Independent Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California on January 4, 1959 · Page 45
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Independent Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California · Page 45

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 4, 1959
Page 45
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NOW AVAILABLE 24 Hour Classified Service after regular ollic* hours and on week endi Through the Facility of th» ELECTRONIC AD-TAKER You, who ars unable to p!a« ,, classified ad during our regular o!iic» hours, may now DIAL HEmlocl 2-5959 and givt your messags to our Electronic Ad-Taker. HERE'S HOW IT WORKS . . . IT'S EASY AS A-B-C A. Write out your Classified Ad. B. Died HErnlock 2-5959. C. Follow Instructions o! electronic ad-taker. You will be given 60 seconds to leave your message . read your ad clearly and ba sure to give us your name (spell out last name), address and telephone number PLUS the number ol days you wish your ad to run and in what classiiicaUon the ad is to appear. SELL - RENT - HIRE - BUY 24 HOURS, A DAY t CALL HEmlock 2-5959 ior day and night service Business Opp. 126 NICE LITTLE BUSINESS KEEP YOUR PRESENT JOB IDEAL for man or woman o any ago who want to make u to $400 monthly in spare time INVESTMENT 52.450 cash an three hours a week of you time, evenings or week ends i you wish. Age not Important bu must be reliable. You will Ge how this can grow into a, larg toll-seal* business. NO COMPETITION NO SELLING FOR LOCAL INTERVIEW WITH FACTORY REPRESENTATIVE HE 7-3181 prepare Income tax- returns [o going tax practice or 12 years to takft lull charge on percentage basis with all facilities furnished, using 4 page folded translucent tax forms and Brun- Ing Photo Copy machine. Replj Eojc V-1759 I.. P.-T. NEW MODERN SERVICE STATION TRUCK STOP for leaao In Artcsla. Financing available. UE 9-0161, Spruct 6-1361. A-l loc. in new mopping center. Finest equipt. 2 years old. Couple can mak* ISOQ mo. $3000 dn. or will accept trade. Matte offer! Mode O' Day Dress Shop For *!« in Lakewood. Good location, excellent income for experienced saleswoman. Merchan. Slse consigned, low Investment. Call WE S-2311, ask for ilr. BEER -- NETS APPROX. 51.000 110, LN BBLLFLOVYER SHOP- PIN*G AREA HELP $350 MO. BLACK TOP 'PARKING FRONT REAR. ASK 53,200 DN, BUT WE'RE WILLING TO SlJBiUT YOUR OFFER. ·Crayne 6029 Atlantic GA 3-0511 ACCOUNTANT -- C.P.A. or P.A. under 40 with ltd. present prac- part'shp-- no Investment. Must be fully competent to work without supervision all pliasra acctg.. audit taxes immed. available Write fully Box A-1716 I.. P.-T. USED FURNITURE BUS. Grossing S3.000 UP. $9,000^ Clean Stock. Only $9,000 lock, slock barrel. Will trade for real estate. Owner 111. must sell GA 3-643U Realtor HE 6-4472 1 COIN OPERATED LAUNDRIES 118,000 TO INSTALL. DO 51,100 MO. "MONEY WISE" IT'S 1 -'FOOL-PROOF' OPERATION Crayne 6029 Atlantic G A 3-0911 PARKING lot. 100x125. Southwest Cor. Broadway Magnolia. Across sU from new City Safety Bide. 3500 sq. fL Store bldgs. all rented. Pays rent of whole prop. Leaving 9000 aq. ft. park. Bus. Opp. Wanted 127 WANTED-- Small grocery for couple WITH llvlnK airs. ALL \ARIETY store or a similar wlilch did appro*. 530,000 in 195S. All Real Estate Wanted 128 Have buyers for 2 den In UlX- by Crest, Calif. Hts. or Wrigley. To $16,000. Also 4-BR. To $15,000. C. V, JACKSON, RLTR. WE TRADE! Use the equity in your present house as Cash to buv the home of your choice! Call for details. TONER REALTY 8401 E. Carson HA 5-7427 5475 Los Coyotes Dlap OH 9-6SS1 4503 E. Carson · HA 5-6127 WANTED buy It. Call ui for complete Information. RYERSON A ASSOC. GE 0-0209 NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION A new home for Mother A; the children. We will buy yours, eel It or trade it. Please call for appt., no obligation. HA 5-6444 Wofford Open eves WE can tell yours, too. We need lutings for all types of homes * ino. Free expert evaluation. MAX LTVONL REALTOR 1101 Atlantic HE 6-9701 2. 3 or 4 -bed room home* in Lakewood-Bellflower area. Realtor. TO 6-7036 area. rlln. rm. or area, dble car. detached. Close to Chopping bus. Bkr.. HE 7-0039. HAPPY NEW YEAR HcCutchan OA 7-541S HA 5-1394 -BEX L. HODGES CO. HAVE buyers for income, iluat have listings -- 4 to 40 itntti. Page ft Cunninnnm GA 4-S113 Call Us for Quick Action STORMY KEATS. Rltr. HE 5-74Sfl CASH for your property, Lakewd.- Bellflower area. Prompt servlre. Ton dollar. Realtor. TO 7-7273. Sell Quick, Ask "Ric" REX L. HODGES CO. HE 7-1251 ilR. OWNER, 10 or mort u. cash to $05,000. Ballflrd GA 4-4S5fi CUM.\n.NG3 REALTY GE 3-1943 CLIENT cold home, wants 3 or 4 br. with or without rentals. Alexander. HE fi-7427 jiEED listings on 2 or 3-br. homes. Wrigley or Westrtile. JlAVE buyer for 10-15 u. wltfc 115,000 nn. Older prop. oh. Stanley, 323 W, Willow, CIA 4-4051 NLB or vicinity. Mac GA 3-M42 ALL CASH at one* for any prop. HIATT. 1938 E. ?th. HB 7-7481 _ Lkwd. area. Mr, Rose. OK 3-1131 MUST YOU SELL? \Vo buy. nik P*y cnin ' or your tiome. ' REX L. HODOES CO HA 0-5971 WE 1 BUY FOR CASH OR LIST HORWOOD REALTY GA? 7-346i Real Estate Wanted 128 WHY WAIT? IT'S EASY To trade the home you hav« out grown for the one that will give you the room you need and, can have. \ \ e nave the buyers, and all' types of inan money to make your deal work. Call one of our 3 offices today MOULD REALTY 5788 South Si TO 7-7^01 Mil Spring St. HA 5-7491 4S42 Paramount. GA 3-6449 Real Estate Exchangt 129 · A Sharp Location fa See this executive built 3br Zba. home. Swimming pool Landscaped beautifully. 4BR, 2ba. home. Try $500 fin. or exchange for L.B property McCormlck Res. GE 9-S116 REX L. HODGES CO. GE D-0104 Rustic Mt. Lodge Plus 10 cabins, store . cafe Your in business ·w/J10,000 down TAKE i'ART TRADE A-l Realty SERVICE GE 3-0103 WANT HOME IN HEMET Have 5-BR.; 1^-bath in L. B. $5550 eq. Can add some cash. BERNHARDT REALTY 495 U'. Willow GA7-S412 2-BK. Clear. $13.000. Trade for 4 to 8 U. Eastside. 3-BR. -f Hwy. frontage ttorea. Laguna. For Ijjng Beach Fae Matthews. Rltr. GA 4-0497 Will Take Small Home Vacant lot or T.D on new dlx. 3-br home. 2349 Pine. HE 7-1019 OPEN* 1 TO B FOR INSPECTION 12 UNITS 8 1-BR. 4 singles. Fur- al area. Will "trade " for 3 lo 5 units east side. Moors Rlty. GE 4-3464; GE 8-0570 MY EQUITi.' in two 3-BR. Lkwd. homes for R-4 lot ·with or witn- out house. GE 4-S961 or GE 1-0308 It Deluxe units. Always rented. Trade equity, trust deeds or old- NO. HOLLYWOOD 2-Br.. den, pool, guest house. Equity {10.000. Exchange for L. B. Income. HE 7-29 11. Brick-Concrete 12 Unit for newer Income! See Owen. REX L. HODGES CO. HE 7-1251 baths. 50x150 R-4. lot. FuU price 515,500. Want 4-B units. HE 6-S012 BROKER HE 7-109S 950. Inc. (ISO. Sell or trade for 2-BR, home. BKR. GE 9-2196. BISHOP -- Sell or trade. 2-br. house, 3.07 acres. 510.000 full price. $1,500 down. OE 8-200S. for L.B. Can add cash. HIATT HE 7-7461 S-- 1-BRS., 10 yrs. old. $37.500. $12.000 cash dn or trade down. Inc. 5440. Rltr." HA 1-6422. AVACADO RANCH for trailer park. Fallbrook area. Kathryn Campbell GE S-7392 er. Clear. Would like own-your- 0 UNITS near the beach, take house, TDs -f cash, for equity. Anderson GE 4-OSOi. CALL TO JIM Y THOMPSON GA 7-0251 VIKING GA 4-90SO Trade for inc. units. Principals only. HE 2-OS13: eves ME 0-20110 Email home. HE 2-SS94 Stlgall HE 2-7667 3 UNITS-- Best of location. SGS.- 500. For Email Inc. £ cash. TIE 5.-S349 Broker HE 5-3435 ON 1, F.P. $14,500 T.D. $10,200. Submit down. Roswurm. GE 3-49S3, GE 9-1S40 or T.D. dn. Rltr. HE 6-39G6. 25 HD. I I ASTIIRE ranch. 4 lira. L.B. Want ppts. Bkr. GA 4-9024. 3-BR. house. !«; oa R-3 lot. 4 Inc.. lots. TD's. HE 5-IG9S BAR-- Hum fish lortpe. Submit trade. Owner. GK S-S16fi. CHOICE Saltern Sen acreage, p. O. Box 312. Lonp Beach. GA 7-0327 nllbronk-- I f e - A . avacatlo prove. Real Estate Wanted 128 START 1959 RlfiMT f\ivn i psir|M.;vj · '· " · .'··^^·'··^f7.,- : · ···" ·· · · f OVER ^ i 650 1 i 'SALES 1 IN T958 i 1 BUY-- SELL -; I TRADE § F^ through ^ i MOORE 1 | Realty m P · 4(51 E. Oinon | | '££ HA 5 - I I I T ^ «« · MSI Iillflovir llvd. f* S: QE 4-3464 p| ^ · 111 1, nnt It. | | H HE B-IIII y _ (IniBHt Pnpiniii) -- Real Estate Exchange 129 BY OWNER J24.000 FULL PRICE LOAN COMMITMENT J17.000. 9392 Weldon Dr. (Nichols Manor) Garden Grove. 2 bedrooms, spacious living room, dining room, family room. 1% tile baths, large kitchen with breakfast area 1740 sq. it. pool aized lot (74x 174) brick patio, excelltni land- WANT INCOME PROPERTY Call ilr. Smith HE 2-39C1 daily or GE 4-6S6S evts. and Sundays. HERE'S YOUH CUANCB TRADE UP I* furnished unita. Cholco Wrlg ley corner. Top condition. J975 mo. incom*. Price JS5.000. Room to hulld. owner will finance Moort Realty 3B3 E. Is 116,000 CLEAR HOME $12,000 EQUITY IN HOME ALL or ANY PART, Ior income producing property. CALL GRAHAM, GA 7-9605 CUVE GRAHAM CO. 245 Linden Realtors HE 2-3961 WHAT A BARGAIN! SUPER LOCATION LOW DOWN PAYMENT OWNER WILL TRADE INVESTIGATE THIS s-tmtt nil l-Br., ail furnished. For appointment call; MOORE HA 5-1217; GA 4-6151 Duplexes for Sale 131 LOOK-- BARGAIN Two nice front rear 2-BR. units. New dble. garage on Biles- new linoleum both units. Rear wired for range . dryer. Price $15,200-- $2700 dn., convenient to even-thing. BURDGE REALTT Open Eves. Cor. Clark Stearns GE 3-01S9 3-Br. Duplex 2 Apts. NR. ST. MATHEWS Lovely studio duplex. 14 baths. Rear 1-br. apt single. 3 gar. WIAND' REALTY GE 3-0135. GL1 3-0379 1 YR. OI,n. 2-Br. each. All IRC rooms. Carpeted. Good loc. See HOWARD BUTLER, Rltr 6176 Atlantic Ave. GA 3-6478 BELMONT HTS. DUPLEX 2-bdrm. up-and-down on large GA 3-6439 Realtor HE 6-4472 MUST SELL I-ge, 1-br. each duplex, dbl. jrar. Xtra cond. PP $950. BERNHARDT REALTY 435 \V. Willow GA 7-8412 I^arge 2-br. duplex, w-w carpeting, corner location CALL JOHN MAY" GB 4-1555 McGrath-Shanlt Co. GE 9-2121 Owner moving Jan. 15th. Must sell now. side bv aide 2-HR. 1-BR. Xlnt cond. loc. $15.500. Your terms. Open. 2195 GOLDEN SEAL BEACH 515,930. BU. '52. Inc. $160 Excellent terms-- call Hubbard. Re3. HE 7-S559 REX L. HODGES CO GE 9-2191 BELMONT SHORE $16,500 Total-53500 Down A-l Realty SERVICE GE 2-0403 NEARLY NEW DUPLEX 512.950. 2U yrsT old. 1 2-br. 1 1-br. Dble. car. By appointing STANLEY Realty GA 4-4051 DRIVE BY 3571 CHERRY 1-BR. EACH. TRY $1750 DN. VR1G1.EY. LKS. i-brs. ea.. w-w carpeunc, drapes, dlsp. + l-br. father-in-law apt. See sub. Kac Matthews. Rltr. CA 4-0497 Super Slue. 2-Br. 522,500 N'r, ^AVrlglcy! Trade Inc. Owen $1300 DOWN 3 on I. Kaatside, Inc $177. Payments $137, Better see this! Jones 5459 L.B. Blvd. GA 3-3793 OPEN 1:30 to 4. It'll E 70th St . SluOO dn. 10 yrs, old. Lne 1-br" ea. Xlnt cond 4 par. 'Alley. Inc. 5130. G A 2-33 IS OPES 12 TO 3 1562 Cameron. 5(0 to $03 left a f t e r pymt. 2-or. nr. new. Jem. OA 2-0453 5 yrs "old! 1 Ciist L om Bfl biiiIl. L 'N 1 ?; evprytninn, ?2,f0o (In. GA 3-4543 B R A N D new L'-br. ea.. 2 par Lots of xtras. .Jlfl.COO f.p $I500 dn. 2sj Colorado Place. GE 31 59' SIGNAL HILL, 2 houses on 1 lot. $3000 dnwn. Itllr GK 3-4911 NKW 2-BR. each. Dble ear S12~ 500. terms. Rkr. HE' 9-4491. TOR SALE by owner. Brand new duplei. 67th St. GA 7-1236 IDEAL 1-story duplex. ]st offer- 1 ing. J5ee ad under Calif. His. Bkr ' Own Your Own Apr. 132 OPEN AFTERNOONS 1 TO 5 438 CEDAR AYE.-APT. 8 Bafcvay. Lincoln Park, bus' ' ft Front, new apt. home floor lo celllnj pic. window In llv! room. * Twin bed. master · 1 z e d closets WlUl ' Be ' wardrollt : ft Sunny 'ill. kit. ; birch cabs. : hit-in (Koner) oven A runee. ft Louvered plate cluss view ' ^ndow over doublu sink. ' * 2-car (tar. avail, (f 51750. $1,500 DN.-BAL LIKE RENT ! * '» ft * EASTSIDE-NEAR OCEAN ; Safeway, (ihops A bus line. i Eparklint; clean. Sunny tile kits ' FURN. SGLES.-$4,975 FUtlN. DBLS.-- 56,875 J1500 dn.. Bal. lens tlinn rent. E. 1ST ST.*-- NE 1-EH. MahoB. Trim. -- Only 18,500 CONSIDER TKADE FOR PHONE 'us To r 'an6\v 8M Owi Yew Owi Apt. 132 THE STARDUST 1329 E. 1st St. ELEVATOR- BEAUTIFUL BLBG £L£CTK1C KITCHENS BEST "OWN YOUR OWN VALUE- COMPARE · MOST DESIKABLE LOCATION · EUNDECK · SPACIOUS GARDENS · INSIDE-OUTSIDE PATIOS · SPACIOUS LIVING P.OO518 · BATHROOMS WITH · MEDALLION AWARD FOR ELECTRICAL EXCELLENCE FROM 53.750 Builders it cltt HE 7-7360 or HE 5-8076 THE DOLPHIN 1724 E. 1ST Optn everyday, 10 to 5 p.m. Beautiful l-barai apt*. All Electric Kitcfiens. Full Ule bathi. Noihlnt comparable In Prle*. Quality and Location. CB S-7551 YOU DESERVE THE BEST Sixteen 36th PL On Bluff Overlooking Ocean Sunrise to Sunset View All Apta.-- 2 BRs. 4 2 Baths WILL ACCEPT TRADE-INS OPEN 11 'TIL DARK CUVE GRAHAM CO. 245 Linden Realtor! HE 2-3961 The Cherry Garden Apts. 728 CHERRY AVEi NEW 1-BDRM. APTS. 1 at 58,500 1 at 58,750 1 at $9,950 2 at $10.500 GE 9-5422 1020 E. 2ND-- APT. 2 OPEN SUNDAY! Beautiful 2-hedroom "MARRON BUILT" apt, overlooking a floodliehled Olive tree patio. Separate dining room. Carpeting 8f draperies. Garage. MARJORIE RIGHT GE 8-3789 NEW UPPER FRONT 1-BH. Finest appointments 'By Harron' Enclsed. kit., natural cabinets, bkfst, area anuttered window into lovely Jiv. rm. dinette. Tremendous bdrm. wardrobes. Luxurious living with garage. TO SEE ASK FOR Slaughter HE 7-1251; GB 8-6889 REX L HODGES CO OPEN 2 TO 5 3822 E. 1ST APAttTMENT 5 PRICE REDUCED FRONT 2-BR, GAKAGE CARPETING . DRAPES EXQUISITE IN EVERY DETAIL MARION DAVISSON SIS Atlantic, Realtor. HE fi-4619 254 HERMOSA-- OPEN ' 2-BR, FRONT APARTMENT Built In '52. 1 blk. to bus, 2 blkfi. to Blxby Park. ?11,000. 1720 E. 2ND-- OPEN Near new 1-BR. lower. Cloat to Blxby Park. A delightful apt 53250 down. GE 9-2151 Wright 2233 E. Bilwy. 1020E. 2ND-- APT.4 OPEN SUNDAY Just listed! Glamorous 1 - BR. "Marron Built" apt. overlooking lovely Olive tree patio. Beautiful rarpeJIng. An apt. designed for luxurious, carefree living. Morjorie Hight GE 8-3789 NEW DELIGHTFUL DeLuxe Apt Ocean Blvd. Newly furnished. Immediate possession. Call RACHEL LYONS, GA* 7-6116 «v«. CLIVE GRAHAM CO. 245 Linden Realtors HE 2-3961 Carefrea living bt your own landlord See tbe -- ' , UNIVERSAL MOBIL HOME Openings available in several exclusive million-dollar Mobile 67(57 Lonp Beach Blvd.. L. B. ARTABAN. Corner o£ Ocean Blvd. and Atlantic. First floor corner one-bdrm., faces South East, and has a fine ocean view. Very seldom can you find one like this. We have the bey. E. V. REED. Realtor HE 5-4SS7 --510.500. "Wilmore Apta., 3rd Cedar, $11,500. These are all double apts. and two of them are nicely furnished. Call to see. E. V. REED, Realtor. 109 Elm. HE 5-4 SS7. LIGHT COZY 2-br. upstairs comer apt. Forced air heat. "\V-w. Custom draperies. I.arge garage. Call Wulett, Res. GE 8-9277 REX L HOUSES CO. GE 9-2191 1071 E. BDWY. FURNISHED SINGLES S4975 J-'URK. FRONT DBLS. $6550 Newly redec'd. Low tnalnt. Im- med. poss. Some trade. EZ trms. GE 4-2967 Owner HE G-5692 LARGE 2-bedroom furnished. $1000 down or part trade. Balance like RENT. Call GE 8-7059 Ior appt. The HAMILTON 1616 E. Ocean ROYAL PALMS CHOICE selection VIEW ap s. RESALE MANAGEMENT AGENTS 363 E 1st $10 MO. SINGLE Pays utlls., taxes, Inaur. Ask for Mr. Rosenberg Jack J. Jacobs, Rltr. HE 2-3014 $8300 NEW DELUXE 1-BR. LOWER- OPEN P.M. COOPER ARMS Gorgeous triple. You'll love the view, location price. Always a pleasure to show. COX HE 2-4139, HE 2-5153 1 blk. to bug. markets. 3 blks, to Bi-tby Park. 2135 Florida. Open p.m. GE 8-0182. PENSIONER'S DELIGHT Furnished single. S2000 down, $40 mo. No maintenance charge. Crabtrte Corners, Inc. GE 3--1911 OPEN 128Q E. 4TH ST. Apts. 7 ft fl. REAL GD. BUYS! HB 7-4 AS3 VIKING GA 4-2030 2nd St. Lower! $9400 Garage! Furniture! Trade! Owen UF.X U TIODHEK CO. HE LOVELY front upper Spl. J950 eq. P.P. 5525ft Inc!. stove * refrie. 2225 E. 2nd, No. 3. GE 9-Sf77 Y OWNER-- Must sell new 1-br. Iwr., dntn. 445 Cedar # 7, Inq. 315 W. 5th. HE 2-7241. ·EATLT furn. cor. sncl., $4975. 3team heat, close In, E-2 terms. sgl.. w-w carpet, Lge. drape, vcn. bl. 56500 caih. HB 6-11R5. O.Y.O. 2-ER.. l*i bath, w-w drupes. Must be sold. GE 3-S911 Realtor GE 3-5793 GA 4-2133 DOWNTOWN singes. 54750 up. ROYAL Palms apt. Slnme.i. i- 2-br. SclndelL GE 8-04.12. Own Your Own Apf. 132 Newest and Finest Ants, in Long Beach Near Completion on the Ocean Walking Dijtancj From Evirythlng Buy as You Wish All Cash or 29% Down Individual Deeds OCEAN HOUSE 1200 E. Ocean Cerntr 1h Pl«« HE2-887T,Mr,Pinnlman,nllr. Owi Yow Om Apt. 132 JUST FINISHING! EBELL CAPRI 1049 E. 3RD ST. OPEN 11 TO 5 2 BUILDINGS BUILT AROUND GARDEN PATIO 1 -BEDROOM APT. 58950 59250 2-BEDROOM APT. 512,500 BEN F. MARRON CO. BUILDERS HE 3-9757 KM. OA 4-529! ·'OW.N-YOUR-OWN' 1 SPECIALISTS Any Typ«-- Any size-- Any Price Downtown f£lt (urn....TM $5900 Ocean Blvd., I'.Brt.. vlew_Jj5tH Xurn., carpeting. (lrapes_.$ll,95C Ocean Front 1-HR., nool jn.ouo Panoramic View. S-BR.. Penthouse, 4200 aq. ft S9S 500 AND MANY. 11ANY J10KE! MOORE REALTY Bales Management AenU For: THE ROl'AL i*Al*MS and the Fabulous MARINA TOWER 363 E. 1st HE 5-1126 IN BIXBY KNOLLS Delightful spacious 2-BU. apt. wlh 23 -It. twins room. All electric kitchen. Birch cabinets in natural; Master bedroom wttb its own bath. Forced air lieat. For a comfortable, well located fairly priced apt. home, this can t be beat. MR. BURKETT BEN F. MARRON CO. HE i-iOSt . RES. GA 7-21Q7 EXQUISITE FURNISHED MODEL MARRON BUILT 1-BRDiUVIM GARDEN PATIO FOUKT.^'J* FUwtt In every appointment. Spacious Jiv. rm. plus dinette. Tremendous bedroom wardrobe*. Luxurious living with gar. TO SEE ASK FOR Slaughter HE 7-1251; GE S-6SS9 REX L. HODGES CO. Spacious llv. rm., plus dinette. Exquisite Mural, natural wood kit. Disp. copper venta hood. Fan. bkfat area-vertical blinds, abundant wardrobes linen storare. TO SEE ASK FOR Slaughter HE 7-1251; OE 8-0889 REX L. HODGES CO. LOVELY 2-BEDROOM Large liv. nn., all dee. kit., · 2nd. win consider trade, ua i HAZEL MERRIAM, GE 8-9373 CLIVE GRAHAM CO. 245 Linden Realtor* HE 2-3961 COOPER ARMS C.oxy 1-BR., view. Furolshec or unfurnished Call HAZEL MERRIAM, GE 8-8373 CUVE GRAHAM CO. X45 Linden Realtor! HE 2-3961 LOWER FRONT 2-BEDROOM ft GARAGE FIRST ST. LOCATION - . . 2 ENTRANCES. W-W. CARPTQ. EXCELLENT PRICE t TERMS MARION DAVISSON 218 Atlantic Realtors HE'6-4619 SPACIOUS I-BR. APT. W-w carpeUns * drapes. BllMn breakfast bar, - natural wood cahlrets in kitchen. Maintenance only 513 per mo. · OPEN P.M. 4540 B. BROADWAY Mnoie HE 5-1126, eves. GE 4-1S64 SECLUDED IDYLL . .. Charming 1-bedroom "MARRON BUILT" apt Lovely carpeting draperies. Enclosed kitchen. i Beautiful view of Ollv* tree patio. Priced rlnht.. . To SCR call MARJORIE HIGHT GE. 8-3789 WALK TO TOWN FRONT 2-BR.- A GARAGE Only 5 yrs, old. Spotifaj, 1,000 an. ft w-w carpeting. PRICED TO SELL ' EXCELLENT TERMS MARION DAVISSON ROYAL PALMS . Buy now, move In soon! Exec lent locations in 1 2-bdrm. apts. singles. CALL TODAY FOR BEST CHOICE. GE 8-6452 STEVE SI'INDELL, Resale Ajts. SEE One or the better own-your-owns In Uio city. 2 bdrraa., l«i-ba. Elec. kitchen, elec. eye- garage door. Ocean view. WUlett. Res. GE 8-9277 REX L. HODGES CO' GE 8-2191 235 MIRA MAR New 7 units on quiet St. Finest cabinets, beautiful wall paper in pastel colors. See it now. PETE WELSH BUILDER Nr. Lincoln Pk. Terms. CALL DFhlOTS HE 7-1251; HE 2-S23S REX L. HODGES CO. Bl* OWNER-- Sgl. apt. $1000 dn. Lots for Sale 134 R-4 180x177 To 20 ft. alley. Nr. AUantfo San Antonio Rd. AH or part. Keller, HE 7-0474 ; HE 6-25S2 WE HAVE an R-2 lot. owner may subordinate BEKx'HAKDT REALTY (95 W. Willow OA 7-S412 LOS CERRITOS LOT S10.S50 701190 ft PINE OIL RIGHTS REX L. HODGES CO. R-2 LOT Overlooking lagoon 40x160x50 CALL JOHN MAT GE 4-155S McOratn Shank Co. GE 9-2121 PARK Estates. S 0X120 level home alte. Owner leaving. Sacrifice, GE 3-SSU a.m. or alter . APARTMENT SITS C-2 lot 2S5SJ25 Artesla SU NLB. DAVID H. LEWIS HA 9-5525 for pool. Out or state owner. GE 3-2151 WK1GHT GK S-04S2 LOT 50x150. Alley rear. R-2 Good loc. J4.900. Hutchlnson GA 2-6129 or GA 2-6216 LOS CERRITOs lot 50x110. 55000. 100x183 TO ALLEY. Plans for 16 units. Submit, Trtgg. GA 2-4328 R-2 PACIFIC AVE. Only $5,000 A. E. WALKER HE 5-7775 TWO R-2 lots side by side. 55300 for both. Low dn. R»:r RA 2-4-M4 EASTSIDE. R-4 30x130. J9.000. Bkr. GE 9-4451 2 AC. zon-d for trailer park. Ballantyne GA 2-0013; ME 3-4.170 2% AC. M-l. X.L.B. J10.0UO dn. Eallantyne GE 2-00]5;-SIE 3-4570 130x110 C-2 CORNER Jones JilSU L.B. Blvd. GA 3-370S try SuOOO cash.. Rltr. GE 4-3444 E. 1st, 33x175. H-2_. Trade? Owen. Own Your Own Apt. 132 * * 2-BR. SPECIAL Ocean View THE "EL DORADO" Luxury Apartment Homes 1250 East Ocean A Spacious living room 24x15 plus dining area. * Beautifully A p p o i n t e d all electric kitchen and 2 baths, f t Tremendous m a s t e r bedroom; alio guest bedroom or dm. A Abundant ward rob* and linen storage arena. A Filtered forced air heatlnr with thermostaUc controls. * Fireproofed concr«te Kara**. ·ft Latest self operating elevator ft First Medallion apt. homt award for electrical excellence In Southern California. ftl.168 tq. f t of carefree llv. infr overlooking the Pacific Ocean, ft Model apt. f urnltUH below $19,500 Includes carpeting A drapes. SEE THI-S TODAY 11 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. for Information Call Harris Rogm, lulldtr HI i-H71 Uls for M* 134 lucent* Prep, for Sal* 138 R-l ZONE 73l21» lubiubu loL Nut door to gorgeous n«w custom built homes, walking dlatam-e to shop, ploe school*. iloore HA 5-1217: evt. HA 5-7200 (LAKEWOOD AT CARSON! WHO LOVES A VIEW? v.'ba lovtt ft**h lit? wtio lj\'«t a pticefut havtnt Here It is In Uii* tteautlful lot for Inlormitton -- WilleiC Res OK S-92T7 RKX L. HODGES CO. GE 9-2191 CREAM OP THE CROP 2 l£». R-i lou. Belmoat Hts. Builders bargains. Will trade. Kiehmao GL 8-i9i5: GE 9-0101 REX L HODGES CO. PliU oMer 5-br. borne. Drive by 837 Daisy. Only S2500 down. A-l Realty SERVICE GE 3-0*03 Business-Industrial 1 35 (fOU SAtEl DOWNTOWN 1 story com'l bids. 3 stores. Inc. $330. Priced to sell quickly at $25,000. Sub. dn, terms. Owner will carry bal. Realtor HK ti-9973; IE 7-9726 INCOME TAX PROBLEM? 5 stores · 3 apts. on Lo n E Beach Blvd.. plus extra parking lot. Inc. 5920 rao. 29ft down Full price- JSS.OOO. GeneTage OK 3-1307: QE S-30G7 HEAR YE. HEAR YK HEN OF 1 INDUSTRY 75x350. Slpnal Hill. Vacant. 125x173. Signal lltll. Vacant. 2^ acrca 4- buildings tractate. 150x300. 6 lots. $16.500. MORRILli IlEALTCR. GA 4-7804 130-X250' On Cherry at South St. A rea opportunity. O n l y $7,000 dn Might subordinate balance to reliable party. Gus E. Swanson Co. HE 7-2795 ESTATE-- Must sell N / W cor. Center £ Virginia, Paramount. 150x150 house t car lot, sen-ice gar., locomt $300 -K Call U.N 5-4104 after 4 p.m. MEW CSOO-sq,-ft. building. Lease Hill. Morrill. PA 1-7601. 1800 SQ. FT. -t- sheds. Xtra wiring. N.UB. Realtor. HE »SSH WAREHOUSE tor sale or exchange. Income Prop, for Sale 1 3£ CHECK THESE EASTSIDE BARGAINS 1 U,. low dn., inc, $230, JH.700 4 U., nice prop., 4 U., ex. loc., inc. S300, J25.900 U., $1500 dn., inc. I2TS, $21,500 6 U., $4000 dn., inc. S34Ii, $28.500 HUNT REAL ESTATE SERVICF 3118 E. 4th Realtor GE 4-8923 WRIGIJ-Y Start the new year out rlgh with this lovely 4-U, on secluded beautifully tree-lined street. 3 i-BRs i- I 2-BR.. 4 gars. Alley Corap. furn. Older but nice. Fo the price of a home. Owne leavlnr for Alaska. Act quickly Bltr. HE 2-7177; HE 5-7427. WISHFUL THINKING BUT IT'S TRUE 4 UNITS $13,250 CLOSE IN, SOUTH OF lOtlJ ST $3250 Dn., OWC bal. at 63, L.B. REALTY INVESTMENT ·3 UNITS-518,500 ModernlsUc patio type, 1-br. ea. 20x25 ft. gar. A Idry, rm. Very Uttl* yard work. 3 Dlka. to St Athanasius cburcb. Flat rat water. Inc. $225 mo. Lots o lye-appeal. Closed Sun.-- C U MOD. L. Miller 6530 Orange GA 3-3271 4 UNITS-- EASTSIDE l-BDRM. 3 garages. 5 yrs. old. $2S5 Ice. Must sell-trade? 6 UNITS CHESTNUT AVE. Inc. $443 mo. 4 1-brs.. 2 sgles. 5 . garages, loxv vacancy factor. STANLEY REALTY GA 4-4051 320 W. WIU.OW NEW YEAR SPECIALS 5 Units. $22,000. Income $300 10 Units, $44,000. Income 5575 Kastside near- bus markets. TRADE EQUITY In your home or buy with small down. H:Adema Realty GA 2-1241 V INCOME BUY 5 12-UNIT APT. BLDGS. ' 2-br. ea., 6-mo.-old. Rented for $75 ea. unfurn. on L. B. Blvd. Slncer, ME 3-5143. 8555 Arlesfa .Blvd., Belltlr.. for complete Intft HOME -* NEW INCOME ' Redcc. 3-BR.. 2-bath, 2-atory with EUH room. Sharp -- R-2 -lot Also has new 2-br.. 1£ bath elec. kitchen. Both vacant, iligli trade Owner- wilt help finance. BUR£GE REALTY-- open Eves. Cor. Clark Stearns OE 3-0489 OPEN-- 20 BELMONT 8 beautiful stucco units. 1 2-br., 7 1-br. Out of town owner savs sell. Make offer on down, F.F. $57.500. . MILLY BECKER REALTY GA 7-4421 Eves. GA 7-3836 TRADE your small income On 10 Units-- East Side 554,500-Inc. J790-rorner! lllne Peters HE 7-12M HE 7-1331 REX L. HODGES CO. WHAT RENTERS WANT Separate houses, eeparata yards, not more than $60 rent. We have a place with 4 EUCQ houses for only $2000 down. HE 7-550J CKOTHEHS HE 6-5116 EXCELLENT return on investoientl 24 Units-- Nr. Ocean Bl. Stucco! Xlnt. Terms! TRADE! Ulne Peters HE 7-1251 HE 7-1331 REX L. HODGES CO. REAL 'estate Income broker or salesman wanted Will give you good advertising" budget. Your opportunity to earn good money. Mr. Raphael. GUIVER CO. 551S Del Amo -- HA 1-S261 4 UNITS-- $15,900 Close in on Apnleion. Fixup. Inc. $270. Submt. Berro HE 7-1251 REX L. HODGES CO. NEW YEAR SPECIAL! Modern 4-flat + duplex. 3 2-ors. 3 1-brs. Nicely furn. Sep. meters. Alley. ' Inc. S420. Only $31,500. Good terms. Helde HE 5-1422 eve OE .1-4750 $500 DOWN One 3-bedroom 1 2-bedroom. llnrtlneau GE 9.0404 RE 9-2274 REX L. HODGES CO. Other commitments require sacrifice. Inc. $190 mo., price $IS.- 90ft--H cash dn. Hart, HA 5-1237 income $12.10 month, only $20,000 down. $600 month. HIATT 1TR 7-7461 WRIGLEY shopping area. Apts. stores. Inc. $616, Could be $700. $40.500 F.P. Rcas. dn., bal. 5%. Barry. HE 5-0717. i APTS. in Belmont Shore. $31,600 w/xlnt financing. Alway« rented. Good Invest MOORE HA B-1217; HA 5-3432 2 STORES + 3 apts. Inc. $385 per month on Anaheim St. Low down. GE S-SS37. Bkr. 13 UNITS near Ralphs. Inc. 5675 a month, small down. Owner ill, must sell. GE 8-SS37. Bkr. 12 NEWER Units, JSG.OOO 16 new Unit*. $110.000 WRIGLEY. 6 apts. 4 carafes. Inc. $130. F.P. $.5QO. B-- 1-BH., 6 furn. Inc. $620 mo. 5tf OWN3R. " GK 4-2732 for quick sale. Reas. down. GE 3-8911 Realtor GE 3-S454 FP $32.5yo! *TriBK GA 2-432S; 21S ROYCROFT OPEN 1-1 RUTl'l HORN GA 7-30.S7 $900 INC. TRY $65,000 HERE'S YOUR GOLD MINE R-4 PIUMB location, lot 50x161. 2-BR. house years old. Bkr. GE fl-0426. S325, $29.500. Call Fletcher. HA 5-1090 VIKING GA 4-9080 HOME 3 UNITS-- S22.500 INCOME $1S5 PLUS HOME Martin. Rltr HE 7-5822; HE 2-2S14 BY Owner, 4 IRC, lovely etuccoa. Hardwood garbage disposal, tile, 1770 Walnut. OWNER-- 2 stores, 6 lovely apts. on busy Atlantic. HE 6-5039. HIGH 1ST 2ND RE LOANS Golden West Mtg. HE 5-3052 ANAHEIM-- New fi units. $15.000 dn. Swtm Pool. Rltr. GE 4-0503. BY OWNER. 8 Units, under const. 8 UNITS-- Inc. $fiOS mo. $7,000 dn. 8 UNITS. 2 yn. old. Inc. $570 mo. $10.000 dn.. or trade. GK 4-27.12. DOWNTOWN 14 uniu, $15.000 dn Kathryn Campbell fiK 8-731(2 3-BR. home, fi units. $5.0N) dn. or trade. Bkr. GE 8-8166. * 418.500. Broker, HB 7-Z3W WANT R,E. SALESMEN. 75% COMM. HE «-8012; HE 7-1083. B UNITS -f home- |23.ROO. Inc, WEEKLY SPECIALS Downtown business corner paid owner over io«t. net on valu* of $200.000 In 1957 offtnd at a buyers price. Call at offte*. 14 -unit court itj-U apt. Clou In location always 100% full at rojulir prices. CUi to maw. }«.500 buys It. Terms. 10 cUsiy Bflmont Heights apts. Just lik» cew. Fln« inc., email «xp«os*. You'll lovi It. 2i D6w apt*. Pool, ear porta. 22 of i-bdrm. each. 2 2-bdnu. Ttaantt pay utlli. {50.000 dn, 4S-apt. units. Octan Blvd. It'i a money maker. $40.000 cash nitty handle it. Let U4 *how you. Great unobstructed ocean view apt. sites. 29S- cash down will handlt them Call us H. R. EARP Realty Co. 79 Atlantic HE 5-0723 27 units. Net n ft 4 . No set -up no Us. $50,000 cash out. R4 LOT 50x190. Income from 3 houses Sl£5. Totnl price J1S.300. Will tradt up. Priced at lot value aloni. Duplex. 2-BR., i ^ baths ta. Brkfst roams. 3 jar. Try lo dn K Z TKRMS. Foutz Rtiy C.E 6-9101 HURRY!! HURRY!! THIS WON'T LAST OPEN DAILY 1-5 1610 SHERMAN PLACE 10 compl. modernized furn. igla. 5^1 limes Kross. Adulta only. Priced to sell. Low upkeep. GE 9-0941 McCRARY HK 2-5367 HEAR YE, HEAR YE 34% SPENDABLE RETURN on dn. pymt. of $12.000. Will tike 1st T.D. or homo as dn. $7050 5T. inc. One 2-bdrm. unfurn. + 6 furs, angls. 2 gar. Clean prop. 5 yrs. old. On E,* Ocean Blvd. MRS. HURLEY CE 4-1G27 McGrath-Siiank Co. GE 9-2121 OWNER WILL FINANCE Either or both 7 units at 4101 R. Ocenn or 1S6S Henderson. Priced right at Gtf Jt ?H x income. 25 to 30C1 down. Easy terms. Will tako clear hom« or T.D.'j, Contact owner, GE 4-2737 PRIDE OF OWNER+21% 11 units. East L.B.. nr. state College. Pull, baths. HWF. 7 Bgle t furn., 3 1-br., I 2-br. Lot fl§xl30 to alley. 5 gar. This you must see. Call anytime. MOORE REALTY. GE 4-3464 LI5TOR GB S-7218 WriBley District G-unlt 4 yr. old balcony type has 2 2-BR. 4 1-BR. apts. $539 mo. income. 4 Karages. Corner lot. Owner Is sportsman, might take part trade for Ml. Lassen or Redding or good fishing or hunting country. Man-ill. GA 4-7604. HAPPY NEW YEAR ·with these 8 dlx. furn. units 2 2-BHs.. 6 1-BRs. Inc:. S775. 3 yrs. old. Property dear. Xlnt. tinan. avail. Open 1 to 4. W3 Xlmeno. Leo Wermersklrchen, Rltr. Member L. B. Traders Club 4014 Long Beach. Bl. GA 4-03S2 33 Units -- Downtown $23,000 yrly. gross. Bldy.^ loc., pries reduction. Owner anxious to sell. Call-A. U. HUBUARD. 2111 Atlantic HE 6-4312 Eve?. HE 7-855D 8 UHITS BELMONT SHORE Very attractive, $600 income, top location, near Ocean ihops. 3 UNITS. ?350 INCOME 1-BR. units. 4 furnished. East Broadway nr. Redondo, small dn. 1IABRY GK 3-3471; GE 4-1277 Belmont Heights Area if See this modern kitchen! 2- bdrm. lovely furnished home -- 1-bdm. cottage. 1 bachelor. Dble garage. Good location. Call Jo Broumley. GE 4-7615: HE 4-1373 Built '56. Apt. w/firepl.. built-in range St. oven. Lge. guest house. 2 1-Br. -f owner's Ige. 2-BR. VANUENBERO REALTY up-up-tip-Ut'-up · Seal Beach-- The Hot Spot Haves 7 units almost new J490 mo. Income. 516.000. *U,000 dn. Also other Incomes SEAL BEACH REALTY 12-UNIT CLOSE IN REX L" HODGES'CO. REDONDO 7TH bualnesa good location. PJchman, GES-4925; GE 9-0404 REX L. HODGES CO. NEAR ST. JIATHEW8 6 spacious newer unlts-H. 2-br. 5 1-br.. 4 gar., fndry rm. Hrtwd. firs dual furnaces, dlsp.. IRC. wardrobe TV aerial, plenty tile GE 9-3553 Miller GE 1-8388 TRIPLEX-- $24,500 2 2-bdrms.. 1 1-bdrm. G yrs old. $7500 down. Inc. $245 mo. GUS E. SWANSON CO HE 7-279o THER3 ARE NO GIMMICKS Walnut, S rentals." 54 35 mo^lnl!! E-Z trma for 539,500. Consider home or trade, ilorrill GA 4-7604 EYE APPEAL-- PURSE APPEAL S5000 dn. Bal. S160 per mo. Inc. 5195 -4- owner s apt gar 4- Fiat. ideal location. Good cond. Schnltx HE fi-60^5 Res REX L. HODGES CO. HE 5-4S19 THE WISE OLE OWL Says "Who To Who would like to buy 5 rentals on 60x140 ft lot. 5200 mo. inc. Only $2500 dn F.P. 512,500." ilorrill. GA 4-7604 DI*. 3-on-l. Side s side. E side Hfchmah, GE 8-4925: GK 3-0404 REX L. HODGES CO. T BEL SHORE-- 13 UNITS Lovely furnished apts. Choice location, income over 91,000. Only 579,500. Rlcka Rlty OE 8-3935 GE S-7BS2 tor lease, grossing $16,00*0 an$135,000. Merrill. GA 4-7604. ter icaae. pross. 518.000 annually. 2 2-RR. -f 2 1-BR. J2S,Wfl. Room to build. Try J5.000 dn Jones. Mo9 L.B. Blvd. GA 3-3798 6 NEW Units, all 2-im., K ood rental area. Inc. J475. Only 530,900. terms. TIME CLOCK Realty GE 4-T445 WANT YOUR MONEYS WORTH' 4 newer units. 5lD.9ft). Inc S2"f. No vacancy factor. Try $5.000 dn. Jones, 5459 L.B. Blvd. GA 3-3798 UWNKK-- 1620 APPLETON-- OPEN Nr. new s unit. Inc. $3.076-557.500--523.350 Jn.-- J300 moT Xlnt. Investment or retirement. 23 STUCCO units. Close in, inc. $16,000 per year. 5% loan. Price 12 PATiKNT- rest home-- 7 BRs Income near 51,500 mo GE 4-0304 ANDERSON GE 9-1113 2-BR, stucco, like new + l-BR rental A 2-ear. J13.750* BARRT HE 5-0717 INDEPENDENT-PRESS-TELEGRAM-- C,T Lwif M«tb, Calif., $un4*y. Jwuvy 4, l«f Incom* Prop, for Sale 138 New 8 Units $1650Dn. Next io Disneyland Hole IN ANAHEIM ft 1 yr. In tht pluinlDf t 4 Eleviltotu to choos* from A Ruitlc or Modern fttnn L.B.. ro out Tth or Garden Grove Blvd. to Harbor Blvd. turn north on Harbor to Orange woo.1 St.. turn left H blk. to ou office at 2120 MALLUL DRIVE ]E 4-4719 Res. TA 8-4163 1 RENTALS (3 furnished). Clc» in. Oood location. Older prop^rtj in good coQillllon. Owner goin east Says icU for J17.500. Good buy. BUSINESS prop, (leasfd) + 2 hit. duplex, near yactu harbor Good buy at ]26.DOO. 2-BR, bomt -f new duplex nea 10th Cherry + fine trees -f faniSM. A buy at (21.000. SANDISON'S 353 E. 3rd HE 8-1215, GBfi-541 SMAa DN. PAYMENT 8 units, over $530 mo. inc. 6 garages. 10 years old. $300 MO. INCOME 4 units, 2-br. each, 4 taracea Good condition. $10.000 dn. W. B. MARTIN 4370 Atlantic GA 7-2S6 MAGNIFICENT in Belmont Hts.-- new 7 unit. 8 ft. pool, terrace Jandocaped. pr! vate patio . terrace nr eac apt., carpeted i draped tliruout 3 garagea Tlie most bcautifu incuine ID L.B. By appolutmeiit Moore GK 4-3164. GK O-IS'J 2-bdrm. duplex side x aide 2 1-br Units renr -- 1 garaKes Kln e terms. TO SEE ASK FOT Slaughter HE 7-121. GE S-r,SS REX L. HODGES CO. In the heart of Belmont Shor REDUCED ! ! I 1 4 stucco units, all 1 bedroom Vented heat. 3 furn. Inc. !-'113 TO S£E ASK FOK Slaughter HE 7-1251: GE S-6SS REX L. HODGES CO. $5,000 DOWN 55.000 vr. Income. C U. 2 2-bdrs i i-bra Only S29.500. Will trade RIFE REALTY MART HE 2-75R4 REALTORS GA 7-fltO 1st Time Offered NEAR JEFFERSON JR. HIGH 8 unlurn apta. 2 two-br. . one-br. tor. loc, $545 inc siu.aoo P.P. A-l Realty SERVICE GE 3-040 Outstanding Fourplex Entirely furnished, c yrs. new Private terraces overlooking ba* patios. $500 income. flT.SQi Submit trade MOORE GE 4-34 W; GE 9-10D HOME - r 5233 per mo. or S320 po tential Income ioc 6 units. Xln rental area. Jllneaa forces Bale- call McCutchan Kea. HA 6-1301; Off. GA 7-541 REX L. HODGES CO. 12-U COURT E. GTH Large furn. singles. Inc. 5625 Tn- S47.000. Berro HE 7-1251 REX L HODGES CO "5 UNITS" yrs. old.. Income S345. R« sharp. WAI.KKR ft I.EE TNC. OE 4-741 11 -Unit Apt 6 5 Stores ALL RENTED. All apts f u r nlshed. Disposaa vented heat Inc. ?740 mo. GOOD TERMS Win. Zoeller. Rltr · GA 7-461 4 UtflTS-- 2 BDHMS. EACH! Garages; larje^ lot; TRADE "REX' L "HOVGES'CO. 8 UNITS-- 549.000-- INC. $556 Fep. liot water heaters. TRAT1P Illne Peters HE 7-1251. HE 7-133 REX L. HODGES CO. NR. SAPEWAY TTH Sharp -- Sharp 3-on-l. See t appreciate Iow down-- call REX L HODGES CO. BEL HTS. BARGAIN! Lge. h'ome 4- 3 new stucco apts Income S4.000'. 529,250. low dn Bkr., HE 7-2911. 9-UNIT-- SHORE Custom 2-br. U for owner l-bra. + 4 gars. $15,000 dn. 4 UNITS-- E. 4TH 3-- 1-BRs. it 1 single. Small dn Harvey Miller Co. HE 5-665 1345-47-19 E. BROADWAY 3 newer stores on small lot, ol cottage In rear. Total price onl $16,000. $4,500 will handle. ODEGARU. Realtor HE 2-408 BRAND NEW. LOVELY VIE\ 5 2-br., 4 gars., birch cabinets hoods, garb dlsps., hdwd. carpeting. Inc. S420 F.P. $37 500. terms. HA 9-5971. Bkr BELMONT HEIGHTS inc. C-3 * u-4 zoning. MARTHA LAND, REALTOR 2529 E. 14TH 6 UNITS. INC. S342. 13r 0 Net. Owner. GE S-04R2 E. First St. $4900 Dn. 55x175 R-2 + $240. Trade? Owen REX L. HODGES CO. HE 7-125 dn. pymt. buys 4 unit. Gooc close-in loc. Lge. 2-BRa, $25 HE 7-1291 ' HOLMES GE 0-503 2 LOTS C-3. 95x150. In cente ol L.B. with business. Inc. $43( assume mortgage. HE 7-2003. 315 W. 6TH ST. Lnrge 2-br. duplex. 2 14 blka. t 6th Pine. Only $16,000 F.P Realtor. HE 6-2519 Income Property 138A (MOTELS TRAILER PARKS) 63-Space Trailer Park Would you like to hnvn a tre mendous income without buyfn the land? 60 yr. very nttractlv ground lease. All modern new large spaces. Only $69.500. Try $30.000 down. GA 3-6439 Realtor HE 6-447 Homo IS spaces. Room Co more. AH rented. E10.000 rin or trade. H. Miller. HE 5-5fi" 10-SPACB trailer park Mr home, income $200. F. P. 511,950 CREST. 2900 E. ,4th GB 4-34-1 Income Prop, for Sale I38lncome Prop, for Sale 138 6^^L siyd^i FOR THOSE WHO INVEST WISELY 2 UNITS 10 UNITS 2 homes, 1 lot 6 apartments, 4 stores, $690 SI 65 Inc, S i A f K n ""· "·Owner SCft f|«n 4'/ 2 % loan E'VaU w l l l l i n a n c e _ OUjUUU 3 UNITS 14 UNITS Belmont Shore. Wrlglay area. Furnished. Largi owner's $9 1 nEA Includes SOC nnn unit, ['/ baths.. A l j I O U vacant R-4 lot.... OW,UUU 4 UNITS 16 UNITS Fuurnlshed. Brand new. Furnished ultra- Rental store. $nc nnn modern, $ 1 fc nnn Inc. $310 mo..... cOjUUU Pello, pool...... 1 f OiUUU 7 UNITS INCOME tOTS Belmont Hts, Brand new. 3 adjoining R-4 lots, Luxurious $0fi nnn Approximately $07 Bftn patio, pool 00)3(111 150x152x192 ...... 0/,OUU MOORE Realty (INCOME SfECMtlSTJI 363 E. FIRST STREET . . . HE 5-1126 Homts tor Sol* 131 REALTY SALESPEOPLE GoMea opportutUtjr In Lakiwood Los Altos, ottlte toe ih« rirht Diaa or woman to *»oei«t» with one of Southern California'! TOP PRODUCERS. Ov«r JM exclusive li*Unji lo work on. plenty of advmlsiac lor botb, listings ftiies. If you art am- blliou* 4 ar« not making th* mon*y you 'ttl you arc capabl* of inakfnff. let us show you how. Call Mr. Schrafier or Sir. Ellis for appointment. ME 3-5133. CA 3-6176. ·frAttn.: Cal Vets!! We r« specialist* lo handllcf Cal Vet Sales. No priority required. W« now have a cumber of : Jt J br. homes. Cornt to GUIVER CO.. S51S Del Amo. HA 1-S261 3-BR. DEN BEAUTY You'll like this Immaculate wt)l located horn*. Has IK«. living rm. t \v/stone planters. 16x12 den n) flrenl. Price? B# iint, just $14,- »50(! ATKINSON flllv. HA 5-7463 All This for $475 Dn, 3-BH. family room, 2 hatht, Mt-ln ranee 4 oven. flr«pl., forced air haat, nen* water soft- ner. Owner tranif erred, must Bftcridce. GUIVER CO.. i!23 South. UE3-S112. 2 ON 1 CLEAN 2-BR. HOMB WITH 4125 s'OUTli. ME S-Slfs. " 12555 West St., Garden Grove FURNISHED 3-br. V 2 baths" used brick fireplace, aluminum covered patio real bin-. Owner leavlne. New $13.000 FHA ready JOHN T. WEBSTER CE 3-OI3I TW 3-6808 JE 4-OOST HANDYMAN wanted to fix up lave $$s on thta remarkably dirty 2-Hft in tooil aftn. STEAL IT for only SOO ( J5 TOTAL PIIICE. Better OPEN 12 TO 5--3738 FAEHIorf $995 DOWN BY OWNER Cor. 3-br. W-w carpil, aripjl, double gar., etiarp thruout., pay. o"Vo2W. "'" '""12 ' S " 1 2-BR. HOUSE PLUS a 2-BK. duplex. Bit. 1958. Very »217.50 mo. S. L. STARK. ELTH. VACANT 4-br.. 2 bath NO Qualification needed! "U Pays UR Money A Moves In." Only $995 Dn Key at 2691 Bellflower. E-3 * HA 9-5928 BE A LANDLORD! " See this fine 2-BR. DUPLEX. Nr, Circle. A steal at $15.500. Good Income. Yes it will FHA. S. ~L. STAR, Realtor COLORED FULL PRICE J7100, SM DN, ? houses on' 1 lot large iteel snced yard, 2-car farast. Inc. $100 mo. GE 8-9882 Realtor HE 8-147| 2-BR. -- VACANT Drive by 3518 AIHngton. ' Only $10,300. Completely fenced. Orir- inally constructed for adding aa- dltlonal rooms. Gal-Vet or TIIA IQTo down.- GUIVER CO, 4121 South. ME 3-S112. 3-BR. 4- FAMILY ROOM Bpautlful ' Plaza, caipets drapes, fireplace. 2 batlis. enlarged kitcheq. Hobby room off fftrafje. Must sacrifice. Key 'at 5530 Atnerton, Bkr. GE 9-216Q. BY OWNER! - Modern 4-br., l^-bath home 15 Rivera. Very sharp. 3 yrs.. old. For Info, call OX 6-4068 between 1-4 p.m. PAINT BRUSH SPECIAL Saves $?5 on this 2-BR. hoint. Money talks owner anxioua. t* be talked to. See this now.. ' BKR. ME 3-5133; GA 3-647^ FORECLOSURE VACANT 3-BR:. 1^4 bath. Only $995 dn., no 2nd TD.. Mov* la Key at 2915 Bellflowir, Bkr. HA 9-5971 . ' COLORED ' ' 2316 A IS Myrtl* Av», - ·- 841 E. 23M St. submit on dn. pymta. Must ie« to appreciate. Bkr. GA 7-S23| NR. MILLIKAN HI; Naval officer transferred muit sell lovely 3-br. with 14 bathi for only $1650 dn., no 2nd-TD. MR. CAL VET ' see this (U line 3-br. before yoa buy. ilove In while Cal-Vet goea thru. Part of rent to count on dn. pmt. Gil 1-1371, Bkr. NAVAL OFFICER TRANSFERR'D Must sell 3-br. 1'S bath at a loss. $995 dn No 2nd TD.~ Key at 2224 Palo Verde at Stearns, call REX L. HODGES CO. GF. 1-1371 Impossible? We Hove It! Only 5795 dn. Total price $9,993. 3-bdrm., bit-in stove ' oven. Fenced. Vacant. Move in. Bkr. OE 9-2134 $1000 DN. $71 MO. . 2-br In Lincoln Village. F.P. $D,500. BERNHARDT REALTY , 495 W. Willow GA 7-841$ EYE-OPENER $11.800 total pricfl for SHARP 3-bdrm.. l»i bath, w-w carpet. Lot 65x100. $1200 dn. Hurry! MOULD REALTY HA 5-7496 OPEN HOUSE 1*TO°S NEAT 2-BR. Fenced lot. Room to build LOW DOWN Jones 5451) L. B. Blvd. GA 3-379$ 1497 LINDEN Best price. $10,950. Best location. Blc corner Nr. American. Joncg 5159 L.B. Blvd. GA 3-3798 street from Keller Schl. nr. o!iops. \V-\v carpet, dips., aluminum covered patio car door. , G936 Peabody Si, ' 4-BR., 2-BR. 4- 2-BR., 1^-BA. TRADE 2-BR. OR 3-BR: Res HE 7-S539 REX L. HODGES CO., GE 9-219J DIRTY BUT CHEAP 4-BR.-- VACANT $995 Dn. Key at 5630 Atherton. BKR. GE 9-216S WIDOW IN DISTRESS must srll furnished 3-br. for only $1510 dn. Key at 2915 Bellflower Blvd.. HA 9-5971. Bkr. 5300 DOWN 3-BR., hdwd. floors, beautifully Jam! scaped, real sharp. Full pric* onlv S12.fiOO. Mrfl, MACK GB 8-1111 MOVING LOCAL - LONG DISTANCE HODGES-MAYFLOWER Fast! Efficient! Ph. HE 7-35S5 Buy this 3-BU.. l*i-bath home. Dble. (;^r. w-w carpets owner will sacrifice. S'J.550 down! SELLER DESPERATE must sell Los Altos 4-br., t bath for $995 dn, Immed. poss. REX L. HODGES CO. HA 9-5971 IMMEDIATE POSSESSION 2-BR., only $7 950. 45 $49 per mo to Vet. t -tins, good location HA 5-6444 Wofford Open eves FORECLOSURE Los Altos 4-br., 2 ba. Only $903 dn. Mo. rmt. less t h a n rent, NO DOWN PAYMENT 3- A 4-br.. 2-bath. bit. -in stovt, ovens, .-'cnced Lnr.dsc. Only a few loft. C l i f f Uken GE 3-0464. COLORED -- No down paymt. 4-br., 2 bath, built-in stova ovrn. FlrtpL. 2 yrs. old. CUK Ukin. GE 3-0464 DOLL HOUSE 2-BK. Cute stylish Rr. llv, ira. Frpl. Nice kltch. Si 1,950. 10% dn. ATKINSON REALTY 1IA 5-74«« BR., 2-bath. built-lns. forctd air heat. Fenced, landscaped. BKR, ME 3-M33; GA 3-84"f 2-br. Neat A clean. 2-car tar. Only $11,750. FHA terms. . HIATT HE 7-74(11 Owner needs help. $1,500 disc. Nice Ise, 2-br. palla R-2 lot. Only JS.MM). Jem. OA 2-045S. 5UO. S5.500 dn, Pvt, ply. HB UNRESTRICTED MANSION 1950 down. Set 2039 Oranrty Criihtree Corners, Inc. OE 3-491X baths. Bkr. HA D-24 din. rm. Rltr.' HS 8*8314. yrs. old. Wllm. lutr. HJE} 6-3864

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