Independent Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California on July 16, 1961 · Page 41
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Independent Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California · Page 41

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 16, 1961
Page 41
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Spbrt'.Campers 167-A n "PILGRIM, FROM S3EO Thli yea/'i besl buy. Dcs'ofitd for .cOaMort, bulll lor service Buv -Flclorv Direct - ME 4-4'i7f ·7? CHEV. AoacllC FltelsWe. «-lon, l?,000- tjrlo. ml. w/o»crhead SDorrfclng- cairper. Bularw Iris., / slove. elc. dlx. DMlh '»"5«,»»f; ' Mak. offer. HE 5-STS6 -TROPICAHA » PLEAS ^, E £ A J£ ^ ^pt'EASUREWAY TRAILERS ISh -Lakewocd Blvd., WA 5-2B1S | " · - "TRUCK CAMPER ·it -Ford Pickup. ·» Globe i»' , Camoer. Sleeps 6. Like new. 1I.J95. - Tpja;_M170. ,Used-?nce. Best oiler over 5300. s KINS-SIZE caipptr on I'A-tcn truck, ' lully equipped. JI2SO. Can s'teo t. CAMPERS-PICKUPS-DISCOUNT J Laroe selection. No down. MM .A'ondra, ParanwUTil. ME 0-2451 ·55 CMC % T, P.U. Camper, bu- ar.e stove, 'ret. Lo. bed, lo-ml. very ott. cord;f. $655. GE R-7597 E CAB-OVER. Sleeps 4. Fits '63-oT L Chcv., GMC or Ford. GE 0-316J CAMPERS For Rent-- Reserve Kowl S83S Alondra, Para-tit. ME 0-2451 7 M FORD tnjck 8 II. camper. Take over cavmls. ME 4-4ni '41 DODGE VHon camser ajtn. Fully equfpoed. HA 9-5165. Trucks Tractors 168 HILLTOP TRUCK SPECIALS '49 CHEV. Vi-T, Panel $99 ·S3 IHTL. »1T. Pickup _-5W '53 GMC V-T. HD Truck, · ·iS FORD V-8 tt-T. Plckuo, stick, cuslcm cab : S499 ·53 FORD Vi-T. panel, nice «« '54 THFV 3 --T H n ww ·55 CHi=V. V.-T. HD, lfk fiewSsW ·51 INTL. Trailer-Tower Reaifv to oo -- ..$399 -,W.-9 E. PAC. CST. HWY. PICKUPS PICKUPS PICKUPS ·55 FORD V-8. Baroaln SS9S ·57 FORD 4. Black. Dandy- $395 ·J9 FORD 6. Near new _ ... .S 195 1 60 TORD V-B, long bed, RiH $13S r A'i3.JOLL-ALONG camper lor 1 tedi fuily furn'.shed, nr. new HC '56 OHEV. 6, xlras, c'ea-i_...~S7j '57 C«EV. V-B, }i, new palnl S99S . '51 CHEV. }',-T., long bed -ijclras, a teal beauly S13SS Many Mere Bicoer Trucki · .MARK THORNTON 7911 "ALONDRA - PARAMOUNT - -TRUCK SPECIALS 'ON PICKUPS FROM $395 ·59 EL CAMINO V-B. ' '59 CHEV V-8. Sllctc. Lor.o bed. ·59 CHEV. 4 carr.oer. ·SO VOL-CSWAGE" PICKUP. ·57 FORD V-8 PICKUP. ·54 FORD V-S PICKUP. WCHEV. (21 6 PICKUP. ·51 FORD 6 PICKUP. ^ HERB FRIEDLANDER * 7U$ E. PACIFIC CST. GE 1-iiU ·59 FORD - ..'· '/i-TOIl PICKUP eCvhnder Standard Transmission. - . - Radio. Healer. , .- ... si iw · - : sJ 1 ' " CHEVROLET , - 11900 E. Soolh SI. ArleS-3 UN 5-1276 " -'58 CHEVROLET . 2-TON CAB 8, CHASSIS J.Soeed Real Ajcl|, 8.15 rubber. S J . - . CHEVROLET . . 11900 E. Soulh S . ArVsli UN 5-1276 · -PICK-UP TRUCKS Al]0 cab chassis-- Fords-- Chevs. - B'g buvs this weekend. " BRYANT MOTORS 1570 Lcng_Beach_Blvd._nE_?.WW "durnn. '5-stwed main box. 4-soeed Brownie, H-ll. box, front rrvcun l»olst, r-ew rutber. A real shani · SAOs'Artel.a* 1 E M ° T ° R WE ^0 9 '56 CMC 600. 2-axl« Irdttor. Brar.d H n p A ^ - S englr.e, This trurk 1» D '45 CHfHV. Plckuo, late series V* H - Ion tyox, 6 cvl. 4 speed trans, with 9 tJetujce cB/npcr. Plenty of xtras. · Mirtl .sell. 3795 cr btil otter I *6V -' CHcVY FJckuo. Take ever · pymls. Free eq-jitv. No down · - pymt. Call or jee Mr. CHUCK H BOYCR ONLY. ME 0-0781, dir. · nxre, hvdraullc tk'trp. Recond · · lioncd. Ready io DO. 545i. H i-SW t. PAC. CST. Dlr. B "R.."H.r AT. Pwr. strg. w-w. · e«Autlf"j] red f. while. I 3599. E. PAC. CST. Dlr. B '^"INTERNATIONAL w-ten oanei. · A-l fncharucaljv, oiloJnal tr^oucH- · out Take over for W i 1 2,70 tier H '^3 ( A-tcri FORD nickup. '53 er.C'rc, Q new. clutch rebuilt transmission. Sidio heater. Good, solid Uuck. 25. "" HA 5-i21t 3 'W CHEV. 2T Trader, lorvo whee H oa**, J? sad 1 . ax!e. 2700 ac. miles. H M.-ikc offer. El " 35W £. PAC. CST. DLR. H - EJ Barbarl Plymouth H '57 FORD. 6 Plcfcgp, AT, RXH. Re.^1 H nite,- privatr party. SM Lake- 3 ' wcxMl Blvd. H *5\ 'FORD 6, IK-TON CAPAC TY. ·5 GOOD RUBBER, RUNS GOOD. Sfl "tXO." GA ?-0770. n $9,90 .week. H " Call Credit Wor. PR X-6523 BB pickup v/Mh tool ccmo^rtment. H New -'tires- (495. HA 1-7134 g 'i7 cflEV. W-T. PICKUP -- 599S B L. A. Ar.derjcn, 1M2 ££. Anaheim H 4-cvl -- 4-soeed -- clean truck. H L. .-A; Anderson, 1W2 E. Anaheim j| , '58 VW PANEL H '" DODGE PickuD, 3150. T*ar-droo g deeper, S195. Men, 1,-L'tk. 3750 B FOR- SACE TRUCK BED «' 8 m 4' High, Good conditfcn. See a B 91) E. Ar.atvelm, Long Beach. H METRO' Tab over. Excel, cond H 'lew Di'r.l. Gd. tires. ^22. Petfl B 'M CHEV. 'A-fcn ufckup. A-l cond B · 4 6x3-p!v ri.trfcir. $225 or swap to B ovns or power tc»1s. ME 3*953 H '49 DODGE g.u. A '.« /Acre HI tS . -ha - trade for 2-tcn ifatbed tru-ck K NE -9S?. H '53 CHEV. Vi-Tcn panel. Eco--omv A g| 2f,000'mT. X f n f conrf. Will Irad H · fcr 'car. GA 6-4393. {H CHRY5LER pa.-Kl. Mstfe fDT cwr K ' dencr- w/a!3 loots inside. Xtr B .'52 STUDEQAKER pickup, ne,v mD H tor. ;^t50. HA 5-591 D. H '55 1 A-TON Fold p'ckua. Stic* shll n $750 cash. HE 7-9309 H r 4f, DODGEi J r /!-tO,n, 5150. H«av IB r 60 FORD F-100 V-3. 4 sod. 6 o v 9 ' RftKi-SUJS. HE 5-1771. 1W Harbo H 1956 FORD DkVuD, 6 cvl. 8-ft. bee · -^54 CHEV. 'A Ion parel truck. Ne- Q Irani. W95. ME t-*33 H offer. 260 Har court, N.L.P R '50 f-ORO Pick-uo. $345. 5334 E. 2o H ' St. GE 9-7757. BjTtrad*. UN 3-954 ·1 .'« STODE Vx-T pfckuD, 4-l!d trsn H^IW. GE 8-6713; eves: GA 4 676 PB 3 DUMP frucks, 2 Internatiofiat M RF190*; T Ford TWO. HA 5-337 H!'5I FORD V-3 VMT. Orlg.'naL J3S Bi 642 Loma GE 8-51 BB 1^50 CHEV- sctfari pane . $15 ·M- OH Gun dry, GA 3-21 Bg drKl. Oil GA 3 1?1*. MM f ^- FORD V-3 pickup. Excel, com Bl tlcn. GE 9-9158. BI'-M CHEVY PIck-UD «35 X n Kjt cor.d. 5325 Marber, HA 5-2533. ^B'56 FORD '/i Ton. V-S. i iad., cu IH} «b. htr. air cond. S750. TO 7-3? ·B cr,g. r good cond. S795. GE 1 0O ·Trucks Tractors 16 cks Tractors T68 Irr \LLON SPECIAL! "RUCKS 54 ChevroleJ $39? SEDAN DELIVERY A3o, hea'fr. Many mtlei ot ervlc* ed \n this Iruck. 56 Ford $1099 Vi TON PICKUP u* om cab. V-3- r-»do heakr. rfii «wal llrej. Loaded. Sharp. 58 Volkswagen $1 199 KO.VBI r x t r a dean. Serves a ,Till(.wi and me cbl. 59 Ford $1799 'i TON STAKE speed; 6 cvl- hta^v duly trvcV res. custom cab neater, hv- ft gate. 60 Ford $1955 Wi TOM STAKE (/·8, 4 speed transportation, diM cars. Paramount bull) itaVe. H,- XXJ actual mllti Etiarp '61 nierntl $1899 METRO M17E VAN 2.000 actual milev Heater, 4 speed ran sin sskHi, heavy du^ clutch. ,lVe new Ihnjoul. '6» Ford $1799 'A TON PICKUP _oia box. cvl. eno'ne. Low in eace. L1X« new. ALL PRICED TO SELL 1 MEL BURNS FORD l?$0-2C55 LONG BEACH BLVD. GA 6-3391 GA 6-3315 ?54 DODGE; v-8 v^-ton pickup. Loca ore ovrfner truck 'n perfec 1 co.-idition. Hai vcrv oc^d tires, ri-jlomalic ihlfN healer and camper s taclorv made S1099 S?5 do'wn wild apoioved credit. 333 E. Anaheim HE 4-12*3 $ £ · * · · SEDAN DELIVERY Ford '57 V-8 wllh Fordomat^c. Good shacx and sharp looklno- Wrek Etwi Special. BILL BRYANT 1570 Long Beach Blvd. HE 2-S»89 '59 CHEVROLET -- $1 195 Vi-TON PICKUP "6"-- Standard shift. Clean. Very coed mechankcally-- new lires. Guaranteed Liberal Terms. S W LEMON GE3-91P/ FORD 1/2-T. PICKUP ComBlot* ReneviTd Motor. ONLY $29.50 MO. (Wllh Normal Down) SUBURBAN MOTORS 500 f=. AHAHEIM WILMINGTON TE X-S773 chaisli, 23 t,\ re,ir end, 5-Mee main, J-speed Browr.'e. Perfecl for rfumr tcuck. Full price S249i. Bdn'. F:r«ancin3 Available E E MOTORS 1605 Aitesla ME ^-4510 PICK-UPS '60 -'598. '53 FORDS R CHEVS. Also 1 Cab rver Camper. Laroe xe action. 100% financing can be arranged on anpr. credit. Roscoa HI/*. 2»5 L.B. Blvd. L.B. Trucks and Tractors Wanted 168-C ,i-TON wdllc-in truck. «cadv to OO. TO 7-*56?. T6737 Wood ru ». Auto Parts Repairs 169 TRANSMISSION Installed -- ReiwiH Z, used. Cherry Au1 Pans. 7391 CHERRY AVE. GA 4J3«8 Electric Cars 170 ELECTRIC CAR For .is low as $740 AUTOETTE ELECTRIC CAR CO. 551 L. B. BLVO. HE 2-29X4 ELECTRIC SHOPPER w/lop, pfrt- up, directional signals, charter. 2 vi s. old. Gcod ccnd. VI 25. UN LARG'E; SELECTION i used creclrtc cars. GA 2-4493. ME MOM. ELECTRIC car, excellent condMion. 4n Park AVC. GE 3-7753. Autos Wanted 173 TOP CASH FOR '46 THRU 'U CARS In «o:d condMion. Ooen 8am t o 9 o m 7 days wV 21M W. PAC CST HWY. JUNK CARS WANTED GREGG PAYS MORE Tree pkVup service SIGNAL HILL Auto 2519 E. WILLOW GA 4-tt*\ WE ARE 'n urcenl need of c can cars. See ys today for a oood deal In cash or trade-In. URGENT VERNE HOLMES-- Dod« SPOT cash 125 to VOO lor olfl cars TF «-227B after 8:30 P.m. HA 9-2705 Ovevro!et or Ford. GE 9-3712 JUNK cars wan-ed, running or not GA *'C369 or TE 4-5334. Auto Parts Repairs 169 MR. COMPLETE OVERHAUL Transmission SPECIAL OVERHAUL ANY TRANSMISSION i S 3$,5n - i LABOR PLUS PARTS 90-DAY OR 10,000-MILE DUftRAHTEE MR. ; RING VALVE SPECIAL » MOST i CYLINDER t ICYL SLIGHTLY HIGHEP ENGIPJF CONDITION j PERWtTTING No Money Down 2 - « MONTHS TO PAY ; -fa Loan Cars i -A* Financing Arranged '· i fie* Estimate! · i MR. 1 Transmission 1 Motor Service '· TO 4-0715 f 17412 LAKEWOOD BLVD. 4 Jint So ol Amna 8lvd o Ct-ii ' TV/epV Davs -- Stm 10^ STrueks and Tractors 168 If VIG'DEAL'DAYS, K^ TRUCKS -- TRUCKS -- TRUCKS | 1961 Chevrolet I^TON $i-ycic ·^ PICK-UP I/Y3 · ·4 · .,, GLENN JONES CHEVROLET H4 H9J5 5. PARAMOUNT BLVO. PARAMOUNT M4 ME 0-5866 . . . CALL . . , NE 6-1777 ·f j 4 ^·4W^^-«^'^'^-^^iwr-^^-«r-^v ri «r'vr i ^^r '^r'V r ^ port Sport Cars 174lmport Sport Cars 174 1m N ^ . . ow -- Introducing the !9£ MGA NEW Saf -- anc I9( SPRITE NEW F JAM ESI EVERY NITE 1350 LONG BEACH BLVC iifrnc WnntAf4 173 1 It. WILL BUY »our mod car regardless ot* mak« or model or ·quipmenr. Or w» will lal« if in on trada for a leu «x- farence in cdsh. Glonn E. Thomas Co.-- DODGE l_ B.'s OkJcsl Mew Car Dealership 333 E. Anaheim HE 6-1283 WE NEED ·JUNK CARS HIGHEST PRICES PAID FREE PICKUP SERVICE CAVIN JUNK WRECKING 2JOO W PAC. CSf. HWY.. L.B. HE? 6-5570 or TE 1151 WE NEED CARS!! H Q^KsT price* palO tor I9W* Lfirouoh 1960s See Norm Isaacs DICK BROWNING EvcluVve OLOSA'.OBILE Dealer 1701 Long Bcat_h T.EvO. HE 6-1624 ^V MOTIPP W Need Imoorl Scdar.s Roathleri NtEO BADLY-- TOP PRICE DAVE THOMAS MOTORS 3X00 L,B. 61. CWardlov;) GA 6-4W Will Buy C«sn Cars Top Price for Gcsd Cord'.Uon mport Sport Cars 1 74 '57 RENAULT -- $525 CdupKr.e Serlei 4-tfr. sedan. Clean, all v nyl interior. X'nt. mecnan- icaltv. Healer, 35 mpo- Terms. S. W LEMON GE 3-9197 E. PAC. CST. at JUN1PERO, I.B. 'B9 Renault DauphTne. $89? Like new, 21.000-mlie SUBURBAN MOTORS 500 E. ANAHEIM W LMINGTON T E *-5?73 .t- '58 V W SUNROOF ft 'i6 V V / 2-DR. Dl.X. it 'SS V W 2 DR. DLX. ·£ HERB FRIEDLANOER ^ 2E38 E. PAC. CST. GL- 9--UU. CITROLN '59 LO. Comfort Scdrin. rV.ust see lo ADDTEC - SWS KENDON MOTORS 1741 P.C. Hiwav T £ £ 2-2d? 4 blks. We?l of H.irbar Freeway '6Q MORRIS Minor Convertible, law mile ace, like new. $£95, Palmer Import Motors 3300 Atlanllc GA4-07W '21 VW. Deluxe Slallcn Waocn- Xtras. T2 mo. warranlv, bnnX financed approved credit, iave $000. 474 E. 91 hi SE. EXTRA CLEAN. S999 C Fred Holmscrt Motor Sale* '41 VW STATIOH V/AGON SLW9 ADVANCE MTRS., 1730 L.B. B . '60 CORVtlTE. RiHri7D. 4 SPCfrf. Hd^o. Hor.cfuras Maroon. Clean. '5? PEUGFOT -- 4-DOOR S-U down -- 19.30 wV. Ca\ Credit Hgr. PR_4-«33 38 ENGLISH* f-ord Zephyr soort conv., 76 moo. Like new L pvL plv.. take trade. SW5. Vo 7-6M! c ironic, loo, cphcl. Gcod eng. Mafce offer. GA--i333, GF J-6076. 1FVV '61 CITROENS-ALL MODELS Special Low Prices -- July Only 4001 Cherry BURGIN'S GA 7-1877 '59 f,\GA (choice of 2) ^Ii99 Bo1h lrr.maculd!e, wire-wheel c a r s . ADVANCE M T R S . I7JO L. B. Blvd. NEW TOP, COVERS, TIRES, P a n A-l. HRSr W75. GE BO1S* '54 AUSTIN HEALEEY. Nfff top Heeds paint. Bcsl offer lakes HF 7-5773 or GA 4-6039. ccnd. Inside cut. Tor detail* call GE 1-1791. 1958 FIAT CcnverliWe, Converted '59 CONSUL [late), transferred. Kew tires brakes Sv95. HA 1-7754 'X3 TRIUMPH TSOO ROADSTER RUMBLE Seat. MA 9-5793. '54 PORSCHL Co-jpc. Immaculnre '60 MG. REAL SHARP S 1.871 '52 MG-TD. Xln! meth. cond. Mak offer. GF 1-73X '41 W/, A moj. old. Loaded. SI 750 Lit:* new. HA 9-179 '51 MORGAN plui 4. '60 1 R 3 eag Make offer «76.E. 15th. TE 4-14M '5? TR-3. SU50. GOOD CONDITION GE X-156 or CE 3-X5C J500. - GA 2-/1B7 or GE 1-8*0 Orig'nal o*ner . GE 1-412 '5« ENGLISH FortJ, 2dr. dlx. RV /.'.irtt sell, make offer. GE 9-150. ·59 SI MCA. 9CCO ml. RH. X'r condition. MOO. HA 5- 0730- In recorvd. Musf self, GE -4-52* ·59 ISETTA 6"). 2-tfr. Full prlc i SUM. GE T 3670. 1957 HEALEY. XLNT COND. GE -$S35 Today ^k . , . NEW ,. ^ \ Mk II sty Fast 1 ; /-\ E )2 M k l l un Fun "OWN ro 10 P.M. HE 2-79 15 · New Low Price DCKI A 1 U T KhNAULI DAUPH1NE ^38.50 Mo. BANK TERMS EQUIPPED NOT STRIPPED V Bucket SeaFi V Hearer- -Defroster V Rear Door Safety Locks V VrMndshldd washers V Aero-sUble Suspension V Poiillvt Action Sleerino IMPORT AUTO CaliJ/1 Old«t Renault DftftrsVa U60 L. B. Blvd. HE t'SS2S "'FREE EQUITY TAKE OVER PAYMENTS '56 VW. RAD. HTR. SEE AT FINANCE CO. 801 E. ARTESIA L.B. OPEN SAT. SUM. 10 TO 4 GAS SAVER '56 RENAULT $399 Radio, Heafer. A-1 COnd-fcn TRADE WAY MOTORS 7530 L.B. BLVD. GA 7-2432 ·55 V.W.-- $795 Pe luxe 2-rfr. sedan. Shaip, or g. let black lin.ih. Perfect all red v^iyl Inferior. RiH, xTnt. lire*. Guaranteed 1erms. S. W. LEMOH GE 3-9177 E. Pac. Cst. at Junlpcro, L . B . Showroom New '41 VOLVO 2-DR. S1799 Full leather Inlcrror. EOCO mi ei. TRADE WAY MOTORS 3STO l.R. BLVD. GA 7-2Q3 r 52 MG T.D. Ouhlandi-o tondilioo-- i8« 5113 /A^nlurn, LVwd. ME 4-fiW 1R3 '60 Rally cl Europe, many ex- f d s . R.H.. Pirella (Ires, e c. 51,350, bank terms, orlvali par v. HA 5-2755 I960 AUSTIN-HEALEY Sorltc hard- Ion, acort top, radio, neater -- SL560. 64? Moll-.o. SE» Sat-jrday or Sunday. DALE BROWN MOTORS 5-HO L.B. BLVD. GA 7-89^1 '56 MG. V/ire v/t;eeis, RH. Thli a sharpie. ^1175. DREWS USED CARS WA 5-1310 1i30Q Lakcwocd Blvd. ( Dellftower '59 VOLKSWAGEN 2-Dr. Panel. Low ri:?cnunt fcr cdsh. Miner* No. 2- 15i39 5. Pio.-.eer, Artesla. sier. Xlnt. conditJcn. Mosr lacr - ·fice. 63M HL-nlda'e, L. B, '60 H1LLMAN converlible, aulo., Verv'cclian' * ' ' "HE /-W94. '58 MGA Roadster. Brlllsh red, R R H, tornea-j cove/. Gcod cond. 'iS A*,G TF. Excel, ccnd. 5975. Wire wtiee's. Newly painted. Must sell. 311 Sllvcra. GE 1-M31 '52 CONSUL. 37,000 ml. Neat 2,-K) car. Make offer. 4203 Aihworth, LEikcwocd. '57 VW. Orla. cwner. W/w. RH. Excel, cond. See to aporec. 263-A (Xlncy. GE 9 37B1 1958 TRIUMPH station wagon. Hew lir«s, R.H. Good COrKJ. '59 SIMCA, suoer deluxe, 4-dr. sedan. H.OW mi., excellenl ror.clit. Orig ovrner WH. HA 1-3573. '59 TRIUMPH TR-3, wire wheels. Rh. Bv owner, GE 1-7957. '53 CORVETTE, hardtop, 3-speed. Rad:o. HA 1-4361 a f t e r 6. '55 ENGLISH Ford Anglla. Mod. Clean. $215. FA 6-22J7, '40 TOYOf-ET 4-dr. LIKE HEW S7vS L A /Jiderion, 1W2 E. Anaheim 59 SPRITE HE 5-8768 1957 VOLVO, 1956 Cbev. eno. Stick shift, GE 0-1906. '60 RENAULT Caravelle. 1 tOD?. 3000 ml. S2195. FR5«B3. '58 W/. Orfg. owner. Good cond 3 11,075. 5?I6 V/alfcn. HA S-WM 3 S77S. Pri. party. TO 7-6039. 7 5415 E. Car.lMi HA 1436? . '58 TRIUMPH TR-3. White, P ercll 1ircs. Immac. white. TO 7-4334 t '60 SIMCA V-3, recent overhaul R batlerv. 1995. GE 8-2416, eves. ) '57 VW SEDAN-- 5395 XLHT CO.HD. HE 2-103: , '52 HILLMAII convertible. Clean 5155 E. WAlIcn St. HA 5-475 '53 MG ID. Clean, needs prVnt W75. TA ft-212 Aufo Parts Repairs 169 Auto Parts Repairs 169 1 RING VALV : SPECIAL 4095 ; Tf f MOST SIXES CO 95 ! DT MOST EIGHTS --OIL f^^O^L/Ff^CJ |\\/ j?ljC-f^^^ Get Caught or Long Beach Engint E Ask for George or "Dusry" Rhoads HERE'S WHAT WE DO: 1 Rerrovo ? Adlusl Carbu- Carboo r !or MixtL-te- | Valve' Seali 9 Adlusl Timing I * Spcer Cvl. 10 Cifan Oil 1 Rrdoes Lfr.M \ 5 Adiusi Taoael) | 6 Ad lull Ce.-v " 5^,^' piJ^i i l w^Hi^Solid * RTO». G«ir«ri. 1 Babbited Rodi Oil Included § 10NG BEACH'ENGINE REBUJIDERS 3525 tb NG BEAtH B1VD. . SS"".:.'. GA. 4.0407--;»«.to ,. ,,^ . ^ Motor Exchange i FREE LOAN CARS K, «v. JSJT "f^g- 1 NA MONEY f\ '36.'S2 Installation 1 tu { I1W «7B»B»i« 1 k ! DODGE, PLYMOUTH S f flO 00 ' nAUlU M 6's InslalltJ "^O 1 UMwIll M FORD MERCURY SMQOO ] W W B W I B \ -«Mi.v-8i»hii«d "^ j 24 MONTHS t i PrJC» includ.ii: [nsfafla+ion. 1 -- t «* r I ga,l«l, oil .nd labor. Olh.r TO PAY K Motor TUne-Up ] Inl (r r»^,n1f"c°«dll Card. V | Auld Transmissioni Al| ^""SVara^tcd V Brakes Relined \ i writing port Sport Cars 174 St FREE WITH THIS AD $79.95 tromberg-Carlson » RADIO e With the purchase of any ew I ( J61 Austin-Healey, MSA, Sprife, Morris. JOHN M. IJOKFS ) 1 v_y l\ L J) HTM LAKEWOOD BLVO. ELLFLOIVER WA S-1J6I A-i I960 VOLVO 2-DR. SPORT SEDAN Dne owner, actual t.OOO miles. Solid red \vlth beloc leather trim, ·speed Irani, Bfg engV.e, rad r o, icater, while-wall 1lr«s. This one t rial Jharp. Lie. Ho. VCA M7. $1699 Sie our E e r a e sleek of ec mo sets MEL BURNS FORD 1990-2055 LONG BEACH BLVD. VOLKSWAGEN DO NOT PAY MORE THAN Regu ar Factorv Price-- IrKludino V.'e art the ONLV Long Beach Harbor Area. VOLKSWAGEN-- PORSCHE 1 DEALER RiCKETTS MOTORS 99?LongBeich8l. HE 7-7489 Open everjnoi Mil B BUY WITH CONFIDENCE!! From ycur auttiorljed new Volks Waoen dealer, larce selection of guaran eed used WW wlced from 5J95, All models of 19Als on display In our showroom. "Oemcnslralors Always Avaltable Sales Seivice Deo!s. Open t II 9 D.m We wercome \i^e Ins, taks he short drive save S S S KENDON MOTORS 1241 P.C. Hlway TE 2-7424 4 blki. Weil of Harbcr Freeway " LEE CARPENTER VW SERVING YOU SINCE 'i2 \' Used VOLKSWAGEN Spec. 'S VW-- Polar while, leather VS95 '56 VW. One cwner perfect 995 '57 VW. Fully, eaot i Immac. 1095 '53 VW. Stallon Wagon/ orig. 1 195 '59 VW Sdn- Vrtekend srwc 1095 T150 E. COMPTOH BLVD. '59 VOLVO $1395 '59 HILLMAN $795 Huskv, '57 ENG. FORD ....$599 Ed Barbarl Plymcu'ii 6200 N. BelHTower Blvd. '59 ENGLISH FORD $695 ANGLIA 3 DR SON. DLX. 4-tYL. Per o-t crlg. Jio^it bl-j« sh, n but vlnvl Intl.-- H1r., o«)d tire*. Terrm Guaranteed S. V/. LEMON OF 39197 E. PAC CST. a\ JUHIPERO. L.B. No Lubes - No oil changes 35 MILES PER GALLON '59 Wan burg slalicn waoon. Like DKW 2-dcor. Frcnl vrhrol drive. 13,000 ml. 1495. Call after 6 o.m. weekday! SaJ., all day Sunday. HE 59677. '59 MORRIS MINOR $799 2-docr sedan. OF! vrhUe wllh red vlny! Inlerior. Extra clean. Guaranteed. Liberal Terms. S. W. LtW-OH GE 3-9197 '58 Renault Dauphins. $69S Exteilent cor-d-Hon; 40 MPG. PALMER IMPORT MOTORS '54 AUSTIN Heal/ roadster, X-scced Rear box 4, ovcrdr. Xlnl. mechan- :a ly, perf. body, new red paint Antique Classic Cars 174- A 'X9 FORD 2-tfr.' cuito'mlzed w/'54 Oodge ma tor, Cofvelt iprlng oatfed flcor shUI, lully ecu ppcd. 2900 'A F. 16!ri GE 4- 629 FORD Tudor Sed. Xlnt. bsdy. 8S71 Cfiawnan, Garden Grove. l.F 9-4145 Station Wagons 175 '59 FORD 6-PASS. STA. WAGON Autcmalic, radip, healer. $1599 PIONEER FORD 18JM PIONEER BLVD. ARTESIA '59 RAMBLER AMERICAN V/AGON Aulomar c, healer, luffoaoe rack $1299 S J CHEVROLET 11900 E. Sou'fl St. Arltsia UN 5.1274 ·57 FORD RANCH WAGON. V-! Slick. R»H. Xlr1. mlr. 5M5 OR BEST OFPER ROL-A-TEL -m L.B. BLVD '60 Plym. Delude Suburban. Ha only U,OW mi'.ci. This or.e il like 2223 LB. Blvd. GA 7-3555 oocd w-w, pa'nt up*iis1rv. lir ne-v, w/luo- rack. Cleanest wacor n So. Calif. S7SO. "n P. ·*!}! 'S7 FORD Ccuntrv Sedafi-- Luslrou chrwne, coral while. Fordo ma tic. power ^leering. Lo mile ace t. H' rubber. S1OT5. 1440 L.B. Blvd. HFJ 2-891i Dlr Le« Irian O.OOO act. ml. W-w'i Priv. ply. New reJwfil'e p a n '50 CHCVROLET waoon, verv n'ct P^y no down and $17 mcnlh Ed Ba-bari Plvrr.o-Jlh, 6700 1 Bellfrcwer. TO 7-27il. Like rr«. R, H, Forfisma c, ww B L. AUTO SALES 1400 F ANAHEIM HE 5-44! '60 FORD Co'-nlrv Sedan. Air co-vl RH, ola er.glne, cru saniatlc pow. steer. L brki. H«v/ w-v Ires. Oria. owft, S7.7SO. G A 4 - 3 P O '57 FORD Counlry Sed^n. RM aulom. P.S. t P.B. A {Kod one S3SO. 6000 ParamOLint Blvd., L. B '59 FORD staiion v/aoon. Sma I ecoliv or older car. Tatte ove pvmts. 502 E. 7Jntt, M.L.B. '57 PLYMOUTH -- RH. Ready t 1 oo. A clian car *t S5SO. «25 Walnut, BellUower. ! '60 BROOKWOOD, dr., V-S ecor i vat* party'. GA 2-2014.' ! '57 PONT. +Dr. 9-pass. StaliC Waocn. pvt. DTy. *?75. V/ilMrad- 1 GE 1-WS1 or GE 1-9060 'SI PONTIAC Staiion Wagon* B oas CLEAH. 5155 E. Wai fun. H ft. 5-47 \ 19M RAMBLER" station waoo 'SS PLY. Slat. Wag. Xlne. ccnd. 44 i PRIVATE owner. '54 Dl Soto. Ex corrf. IS50. 5BM Lemon. GA 2-53 1 Import Sport Cars 1 7 IMPORT . SPECIALS '59Hillmari dixe. sedan . ..$699 1 '57 TR-3 Rdslr. SI 099 ·SO Volvo -.-dr. ..$1699 ! '59 VW Ghla Cpe. $1799 '61 Volvo 2 -dr. . . S I 6 9 S '60Hs!foCp $1199 ' S O V W dlxe, sdn. $1499 '57 Volvo 2-dr. ...S79« '57 VW Qhia Cpe, SI29! Long flcocA'i Ot-.lf Attitioiittd Yolrc Dealer VfAieutlteSt Ota 1 3515 Atlontie Ave. , | GA 4-0951 Open Sunday uMon Wagons 175 A '' ^^ 1961 FALCON STATIOM WACOM TUDOR ^r nc otvnflr Actual 10.000 milr i, V grcmallc, rad o, Iwaler, dflux* r Im, power lallaaie windcw. hilt w^h, bfWjll'ul trerA'llc r»n wild black *ri11r, lull ny nleilor. Lie. No. VA1X AoO. $2299 SEE OUR LARGE STOCK OP COMPACT WAGONS MEL BURNS FORD ' 1W-:i»S IONG BEACH BLVO. i VACATION TIME STATION WAGON ·57 FORD-- $499 V-» 2-door '54 PLYMOUTH-- $299 2-dr. 5 Jc'«. '54 FORD J299 9 oa«. ^-dr 2-dr. Slick. 'S3 FORD-- $249 9 paisentr 2'fr. sMek THESE ARE RFADY TO GO B L AUTO SALES t6W E. ANAHEIM HE 5-«M FAMILY WAGON STATION WAGON SPECIALS! 2-DCQRS, -DOORS, F O R D S , CHEVROLET5, P L Y M O U T H S , RAWBLERS. L DUICKS, $499 BOULEVARD BUICK 1650 -cng Beach Blvd. GA W}) Open Sund=\yi 960 STUDEBAKER Lar(( Staiion V/soon. Here'i an opoorlunliv to cwn A laic rnodel comoacT wlrhaut iptrvdirtg a lot of money. Hai new while v;all Hr«, all vfnv - nte;!or, very low nillcace. Carries markel at . ._ S*?W SZS dawn wltti approved credit. Glenn E. Thomas Co.-- DODGE 331 E. Anahslm HF ^1263 « · o · · e 9i9 FORD V-3 Ranch VJa^on. 6 pn^wnoer X doer. Color li yelloy/ and vfhil«, real nice UDholstcrv, carpcred IhroL-otwut. Has automate shllt, heal#r, pu*h bjtlon r^dla, llnled o'as^, while wa 1 Ifres. \Vrllten ouprantee. «S dcwti wilh apcroved cced . Glenn E. TJiomds Co.-- DODGE 333 E. Anaheim HF. 4-1253 S5S PLYMOUTH 6 ivl*.nd«r iocrt suburbiin. Red bcdv. white top, Fnteflcr In fine condition/ carpeted thrcuahouf. Auromalic ihlft. radio, ht-aler, w-wall llr«s, linlfd glass, turn signal], other extras --SAW. i?3 dc'^n wUh aporoved credit. Glenn E. Thomai Co.-- DODGE 333 E. Anahflrn "HE 6-17A3 '64 FORD Ranch Warjcn Rart o, heater, *ll green fin sh. Like new, icadv ro go. $399 $75 down v/llh acproved credit. DICK BROWNING fc*cluslvt OLDSMODILC Dealer 1201 long Rpcch Blvd. HE 6 5 6 3 4 '55 CHEVROLET "210" 2 DOOR WAGON V B standard transmlttion, radio, S J CHEVROLET 11900 E. South Si. ArlesM U« 5-1774 '55 FORD wnatlc, rad'o, healer. S75? S J CHEVROLET 11900 E. Soulh St. Arlesla UN 5-1J76 ·56 PLYM. 4-OR. WAGON 546.58 PER MO. with normal riawn SUBURBAN MOTORS 500 E. ANAHFIM WILMINGTON TE . 4-H71 REPOSSESSION '55 Ford 4 Dr. Country Sedan Slallcn V;«i3n. Rad., hlr. i w-ws, PD«tr sleerjng. Real clean. Take over (or «S J9.20 per v/k. Ca!l credit mar. '59 FORD $1995 6-paji. Ccuotry Sedan, *u1o;na c. rdt/io, heater, power peering. 2 o chaote (rom. CREST MOTORS 1315 Long Death Blvd. HE 2-294? en full Dower Orivcn l«v than 5000 ir.lles. Muil ice la ao^reciale thij cne. Olr ._ 5M50 2223 L.B. Blvd. GA 7-3555 '59 Plymouth "6" Wgn. Slandatd . irans., radio, r.ea:er S1.2W _ED B A R D A R I PLYMOUTH '60 RAMBLER WAGON Radio, htares. autornallc Ed B a r b a r i Plymoulri MZQ U. BelMrower Blvd. '55 DODGE WAGON V-3, auiomallc,- radio, header. ED BABARI PLYMOUTH 4?QO N. Belli:cw«r OfviJ. '60 Ford Couniry Sooirp. 5 nais. full poAer, aulo. drive, cnrcmc rack. Lcafci drives like, nev/ 2223 LB. Blvd. GA 7-3555 '6 Chevrolet Parkwcad 4-Dr. V/acon Full nower, autmalic drive, radio healer. Showroom new. Sav %7DO. Dlr 2223 LB. Blvd. GA 7-3555 '58 Fold Country Sou: re, 9-pBSi. auto drive, power steer., Md c healer, Veiv low miles. Looks 6 2223 LB.BIvd.GA7-355E '54 PLYMOUTH Wason, sbso u!sl perfect. Hai rad o, heater/ a-jtt rnatic Ira-.s. S10 down, 127.50 ir.o Ed B a r b a r l Ptymoutn, i200 N Bel if tower Blvd. '59 OLDS, SUP. 88 WGN. $?69 Ftrv. air. Power Sfrg. Brakes £-viay seats nice cne. OSBORN'S, 20TH CHERR1 '56 PLYMOUTH CUSTOM V-l Blue ?· while, RS.K. Sharp. J53S OR BEST OFFER ROL-A-TEL 2300 L.B.^BLVC '58 Chev Brookwood 4-o7." V-S au!o tJrtve, power -iieer., radic h«a!er Very sharo. Dlr S149 2223 L.B. Blvd. GA 7-355 dit:oncd, full Dovrer This on« LIKE NEV/. Dlr, i27S 2223 LB. Blvd. GA 7-355 Irans. RH. Good cond. thrtnjfl out. A sreal at )795. IOW Rldcewood GA 3-51 '57 FORD CounlrvSdn. Power »te« Ir.g brakes. Orig. dean, 1? fAARK THORNTON '53 PLYMOUTH stalled wagon, sub-jrbAn dl./ irrvnac., J-lo.-,*, fhfs wecVend. HA 9-16M. '57 FORD CovnlfY Stdan, V-TWS 1 full po'wer, e«lra clean. 51799. C Fr«d HoJmien Motor Sales 1 '60 PONT1AC Siatlon V/cn, Facto air, pwr. steering brak R.H., Hydfamatfe. Banney '57 BUICK Century Estate V/apc tmmac. Pwr. sirg. brakes. N I w . w . tires. Full chrome Ivoca '55 FORD Wason. Stick, mm WW cash lake over »!.« n 14S30 LakrMOCd B1. ME WM d '51 TORD Sfaticn V/agon. AL.IO trans. Runs oood. Priced: to s 420 SI. Louis. '« PLY'M. 9**pa». Suoer SUD. Au pvrfjfg. brakei, )81 dwn. S13 wk. Credit Mgr. ^R 4-6523. ; 5S FORD~Counfrv Stfn"."v"» w ^u'cmaiic. S1295. «00 will hsnc ! '«~6LDS~waoon.~Dvnam:c"Tir" pwr. Rh. iWOO, prl. ply. '$4 MERC, ypaisencer, full pv coms'ete overhaul, 5550. Exc · t:onally cFean. GE 3-^39, /A P«' fl t- Xiot. corJ., $500, GE "^ 1 'S FORD Station Wasoo, 6 c 1 itaixl. shift, S??5. GA 7-6734. d v N %«fe^v r INDEPENDENT-PRESS-TELEGRAM-- D-IS' Lena Biach, Cilll^ SurxKr, July U, 1IM, utos for Sole 176 Autos for Sale 176 Au CADILLAC CADILLAC V $100 down VI WILL DELIVER ANY CAR IN OUR STOCK e A J_ J. 3. Lots of Pleasant 1 165 Long Be achBI,LB. i j. - il CONVERTIBLE-- WHITE $5195 » Rad whitt lealhtr inlerior; wFiiU top; tppror. 5^00 ditc. ^ $600 Jown -- $!4? p«r mo. 61 FLEETWOOD, FACTORY Black -- malckino, inlerior. $900 down-- $15 '60 COUPE da VILLE, FACTC (700 DOWN 1 '60 Convertible $4495 '5 FACTORY AIR CONDITIONING 17(0 down-IMS ate mo. '59 Sedan deVille....$3595 ' GOLD-- WHITE TOP JSOO down-- 59? PIT mo. '57 Sedan deVille....$2295 ' FACTORY AIR CONDITIONING AIR $5995 9 p«r mo. ( 3RY AIR $4495 c IIS PER MO. ' Heetwood $3795 ' 'ACTORY AIR CONDITIONING -$500 down-- III? c*r nw. 58CoupedoVille....$2795 t =ACTORY AIR COMBITIONINO MTO down-- J7?.89 per mo. 56CoupedeVille....$l595 FACTORY AIR CONDITIONING -- LARGEST SELECTION OF OUTSTANDING USED CADILLACS IN ALL SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA All Ttrmi Subjtcr ro Credit Approval Herman Coit«r, R. W. Let; Jim B;iw»r, Salei Mgr. end R«y Beggi -- Ht 4-72H 2165 LONG .BEACH BLVD., Long Beach Dlr. MISCELLANEOUS , A- I960 CHEVROLET ^-DOOR Powt/o'^d*. imaM ecorvomy V-S, rad o, heater, w^tewdlls, solid lioht oreen wMri 2-tor.c creen In- lerlw. Ne* car condilion Ihruoul. JI899 SEE OUR LARGE STOCK OF LATE MODEL CKEVROLETS MEL BURNS FORD 1?»-?C55 LONG BEACH BLVD. GA 4.3391 -- GA 6-3315 YOUR CHOICE, $499 *55 DODGE Roval Lancer Hdlp. Cpe. R.H., V-B, P.S.B., AT. '55 8UICK Sp*C. Rlv. Cpe. AT, RH- '55 FORD 9-pBii. Watjfln. Rack, VI. RH. '56 PONTIAC Calallna Cp«. AT, R8.H. '« MERC. Hdlp. CCES. [?) ·S OLO5 Siarllre Conv. Loaded. fAANY MORE BARGAINS 2i99 E. PAC. CST. HWY. 100 TRANSPORTATION CARS ALL MAKE5 MODELS No t^l We Cirr* Qvr Own Conuacli CAVIN USED CARS 2120 W. PAC COAST HWY OHH 9 TO KE 6-SS^l 2101 E ANAHEIM GE 3-097* '50 CAD. cr '52 BUICK. Bolh A-l w/new llrw. 5275 4 $375. Wovi cmstd. trade. V\V or? HA 9-43*4 We handle cwn conlratts. Minor* #2. 1M3? S. Pioneer, Artesla. BUICK BUICKS 1961 ·A- BUICK FACTORY CARS ·ft EXECUTIVE CARS * EXCLUSIVE BUICK CUSTOM SHOW CARS EACH INDIVIDUALLY OE- SGNED THE OHLY 2 OF THEIR KIND. - I N T C R I O R S DES G M E D BY THE AMERICAN HSTITUTP OF DECORATORS. if DEMONSTRATORS V;iLL BF SOLD THIS W E E K - TfHD WITH SAVINGS OP HUN- DKtDi OF DOLLARS TO YOU! BOULEVARD BUICK 1331 Lena Beach Blvd. HE 7-37J l " OPEN SUNDAY i960 BUICK LS SABRE 2-DR. SEDAN Dynai-cwv rad'o, heater, DOV, itefrfnc, power b/aket. Beaurnul cne owner car. Today only $2399 BOULEVARD BUICK ODE.T Survdayt 1961 BUICK SPECIAL Di-naftew, radio, healer, like n Inj'de A o'jt. SAVE HUNDREDS BOULEVARD BUICK 13W Lor.g Beach Blvd. GA 7-8 Open Sundays 1959 BUtCKS Moil wilh (artery a'-r cond.tion'.rvg. i 5 |3 choost Iro.-n. AJ low ai $2299 f BOULEVARD BUICK U90 Lena Be^th Blvd. GA 7-1777 Ooen SLmdAvs 1955 BUICK DvnAtlow, radfo, heater. Excellent car. , $299 ' BOULEVARD BUICK UM Lono Beach Blvd. GA 7-3777 TOO CHEAP i '56 BUICK CENTURY HDTP. S«* 5 4-Df. Red while. Rad., h'r. ; i-jtonifltic. This It a Real Valyt ? TRADE WAY MOTORS S '60 BUICK LA SABRE 4-DR. HT c Power. Custom trim. JuJt turned 3 7000 miles. 126«, 1 " '5S BUICK special convert. All orlg P5 1 -Q-ttr^r. Dyn sf \o , owr. sir g. r- Priced' for Quick 'sa'*.' 1107$. ?5 C ^-3731 rt FRFE EQUITY -- HO OOV-7 R CALL MR. ROSS FR 591» p '53 Bulclc Spec. Sedan R4K. Rum look^ like new. S31 GA4-753S K A 9 W 2 ;1 '57 BUICK HDTOP SDN. S995 ry Full power, rrrvmacufsle Car. s, MARK THORNTON '« 791 T Atondra Paranxiur -- 1956 BUICK Century convert, w/fu *"· pwr. Very oood cond. Can c f " wen afler ».m. any nicfit g« us 13lh St., Seal B«ach. ^ it '59 BUICK-- AIR COND. J21 ^- ?aia E, PAC. CST. GE 9-4^ ^ '56 BUl'CK. "Fu'.l po'wer. Oflo. owi ,,' te leaving Ihe country, 249) Bfufr Dr., Roismoor. GE 1-H38. -- '5$ RUICK Kd!J-Fu1l eopl. 516. (X C»sh Take Over S16.W m · 5? IS30 Lakewood Bl. ME 3-4134 d 7th '57 BUICK SUP. ^DR. HDTP. 59 . CTefln Oriolna! thruoul. e - L. A. Anderson 1843 E. Anahe -.,, '52 BUIC'K *-d'r. H?7., stick, mot VV t/ans. overhauled, new pi bA 1195-nake ffer. GE 3-15)7. -- '5^ BUICK 4-OR. t?95 '/Xi Stklc, 'drjve. GA 2-W FORCED 13 s«l. '53 BukJC StK ~w Wr ' ctean cor-cfltlon. HA 144AS 467 '57 BUICK SMC. 2-d.'. HT. Fac. a. v .. '57 BUICK 4-dr, SMC. Rlvlerfl. R PS.. P.B. GEM n»; ; M BUICK SMC. Z-dr. HT Ti ovr payments, t49 mo. NE 2-ft BUICK SAVE MORE! IMMEDIATE DELIVERY OH THE FABULOUS EUICK ci/Yl A R k ' AVALON^MOTORS Bulck-OMl 900 V/. ANAHEIM Wl -MIKGTON TE 444iS OPtN SUM. EVLS. TIL 1 P.M. 9 BUICK Hardtop Couae. Full Dower, fncl. atr corvdMlon'rvg. S2W C. FRED HOLMSEH fAotcr Sa'es 417 £. Anariefm HE 5-8771 GE 9-976S. Make offer. RH. CADILLAC '59 Cad. Coupe DeVille Factory Air Rad'o, nearer, auto, trans. Po. iteer. braVes. elect. v;!nd. L eah. All vrhile, 27,000 actuK miles. $3998 GUY MOOTHART 1112 H. L.B. Blvd-, Co.Tip on HE 27171 IF YOU ARE LOOKING For Lale Model tedilluc, Vlt lave the LaroeiF Selccllon olLd!e Moifel Cadillacs lo be Found Any- wrier*. W lo Choose From. 1961 Tlirouuti 195S Models. l»r. FINANCING AVAILABLE de VILLE Anaheim at Atlantic 8-PASSENGER CAD. Glljleofnff Georgian Blui '54 wllh Pow*r Windows, Brakei/ Sleer r.g f. Seal. Verv carefully Died about ha f averaoe mlteaoe. Flawle^i in every way. Week end special. BILL BRYANT 1570 l_cng BfAch Blvd. HE ?-8?4? S T O P ! 'Si CADILLAC SON. d*« VILLE Full power T window SV ieali. Dark bk.-e. Orlg.nal. LI he new. Reavfar 51,499 now-WOW-- $ 1 099 TRADE WAY MOTORS 2530 L. B. BLVD. GA 7-3O2 Air Conditioned '57 CAD. SDH. DE VILLE S1H5 Full pcwef, a', whlfe with black vrh:te rnlerlor. You must see thli Hor.ev. TRADE WAY MOTORS 3530 L. H. BLVD. GA 7-3*02 58 CADILLAC $2995 COUPE de VILLE with FACTORY AIR CONDITIONING. Other xlra*. Can Be Financed 100% a CREST MOTORS 1335 Long Beacrt Blvtf. HH 3-7969 '57 CAD. Fleetwood 4-dr. HrJtop. Al exlras. Firy. Air Cond. Verv cln. Take over (or *223 t!7.« per 'St CAD Sedan De Vil!e, el«c, win dowi icaii, pwr. brakes slro. Premium Jlres, melallic creert S3695. GA 8-1M malic, pwr. steerir.a, brakes, win do* 2. seal. i03')5. S300 wi 1 han die. Dlr. T E X i3S3. '50 CAO. 6 1 COUPE-- $299 Very clean car thirouaTKu). OSBORN'S,.20TH CHERRY fnn-.Cd. Whlti Red Inter. *109S OSBORN'S. 20TH CHERRY ji 'S3 CAD. sdn. dt Ville .... 5?« ·^T HERB FRIEDLANDER # :aa E. PAC. CST. GE 9-444 '53 CAD. 6? icin. Real Clasiv, S 2.8 Cash Talee Over 520.83 mo ·51 CAO. Cot-pe D« Ville. V/ti ! walls. Cust. Inlerior. Good cond «00 5506 Park 31. Bellflower. 1954 CADILLAC, Mlv eaulpped, al condiliwied, new lire*. Immacu lafe cond. DAvenoort 6-3O W? down-- 513.94 week. Call Credit Mgr. PR 4-6H '57 CAD Coc.""tfe"Viir*; Ful power Clean. 51995. WiU finance. E. Pac 'S4 CAD Cpt. dt Vilfe *« Full powrr. Real nice. ·SO. REAL CLEAN. 1175 115 .VftcnolFa AoL ^ GE S45S 'SA CAD. Sedan deVllfe. 1 cwne Lew mlleaoe. tt/75. FAIrlax B-34S ·57 CADILLAC Coupe DeVill*. tone blue 5500. HA 9-^M atje. GE CM9C CHEVROLET MUST 5ELL, oo?ng info service, ' (rr.pala, 33i-h.g., srand. 1r^ns., t RH, tinted 1 glass, pacfcfed dai all^ti'te w/red while Inte LATE '59 Imoaia *dr. tl.T, V A'jtOiTiftlic, SftH, owr. i1r., e Orlo'nal (Trvner. Muit ill!. H W.196. 19 CHEV. -(!r. Imoala rxlto. F H. Tinted glass, w/w';, Dirvr. ste pwr. brakes. 32195. Pr . pan '59 IMPALA CONV. J17JS J5» E. PAC. CST. DL 'XO CHEV. db. CD«, Od. llr brakes, clutch. ^950 mo lor. $ GA 7-31 B3. '56 CH£V. iorl CM. w/pvrr. $56 caih. TaVe over, S57.06 mo. W Lakewood Blv, ME :M134. Dlr '51 CHEVROLET, very nice, 1-c SHYDER ONLY ME M781 '5S CHEV. Bel Air V-»-- R, H A f ul t power. N wr WSW. X fnl ·56 CHEV. V-9 -DR. KDTP. I Rad., htr. Powero'Ue. Clean L. A. Amltrion IMJ E. AnaTv W», priv. parr/ GE 8-^ 'f CHEVROLET CM. Hum oo S1»S FP. S« Dn. t 110 Mr L. A. Anftrion 1M2 E. Anah 'S2 CHEVY 2-dr.. »llck, Irani, mo'or ovrhag!ed/ new Da'nt. ; --make offer. GE 3-1317. 1555 CHEV. 2Jr. 210. « cvl. »· GA 2-01W eves. only. 'ft CHSV. dlx. ^^Jr., od. body, n «. tires. S1SS. GE t.7S»7. ·H CHEV BtlAlr. Nr^nruout. l 1111 Lona Beach Blvd., L.B. ·i7 CHEV Belalr 7-dr. hdto. F Muioed. OX 3:! ·n CHEV. J .dr. Stick, fcXirjcIs 'iS CHEV. BELAIR 4-f« V-S, B H, rUllO. Xlnt. »*)!. FR »-' ·J7 CHEV. Soli Co«. V-l 11 1 Good cood., tl.lSD. GA 3 tosforSaU Wtf CHEVROLET CHEVROLET -door «td»n. a'nt like rn». Inltrlor soollen, echanlcelly jocntf. Automatic Ifl, racflo, healer, turn ilgnals, w seat covers. E-Z-Ev* crass, hllewall tires. TOD walllv. 1SW. 5 dcvm wilh aooroved cred-l ·lonn E. Thomas Co.-- DODSE U E. Anahilm HE -l?U MS CHEVROLET V-» 1-tnt. Ml* over turquoise, original m. carpels front a-Td rear. Auma Ic shllt, finest radio, nH'. eather healer, E-Z «ye triass* ooMlght, other extras. J7». 25 down wllh apnroverf credit, Sl.nn E. Thomai Co.-- DODGE 33 E. Anaheim HE i-lUl Transportation Special! 1949's Thru 1954'i l In oood rwuilno condiHQn. ^jm« w Ih air condlttonin?. 20 ta taose from. Al low as $49 BOULEVARD BUICK WO Lontr Beach Blvd. GA 7-1777 Ocn Surdavi BEL AIR SPORT CPE. /·t, ufoiTiBllG trsnimlijlon, radla,- ealer. S* J CHEVROLET 119OT E. Soulh 51. Ikrfei UN 5-131$ BEL AIR 2 DR. SEDAH *J-l. standard Iransmlssfoji. radio r healer. IIE99 S J CHEVROLET 11900 E. Soulh SI. A r e t i a UN J-l!74 ·S7 CHEVROLET 2 DOOR SEDAH « Cvl.der power olltJe. radfo, healfr. im S J CHEVROLET 11900 E. South St. Ar nH UN 5.1271 '59 CHEVROLET BISCAYtiE 2 DOOR 6 Cylinder, pOMCrcUdl. SUi-9 S J CHEVROLET HMO E. Soglh St. Ar esia UN S-tT/4 ·i? CHEVROLET BEL AIR SPORT SDH. v-f, ayiomvic Iransmisslon. rad'o, h«Alef, oower sleerlno, oower braves. s'Tj CHEVROLET 11900 E. Sotllh SI. Ar esla \1H 5-l?7|'53 CHEVROLET IMPALA SPORT CPE. V-S, aulomllc transmission, radltr, heater, pcwer steering, power brakes, air conditioning. 51 ,(9? S J CHEVROLET. 11900 E. Soulh SI. Arlesla UN 5-177* '5° CHEVROLET IMPALA SPORT CPE. Auto.-natrc Iransmlsslon, radio, heater, v-8. S3.099 S J CHEVROLET 11900 E. South SI. Ar esla UH 5-17H ·59 CHEVROLET B1SCAYHE 2-OOOR V-i. aulomallc Iransmlsslcn, raolo f hea er. $1499 S J CHEVROLET 11900 E. Soulh SI. Ar esla UM S 1174 ·W CHEVROLET BEL AIR SPORT SDH. v-l. standard transmlsskn. potter steering, electric seals. Radio, healer. TNs car has never salt). H3» i Artisia ' J UN 5-1!'* 'W CHEVROLET Corva'r Club C61. Radio, heater, while tires, auto : matte tram.; very low mlleaoe. 2223 L.B. Blvd. GA 7-3555 -- STICK SHIFT-- · '5a Chevrolel Impala Convertible, radio, tta'ir. [el black wllh whlli lop; BIG ENGItlE. D?r S1595 2223 L.B. 8lvcf. GA 7-3555 ft '53 IMPALA Soprt Coupe_.SUf5 * '57 CHEV. V-»-- Stick S1055 ·Cr '5i CHEV. V-S 3757 d '55 CHEV V-S 569S * HERB FRIEDLANDER * 3SJ3 E. PAC. CST. GE 9-«H '60 Chev, Stick $2395 Hardtop, Wg engine, 2-foni patnf/ whllewalli, Irrvnaculale. . .-, CREST MOTORS Ttt5 LIVTJ Bench Btvd. HE ?-39Af STICK CHEV.-- $639 Bel Air 'i5 2-1 ore hard] op, Htr.f Rdd : D." V/eek er^d soeclal. BILL BRYANT 1S73 Long Beacll Blvd. HE 2-1CS9 LOOKEE! '58 CHEV. BISCAYNE 2-DR. SS9I TRADE WAY MOTORS - 1S30 L. a. BLVD. GA 7-2W7 tranunluloo. Lioht blue wMh ocltJ- InAl orev tnlericr. Rea] iharp. lOG'/t FIr,inrlng Available E. i E. MOTORS RA05 Artesla ME 44M ^-- STICK SHfFT-- ·£- '60 "irnoala 2-dr., rad : o, heater,, while tlrei; white v/:ih blue Fn- terisr, very tow mlfeage, dir. $3^M 2223 L.B. Blvd. SA 7-3555 REPOSSESSION 'SI Chevrolet Impa'a 2-Dr. Hdlr, Loecfed wilh e x t r a s B^fl engine. T f k e over for !77 513.80 etf . '59 EL CAWIMO V8. 4 speed floor r shin. RAH, w-w's. Sharp. A bar, gjln al JIJ95.' IDOli Frnancing Available E. E. MOTORS ; $25 DN. J799 F.P, : 'M CHEV. 2-DR. STAHD. TRAMS. DALE 8ROWN MOTORS.; , ISO! E. PAC. COAST HWY. T . '51 CHEV $195 $10 down $11 rronlll 5 6200 N. Beilllower Blvd. ! '59 CHEV. Imoala sots. serf. RH^ eve glass dual 90 Gen. tires. 3 Car Is In excel, cond. $1900. TO 6-2016 free eaullv 'Tafct over oavments. (, ASK FOR MR. SIIYDER ONLYr ME 34781. power brakes, tinted g'ass. lo-ml.. exceiltnt cood.. or]?, owner, 471? " '51 CHEV CPE.. Sl»5 0 ALMOST NEW TIRES-- AT . : »· RB.H, MS ORIFTWOOD SEAL BEACH. GE 0-1375 i a. Ivorv. RH, w-l-w, pwr sleerlno; c. X2.000 actual miles. One owner; E Full price SU7S. HE Su2«. ; * '55 CHEVROLET Bel Air Hard* too. s« d.i.. S29J7 per mo. Call er Mr. King for Free Home Trial, v GA 7-S957 Dlr. ' Auty. J« down, M.o9 wlc. ' Call Credit Mor., PR *4523. . R- '56 CHEV. 2Klr. R H . 1500 ml. oil V, 301 cu. nr» lires. $??. OE 4779) * '57 CHEVROLET iiooe. J2S On, 530 free t-J)Oie trial. GA 7-8957 Dlr\ Ml CHEV. dr. i oood tires. Molor vn boov Inlerior xlnt. cond. illi R VIA 1 5330 *2X2 Seaborj . -59 CHEV. Imoala Coov. Foil pwr, AT Xlnl. cond. Priv^gJ !1130 ' , i'} '9 CHEVY, 4-Cr. Torpedo, stlclj i9S rebuilt molcr, new seal-cover* Xlnl. cond., SltS. TO 7-6562. , .m ,59 CHEV El Ca-Tlrto. Stick, Kt -£ rSIil' Credit Mar. PR 4-tSOA ·5 /6 '60 \ M PALA SDOrt Covo *'^ot tf f m '59 CHEVV Cel Air 2-dr. By owne^rv !n Srp. e «M». fU ' HA 1 - 4M 7 ·59 IMPALA. Air cond-tiOMd. H«rn Blvd, CotTplcn JiF_ir??i 1092 *H» -_ P £ ^JIJ "t '57 CHEV. DEI RAY CPE. SWJ l« V8. At. R8.H. GA ri4«l 1^170 P»rtv. «95- HA l-7»7. ^ J-

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