The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on March 19, 1920 · Page 2
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 2

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, March 19, 1920
Page 2
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V 1 THE OAlItf FREE DAILY FREE PRESS E»Ubli»hed illy 19W Weekly 1877 | _ L. : — r — : hee Press Publishing.Co. |MRS. JOHN T. GALBRAITH ' Editor and Manager PUBLICATION OF FREE .; PRESS IS RESUMED (Continued, from pasa ono) Telephone - - 218- ', Terms Subscription -15 cent .a week." Advertising bills .due weekly, lob- work istrictly , cash. MSNUAL" SUBSCRIPTION. $, er' 'equipment and' facilities.'-Type in the case's, "melted together and-, is buly: fit for so'-much junk. TheV building \yill require! re* building 1 -on-.the inside throughout, both'front, and-back. In the .front room 1 the books an'd files. of .the"office /were saved, yei damaged? by -fire and smoke. Tht fixtures suffered 1 from water ana smoke, practically all of which must be replaced;-by new. The cause-.of-'the fire • is undetermined. Efitered at the postoffice at Car- Jn'dale, Illinois, as second class vatter. Office in the. Free Press ' iidinfj, West Main Street. March 19, 1920." ANNOUNCEMENTS HIGHWAY COMMISSIONER. |'Hia;Free Eress is authorized to an- ^GElORCrB A. -FORE as a candi- r -Highway Commissioner of rbondale .township, sxibject to the pablican Primary [•The-Pree Press Ss : autnorized to an- Inee - JACOB 'ETHER.TON as a ndidat* lor Highway. Commissioner Caiiondale' township;* subject to !;ie Republican Primary March 20. ASSISTANT SUPERViSOR. The-F-ree Press Is autliqrized to an WM. M. HtOLLIDkY as a Andidate for reelection tor Assistan feor ot 'Carbondale townsliip, jitje'ot to the Republican Primary erch 20. . i'Free-Press is authorized to an- jounce J.; W. CRANDELIi as 'a candi- late for Assistant Supervisor of Car- V.'iiidale township, aubjeot to the Re- iican.Primary, March 20. TOWN CLERK. . hie Free Press is authorized to an- mnee .Will. M.- GALLEGLY, as a iand'iaate for Town Clerk, of Carbon- iale -Township subject to the Republi- , tan Primary March 20. I TheiFree Press is authorized to an- fiounce W. J. BROWN, as a candidate jlor:'Jpwn Clerk, of Carbondale Town" subject to the Repnhiicaff;--Erk ary, March 20. N *&»? •*' ASSESSOR. The Free Press is authorized to an- mnce Sam Anderson as a candidate reelection tot assessor of Carbon- ile townBhip subject ^o the Republi- jprimary March 20. OlSTPJCf SUNDAY GHOOLS1NTWO DAYS' SESSION PETITION FILED 'FOR Since Calumet came, we've quit switching brands of baking pov.'der—stopped looking for' anything better. They don't make. it. It -has come to stay—becauseit always-stays the same ^— and the "same" with. means the oszt? Its uniformity of quality—powerful and "unfailing, strength insure greatest baking success — tsiider, tempting.'!ally raided bal-nnga'c/H'ajys — anti ..... baking economy. Moderate ' in cost-, Oneiban will convince '.'you. Ordernow. Calumet' contains only such .ingredients as have been approved-' officially by the U. S. • Food-Authorities. a aaoztohenyoa buy it -. }Vii taiie tulienyoia use it More Than 100 Delegates! From 23 Counties In So. Illinois Met Here In "Old Young People Sunday School Convention. The Southern Illinois district - of the Older Young People's Sunday School .movement met here in a .two days' session -Wednesday, and Thursday. The copvention wiis attended by more .than 100 delegates from Southern Illinois, .embracing 23. counties in finis section of .the state. .The/ meeting- here. was. one of the four similar meetings to 'be .held in- ^Illinois. The conference was held 'at the Presbyterian church. It fs said ,l!hat the attendance- was alnttle shy of what .was ' expected, although this was made up for.,by the- hiigih enthusiasm at the meeting. This .being the .first meeting on the •movement, everything considered_-the result and attendance was very -en- 'coi-raging. . ' The .banuet Wednesday evening \vr.s -one of t'ne most delightful features of the first day. This followed' the first clay's program. ; One of the main .purposes of .the movement of -the -Sunday school .peo- •ple in their convention was to de- velope ara- .inspiration and responsibility for Christian leadership 1 among young .people of all the Sunday schools, the movement being .promot- ed'by -the churches. Thre'e ex.per.ts in the work were the principal speakers on the program. They were: State .Superintendent D. H. Wing, R. H. Watte, in charge of the iboys' wcrlTand Miss,Elsie Clark in charge of the girls' work. These speakers spoke .with interest and .authority on their worK. The local superintendents of the Sun-day schools in I Carbondiale \and others, members of the committees, worked earnestly in making the meeting a success. .* HIGH SCHOOL County Superintendent .'pf Schools ReppEfs Peti? tio'ns From 'Oilier' Gpn)- munities in Jackson County-rElectibn Marcjh Eli SHYROCKHOME < .«r,,tEudfr -entered the 1 ; home of 'H".; W.': i Shryock;'«>.!iu 1 t'8:30 y -morning.' ; He r^eHberater y. ^pejjeil • a. : |iiic.k do'or : at $16 ISihryWk : ''- ;ii(Hiaef "Mrs. . ..Shrypek/'. ' '''' ' ' H. H. BATSON DIES IN SOUTH DAKOTA Carbondale filed a petition. Saturday looking forward ,to a .community high school-for Ga-rlKmidaite. With the filing of the .petition from .'Oarhon- dale were x also others from cominun- 'ities in tire county. A .statement from the County Superintendent of School office says: Tlie county superintendent . has been kept vei-y busy with .community high school petitions, a-rd arranging for .the' elections. ,He must fsallan election when petitions in .proper form _ars' filed with; .him. - There .has been five' petitions -fifed with Kim as follows: ' . • . i Elfcv'ille filed January ; 19tJi. Election called Ma-roh .15th/1920. Makanda. filed February ll'th. "Electi-on called March 20th,^lS20. Campbell Hill 'filed' -' March : .3rd. Election called March 19Jilvl92f|. Ava filed March --.3rd. Election called March 29th, 1920. i.--' H • '. • • Carbondale filed March IStjh. Election called March 27th'/l920.' A petition for Gorham. is being circulated. Each petition, filed . includes from 48 to 88 sections of land; There will ibe little npn-lh.ig'i school territory left if 'all the vtemtor-y. in the .petitions is" voted, antp community "high school disricts. .Voting for a community high school ^strict docs not mean "that^a new'high^stji^l-wjll be built,- because a .special election must be called later 'by : £|ie board of education for that, purpos^! -Elkyiille will not need a new .'high -jschool building for at least two, years .uru- less the population shows/a" great; increase. Ava will not need a 1 new building- for years. Calripibell Hill may need their building''•remodelled, but the local district cap, .do. that. Carbondala. .will need a modern, building in'a short time, likewise Makanda, Oraville, Pomona, Grand , . .. . . tij 1 .a : .rppm. upstairs , -and' I kept Ji^MfjjW ' a .noise down^tadrsj ''the .floixr sqflQa^ing and pthe^' noises which §bun4ed }ike ^eomepne^Vwas in 'the -house, 'f At 'tlns|;..momeji)t:-I went to lire ih'ead --of -*he stairs'l'f rpm : 'the upstairs iropm .wliich ,'t -was in and saw a man '.almost at .-the -top of .the stairs. I told him/to, .get <iuit, tout; he .kept coming, so I yelled ,tp Mr. Shry- pck.,to get WE .gun,__a man was in- the jhouse. The ! man Ihen .turned ,.' lainid leaped down toe '&be>ps .isnd .ran out the sbacTc 1 dppV. ' ^fr. ^hryxjck just happened to be hom.e' --at the" time and was in bed Jon .of .illness. This is .one time,' 1 not that. I was gla^ Mr. Shrypck .w,as sick, font lucky enpug.h he was at home," declared MJTS. Shryock. She. no'tified th« police but nothing more .was- teard of the man. He was .described as .wearing'; a cap and a- red and grey checked nKickhiaw. Later Juldg« A. S. Caldwel reported he saw a snan. who answered ' the der VIVIAN MARTIN —IN— HOME TOWN G . A,Light Comedy.; Star In a.;P!easing Comedy. Feature CHARLIE CHABLIN, in S 110T DOGS" Orjfan Selections by Miss Jacobs at 6:45 " 'Curtain at 7:00 " 11 and 22 Cents —-SATURDAY, MATINEE AND EVENING-^CHAS V RAY, in "THE PINCH HITTER" -other .homes ilrere. Judge Caldwell 'MRS. FOWLER TAKING •aiske'k • him if h<=s- was' looking' for i;.. INSTKUCTION FROM wbrk-and'he.saidi'"No." • ( -• T ( , FAMOUS ARTISTS PINOCHLE CLUB MEETS The Wednesday Evening -Pinochle Club held their weekly meeting at •the. ihome of -Mx. and Mrs. 'C. A. Linn scriptkm coming out of two. or three on- West Walnut street. ' /. Mrs. Smith N. Fowler has'gone .to Cliieagorwhere she is taking vocal •' dnstructaon under Prof. W. A. Tor' vence oi the Cosmo.poHtasi school.' JHabert Weather-spoon of the New York Metropolitan Opero Co. He'is the famous ..basso .perfundo. We x -'£i-re- just in receipt of notice from' Government that T perraanent fronts for exchange for Liberty bonds which have all coupons matured will not 'be ready 'for delivery before Ajteil 15^ 1920, instead, of Mar. 15, as here. tofore announced. Bring'your bonds to us after April 15, 1920, and "we will exchange 'them for permanent borids with all coupons attached. FIRST NATIONAL BANK » •. . . . The Bank of Service. " ' . / \ . \ -. ' Carbondale, 111. ' , be proud of. Whenyoi^ can set before the folks or your friends a cake or a pie, or a plate of biscuits" thatyou're^rsJ/a? °£—tnat you 'Icnqjv looks good-and tastes good —-that's "something worthwhile. s - Valier'u Dainty Flour is ready toMjc your.first aid-in taking 1—to give you far finqr baking Relatives here have received an announcement of the ,death, of Henry H. Batson, which occurred at Lcmmon, South -Dakota, March . 10. Funeral services were held at the Methodist church s\ Lcmmon, March 14, interment being made at that place. • Mr. Batson was about 63 years of age and is survived by six sons and one daughter, as follows: Curtis Batson, in the service; Sylvester Batson, located in the northern ptirt of the state; Chas. and Royal. Batson, of Boehrs, South Dakota; Harold, Frances and Miss Mary -Batson, of Washington,' D. mother, Mrs. S. C. Batson, villc and several brothers ters also survives. Mrs. died a,t Murphysboro 'years ago. Mr. Batson was well known ii, this city, having made Carbondale his home for many years years ago the family Murphysboro and fror Batson went to the Dakota country where he was engaged in teaching school. Mr. Batson visited and'vicinity last , DeSoto iand Vergen^ies .'high "schools remain -in non/-high ^school teorritory' and have not circulated community high school petitions. . ' ' i • C. His of Elk- and sis-. Batson "about two Several moved to there Mr. Au . in Carbondale ust. Dental ! , : Powder . klod-Lishtly QP. Derntii-P'ate; - > • False Teejtli Firi^jjriin Place '.Prevent* Irrigation and Sqre Gums • '% ^fefWH 1 *Comfort AMJoisBid-:.;.' ' ••*': ' fH**^^ 1 ^ " Sanitary. ' r Antiseptic v-lii Sanitwy: Sifting-Top Casis,;'35c,'St)c.,Wd^$1.00 i . • ^Cirega -- Wednesday was guesf day with the Wednesday Club, ; a r.iumber -of invited "uests attending the -masting at the home U Mrs. B. W. Reef. The hostesses were Miss Mary Steaig,all and Mrs. Reef. The affair-.was .in the nature of a St. Patrick -party *nd the decorations were in keeping with, the day. Delicious refreshments were served and Irish souvenirs given each ? .The following interesting program \vas .given: Group of Irish" Son.gjS—Mrs. Herbert A. Hays. ' '. '.''.'•" Talk, "Conditions in Ireland Today"—Mrs. F. H. 'Colyer. • .- . ' •Da.1129—Irislr Lilt, Oin cpstume)— Misses Ma-vy Youngblpod and 'Enielie Kerstine. • ' • , \' Irish- Stories—Miss Padra Holmes. HOBBS-PELZER WED WEDNESDAY At the English Lutheran church parsonage at Murphysboro. at "high noon Wednesday occurred the marriage of Mr. W. Marshall' Hofibs, son of Mrs. J. C. Hobbs, and Mrs. Elizabeth -'Eelrer, daughter of Mrs. Mary Fusion of Murphysboro. The beautiful ring ceremony,• Rev. Georgi, pastor of. the 'English Lutheran church - officiating; was ' used and was witnessed, by a. company of relatives and clbse'.-friends oj the contracting parties." Thp.: ;c'puplc were attended by '-Fred^ Mi Hobbs, brother of the groom, . and Miss Grace. Goddard, of this .city. : , , Following the cerempny a' dinner was servedi at the .home. of tlic bride's mother", Mrsfl Mary Fusten. The bride is well and favorably known in Carbondale as well as in Murphysboro and .iias many "friends in both cities. Mr..Hobbs' was formerly city clerk of Carbondale. For the past, few' ye_ars he Has been located at Louisville, Ky., and is a conductor on the Southern Rail-road. . . ' ' - ••' The wedding Wednesday was «he culmination pf an 'old romance, - .Mr. and Mrs. Hobbs hay'jiig bccu close friends a .liurrib'el: ago.- • ' -. Mr and Mrs. Hobbs • C|ira? ;ovcr from Miirphysborp - Wednesday af and were guests- pf. .Mr. Studebaker Wheels We have been using this space to tell you about the advantages in general of using "auto'" track -avagons-— how they v foll6w the roads or.tracks automobiles, arid why we expect to have nothing but "auto" tracks tp sell in-the near JFuture, for\the simple reason that there will be no demand for any other Idnd. ,.-,-.- «/ . - . Very .years tcrnoon Hobbs' mother, Mrs. "J, ; P." Hobbs. until they the departure of, No. 1 when went to Louisville; .whete will make their home. J ari^SoW bj,; the following Loc»l Dr "te : SiK^C- - : 'SSS^S^t.. • Ilfs-VHCo-I ?|TI1*** OtOvCf ' T^ ^ . f v • n ' • j. "-'o • n'-f-'-tB'e?- wi-i tna 1 pAckag* for -10 cents. , LOCAL SCHOOL BOARf) MEETING TUESDAY NIGHT At a sp'eciafcamstine.of .tl|e school .bcnzcl "Tuesdny'-. night.' anticipatory' s to . pay the . current . -ex- NOTICE Puiblic notice -is hereby given -that , meeting of the stockholder of- |he Weiler-F'ox Muisic Compiriy "-will ."be held at tfie' o'ffice -oi'sahd corporation in : 'Carbohd'a-ie,-Ill., ; 'Oiv ; Monday,.';tlie 5th 'iday of April, A. 'D; l'920,'.^' 1- o"ciock'.p.-m.j'.'foT the.-pTJjpbp^ f>$Y?t- ms "oni-tlic .pr.opasition. ; -tQ:4'Ssq}ve.the. coiipoiiation and for, the te4nsa,ction of such other<' ^usin^ss;'.as' :may be Dated '^t 'CSrb'naa(eiSIH., . 'day 'of JtarchVA^t). :i920.":. ' ' ' day we want to : tell you of one advantage in particular of the Studebaker "aiito" track ."wagon. Stude- bakj5rT^wia.gon specialists since' 1 852— have 'perfected the mechanical science of piittmg'just th ! e right amount of "dish" into their "wagon wheels to make" them run pn a plumb spoke. They have also figured out and put into; their" gears the. proper set and gather to make the -yvheels revolve freely and "chuck" between the skein collar and the! axle nut. This holds the grease in arid keeps it evenly distributed so that there is:no unusual wear pn the skeins, or the skein , collars or axle nuts. But all these advantages would count for nothing if the wagon could not -follow in- the, track of the automobile. If the wheels on one side run smoothly in the rut while those on -the other ride the ridjjjes— a-a vn the case of .wide track wagolis — the wagon pulls harder, the wheels do not run on plumb : spokes and on one sfde they are bearing, against v the axle nut; on the other side they bear' against the skein collar. There is no "chuck", the grease runs v puti Bflidyqur wagon is shorter lived/ •*>"••• • •' , So, in order that the advantages of set and gather will not be lost to iStudebaker wagon users, these wagons are bujit to fit the roads'—at ^a?t9Q^ pf which are. today tracked by the automobile and penses of the, Caa-.bap.dale' " sehppls " .Seyeral b,ills-Axere ; I - -fe E. were "autlioiized. allowed. Adv. Direcijors. lQ0%io| .whicfrin the near future will be established by both the automobile ^anjJ i "auto" track wagons, s . _ - •..' - - •• ' - . : ' ; '• ' .. '• " (. ' / For : your. r^ext wagon get pne that fits the roads and gives longest possible seryic^-r-Tlge't a, Studebake? 1 "auto" track. . ; :E|EALiBIt- )AL,VFEEDS' AND'.SEEDS/

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