classes in session. That means both stu- one of 'em. dents and faculty will be taking up parking spaces which "i want can be utilized on the weekend games (against Cleveland). Weekend parking for Blair Field games is no picnic, but it will seem like a family outing compared to what we foresee for the weekday affairs. Witness the weekend INTRA-SQUAD GAMES the Cubs played before they started their exhibition -season. People found it almost impossible to park then . . . for routine INTRA-SOUAD AFFAIRS! · * * * ' THE CITY MANAGER'S office is alerted to the affair, hut the present solution seems inadequate. In working overtime, city manager John Mansell came up with this comment: "In addition to the parking In immediate vicinity of Blair Field, provision has been made for overflow parking on both, sides of Marine Stadium and parking lots at Colorado Lagoon. Free;.bus shuttle service at JO-minute intervals to ind from these areas. Also, overflow parking in Park Ave. softbali field across the street from Blair Field. An attached map shows the parking areas." The trouble is that Marino Stadium and Colorado Lagoon are quite a.distance from Blair Field-and out-of- lowners (of which you may be sure there will be many) will not be alerted to t h i s , "convenience." Not to men- t i o n , naturally, Ihe Long Beach people who will attempt lo find a parking space considerably closer t h a n either Ihe Lagoon or Marine S t a d i u m . * * * THE CITY COUNCIL and school officials should gel together and either order (or make an appeal to) the Wilson students and faculty lo park WEST of Ximeno Ave. when Ihe major leaguers are at Blair Field. A suggestion has been made lo post motor officers at intersections of Seventh St. and Park Ave., 10th St. and Park Ave., Anaheim SI. and Park Ave., and Federa- lion Dr. and Seventh St. This would discourage Ihe Wilson people f r o m parking on the cast side of the campus. A n o t h e r suggestion has been made that Ihe students form car pools. At least this "might" take a few cars off Ihe streets. Long Beach molor officers also could reroute the golfing brigade lo park near Anaheim Street's entrance lo Recreation Park. This would keep some additional cars out of Blair Field's parking lol and off Federation Dr. THE M A I N THING IS TO BLOCK .WILSON HIGH P A R K I N G F.AST OF XIMENO! * * * SHUTTLE BUS SERVICE seems only to work when you a t t e n d oilhcr Santa A n i l a or Hollywood Park. The fans can park anywhere in the lot of either place and expect a shuttle bus to arrive w i t h i n minutes. Hut, the shuttle bus concentrates just or, one lot. NOT A STADIUM NOR LAGOON which many people will have difficulty ever finding. * * * ANOTHER MAJOR PROBLEM foreseen with shuttle bus service is that if people get turned around (and the Los Angeles-Orange County people unfamiliar with Blair Field will be the ones mosl affected), they're apt to march on City Hall if they miss transportation lo Marine Stadium. Additionally, a n u m b e r of people like lo hang around any hall park to gel autographs, glimpses of the players, and maybe a chance lo talk w i l h them. If the bus service stops r u n n i n g (and I've seen this happen hcfore in o t h e r places), some people will he mighty hot under Ihe collar trying lo find their way back In the Colorado Lagnnn and M a r i n e Stadium areas. Michigan coach Dave Strack blows his stack d u r i n g loss to Kentucky in i\CAA : Regionals. Strack's assistant takes up charge ill far right. New 49er Track Club Jumper Predicts He'll Defeat Brumel By JOHN DIXON Some people get high just for the fun of it. Dick Ross is to be the best every time," Ross related to :he I, P-T at the Southern C a l i f o r n i a Track Writers munchin - luncheon meeting Monday. "I've high jumped 7-3 in practice, and my goal is to win every meet. I'll do ?··) this year. Before I'm through? Well, I'm going to be the best in the world, to hold the world record; Valeriy Brume is the best (7-5%) now, but I plan to beat him. "My peak is 7-1, in 1964 but I'm going up. There's logic in my goal. Now I'vi got the best practice facilities I've ever had." Ross has joined Tom Jen nings' 49er Track Club. There fore he has no practice facil ties in Long Beach--unless he has an unusual facility for :Iimbing fences--but as one of the great jumpers in the world he's welcome anywhere Ise. "I'll practice at L.A. State," *oss said. "I understand that :'m a teammate of John Ram- x's, but I prefer to practice alone." Well, that's fine. Rambo has his own well thought out secret practice theories--rest, relax, sleep. Ross is 6-4%, 25 years old, a veteran of the track and field factory at Southern U. * * * + . HOW GOOD is the best? UCLA's track coach, Jim Bush, an entrepreneur of the fast and the strong, says it's an utterly easy 3:59.0 mile. "Bob Day ran 3:59.0 last weekend, and it was the easiest sub-4-minute mile I've ever seen. He didn't put out DIS DATA ANGEL BOX Sutlon, A 70-year-old roofcTc makTng a' Wtf tor a starling lob, retired seven ThKn In order before Brown connected on a breaking pilch and taooed II over the right flctd fence M 1hP 375-foot mark . . . 01herw!ic, Sullon wai moil trn- Dreiilve. He did nol walk A man and itrucfc oyl four In three [ruilngi . . Mil slr.keout vktlmt were Xallrw, McAullffe and 1111 FrHhan l*1ct . . . Sullen also l/i Mi only time UP. doubled . . . Clautfp OilMn t far led rcr Ihe Dodders and yielded onty two singles In three shutout tfnei . . . Reid lock over In the icvcnlh id wai creeled by Norm Caih'i triple . id Kalinc'i lying homer . . . McAulllfe'i clinching hcmer cam* with two wi\. Four of Ihc Dodger*' seven hit* *ei by Mat* and Lou Ji ' 11 ami n*:-i . The Dcxlgtrs :· VEng run al :/·:« nlnrh when , .truck out Al , Johnson fanned jecond wilh one . winner Dave W»cv.-t*.-· Firrara and Johnscn . Ihree Ilmei. OelroH's "phenom" carvd'dal* U rookl* center 11 elder Mickey Stanley, a .381 hll ler wilh 73 rb1 (or Syracuse lait seas or . . . Stanley singled against Osreen am made a one-hand ca'cn to deprive Wi_ Parker of an extra-base hit In th* ilxlh rhe Amerkan corn e up wll b , P»PP*I' place.' " Innkvg . . . Driitin rales BalUmore si "Ihe team to heat" Lea true, "IF I hey can Etcher to lake (Mill) Dreiicn savs the a, the W ore." . , . Parfcer wai not Impressed iy Delroll't power. "I'd ITk* lo plav hem every day In Ihi week," he s» , . Phil Regan was disappointed becAus Sunday'* rain lock him out of 1he rota Ion ag*1ru1 his gx-malei. 'Td been work ng on my jollier all week," he said . . teoan, Johnny Pwlret and Ran Perra rwikl are today's pitchers agalnsl rh Wdi at SI. Pelcnburg , , , Wnlltc Fin and BIN Stafford QO (or the YanVee iVedr.eidav aoyilnst Joe Moelkr, J1m Briwtr and Bob MIHrr al Vero. . in CO* K»-3 7 . 000 001 MX-- 4 I Reed (7 and Tor Otlroil .. OH ten borg. V ' TckersTwrr .. , and Freenan. W-Wlck . . U-- Reed. H R -- Brown, Ka1l/u, Me City Volleyball / Mackireli dtl. Pink Panllui 15-13. IS-9: Pr«i-T«leoram rfer. Bdmci. 151, li-3; SonU'l Slovt Work! it Clowns. IS-9, 15-10. 5ch.*jli Al Franklin Jr. HMh -- 7. B .. ~ i; *. Co-Ei ;r* VI. Hoi a Rpu,.?b o 0 8 « Brown, 3 ·egosl, » erndf. is lenill. If Irkplk.rr tlchrt, cl allty, c gan. c cHsal,3b - OCotavlto, it J 0 0 1 0 0 0 Hlnlon, ;b 3 1 1 3 0 I OGon!Ji;./b t C lalked to "Bob before the ace and we determined that IB would quit this 4:02, 4:03 jsincss. "In a few months he'll be ready to put those four 58 second laps (3:52.0) together." With Jim Ryun a desultory novice and Jim Grelle an erratic old-timer, Day is Amerca's greatest miler. And whether or not Bush wishes .o recognize it, he's a genuine :hreat to Michel Jazy's world record of 3:53.6. THIS WEEK Long Beach Slate travels to Santa Bar- 3ara at 1:30 p.m. Saturday, USC tangles with Arizona and Arizona State at Tucson Saturday night, the 49er Track Club collides with U. of New Mexico and San Diego in the border city Saturday afternoon, and UCLA hosts Brigham Young. The 49ers are odds-on, but the 49er Track Club isn't. But what competition! In the 880 New Mexico will enter Clark Mitchell (1:50.7) and Pat Cox (1:50.7) against the 49er threesome of Dave Gonzales 'Stunned? by Laver By BOB MARTIN Rod Laver, world professional tennis champion, feated Pancho Gonzales, 10-5, in Monday night's feature event of the U.S. vs. Australia challenge matches in the L.A. Sports Arena. The underdog American team split the evening's four matches and the series is now deadlocked at four-all. In Monday's opener, Alex Olmedo scored his second ictory of the series, playing ell all the way to best Aussie ew Houd, 11-9. Ken Rosewall caught Earl Buchholz on one of the young imerican's colder nights and reezed to a 10-3 triumph. G o n z a l e s and Bucholz whipped Rosewall and Hoad, 0-7, in the night's final match. Four matches Wednesday two the Metro Surprise Team Challenges Vikings Today Valley, the surprise team of the early Metropolitan Conference baseball race, hosts Long Beach Cily College today at 2:30. Bill Hatch's Vikings (1-3) tiave gone hitless in night--two singles and doubles -- will climax 6 6 OBjnkil'io" 0 0 0 3 1 1 0 Slim, c 4 0 0 0 3 I 1 2 Slebtrl. p 1 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 McMahon. p 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 0 0 ' 5 6 1 OCIO-.ltr.p 0 0 0 , alr[no,3b 1 0 0 0 rimel. p 1 0 0 0 r«nch, p 1 o 0 0 oanzlr, pi 1 D 0 0 ji»d«tle. o 0 0 0 0 »ower, 1 - 0 0 0 Tola's 30 S 6 S irffani E--Smllh. mrnander. Bunfelte. DP- rown-GonratH-Klnton, Fr«rtcri-5Blrlanc "Aontanex. LOB--California 5, Cleveland 2t-c£mat«. 33-Hklton. Klrkoatrlck 1 -- Rekhardl, SB -- Davnllllo, Salmon. Bruntt (L) 3 3 J 'rinch 3 0 0 lurdrlle 2 3 1 lin.rt 1W] 3 I 0 WcMahon * « * - ; ; Cloiler ... 3 0 0 . 0 1 3 U--Balfenttr.e, Alhford, Rico, Runoe T-- T.It. Perry (1:50.1), Dave Kemp (1:51.6) and Ralph Lee. by anc Bruin hoss Bush said he doped Ihis meet at 73-72 BYU. Don't guffaw at the UCLA was crushed BYU last year, 96-49, Cougars. They have three shotputters wilh marks ovei 60 feel. LIJSC Baseballers Baltic Peps Today Coming off a three-game losing streak all against national c h a m p i o n Arizona State, the Long Beach State 49ers should find Pcpperdine a welcome opponent today at 3 on Ihe Peps' field. On March 8, the 49ers cloh bcred Pepperdine 11-2, and coach Bob Wuesthoff sends his ace, Gary Johnson (3-3) in an a t t e m p l to earn LBSC's 1 I t h win in 18 games. Harlem Travelers Play Jordan Faculty The Jordan Panters, alia le faculty, will meet the iarlem Travelers in a benefi asketball game in the Jor an gym tonight at 7:30. Ex-Pepperdine stars Sler ng Forbes and Bobby Blui lay for Ihe Travelers, alonj vith Art Smith and Eddi iurt, formerly of Ihe Harlen Clowns. Prices are $1.50 fo idults, $1 for high school stu dents and 50 cents for kid jnder 12. (Adver!iMm«nt THIS PARKING problem could really hurl the Lnng Reach image. The City of Long Beach has done considerable work in m a k i n g Blair Field both an excellent f a c i l i t y and attractive plave for Ihe Cubs. Visitors, especially out-of-town newsmen and the Cub officials themselves, have heen high in praise of the entire Long operation t h u s far. But I shudder to think nf |-the horrible publicity the Cily w i l l receive if the parking s i t u a t i o n f o r t h e aforementioned games isn't corrected. I'll repeal the major correction should be i.o eliminate any W i l s o n High School p a r k i n g east of Ximeno Ave. If this isn't done (and w i t h adequate motor p a - trol), some people hesides Annie wil! get their guns next week. Should you lease or buy your 1966 car? With nur compliments andjalignmcnt, lubrications, tire ro , we offer totallyplions, front wheel bearings f r e e maintenance for -(0,000 miles nn sf! 196 N f e r c n r y and 2^,000 miles on all Lincoln le.iscs. brake replacement, fuel filtei replacement, c a r b u r e t o r a! cle.iner replacement, and 50 on EXTERMINATE ROACHES USE TRIBAR CALL--GA 7-0951 2633 ATLANTIC AVE. Even such things as burner. CHH headlamps and fan belt By maintenance, we d on ' t a r e covered, mean grease jobs. Linco!n-Mr-j of C(nirse W c lease all make |;cury hill maintenance includcsj s n j we S cll terminatin, I J j u s t about everything that canj| C A S C nri a t wholesale prices co wronc with a c.u excepti _ , .,,,. ., smashing it into i lamp post.!. Or ' ?* «" " s e a '** C .°" 6 ' ' jtmental for $100 s month. As. Oil changes, f i l t e r changes, us lo mail you a 12-pagr ftc :spirk plugs, points, front end Ihonfclct explaining our program Tell in irhtrt In semi the jree knntlel. MURPHY LEASING CO. 19-1(1 Ukewood Blvd. at the Traffic Circle Phone -(3-1-9911. From Orange Count)-: 827-8970 College Golf -";.. use «, LUC ir -" 'Al Vifllnla C C - -- Individual ·=· FlnBtr' USC) del. En-jncni. £-0;. .Cleveland (USC] dr. Brown, 5-1; Rhod*i (USCJ def Osta.n, 5-1; Rlchardicn (USC) de(. Itrul. M; Fill (USC) dtf. Wllljligu, H; Tiurusalo [LBI dlf. Shtmano. SI. T«»w but ball -- FlnMr-clev»land.del." Emmoni-Brcwn. 4-t; RhKfes-Rkhai-chon del. Dolan-lsrael. 6-0; Wllllamj-Tjurujalo' jpllt wilh Ftfl-Shemar^ 3-3. Mttfallsls--Flncer (69), Cleveland (?),Irown (731. Chapman M. Lsvern. It. their last 23 innings, including I I their last eight in a row. This isn't to say LBCC isn't hitting the ball, the balls just aren't dropping. In last Friday's 3-2 loss to!j Bakersfield, 12 outs were re-1 corded on long fly balls to the | oulfield and the Vikes scored | all their runs (2) on all their J hits (3) in Ihe first inning. [ FAMILY'S NIGHT OUT? NCOS* *veryafl* T ft tastn by chooiTng . from ,th* E Long leach. Super Sand wichvs to Gourmet Dinner* at icnilbl* prlctK ROCHELLE'S COFFEE SHOP *» th« Alrptfl Entrant* 3333 Ukiwoid llvd. hree-day, 12-match competi- .ion. Monday's attendance was 3,575. Laver utilized his great speed to run down just about everything Ihe 3 8 - y e a r - o l d jonzales hit on the slow rubberized court. Rod's forehand and backhand groundstrokes were, as usual, fantastic. CHALLENGE! DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR WE DO NOT BELIEVE YOU CAN. BEAT THIS. WE CHALLENGE ANY MANUFACTURER OF T I R E S TO OUTWEAR THIS PRODUCT!!! THESE PRICES GOOD 30 DAYS King Fires One-Hitter Righthander Mike K i n g eveled a one-hitter at Long Beach City College's JV team as the Long Beach S t a t e Frosh ran to a 9-1 victory at Blair Field Monday. LBSC CC JV 0100000--1 Clr.o and Burns: Gvesno, Hobb [5) UaBlack. Corril04nd*nl: DAN EVANS 1 5 and SS Nabs City Title S £ S Construction won the Class D cily basketball championship by defeating Holiday Harbor 51-47 Monday at Wilson High. conduction (51 Holldir Harber (47 Power* fill FMtl (l Bryant (ft) Chunko Krarcwr (10) Wrioril (I gl SUItrv K Every week over 51,000 people fly between Los Angeles and San Francisco -the world's most traveled skyway. More of them fly PSA than any other airline. Most (lights, lowest fares, choice of jets, best on-time record 727 Fan Jets: San Francisco 13.50 San Diego 6.35 D Super Electra Jets: San Francisco/Oakland 11.43 San Diego 6.35 Los Angeles/776-0(25 · Hollywood-Burbanic/'/87-4750, 246-S437'San Diego/298-4611 -San Francisco/761-0818 Oakland/835-5555 · or your travel agenl BRAND NEW FIRST LINE NYLON TUBELESS TJRES. WHITEWALLS. FULL 4 PLY NOT A J-PIY WITH A 4-PLY' RATIHB ··- 560-13 590-13 600-13 640-13 650-13 700-13 650-14 695-14 700-14 735-14 750-14 775-14 2CQ.14 825-14 ROAD HAZARD GUARANTEE FREE INSTALLATION 1 *1F 1 S13 93 $1486 $1583 5 .3» 9 850-14 855-14 900-14 950-14 885-14 670-15 775-15 710-15 815-15 875-15 760-15 800-15 820-15 915-15 ALL PRICES PLUS-' TAXES r i k BERG'S DELTA TIRE 557 WEST ANAHEIM ST. 436-1711 LONG BEACH

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