Independent Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California on January 4, 1959 · Page 44
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Independent Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California · Page 44

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 4, 1959
Page 44
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C4-INDEPENDENT-PRESS-TELEGRAM ··MM *M| ·oart 1M JilCE front room for employed man. Nlc* Uvinr room * T\ Od. home meals, TjUccnef racket 523 P*r week. 1161 PaeUle Ave tOGD rm. * M. Men. Lunehei packed. Iwia txda, nr. transportation, octan. 321 Wlaeonsln. fULL time ear* /or boy*. »«1 Ilk own bom*. Good food A ear* Lou of fun wkead*. GE 9-557S. 1P73 Florida. HE 7-3378. Hotttkttp'g Rms. 100- A 210 E. Bareett, nr. American. Rentals-- To Shore 102 LADY would like to «hare nlc 2-br. duplex apt. with amploye, Udy. See to appreciate. Rtfa. GA 7-5692. horn* with tame or pensioner Rif. ·xdnojed. GE 6-S94S. fcHARK apt w/male student. 332 E. Ocean Bird. ftO per mo. UUli IDd. Ote*r View. GE 9-2761. WORKING Ctrl to ihare my XLB home. GA 2-7956. YOUKO lady to «hiri 2-BR. «pi Belmont Bhore. GE 8-8006, ·HARE home la Downey with 1 o 2 persons. UK 3-SOS3; TO B-7S3 Dupltxts and Flats 103 [FUINISHED) BELMONT HEIGHTS 1-BR. well furoUhed. Adulu. N P«U. 208 Grand Avt. tVRIGLEY ipaelouf 2-br. iep. din IDC rm.. w-w carpet, child o.k. No pel*, f NO. g lS30 5 Oregon. 117.50 to 4*2.80-- Clean well turn, aultable for couple or atnelft per ·on. 1871 Junlpw-o, CE 4-327 or OA 7-3019. VAST Bide" 2-br. upper. Tile bath * Bhwr. Lte. closets. Adulta No pet*. 631 Almond HE 5-590 169.50-- l-BR. A. hldeabcd. Fence yard. Waiher. Children ok. lit Coronado. 2-BR. apt, '$90. 2150 Locust. Nr. Tramp, A mkta. HE 7-1648 fcSLMONT SHORE-- Extra nice L«. l-br. Ulll. pd. Nr. bay $125. Adults. No pets. GE 9-189 UUl. pd. Nr. bum, etc. NLB 6028 Orange GA 3-3011 1-BR. Gar. Baby OK. $70. See Sun day 10 to 4. 2501-B. Bealbrfgh Avt,, L. B. ffi-- DBLSS.. brlclt bldg., flrepl. hooked ruKi. autom. wanr., tak baby. 1217 fet Loufa OB fi-Slfil 165--319 E. 9th, near American Adults. HE 6-8371. NO COLOR RESTRICTIONS Adults. Refa. 2007 Olive ISO. -- LARGE-- 1-BR. . garage. Fe. Rltr. GA 4-3»33. fllO-- 2-BR., partly (urn. 4533 E. llth. GE 4-2236; GH 8-3310. adulta. 4 - 031 E. llth. GE 9-6166. $75-- NEWLY doc. 1-BR. wall bed. Child ok. 156 Loreta Wh. W.L.B. New i-bdrrn. Tile, dlsp.. Rar. 38 W. Home. GA 3-8074 ISO. 3 RMS., batli. yd. One child. Utll. pd. 4176 Elm, GA 4-6456. |70 -- 1-BR.. gar. 3594 Kattllt, Los Alamltoa. HA 6-8143. . 430-- 1-BR., nicely turn. Adultf. S21 E. Esther, HE 7-504(1. VRONT i-br. OOai Linden. Inquire 473 B. Louise. GA 2-788! i-BR. |60. Utll. pd. 2449 Lemon." GA 7-503 470--4 RM. flat, Ige. clean. · Very close in. 812 E. 4th. 31 E8PERANZA IW.--CLOSB in. Lge. 1-BR. Clean. Dupltxts and Rats 104 (UNFURNISHED) tVRIOLEY -- 1-BR. dup., disn., wish fac., exc. cond., adulta. 565. 18S2 San Francisco. HE 7-6895 weekends or after 5 p.m. i dry rm., gar. iv, blka. beach . ·hopping Slat. $95. 148 Xlmeno. NAPLES ' Law 2-Br. upper ,, .$85 Lower 2-BR., nice $90 · JIUNT2 REALTY (JE 9-2iGl StOD. MW 1-BR. dupt.. dlap., ample storage. $00. Adults, no fits. nr. new hosp. on Atlantic. 128 E. Burnett. GA 4-9385. rm. Bdrra. Adits. No pets. 821 Mollno. ·CLEAN 1-BR. Stov« * nsfrig. Utill pd. |61. 2400 Arlington. GE 3-5898 NEWLY decor. 2-Br. dupl. Really clean! sdil. child OK or adults. ' 3035 Spauldlng GE 8-7698 LARGE 1-br., Ige. fenced back yd. Children nets o.k. Lights water pd. $60. HA 6-3174. \IODERN, cleun 2-brs. den ; garb. dlsp.. etc. Desirable area. 3279 Cedar Ave. $116 FA8-S010 rm. with pulldown bed. Adults. i-BR/ dishwasher, dlap. , car. , adits., no pets. $110. 3582 Orange GA 7-0186. BELMONT Shore. 30 Pomona, 2- GE 8-381B of GE 3-1336. i fcOLORED. CLEAN 1-BR, XLNT. LOG. JAN. 10TH MOVE IN. $57.50. HE 2-8598 LARGE 2-br. lower. W-w carpct- A shopping. Utll. pd. GA 4-0497 TBR, + pull dn. bed. $60. Adits. Nr. Downtn.. Weatslde. 711 Loma VlBta Dr. HE 2-8217. los CERTUT05 580, extra large l-br. tile, furnace, dlsp., garage, adults. 3729 Locust. GA 7-616S. .^67.50-- UNFURN. 1-br. with den gar., clean, child ok. GA ^65-- MODERN 1-bdrm., gar. Idry. Panelray heat. 2240-B Harding St., N.L.B. TE 5-8520. BELM'T SHORE -- Nearly new 2-br, pooal, garage. 226 Nleto. $55 2 PEOPLE, less for 1. 4 rms., furnace, tile, very clean. Eastside. Adults. HE 2-1734. 1-BR., redec.. furnace, pleasant. Nr. bus A shops. 1557 Pacific. ^"RIGLEY -- l-BR. upper, clean. 122 E. 20th SL HE 2-1100. fcS5-- 2 BDRJIS. garage. 4521 E. 14th. GE 4-2238; GE 8-3310. KEW 2-bdrm. Child O.K. Stove refrig. HE 7-6238 A TO 6-8622 1-BR 570 -- Garb. disp. Garage, 5119 E, 71st Way. GE 4-7089. tfon. Cats O.K. HE 2-3739. SundecX. Adults. ll'2Z Hoffman. lower. 269 St. Joseph, GA 4-3354 2939 E, 3rd. GE 8-273S fenced"!" IIE S-o'a'EH^rfo \\Sit SDELUXE i-br'. 565. Working cou- feEAUT. l-br. duplex, birch cabs.. r disposal, garage. 1065 Bennett. 13S3 R.^Yi[OND. R GE U g-3553 |65-- -i-BR. corner Duplex, refrlg. washer. 1097 Tennlno. 1110 Pine, rear. 1114 Pine. L.B, 1-br. J52.60. Sgl. 547.50. Modern, newly dec. GA 7-6333. ibth. GE 8-0428. J310 Caspian, GA 3-2509. 1-BR., unfurnished. 4539 Colorado. Roswurm, GE 3-1983 GE 9-18*0 WLB 553-- 1-br. front. Gas, water pd. 207 E, Pleasant GE 3-7012. I-BR.. 1300 eq. ft. living apace. Top location. Gar GA 4-5245. |5-- 2-BR., eu pd., nr. Wilson. EGE. 2-br. lower. Gar,, fenced yd Clo« In. HE 7-6643. 332 E. llth GE 8-9090 GB 9-4451 Alamltos. HA 6-8143. i DOWNTOWN-- «22H Pacific, Clean |55-- SPACIOUS 3-room, clean du-j plex 2632 E. 4th. GE 8-2750 OK. 612tf E. Eelfier; Newport, GK 8-7?55. I-BR., rear Duplex. Child ok. Paramount. UN 3-1360. 1-BR. PLUS wall. Garage. |60. LGE. 2-BR. A garage. ISO. 2733 E. 2nd 6t GA 4-6S08 Furnished Apartments 106 $70-- JUST decorated, largo 1-BR. Furnlihed. 21it Earl. bed. 1208 E. Broadway. ' |70-- LARGE modern 1-BR. 454 South EL GA 3-15S6. ISO. Utll. Pd. Adltf. 233 Newport attractive, 112 Bennett. HE B-Mfl7. IIB M406. ^Ift-1-BIt loSff'rSli'fi. 1 * 3m " NnltMAvMiMlslM Braad ZMW i-bdrm.. buatifuirj furnlahtd. IncL 21" TV, garbag disposal. waU-to-vall carp* KM mutte. ilaai ·oelMtd ahow ·ra. 1518 E. ARTESIA OA S-5421 XXL. thru fiat. CA 1-0132, SUB. A £YM. ALAM1TOS BAY 1-br.. ultra mod., newlr furn, tilt bat A Lit., nr. ftsp. market* E*wly equipped, auto. lary. ra. jo^ mo. 431-A Sorrento Dr. OE S-619 , 575 Bach.-- SI 05 Up 1-Br LAKEWOOD, CALIF. Deluxe cew, walking distance I L'kwd. center. Adults only. 02i Haytcr HE 0-617 Park Vista Apts. K«w 1-BR., awlm. pool, earpor 640 E. ADAMS (CORNER 61TH * ATLANTIC BKBY KNOLLS mm - S\*u^ BDR1L 1250 E K SAN ANTONIO DR. GA 4-4303. Open daily Sun 2-BEDROOM APARTMENT Lower comer, larce cpaclou rooms, lots of closets, moder furniture, adulta with teenage ok, also luxury 1 -bedroom apart raent. -SHy. Pacific Avenue. J12.50 PEK WttK CLEAN SINGLE UTIL. PD 2052 GAVIOTA GE 3-919 (Cor. of Alamltos £ Gavlota Ocean Bl. 1249 E Available January 13th, 1-BR. apt., newly decorated. JUST COMPLETED! LUXURIOUS SINGLES! DAY, WEEK OR MO. RATES $?9.60-BRAND new spacious 1 bedroom. Newly furn. Qarbae disposal, parking, etc. ^ blk. E or Bellflower Blvd 9327 Walnut Betlflower. TOrrey 6-0315. J90--SPACIOUS, newly dec. 1-BR. apt. + wall bed. Acoustical cell Ing. brick plntr. Nr. Blxby Pk Ideal for elderly couple. Hi. 2-692. 1822 E. 1st. }135 -- LGE. modern, luxurious 1 bdrm. apt. POOL. Xlnt. Blxb Knolls snoping, · etc. Trans 661 E. 46th. ilgr. GA 3-374 NEWEST AND FINEST SINGLES IN NAPLES Hollyw'd studio beds. 6010 E 2n DELUXE-- POOL-- PATIO Bit. 'ins. 4410 E. LJnsley. CompL 936 CEDAR New. nicely furn clnglt. Garb disp., hirch cupboards. $56 SINGLE ADULTS Gat Included-- Be!. Shore WRIGLEI $75, 1-Bdrm. A Garage Bus 1 blk. Nice furn. Dlap Laundromat, Yard. No peU Couples only. HE 2-8677. *S8-- BANNER Lanal. lee. mod. 1-BR., dlsp., heated pool, patio, BBQ, xlnt. Blxby Knolls shop.. B- TEMPLE. L« 1-bdrm. apt. Sunroom 4c tile kitchen, dlsp., flOO. For appt.' phone GE 9-1469 BIXBY KNOLLS. Lge. 1-BR. up- ner apt. Nicely furn. CHILD BKAUTLFUL OCKAN FRONT U-bi Close In. Utfis. pd.-- flfiO mo. The HAMILTON, (616 E. Ocean 60-- BEL BHORE, Ige., attractive 105 Roswell CHILD OK $15 wk. 2nd week free for cleaning apt. GE 9-0203, GA 3-5279. lewly Decor. Upper Sgl. ADULTS 414 E. 17TH.ST. 3U Aid. UP. Complete luitpg, apis. ·Autum. wahr.. maid ierv. women only. 2040 E Anaheim GE 8-8181 NTN. Nice Dbles., uppers, redec. W-w carpet UUl pd, Adulta, «36 Chestnut. br. apL, jar. and' Idry.' facH. avail., ar. ihopplng. QA 7-5954. 5 ialM?' d°b?ea. tui., chili OK. THE PLAZA. 625 W. Ocean. SINGLE, $70-- $85 FURN. 20 Belmont GB 3_-PP»7 [EL. SHORE. 187 Roy croft, Ige. angle., nr. buses shops. S65. Incl. Utll. Inq. 183 Roycrott. 45-- NICE f\of\t. Adults, illn. UUL Gar. Nr. 7th Orange. HE 6-0949, furniture, yd. 1836^4 East 14. 30-- KITCEIENETE apt. for employed man. £48 Temple. GE OVEREIGN apartments. HE 5-0449, fine 3-room apt., twin 52.50-,CLEAN i l n r l e . adults. Utilities paid. GB 9-7407. 925 Redondo, Mcr. S5-- 2-BR. ifrper duplex. UUls pd. Adults. He? at noiue in rear. 275-B Cherry. ,50-- CLEAN «Bl«. Utll, pd. Vent. 1731 Chestnut HE 2-956 430 ELM. Lge. attractive 1-bdrm. Choice modern furnishings, quiet; garage. Adults. 578.50. $24 week. Close to Blxby Park. 1818 E. 3rd St. HE 6-8177. BEL SH., clean ugl. Nicely (urn., Ige. kit., w-w laipet. adults. GE 8-9863. GE 8-2586. 50 -- BIG sunny scl». Front. 1- story. yd., .vihr., bus, adits. BELMONT SHORE-- 1-br., clean, nr. beach. Small child OK. 67^ NIETO 734 CERRITOS 38 PINE-- Free washer dryer. Utll. paid. Panelray heat. Clean. QuteV $50 560. Adults. BACHELOR apt., nr. beach. Belmont Shore. 55!S Incl. Utll. HE 7-2662; HA 5-5304 two. 55 Xlmeno. Apt. H, shops. 1421 B. 1st HE fi-9185. OK. Ldry. facll. 1G34 Walnut. 1033 LINDEN SINGLE APT. BABY OK. I/DRY. FACIL. 1634 WALNUT UUlS pd. 1915 Atlantic HE 6-4334 WEN. twin beds, w-w cpt., shwr., 36 -- CLEAN single. Adults. UUl. paid. 1S61 Myrtle. HE 5-6007. S22 Marine Ave. TE 5-9391. "^BR + pulldown. Gar. itr Orizaba. J70. GA 7-0495. per. HE 6-3492. GA 3-J092. Hjrnished Apartments 106 ^!"% Starlite Waammjf Ante SttlMtlS* APTS * Super De Luxe 6 1 -Bedrooms Exquisitely f u r n i t h t d In Swidith modern furniture. All-fil» kitchen w i t h b u i l t - i n range a n d o v e n ; all air conditioned; fuly Insulated; wired FM muiic; wall- to-wall carpet; dropei fhroughout; a 1 1 - 1 i 1 · pullman bath with tub encloiur*, also, 3-way mirror; garage or ear- port. Heated Pool Patio Beautifully Lartdtcaped $135 and $140 Gas and Water Paid 8731 E. 5th Downey, Calif. I block w«it of Lakewood Blvd., n * r f h of Fireitcn* Blvd. TOpn 1-3022 HAMPSTEAD MANOR APARTMENTS A new community of SO Individ utliy dealtoM »?t tomes, i 1 bedrms.. furnished nd tinfuta Beautiful Ice. Mpnu heated pool A playKrouna arcu. Located directly in back of Dlsne land Hotel, easily accessible i ttoitn, ichooli . freeway*. Chi 4r*a welcome In »li*rn*u bMt OMn daily Sunday. 10 to i 9u A Cerrltoa. PRospect 2-091 Special Weekenc 170 for S» -- 190 for ISO. 160-- REAL cute l-br. »PU, newly decor. 4 furn. UtU. pd. 2011 E. lOtn. QA T-S548. 455-- Ulll. rd. Sfile. 1 or 2 «dlts 1065 Tetaple. GA 7-856B NICELY fura apu.. utll. pd autom. washer A dryer, w-w car r*t. children o.k. Navy weleom 711 W. Seaside. HE 7-93S6. LAHGE HEATED POO New Deluxe 1-BR. apta. 199.50 63QO Long Bead) Blvd. GA 2-027 Thermo heat, garb. dltp. Utj Pd. AdlU 172S £. 7th, H S37.50-- SGLS finished In blrc wood. Tile kitchen A bath, /loo furnace, refrle. Nr bus. UUl Pd. Adulu. 433 Ohio. NEWLY decor. A beau. furn. Lg 1-br., w-w carpels, dlsposa amp!* itorce, Dlshmaster. H NEWLY built 4 newly furnished 1-br. apts. TV outlets, dlsposa HE 2-S018 o'rllE 7-775^ BEL. JiTS. B. «h St. Upper : bdrm. + wall bed. 1 teenager ok UUl, 4 Idry. rm. No pets. Rets to right party. OH S-070!). A hulli-ins. nf^bua. 45S W. l 'Cowle HE 7-002!. HE 2-S050. SPECIAL. 542.50. Well fiirn. Sgle UtU. paid. Ph., washer, refrig LGE. cor. 1-BR. w/pulldown 1 L. R. New decor., w-w carp 1039 Atlantic. 636 LINDEN Sgles.. Otll., 900 $65 1152 E. 1ST. Large nicely lurn Stncle, w-w carpet, crosstop re l~rf£ Adulta. JSfi. UUl. paid. 1SIT E. OCEAN BLVD. Spaclou dble Tile bath kitchen. Unt heat, HE 2-0757. (45-- BACHELOR apL Utfls. pd Stall shower. Maid aervlce. N cochins 2507 Maine. GA 7-1810 1331 PETERSON J55--L«. sgl. UUl. furn. 1 blk W. cf walnut. Adulta. TRAILER. Adults. triv. bath. *4m AUantio PI,, N. L. B. 1 bib L. B. Freeway. $15 month. LGE. LOWER 2-br. Gas pd. Gar Adults. No peta. $95. Slfl Bel mont GE 3-0361 f85. LOVELY 3-room. Dlap. Til 2929 E. Bdwy. GE 3-U953. [7 DAY. $30 week, 5100 mo., 2-br 1225 W. Anaheim. Harbor City DA 6-1145 J55^-1-BR- cottaso 1-br. uppe front. Adults. 170B Bherman Place. GE 3-1583. etc.. shopping center, garage avail. 817 E. 46th St. Ot^EAN view Ige. apt. 2 wall beds UltlE. Pd. Child. 3921 Livingston Dr. GE 4-33SB. 560-- 1-BR. apt., Ule kit., bath 2317 'Lemon. GA 4-9085 1718 E. OCEAN 2-Br., adults. J100. HE 7-1728. FURN. apt. with TV and all utlls. paid, Incl. trash ft garbage removal. 580. GA 2-3183. elec. fan. 16428 Blxler, Paramount. HA 9-6242. br. Din., indnor planter. Swim, pool. 5120 Livingston Dr. 52.50 -- CLEAN SGI.E., redec.. 2oSf (Cedar at 2o1h)"' 50-- NICE SGL. Washing facll. Adults. 1555 Linden. 45 SINGLE. UTILITIES PAID 1456 CORONADO 45-- SINGLE UUl. pd. Autom. washer. HE 8-8201. 1444 E. 16th BEL. BHORE. large, clean 1-br. w-w carpet. 4120 E. 1st SL pd' J15. GE 9-8018. 1-BR. APT. Over Garage $65 GE B-2831 CHILDREN-- Glrla ok. .Utlls. pd. 536 for 2 whs. 816 E. 19th St. 40-- SOLE., upper. Small bdrm. Clean, car. avail. HE 5-4212 41 HO. Utll. pd. Close to town beach. 216 Atlantic, 50-- LGE. SOLE. Children OK. 1221 Mahanna. GA 4-006D. SINGLE Garage Apt. 545. Nr. gth Orange 1121 Hellman. OCEAN Blvd., 1-bdnn. furn $125. UUl. pd. Garage. HE 2-0244. 547.50 FURN. single, utilities pd. 1-BR. apt., children o.k. Pay own UUl. Inq. 2ST Lime. BIX. KNOLLS, 1-br., modern, 580. 4655 Banner Dr. GE 1-7001. BEL. HTS.-- desirable sgle. Ear. apt. S55. 242 Prospect GE 3-0161 43 GRANADA *R. BAY. Bachelor apt. wit! kitchen. $67. UUl pd. GE 8-7700. -BR,, wall-bed, washer. Child ok. 1025 Olive, HE 2-5762 GA 2-9461 DOUBLE apt. vie. 4th Cherry, 530. Utll. pd. GE 4-70D5. UUL pd. 55 Roswell. GE 9-G426 J13 WK $50 mo. SB!., rdc., utlls. Wshr. 1240 Dawson. GE 6-7005 55 UP. SINGLES. Rates perm. Dntn. Bier. Adits. 425 E. Ocean :32 -SGL., tor man. UUl. pd. 238 Chestnut HE 6-1370; HE 7-656 $18.00 510 WK. l-br. UUH. pd. 313 12th, Seal Beach. NEW l-br. 11x22 llv. rm., dinette, dlsp.. mahg. cabinette. 645 W. 3 555-560. 1-BR. Adults. No pets. 125 E. 2«h St. - new, clean. Utlls. furn. $75. LGE. DBLE.. adults, no pets, 5SO. 2841 E. 5th. GE 8-0015. NEW de IHXB single 1-bedroom. $70 and $S5 par mo. 1809 E. 4 .St -BH. APT. LGE. CLOSETS. ClCiic REAS. ADULTS. 774 REDONDO. -BR. with pool. Adults. No peta. EUL. apts.. rms.. 512 up. day, wk.. mo. Magnolia Motel. 822 MatmloJa 5S-- LGE. 8g!c. UUf. pd. Close In. 811 Loma Vista Dr. 40 SINGLE-- $50 1-Bdnn. UUls. $47.50 MO., lg*.. iunny sgl. 116 W. Anaheim HE 7-S597 4R5 ELM-- Nice apt., take haby, 555, UUl. paid. HE 5-6093. 42.50-- PLEASANT scle., utll, pd. Vented ht. 1367 Aiamitos Ave. -ROOJI garage apt. Men only. NEAT, clean 1-BR. Hdwd.. lilf. Adults. 3129 Locust, HE 6-13C2. SCO-DOLE. 550 Sgt. Adults. Utll. Dntn. 537 W. Ocean. ^15 vVt K'lce scle Adult "TJnens UUl. Dntn. 612 W. Ocean. J55--DBLE. 543.50 single. Adults. Utll. 39 S. Magnolia. DELUXE 1-BR. Dlsp. $S5. Adits. N.L.B. 5341 Orange, GA 3-B7S6. 60 75-- Dble. UUl. pd. Clean. Adts. No pets. 3059 Gladys. 45-- SGL, BeddJng. UUl. Dlslies. AdulU. t450 Coronado. GE 3-9214 50, 1-BR. CLEAN. ADULTS. S47 CERRITOS. BLL. SH. Upr. sgl. On Ocean Blvd. S6.V Very nice! GE S-SS44. NEW «gl. Nr. ocean. Utll. pd. TV ant., d!sp. 39 Bennrtt No. 4 mgr. 55- -515 WK. Kids ok. UUl. paid. L'.VR. SRI., 545 tor 1, Cple. $50. Utll. pd. 1051 Maine, GA 2-2348. N E W deluxo sgl. l-br. Lg. pool. $75. 6S03 L. B. Blvd. Single A Dble. $47.50 A $50. MOTEL. Ige. apts. i rms. $15 wk. up. Children ok. 3932 L.B.BIvd. 066 E. BDWY. Sintles S50-555. Utlls. pd- Ph. GE 6-2377. IOD. front lower l-br. Adults. 1S30-A Florida St. HE 7-1S35. do^.Titown. 'Adults. 37.50 -- ADULT, close In. Utll. Sm. agle. See mgr.. 619 E. Ocean. tirnlshed Apartments 106 54500 ^«J and up Furnlthid and unfurniihed singlfll, 1 - badroom and 2- b,droom aparfmtnh-- naw* ly dacoratad iniida and out, brand new furniture optional -- graeioui l i v i n g , near ichooli, playgrounds, shop* ping cantar and medical clinic. Chlldrtn Walcomt Sheridan Gardens 461 E. 53lit St,, Wilmington (Off Avloo Blvd.) TE 4.7271 hnhMAtMrmnHlM $18.50 PER WK. 1 BEDROOM APTS. Include. WATER. CAS * ELECT LIVING ROOM. BKDROOM. KITCHEN* BATH EVVIUillKG POOL TV. pnoca Laundry FaclL felO BURTOX AVE. LIKV.-OOD HS t-C4i4 w»ll carptu. aut02a.lle wwher near but. clou In. Iriquln iloa day at All Sttts Funiltuj*. 1325 Alamltoa. HES-63M. 1137 GARDENIA t55. Large rtdte, front -tlnjle -1*5 -- LOVELY upper /ront ting apt. Sep. tctranci. loti clo-u ·pace, w/w cuptL Want quit mid-aged empL lady. 1138 um room, disposal, tftrace. Nea Ocean. Belraont Hgu. GE 9-915 NAPLES EDGEWATEft APTS 1-BR. Clean. $75. 8920 E. 2nd GE 8-0070 GE 3-3819 2-BR. DE LUXE upiwr Jront. 1023 Appleton. GA 4-2*33. Open houi 'dunday 2 to 5. J17.50-- SUNNY upper «sle. Newl painted. Utll paid. Mature lad jref. Inq. 42$ Atlantic, Apt. 4. CLEAN upper front alnjrl*. Utll ties paid. $35 couple; $50 single. LARGE single. K*w stove ft remg 1 or 2 adults. $37.50. Utllitle paid. 1S11 E. 6th. HE7-679t. J40-- ATTRACTIVE «lnsl« «Pt Oregon. GA 4-3S4S. UPPER 1-BR. -J- wall bed. Comp furn. 621 W. Sth. HE 5-3011. Utll. ixi. 1S2 Pomona. GA 2-226 SGL, newly dec., partly furn. Gar 1 adult, 2251 Pasadena. $11 WK-- Bach. apt,. E. Ocean. Utll. 10 Coronado, GE 3-OS59. [50-- LARGE, close double. Adults 1235 Appleton. GE 7-6637. BIXBY area, 1«, modern. 1-BR. Child -O.K. ?7 GE-i-90S7. 12131 So. Atlantic, compton. $10--3 RMS. for lady. Clean quiet, close In. IIE 5-3794 -Men Adulta. No peta. 328 E. 21at IIOQ -- i-BR, Adulta, Belmon Heights. GE 3-0133. 2022 Atlantic. HE 6-0146. 150-- l-BEDROOM. Near 1th and $65-- NICE large 1-BR. Garage. Adults. No pets. 1034 Mollno. ;65-- l-BR.. infant ok. Nice. Nr. SINGLE-- Wrlgley, |45. Utll. pd. Near itores, bus. GA 4-0197. J65-- 1-BR. Near Temple. Child o.k. Alexander. HE 5-7427. CLEAN. LARGE SINGLES apts. $15 wit. or ino. 1777 Cherry i65--l-BR., upper, utll. pd. t Pa- 1-BR-, utll.. 30 Bth Place. Ldry. facll.. neatly furn, GE 8-1034. laundry. 555 Golden. BE 2-1845. UPPER l-br., close In, all or partly furn. HE 6-3690 or HE 6-1051 CLN. 1-BR. Baby OK. Utll. pd.. gar. 1431 Hellman. HE 5-7077. 2-BR. 1910 Cbtstnut AduItJ. HE C-2745. $57.50 MO. or $15 wk. l-br. upper UUL pd. Infant ok. 124 W. flit. Unfurnished Apts. 107 NEW BEAUT. 1-BR. Best loc. la L. B., nr. bch. ft dntn. Only $60. 672 Nebraska, bet 4th A 7th EL E. 1100 Blk. Deluxe. Third Floor. View l-br. No lease req. Fool. $99.50. Adults. 1019 E. Ocean. Hgr., Apt. 3. N.L.B. 1-BEDROOM HEATED POOL Adulta. 6151 Linden. GA 3-3575 Beautiful large 2-BK. apt. Water. gardealng paid. 2 cnlldrtn OK. 169.50. Fhone TE 4-3465. 1058 TERMING-- OPEN Hear new, de luxe 1-bedroom. 1020 E. 6TH ST. Spacious l-br. New bldg. 2371 PACIFIC AVE.-- 1-BR N.L.B., NEW 2-BR. l-Br.'B Sgls. Gar's. $60 to $98.50. Rltr. GA 2-5505. LAS LOMA 3 APTS. 5285'Anabelm Hd. GE 3-6765 BLOCK Recreation Park. Large GE 4-9193 BELMONT SHORE. New deluxe ablo. 110 Prospect, Apt. 5. CLEAN 1-BR, $49.50 with atove refrig. 554.0. Adulta. 345 E. 20th St. ,-BR., dlsp,. birch cabs. Gar. $75. 109 Dolphin, Seat Beach. GE l-.-:870 NAPLES, Bayvlew 2-BR. apt. with garage. Close to shopping area. $90. 3417 The Toledo. FR 5-2278 PARK ESTATES-- xtra ige. 2-BR. apt. patio. Adults. 5350 La Pasada. GE 3-1612, GE 3-9131. Adlls. Nice yd. 764 Ohio. GE 9-1530 Trana. stores at door. Newly decor. 33 Granada. dren c.k. 'TE 5-5716. Wilmineton CHILDREN OK newly decor.. Ige. 3-br. apt., garage. 1115U Seal Way. Seal Beach. GE 1-7979. Attraettve. modern. Adulta. No pets. $67.J)0. Gar avail GB 3-2574 BRAND new apts., l-br,, $60. 21131 Santa Fe, cor. of Harrison. IJ.B. 1 child o.k. Jnq. Apt. 2. (ELLFLOWER -- Modern 2-Br., carport, close In. 5(5 mo., child ok, B66S Harvard. TO 7-6323. ;87.50-- 2-BR.. dlsposaJ, Idry.. pa- race 1225 W. Anaheim, Harbor City. DA 6-1115 BE FIRST tenant in new apts. Disposal, many extras. Reas. 1924 E. 6TH ST. HA 9-9513 BET, HOTS. Ig. mod. 2-BR., lower. Sun deck, autom wshr dryer, Avail Feb. 3. 4421 E. 4th, No. 1 DOUBLE deluxe-- AJl elec, kit. Gar. avail Open house Sun 2 to 6. 1103 B. 1st. #10 GA 4-2433 bus. Disposal' free washer. 1210 Bennett. GA S-3067. NEW 1-BR. Adults. Wall-to-wall carpets, vertical blinds. Garage. 55.-- \VIUGLEY beaut. 1 4 -rm. hse. Refris., st., gas water pd. GA' 4-9765. MAGNIF, 2-BR. ADULTS. $S5. New. Disp. 1820 TV. Willow. 115.-- ALAillTOS Bay beaut, 2- BR. Gar. Permanent adults, no SEAL BEAHH. New l-br.. modern. overlooking ocean. Gar. Adults. $100. GE 3-5139. HEART OF BIXBY SHOPPING. J.ce. modern $69.50. Children OK. Phone mgr. GA 2-5653 any time. RWT.vnx-T sHnPF_wp R A V Look $70, 1-BR., dinette. Patio. Garden. Adults. 269 Glendor^ BELMONT SHO11E. Attract. 1-BH. Newly redec. Dlsp. Vent fan. 330 E. 4TH. Lower 1-BR. pull- down. Lge living rm. Priv. Indry. Extra closet Ipce. $60. HA 5-0761 75.-- LOE. 2-BR. Thermostat, fncd yd. 4333 Elm. GA 2-0052. yard. 1319 Raymond. GE 4-5321 R. town St. Mary's Hasp. l-Br., stove, refrlR. 1025 Lime. 45 -- N'.L.B. single, for perm., re- 1126 W. Summit. GA 7-6043; yard. 8544 Cedar, Bellflower. 6390 Paramount Blvd. 50-- MODERN, ntwly deer. 1-BR, 60-- MOD. 1-Br.. tile, hdw,, Idry. Adults. 1420 Obispo. OE 8-1039. UnfyrnTshfrd Apfs, 107 4i*k starlite A P* S - ViMumi^ Sdp er Deluxe '"HK*" !-BR., l'/,-balh. All-Tile Elntrlo Hllrhfn with nntlt-ln Ranee and Ovpn Air c.niiillloncd Iniuloud }\-U Carpet Drapei Thniout Wrefl F.M Mnilt All-Tllr 1'iillman n»th« with Tab Enclosure. Alia 3-Way Jllrror Gai.iin F»tlo llentfd rrnil Brautiriilly fjintMcaped 1300 U'lth Ix-aite On) mul Water 1'jUd 8731 E. Sth, Downey, Calif. I Blntk W. of Laltrnood Bird. Aorth of Firestone Bird, TOIHII 1-3021 UrfnbM A**. 101 1757 CORONADO AVE NEAR KEDONDO FCH V IDEAL FOR DOUBLING Uf V Start the New Year Rlcbt V 2 BBS.-- NEW V CARPETLNO WALL TO WALI y -LARGE HEATED POOL -r PATIO AREA. "ELBOW RSI.' ,' AMPLE PARKING OPEN -- DAILY BRAND NEW DI LUXE 1-BR. uch. Will-to- vajl carpets, atove, refrii;.. ahcnr cr A tub, eltc. laundr*; earDon. 2 bite, to aaopa bus. com ·ariy. as thtr* art only 2 Itrt. f76 month. 2087 Lime Owner HE 0-142 6290 CHERRY l-br., soundproof, carpeted, cpa ^jlsujjatio. pool. Adults. BELMONT HTS. PRIVACY PLUS POOL Carpet, drapes many extras. 1577 PINE 1-BDRM.. new bWg.. dfsn. autom. wshr. A dryer. $70. Hf 6-0112. ~\VK3. FRfiE RENT Brand new deluxe l-br., earb dlap.. washing fac., nr shops bus. St. Mary p i Hosp. S61 Wash ington PI. UA 5-0961. DELUXE POOL, PATIO l-br.. walle-ln eloaets Adulu Bill-fns. 4410 E. LJnsley,' Compt BEAUTIFUL NEW Modern larj« l-br., 2nd floor 1425 Appleton. Manacer Apt. l br. apt. with gar. pvt. bal cony. Adults. 5341 l Pasada (Nr. Anaheim Rd.) OE 3-1728 CLOSE IN, Ige. l-br. lower, clea 1 . sunny, liv. rm. i din. rm. car peted. 6hlld o.k_ J70. Call u f80 -- NEAR new attractive lowe l-br. dlsp. convenient VII, col Bennett. NEAR NEW OPEN HE LUXE 1-BR. ADULTS. 252 E. 14th. GE S-CHS2 front w/gar. Ocean view, Adu ts No pets. 3521 K. Ocean Blvd GB 8-0252; GA 7-3726. EAST SfDR 2-BR. Clean. Nearly new. Xtra lee. Teenager OK. 3901 Mayfle d (between E. loth and llth). J50-- UTII^S. pd. l-br. lower. Near downtown. Adults. No pets. 443 Chestnut. I1R S-7153. 2-BR. NE\V. larga lovely. DIs posal, lots of extras. J85.t$95 TeeuaRer O.K. GB 3-2592. park, shops, bus, l child o.k. 2S27 Spaufefne. LOVELY l-br,, dinette, furnace 1971 Pint Avi. BELMONT SHORE. 2-BR BETWEEN OCEAN BAY 2-BR. 4115 E. Ocean Blvd. Lower front. Carpeted. Utils., dlip $115. Gar. avail, GE 9-4966. 1-BR. upper, stove Jt refr., near but stores. Adults. £55 mo Water pd. 385 Gladys. GE 9-9632 rap avail. 623 Cherry. HE REDECORATED -- W-w, modern kitchen. Stov* A rtfrlg., disposal Adulta. {65. 2231 E. 6th. 1721 FRERilAN-- DE LUXE 1-BR All extras, ll-tt closet. J67.50 $87.60-- LUB. ly. bdrau apt,, dining rm., yd., far., chtl o.b. 550 -- LARGE sunny 1-far. upper key at 2211 B Anaheim, til 5:30 pm. GE 8-2500, GE 1-S989 eves Ing serv. $85. 24.7 5th SL, Sea Beach. 2 NEW SINGLES OPEN SAT. SUN. 10 TO 4 BELMONT UTS. Nr. Be mont Pier. l-br. Like new. Compl. re- BRAND new l 2 Dr. extra Ige. 323 Orizaba. Ave. J80 to 5110 NEWLY decorated large l-br. apt. Automatic washer dryer. Good BlXBtf Knolls, modern l-bdnn., Ktovi A refrlg.. |65. Autom. wshr.. gar. avail. GA 7-59M NEW bldg., 2 bedrooms, hullt-.Ds, carpet . drapei, large closets. 1761 Redondo. BEL. SUCRE, Ige. 2-hr, upper J6B.50-- -1102 CHERRY, big l-br scrumptious! GE 9-5SS5. $52.50-- REDEfi. l-br., dlsp.. 1 adult. 32-1 Temple, GE 4-5160 155-- 833 OLIVE, upper l-br. Garb dlap,. gar. avail., wash tacil 170-- NEW paint. 2-BR. lower Laun.. gar. Adults. 1771 Pacific NEW, lg«. 1-BR,. brkfat. bar. Lota of closets. 1542 Cedar. -BR, front apt. Dlsp. Gar. Wr R- ley DIst. ?SO. GE 8-1316 BRAND new Cape Cod Apts. l-br. up. 575. Adults. GE 4-9518 5101 Cedar Ave. NE 5-7045 LGE. l-br., encl. yd. for child «57.50. 1815 Cherry HE S-^SSg NAPLES cozy studio apt. $1S Incl. utll. stove. GE 9-65G2. Adulta. 1573 Locust. ?67-- NEW l-br. duplex over gar 2324 Chestnut. GA 4-2087 565. GE a-5139 J47.50-- 1-BR. Quiet. Adults. Apply 801 Loma Ave. J96-VERY livable, mod. £ new 2-br., adults. Gar. GE S-5879. $65 -- CLEAN lower l-br., garage 322 Orizaba. GE 3-6491. 1-BR., garage, very clean. 47 Roy- crort Ave. Phone GE 4-6048. i71-- 2-BR., tile kit. bath. Kids o.k. 903-D Cerrltos. HA 1-6422 J70--EXT, Ige. l-br. Gar. avail 3215 E. Rnnsom. OB 8-752(1 2-BR.. CHILDREN O.K. 1G30 W. 20TH, APT. 3 LGE. 2-BR, Dishwasher, dlsp.. car 33S4 E. G7th. MEt 0-2394 VRIGLEY-- Upper 1-BR. Attrac- J15-- SGLE, RefriK.. aiove. bed Adits. 1702 ChesFnut. OA 7-1934. VRIGLEY -- 1-BR. upper. Adults only. Nr. bus. shops. ?031 Pacific 575-- 2-BR. Children ok. 4U1 17tb St. HP. 2-5622. 2-BR. NEWLY dec. Off Beach at Belmont Shore. UK 3-7770. BEL. HGTS 1-BR. $50. Gar, Large yard. Ailults. Clean. GE 8-06CO. MODERN 1-BEDROOM. 565. 10S5 Obispo. GE 8-5170 LG 1-BK., dlsp. Nr. stores bus. 932 Temple. HA 9-755S. J65-- -1.AHGK 1-BR. Wrleley, Oar $6. GE 3-2229; HA 1-6422 NEW 1-BR. 3420 Santa FR. L.B 565. GA 4-521S or ilE 3-3897. Dlsp car 1550 Stanley HA 9-0333 60-- l-BR. Nice clean upper. Quiet Adults. 825 Dawson. GE 8-9295 5-15-- SINGLE. Furnace heat. Re- dec. Stove i refrlg. 468 Gavlota 570 (FURN. 5S5 l-br.. Ige. closet Dlap. 20 Belroont. GE 3-9997. 570-- 2-BRs., utlls. Pd, Newly dec or. 132S Lime HB 5-9502. BLMT. SHORE-- Mod. 1-BR. Stove 111 Bennett. Adulta. IIE 5-9418 AJAX APTS. -- Children welcome 1445 E Hill SL. L.B. 70-- 1-BDRiI. gar. Water pd. Baby o.k. 4502 California, EXCEPTIONAL 2-BR, APT. GAR. AVAIL. 1261 APPLETON N.L.B. Nice 1% bdrm, 555. 1 child o.k. OE 3-4595. N.L.B New l-br. Dlsp. Gar. Child ok. 33 W. Home. GA 3-9G74 45-- 1-BR. APT. 323 W E, Artesli Lane. GA 3-4003. NEARLY new 2-BK. apt. 500 302T E. 3. GE 3-1352 GA 4-6S74 BELMONT SHORE-- 3 brs. 1H ba. Garage. 5135. GA 7-1226. BEL. UGTS.. new l-br. Adults $80. 4219 E. th. GE C-2343. Adits. 1133 Locust. HS 2-2691. 40 ORANGE. Lovely front 2-br., Hdulu. No peta. J80. Jnfurnls tied Apts. 107 NOW RENTING 5 One-Bedroom and 1 Two-Bedroom (with bath and tt) APARTMENTS . · CompUttlv leittd pnef · Ime Hclur* Windows · Aitnr'tat ClHit SPK* · Oliiiid-ln Bithlibi ind Ihowirt · Qirbifi DltpeiiU Garages tvailable 2161 Pasadena Ave. Between American a n d Atlantic. Near ehopptn* center and transportation to LOI Angeln and downtown area. UifarabM AHs. 107 $77.50 TO $115 1. 2, 3 BRS. Lakewood Manor W-W CARPBTINO. DISPOSALS walK-m closets, carports, laundry fadJiU**, WALKJNGDISTANCE to Lakewood Ctter fiiioppim DUtriet. AUo, fumUb«d *pu. CbndreD * adult ttcttoaf 802i HAYTER Met 0-6170 MOST. FOR TOUR MONET New last* i-bdrm.. w-w carpet. dual furnace, disposal, itove * rcfric. extra, i bile super market 4 but. loYthr tropical car- fits. 275. HEATED POOL 500 ORANGE MEDALLION AWARD for Electrical Excellence New 2-br. apts. Built-in RO itft'.f., bkfst. bar. Leads 01 cabinet!. Garages. Heated pooL 2 blki, to compl. *hpg. center. J100. West side Garden Grove. JE 7-352S: eves. LK 9-7491. 1-Bedrm. Apu. Big Wardrobes. Garb. Dlsp., W-W Carpeting in most units. Laundry laciL pro vlded. Water Pd. 1 blk. to Freeway. 559 and up. MD 1-2192 or contact Algr. at UilSH Orange Ave.. Paramount. HEATED POOL -- New. extra large dix. 1-BR.. w-w carpet, built-in oven £ range. Refrlg.. laundry facil. Betw. Douglas IJtwd. Shop Center, 4350 Lake- OCEAN VIEW APTS. SAN PEDRO Ferry transp. lOc to Long Beacn, W-w carp.. 1- 2-hr. furn. A unlurn. 559.50 up. Etove. refrlg. Gar. Nr. schis. Children welc. Open Sunday. TE 3-0780. refrlg.! disposal; w-w. Louvered windows fa bdrm. baUirm. TV, phono autom. waaher hookups. Free parking area; water pa'd. l^ blocks to bus, ntfres. Aduits. 422 South St., N.L.B GA 276-90 1-BEDROOM APT. $79.50 UNFURN. $99.50 FURN. 745 ORANGE HEATED SWIMMING POOL 1-BR. Delux* with all latest features Lee. closets, louvcred windows. Idry., garage. Adults. Reasonable rent. 734 CERRITOS GREAT BIG WATIDHOBE Large bedroom, garbage disposal. Venetian blinds. Adults. PTVRV VTvTOT T C* jjiADi JSJ.NULLO ""·jsarafup 1 "TM 1 1250 E. San Antonio Dr. GA 4-1303. Open dally Sun. DELUXE APTS. MODERN IN EVERY DETAIL 5 0 9E .i^S S T 65 - Ad ?]g- 6 . S 3 9 B Nict l-br., garaga GE 9-7207! Furnished Houses 10? SEAL BEACH Beautiful furnished home oa ocean front Priv. beach. 3-BR., 3 batbs. $350. BAY REALTY, 138 Main, Seal Beach OE 0-1922 furn. 3-BIL homo on strategic corner, 1402 Pine. 1,700 aq. ft. Suit, acctlng., insurance, chiropractor, rest liome. Attractive NO ADVANCE FEE JANES RENTALS Holand R. Janes, Lie. R. E. Bkr. LOS CERRITOS DISTRICT S-BR. sun room, newly fur- closed 'yard, lease. GA 4-0245. J57.50 -S1NGLK. Yard. Tot ok. SS5-- 2-BR., yard. Family ok. Jem C479 Atlantic GA 2-0457 $95 NLB. 2 Ddrm., w/gar. Clean. Close to bus dliL, pk, £ bus. Adits., no pets. GA 2-2589 fnr J.L.B.-- 2-BR-, maple turn., flre- Placi, fenced yd., nr. schools Iransp. 5125 mo. HA B-2715 or HE 8-6407. Rent by day, wk. or mo. Heas. ALL STATES MOTEL 2297 E. Pacific Coast Hwy. LARGEST Selection of Rentals, All areas. DEULEY REALTY. 900 American HE 6-9751 rugs, aiiio'm. wshr.. yd. Take baby. 1217 St. Louis. GE 8-8181 pets. 1 bl. West L. B. Blvd., 540-SMALL 2-rm. cottage, infant o.k. Fenced yd. No pets. 1433 Rose Ave. HE 7-6615. jGE. sgl. w/gar. West Long Beach call Westminster. TW 3-0765. 565 TO 575. l-br lower duplex. Children, yard, furnace, utilities. 156 E. rfymout'!. HE G-5895 WHO wants 10 live tn 3-bdrm home rlsht on Ocean while we travel? 5150 mo. GE 9-4727. SIGNAL Hill, small 1-bdrm. Disp., automatic waaher. Adits, only. 1890 E. 20th. own gas lights. Adults. 1515 Bentlcy St., Compton. NE 1-79GG. J60 -- 1-BR. + pull dn. In liv. rm. 2024 B. 19th St. TO 7-7119. ATTRACT. 6-room. Fncd yd. Fruit trees. Adults. No pets. GA 4-0531 pref. Cats O.K. HE 2-3739. H25-- 3-BK, Nicely lurn. GaraRe. 575 -- UTIL. PD. Nr. Ocean. Yard. Degley, 900 American HE 6-9751 $50 -- 1-BR. cottage. Near stores. Adults. 124G-B E. ittl. HE 2-61S-I. 557.50 -- 1-BR.. Westslde. Nr. town. 943 Loma Vista Dr. HE 7-4665. ;UTE~4-rrar~ housed Dlsp. Rugs. 2-BR. NLB. 2-car garage. Lovely furn. 1 child. Refs. GA 2-6053. 565_1-ER, Belmont Shore. Adults. Degley, 900 American HE fl-9751 175 -- 2-BR. Large yard. Eastskle. De?ley. 000 American HE 6-9751 590-- 2-BR. Modern. Garage. Det;ley, 900 American HE 6-9751 2 BKs den, large rms., double garage. 1339 E. 8th. GE 8-9494. 3-BR., fireplace, dlsp.. dbl. garace. Lakewood. HA 5-4238, J37.50 QUIET H-rm. cottage, nr 15th Si Cherry, GA 7-0327. VACANT, 3-bilnn. fenced. Nr. aJl schools. Call Bkr. HA 5-1496. 1-BR, rear clean attrac. yd. $35 plus utll. 161 * Loma. * Adults, no pet? 217 E. Kagle* P ' J135-- 2-BR. den. 563 Cherry Ave. l-BR. nicely furnished family home. $100. 2365 Lemon. $35-- SINGLE cottage, utfl. paid. Adults only. 1354 Euclid Ave, 2-BR, LKWD. rent with option, Chigaras, 3540 E. 4th. GE 4-6646 BEL.MONT HEIGHTS -- 1-BDRM. NICELY FURN 236 REDONHO $40 -- 3 RMS., fenced yd. Pensrs. welc. 1902 Stanley. HA B-3GB4. 3-BR. Lge. home. Newly turn. Garage. 1934 Lime Ave. 2-BR. $75. N.L.B. KIDS OK. 3925 E. ANAHEIM-- 2 -room cabin. Utilities. $25 month. Unfurnished Houses 110 Fncd. $100 GA 4-1530 GE 1-OS41 3-BR. exec, type- home. Tots. Chlgaras, 3540 B. 4th GE 4-6646 $6*.fiO -- EXTRA LGE. 1-BK. Children O.K HA 5-R123 -BR., 2 baths. FIreplc. A carpet. Blt-ln et.At), $140, LEhlgh 9-6218 Oak. Downtown. TOrrey 6-4140. ,KWD.-- 2-BR. Adults $89 4761 Hayter. Lkwd. $60-- 1-BIt.. refrlg., thermo heat. ·BR. + pulldomn bed, 2134 Lo- PTLY t furn. 1-br. hse. $65. 12136 E. 214th St, Artesla. ID 7-1388 OA .1-6174; HE fi-7427. NICE 1-BR. $70. 3040 Caspian Ave. OA 4-720S LOE, i-BR, Real nlcei Thermo ht. Fenced yd. 1022 Walnut. )62.0--LGE. 1-BR. Newly dec., 1537 Sliermnn PI. HA 5-4fi58 eve. 2 BOOMS A HATH. Suit. 1 lady. GE 3-2002 630 DAISY. Close in. 3 ncs. Baby OK. No drlnken. $50. FREE renui service, y list. 5301 Lkwd, Blvd, ME 3-0768, Bkr. $55-- 4 RMS. l-br. 2432 Jackson St. GE 8-541R. NICE, recently redec, 2-BR t front home, 1736 Cherry. QE 8-2011. 1BB2 W. Cameron"" ""i-lTOl Uifvnhk^HMM 119 MERRYVILLE ESTATES 4-br.. 2 bathj. w-w urpctlac. Drape*. Built-in rmnne A oven. S£?-$ u " MUa M8 FORECLOSURE Take over pmu. i-BK.. 2-lw. Bill-in UK. rante. IIB 24060. ' MOV1XG tXJCAl -- J/WO DISTANCE HODGES-MA YFLOV/ER 3-BR. 2 bath, w-w earpetiac and drapes, fenced ard w/patio. frp A dishwasher. Laktwood Flaxa. $136 mo. GA 2-6312. CLEAN 1 Br.. Just palaUd Uuu- ouL Not new Lu*. very boawj. Child OK. 17S2B Cerrftc*. GA 7-6T80 «55-- 4-BPRy.. ?H blths, den drapej, w-w carpet, caclOMd patio. Lakewood Plaza. HA 5-7272: HA fi-0041. $65-- 2-BR. duplex. Fenced. ToU $S5-- 3-BR, Gar. Fenced. Tots $99.50-- 3-BR., lV4-bt., facd, tola Jem 6179 Atlantic GA 2-0467 4-ROOM house, u of urn., disposal, water furn. + rar, EmpL adults only. No pets. $75, 1609 E. 6SIH. Inform, at 1601. gar. 'Fenced yd. Xlnt loc. $1S5"! 2 chlldrtn o.k. No pets. ·J732 SANWOOD GA 2-3145 RENT with option to buy. $500 now -- $700 in 7 months. Part ol rent to count on down paymL GE 1-1371 BKR. Close to shopping centeri trans., adits., no p*U. OA 2-25S9 for appt. FOR LKASE 6-rm. house. 4-br., 2 ba.. water loftener, fenced yd. 15 mln. to Douelaj. 10 mln. to $60-- UTIL. pd. 1-BR., redec.. real flrepl., wall heater, adults. 1321 W. Sprinc, owner at 1325 W. Spring. GA 7-0791. 4-BRS., 2 baths, car., fenced yard. Garden Grove area. Near schools markets. $125. HE 7-2662, HA 5-339i. 3-BR. den. 2 baths, built-in range, freple.. F.A. heat. nr. TE 5-1955' ' JA 7-4637 2-BR. llv. rm., fam. rm.. 2 flrepl. W-w, drapes throughout, forced air heat, oullt-ia oven range. $135. HA 1-7433. stores, transp., ideal for couple or oliier persons. GE 1-0393. BELLFLOWER 2-BR, house, dble garage. Redeo. 14930 Touchwood. TO 7-2187. dlsp., etc. $S9. older child ok. 10472 E. Beach, Bellflower. BU£NA PK.-- 3-BR.. Itt-ba. w-w fenced 'yd.' 5115.' TA. 8-0405! NEW 2-BR. house in Torrance. Large yard. Gar. Nr. 22Sth Flgueroa. DU 3-5650. LARGEST Selection of Rentals. All areas. DEGLEY REALTY. 900 American. HE 6-9751 2-BR.. i baui, Ige family rm. Lease. $125 mo. Avail Feb. 1st. 3140 Bellflower Blvd. BELLFLOWER, $65. Email 2-bdrm. Small children ok. 8726 Artesla Blvd. TO 6-9679. 13434 La Relna, Paramount. £Mpl» 6-8365 WILL sell mv 3-br. fam. rm. home la Buena Park area NOTHING DOWN. LA 2-1470 $65- -l-BR. Rear. Clean, quiet. share yd., rumpui nn. (couple). 3837 WILTON GE 8-4492 $55-- LITTLE white house in rear. Stove 4 relrij. 1 br. Mljht furn. GE S-1573. 3 ROOMS, gar, tile bath kit. Hdwd. firs, Ige. bdr. 1806 Chestnut. nr. beach A Marina?" jls.'^E oven. dlap. child OK. $85. 3106 E. Coolldge. GA 2-4073. 3-BH., j bath, Ige. fenced yard. 4-411. LKWD. plaza. 2-br.. Ige. llv. rm., iirepl., fenced, new paint, stove refrig. J115. 3521 Palos Verdes pets or drinkers. Permanent tenants. 928 Chestnut Ave. mine pool. Adults. No nets. TO 7-4502. Ball! lower area. Alauiltos Navy Bail, $65. 4402 Howard. UN 5-5087. -BR., home, .garage, fenced back yd. LOrlna 4-1639. Domlnguer area. 4- RM., partly furn. cottace, $60. uffl.' pd. Hi 7-4473. $75. 2-BR., N. L. B. Partly fur- Qiilied If desired. GE 3-8173. S T BR., GAR^ fenced ycT 8544 2-BR. 1576 W. 23rd. Redec. $35. GA 2-2734. BEL. SH. Newly decor. 2-br. 146 Qulncy. GE 4-4640. 50. 3-KiL- house, yard. 223 E. $100, on lease. Lkwd, Plaza, 2-br. 2625 Nlpomo. HA 9-008S. Degley 900 American HE 6-9751 Degley 900 American HS 6-9751 Degley !tOO American HE 6-9751 195-- 3-BK. Modern. Gar. Westslde. LOS ALTOS 3-Br., 2-bath, vacant GA 5-8601. 5125-- LKWD. 3-br.. 2-ba.tha. fncd. avail. Feb. 2nd. OSborne 6-7390. 2-BR. house. Adulta only, 3711 $50-ULi:AN l-bdrm. 17428 or 17414 Virginia Dr., Bellflower. 1-BR. sunpch. gar. bet Bdwy. ONE BDRM. $65. GE 8-1513. 429 ORANGE-- 2-br. newly decorated. Inquire 427 Orange. EEL. Hts. 2-bdrm. W-w carpet. Gar., fenced. Adults, GE 3-2972. gar. Eautslde, 1640 Freeman. 1-BR., hdwd. floors, garage. Adits. 1-BR. cottage, garage. $60. 4020 E, Ocean. HE 2-6533. 592.50 -- CLEAN* 2-BR. 3?02 Cerritos. HE 6-79W, HE 6-9537. 4-BR. 2 ba. bit-In kit. 5100. Ana- holm, option to buy. ME 3-2870. NLB l-br. $67, 2-br. T firepl. $103. 2-BR. stucco. Chile ren welcome. $65 month. HE 7-1231. 1-BR. partly furn. Nr. bus market Gar. 1545 Stanley. $65-- 3-BR.. l'4-bath. 1725 E. 11 St.. Wilmington. CU 3-6352. $75-- NICE 2-BR., garage. 21S07 S. Seine. Hawaiian Gardens. 2-BEDROOMS. GARAGE. No pets. Paramount. MEt 3-3045 315 ARGONNE. Small 2-bednn. $S5. GB 3-6050. 2-BR. fncd, yd. Caraon Park. Vacant $95. HA 9-4826. $75-- ARTESIA 2-BR., Util. pd. children welcome. UNH-4160. $17.50-- ON E-bdrm, house. Large yard, refrlg heater. GA4-50SO. Suburban Rentals 117 LUXURY APARTMENTS Sparkling new large 2-bedroom ana one-bedroom apts., with pools, and garagea. Very exclusive area. 2 mlnutei from shops, ichools and buses. Garden Urove'i Flneit Unlti F«aturing built-in Wtcheni, all carpeted and draped. Ixicftted east on Garden Grove Blvd. to Rocklnghorse Rd,, then , turn right to apts. For Information coll JE 4-5618 JE 4-4620. Rent -- Lease -- Lease option. Nearly new -- 3-BR. 2 ba. -- Prov. ·tylfl homes, Fireplace. 2-car garage. Bullt-lmr. C l o t * to schools, shopping, etc. MerryvlllB Estates -- Lincoln Bird. West of Knott Ave., Buena Park TA 8-2770 -- 'Til 6:00 p.m. Closed Mon.. Thurs.. Fri. UNFURN. 2-BR, A den. $75 mo. 22029 S. Norwalk Blvd., Artesla. 2 children OK, HA5-S512 HA 8-0146 SEAL BCH.-- Furn l-bdrra. cottage. « blk. to bch. Attractive yd., adJti. $52.00. 140 30th. GE 1-SSOO. , Office Desk Spact 114 OFFICE FOR LEASE 1119 PACD7IC AVE. Suitable for Insurance, Chiropractor or 1 See S5VVJU? v """ 1 A "- or BELMONT BHORE -- E. 2nd St, Top location. Offices or offlc* w/llTlnR qtrs. 824 REDONDO a '.wvssr- BIOM AIK cond, office under construction. Blxby Knolls area. Call VIKING REALTY OA 4-8010 OFFICE apace, or for imall business. Living quarters optional. South of ArteMa Blvd. on Long Beach Blvd. Owner NB 2-070*. tlon at Seuport Landing, Newport Bench. LI 8-1H1. S3!fl Pulflt AVI. OA VoitT. tmtum hJ^lild 111 lefxnr BLDG., c-3 Brtck. dur IDU. nr. tontm. Idul for rtUJL Mrvic*, itonct WDM. MimiTtnunui M; Lo» rent. Mar frtl. CALL HOK1IAN 1UITEKEON BILLBROOKS VACANT STORES WAREHOUSES OFFICES Alffj ARAB -- ALL 812X8 NO CHARGE TO TOU HARRY COWAN LEASING SPECIALIST Established 12 Yrs. 20* Tlmo.Bldt- HZ 8-6523 HE5-48S9 GE 3-1283 BLLXSS.-- ALL SIZES 4000- niw eorart-, Tjvd. fr. 6500" W. Acahelm, 18' cell. M-3 6500' bUt up. Blvd. fr.. compton 14.000" new cor.. Ice. yard, NLI Others 2,000--95,000, V'lll Build BILLBROOKS HE 2-4421 HOME BUSINESS Hot spot location. Woodruff * center. Beurir. 2-bedroom home, ·mall chop building in front, has SLUe. ra ^L^%'?. J fo? p - apt. partly furnished adjotni of- flce, Artesla Blvd.. BeJlfr. eee owner any umi. Eves, 'til 9. 8763 E. Artesia^. Bellflr.. 1 bib. W. of Lakewood Bl. MB 5-5552. HOME BUSINESS LOC. 2-Bedroom boine, 2-car rarage. M-l zone, near Lakewood Blvd. TO 7-2707. ii63I C«nt*r St., Bellflower Rltr. Ml 4.150 4- 2.400 IQ. It., loadlnc dock, parking, power, 20^40 refrigerated box optional. 11214 Reelonvlew, Downey, Owner. TO 9-420*. at fabulous BrookJiurat and Chapman major ihopplng area- Leon Levlch. DeAnn'a, Locust at EXCKLLKNT location, 25x70 itore room adjoining Ar on B. 7th. Opening for variety store, discount home, 5 A 10, etc. Some off-street parklnr. 1135 mo. STUCCO building, all or part. 2000 aq, ft. 110 A 220 wiring. 2 bath*, large lot, M-l. Inquire 16903 Pioneer Blvd., Artesla UN 6-27IS after 5:30 p.m. turint:,' Btoraga warehouse. 1115 MR WEST HE 7-35S3 HftX I*. ROUGES CO. dust All or part S.W. corner 6Ut A Nnvhopo Garden Grove. JE 1-26SS STORE for least. 50.\SO, In heart of Artesla. Has been successful furniture loc. 1S705-18707 Pioneer 4801 LONG Beach Blvd.. SO ft. frontage. 3200 sq. ft. Suitable for store, etc. $250 mo GA 7-9991 See at 15741 Vermont Para- moupt. ME 4-1722 or ME 0-1294 1400 SQ. FT. 220 power In. $80 mo. on Ifase. I.. A. Hardwood Prod. 2110 W. cowles St. FOR RENT or Lease -- 18x30 store front. Corner. Inq. Mobil Station, Atlantic Anaheim. BLDG. w-offlce, 220 A 110 Wired for cabinet, machine or storage. 27x75. 5100.' 1255 W. 16th fit. STORE 20'x25' at- 2505 E. 10th. Partly equip, for beauty lalon, $45 GE 8-8337. M2 2800 sq. ft Attractive B15 W. 17th. GA 7-2789; GA 4-4901. 14.000 SQ. FT. warehouse, 3o sq. ft. E. C. Roswurm. Rltr GE 3-49S3 offices, parking, slso. GE 3-7465 STORE, 25'S45'. $70 OFFICE, shop or beauty salon. 735 Market, N.L.B. HA 5-0961. 610 E. 23rd. GA 4-1559. NEED LOCATION? ALL KINDS Call GOLDEN CO. HE 7-2901. STORE, 15x50. 264 South St.. FIRST month's rent free. Modern store, fine loc. HE 6-6617 M-2 WAREHOUSES, FOR RENT. 1196 Harbor HE 5-1860 ^OR LEASE-- Belmont Hts. store Wanted to Rent 122 PROPERTY OWNERS Our management .service means dollars to you. MOORE Realty GE 4-34SG SANDWICH SHOP fS'p.| to J !S o l T. ISTSS: 6130 Atlantic Bkr. GA 2-1247 unf. .bouse IQ Jane Addams School district Up to $100 GA 2-2196 FREF, TO LANDLORDS R e l i a b l e r e n t a l service. Jem Rentals GA 2-0457 NAVY couple, 2 small children, want 2-bedroom partly furnished to 5S5. iJastside. Degley, 900 American. HE 1 6-9751 WE need houses. Furnished unfurnished. AJl areas. No charge. Degley 900 American. HB 6-9751 WANTED 2 or 3-br. homi. fenced yard. Near school, furn. or un- lurn.. to $60. Children TW 3-1275 WANT house in bunlnes* zone. DU 7-3900 ^ANDLORDS-- Free llstlnc icrvlce. Center Realty ME 3-0768 WANT 3-br. 2 bath, unfurn. home, N.L.B. Phone ATlantlc 2-0936. 3LDERLY lady wants room VANTED 3 or 4-bdrm. unfurn. house, to $125. GA 7-5273. LOS ALTOS. 3-br unfurn. house. 2 elem. sch. etrla GA 2-8076. Leases 124 SPLENDID BUY on downtown hotel. First-clasi condition. 31 rooms. 5-year lease. Newly decorated $13,500 lease furniture, SANDISON'S 352 E. 3rd HE 6-1216 GE B-5411 DOOMING house, 7 br«. Furn. Close in. Rt. 5110. S2SOO. Trigc. GA 2-4328. HE 5-7557. FOR BAIoE-- Complete equipment for imall coffee chop (to be moved). 1st reas. offer accepted. See 1016 E. Pacific Cst Hwy. or call HE 7-9153. $.15 mo. $1,500 F.P. tncl. ilk. Must see' "CHARLIE" CRATNE 6029 Atl. GA 3-0911. eve. GE 1-7836 capital. Insured. Concession business, fairs, centennials, etc. Open Feb. V. A. Davis. Space 1381, 4895 Oregon, L. B. BKKH BAR-- Bel. Shore's finest. Gr. over $3,000 mo. Try $2,000 dn. CHARLIE CRAYNE HE 0-9734 30 American GA 3-0911 MODERN beauty shop for cale. Nice westslde location. Owner not well. UA 4-6075, days or Ga 7-3046 eves. BEER BAR -L.B. Blvd.. Lynwood. Across from supennkt $1500 dn. CHARLIE CRAVNE HE 6-973* 30 American GA 3-0911 WILL RENT, lease or profit share 2-atall space in automatic car wash In shopping center for brake reline shop. JIB 3-4005. $165 day. Owner tired. Trms. CHARLIE CRATNE HE 6-9734 30 American QA 8-MU BEAUTY and barbershop, l or both. Veiy reas. Estab. t yrs. mo Retlrinc UN5-2619 MAJOR OIL CO Service Station for Lease. HE 7-2976; NEvada 6-1147 After 5:30 p.m. GA 7-0719 SERVICE STATIONS UNION lor lease. 2 with jjara*es. I«w jnventoi^ LOU DACOFF S-5, CAR wash-- Neti up to $900 or fid* offering-- The owner if idling at a 1038. Only $1500 dn. GOLDEN CO. 23 Locust HE 7-2901 COCKTAIL bar»-- Some very Rood buyi with xlnt terrai. It does not cost anything to look. BEER bar-- 1002 N. Long Beach Blvd.. Compton. (A real buy). GOLDEN CO. 23 Locust HE 7-2901 CIGAR, cigarettes, magazines ft variety itore, $1,000 fi p. J600 dn. Priv. party. HE 7-9032. do more. Main blvd Owner 111. Pkng. Flnnc. Fred. 'HE 7-2003. ice ihop for rent-lean or profit share. WE 3-4005. COCKTAIL Liquor stores, also other business, Ed Given, Bkr. LE B-3565. JE 1-2611. IAMB. A Hot DOR Stand. $950 hdla. Buiy clean. Bkr.. LU 2-4107, Bjrlflco, muit ·ell, doctor'? or- NEIGHBORHOOD groc. Cheap for LARGE CAR LOT-- Reason, rent. Ideal location. MEtcalf 3-2028. BARBERSHOP, 2 chalra. id. loc. * leatu, low rent, «c. HA 6-1001 MM Offu 124 ·E40TT §·*«. CUM IMltM. (O04 gto^THlril* ,uart.n. A HOME * Bimtim flu location SSMSM" S50CEM tut. dotet tprraz. I5VM mo. la cocsccuoa Ttlh Q»M A mm H«pt etort hoon. Kojtodjj.. HMO + *»,. SANDISON'S ·ic-an Kit-ini oct4iu Business Opportunity MAN OR WOMAN Ktipoutbi* ptnon frora thlf area, to fenrlce and collect from tigantu dlaptnten. No MlUnx Car. refexencej. aod $592.wfi» 11875.00 invutment necesMiy. 7 to 12 houri weekly neti ei- eellent monthly Income. Powlbl* full-time work. For local interview flv« phon* and particular*. Write International Salei A Vfe. Co. of Calif., Inc., P.O. Box 1511, Loa Angeles, Calif. VARIRTT STORE Estab. 15 year*. No experttnc* necessary. Ideal Uvini for couple. Book* OPWL _ CHILDREN'S SHOP Estab. IS yr*. $3.500 '+ izv. « desired. No exp. necessary. Own- eri retlrlor. Book! opea. HARRT COWAN 204 TIMES BLDO, HE 6-6523 IIE 5-4SS9 GE 8-128J STALLED BY ONE Of TOB "CHAUPS" OP LONQ BEACH WHO HAS NEVER PICKED 4 W R O N O LOCATION. JUS? BOUND TO GROSS J10.000 IN NOT TOO LONU A TUIE UNDERPRICED AT 130.000 S^ 1 S?o^f !KAT01lWl TM Crayta 6029 Atlantic GA 3-D911 ^ Brokers -- Salesmen *£r 3 business opportunity men nseded to aaff new branch office. Must be experienced, arsreasive * work full time. Top commission, 'leads, floor time office assistance. HAMILTON'S. 6430 ATLANTIC MOVING ORANGE CO. *NET APPROX. $6,000 YEARLY. OLD- BTER RETIRING AFTER 11 YRS ASK $3,500 + STK. OR, TRADE FOR \^IAT HAVE YOU OR YOU GUAR. WITH SUFFICIENT COLLATERAL. GROC. B ft W. $10,000 MO OWNER 7 YRS. YOU'LL NEVER R H G R E T INVESTTGATINQ THIS OFFERING. TERMS -CASH-- OR TRADE. OPEN FOR UNUSUAL OFFER FOB BUIT- Crayne 6029 Atlantic GA 3-0911 BEER COCKTAIL BARS Over 200 llstlnpi to choose from. All areas--air prices. We're bound to have one to suit you! CHARLIE CRAYNE HE 6-9734 30 American GA 3-0911 DYNAMIC SPEAKER REPAIR OWNER 6 YRS. WHO WILL TEACH YOU THIS SIMPLE BUSINESS. NO COMPETITION IN L. B. $1.500 DN INCL, «sm. wag 1 ·*"»» Crayne 6029 AUantio GA 3-OD11 PAINTINGCONTHACTOR Sellinr out entire, buslnest. Spray rigs, iteam cleanen, udders, rigglnE, office equip, contacts, shop. Everything needed to start work. Phone GA 7-3931 FOR LEASE Beauty parlor, completely ft nicely equipped. 1- or 2-operator shop. Good location In N. L B. Xlnt business. $75 mo. GA 3-6439 Realtor HE (M71 Established tL ;* shop + 2-br. borne Coast Hwy. F.P. incl. furn. k tools, J12.SOO. Submit low down to settle estate. 3AFK blk. from Nonvalk Sq. Good potential A showing Increases monthly. $3,050 include* equipment . bldg BtlRT SMITH CO.. REALTORS 9429 E. Flower Ave. TO 7-7273 DENTIST wanted to resume practice or dentist recently deceased. Fully equlpt. office furniture A 20-yr. practice. ·- same dental sss't avail. Splendid opportunity. IIE 6-6932. WOMAN PARTNER -- Franchise for world famous product capital $5-10,000. Gnat potential. Must be 30-40. crackerjack buifa cess gal. attractive A linelt. HE 6-030S USED APPLIANCES. IDEAL FOR 2ND HAND STORE ALSO. / 2641 E. ANAHEIM. $1,500 DN. INCL. MORE STK. THAN THE DOWN PAYMT. Crayne 6029 Atlantic GA 3-0911 Financing available to qualified, buyers. GOLDEN CO. ·3 LOCUST HE 7-2901 ASSOCIATES, 100 to 1000 dollars will earn 100% return over 6 mo, period. Investment Insured. No phone info. Call HE 5-8026 for. appointment. Mr. Brown. sch. in R-2 zone. Profitable mkt. for 7 yr. Death. Beer wine lie. avail. 12017 E. 219th St. Buy or rent $75 mo. Mr. Shlman, WB 9-9200 L A. 12-stool bar, game room and lanal, fireplace A 16-atool Piano Bar. It's the GAYEST spot in townl Bkr. GA 2-1247 BEER BAR Neighborhood trade. Alwayi been a $ maker. $1950 dn. HAMILTON'S, GA 2-1247 DRESS SHOP Pino Ave Owner i yrs. leaving itate. $1,000 do. + atk. CHARLIE CRAYNE TE 6-9734 30 American GA S-0911 shop, 75'xl50' w/offlce space, furn. equip. Incl. Good loc. Rental or lease. Write Box D- 1559 Ind.. P.-T. BEER BAR -- Navy housing area, 2 to choose- from. Gross $2,500 mo. Try $1,500 your money. CHARLIE CRAYNE HE 6-9734 30 American GA 3-0911 BEER BAR-- BRAND NEW Really a doll house. L, B. Blvdj $2,000 do. C1IARLIH CRAYNB HH 8-9734 30 American GA 3-0911 LAUNDRET Estab. loc. Low rent. Good equip. Owner must «acrlflc*. $2,600 dn. COCKTAIL BAR $5600 mo. $5600 mo. $21.500 + full pr. Food leased. $11.000 down. Bee owner, 1516 3D, Compton Blvd., Compton. SERVICE. ABOUT N |5? DAY. $750 REQ. IF YOU QUALIFY WITH EXPER Crayno 6029 Atlantic GA 8-0911 rOCKTAIL BARS -- 2 to clioos* from. 1 ET. $14.000. 1 KT. $12.000. Only 1 ihift. Try $15,000 dn. CHARLIE CRAYNB DEATH FORCES SALE Email retail men's wear businem below mv. cost. Less than $5,000. Loc. 2909 E. Anaheim. BEER lav. Same owner 11 yn. In a nit. Needt new blood A needi paint. Health reaion for ·ale. F.P. $3,»50. Tnns. Bkr. LUdlow 2-4107. avail. You cui net $1.000 mo. Owner paid It off. E-Z to deal with. Low rent Gannon, GA 3-3426: ME 3-4753. GROG., beer A wine, Gr. $5,000 mo. No cotnp. 25% mark-up. Try $2,000 title. CHARLIE CRAYNH HE 8-9734 30 American GA 3-0011 Mo. $10,000 dn. to qual. buyer. CHARLD3 CRAYNE IE fl-9734 30 American OA S-091J BURGER BAR E-Z operation. Gross $100 dar. HAMILTON'S OA 2-mf rcidy. Hurt sell. UlifsJl Max B. Low«. Rltr. ASH for Mr. Keys. «1 E. 4Ul. HE 8-2500 GE 8-SBS UEEK. Wine A Dftll.-- UB Blvd. R,nt 175 mo._1.7M dn. CHARliE CRAYNB HE «-973( SO American OA 3-0811 couplt with II. »0. Ktnt IS8. Has ^ruyUilnr .xcept raouch bualaeaa. Bkr., LU 2-4107 CH Crezm bar In ,uper market, will net I300-S700 ITO : 11. 250. Oannon. OA 3-S426. MB S-17C", A WANTED, Small OROCBkV for couple. With llvlnt «rtn. ALL CASH. Crayne. OA 3-0911. JEAUTY SHOP. Net approi. 1600 mo Well .quipped. 12,600 F.P, TltlOQ HE B-78B7; OA 2-432* BEAUTY shop equlpt t for 2 operators, jood loc. »i50 dn. caU L1Q. store close In 1)5,500 + six. BAH-- Hunt * (lib lodE. 1U CAFE, bwr-wlnt. Clot, In. 1U, sf, Net 11000 no. fiSnt OA J-4321 I*ORTUMC teillnc napkin lAMbio. route. EA, MIM.

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