Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 23, 1976 · Page 5
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 5

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 23, 1976
Page 5
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Anniversary Observed At Open House MP. ind Mrs, - Ciifence Duncan »er« recently surprised with »n open house at their home·!«'.Weil.Ftofli toiobserve their twenty-tilth wedding «nt- v e r s a r y . The parlj w a s «rranged by their, older daughter, Cindy. Ifariftttrif /» QJimra or MEN Friday, A^ll 13, 1»7* f MARRIED TWENTY FIVE YEARS Jtfr end Mr*, Duncan surprised on anniversary Mure than 80 gUeSW iUetlded VIIUMllMim»IMI«llin!l*EIM«^ between lh» hoUrs Ot 7 Slid 9 p.m,, With coniratylnllons and .gifts. Assisting Cindy at the serving table Were Mrs. Faith Bradley, Mrs. Pftscilla Smith and Mrs, Thelma WalKer, Mrs \h\\ta SKe'lldfl presided over the .gift table and the Duncan"* yoUnflpr daughter, Belly Ann, registered i guest! | The jervlrij Hole (MtUred'a centerpiece ot tonj'slerrirned red roSci arid white clirysiitil.hj Ihllnis flanked by White cSiidlei; Th* three-tiered white 6ak« wis decorated with fed roses, white swans and topped with in" arrangement 6f fern, fed rose buds carhalloflS and babj'i breath nrt white kde Th* Duncan children) Cindy, Bett} Ann and Bobby, presented their mother a red roW- biid corsage ana Sniir father a red rose bmilortrii«re. ,,,.,,,, H ' ' t , ' » "LI "i- lr home'preparcd foods? There BEEF ; douncl beef, chuck s(jmet mc5 , .. yus .. alld roast and steaks, round steak, j 0m( ;i] m cs ^' cr - - : - USDA res O'rtltlHS - M i l k , cheese ice comparison rcarrt, lUnch meats, francs, - - - - luiiii, ifo/ien fish, flour. Man Warned Not To Leave Wife With His 'Buddy By ABIGAIL VAN B U R R N DbAR ABBY BtUttK'j a guy 1 \\ofk with, hktt 16 h*li am Thdn'They bid Several Years Ago Quick Foods Cost l_ess GOOD BUYS POULTHY ' Fryers, lit keys dhd parts, eggs JRK - Jlams,' smOkc res] i picnic roasts, 53 leckbones. 'troduced packaged Hems. '':·. whole COMPARISON S'JUDlKS r 1 Arc convenience foods more expensive prepared than similar home- thii'd'wcrfl less expecsiye (nan (heir; home-prepared or fresh crjiihtcrparls". A l o w e r percentage (less than one-fifth) of j~r tlie recently developed M'iiy'anti'food-Valuo inferior vcnience foods were lower cost : · . . , . . i TM «,..__, thcih · .similar lioriic - prcparftrt items. This reflected a typical sFlUiltoiYopaUerri tor new products, archers did a cost expensive until Other simitar in Ihe late iQoO's products are introduced 16 tif 158 convenience foods -Which compete for shopping dollars, was Updated ' and expanded i n j While :'generaI conclusmrt VEGETABLES · - Potatoes, in 1974 and 1975, Tlie early' about money costs of conc a b b a g e , leltuce, squash, ,stildy-included mont:y and home vcnleiice -products do not h6td c'.irrols, onions, turnips, greens, I preparation time comparison of true at all times for all itcms k dry beans and rice; canned and vegetables. KllUJTS · IJanahas, oranges, grapefruits, apples, pineapples, caii lied [iL*,iches; frozih arid Calmer] juices H y ' M K S C A L JOl.N'SfON liilrodUctioh . of convenience (ootlS Into - , Amcrjcan sUper j canic later (bah prepackaging of .meats, but con- sllmcr reaction to the tv,o mafketliig innovations has been peas, convenience Eoods with similar wen I home-prepared. Items. At that lime, IlS Of .the. U8; footls studies \YL c fr v, n lill's I" lei more expensive in convenience than In home-pre pa red forms R E C E N T CONCLUSIONS The recent USOA sinrly included t(i2 convenience .item: 43 of. which were nor available sofncU'liul similar, complained, loud |FROM HELOISE : 1 b Pocfe 'N Bee/, Scrumptious/ 4 Mdmner at a frjend's other cxening. ~' absolutely scrnmp- |askcd for the recipe you know Mrs. Byung gave it to me? Ot, it's yf out on Ctoud Nine. Cloud 10, t'there, I would say. ?j AND PEA PODS ground beef roast, |d thin if dry cooking sherry [sugar ftbsp. soy sauce ii 5 cornstarch i Up dered ginger 'i.* salad oil gs (ID oz. each) frozen fpods or Kalian |?«ttt ^ ns Ed rk» r tt the cooltlng slierry ley sauce, cornslarch |tr in * bowl Artdth* , r! toss to coat ullli thi r stand at least 30 tablespoons Salad ol Icrtrlc akillet, blaier o 'iieh, ^h pods (Or beads) anr tt until hot and all I , «bout iw« minutes h" a slai\e layer oh th , 4 tt remaining oil to th ind saitte beef slices cook evenly about dv " ?Add the podi « bean "'t' with the beef. Place ig dish. SsmaH amount of wa , | skillet with Ihe drip feat and pour over bee ,. Ipods .with hot rice. (Makes K ser\ ings ) , irt will always he fille e. delivered In bush ^ \n Mrs. Yu for a trill jipe that's out of Ih - love her, too, if yo let her. -- HeloiM loise: ' 'have problems with ol !reasing-in-pricc" U * istamps -- here ai '·· Jts as to how to g' I-iuse rA them: . .spoil an envelope wi .-- 3on it.- dip tho corn' . .iyelop in boiling wati :;.iond; the stamp w ; and there will usual } ti glue for you to reu p. -Simps that are stui "· 1'pilt them in a frcez ,-i.e or 'use the iron Xga . tthe glue. -- Robe ! -oise: ·"·tling along in.ths I' ':irs, and I have o ;'':'to leave behind "A as lite has been, i . " H h a v e - far oulweigr. ^ ilcs... ; p ri people get depress iitrodden or feet sor - is e'lves -- try writi y'/bur blessings z - -,hcm aloud to yours .light h* Aurprhftri -- A ader tried it and it works 1 . Keep e list so you can refer to later. · ' · Bless our reader for the minder. -- Heloise ear Hel6iset ; . , I havfi found" that plastic ays with sections for storing ver ware .make very good con- incrs in which to store your ools of thread. -- Mrs. Irene :ipper ear Heloise; I love cooked dried beans ol I varieties, but hSAlttte to e them V*r_V Qtttft, M ... Ita high cost o* utlH __ ifeu days, ft (hey i«k£ ao loni cook : know Soaking them b . ~ *ht helps but I USUally fof^e do LHai? t oyoii hfcY* any UjteesUortsl Kdith M rt m m, I love befttii (rat But When t fofttt to BOR lem overnight 1 fufit nick oil ie bad ones, aleo 4hi rock r bjts of dirt put the bt-arj n » colSrtdir i n d / n m **l»f rom th^ faucet over them After they are thorougEilj ·ashed, 1 put them in a pot *nd over with" enough water to ome to abdUt- three inches hove the b^atls. Put the lid on ie pot and brinj tb a boil for ye mihuteAJ - , : '. ^ N'ow, this 14 whert yoO a 11 oing to save on fuel;;. :·- ; Turn off the burner on you stove but don't take ths not ol burner or remove the lu rom the pot. Let the beans si n hour or two, then add sea onings and cook 'em from here. Beans Cany kind) are deli cious when sliced onions i CShnfed tomatoes are added. However, fteV^r, ne\ er a d lit Uhiil teW riimlH*!! befor you an ready to %tt\'v them this U What CatUct th« h to be hard a fecks Edith, you've made me him f(fy, I'm just Ibing to haVe ' jo fix vrtri« beani fof dim Recipients : Thre Arkansas studeJiU Were moni 13? natbnil Winners ·niltlj m a i t c 16 to Jl| of tl] »r6 harlhwalch ScholarShi »mp«lltlori Th» state hlnnef « Oscaf Olooi', 2l OUatWl aptlst Onlverilly, Arkade hia, Hasa JUcas 19, UnlVei ill of Arkansas, Fiyellevllle nd Elizabelh Stllarl, 16, Fay Ucville" High School The state Winners . Wef monff thousands who eiitefe n the Unileii Stales. Th6S' W am leading scientists on tit] esearch expeditions bolh his country and abroad durin he summer of 1976 The expc ditions will be working in U Indents arcis ol icienllfic nterest and will perrrtit 'hands-on" educational pxpef- ence as well as an opportunity or the individuals lo work »pd ive wilh professional scientists. The Special Education section of the Arkansas Department of Education annually holds the slate competition lor the Earth- vatch program. · .onight -- Helolte lion District Meet Set ton vent Ion L^jflor. Hut Ms mri trip When first lime, he so do 1 ( so last ttfirttehd he ahd 1 went on _ ..,,-, e came home and Buddy met my Wife for the ookdd her up ard dtrwh, and then he turned Lo me arid "ley, nun you must, be null to leave a beautiful gal like that one for th« Weekend.' Do you think 1 was? ] I K P S TO MSH nfiAR L I K K R : 1 doii'l khOW tihout THAT ueekcntl, but (he nt time yna go ilfthlng r h* nUre to lake Buddy wllh yiHl. and long, about pre-packaged meats when they were first introduced and still do. Yel^we flocked by Uifc hundreds to pre- the earlier study Jn this s t u d y . ABflY A jear ago 1 married a Widow I ouiiul a but ii w a s loo large for two people so I sold it and moved into hers She had ft mortgage on it, uhich I paid off ·ri 1 boxighl her Home from Hct ahd put It In both our names. The problem is her son. Fie Has been in a lot of trouble with ic law. (Burglaries.) JRighl r h«Ai' lie's on probation. He has always carried a key lo his mother's house, which means he can come and go as he pleases, whether we're home r not.'.; ' · . ; ' · ' . , - - ' ; ' . - · ; . · . . ' I haye missed a pair of experisive binoculars, a portable TV md a very good camera. I believe this young man took them ind sold, them. · His mother thinks so, too, and she has askqd l i m ' f o r the key. He gives Her one excuse after another and till;has""the keyj ; , , · How can we get the key back without making an ugh ctne? : : 1 ' " ·r: · · ! CIlfCAGOAN DEAR CH1CAGOAN: ForgeX the key. Chance the locks. - DEAR ABBY: I'm a malUre; 15-ycar-okl girl, ami 1-can't wait until my next birthday »e I can qml scliool and leaVe Tie. My mother is always on itiV'faack about something. Nothing [ do ever pleases her She has rte\ei trusted mo LI en when I had nothing to hide She make* me fe6l so low and cheap. I can't wait to gel away from "this h6use arid HER. There is this dude 1 really dig H"d 6 2' and being divorced. 1 m not supposed to be secmi him but T sra him injway. »aj-s when I turn 16 I I I bo able to do what I pleasL ihen he'll tak* tri« on bh* roAd With him, He's" a trucker and makes b* R shacking Up,deal; Abby. He wants to i\1AR- a c k a g e d meat . displays nfccause they "saved shopping time. Prom t h e - beginning, con 1 VCiiierice-.foods wore acccptetl- vith 56nic reservulbns'bccaUse Hey. saved preparation lime.! In heir ea'rly days ; conVentencE 'cods were used secretly by sonic families and avoided b; others. I t ' s . t r U e that the first partially prepared foods » o r e not as Hcceplahlc : as the s a m G ( product 1 ; irp hoU but thej U e f e superior to similar products prepared by sonic of their when made i veniDiicc foods were compared with similar home prepared Items on the basic of cost; sales volume, home preparation time ( fU(?l Use, and eating quality Only monei to^t companions haVe beeri released at this (Itne. Of the total 162 convenience foods included in the 197473 sludj slightly moic the Conclusions from the study reinforce similar opinions , that price-conscious shoppers haV6 deVc-lbpet! through experience, , all ol the fro7fcn chilled, or ready-to-serve bakcrl iricludttl in the study Vci'c . mre- exhertsivd than, siihilar itcrris prepared at hotTie ffoln recipes or mixes, hut better than one hilf of Ih* jiroducls made from complete mixes uere lower In cost t h a n I h e 1 r home prepared cotm* tefparls t ro/eii and cliillcd clire-id ptx/a 6st nbolit one ahd nne* half times as much as home* prepared or packaged ct m binatlon cheese pizzas 1 a same- \Vas trlle of frU"ti chicken a-,i-king and Can "d cliicktit salad spfpad . RY me U wort ai his dlvorcfe comes through He s got t w o PRAtRlK GROVE -- Atner can L*|ton DUtrlct i and aUx Hafy Will hold irle Urovi 2, Registration will begin at Ii a m and a joint meeting AchedUled at Id a.m. adcordin Id Ja-mes L McClellan com rnahdet ot th« post serving as host_for 1 th occasion. The ««;sion will be conducted by District Commander Melvln J. Ireland and introductions will be made by the chairman and Mrs Virginia Olson, district auxiliary president Spec!hi entertainment vull n* provided by Lev.' and R u b V Myers of Lincoln on tne piano and violin and Mrs Nora B Lingelbacri and Mrs Charlotte Carlson will present a musical reading, Th£ worship service will be conducted by Lestff Smith, chaplain 6fMh Lincoln Post and Washington County buyers. \Vh. then, were they resisted? Not because ot their cost,, hut because Mothers fcjt guilty about g i v i n g ' theEf children food that they h a d - H o t prepared with: their own hands. Processor's overcame the guilt obstacle in cake mixes by changing the formula to allow addition o f . fresh cg-gs in the mixing process Ihls didn I I improve the qua lily (if the end irodUct, bnL oycrcanie guiit feeiings by allowing'holne cooks lo add two iugrcdTchts instead of bile. 'I n sin ill feoffees still are not acceptable to some people unless they're scrv'cd from a percolator which. gi\es the llnpreSston of perked coffee. CoiiVcnicrlce foods haVc come a long way in tl^e pMst 20 yearfi in Quality improvement and consumer acceptance. ;'; Alixcs and ready-to-bake proriilcts are now prepared by ( h e - quick method for which they were developed and also used as recipe ingredients for more complicated products. M a ny convenience f ami s a re .no.longer thought.'of as,special purchases hut staple items Milk from a carton rfiady to WANTS TO RUN co«l» fryei s and plain 01 WEAR WANTS- Of att Ihe reasons fo marr*. j o u r s is i h e flavored gelatins are no longer itesf. frleae «ei AoM« roitftatimji, dpnr \aur school h a s ' a Considered con\Miicnce, foods ' h for ItrttifclM. Mudents, And a talk wi.h -i clergyman ^»t «re greater limeuuer het*. Bill tW word from her« U to slaj homt and g e l than many more recently m- yotir head together j Announcements Pi Phi Mother's Club Vvill hold i coffee al the home of Jlr^i Donald Tnllnbo, 251 W. Maple at 10 a.m. Saturday. ANNS Modern Literature Club will meet at 1 [i in April 27 al the home of Mrs. W. ,J. Hacrg, 1010 P\\rk. Mrs Diane Kincaid will review "The, Three Marias: Portuguese Letters"i by Maria BDITCIIO, et a]. his Jte«pS t 8hd she doesnt hassle him be- call 16 he's ahvsys betm on lime wilji the support checks. I k»v£ Uilg dUrte, arid ih'6 qtily tiling I can say against him 1ft that he £fcU awfully meah Uhcn SL dunks But he s not an lieoholic. ahd he hever dt-lnkfi on HIP job Help me dwlde what to do Anything uould be better - t h a n hirt * Hate to wnte tatters 9 Send il to Abigail Van Burcn, 1.t laski O r , Beverly Hills, Calif, 90212, Iw Ahh) s booklet "fh (o Write 'Letter* for All Occaslntti" PleaS« enclose a long, sel addressed, stamped (26c) envelrt0e. (C) by Chicago Tribune N Y Nt^s Synd lHc Commander. The Prairie Grove unit will serve .lunch, Mrs. Davis Initiated Into Sorority Mrs. Susan Davis, a teacher it Richardson Center in Fay- ttlevllEc. and Mrs. Su* Talley^ whrj teaches reading at both Junior hi^b schools En Spring dale were initiated into Alpha Delta Kappa honorary sorority for t I tie home of Mrs. .Lionel Barton/ Old Wire Road, FayeUeville. Assisting In the r ctremonjei .- were SiJ« Woods, pt*aidehl; lo J e w e l l , vice president; Dolly Kiclri, his The May meeting will be ., dinner al the A.Q. Chicken HOLIER at which time llic newly elected officers for 19f6-78 .will 1 be ' installed. Members are nsketl to bring their recent magazines to that ineolinfi to ie shared with shut-ins, in (he p ayetUjvil]e and Springdale Eollpwirig tlie Ulhcheon officers Will' he etncled Srid detegates named lo (he national conven-. tion by both the legion ahd auxiliary meelinrf ! u) sepafat* sessions, the selection of the fall conference site will also be torian, Mabel Bell, chaplain. auxiliary j and Frances Gilliland, pledge and chairman, Local Girl Wiris .hmrt Sherman of Fayettevllli s one of four Arkansas High choot Graduates who will represent Arkansas in ttie Southeastern R e i i 6 ri a I "All America Youth Bowling Chim! pionships Tournament to be licltl July 15-17 al Little Rock. Amel totaled a higher handicap score than the two others .n her division lo win the handicap crown. She is a graduate ....~ B -. .- - - - , of Faycttcville High School and. Wray Wilkes of_F«yettcvil(6 nrtc currently carries a 152 average. Four $1,01)0 scholarships of 2* $1,000 scholarships awarded by the National Bowling Council ·ill be awarded at the regional Personals tournament. -lily Calendar Of Events Officers Group, Wyatt's, 6:30 p.m. ';',io\ics Anonymous -- Women, Ozarks Guidance Center, 7 1 Adult Fellowship Dutch Treat, Pepper Pot, 7:30 p.m · I Arkansas Symphony Orchestra, Men's Gym, » p m. SMITHS mmanicaticm W«y Radio »r 5-W.T IBM* ' Y*f 0. QUAKER DRUG ^ "hi Motber't dub, Mrs. DwwW Trurnbo, W «m. ', WteS Anotytnoui, Wiggins MethdfUst Church, 7 p.frt. ,,jon, Wiggins Methodist Ctiurch, 7 p.m. .... . , , »| AdttH'rtlloWsWp ,OArk Lartcs, I'M' p.trT: ' oom Dance Out, Springdale legion Hut, 7:30 p.m. i and Dolls, Asbell School Cafetorium, I p.m. fhe business meeting, con dueled by Mrs. Woods, wai opened with an Easter devotion '" " 'Jewell. : Thi chairrnen hy M of jli Miss Dorothy Ann Wilkes, daughter of Dr. and Mi's. J. senior «t Emory UniVenily fl Atlanta, OS. has been elected o Phi Beta Kappa- Miss Wilkes is among 12 j u n ors and 30 . seniors who eceived the honor lo the na- on's oldest, and most prestigi- us society recognizing academ- c excellence imong college stu- ents. standing .'domhilltees gave reports and plans vwre rom plctctl for the slate convcntjort in t.itlle Rock, The decision ' rtiade" Ir) keep the sccoi Monday night in each moi as the regular meeting date. At the close of the busines: session, the hostesses .served dessert lo t h e 22 membef present, . _^_^ . . ,·: coili onth Planning Reunion PRAIRIE GROVE--iiiein of the graduating chisscs of and 1051 of Prairie GWc High School are'urged to aUchtl R meeting al 1,30 h m April 26 lo plan a class reutiloli. The meeting will be held the hospilalitv rooiri of the 9.60 EARS PIERCED FREE-ftma With the purchase of h a pa^ of Cqf9 o 14 kt gold earrings at 20% savings ^ Spring Sale Special Reg, 1200 Buy this love]/ pair of 14 kl gold earrings 6nd hdV* youi* ear's pleried free A trdfhed Co^o fechnE^lan v/lll be in the |ev/elry department Saturday 11 00 d m to 8 00 p m Parental consehl required for those under 1 8 years old, Boston Store III Federal Sayings." I'rairie Grove. bild Loan ill SMART. SHOPPERS WATCH TIMES ADS 7 DAYS A WEEK! Kirn V, puell «nd Maxin* H. . aught 61 Fiyetteville were Airlicipants in the annual Pitts- urg Conference on Reading at Kansas Stale College of Pills- j in Pillsburg, Kan. earlier his month. . : . , r \.. . . , . . . they *ef« ameh^ lieaflj' 2(( registrants who heard Dr. Rich »rd L. Watidn, diffcctof of the reading center flt Wichita Stale University, keyn"6le speaker, the Nursery Home Garden Center J««inMn Ro*d : 521- Dogwood ahd Pecan Trees many varieties, many prices 521-4401 ifBai Births MEDICAL CENTER Mr. ami Mrs. C h e s t e r IXKkhart of Prairie Grove, daughter, April 16, Mr. and Mrs. Miciud M* b'U f h ot FnyiUivlliE! daughter, April 16. Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Skinner 6t PSy6ll6Vllle, * daughter April 16. Mr. ami Mrs. William Shrnlci o Prairie Grove, t daughter April 17, for the Largest Selection of LADY WRANGLER pre-washed Jreans W A L - M A R T 1* W A L - M A R T DISCOUNT C I T Y WAI exciting news in ear piercing Now You Can Put a Hoop on a Gallon Post, Right After You Pierced the Ear. fashion in starter earrings/a new idea EAR PIERCING CLINIC SATURDAY Miftm ni;roiiNT f i i » V V A I MODI nis

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