The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 25, 1957 · Page 2
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 2

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 25, 1957
Page 2
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THE FACTS am' < Br,i5?orte. County. Tuesday, June 2!5, 1957 Brazoria County Team After Championship .... 5 r ,_ Jr. Races In Houston Braznria County> \vpll.hal- Bra? inr-?H Junior Olympic irsck SI ^ P ;quad will be trying for thrir =econd FTI aigir learn c*iamp- en From Olvmpic AFTEB Landing th« Braiorin County Junior r*«n-A9« r«c« for i«v«rnl weeks with an Jh»lr Hnt game last night. The Sox, Y«rk*e* by a ft-2 count. Toon Age Results .... rate lor levnml w««ki wilh «n unb«at«n unbeaten mark, th« Clult Rffd Cox, abort, dr who itill lead :h« loop, fell to >h« Velaico WC Seniors Nip U iionship Th' rscay night in 'mammoth Houston carni Teams from all over i T>x»s GHif Coast will b« j hard for the Houston event rind fntrios app M.Ttorl (n IM?" thp 300 mnrk for thf Public School Stadium rare?. I Teh Brazoria f:vi'v, • m?oe up of hoys ?nri sirls I from Wr«t Cnlumbia. Swrrny, Sox, Rebels Pace Sweeny In Standings King basobdil is reUnii n sn- pr-.MVte in the summer rccrea- ' tional program in Sweeny, ann Glen Davenport, hxirler for the i Dodgers in the Minor League. is wearing the king's cro\\ n • (hip week as results of Thursday merit's play. Davenport pitched his team to a IFi-ll victory over the Ginnts. hut he didn't flop -here slelon i™"*<*- >ria find some from out- 16-17 year olds Whiirton. hung ut> an im-! Keller had a th iressivo 1R2'< points in win- t yard dash ind a tie for third niue the recent Pasadena meet. : in th** hi^li -i'-imr. vhich was the first .t'inior while Danny Gray, coachej of the Braioria d in tiT- 4«n County boys find Rirls, have Olympic races of the simmer Rra'.usport and Angloton l^ams are also expected to be strong entries in the Houslon affair, along with Baytown. Pasadena. Galena Park and vPtiot'S Houston clulw. Brajtoria County's team. wi;h seven entrirs in each fvent. ;:rf still considered one of the strongest teams across Tevns and are due to pick up top Robert Freeman was a second place winner in the broad lump in the. 14-15 year old RTO'ip while Forest Clark had fourth in the broad jump and 2"0-yard dash. Pete Jones w •HA vard race raited workonis this week on the WC and Brazods fields. Brarosport entries, under the direction of Flash WalVter, will work in the afternoons from Hopper Field while Bill Hamrick, Anxleton'f Junior Olyrppje eoach, will hold »f- s second in the, iernh<>ri and niffht wbrkouts. while the 140-' Som5 nf th*> entries slated Hous'.on fcr a .hile Anslelon will .yai.1 Reiay, made up of 1 eon in the Bra?osport lineup this iSvans, Donald Strong, l.vnn' work include Jimmy naven- |Longino ->.r»d Bob Tnte. ran; port. Jimmy Allred. Carl Tapp, second. Wallace Kvebs, Robert West] Keith Forbes had first in the] berry. Donald Brockett, Neal 12-13 year oid<= broad jump and Prescolt, Ronr.ld Weft and then fourth in the 100 yard ! others.. dash while Dink McCain was 1 Some of the. Braxospo'-t girls the .Tumor a second pi ace w | n ner in fie j will be Glenda Jackdon, M»r- m will shift to hl . oad jlimp ; th(| Wrij!ht Rnd f. onna j ortn . July 2nd meet] George French of Angleton ;son. si on. Lloyd third .70 meet, (hat Jul . y ls ' The regional for several Gulf victory (CVntt schoolf will come nt Bra/osport's Hopper Field on ;.luly 25. Placing well behind Br87.or- ia Cottnty in last Thursday's 'Pasadena opener, were HOMS- ; !on Sports Shop with 91 points •.vhile Ba.ttown had 82\ . Victoria was fourth. Hoilston Kec- teation fifth, and Suear Land. Pasadena. Brarosixjrl and An- ' ne pulled down a first in the coming on p a! . adenl mp ^ hy turn i n(f the two tup 880 In 1:12.3 for » in the M-U age divi- Thomas and Marvin Four division! »r» held In all the Junior Olyirplc mim- mer track meet, taking In both boys and girls. Midget, Hmiors, intermediats r.nd seniors »rp the four group*. Dodgers, Braves Win Close Games In U Race Only two Tfrn-Ase z^.n'-*. fina in ihe Junior circiii'. ,Tii"i the other a Sr-mor tilt, PIC on the County card tonight and both will be playnl in the Brar.osport area. The -Junior t^me \vill 1'je T**e!ecl off in Lake -Jackson's four team .Junior League with the Giants facing the Pirates while the Senior game will come in Freeport. That matches Alvin. making lu first appearance In Freetjoii *nd against a team \vhn?e last puting was back on .June 14 when 12 errors went to 1 - ards a 9-0 netback at the hands 01 Bay City. Bay City is also th« ruiient 1 leader in tha Senior inop. ,?> they have picked up fi\v straight wins. On Wednesday night, tha , Bra?.oria County Major? net into the picture as Freepot t is scheduled to host West Cttlum- bi« in R Lions Field duel. Hn • «ver, a Freeport-WC ^anu- h:ip been rained out two straight time*. We«t (Columbia is holding ^ovn th« top rail in the Maioi net. while Freeporl and I,SKI Jarkson are tied for cecoiui and Bijr Citr in the bottom «pot. Velatco handed th« Clutc Red, Sox their first beating in th« Brazoria County .Junior Tto* M they hung a 6-2 setback on tK« loop leaden in some of th« T-A action last night. Jwry Morton started on the mound for Clute and went ;h«t fir»t four innings while Fred- dit Beene took o%'or in the fifth tor th« Clute nine. Donald Pisklak went the or,- tir» teven innings for V. i.i - • to (»t the pitching Min -Ah•'• «>;•!< in ^^'a!^ iagfiod -.vilh the >'". \>in>on r^crii home four big un": in the fourth inning on pair of walks and then sin!» « nv McClary. Pisklak and -.aiuiged two fifth to ndd score. Clute runs in Hie .v i nru'r.: n nioie rims in the to their winning Sot both of their four runs in the bottom of the =eventh inning to pnll past Lake Jackson bv a 7-8 count. John Tracy and Jay Parr worked on the tvnuno for LJ. •A hile West Columbia >i?ed \< ^Iks and errors in the seventh 1 o win. hr hi! a home bis doubles that h- lour r im? (nr his I (n a recap of the ^ livities. Wayne McCa,- the pacK in pitchins v.-i*h a perfect record ••i uvo Some of the Bra?oria Toun- in ty winners in th* boys division included Raymond Div- •r- idson in the HO-yard low .. -ads hurdle;. C, Hoffman In thf nonors 120-yard high hurdles. Marry nf three Cherry in a tie for first in Ihe ".ins to no defeats tor the Mi- IflO-yard dash. These indivH nor League's leading Tiger ual winners in addition to the to 1h<> American loop tram. " ;,BO-yard relay came in the 16- ,'arkson lonieht *hile Lake Jackson's National Lit-jpitching for the Phillies while tie Leagu* came through with j Richard Rimato worked on the a couple of real close games I mound for the winning Brav- last night as the Dodgers nick-'e* in U's bther National game ed the Cards. 1.0, while the last night. Brnve« were slipping past the- The game changed hands Phillies. 78 several times «nd w»8 tied »f- Little League srtivity turns tcr a few innings. The Phils the American loor in I,3ke held a B-S margin going into Angle-'the sixth, but let tha Braves sixth \vhen Spikes singled hoir.o run and a walk accounted for the 2nd run Velasi-n and Chile had played to a 3-3 nine inning tie in one nf their early games. The Velnsco win leaves them right on the hr-els of the U'ailina Red Sox. In a L.ike Jackson .1 Gators In League Contest Tonight Th* Lake Jackson Connes Weeks hurled i\u> I wins for the Cubs who aie lied with the Rebeis in Major league; while M Houston has two wins to his '.Vi'bur Patterson ,-rcdit in the Junior l.i=axu<- put. Hiyhiirst with the Red Sox on top with broad jump. Ga'orS'four wins. Don Pnrkhurst had the Mon will send to th* ear old class. In the 14.15 aire group, win- league to th* firing ners included W. Havhurst in i Doubleheadcrs are planned the 70-yard high hurdles, ami i" Freeport, West Columbia, ... • ad- 'he Freeport. West sho*'and the R-C-V league their National .push home a pair of runs to line. 'nick up the one run. win. In nnothor county Littlej League game last night, the] Brazoria nine took out a 8-71 Fraeport flsMn' Fiesta Naurs At S a.m. on the morning of July 4th, the rneport 3v- ceei will swing open the doors on « four dar run of their 10th annual Flshi,:' Fiesta. And this year's Fiesta looks bigger and better thin ever. Th» Fi«l», which alw«T« "» m « *» b » • « umm » r h " h - ll«hi en tht fl.h.rnnn'i e.l.ndsr, will oH»r around »8,000 In prl<M Ihll ye»t. Numerous trophies, such as th* Bert Wheeler Award and Jack Spencer Memorial Trophy. Just to name » few, will be glvtn away. From all Indications It looks as if around 2SOO peopl« will b« taking p«it in the fishing event and they will b« going after all kinds of fish. Anyllng from • Urpon en down li worth I prl»« whiU all iypw of d«»p •»• flih will b« included In »h» prl.f H.t. Deep tun fishing boat captains also have something to look forward to as thr. one who has the biggest snapper caught on their craft wl't 8«t $?00 in cash. We wojld like to see the entire area get behind thi« fine summer project and put It over the top as It hM done since It was started. GeJ ouJ and ilgn up for th« Fl«il«, and Jhen 9«t out that fiihing Jack!* and Irr for tht \ony lilt of award*. Fiihin' Fiestn registration fees have been set at S3 per person or $4 pe' family. These can be bought, at Palmer* Sporting Ooods, Ovilf Outboard, Lacks, Port Cafe, Surfslde Marina. Swan's Western Auto and Bodiddle's. i ace. ill' Red Sox u=ed home n;ns in down tile Oib. E bv a 1--2 count. Don Hinee blasted <i pnir i>r round trippers, otif I '-inK a grand sl.immT. u-hil^ Ili'iiine (iood put one over the Jolf c>;iiii,ibini) had 'd two inn hotnf'r for the Cubs but John Baughman hung or. to post. '!u' pitching \\ in 'or the won ihe.dition to Lake Jackson and w ; n over Danbury with Franks! iAngleton. gettin? the mound victory w,ns foi- Only on« game hai been, i n Ar.gleton American Lea- will try to break • fvo-game; George Carpenter leads a!! Brazoria in the 11 and under played in Freeport's second'gu e games last night, th« Yanks losing itreak tonight as they the league players in tne home nee group in the standing, half race, and that saw thej p i ave d „ 2-2 tie with the Kl- take on Hillard's C.if« in a run honom having t^vo ;o hir broad jump and the 50 yard j Braves beat the Yanks, 7-5, in: WAn ; B while the Rotarlant, -ingle game on tht Houston'credit. Davenport and McCann dash. minor action while the Bob- 'behind the pitching of Bob nior Tri-Cour>ty softbai: leagxie'hsve one each to their credit. 1 Girls winning for Br??.oria c»t-» look a 10.5 win over the Barnes, bested the Red Sox «late I..ike Jack. c on will >e home Webb-Schmirl F T ht'rsdav night to t ^tst uel Baptist Church o ; •'ame and t[,<?n f ; 'ch -n a twinbill Satui tav The Gatt-rs losl th" doublenead~r of ih» ."'a^on leam manager last Saturday night when San Ocean group . ."vntonio wort 3.0 ann V3 KamM jSweenv teamjt o\-er th« siau kines. That ranlcapablr hands Gator senson'1 mark to} Whitrnir^ --aix Bill- Jo Mcrriman lias pitch- include Linda Bradley, Sue Eagles. i. i their ed the Lions to a three to one Henry. Cheryl Von Cannon. George Dingee worked on rid on record over the Tigers in the Mary Mann and Jane Coca- ; th» mound for Lake Jackson's; girls' Softball circuit. Three nougher. .winning Dodgers while Jim; single-more girls teams are being All thes« winner and man.V|Lane tossed a 1 hitter for the Hu'to, formed in the 8 to 12 years. more are expected to make|C>rds and got beat by * 1-0 group. up the Bra?.oria entrv when, scoie. r first, Mrs. Pat Reynolds will he they go for their second title! Th» gain* wai for 'he Old in the Houston races Thurs- aml the two dfv. will be in the Picking up points for Braz- ibv a fi-J score. Hammond of Mrs. Rflv o^port in the Pasadena meet -Mrs. . David included Bucky Epp.i. a third in the high hurdles in the Husbands! Wives! Get Pep, Vim; Feel Younget of couplei ire Menk, worn-out 1 tied M 0-0 in th« fifth inning when Fred • Mhtniml Krc.u,»"lx>dv i.rkiivo'n.'Fo'r ct-i, K rortB^v t-amioH mil a unffle v "" n » fr f«*l"0* "fl^r 40, Iry Oltrrc Tooit rt'nsK.V lappeo OUI a single r,^, rnnt«m iron fc-r ni-vr p«p. vim; pliK rapped out « jmgic r.^,. , Jm ,,, it , ,-„„ ,„„„,„,. v^., that went for a COUpl* Of rr- high-noHmy <tn.e Bi. In • lii Hfti*. OltrM pi r»w n> »IW: ior§ and let Krennkjr race hom» wlt« the' Billy Huggm He run. handled ex rippJiei m mtieh iron as J8 dox. n. 4 (W. of livfr 19 IV «l beff. -<* the PRESCOTT TELEVISION AND APPLIANCES SHADY OAKS PHONE 7-6334 LAKE JACKSON "WE SERVICE WHAT WE SELL" CARRYING A COMPLETE LINE O» . ADMIRAL Televisions Radios Air-Conditioners Refrigerators EASY WASHER - DRYER COMBINATIONS HOFFMAN F.A9V VISION TELEVISIONS "YOUR TREDIT JS OOOD WITH VS' USE K. WOLEN'S GREAT BLANKET LAY - A WAY Bo4b inland and deep sea flthinf wer« mowing tti« ill •ftccta ol rough waters, a< activity and results were reported to b« dropping. Wmd« and condition* k#pt >o/n« at it.t local dockud purtf boati insid« parts of tha pa&l weekend \vhlle movcnunt m several inland spotf wfti« on the .slow side Scattered lliiindershnwn» hav« been falling over the BraKwport area of the Texas «o»t for lh« psjt .-.e^ral dsvs. >nd that baK unided to x'^'e tti>.- w»teri both inland and deep wa, muddy condition Pishing Is expected u> ie mam on th« slow side until th« weather conditions clear Up Acllvlt.y in ln« inland sp u t.- Monday wteitt cenif-rcd :itoLiMo th« bays, canals and Old Bid/.o< River while a TL-A an^lci? w«r« repotU-d fj-om Hit J,-tlu-s AMBULANCE SERVICE Inrmltd PH. 5-2511 BRA2OSPORT FUNERAL HOME lit LAKH JALKSOS i(L). Panel & Curtain SALE All 100' r Easy-wash miracle fibers. Your choice of whit* and colors in each. 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