Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on November 2, 1950 · Page 24
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 24

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 2, 1950
Page 24
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Thuridiy Evinlng, Nov. 1, 1950 24 Reply To Howe Exhumation Amphi B o n d n !·*· TVT ~--Request Is A waited, Locally Under Studv roliticos Near ^ * . . . . " Campaign End Coroner Clark H. Johnson today is awaiting a reply to his request ! that San Diego county (Calif,,) authorities exhume the body of Bruce jStanley Howe to determine if the 20-year-old youth met his death near Tucson by foul play. The Vista (Calif.,) electronic Insect control device 'By Associated Press Rival candidates were mincing no words in tearing into each other as the intense state political race entered its final days. Ana Frohmiller, Demo- candidate for governor, Mrs. cratic charged in Phoenix that' the Republican party campaign was one of "deceit and dishonor" and filled with "misrepresentation and outright falsehoods," From Prescott came the words of the Republican candidate for the chief executive's job. Howard Pyle declared the opposition, was making a "last minute effort to confuse the basic issues I alone have discussed with you for weeks Proponents and opponents of the $555,000 Amphitheater school bone issue, to be balloted'upon Nov. IS presented their views last nigh salesman was found dead Sept. II in the Mohawk motgi at Jaynes at a meeting held- in the Amphi and weeks." Meanwhile U.S. Sen. C a r l Hayden, the Democratic candidate for re-electftn, told a Phoenix audience the Democratic party has appropriated practically all of the' funds expended by the federal government on reclamation projr ects in Arizona and the west. Ee said some funds were authorized by Republicans in con gresst but the actual appropriations were made when the Democrats were in control of the national lawmaking body. Bruce Brockett, the GOP candidate for senator, had charged.pas- sage of the Central Arizona project by the senate was to help Hayden get re-elected and that President Truman planned to veto the measure if it passed the house. Mrs. Frohmiller made one of her most fiery addresses as she attacked the Republican campaign. "Every falsehood that is printable is being spread in a Republican attack th'at is wholly without honor," she asserted. "Whatever integrity aad honor the Re- Station, along the Marana road. At the time it was believed he was a suicide and had been dead since Sept. 7. Later, his father, Stanley J. Howe, asserted the youth had no reason to kill himself and asked a more complete investigation be made. Meanwhile, the body of Bruce Stanley Howe had been released to the father and returned to California for burial. Yesterday Johnson^ent the following telegram to Chester D, Gunn, public administrator of San Diego county: "Confirming telephone converse tion this date. Information here in dlcates Bruce Stanley Howe, 20, o Vista, Calif., may have died by via lence near Tucson on Sept. 7. Yo' are therefore requested under sec tion No. 1510 of California pena code to exhume body, which is bur ied in 'Eternal Hills cemetery Oceanside, "Calif., and determin whether his death was occasione. by the act of another by crimina means. You are further requestei to notify your local authorities ani this office when such is deter mined." Clark Office Probe Ordered 'A thorough investigation of thi city inspection department ha; been ordered by City, Mgr. Phil J Martin Jr. following suspension o. Cecil H. Clark, electrical inspector publican party,, ever had in Arizona went out with their present campaign. . "A comparatively small group of Republicans picked their candidate ' for governor, and succeeded in maintaining that candidate as the Republican candidate for governor 'in the primary election. "Then the Republican candidate for governor dropped the Republican-party label, not allowing the designation of Republican to ap: pear on his political posters. The Republican party then set out to beat down the Democrats by centering their campaign attacks upon ·me, the Democratic candidate for governor." ' At Prescott Pyle again hammered last week. Martin said todav he had received complaints against other city department heads following publication of those lodged againsi Clark and resulting in the suspension of the electrical- inspector pending filing of formal changes and dismissal. No charges against any other department head are p e n d i n g , Martin said, and none is contemplated at present! The investigation now being conducted by the city - manager will determine any future action taken against city employes. Formal charges against Clark are now being prepared and will be filed with' the civil service commission in a few days, Martin said. Deputy Inspector BUI HIckman tor until-the Clark case. Is cleared. at a theme that-"my opposition-can- h as , teen named electrical inspec- dldate does not speak for herself-- · - · · - - -- · - - r she is in the hands of others." He also denied what'he termed Democratic party charges that the Republican-party was not on record ag opposing legalized gambling. Pyle, also attacked claims by Mrs. Frohmiller that she is an Arizona taxpayer and. 'greatly. ; concerned with.taxpayers' problem. "Despite these boasts that she is a taxpayer in Cochise county," he said, "the record shows that she 'Mikado* Opens 4-Night Stanc Tucson's Opera Workshop begin a series of four performances o the Gilbert and Sullivan 1 operetta The Mikado." in- the Temple o Jewelry Held For -Claimants Police today are holding a quantity of jewelry, waiting for owners to 'identify and claim the pieces. Among the property is a wedding ring with the inscription: 'DMF to JFF--10/3/42." The jewelry, mostly costume oieces, was turned over to police by Mrs. C. C. Struth, 3543 E. Monte Vista inn. Mrs. Struth said she found it hidden under a board on the back of her lot-at 9 a.m. Oct. 27. The first claimant of any of the jewelry was Mrs. E. .W. Gurnett, 2812 E. Lee st. Mrs. Lee called i police at 11:45. a.m. yesterday toj theater-high school auditorium. W. H. DuBois, -president of-the ! school board, stated that passage 'of the bond issue was'necessary for construction of the first unit of a new. high school to relieve presen- over-crowded conditions. DuBois said that the problem could not be solved by double sessions. He declared the' increased tax burden would be comparatively light and would be counterbal- a'nced by the fact that- students would have adequate facilities, j He said increasing valuation assessments, increased .population and Increased percentage of tax collections would hold \down an increased property tax to a low level. · . Dr. A, H. Neffson, of the Amphi- t h ' e a t e r v Tax association, challenged DuBois,. asserting that it was the opinion of the assoda- that property owners could Mrs. Gurnett's bracelet was . found among the pieces turned in Mrs. Struth. Among the re- sions couia solve the problem; 'DuBois replied that the Amphi- rosaries and a linen cloth. Kefauver Seeks Overlord Of Vice theater district is eligible for fed- '(eral funds but could offer no clef- jlnlte assurance that they would be Benson BENSON, Nov. 2.--Community Presbyterian Ladies'. Aid society will hold the monthly meeting, at 2 p.m. .tomorrow in the home of the president,' .Mrs. , C. E. Morrison, Strangers In the community and newcomers to, the church particularly are invited to attend. This is "new member day," 'Officers in charge include MmeS. Morrison; Minnie Hilton, vlcejwesident;, Mrs. Harlow Taylor, secretary; L. W, Towle, treasurer; and Marvin Davis, auditor. Others assisting, as hostesses are Mmes.- Franklin Benedict and. David Martin. Reservations are now being made for the annual Armistice day dinner in Veterans' club at 7 p.m. Nov. 10.. See Mrs. Filbert Barrera, chairman, or call 4652 Mrs," Don''Wat- tles, American Legion auxiliary secretary. ' . Shots 'Upset' Mss Truman Offered In VA Chest Drive PORTLAND, Me., NOV. 2, g?)-~ Margaret Truman concealed her concern over an attempt on her father's life in her song recital here last night. Dates With Queen Candidates Dates with five. University of Arizona candidates for homecoming, queen wiU go to the five highest University of Arizona ipidders as a means of' giving impetus to the annual Campus Chest drive starting Saturday. There are actually six candidates, but one of them is engaged. Also on the auction block will be the services as waitress of Mrs. Dorothy Lindsay, ^acting dean o : Admittedly "upset," the Presi- women ' and Ruth Ann Hyde, as ' TM wil b «""« dent's daughter showed no it to more than 2,000 Portlandersj Dr. William Pistor, head of the who received her warmly. Afterwards she told a backstage inferviewer that her mother had teltphoned the news of yesterday's nntcMo ° W animal pathology department and a Tucson councilman, and Jack Hig gins, English instructor, will auc tion their services as "hashers" in a fraternity or sorority house. Washington. ln | The auction will be held at 10:30 j a.m. Saturday at the Co-op foun · -- ..... U U . U U . L V I M J « u 1tH\. \*V V]J 4.UU41. Naturally I was upset," shejtain in Old Main. The available said, "but the:whole thing was overjhomecoming candidates I n c l u d e iJoan Manes, Tucson; Barbara Beck pays a.total .of $1.07 in taxes on a Music and-Art at 8:15 tonight. five-acre 'tract near -Willcox. That's ' all, and I think it is interesting to .-' note that she has drawn more than 5100,000 in salary In some 35 years on the -public payroll." Bank Debits Up 6th Straight Month For'the sixth consecutive mont Tucson's bank debits were highe than they were in the sam months last year, according to th report.issued by the Tucson Clear lag House association for Octobei Bank debits fbr October totale $86,042,039. and they were $9,118 034 greater than-in October, 194! when the totals were $56,924,00o making «n increase' of 16 per _cen over, last year. Clearing house transactions fo the month of October amounted t 568,204,226; for October a year ago 10 : years ago, ?13, 557,041,901; 523,142. Retired Minister Is Seriously II Rev. · John B. Ascham, retired Methodist' preacher and former educational adviser of the Turkish government, Is reported seriouslj ill. . ... 'Rev. Ascham, who assisted thi TuYklsh government In setting up Its national -school system more than two, decades ago as an em ploye of the Hash foundation, returned here recently ftom Ohio He, had gone to Ohld for the funeral of Mrs. Ascham, who died .here two weeks ago.. He-was.accompanied on his return by Mrs. Margaret Green, hie daughter. ' · · ' . ' . Red Forces Set Back, . Report From Saigon SAIGON, Indo-Chlna, Nov. 2. (an Counter-attacking French and Vietnam forces' drove Communist-led Vietminh rebels back east of the frontier fortress of Laokay today. a French military spokesman said. The spokesman said there had been a "general weakening" of the Vietminh drive as the rebels fell back from Ft. Pennequin, a small hilltop installation about 2 miles east of the Laokay fortress. Meantime, the spokesman reported that French tanks had gone, into action against Communist forces south of Hanoi. Now She Shops "Cash and Carrf Without Painful Backache'. As we get older, stress and strain, wver- exertion, excessive stnokinfr or exposure to cdd sometimes slows down kidney Junction. Thi* may lead many folks to complain of naecinc backache, loss of pep and I energy, headaehea mnd dizziness. Getting wnijhtl or frequent manages may nnult from minor bladder irritations due to cold, dampness or dietary indiscretions. If your discomforts are due to these causes, don't -wait, try Doan's Pills, a mitd diuretic. Used successfully'by millions for over 50 years. While these symptoms may often otherwise occur, it's amazinff how | many times Doan's give happy relief -kelp the 15 miles of kidney tubes and filter, luih out waste. Get Doan'i Pill» today! Leading roles tonight will b played by Connie McConnell, Bur ton Mustin/ SamuelP. Goddard Jr Clayton NJles.'Larry Wilson, Loren Hollenbeck, Sara Durazzo, Margare Hoskins and June Snider. Othe casts will sing other performances Mustin's appearance, incidantally was made possible -through delaj of certain , scenes in "The .Las Outpost," a motion picture, the principal portion " of which was filmed recently in Tucson. Mustin will leave for Hollywood after his final performance Saturday t( make indoor scenes as the sheriff in the movie story. Voters Turn Down M i r a c l e M i l e ' EDMONTON, Alberta, Nov. 2,' (JP) Edmonton ratepayers yesterday voted "no", to a .$25,000,000 scheme for a streamlined civic center. They rejected a scheme ^vhereby a group of New York backers would.finance a project making an undeveloped four-block area in the heart of the city into a "miracle mile." . . · ' There would have been a large civic auditorium, parking space for 1,800-cars, green parks and-modern office -buildings. But although 60. per cent of the voters favored the plan, 66 2/3 per cent was needed.j. That vote was the main issue. Slectlon of five aldermen was re- ·garded with fair interest, but''some aldermen expressed more concern over the outcome of the miracle mile than in their own re-election. Some 18,000 of an estimated 33,000 eligible voters cast baUots. OAK RIDGE, Tenn., Nov. 2. · The senate crime investigatin] committee is gunning for a pos sible national vice overlord, say Ssn. Kefauver (D-Tenn). Kefauver said the committee doesn't know whether such a vici chief actually exists, but tljat'i las been determined that efficient closely organized criminal gangs operate with interlocking interests and directorates. Kefauver is chairman of the committee. He cited crime syndi cates in Chicago, New York, Phila delphia, Los Angeles and New Or eans as examples. These groups, he said in an Interview yesterday, meet 'each year in Miami and Hot Springs, Ark., "to 31scuss matters -of mutual interest vork out arrangements between themselves and divide territories.' With such a setup, he added, or- anized / crime might have a single verlord, though the committee yet .as turned up no proof. Walkout Closes Huge Steel Plant BUFFALO, N. Y., Nov. 2. (#)-Steel production at the Bethlehem Steel company's huge plant in nearby Lacka wanna was halted, as a walkout spread to more, than half of the plant's 17,000 employes. The estimate was made by Julian R. Bruce, international representative of the CIO United Steel- available. Dr. Neffson charged that the school board, .in presenting their facts and figures, did not. give the byterian'chureh. 'entire picture but engaged in half- ' truths, He said with federal and' taxes going up and with rising Building costs and scarcity of material, how is n,ot the time to build. He added that many families, liv- Mr, and Mrs. R. son, are parents of a son, born Oct. 23. He has been named Rodney Bob. Mr. and Mrs. George League, will return today to their home in East St. Louis, 111., after' a two-week isit. here with his brother-in-law m d . sister, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Worden. Rev. David D. Martin, was in Tuc- on. this afternoon attending- a by then. "Actually, I was more concerned over the families of the White House guards who were shot." 'The 26-year-old soprano hadn't one ° f i told, at the time, the guards had died. ·Miss Truman got several curtain calls, sang three encores and said she had "a wonderful audience." Seventeen Portland policemen and 1 a secret service detail guarded the_ singer. Miss Truman left after the concert for Boston. She is scheduled to sing in-Fhchburg, Mass., tomorrow night. meeting of the. presbytery of south- Arizona, · over which he 'pre",-as moderator, in Trinity. Pres school i Solomon Voting rising - . . O ing on a fixed income, cannot afford an increased tax burden. .Paul -A. Robinson also challenged statements and figures presented by the school authorities as inaccurate". The bonds, to be paid off In 20 years, would provide high school classrooms for between 600 and 700 students, field house, home .economics building and vocal and instrumental classrooms on school property on Yavapai road between Stone avenue and Oracle. Additional units would be added later. Driver Jailed 10 Days, Fined . . . Sets New Record SAFFOKD, NOV. 2.--A record number of electors voted in- the Solomon school district Saturday, when 231 ballots were cast in "a hotly contested election. Tilford Larson topped Cosmos Enriques by 51 votes. In 1 Safford Merrill Kempton re- Parish Dinnei Set On Nov. 8 Thomas Rourke,; 24, of 2914 E Lester St., was ssntenced to 10 days n jail . and - fined" $50 today when he appeared in city court chargec with destruction of city property and being ifl control .of -a vehicle .vhile under the influence' of al- ohol. Rourke was arrested at p. m. workers. ·esterday. .by city police as he sat n his parked car on''East Waverly treet ' east of ' North Campbell venue. -'Police said Hourke's car was tailed with the rear wheels burled o the axle in soft dirt of the divid- ng section of East Waverly, They jsaid in attempting to cross the L-ne waiicout oegan aie yesier- lssctjorl he caused damag e of 525 to are urged-to onake plans to attend day when nearly 1,000 blast furnape itv . owned shrubb __ 6 thp * tlne -.. and coke oven employes left their jobs or failed to report in protest against dismissal of a member of the union's plant grievance committee. The company banked six blast furnaces in which pig iron is made fast night The 30 open hearths used to melt pig iron and scrap into steel were shut down this morning. FAMILY GROWS FAST LA PORTE, Jfnil (U,B)~~Mr. and Mrs.- James, Snodgrass of Galien, Mich.,, are. increasing their family last. They' · became ths parents of twins here for the second time in ess -than a' year. Mrs. Snodgrass,!' !0,'-. gave birth to twin girls just' 'ive days before the first birthday anniversary of he'r twin boys. · ' · city-owned shrubbery. TOMBSTONE. Nov. 2.--St Paul' Episcopal church will hold a paris: dinner in Loma de Plata at 6:3 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 8.' After din ner two laymen, Walter P. Cross man Jr. and Joseph Beriindes, botr of St. John's Episcopal church,.Bis bee, will present a program. Talk _, , ,,,, J T - by Rt Revs, Arthur B. Kinsolvlnt ceJved 128 votes and Lamar Alfred, n, bishop of Arizona, and Harry S whose name was written in/ 53;{Kennedy, bishop of Honolulu,-wil Eldon Palmer in Thatcher had no be heard by transcription Illus opposition and only 38 persons - - - went to-the polls. Pima elected Ed Menal, who had no .opposition; Gordon Hoopes topped Lloyd Martin Central. Ft. Thomas Union high schoo district elected Catlett McSuen while' Nash Willis- took the . pos for the elementary school there. Jimmy DuBoise was elected a Bonita. · trated. with colored slides. Rev. George H. Prendergast church, sal" State CC Managers To Hold Safford Conclave SAFFORD, Nov. i -- Dates for the winter meeting of Arizona Chamber Commerce managers have been set for Jan. IS through 20 in Safford. · Meeting program is bejng around everyday duties of a chamber, man ager or secretary. 'Featured wil De "bull sessions" on Thursday and Friday evenings. ' Chamber, managers throughout the' state have been notified,: programs will be sent to them and the meetings. The Most Amazing little GENERAL STORE in ton ''Where You Are Likely to Find Most Anything" Ragsdale - Well; MORTUARY "Chapel of the Flowers" : Service Dependability Reasonable . Prices "Titcsodt only Negro Morticians" Serving Tucgon and Outlying Communities 801 N. 12th Ave. Ph.3-3771 Open 24 Hours Beat the HIGH PRICE HORSE MEAT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION BOLOGNA..,,HAMBURGER..- BonelessSlew.» 25° CUBE STEAKS,. -4W» FILLY FILLET... MO* 20° RIB STEW... 26° SIRLOIN...." 28° WIENERS...." 25° ·D06MtAT£~Ll5« Rolled , ~ SIRLOIN TIP. .v*30' For Dogs HORSE LIVER .-» I0« Fresh Eggs--Bread--Milk--For Your Convenience OABALLO MEAT MARKET 316 So. Main 25-Ft. One-Piece GARDEN HOSE; 1,95: CROWN HARDWARE VARIETY: Soleng Center 34th St. and South Sixth A 1 15 Stores to Cater to Your Every Need Comparable price -at any store in town-at least $1.00 more.... Bishop Klnsolvlng will talk abou the present condition and oppor tunitles for the Episcopal church in Arizona. Bishop Kennedy wil tell about Honolulu. Layman .Crossman and Beriindes who will conduct" the program, were :rained for this work -last Septem jer at the laymen's conference in Trinity- cathedral, Phoenix. Bach parish and mission church' in the diocese .of Arizona, Rev. Prender- ;ast said, is having a similar'meet- ng,_with the same program presented by two laymen chosen from ;he various parishes. Members.and friends of St. Paul's :hurch are invited., to make their dinner' reservations early by, contacting the committeewomen, Mmes. Anna Belle Kirby and S. C. Beach r by telephoning Tomb-tone 2161. IT'S HERE FRESHEN The delightful all-pnrpose deodorant-spray with 3-way action! DEODORIZER.SANITIZER · GERMICIDE · --ENJOY YOUR HOME-- FRESHEN With Apple Blossom Fragrance See Sour Dealer or Call 5-2322 Indianapolis; Sharon Hilleary, Long Beach; Ann O'Malley, Phoenix; anc Marilyn Sanders, San Diego.- Other items are expected -on the auction block, according to Peggy Mulchay, chairman of the' drive. The drive, which will, continue through Nov. 11, last year netted $1,100. This year's goal has- been set at 31,500. Dormitories, fraternity and sorority houses, and student boarding houses will be visited, by about GO solicitors. The funds are divi'ded equally among Associated' Students charity fund, World Student Service fund, Care -food packages for European students,' and the Negro college 1 und for 31'private-Negro colleges n this country. Russian Admiral's Death Is Announced MOSCOW, Nov. 2. 6F}-The:death if rear Adm, Vladimir Petrovsky, a veteran of 31 years' service in the Soviet navy, was announced today, 'etrovsky, 48, rose from.the ranks. He held a responsible post in the | defense of Leningrad during the Mike Mendoza Is Claimed By Death Mike Mendoza, blind concession operator at the city '. hall many years, died today in a local hospital. He was 52 years old 'and lived at SOS N. Meyer st " ' Mr. Mendoza, formerly a Southern Pacific employe, . was,-well ,cnown as a baseball- player when he played with the Tucson Cubs. The Tucson Lions' club, helped him to' establish his- little shop in the city, hall. ' ' . - - · ' Survivors are Ms wife, Josephine; son, Rudy; a daughter, Sally; a brother, Abe; two sisters, Mr*. Amelia Relsgq and ' Miss · Annie' Mendoza; and-"two grandchildren, all of Tucson. , · Rosary, will be recited at Svp.m. :omorrow in . Reilly's chapel. Requiem. high mass .will be^ sung at 9 a.m.' Saturday, in-Holy Family ; church,- with - burial following in loly 'Hope cemetery..,: .. --.-"., TRIPS DAILY to PHOENIX 5:20 AM" «:00 AM 7M5 AM' »30AM 11:00 AM 15:30 Ht l . M P M * 4:00 PM 3:30 PM «:JO PM* 7.00 PM KMJ PM "foil-thru" ticpr«ii.i Broadway at Church Phon» J-OJIt NEW AIH-CONDITIONID COACH If GREYHOUND Phone 3-6851 This Week's SPEaALS I/i»k« Michigan ' P E R C H . . , . . * I*. Jumbo -. 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