Independent from Long Beach, California on March 22, 1976 · Page 31
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 31

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Monday, March 22, 1976
Page 31
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PACKER-ORDER FILLER or eu*ifcnc*d lent Trainees A U T O P T S THEE WIVX Over II Conwrvatlvf appearance Refill of puWkr COrtJrt **f*r SERVICE PERSOHNEL AGENCY 7360 Pacific Art IB a-MII »Tfh excellent rxwtiiniiv for 13- vancemeit. North Long Beatfi area. Myii have local [*l*tcnees MR. BYL S3J-SISO HELP WANTED [INDEPENDENT (AM) PRESS-TElEGMMfPMK-' BRANCH REP TRAINEE Clw'lww'no cpoorKm'il c targe rndl»ldij.s1 by m ny.cfl D*»o Johnwn, ~ So--ne mechanic FORKLIFT WECM TH PART TIME NEWSPAPER DISTRIBUTION EXCELLENT OPPORTUNITY TO WAKE THE EARLY MORNING HOURS PROFITABLE. BE PART OF OUR NEW PROGRAM FOR ADULTS TO DELIVERY COLLECT FOR THE INDPENOENT HOME DELIVERY NEWSPAPER. IDEAL SITUATION FOR HUSBAND WIFE TEAMS, COLLEGE STUDENTS, OR WAGE EARNERS TO SUPPLEMENT THEIR INCOME. IF INTERESTED CALL tR-m 5:J3 A.M.T011:OOA.M, ·AACHOPR THNN '·ocn* Ekper rtQ RVJCE PERSO 2360 Pacific Avi Qvf r ?r RHated exper HBl ERVICE PERSONNEL AGENC ?1M Pacific Avt LB «16-7lll LARGE y jmall Icta. Over IS yit e*o. Free En. 4JW67/ anytime 4 machhliT SfSfraST 0 PiCl« Av* LO 416-71! PROJEQIONIST MANAGEMENT TRAINEE Advirvc*nrrtrl opportunities available to malixe, ftipcy-a'tn*, Wsh School 9d4u4r-et. vvVllng lo woo. hart T*arn our iptemi. Vinr be over 23. have eice'leni health, high ctvK»cW i UaNe family jii«». Hon. Svperviiory Retail £*E* r monih'tS iiari. iffrtfft'. between MEN NEEDED AT ONCE ifcirlcal malrvrvsnc* eoui "NO EXPERIENCE NEC. REPAIR MAK SECURITY OFFICERS PART TIVE-FULL TIWE U ki *i.*ry City tn W* hdvf Lot Arvge varietv of ^porllnq evenli coin sho*s- conieiU-racIng eventi paradev n'atxt p/ciFcnon aot txnJS(i- Rosn'ra't "En-ov 5*ci,rlrv Work." Top wagei bewfiiv O"'v respo'v ifi* persons nwd »pp!y. We check yovi bdkyovod INT'L CITY SECURITY buslne« Including: cMFFICE PRC A SAL Security Officers Full Parl Time Invnediale Openings ' Experience Preferred ·dvBrtcrrrx'nt. r V noon. Pd. vscalicn. i lo Frl. ?«m to*Poi . Advocate Security SECURITY OFFICER E»Pcr, aoe 21-35, Own eiulpT*eni Ca'l *x aPPt 4J8-43SI. 7-H npo» CKEDURES LES FULL TIME PERMANENT HELP WANTED ONLY $150 PER WK. Al Per WrllKn AoreefTtenl FOR PERSONAL INTERVIEW CALL PERSONNEL DIRECTOR AT 925-5531 433-8129 8:00 AJA. - 4 P.M. MONDAY FREE GLITTER NO MESS LICENSE NO. 29865! "Custom Work At Volume Prices" 596-5167 SANTA'S SPRAY ON Acoustic Ceilings Concrete Work DRIVEWAYS. JIM CAIN. Cement Conlractijr C 4J Lit. 7W567. Drlvewa-i-e*C. Ho lab A-l CCVtniT WORK 4I/-U3 DI*e, Slib*.5a» FrM tslm. Bv. M. A Bin* A DRIVEWAYS. 1 Room Jobs Wet come Mo« No FyJC-it-.f? Ke ^Ae« ALL WORK G U A R A N T E E D Sfaff Lk.- Bo/Jed-lffttw ed PROMPT FREEESTIMATES 431-0700 861-0823 TRAINEE f. Fv\\ co. beneJiU. Call -W. S E R V I C E srallon Airenceni person. Fuft'ci 'Per^For'jppl'w SERVICE STATION ASSISTANT MANAGER A/co iljlkxi tn Long Beach irea. Mint have local ep«rl«rxe and rrfl CALL O6 S261 tor AptM. SWAP MEET HELP "vis;. Si;nd4 e neceuarv- AW ill '-maid 0*1 ILEGti WeiJneidav oriJ v 9 am to 3 wn LONG BEACH D R I V E - l f f THEATRE E A R N IKttOPER WEEK Sn^ck. Bar Artendanii U^Vrel " - " - * J y 4 SundAv. AW ill y TRAINEES 27 MEN major oxnoanv exparn'-ort. N *r. NcceiiATV- SlaH trTMixsJ. $150-$200 PER WEEK Al Per Wrirten Apreemenl Call Monday Only J-J 692-7556 Pacific Acoustic cwfkc :*at p»ciic AV*. LD 1 Day Service CLEAN'FAST-EFFICIEMT Free Est. 595-1847 vjnct. A 1 ** Edge. I UP SAO 31 oe Joe ROTOTILLING *llh opera* Reasonable Rale* 86*2-48 VAN'S Gaitienlng- Moving, edg'og iw Him. Clfawpt. J13C6 B6» -SAME DAY SE PA iNnNGllOUF' Glass Glazing Services WlnrJotvi ·I Frw Eirm Handyman ANY BuiMkig lepa* Contractor-Builders N1ERIOR WdMl refr-oved A'un. Jav C a ' l 2 4 ? v A 556«*4I Drapery Services BICENTENNIAL SALE BEAUlirUL ORAPFRIES A n v average »ire rocrn- appro 5 PdneU, ONLY iy. Large fdbrl Mfltftlloo FREE ESTIMATES. O Arrg Drapeiln. SS7I Del Am BivdrLdxewrnxl. «JUJr ANY JOB LARGE OR SMALL f Y r i E«r*f- C»ea% ne^t. Fair. Frweir. Ca'l Ken4»05« Plastering SandWast-RecolorCoat Fif« Eiilma*e. 90 Dayi ro pay V E R N D A V I S *M 4j4j PM Jlil ? Y R S i^n Lena Bth Alunv win PAich SeixWHc\i' fc colcr coal- Cujr. te»t\,re Lk 1 . Wi*iAI anytime lLINEtUYS Curving , «7J AH 6 U CafPeMry, Palnilng, Plumbing. Eke. *U SI PATCHING IrM-Exl. re itvcto, K --e, cKWitom Rav JU ·iS-;43i REASONABLE R A T E S Hamc Ma"n'ertdTce i3?;?16l REPAIR, RenKxtcfor Ada On. Ail oT P a r r Fiw Eilm «S S8fl R E P A I R QI tnji'-d ^Trih'ng In. on «t around you' home. Riv fJ5 JMI Haultng, Express ALLOR Acoustic Ceilings Serving L.D. S Co' ilncc 1951 Custom 3 Coats · 100% K Irerrc^f- No Styr a'Ofl m. perm. WrlHfn cuy. Fie* et1. t^ n^ii. I day MIV. S Lie 1X11M COMPARE OUR PRICES · Y 7 -- ff.a.B. *»·»»* C R I S I S IN THE FAA*.1LYI Kind, r f l ' IP. Nui« avail, hourly )ME*SA,E"RS UPJOHN 4j24«i LADIES wanr y , o r k , Rtftr 714IJM106; inviniG Mcihei bdbi!i child AM GRACE BROS. ACOUSTIC CEILINGS 596-8196 Acoustic Celling 12x12 $20 OLD WALL B*du1lru P Vern Davis OH-KH 666-3151 Domestic Services HOME OA^^'I Helpe'iO'Jd lobi Haull-gCdfaiit'Lal 1iA*h u(n Hetrx)vt rires, ihri ' 42u"o2""' l 'or"" C "r365-69ca iwklv hoin ·rwes e 13 9?7*?71 URN. (L APPL. Mo»V%g 10% Sr. CiMjrn a.WDunl gar i vaid clcjn oat. !'·» *on v»n Fiee Eir Frw ipcr. Rel. Vk lllh 4 Xlni r«U. ;ih t Ch*f Vk /ih t. crwry. JMS TELEPHONE ,. trom home tor L. P a=gn Call Ol-flfo TRUCK Hc'pen S T R A I N E E NEXT TO L.S- nla*»P nec-r ZOE AGENCY VETERANS College students FJ A L tp°L R V P ^ T Ai'?H\^? X SM PINE AVE. LB d iVU on a tn* Army vartelv of opfior. Good MY. As U Mo »P«T req I5l5} 424 (1111 594 Ml 9 I. (74 577 3031 WAflEHOUSEWAN Eiper. P-cXer m Wdrehouvc. J7/- WAREHCMJSEMAH to 0.00 hr ^~ TRAINEE WILL TRAIN 3 PEOPLE To maf kel live Tropical f hh on v,hp3ieia'e i«v*i. $A4j. t^r room v-hlle ^ trairiog. Prefer iorr k"ow'etfBe cf Trock*' Filhtndc Mjnie lalei bacVcrtujnd. Good I ooporrunity, trtady ernptoymenl. | rJo rravellnfl InviJvwJ. Please Calt «3-'4508 AsV For Susan ACOUSTIC CEILINGS H.W. BANTA Since 1949 Additions Remodeling rj ""j-Se TRAINING COURSES Evef ifondei nvheri to sef fraf "*: pct- v «r^e ncce^wrv" ln*l claiilli'i ^di ask for? A good p'ate l ITI it Army- Wllh hood/edl of lialnif c6urvi, me Armf can lech you sk^ii rco'K be 9**d ro have iar on Co" '.RMY OPPORIUNIIIES WfrlTI Situations Wanted · 190 ADD-A-ROOM Jeaj'oTrVcl Wii^on'ra^tor Consolidated B!drs .PANION-Pracr NL'^ XnT rH -. LK* In or relief UliXH HOUSECLEANIKQ, thoroughlv c by rrtarure lady, ftll 6»* lUWP TRUCK FOR CLEAN-UI 1 MAULING Tirtth. UM-i B. d DclvF Lee 0- S«"asi Frw filln^ie*. i» Paten Pla»nK*fki» . mr EST in Wr*i, Piai f f' P*ich*wk r iMfchowrlio M5m f^ 0 TOEft£Bte u uw CLASSIFIED ADS 00 EACH ADDITIONAL LINE ai*rer nwdi work. terlor ExMi'O' */?-4Wl Thrllties ' A T C H I N G ' - n r i, f«1. reihxto, e»- .k. Scgirv 45?-31t MASTERING. Stvtco, Patch WMk a SW-airv Sm bbi i37 jfrjj Plumbing, Healing Ihrlitiw are (or w* x swap *h ptxrt by Prlva'e w»n». Thav are wi i tor rh* UM of '*« dlnbuiineti. Youc*i *iwti« any irem or Item* rwl to ncecd * Wji w MO. .,,,,,,,,., EASY QY MAILI Jirsl Illl out Ihe COuW be**. WrIW '^*^ elv j^'^^^.^ e. Allow orvblsr* wee t*tw*«o «ch word. Prke of Worn *nd rtw* 9$*"%**^" JSgJ? In COPY Ma'-t 1tii» form w *i ffxxk or morwv Order ro: INDEPENDCNI, J-HfcSV ? Ave.. LoS Beach, CA. W4U. W8 C*v»l t* responsible lor ca* »nl Kvwsh tr*m*l. NAME __ .PHONE ADDRESS- _CITY. _ Z ) P FIRST DATE OF PUBLICATION III COPY Ltialefor IWi dale, J m COCKAI'OOi *niall. I -.nup, l ram. $X. fa. «» Lwe'el, Lk»-J REE ra iwcxl hpn»e F. Alg'vm ap pro* 1h »n c*ii. Nc»oi loli cl to*e icv'-rw non^, I T. ikvg. · . "i G'*4t D* 1 ^. t nw oM. DRAIN OPENEO-S9.50 RC-.U 11 GiMf ELECT. EQUII IPVENT TOMMY ri*nl, tWackkHi i (learH.-r-. re- XCi SUpW- ·VOViNG TRASH C L E A S U P Alu Sfxirr Dil'ance HauH--o. A L S C T R E E TRIMMING. R E A S O N A Bl E Call 4j4«700 Anj-ilm* HAUL r BMTWV Il0«*er ^h Trim kpfi \h-Ltrs Ivv %.ufrcn-iPtxTS vrt*- di Frw PM. V?l ItfM ASH Hau'lng. O4r. OIM ti. P R O f A P T S E R V l C E DRAIN OPEN ».M NO HIDDEN CHARGES R E S U L T S GUAH. ELCC. ECWJII' Conrlelr F'.olmkxul Ouln S«-,v. Drains 'N Things 431-053? A I ' A K I M E M T ^^v* HOME SAVERS PLUMBING HEATING ree Cl1Jl-«'i-t ^lv-11. RpllAM «rvkp t!7 .I'll*. BflnkawrlCAic ^%K-iC^rvc J13S-MJOCT 3 L K W H I t t TV Convoke S7C. 4JO A DRAIN PROBLEM $9.50 CALL THE UNPLUGGER RESULliGUAH r'ASl S E R V I C E Etec cguip-7 day wk 5V7-0988 SM-1630 429-88W DRAIN OPEN S9.50 P«Hr G'-.vjniet*}. / Cl«yi W\. A I A T O V I C ROOTLR S E R V I C E ) IS o,il. FKh tinK». ir«mn, accf*s III (1) 1C M 1 l^ni, HJ » fl) S fl*J IK CONDITIONER O Sell fix IW 6to-3a?? LK W r l l t W IC-'i. I R It Ui L IHDE S T A R »to»mvi_ Q'-io^ " lOAT C B Atfldl (. k*l sii-A^i- · v d r ^ w S W mWK House Cleaners EARL'S WALL WASHING KIK^fn »»I3i Llv Rr*U i?^l» (no slrejikii X W I Wxkrrwnih D C A R P E I CLEAKING S E R V I C E WKH A SMILE tVr (lein ix M?ni «p»lhino. Qjld ,(rvlcc Frt* E»lm Lie In* ft vn - " S»'-41M S?l Wp Srvl In L.I re« eM. Rcom «kllTfon4 Retrtod- ·ling Family rrnw«cLAl 14x16 i f^irsh irrtktt. rinAnclna «val. . . . P. J^jZir39S9 PfiOVEMENT - nliv Re Youf-ndh 1 bprried L k.j HOME I , f your F Additions-Roofs-PatHJS ADOITIQNS-eATH-K ITCHED GOtLED. FREE: ESTW Lk . M.L. Higq»fd J29-OAS OOM A Electr]clans SEMI-ReiirrJ EI«ttrk1dnA Scm Sratc LktrrK No. :4tt47. AUsler char«, Banltaovkard Ciedll. All r . , Banltaovka wiring. nc*f i . Fme panHi JOE M-1J1I ALL ELECTRIC WORK as'nt.r^-' H A H ELECTRIC Stitf. t Cilr- Lie. Gujr«nl«« 115 «« 7474 ________ SEMI RETIRED "220" S33 C ; ftvir L«Ux Tru'f * »» S»w* i R*pali o CHc**f 6 J Ucrt. IW-Uai y Eltcl^k. Res Comm I. In Rm. addMKX**. Scv E »S THE GENERAL PUBLIC WILL BE CLASSIFIED UNDER HOME IER VICES no. _ ._ j Drug muil know l*y* Io hand - e n^onty. Over 15, Apoly 318 Loo/st Trainees 167 A T T N I Trucker i-OWM*- 5 D I R E C T MERCHANDISING 3 to 6 Months Work 18 Over ATTENTION OPPO lunity- iralnJng beoelih Wt ae not an enK^oyn-w'-t aoer^v, If YOU aie lenxw^ily driconhrxji'^g yoy educdi-cn or c*n o^r wtx* for * limited lime, we rnjy hiw IN: ;^o (Of you. Wofk w^r« rvl- Incr yoWJi or toe 'n a dludvan- lac*, ferrxwary 3 lo 6 rmorthA S E C R E T A R Y General OflKf WorV X'rr typlil. Loi Allot Area. 9l- 71AS rmIT OK. Ou" OreanJialkyi rx sevr«al men t wcmen ll a. over 'o -rock *t kast 1 montM. You can rising to 1160 a **ek afer 4 *t*ks' With cxxxytuniir' to ave«ax tX»N MOO per wf*k m your llr^r ve*r For Intervfew/call 424-8621 ' V:COAMto?:OOPM HELP W A N T E D l*idi. Eaihkle E«3*flefX«d In cuttorn Framing, t many other iaihUe. Lakenvood or U» Altos preferred. Afiei evtrnngs cait^ o6?O9 S^lV CARTER Elrclik. RcikJeora', Com rckaitUndLntrLai Lk. »WOO. 7^ or *r\ie 8*4 6JH Air Conditioning Heating AIR CONDITIONING Sales 1 **rv n k«- Llo-nved lrnvr«J. Ship A- Srw« Sht«l W«tal: 4J3 7017 Appliance Repairs AN, 79, wlat» 1 Ik netdi lob. D*«t*l 5l3a aiV (or Jim. D U A L I T Y B r i c f c - l r c n f Block Ceramic Hie. 5p*cUl'jI"B in woffc.oaysn.ft P^. S WAN 3.J k»*ir*g (ix *ny typ« r. K*. ro typ Ing. 78 1 Property Managers 2M C ^ L . E .S? CPL ro ma'viye II v^r*. . r«r^ Ct'i 3»pm j»-4l3l MATURE cp= no kW* hx 1 Or i rec^ E 4th SI Help Wanted General IW PART TIME EARN EXTRA CASH JUST BY WORKING A FEW HOURS DAIIY DELIVERING AND COLLECTING THE PRESS-TELEGRAM NEWSPAPER. ESTABLISHED ROUTES. Excellent opportunities for college slu dents, housewives, young couples, retired parents with teen-age sons ari daughters. NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY. V/e ca give you instructions. YOU can do it! Immediate Openings In Most Areas CALL TODAY 435-H61 Ext 223 Mon-Fri Between 2 and 5 pm Awnings 4 Patio Coven A DO covert-patio f rn* s c r e e n erxioiixes-rerfr · fc. f. H. Liken* Sor^ 4jJ Brick Stone Work i o* Brk* Btoch Wx^- tn. Prktv 43i-jr :rf»f*d. Ol f)fl Burglar Fire Alarms B 1x9"*r AWmi-Srnckt D»lecTwi Fr« Eilirrji'ei · Terim Av«ii At't't Eke t Aljrmi rtt IW7 Cabinet Makers K I T C H C N t e*m ., r ^?%r Carpentry 1C t^clr^lan S'air Re«t Reliable Work. Free tltm. 4»O6^l l ICF-NSf D E L E C T R I C A L COH TRAClrOR. AN Eleclrlc W o r k F r p e E i r - m a ' c t Ruv m-1VJ4 Re«i. ir-eci«M7^ V A N . WIF-L Wall WathJnp "No irre^V" CI«AH emply h«Twv B. 4P^ Rej). Free Etr *T3*i«J DALE'S ROOTER SERVICE 59?-4658 or 429-71W W I E \ L rr*l 4mw? LXH LS A* rw REASONABLE RUGS CICAIIMI. New McihoO UpnoJ nervy g. wdin. cleaned bv the m csrrrclhod G cim Wyn. J?9-HU CLEANING a. PAINTING Ann lawt*i Frcv Eirm *M OQN Linoleum Tfle L I N r X E LJM AND TIL E I N S T A L L E D RE A SON AD IF 474CC4J can imi Mattresses Pillows MATTRESSES PILLOW'S RENOVATED . Over i/vh;m fe'lllrd w'lh FMTI ONE O A Y S t R V I C E ACME MATTRESS FACTORY DRAIN OPEN S9.50 cndAbi* Vrv Ket u ll\ Gu4 598-9203 UNI AC 1 xmi Pete's Plumbing Heating Ei[m Lk.. "f B n B. 4; 777171. FAondrd "* ·" V I N C E ' 3 rL.UV.BINfTi A. H E A t J H O . 34 Mr Seryrte. Lk?nwl t In^vrcd Rrprtk\. Remodel New Crxnlrwc- ikxi us irt. vj,«ni Plumber. Honesl Refiabfp W,nlvniAll Jrb^L k. S«9 7^6? SCHU'SPIurrbing-Healfng JUS! GOOD F'lpjmNi I no IL^f f rtg I i I 117- w« *er c i rfn o. COPPCA L I N E S All r»r-«(r. Tur- rvstn L i e Pervxvsl IV. 416*00] W A N T E D SMALL PLUMBIlia AND I t C A T I N G JOBS J]*»0 Refrigeration Repairs Miscellaneous Services Th* Eire.riic.ian. Fice eiii n. Day or *v» UI-1087 Fencing Gales BLOCK WALLS xirt. wo^mamhio Good P /3 i OJ ft or JJ1 M?« F E N C I N G R e p a i r e d r Cruki LV.h Dog KcnrwH. Work FtM E_nrn_p?-r" Moving Storage Kermit's Wovir^g Transfer ND e l r » it^rv 5^' *· Sun '·)· Ik T-lfQifl7_. j_m C*rgg_ 1_UJO_ STUDENT MOVERS 434-8569 L AffCF OP SVAl MOVING W O y i ' t G A W A Y " ' ? C A L L TGOAf!" SERvrce 14 MRS. 7 DAYS ;ut84 iw/ or ji3*;iAm Floors-Sand Refinish FLOORS SANDED i FINISHED S f a t f U c IMltt Ca'l 7JM*J* JlN Furniture Repair Refinishing F your 'Xrttx-d C illlONS, rrp«iri, rxyn« Improv* ·nh L = c J«»M Hj'ColJI t« larniii. ovyyi. F U R N . S«FkviiNng A R»a-rt C»r#mg. Wk4Tta t K i r c h I C»i«ing Slrifyfrgl j^ilch C*tA F R E E kf?TI«ATC 4T-iifi4 Garage Poor Service Gardening Landscaping C U P R Y S L A W H S E P V i C E C A R P E N T E R wil da hcxn* r No k* *oo tm*'l Few «r «W Y A H O C L £ * N U P S x*i.e*ch«. ·vtp* i C L E A N U P S . y*/di. fehi ~ ' Carpet Services ART'S OF CARPETS J i )· 7?) STEAW CLEANING SPECIAL ertr«(«3 Llv rr IXlM 174 »I S*« Vt UO I. OC.I Irom **' fl -:r - f -r i'i~ nte r! i3%*co'un-t«a o *j;-J*r5 *Wy CW*' 1 f*?"' * 1 ' ** * n*rt Ifl d! 1« *S *"Y *VT**[» IN im dvl*( * r-Jii Rfq Ut L .r» M^-nt-^ BBS S»I n*l H J t J S P E C I A L *'* toch. ft' SH"». tit STEAM 0« SHAA*PCO » M * PCX COUCHES 111 » i C H A I R S V. f feCPNlE-1 S^O C*an«n Stfi"- »or»IT K O4-1075 . « he* L**! i MMI7«,n *»n (Jo^e. t'io» n-pC^wJ y- *: «?t 31 v HAULING " _ L 1 Long OilK'Xr "·Qf ni i Trixk Fr** nl til - VOVINO H A U L I N G Of C!rjr ing R*« IDlVMO; U'«?» Ornamental Iron O O N A / ^ E M T A L fY flOUf, NT IRON, *.'Vy« Guarrn. r^rwn. R « k t t 1*1 f.ic F f M Etirm 4;] m B C F R I G R E P A I R S All mplc 34 Hour Service V\ iH4 F H E C I'l Yr OW Mi- CAM ?9 473? |fd Soavvd T«ir C A ' i U ' ^ r Xlr. cood IIS. O»* brtl t I S JM99J f t 9 i i M Srx r " "NJcl 10 ialrt l.tdM S*l-1*51 «H«r 1 H, kllih c!iM (i fc, d.i^i 1?0 Pooling ASNER ROOFING CO. 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