Independent from Long Beach, California on February 25, 1964 · Page 22
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 22

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 25, 1964
Page 22
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P«9» C-1 -- INDEPENDENT **'· Tt *- »«- a, mi SOUTH TEAM CHOSEN 3 L.B. Gridders Win Shrine Bertlis . Le»al Notts ·zsisr CEMTiriCATE OT IUSIMSS. FICTITIOUS NAVE Tie cadertlfaed tat* certify EC la eoaductizK a feo4aesa at 7U Jer- fit Trast Bid*.. Latf Beach. Ca3- fc-rala. uader th« fictitious Clno name ct LOXS ECACII ATTOEXET Terv.J aad c«cdJUoas «f sa!«: Cask I* laefj money of the CuteJ Etatei cf Aaertea: tea per cent W% cf Ue aauitut III t · tie , · aad. that said firm la. eoBBpc-sei cf "- · - Jlect Our Men in Uniform After our thumbnail sketches on Long Beach's _^ football and basketball coaches, we now point a fact-|teara for" the filled finger at our men in uniform, the baseball coaches, football gane ia the Coliseum' ce Our lineup card shows., Jury 30. leading off. Bob Wuesthofr coach, winning five titles and] Announcement of team per- .« foUoYtax versos. Poly Hifch'i MiM boys back, but hell get a good *» *JJL ·"* r« *·* Marr MoUey and Earl Mc-'look-se: as a runner, too. "joh»"an« :m ruts. CuUough and Wilson center Motley, cf course, w»* B * T ^, c f{ rl ' tm Bob Heckmaa have been/pd/, wteelhorse, gaining TMTM~ chosen oa -*- - *" "--**-' rekroary St US I. EALtXE of Long Beach State. Bill finishing second four times, sonnel was made by Elmer Hatch of Gty College. Bul ( He moved to Wilson ia 1962.1 P. Bromley and Dr. " " inCKMAN was a 4S-min- tj.for a \vjson team CrutchfieH of Wilson. Jcirni H e r b old-- A HoUj-w-oodKersey, both former poten-Wt exceUed on defense and Herbold of Poly. Bob Myers High graduate. John went estates of the sponsoring Al averaged four touchdowns of MUHkan. Ardie Boyd of|to Stanford, getting his mas- Lakewood, Ste\-e Hirtman offer's ia 1952. A reserve Malalai Temple. Five area players w e r e offensively. The team will be coached St. Anthony and Paul Pet t it : catcher for the Tribe, he says chosen-El Rancho'i Tom by Dick Coury of Miter e\9 fftt^flfl I t i K u*«* *"mf*r^ f\9 .M »*it«*^^ r«« tf\-o\ _^ t n» A * * - - · - - ' _ _ . _ ' . _ Cm rtbrearr :L 1384. t*fjr« Kcirr pSn« ^U tid «or .. ac- talance cf sale ... Superior Cuurt. Taxes. recta, cpsratlaf; aad _. expenses, tad premiums shall be prorated as cf Uw date ! _ .: _ _ .._ ... Tae (__ amiaatloa cf title, recordist o( eosj- rerance. aad aay title Insurance policy sbajl b« at the ex pease cf rchaser or purchasera. zcttst be sealed aad vUl^ be vpcaed at the office of . . . at th« buur f 2:tt p.m. cf tb« abr«« date. Tfct property fc^rvlA d«fcrtb«d i» commo=!T rrfemd to u 40n-*C3 MassachMttti Strtrt. Lori Peach. Tb« Mier^mel n- i tame ia iastmmeat and I be executed tie same. KITH C. PABJC5 (SEA1_ Notary Futile Ih.a. Mar. uUrr r.tli 17. IK4 (It) L£l of Jordan. , \Vuesthoff -- A two-sport Star at Alaxeda High in No. Calif, Bob attended San Jose State in IM6-50 and was an tll-Coist out- fieMer in h i s s ' e n i o r year and MVP on the basketball team. - P i t t s b u r g h signed him to a pro contract, and Bob played four years in the m i n o r s . WUESTHOfT reaching class A. before leaving to take a coaching job in | he "more of an agitator than a ballplayer." After sen-Ice duty, John spent o n e year in Junior high coaching before going to Poly ia 193« where his teams have had a 1I8-S7-5 record aad have made the CIF pbyoffs the last six j ears. L a s t season Poly won the CIF title. Herbold also is a part-time Egan (QB) and Roa Drake 1,^ Jim Pendletoncf Los An(end). Westminster's Vie' floakanson (tackle). Materi Defs Toby Page (QB) and Santa Ana's Ted Parks (HB). S30U1 CERTIFICATE OF CUS1NCSS. FICTITIOUS NAME Tfce cadenicaed does certify l.- is eoaductiar a fca?lB(ss at (00? Seaside WaTa. Loaf Rach a. _ _ : DATED: relruarT tt. UiL UABEL. H. £WAET. Co-cxecntor cf ttie. estate t-f the aboTc-camed decedect. ttST. BEST A KRIEGER By: William R. DcWeire Attorneys far Executors -"i. 23. IS. liar. X 1S«4 3 L.B.I. 41000 NOTICE Cr TRUSTEE'* SALE Me. t-7t-a.t;] Oa Tuesday. March :(. IK I. at , .'levea *'cloes, at the Cast (rrcLt Entrance f tt.t Hall cf Jus- K "· - SEIXCTIOV of Motley and Heckman, both first-team AU- CIF choices, came as no sur f--v-e **ckarwon.'iiVnTmini««r_ *·! Ji5 ( W*.ik. Lorje I-ach X CaKforni*. - -· - - - · ' - ji jnl patp* rebruarj 1". 1*64. I:M r ' IT l«j COXttlO J. CAISER Bannina--M gS'gutt c/ California^ | "J 140 Ldf JLfftlea Couctj. . · . . ·_*» . · ·----po» r^^-"mewi. n i --»" i · * i T« -- v - pnse, but McCulIfXlgh H'lJ l»-Jr' £·"!"'!· iiJTnUz- it £?' Cm rebruur lU. 196t belure me. not 01 isr ^n-sur t t2 Sns out-it^^^, 1 i°K ?D S^ tl g St£*Si¥ i^aVU^^l ft J. Califr l=o*a U me to lie the 1362. ta Boca" Ullh. r»?« ni cf J *2 P^rsoa *;to»e aame ts subscribed to'*aid OfQclal F.eccrdl. -nil sell at tut ,, not on any an -star teams eiut-; · · * . n . side of Long Beach. scout with the Angels. | However, the swift Myers--A Jordan grad in^halfback averaged 12.6 yards'? 1945. played at City College per carry and has docked ftJ^i in 1947. Joined the Marines,^* ia the 100. He tras first -*"*' then returned to LBCC btfore | considered a perfect defensive signir.g a pro contract with the New York Giants in 1949. . . i * *~ithia laxtruaieat aad ackacrl- public auctloa tn tha highest bidder executed tb* ianie. · C. PAIIK3. baseball at Madera High in He played five years in the minors, including a season 1953. One year l»ter he was at Menlo JC in Palo Alto where with Willie Mays at Trenton. NJ. jiUA4Vf «W» ii t mi\f stibvs M i it. a ^ i ^, - * · . i r* he remained until coming to Going to school m the off- season for five years. Boo got his master's at UC Santa Barbara in 1953, then coached junior high until coming to MiUikan in 1956 as head baseball coach. I.B. State ia 1959. After four JV years, this is the first v»r- tity season for the Anaheim resident -. Hatch--A prep star in Missouri. B i l l signed a bonus contract uith the St. Louis! Cardinals ia 1948, played two seasons in the minor], then incurred an injury and didn't return to active plapng. After receiving hjj master's degree at Missouri in 1953, he coached t h r e e years [a the Midwest, five years at Porterville High north of Bakersfietd and o n e term at Huntingdon Beach High before coming to dry CoDege this season. BUI remains a resident of Huntington Beach. Boyd--A member of Wil[son's CIF-winning team in was a star in- C i t y College in 194S-49, where he also was the club batting leader. He continued on to Arizona, Joined the Air Force for four years, then coached In junior high one season b e f o r e matriculating to Lakewood In 1937. Highpoint of his coaching came ia 1962 when the Lancers 'won the CIF title. I lartman -- After preppir.g at Pomona, Steve pbyed at 'CLVRP', L.VDD RISK CROWN The heav}-we!ght tag- team wrestling champions, Edouard Carpentier and Ernie Ladd, risk their crown belt tonight at Municipal Auditorium. xi July II. 1354. I Pace 133 ct ocncial Records ox Areles Ccoatr. cattioraia. rUi secure aa tadet-teiiaess la fsror cf Banker Life aal Casaaltr C a corporation. 17 reasoa cr the creaca cf certlln cbllcations ee- . _ _ _ curtd tiierebj. notice cj «'' ' ' appeared Coaral fcreaca vas record?! October 11'. . . ll:u» AM.. TITLI INSUKAXCE AND 1RC5T COMPAXT. as duly cash, parabla ia lawful noaer f th« i"nlted Elates at the time cf sale. Titaout Ylrraatr as to title, poesesslca or eacumbraaces, the Lcterest cocvered to aal bow heU If said Trastee tmier ratj Deed of Trust ta the prcpertr situate in Los Anceles Ccnatr. Caliloria, de scribe! as: Farcel 1: Lots IS. It IT. 1! aal _. _ 1. la block -L- d Octan Pier appolatel Trustee tmder and rur- Tract, la the Cit7 or Leaf Beach. . .. r.--^ ,. *r-- .. ^...j _--._ .. Los Ac^elea. state of · »er nap recorded In' " " Ilp«. ia the recorder of ta Deed ct Trust dated county cf _ 2 f 196±. eieccted by|CaUura]i Five Baseball Games Head Prep Calendar Five baseball games and one suact ..--ft. m^t mr* rtv* li^ «nrirt« 'October 24. 19±. executed bylCaliTurala. as rer . . . . iracic meet are on tne spring RXT HQSKJXSO^ ^j r«n.rd4 too* » pate IM f xip.. ·ports Calendar for Moore Octuber S. 1S6X la b«i* TI87i.lotru-e ot tie ccoaty recc . _ ^ ... r,^ ^ !racs T3. of OtClcial P.ecortJs laisaid ccmnty- i League teams ttUJ altemoon. tie cSice of tie Cisatr Recorderl Parcel 2; Tke rifht. rrirllett and' In hacpfi.lll Warren if at c t^s Ar.relcs Countr. CaHr.onia..lii'(a9e to ct-DBtract. suaintaia aoli IU UHSZI.MII ·lallcU U Al...-*.. Cl-f f S^ "* "· "~ · ·-" · - -J ·- -- * -- · ' Wilson (l-OX Santa Fe at Millikan (1-0), Montebello at AT PUBLIC lor JDowney. Poly against Cc,mp-[«^. TIOS TO IIICIiEST'aUDCER »X)R Jrom a" tulldiir to be""cotistructei CASH (payable at time cf sale tajupoa Farce] 1. aad said Farcel 1. lavful mr)uey ct the Vcltel States) ,pa3sai:earafa and aidevalas upoa First Strt*t, Loe- JLcirpl^s. Ctli-'oa the znap ct t£te Oc*ui I'roct cf fortiA, all rijht. title a.Li Intfrtnt Ci« citr t* Lonf Ep*ch. Couatj ul coDTPJfd td uil tow fccM IT It «U*i Aacel«-J, (tite ot Ca,T"L£tntla. aJ V^IIsOTl hosts Los AltO« and ttlllSer fljl1 I " * *' Trurt In the p*r nap recorded la book ?5 pape ..11^^.. B..V3L* »-w3 ^vnv^j ****** »rop*rtj iJtu»tei la rail CcivntTJlS. *t ·««.. Cf MiBC*ll»ttfOu* K-c- Nogales ia a triangular meet - - - - - - All start at 3:15. j »---«*.«----· ii^w**iicj, rwiy A^aii^^i, vAjiajLT- Tne criaHengen are Fred- ton at Bliir Field and Jordan die Biasste and Art Neilsen. facet its AKimni. In The Australian Kangaroos return for another bow En separate matches. Roy Heffercen will oppose Pepper Martin in a three-fan semi-main, and the other Kangaroo, Al CosteDo, faces Mr. Moto. An 8 o'clock preliminary m a t c h i n g The Mummy and Shohie Baba opens the show. Fishinji Facts and State described ae: urds. !a the cfTice cf the CrutcMield -- A W i I s o n Ml. San Antonio, then came grad ia 1939. Bill Was aa all-!to L.B State for three years So. Calif, mfielder at City of football a n d baseball. College in 1949 and 1941 be- where he was a regular in fore going into the service ia the latter sport ia 1960-61-62. the Pacific Theater (Guadalcanal) ia World War H. . After making alt-Coast at USC ia 194S. he signed with A student grid assistant at LBSC in 1962, he ' coached the frosh and JV baseball teams the following spring. Lot £i. Block 1. Tract 7343. la recorder ttf said eoaatr. lying te- the cUr cf Lfins; Eeaj a. as perjtc-eea Locust Ateaue £iuta and ;ap recorded la Boo* S.X pace Si Collins \Yar: of 32apa. la t^e orrice of the eouatj Also the rltht. pricUece aad 11- rerorder cf said ccotr. cease to eca^truct. malBta:n aad use Said sale «iil be made, tut vita- for iacress aad erress to and from out covenant cr warraatr. ezpresslsald parcel 1. a drivevar crer and boVT'cii*!! fl tarracuaa." 4t Implied, rejardir-t title, posses-lacrosi laid portloa c.f said let -f. bsis, I bonita, 228 rock cad. I tculDin.!sion. or enruoibrancea, ti par erasted bj the Ot7 cr Lor.f; U* irisckerei. !principal sum of the Dote secured.E^acb, ta Locr Beach Hotel Com- Sial Beaca--T3 passencers en I boati by said Deed cf Tmst. to-wtt ,pany. fcr a suppleoieatal arreement csuoM « ssntf tnv IJ halibut, t sculpiFi Ij^o M ^^ interest froia Ortoberldated September 12. 132». recorded '!*ndrt W tarrtajSa *« cillca ^*- 1M2 - ** *" sli * Bclt PTOTided. la book }SU pare 98. OTilcial Eec- 314 rack cod. Is caw csd. e^ advanres, if acr. under the terms erds. lansouT lof sali Deed of Trust, fees, charjesl Alsn the rirtt aad prlrUeje of ---------------------------- 'and expenses of the Trustee and cfleunstructiar a basemeat beneath a '^'i'^"i "V.^'-'- '".'.'!" ·-.^r-'r'r-'j^r'J'r^^ trusts created by said Deed cMi) foot iide«-aa to be constructed the Boston Red Sox, only to then joined the St Anthony have his career ended by a grid staff in 1063 and recent- broken leg not king after-!ly was named head baseball ward. He started coaching coach. baseball that same year. j Pettit -- Since our column ;| After two years at Hughes last Thursday covered Paul's | Jr. High, Bill spent 11 sea-|career, well bypass him this J sons is Jordan's baseball,time. ' Blades 2-for-l Tickets Independent, Press-Telegram 2-for-I Order Form BLADES vs. SEATTLE Long Beach Arena, March 4 (8 p-m.) The Independent, Press-Telegram has reserved blocks cf seats for the above Western Hockey League match. Buy one ticket and get adjacent seat FREE. No reasonable limit to your order. I enclose $ check or money order for tickets and same number FREE. {Tickets available at $2.50) alorp the souta side cf said portioa _ . bea»-fldarj uader said Deed cf Lot "I", as slanted by the City cf Trust, b/ reaaoa cf a fcreacli or of Luna: Eeanh. to Fred B. Duna. la | default ia the obligations securedlaa a^reemet dated Uay la. U23. t!jerebr. fcerttofore executed aad|reeorded ta book 4902 page 2:'^. dfli^ered to the undersiciud a *rit- OCCW^iJil Records, for the purpi'pe tea Declarattoa of D-fault aad D»-- cf patnr cblijratior.s secured ty mand for Sale, aad written aotice sail D^ed, Includirj fres. ctarirre. of breach anil of election t cause and expenses bf the Trustee. al- the underslcned to s-11 sall prop- Tancea. 11 aar. ur.der the terms cf ertj to satisfy said cfrUeations. and.sald IV.d. Interest thereon, and thereafter, oa November Ii !a uapald principal cf the caderslfaed caused said coticejthe Xote secured by said Deed. %Ua tT breach and of electloa t* be rt-'interest thrreoa from December 1. corded la book M1I6J, paje JS7. if.lMl--less tSJ.30. aa la aaid " ' said Otncial Records. "-* f l Date: rtbrnarr IX lift. TITLE IXSCRASCE AXD ; TRl'ST COM PANT f 1 a* said Trustee. i IT JOaS H. MTEFJ Assistant Secretary ' Ftb. Ii. 2o. HIT. 3, 1964 (it) L.B.I. Datedr Febraary 1. IK4. EXITED CALlrOEXlA EAXK. Trustee ItT HAP.OLD S. BAfER OR-2S7S Authorized SijT-ature Feb. ZS. 3J«r. i 19. IKI (3) LE.I Name Address Mail this form accompanied by remittance and self-addressed envelope to: Los Angeles Blades, 3939 S. Figueroa St, Los Angeles 37, Calif. Death Notices if, 430£] ? ! NOTICE OF TRLSTEfS SALE a; L:\CCR orto OF TRUST t. TF 95) ' t-OAM «6«-ll:9S tr! Notice Is fcertby f i r e a that B AMMAN-SOX B.1XK AXD TEVST fc? COMPAXT. a California Ccirpora- M tion. aa trustee, cr successor tru.*- f^itee, or substituted trustee pursuant 51 to t;e deed cf trust executed ly fe'DELTORD LTLE MLLIxaS and ;·.'!.'.Vl....^'.'.'.'.'.'.'.^^?.. 1 -..-.*.K '-« MXF-GAPjrr J. EILL1XOS. " band and m-ile. and recorded _ . II. IWi U bock TrTSl pate aju WILSON' -- Mrs Margaret'* official Eecords ia the ctfi^-t D v^i , 4^Ao ^ t" t ' l f the Courtj Recorder ct Los Ruth. 68, Of 2909 DashwOOdlAr.f^lvi CouctT. Califorala. and [pursuant to the Notice cf Ie^auJt ·aad Eectioa to fell thereunder rr cnrded Auru.^t II, 19X la txx_ M1"C7 pace 733 cl said OfTlctal Records, ^-Ul sell, ca March 11. LKl at 11:00 a.m., at U.e Eoutk frcct eatraace t^ the Ahtnaajoa Service'Bank and TrustXriinpaaT buiidirr located at »11J WilsLire Boulecard. Surviving are husband, Clar TUR.STR--Mrs. Agnes, 89' CRAIG--Mrs. Annie May,' A R N O L D (B«Iinow«r--ence; daughter, Mrs. Wilma cf 6070 Walton St, died Sun- 73. of 125 list SU Seal!Mr*. Lettie. 41, of 13712 Ac- Piper, son. William; brother, day. Surviving is daughter. Beach, died Sunday. Surviv- tina St, died Sunday. Sur- Charles F. Bishop. Mrs. Joanna StrameL Service ing a r e husband, Clifton; viving are husband. William: Wednesday, 1:30 pjn, ^ke-j^tne^citV'cf'Ve'ri^TialJ.'^S fn Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Lake-d a u g h t e r s, Mrs. Hallie daughter, Mrs. Ruby Arm- wood Vi I I age CommunityiJ* " __^"^ /_^ "^ \~^ ^. ... n wood Mortuary in charge lo-|Thornpson. Mrs. Lola Hare.'strontr: b r o t h e r s , Leslie, Church. MottelFs Mortuaryj^'ifrV'^T'casV^fp'ajra'iile a't"'tC cally. [Mrs. Ruth McCallay. Mrs.'George, Damon, S e r v i ce in charge. l' ; !Ti%d Ifateo sJi rt*hl°°' *'* 'Dorothy Carrick, Mrs. Violet Wednesday. 10 a^a. White's; poRTETlpaniHomts-'^'S'^TSSVee/,? I COO\ -- Raymond, 65. of|A!sup, Mrs. MjTtle Shults,!Funeral Home. ;,,,,, c ,^ fc ,,, v . ,, 1,nj s:nute ia .aid _countr'aid Roriifj FROM $250 ROWERS FOR Ferest Lawn Funerals rlELPFUt. COUHSELIK CXARCE 1Y PHCKE The FMiwCf Sfxt to Forest La. CEne.a V2S1J er TAyior t-71: Faaerol Notices _ EROWN-- Thomai W. t-t'ff. *An. «A«rnj orter; brom«n. A'ir.iam H. artf jVfTUsnd. Rasary Wonflav, 13 ,m. BASIS ot ffeou'cm Tyesda*. a.m. 8om *T St. Birn«bis hirrch. F*m,f^ rtque«r» donations C»rcw Fund. LACEWOOD UOKTUAKY 3914 , IC* 7t, P O R T E R [Mrs. Sarah Margaret. 57, of state described 603S Dunrobin St.. l^kewood. Mrs. Lois Draper; son. Ken died Sunday. Surviving are'neth. sister, Mrs. Alma Viie. Mabel; daughter, Mrj.'brother. C o n way Lanford.| j; "' w.«wruuii. /»e, a^c-j----- Mary Lou Cbyton; sister^Ser v i ce Wednesday, 3-30 \ vood - died Saturday. Sumy-,^ Laurence. s ' r y i c e Mrs. Lffie Shaffer. Mr.. Mary'pa, Westminster Memorial W »« tusband, Edward;:sis- ]*»««* » P n - Mo«ells : Groff. Mn. Dessie Burnsidejpark Mortuary. ,«"· Mri - w - c - Seward. Ros-.Mortuary. Mrs. FJsie Kastaire; brother.| ! *^ .^J^^L^Vm'M«. CARD.NXR - Gilbert ,Larry.__SerTiee_W«dn«day. 2, r.tvL-Grover aeveland,'^' "Z^ ^T!^ "o' 8«e. 71. of , p.m. White's Funeral liome.^ of I l w t Third St , dicd Bellflower. COX--Ercnda lee. infant Sunday. Surviving arc wife. Ntar^"; sons. William, Edward, Jamfs; sistcri, Mrs. Manha Ave _ __ follrji _ Lot rii, Tr»ct 17703. in tt« City cf Lorj E^ich. Cuunty «,( Lc» Anf Pin. of CiIilornlA. a.4 p^t snap recorded In Bocik 4^, F*Jt-a 12 t) rt lucluaic* cf M*ri. ta t£t« cIT.ce cr tli* Cuua- t r Recordrr. SiLl vale mUl be zniie. tut m-itb- cut «r'H-Dartt «r wtuTavnt/, c: injplied, f(T*r3iH|f lit. p ?mn cr ·?rcumbrancrs. to *ati.*fy t h t Inr1*-tjtfrln^i »*car*tl fcy Ui.l " ' inrLutiinc lh* f« *aJ *x- M c G A R Y (Parajnount-- Private service was held Mrs. Annie. 59. of 6702 Motz MotttlTi Mortuary. died Thursday Surviv- p* ns *'f t^e tm.-*t^e snd of ibt r -. . {trusts created fcy sa!d deed, ad- H Son. fcujene Kooert. nnrei thereuna-r. »:ta Interest as (iaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Freeman, Mrs. Grace Free-jst, died Monday. Sumving ..W. Cox, died Feb. 18. Serv-'man, Mrs. FJizabelh Arrirg-jare daughter, Mrs. Margery ke was Monday, Christrnsen-[nn: hrcmher. Guy. Service Mirmtr, son«. Charles, David, of 3091 Josie Ave, died Sun-' .t...^v.. ..... .'. u ».v., wj. ~jv..«.«. njijijifi, auii% v^tMiici, a/dtju, , c . . .. -,. \ Chapel.Wrfnesday. ID-JO am.. Pat-Lee Roy. Service Thursday, ^'^TTM 8 ^'!'^' 'terton Snivrly Mortuary. | 9 a^n. Church cf Our Fa-!^-^^!^"' 1 ? ^"* M " "'" · arid Uall eeJ: t.-iit I13.6l7.Z3 !tr, taer--oa from April 13. ,,,,_._ - _ , _ . , _ ,,_ l3-^ as irovUeJ ts aafit fii'te. \\1IELA.V--Edward J, 47,1 Iate4: Vebmarr 11. 1M4. AHJJANSO.-e EA^K X5TD TtvsT roMPAjrr ALL MAINTENANCE AND REPAIRS ... FREE FOR 40,000 MILES LEASE 1964 Mercury Monterey Equipped Power Steering onj Erolo, Roiio onj Hcofer. 79 50 FEU KOtTH Afl Itft'.r, trj Uetr.lisaiics tti ttr ty FsrJ Uitor Ce. fer 43 CCO MJn t'J 2 T.ori d A«r A.^cr'i.i O.a'e». .Also ATtnlobk! 1964 COMET 1964 CONTINENTAL a Fsfl M«i«ti««ct ·· lesirin MJO LEASING CO. DUFFIELD Lincoln -Mercury At rkt Looq teoct TrofrTe Ctrcl* 1143 UKEWOOD I LVD. f»- 4»-tni or SP 5-3HJ MCKERS--George D, Cj.iiister. '«· Bernadette Nel- cf HQSli Mahanna Ave,|$on. Rosary tonight at 8. req- d!ed Sunday. Sumving are d«a M a i s Wednesday, 9", wife, Janr, sister, Mrs. Edna'*TM^ both in St Joseph's I*- No. 22112 NOTICE OF IALC CT PtCAL , ., _ _ . _ _ , _ _ .^^ » * · · * T- -. -- J F » i U i » t t w r ML.K. Wr F 1.AL, Sehn; b r o t h e r s . Clarence.jChurch. DiMjy Family Fu- TROPEBTV AT PRIVATE t*tt Harry. Service Wednesday. 1 neral Director! ia c h a r ge. arSr^MaVch la^miT 1 U^'T^?. pm.. Christensen-Pino Redon- Fantiry suggests contributions f^' ^i"ue 1 «u?* m 7"p M Sf do Avenue Chapel to Memorial Hospital Cancer jirfja'rais. tmuti. win aeu « " [Research Fund. i'1**'* ·»'· «» «.*« urt-t.ti"er. t« cocfirmatkrtt ty t£,e aixne-^ntitlej Sup^rbir Ci-orl, all RICE--Mn. Pearl, 63, Cf i «»»/*** tt!e. interest, an* erale »--. ... ,, . ' ',. . '« the dece*nt at the time cl ker 2205 M:ra Mar Ave., oted a-stn am a:i tie n;tt, t_tie. tr.t PLNON (Buera Fark--Miguel A, TO, of £821 Crescent Ave.. died Sunday. Sumving are irife, Louise; daughters, Saturday. Surviving are ,, Mr». G. Green. Mn. E. Pru-.Richard Frj-; daughter!. Mrs.1 ^V/t a* 't'^^SeV^'i;" etu Mrs. D. Farris, Mrs. M..GIaoyi HiD, Mrs. Doris Val-« anj t, ti« cenaja resi rrr^nj CahiH Mrs. Marie Rogers; dez. Senice bi Salera, Ore^'J^Va^^ uViiii «7a?rit'j son.1. It. Col. Miguel Jr,'Holton Son Mortuary in " i^f^j ose-h«if interest ia Howard. Sen ire Wednesday,'charge locally. ! real i.rpenr and torcitore ar.j _^» i tlierela at 1x4 S4 FRAZIFJl-Mn. Katherine! HU"1 ?-' .rS«*SJ"V«» IIirbU tr»rt u J-T pup rt* d*4 ta E^X'k 1, £*{· 1*1 tf iKt, DO. of 7.JS PaoTic Ave_ Lv:.~4 \r f ^4 M ^*^.« c,,«^^:.. 1.1 3 pja. Church cf Our Fa- ihen. Forest Lawn, Cvpresa. · - -- .'*** * rv » v '* *«r*J * ·««**«» 4~i» *"--; L Y D E ( N o r w a l l ) --died Wednesday. Surviving Is Haji.* oxatf "cf'tJif' Maxine E, 43, of IIS39 Long- sister, Mr*. Tracy Hanna.Js^H,'-ttomit ta.e«. cor«»- worth Ave, died Saturday.jPrivate service was held h «»^M^;^-"'««^*'-'^-_ Sumving arc husband, tta- Christensen-Pino R e d o n d o m't-s u encnaEraacej «j rV. - eraW; sons, Richard. Roy-.'Avcnae Chapel \f^n/ T n"imt kTtf m\ daughter. S h a r o n ; mother,! l J»et^i!r''»arn»J*iip" r » 4 f.T t 'i» l fr'» *» Mrs. Mabel Green; brothers,} NEWBEGLV -- Edmund J, : f^e at fcer atv-raeys. i.t. «t * John, Eugene Green, listers, 8.1, of 14TO Ramillo Ave, died w'lcV'ivii'iot'iS'ersfde^caiS'o* Mrs. Lorraine Skinner, Miss Saturday. Senice today, '0'* fll j )l , rc »«J If '£ ir ^ m r^J f"'TM Mabel Green. Senice today,'a.m., Christensen-Pino Redon-jat acy 'time "Lt-'r the'firJt r^K 2 p^j, Chaptl of Memories.'do Avenue ChapeL tl"'«,a. 5iv«' 1 li t"«*1ije*"* **'"* CRAI-- Aflfl'* IT* St^ Seal Sunday, feeruanp ZUrit b/ HuiEnnd. OlfToA; 7 ten. Mrs. Halli* Tnorrvson. . Loii Hart. Mrs. pPuYB McCalEa/. tArs, Doroffrr Camck, JAn. vioirr AllJp, JKO. M/rtlc SftulT* arrrj AVx, Lei» Dniacr; wn. M**tT» Un. Aima Mann; flrtn; 13 r t » T - f l r » n d c n ; . k.r Wvdrmday. 1:30 BJTU, IVnt- m-rtsTer t/tmor'.M rarfc J-Aor!y*rv Chaorl, w«s.TmlnsT«r. 1nigir«itt Wttttm. ; m**r Mrmenal TarR C«nv ***rv, DIKECTEO ir KESTUIH- STEl? A-.EWOSIAL P A K f c AT.O«- TUAHY. _ Ftra»rol Notices 1 DILDAY FAMILY funeral Directors f ocifT* Arc. «t Ai son ef Mr. and Mn. Htrire t- r^snkton, of IS* «r. tumefr. A^M turvlhetf by 4 Bremen. Mtfftsn'e"; ] sic*vrs. Osna an* Leaora. v:c« Twe^eay. . Souls Ceneten. *ic*VM. Gravcu . f 3 «. T- JC7 ttn. Bivtf. Survived *y nft. r. Mn Bar; t n a l k t r , n; j nT*r», Mrs. ftjm Bcnicar, Mn. »V-B-r S««non, Jkn. Vrm jatkA. Mrs. tt«Tf*« tJ*rfi ml tArt. LOU Lvdccock. T ttndar, 1 Tto^« o* coo* CDurdt. I.VCCT-- KathcfVA. J^v'c* . 1 30 · rri* MCRHtS-Oonna C. fll E. mi. 4urviv«* tr t touonterv «rx lam B aeiov antfrnr*. WLar- c«1a Bv7: ferottw, 0«rn«* P.; I «r*oJc*.l*-tn; 4 ·ml. ff · 4 c fe 1 1 d r a f t . v. It ».m_ E ^t OUJT?*. · »tu, wifw »r*. Doncitf B. CM* af clanro. 0 1 1 4 a v IHlCLOS -- Frail »· S Olorla; , . fe'-ofrtn, JOSRA T* Harrr J* Thwnaa J. an« tcb^t Ji VTW, Mrs, »«rf»r3rn« K«4. ·on Rosary ii/navr. B · m^ |«nt Jewdt't C « t i * i r c cni.rdL * t · · ftm MKS V-'«tfn«i(iav. f a m. FamE?v r»- * nowu SHOP HE VtHI »r HE MfOI Ucorat tax PREPARATION EXPERTS FH. STATE-- $5 UP HiR rod.' tnc. *"N*fici*l LtTf ed Tu S«rvic«* PHONE 4JWWI5 UtFCOAYl * AM.-« 9.UL SAJimOAT SUXOSY »i W« Come fa Your Hens SKOUSEN TAX SERVICE li irrs ewjer. Reasonable rites. foe home lervke c*1 Aftonroe »ound«. TO ma. KaewoKSon ACCOUNTIKCUHV. SipKe 1M1--AH state torms 711 Lone ~ - - - - - jv«. n^i C COWAK9 J. CJEA» SflOU ..«cwrejts» f Boonej|m INCOMJE tax U VD. bfcprs. e!1 year. CA ICMt._Stil_Arlantie. txp£BT mcovtE fax sttyicr In your frarre. tt us. CE -«^l T R Y US AN3 flMO OUT ·VMYii MAC FRANKEU PA.-: . Our Scrvita Doeul C«tf lOT^V · , V.E AVT YOM T*n*, troufcij 1 ' CASH Cv*r anrf Aoovt aur f«e* Ocen f-« daJIv Inctudina SAT^UM SEAL BEACH -~ »ar r«Ai«nm TAX COMUVTAMT t2 Electric (cor. ftAar» A I 435-2490 Ftd. StiTt T« R«himj -15 YEAU 1ft LONG BEACH" 2521 L77H 51RE£T I X M . - I F . M . G£»433l INCOME TAX SERVl AlSct McClal" B A. CA $5 UP IN YOUR HOME BUS!NESS-indtviduaT. T»» Rtrwrnv C. E. Prvdhctm. CK. Oovt T« Official. Acres! tnrn eie» »«.». ilM AflaMbC A^t. CA_-tTff» UVCOMC TAxACCOVNTma SER*. Bookkeeping Ray ttn^n, _U*» B«lltlpw*f Blvd. TO »7Tlf TJEACHCRS. Scnooi *mpicv»n *^«, wttirrx AR FrJer* end St3*t · , turn*. HA «-!.'«. MOESEN. _ , Ftfaerol Notices COO»--Rivmoni, of «£S Dunrofiin. L**woad. jrvlv«d t* *'f. ·Veibct; d»uohfer, Mn. AMTV Lou CixvTon; I Brflntfton; ,,r*j«n. bwi. AUi. Druiv Bumsidc. *vt tl« . . _ _ . . M FUKERAL MOMf, Btunowtr. '"FORUT"LA.. J I»-YF-RESS MSKA -- Jea't, Is* 7T. ef S*n evnd fgresj ti» *nlj JEXN1NCS-- Wary tlizabtfti of f7» Maole, Brlltlower. Survived bv ·on, S«mujl. S«?rvtc» Trlursi* 1 JUicDONQuGH--Hamr C.. *o»* ct ZC* N. Cvoreii. Li Haftr*. J Tw*vdav, 10 M am. FOREST LAUVK--CYPRESS NIB--Edward A. ef Cff«n B«v. Wlsccrtiin. Died trt Lung BetHA. Survived bv wif«, JWaf... Seric« .md ki-trmenl «t C*~*w Bay, UUiscoruin. D;recred ^LAKFWOOD MORTUARY 3934 WeeJrufl A«t. £*L -- Orov«f CW'Vand d. Survivw t» »- «ors. William. Edward Of flr?af- «ors. Wilkam. Edward and 3 flrtndcri.ldren; and " f l - a n a c r i i 1 O r t « . Se^vlct . _ _ . _ . It 39 · m. wi*n R«v. Robert V. Cirt*r-5c*i eft'ciatino. PATTERSON SNiYELY SSJ^ILOCVST AVE. Lafcewoad. Survlvtd ty livs«nd. Etfwird; Bitter, Mrx W. C Srwird Rosanr Tuetdav. I-19 tm., V-Dftrs Fvnrral Morr*, lAasi of Reojieni Wcdresdav, S.15 a.m^ St BernanTi Cattiolie Churcf*. K.HITE1 F U K E R A L KOMC* iiCE--Pjirt, *o* »X ef Z2QS tviTra V*r Aw. Survived tv son. Rictv ard Frv; Aau.rh^rS' * Ar »- Gt«dvs f«iH tntf JMri. Dons Ma« VafiSez. Servk* »"d Intermtnf tn S^Len, Orrgorr, HOtTOW a SO* MOR TU*«V ~ " · ROTH-- JoKn Tiomas f rcj Silver St- Latewood, Sufi v*d ry » , te . Va -oar»i ; mrv, n; mother. Mr*. Evflvn Rorh; - s-sren. . . BetTv v r and $so CASH T* churcne*, ksdne* e* 1 et»^ organizations tor tellirre lust 14 Dotriei of *Voria f amoLt walrRi Vamna For e*t*.rs pfloft* G* J SS-*, , . ALSO: Bowtet A viable · Swing *o tfi« L«ti» SorgC OF - 7 U*i*r Franc* I K"» G/r-ir At *TH£ VEGAS ROCiW" rOQ 1.0 N ft_» EACH BLVD. IB. MORGAN HAlT"~ 17 hsilxi for V3ut party trr*dv _£ajLocuit_A«*. HE_jig.- F.1-L Voor t'iFE w.m DANCIWG^J C 1*55*1 11,25 Mr FT v U »*» . partm. Fun, Frenflxi. HE 5 AH* VeloCv Danct Srudio Tt Pactric A · Coofiden tE*J IrivVlti 03 'lorn r MISS! N S PERSONS LOCATES 41M ATLAriTjC AVE. * _ V l R Gil. K. 5COTT GA jg«C EDO IE BuJ-1 TV 4 rec3fd;nfl *vW h now tcach^no eu tar i r| K itar. rriv*-i w class Itsscr.k. _ r tc»t L C»tt_CI-S7Ca LONELY ptoci* »««tr8 tr'enftfi.i W-IT» Bev*rtv Sec* ClwO. F O. Bax_i77, Btmipwu^e^To a-mtr WAWT ritiib'it cartv to dnw« car la Frt;and, Ore. Can B.rt AA -- ALCOHOl.rC*"ANbHYA.O.j4 A C E A CENTRAL OFf iCt DRINKING PROBLEMS? HE Vg33 OFFICIAL S-ViOC DEVICE ItJTiGfl. ~Ki Sx Korw«:|t Blvd.. Artti »- H* H4,a Social Clubs 11-A- CtAlU LANES dev. »:C* «.m. Mess ef Rnuiert ·vednnaaw. f · m. Bam *r ST. Pjncra'ius Chir-c». iAKEWOOD MOKTUAIY 393 NVcoJoiTT A-t^_ SEARiCHT--Stvtla. aa« I i of JMoi m B*/. femr r T»f of Lorg BeacB. Surwivctt far ^l^and. C*or«e; 3 eauontcrx, fcUx Harel Jensen, Joraon; I ararijioni. Dtma'd Jen- ten *rd M.ctt»*f Jorflon. S*rv tt 3 « * n., TuevUy. KUMEB WOaTUACY CM __ 5*CL L^ ·i_|^VD. i PtCE R--Hflyrt!« R- emetf Fee. a Bf UC3 SKrdebaker Rd.. Korwi:k. Befov*J wif» ct Francis R. Saucer; mottwr ot tars. Hazel L Alexander ef B**rr»fii!tf; «ATL Louise WoDrf ef Virginia. M;-;t Peocv Ann Spacer of Norwallt a^d Frank:* M. Austin ef Korw* k. Beloved eaufit!ter ef Atn. Add t Christian of Oklahoma; silver ot Wet of Stockton, A rot.* cf Oklahoma. tfArtan of ViMn'to, Rffv ol Vs^i?r:er end Hubert Crvisrin ef Comptorr, Mrs. Doo'v Cable e f , Cfctatiarra. AAri Oov:« Cari^u of i Llvermorc. ana Mrs. Ocal Stum- ! t*uch of Lvrwood. Also lurvived Ca«r. lo a m.. HlLLSi^E CHURCH. ROSE HILLS KEfVrOAlAL PARK, V.HITTIEK. ROSE HELLS U03- TUARY DlgECTlMG. THOMAS-Crant V, ag« a. of 2f4 E. wn sr, Survi v rt ty wfc, MabffHe; **ua^-»f, Mn Til*nrva Thomat; I brofl-.e-v Bii 1 y. Emrrvel and J. B ; 7 »rrT. Mr^ MCT» KrHon «nd Katy Smitti. Service ·*.4Q a.m., Tu»vWy at B^i t ^H-JStTtR »1C *TU AJB Yj_Pjrtctg5J TURNER--Agnes cf 1378 W-'a-ToB St. Survived t* a~tf irte.'i! wt'it Cedar fFapidL Iowa Directed locaJlv B« UKEWOOD MORTUARY 1H4 WeoJruff A r*. ViCKiRS--G*orp» of lit? 1 * Ma- ,*»-*; i-*ttr; t8r,a Seh«; ·ro^eril Clarence antf (Sarrv. Service ^HwSTENSEN-PlNO A'/t. LCrtT. _ ,, ,, Friday in. ... _.. cor;err*i de%oera:e:«. _ _ Return. Cerier-O'^s REWARD! Rj - S-*33S_ c*W_C_ori*ct_coaejnt, »i LOST--Male part S-a^nre cal/T.gcf ^ itr«e T*C«. ten. tail--b'ij» tvw*. %*. * L N^eta." Pleas* rielo rr* find brm. \ _ltewara. Ht a-na .; LOST whir* Toy poodle, ma'r, Uven- '4 oer cottar uc. H9-*«-i*n car- 14 Oens area. S*f. FeO. 22nd. lie- r« _»»rd.jC1 MO*--idO 131 r^ LOST. "L»di*» "riandbaa, *«. Teno'e ** A Anahrm* ISO regard, no «L»n- * l.ofri. asfced^CE^KJB: CE_»»31. -^ LOST": Ma!« tfiart Irg'sni'iigMt tuff ** cca. v r --· ' LOST-- Read.Rt" glasseC~Sa~. ,. Befmonr ST^re area. Veward. AF- ,*n ^ter S B m. ciH HA I.S7S9 '* ^ LOST--Grey min. ecod'c. Lot Aliga a jtrea R:»ara.^t*7i5. J^ 1 1 « ooad*, rv «d. ..3.T7«L .-J . . , . rra:«. Cfiliaf, Identify, GA 3X34 n :; -Relit WTiy «a en liv ** ilf:!-* L _ _I rf · esil0a V C E I try onfy *re« ID answer rjt K#30MO Avt., LB. HYPNOSIS H'FHSMf * -- *liCt · tOf-rTWIy of 1117 Lomj ««t. Ort fro. 71. Suo'v *d bv cousin, xw v*« Rirti'* rf fn«rjenJ. S*-*ic» tf_V-menf w T t« rn wautoma, PATTERSON a 4°SNIYH.Y _S5 tOCU^T avg. 11 L ·- Ptrsoaols i.o$r~._-- ,^.__.. , rul FanrsrrA XV729 riesse CSJT_CE nm FO$TC*»KCliTt neeaee le · ·» f*f£ r y*f^S»iaff a l!f" 7 OBSI SOCIAL toe OuslltV letvtiesn. ttlt trr OX. buuneis c*r« Ii « « sew iT¥ST5gi~msfi. ,, Vr^a class--eai. f ft HE FlJRi r«Tved av * " coriart. etc HE ! ~Sieve's Uli'f. ar-'sVsim. " OPES t tfOUS rmcored trem TOUT tur CO*. Fly Vegas : j ON THE FAMOUS Hacienda CHAMPAGNE $24.50'.;? ADDITIONAL FLIGHT STASTIN^ FEtSUAR/ 24T«_^ : o£»*aTi»ci IL» A.M. '""2; Intfudei: -TM I 1. Hd tr!D trans, on J^ers SI 1 Gourmet Bjffel Dinner 3. Borr:e wni»9e Osrncave A T*e i - ^ - ' Cecktatis at show. r Co:i c'ut» vtctuded 1 S Airoort Lime, kn V*sa» O'NITER WEEKENDER ·CTJO. T3SO jrd. above s\a e* rm Idbl occ.) HA 5- 1 269 P1u t 4 i. IS Mtf Frt. lat i KM. " " EL CAFITAN CASINO HAWTHOHNE. PACKAE tNCLLCCS: · O'JWO T « l » »'· T*»«SP. 0»- h£«. COCKTAF1.S in. CMAM- »·*! E El» «OVJtE, lOUVUE* CHAYPAHiE CLASS. tiMO SC*VICE, lOUNGE t11EBT»H . c«»rjscoT A5l AS3UT OUt LADIES N1HT DA FIT FLM1TS DE»i«t 1 11? J«- RETJ* 1 * « A.M. ro. . IONS IEACH IUHIAWC TS M4 Sat. KA S43II' I VI f 55tr. · r. + TM · -· · Faaerol Notictt llftr. M* S-M*. 1 Fnered Natiecs 1 mortell's -- B*sxi« JU r» Rjf. irrtu*. SurvtvM »y ion. C«orgt; «*yj^-»T. Juvwfun. K Itv a t f l l a c y Humar; 7 VrandCMMfrvl. tontrbvtflni % hwt Fura *uogn?M. S*n«ve Twndav, t.M »jn_, UOTDT* C*ac*t. PORTER -- Sarail Mareartf, 1»« Se McClwr* A^^ « a »- CAaow. Ha M. Ot » . w « le nsmuiicsii Oar-n. te-. vce weovteav. u · am, WolWI'i Oem. * streel. LakewooH Serves «v«*«54s«, l.n ».m^ lilmoa vinsve CsmmuWT» dura. · t w w t -- Clove Mce-»i. Jar v.ce wi« be announced.

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