Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 23, 1976 · Page 6
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 6

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 23, 1976
Page 6
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NorthWe* Arkansas TIMES, Friday, April 13, 1976 VATETTI-.VH.IIC. A R K A N S A S Bumpers Continues To Oppose Development Of B1 Bomber · "UTTLE'ROCK (AP) -- Sen. Dale Bumpers, D-Ark.. paid Thursday he would continue to oppose development- of the Bl bomber because some military experts felt t h a t "by tlie time we finish production of Ihcsc planes the Soviet -Union 1 , will have'developed a defense system to (hem." .' Bumpers told a news conference that (he same thing happened with the antiballistic . missile 'svstctn; -"We spent $6 billion fo S8 billion on it and are Ihe process of dismantling il;" Bumpers said submarines are the f best' strategic weapon foi Ihuvcountrv, and-he would support funding for the, Tridcn! submarine although he thought it costs top much, - , . , ; ·, , The Defense.' Departmenl wants SI .billion now to develop four Bl prototypes.,Eventually, between i960 and 1985. the.Pcn- tagoin would like to produce 244 of them at a total cost of $23 billion. ; : ,,· . Bumpers said it would be ny far the most, expensive weapons system over produced in this country." , '.' * ' Bumpers said that some experts believe a .major.charac- teristic of the Bl can he supplied by developing a plane similar to the 747 that could approach within 300-500. miles . o f an enemy: border.and then release missiles to'penetrate on mv territory. ; "Almost .any plane .can be made to do that," said Bump ers, "There are people" who be lieve we can build that kind o bomber Ior §30 million to $3o 'million-" - - . · Bumpers figure on -what arnount of defense spend ing he thought was appropriate ! President .Ford has proposed a budget'of $101 billion in out lays and $112 in authorisations An authorization, approves fu ture expenditures for defens ''projects, but the decision o funding would be. made later bj Congrss. ' - .Bumpers said lie would UK a very realistic, hard look" a ;the" budget "for an amount arie quate for a fine defense sys tem " On other mailers, Bumper --The tax reform bill pendm beforie (he Senate Finance Con 'rriittee ."could be ' beneficaH scrappd and the whole proces begun anew ' He said he ha proposed amendments to g he rice, poultry and soybean producers the same artifical losses tax break others would e n j o y . ' ' A n o t h e r Bumpers amendment would prohibit tax credits being given to oil companies for sums they pay as royalties for foreign oil. A third amendment- would limit the business expense deduction for air fare to the amount set for tourist class. --Ho is trying to gain support for a proposal to set up a program for immunising 23 million to 30 -million ichilrircn in the United States who 'have nol been innoculated against diseases for which vaccines have long been available.- ·'--He has proposed an'amend ment to the proposed Clean Ait- Act amendments to ban the manufacture, import, or use o fluorc carbons in nohcsscnlia' ways unless the head of the Kn- virmental Protection' Agency decides by Oct. 1, 1977 that the flu pro carbons pose .no life. Fluor ant danger ,. _. carbons are used in'aerosol: nd some scientists ..belieyi icy;.damage the elements'ii le atmosphere (hat protect th arth from the sun's - ultra vible would support th emocratic nominee for pros ent, mentioning Jimmy Carte id Hubert Humphrey ; specific liy. But, he would, not - s a 'helher he would . suppor Seorge Wallace. Stale Refunds Federal Grant LITTLE ROCK (AP) -- Be- nusc il violated the Icrtus ot a raul in constructing the Worn n's, Correctional Facility at 'inc BUiEt. the state Correction }opnrlment must refund a $35,01 federal grant The slate Crime and Law En- orcemeiit Commission, which dministcrs federal Law En- orccmcul Assistance Adminis- ralion grants m Arkansas, aught the error in an audit, in ^ebruary. The corhriiission no- .ified Correction ·' Cbnimisstoner 'crrcll Don Hntto to refund the money, mosl of which had al- eady been spent. Hnlto was unavailable for comment Thursday. C. E. "Lefty" Thomas, fiscal idministratdr for the Cbrrcc- ion Department: said Thursday fi' moiicy for the refund will iave. to come from somewhere else t n . t h e department's budg- He said he did not know iow the .error occurred or who vas respbnsiblc- The error ."consisted of usinj he grant money after the grant lari expired, 'even though the expiration d a t e ' H a d tieen post- wned for one year. Investigators Reportedly Know Who Killed Hoffa Increase Request LITTLE-ROCK '(AP) --' The Chamber of Commerce says it will ask the 1 , Cfvil Aeronautics Board to increase commercial airline-service lo Little Rock. .The, chamber says i t - i s gath- e r i n g ' d a t a ' t h a i will be iised as the basis of its 'request to the DKTKOIT ( A P ) -- Federal investigators' believe they know who killed Former Teamsters joss James R. Hoffa but (eel tlicir case is not strong enough to take to court, the Detroit Free Press today quoted a In'gn-ranking 7 Justice Depart- in cut official as saying. : The Free Press said another Justice Department, official .who asked not to be identified said information .supplied. b y _ witnesses and underworld informants points lo Detroit area persons and New Jersey Mafia figures as the persons who kilted Hoffa. ; The Justice Department official said New Jersey Teamsters .official Anthony "Ton Pro" Provenzano figures in ihe government investigation, the newspaper !said. One Justice Department official. Richard Thornburgh, was quoted bv the, newspaper- as ?aying, "We have Vvery viable theory as lo the facts and circumstances surrouriding'-'-,the kidnaping and murder : of .HoEFa and as lo who was responsible.. But there is a diffe'renceV between what we know and what we can prove in' court." , Ho [fa was last seen m · the company of "several other men J u l V ' , 3 U outside a''restaurant in BloomEield Township, Mich. The story by (he Free press Washington bureau quoted another unnamed: federal source a s s a y "Clmckic" i n g that Charles O'Bi'len playctl CAB.: Liike Quinn, chamber president, said Ihj5 cha-mbcr is convinced that all .airlines serving major role in the events - thr. foil up to HoCfaV dis appearance. O'Brien is a Teamsters .off! cial who was raised by Hoffa fiom childhood and \sho ,«a brought into union politics b\ Hoffa. · . The Free :Press. quoted 'on Justice Department source a 3o ing O'Bncn ni.g^t t.a\ been involved unwittingly in th, Hoi fa 'disappearance 'when 1 1 picked up Hoffa's killers aUDc troil Metropolitan/ Airport f th day they flew, Lo Michigan t kill the 1 e\ Teamsters l' 0 Brien might nol havp know why the men came lo Mrh j°an. the Justice Dcparlm'en source saidi I K \ t ' O'Brien and Provenzano, wh havp ' denied the Little Rock could provide more flights, but are not. Quinn said the chamber agrees \vith the Little Rock_ Airport Commission that .''adequate airline service is ^ major component of central Arkansas develop rrienl.j _- know anything; of Hoffa's ti: appearance, were not imm.i dialely .available for comment The Free Press raid the oi primed-Justice Department ofl cial told it · Hoffa-might- ha\ bcm k]lk(' ' Teamsters- and Mafia figure itivnlved in; the unioij .fcare;! t would'ret urn to power in th union. He emphasized' that inves 1 ealors'i'.'havcino'.i Elkins Manager Criticizes PSC LITTLE ROCK CAP) -- T general manager of the Whi Fiver Telephone Co. of Elfcins criticized the state Public^Scn" ice Commission on Thursday for moving toward a cost of service concept in telephone rate making. Snowden Disney, after ? 'hearing:on the company's .proposed $55071 rale increase had closed, overrode Efforts by his attorney, Peter G. Esles of Fa! yetteville, to stop him. Disney heatedly told Ihe PSC that he resented having a "different concept in pri«ng" presented in staff testimony filed two days before the hearing. 1 "This commission · has -ap- ,proved thousands of rale cases · on the value of service (con- ceptl, and all we're ashing is that you approve the thousand and one'case," Disney said. "Docs il make any difference to you what concept is used so long as you get the money?" PSC Chairman Robert : C. Downie asked. Disney said it did because While River would have lo pay $10,000 to .make .(he kind oi cosl - of - service sliidies called for in PSC staff testimony. Three Winners In Red League ' Three games were played in the Red League men's slow pitch softball Thursday afternoon at the Ashell School in Ka3 f ellcville. Tn (he first game Northwest Vending defeated Meal's Auto Supply-17-5, Howard'Boyd was the winning pitcher for NW Vending and Mark Taylor was the loser, Wctzcl Perry picked; ur; four RBF's for NW Vending in thai game. Jn the second contcAl, Shipley Bakery downed the Jug's-Sherman's [cam 18-8. Jack Lupcr was the winning pitcher a n d ; Brad Jenkins was Hie loser, i Phil Deffenhaugh h^d three RBI's for Jug's and Rick Me-, Whorler scored five runs for, Shipley. Mr. Burger routed Schlilz 17-1 in the final game of the evening. Rob Wilkins was the winning pitcher and Ron Fletcher was [he loser. Wencfcl F l e m i n g - h a d .seven RBI's for Mr. Burger, scored four r u n s and hit one homer. Swain's Mobile Home Service · Anchors in Stock pro- feet from wind" dam- ag*. · Complex Air Installation, w# Mrvice whot w* Mill : · Factory Und»r running e»mpare our prk«il . y. «2 East, Lincoln Deatod to quality ·Dewteti to yru. Maytag dependability automatic washer with lint filter -r 289.95 Jlodel A106F Maytag washer with · lint filter . and dispenser cup also'feature's 3 water, level settings and ; 3 ^water, temperature settings. Plus regular and permanent press cycles and family size tub Gel Maytag dependability and (quality' while it is priced so low. Applianc es--DILLAR D 'S cnrient .- Fii^im HoHa's '-bptss -Fran ons was involved di--af x pi'ar,mcc, I y Farmers Home Administration Vigil For Christ Told To Vacate House! G R A N N I S A i k i(AP *- The 1 persons who have waited in sol all on since September tor ie sccpnri coming 1 of Christ avc' ibeen o r d e r e d by- the "armors tlome 'Administration o vacate their house hy.noxt ^hursday^ an- FHA-spokesman ays. "I can't imagine that «c'll 'oluntarily leave." said Elizaeth Nance Bard "t don't mow what we'll, do. .We're tak- ng things ; .on . a ; day-to-day The \igil is headquartered in wenc Mance's thice bedroom rick home on the : outskirts of his community'of 177 persons. When .the vigil bcgan-;Hept. 29. the.members quit their jobs, ook their children out of school, refused to talk wilh out- icier- and quit paying bills In January, the vigil mem ucrs signed deeds to four homes back lo the KHA Three of the homes \cre vacant be cause Ehcir owners were in the ugil The fourth was Nance's home, the \igil headquailers 'IThe FHA ; rhan lold iis (Monday) thai we had 10 days to va cate, Mrs Bard said "I would say the chances that/we would ;do that are 'completely mil "We think the FHA wants iis lo told up . qiiielly and steal a v a l , but I don t think we can do that after what we've done,' 1 she added. "It would be hard to imagine, that it would be right for us to leave.' Mrs. Bard said^ the -vigil members could liave. paidith'e mortage off on (he home, "bul we didn't think it was the right Hung lo do ..I guess now ma.\be we should have ' Instead the gioup signed the house back lo the FHA. Mrs Bard said she wasn't sure what w o u l d happen if the vigil members refused lo leave by ne\l Thursday "The FHA man said that if we wcren t out IIP would go into step 2 of .the plan to get us out, ' Mrs Bard said ' FHA regional director Paul Griffith confirmed Thursday night that he had ordered Ihe house vacated ' Thai's -if m, live." he said He added thai it Ihe vigil members fail lo com nly tlje rasp will be turned over to , Agriculture Department al torne\s in Little Rock The vigil 12th graph pre V10US \ ' The vigil has been besel b legal difficulties In late Octo ber, county officials ordered sr school aged children remoi ei from Ihe house and returned t school Juvenile Courl Judge J B Ste\enson said the six were n violation of a stale law t h a ^ cqmrcs children to attenc school until lhcv'\e complclee he eighth grade or are 16 Another child uas icmo\cc ( from the vigil house in Dctcm, jcr during a custody fight he t\\een a member of Ihe vigi, ul her e\ husband \ t h e vigil began during a Fam ilv pra er mcehng at ln( house, \\heu 66 \earold Viol. Walker said she icceived ( message from God that the sec oriel coming was near, and thai Ihe persons present should re mam m the house i All members of the vigil an related bv blood or marriage , Dropping Wrestlinq [ STANFORD, Calif (AP) -y' Stanford Unnewity is dropping wrestling from its nier^ collegiate sports program a te- Ihe 1976 77 reason and is reel is ; sifxmg men s and w o m e n s \ U » levball to varsity spoils nc\ r fall, athletic director Joe Ruci ( says SAVE with NOW ^_ ULTRA STEAM CARPET «nd FURNITURE CLEANING · oa, CAU NOW $19.95 Ph. 521-3620 "MAYlACi Dillard's Q choose from three of our most popular console TV's, priced for budgets Orig. 679.95 Model 453PE Sol. 5W.95 Orig. 699.95 Model 4546PE Sol* 649.9S Orig. 749.95 Model 46S6PZ Sol. 699.95 Choose from Ihree beautiful console TV's from Magnavox ... oil as specjol Dilfard's savings. All have handsome Medilerranean sylling wilh warm pecan finish. All ore a large 25" diagonal. 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