Independent from Long Beach, California on March 15, 1966 · Page 16
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 16

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 15, 1966
Page 16
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Pig* 6-8-- INDEPENDENT L ""* ···"'· ctl "' TM'- M4r Television Log KNXT Ctuml 1 KTLA ClMMl S mvimn M r«p«naillty Kf OiMtn by ilallani, KAiC Chwotl T KCOP Chwiej l KHJ Chun* » Eclr cK2! M KTTV CMnJW) 11 K MEX ChMml M TUESDAY, MARCH 15, 1966 * PAID ADVERTISEMENT 2 "Age of Rubens: Giraveggio 6:30 2 The Troubled Self 4 The City: What Is It? 7 G'delines: Horticulture 7:00 A.M. 2 News with Mike Wallace 4 (Clr) Today, Hugh Downs with attorneys on alimony 7 Scope: Plants--Stems 9 Cartoon Shows (to 10) ) 1 Relig. in Russian Art 7:25 2 Clete Roberts, News 7:30 7 Gypsy Rose Lee Show, with Sylvia Sidney 11 The Hobo Kelly Show 8:00 AM. 2 Captain Kangaroo 7 Girl Talk, V. Graham 8:45 13 Cartoonaroony 9:00 A.M. 2 I Love Lucy, Lucy Bail 4 (Clr) Eye Guess, B. Cullen 5 Yoga for Health 11 The Jack LaLanne Show 13 Buckaroo 500 9:15 13 Guidepost: Geometry (6) 9:30 2 The McCoys, W. Brennan 4 Concentration,H. Downs 5 Scarlett Hill (serial) 7 The Mike Douglas Show 11 Movie: "Dark Journey," Vivian Leigh ('37) 9:45 13 Assignment Education 10:00 A.M. : 2 Andy of May berry 4 (Color) Morning Star 5 Bums and Allen Show ; 9 Focus on Understanding (NCCJ), Gebrgiana Hardy. 10:15 13 bsscnce of Judaism 10:30 2 Dick Van Dyke Show 4 (Color) Paradise Bay 5 (Clr) World Adventures 9 Movie: "Return to War- bow," Phil Carey ('58) 13 Bill Johns, News 11:00 A.M. 2 The Love of Life 4 (Clr) Jeopardy, Fleming 5 Peter Gunn, C. Stevens 7 Supermarket Sweep 13 (Clr) Treasure, B. Burru.' 11:30 2 Search for Tomorrow 4 (Clr) Play Post Office 5 Movie: "Flanagan's Boy," Tony Wright ('53) ·7 Dating Garhe, Jim Lange . 9 Focus on'Our America 11 Sheriff John, J. Rovick 13 Romper Rrri., Miss Mary 11:45 - 2 The Guiding Light ·'4 Frank McGee (11:55) 12:00 NOON 2 It's Keene at Noon ·1 (Clr) Let's Make a Deal 7 The Donna Reed Show 9 World of Life (relig.) 28 Children Growing: Book 12:25 4 Floyd Kalber, News 12:30 2 As the World Turns 4 (Clr) Days of Our Lives 7 Father Knows Best 9 Tangled World (relig.) 11 Movie: "You for Me," Peter Lav/ford ('52) 13 Dialing for Dollars 28 Casals Master Class 1:00 P.M. 2 Password, Allen Ludden 4 The Doctors, J. Pritchet 5 Movie: "Scotland Yard Dragnet," Roland Culve 7 Ben Casey, Vincent Ed wards, Shelley Winters 9 Movie: "Roadblock," Charles McGraw ('51) 1:30 2 (Clr) Linkletter's House Party, genealogist Everett Goodelle 4 Another World (serial) 13 (Clr) Movie: "Touch Go," Jack Hawkins 2:00 P.M. 2 To Tell the Truth, Collyer 4 (Color) You Don't Say! 7 The Nurses, M.-Fickett 11 Movie: "Four Mothers, Lane Sisters, Gale Page 2:30 2 The Edge of Night 4 (Clr) The Match Game 5 December Bride 7 A Time for Us (serial) 9 9 on the Line (interview 3:00 P.M. 2 The Secret Storm 4 (Clr) PDQ, Dennis Jam 5 Our Miss Brooks 7 General Hospital 13 (Clr) Mickey Mudlurlle 28 Teacher '66 Arnold Pike 3:30 2 Loretta Young Theatre 4 Movie: "Black Angel," Dan Duryea, Peter Lorr 5 Divorce Court 7 The Young Marrieds 9 Astro Boy (cartoons) I I (Clr) Billy Barly Show 28 Playing Guitar: Origin 4:00 P.M. 2 Sea Hunt, Lloyd Bridges 7 Never Too Young (scria 9 (Color) Popcye Cartoon 28 Fire Dept. Training 34 Escuela KMEX (English ·»:30 2 Movie: "Combat Squad, John Ireland ('53) 5 (Clr) Gco. Pulnnm news 7 Where Ihe Action Is, Bobby Fuller Four, 1 Brook Benton 11 008th Man (cartoon) 13 Bozo's Big Top Show 4 Novcla Semanal (drama) 5:00 P.M. 5 (Color) Shebang! Casey Kasem, Sonny Cher 7 News Hour, Baxter Ward 9 9th St. West, Bobby Rydell 1 Gigantor (cartoon) 3 (Color) Morgan's Alley · 28 What's New? 34 Operacion Ja-Ja 5:30 1 Winchell-Mahoney Time 28 The Friendly Giant 5:45 2 Christopher Political 4 (Color) KNBC Report 28 Sing Hi--Sing Lo 6:00 P.M. 2 Big News, Jerry Dunphy 4 (Color) Huntley-Brinkley Reports on launches of both G-T 8 and Latin class" Roman catapult of 100-lb. rock. 5 Route 66, Martin Milner, Anne Helm 7 (Clr) Movie: "Mating Game," Debbie Reynolds, Tony Randall ('59). IRS 9 The Honeymooners 13 (Color) Lloyd Thaxtpn 28 Once on Japanese Time 34 Noticiero 34 (news) 6:30 4 (Color) KNBC Report 9 Ens. O'Toole, Dean Jones 11 Zorro, Guy Williams 28 Calif. History Govl.: "Railroad Era" 7:00 P.M. 2 (Color) Walter Cronkite 4 (Color) America! Jack Douglas: "Puerto Rico" 5 Rifleman, Chuck Connors 9 Twilight Zone: "Purple Testament," Win. Reynolds, Dick York. Lieutenant finds he can predict when men in his platoon will die in battle, 11 Dennis the Menace 13 (Clr) Wonders of World, Hal Linker: "Dancing Girls of Korea" 28 Writers of Today, Edw. Weeks: "Edwin O'Connor" , 7:30 2 (Clr) Daktari, Marshall Thompson, George Mitchell. Clarence and Judy join forces to rescue a police dog who's been mistreated by his owner. 4 (Clr) My Mother the Car Jerry Van Dyke, John Holland, Maudie Prickett, Peter Mamakos Dave takes Barbara to a night out at Absorba, th Greek's restaurant, . which a blue-nosed clien insists is notorious. 5 (Clr) Johnny Wooden's Champions in Action, with color highlights of Utah's regional victory in NCAA playoffs. 7 Combat! Vic Morrow, Andrea Darvi, Richard Bakalyan. While a German girl anxiously waits a reunion with her soldier-father, Saunders realizes from his photograph that she'll never see him. 9 JOHN WAYNE in * THE SEA CHASE! Lana Turner ('55--coloi 11 The Untouchables, Robt Stack, Telly Savalas. 13 (Clr) Wanderlust, Bill Burrud: "Brazil Backdrop." Jungles to Rio. 28 KoltanowsKi on Chess: "Chess Goddess," Caiss 34 Un Canto de Mexico 8:00 P.M. 4 (Clr) Please Don't Eat the Daisies, Patricia Crowley. Mark Miller, Robert Emhardt, Jesse White. The all-quiet Nash household arouse: columnist's suspicions when he arrives for a promised interview. 5 ROLLER GAMES--LIVE! * THUNDERBIRDS vs. N.Y. Dick Lane is mikeside. 13 (Clr) American West, Jack Smith: "Yellowstone's Glories," from Old Faithful to a seldom-taken side trip. 28 USA--Painters: "Richard Lippold," sculptor 34 Lluvia de Estrellas 8:30 2 (Clr) Red Skelton Hour (repeat). Guest Stanley Holloway plays an Eng lish lord in a Clem Ka- diddlehopper sketch, then sings and dances with the Young Folk. In Silent Spot, Red gets his footprints embedde al Grauman's Chinese. 4 (Color) Dr. Kildare II, Richard Chamberlain, John Saxon, Joan Marshall, Joseph De Santis (last of 2 parls). Desperate to prove to his father his claim of success in Hollywood, acto takes matters into his own hands. 7 McHale's Navy, Ernest Borgnine, Joe Flynn, Herb Vigran. Bingam- ton's pose as a swashbuckling hero for maga zine photographer dissolves with the appear ance of a lost German patrol. 11 The Mcrv G r i f f i n Show with Jim and Hcnny Backus, David Burns, Delia Reese 13 Have Gun, Will Travel 28 Cecil Brown; Kendall on t^^ Top Viewing today 9 P.M.--VINCENT VAN GOGH: SELF-PORTRAIT in COLOR on Channel 13. Repeat of Emmy Award winner. Lee J. Cobb reads excerpts from the artist's letters. 10 P.M.--CBS REPORTS on Channel 2. Secretary of the Treasury Henry Fowler reports on the consumer-credit boom. 10 P.M.--PROBING THE UNKNOWN on Channel 9 in COLOR. Hour documentary on the operations of the Goddard Space Center in Maryland. In his role as Charley on 'etticoat Junction," Smiley urnett runs the Hooterville annonball train. The TV task reminds him the first toy train he had ien he was a child. It was ound with a spring and ulled two cars around the ack. It was wrecked in a rather lusual manner. The Burnett home was the te of a meeting one night r members of their church's oard of directors. Smiley and his younger ster, Joy, were playing with e train in the parlor when ne of the members came in nd kneeled down to watch. i the process of watching, ie man jokingly teased niley's sister. After a while, she didn't ink it was funny. So when 10 toy train had completed ne of its rounds, the little rl picked it up, wound it ghtly and very firmly placet on the man's head. ·' The wheels spun arounc nd the man's hair wound in- o the spring mechanism. Smiley's mother had to give ie church leader a butch aircut before being able to etrieve the train. The little engine, stymiec Music (8:40), Robt. Mead 34 Maximiliano y Carlota 9:00 P.M. 4 (Color) Movie: "Two Loves," Shirley Mac- Laine, Laurence Harvey, Jack Hawkins, Nehu McCarthy ('61-lst run). New Zealand teacher has inexplicable fear of accepting adult love. 7 F Troop, Forrest Tucker, Ken Berry. The fierce Shug Indians paint for war when they learn Capt. Parmenter is the sole defender of Fort Courage; 13 VAN OOflH--COLOR SPEC. if Lift ef a TRAGIC QEN1US (repeat from NBC). Cameras retrace the life of Vincent VanGogh through his paintings, and the places where he lived and worked. 28 Casals Master Class 9:30 2 (Clr) Petticoat Junction, Bea Benaderet. Edgar Buchanan. Uncle Jo finds a tin can containing a fortune in cash, then panics when he con eludes it's the missing loot from a robbery. 7 Peyton Place II, Ryan O'Neal. For Rodney, two visitors; for Martin, two spokesmen. 28 Aerospace Briefing, Dr. Martin Klein: "Body Lifting Vehicles Program." 34 Videovox (variety) 9:45 9 Allan Moll, News 10:00 P.M. 2 CBS Reports: "l.O.U. $315,000,000,000," Alexander Kendrick, Sec. of Treasury Henry M. Fowler, Sen. Paul Douglas (D-III.), spokesmen of business, banking and consumer organizations and three typical debt- ridden families. Exploration of the explosive growth of consumer credit and indebtedness in the U.S. by TERRY VERNOH y the hair-raising experience, ad made its last trip. * * 4 » THE HAL Linker family, rtiose " W o n d e r s of the Vorld" travel series airs uesdays on Channel 13, will e. honored by the Polish Vomen's Alliance tonight. Episodes showing Polish fe have been featured on ine of the recent programs f the 10-year-old series. National groups from Bel- ium, Finland and Korea pre iously have honored the .inker family. * * * * ATTEMPTING to determine vhy "My Mother, the Car' asn't loomed larger in thi atings, producer Rod Ama eau told an interviewer: "Maybe we weren't wild enough to embrace the goin^ ad of larger-than-life gim nickry." On the other hand, mayb the series is just a little bi oo old-fashioned. It's perfectly understand able, of course, that a mothe can be transformed into a car But a 1928 relic!'Much to old-fashioned. If the mother had been con verted into a 1966 sport model, higher ratings migh lave been a breeze. 5 (Clr) Geo. Putnam news 7 The Fugitive, David Janssen, Donald Pleasance, Carol Rossen, Rex Thompson. Kimble becomes chauffeur in the strange household of a teenage violin virtuoso, his teacher-guardian, am a fearful secretary. S PROIINB THE UNKNOWN -k 'Mm in Spaci'--COLOR Don Morrow narrates, from the Goddard Space Center, looking at the history of rocketry. 11 (Clr) Alex Dreier, News 13 (Clr) Bill Johns, News 34 Toros de Espana ' 10:30 13 (Clr) Treasure, B. Burru 28 Cecil Brown; Kendall on Music w/Robert Mead 11:00 P.M. 2 News, Jerry Dunphy 4 (Color) llth Hour News 5 Alfred Hitchcock Hour: "Tender Poisoner," How ard Duff, Dan Dailey. Corporation power play. 7 News, Baxter Ward 9 Movie: "Cornered," Die Powell ('45) 11 (Color) Joe Pyne Show with Soviet tour conductor Sandra Hano, RADIO T- I* KD»-l»t KIIV-lll KRKD-IIH Mll-IWI KH6-IJW KKH-IJSB KlM-tTJ M U - l l i l KIIO-741 WI-Mfl KG»-I2U KMK-7II KWIZ--I4M MU-I«N KFIX-IZtt KHL-IZM MX-flll KMTW-IM* UAT-IIN UWt-M* KHJ-IM KML-IHI XTU-«M TUESDAY, MARCH 15, 1966 PECIAL BROADCASTS-10:25 a.m., KFI--Baseball: Dodgers vs. N.Y. Mets 8:30 p.m., KLAC--NBA Basketball: Detroit at Lakers 7:00 A.M. LAC--Jo Pvr* Show ' C--Fr«nk Hemingway :-WorkJ News Round'o . -X-DIck Hiynei llo 10) GER--Chrlit Faith Mlss'n NX-Reo* CoroTc~"Sn6w~ ;GER--fky PIKJI NX--R IGER-8:00 A.M. Fl--News; Gtoll Ecw!._. CABC--Pat McGulnes* nws :GER--Wilbur Nelson CA3C-- News; Don Alien .NX-- RewCorcilcShow I'M KFI-Pat Blshoc News CABC--Frank Hemingway GER--Voice of Cnlno FI--Geolf Edwards CABC--Sports; Bustnew IGER--World Missions 9:00 A.M. JABC--John Bibcock News !GER-Lutr»nn Hour KABC--Paul Ctnfvlls Show " N X-- Reot rordte show 10:00 A.M. KLAC--tollman » Barklev CFI--News; Uatter Up CMPC-- Ira Cook Show CABC--N«w«; Brkfdsl Chjh :NX-NWS; Arthur Godfrr KFOX--Lw Ross (to 1) KGER--Rescue Mission 10:25 KFI-Baseball: Dodmrsvj. Mets (51. Petersburg) T0:» KGER--Overcoming LHt KGER--Rev. LeRov Kopp 11*0 A.M. KABC--News KNX--News; Arl Llnklette KGER--Dr. Llovd Anderson 11:15 11:10 KNX--Conlllct In Mairlage Mike Roy 111:35} KGER--Sunshine Mission TIMS KGER--Bible Fellowship 12:00 NOON KABC--Paul Harvey News KNX-Noon Hour News KGER--High Noon Blb!« 1:00 P.M. -. I--Scoreboard KM PC--Roger Carroll KABC--News KNX-- Newsi At Service ;FOX-ClilHe Stone Show KFAC--At »uslc Center '.GER--Airmail Item God :FI-N«WS; David Stirling CABC-^Open Line. J. Wells KGER-- Nlwl In R«v«l«IJon :CER--Christian Cniiadt KGER--World Opaortunlly 2:00 P.M. CLAC--Joel A. Splvak QFI-News; Chuck Cecil CABC--News CUX--News; Al Servkf (FOX--Bill Collie (to «) .OER-Lona Beach Band 2M5 KABC--Open Lin*. J. Wells KGER--Science Scouls KGER--Lire Lln« 3KW P.M. KMPC-^rv Owens Show Firing LIn« KGER--Dan Plkl Show KABC--Com Lint, J. Well! 4:00 P.M. KFI--News; Dave Stuw ABC--John Babcock News KNX--KNX NewsJay KFI--Chuck Cecil Show KABC--Nev-.; Alex Qreter KGER--Rev. C. T. Waltxrg KABC--Bob Consent: Tom Harmon sets (4:43) KGER--Rev. Abe Schneider 4.45 KGER--Chrlst'n Counseling 4:U KFI--Chuck Bennett sports KABC--Paul Harvey, news 5:00 P.M. KFI--News; L. Challerton KABC--Pal McGulnnus KNX--Lowell Thomas; Phi Rlzzulo ^pls. (5:lfii KGER--Sky Pilot 5:15 KABC--News; Market N«w: KNX-KNX Newsday KFI--Chet Huntlcy; Busln's CABC--Financial; Weather KNX-H. Reasoncr 14:551 7:00 P.M. FI--News; Bandstand CABC--Nws; ABC Rroorll CNX-Tht World Tonlshl KFOX--AI Rylle Show KGER-Fimlly BlbX Hour KABC--Jim Mat KHX-World Wl -Morgan BHttv News CNX--Omarr's Almanac "IR--Rev. Victor Glenn KFI-Bvo Kerr, Tempo 8:00 P.M. Kf l-News; Bob Kcrr jABC-News; C. schenkd KNX-Mlchael Jackson KFOX--Frank Simon show KFAC--Evening Concert KGER--Volet Americanism KABC--Jim Healyshow KGER--A. u. Mlchelson KFI--World of Snorts KABC--Newsound KRKD--Fullon Lewis Jr. KGER-Bullders of FaJth S.4S KFI--Dave Shaw, News KABC--Keith Jackson spli 6*0 P.M. KFI--News; Pat Bishop KABC--Edward P. Morgan KFOX-- Squeakln' Deacon KGER--Back lo 1he BlbK KABC-- Allln slate; News KFI--Jot Garsgloli (6:25) KFI--Chatterton s. Shaw KMPC-- Roger Carroll KABC--John Babcock, mvi KGER--Rev. Al Harlan gfcK D f c K FM STATIONS . tt.l KMOB COLOR «r IUOK * ' WHITE DAYtrNIOHT CH TV SERVICE tMI ARTESI* -- MllfUwtr RADil TV TUBES 50% OFF GIANT - ELECTRONICS 8635 ARTESI4 ME 4-5555 ROOM ADDITION SPECIALISTS TREND CONSTRUCTION GO "iV, f - CALL 925-3753 KGER--J. Vernon McGee 9:00 P.M. KFI--News; L, Chatterton KABC--News: ABC Report! EZY--Jim Ceoner Show KFOX--Grand Old 0pry KGER--Rev. LM Shtlley KFI--Bo* K«r"r, Temt» KABC--Nltellnc, BOB Grant] !FI--Sports; Bob Kerr KGER--Dr. Orr. Bible 1:45 GER--Scrlgturt, ConVn! Fl--Scl. Museum (9:55) 10:00 P.M. KJ=l-News; L. Chailerlon I. KABC-- New*; ABC Report! KNX-10 o'clock Wire KFOX--Ballroom Remote KFAC--Advntr. In MusTc: "Cobbler trom Norem- KGER--Wilbur Nelson 10:15 KFI--Lire Line KABC--Nllellne. Bob Grant I KNX-- Michael Jackson " KFI--Larry Cliirterlon KFOX-BIII Patterson KGER--BIOLA College 11:00 P.M. KFI-Newj; Sports Flnsl KABC--News KNX--Nws; Wchael Jcksn KGER-Clarence Wekb n:is KFI--Larry diallertan KABC-- Nitellne; BoS Grant]] KNX--Music ; tll Dawn 11:55 KFI--Thing Called Life 12:00 MIDNIGHT WALDOW PLUMBING HEATING 24 Hour Emergency Service * Repair * Remodel * Residential * Commercial, «» din eki t i ffja. .ff RtOlO DISPiTtHID TflOCKS '' 630 Ch«rrV -- SE 3-0943 AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION OVERHAUL LABOR MOST CARS ;c Towing--Free Loan C Fr*? Service Car; F BankAmerlc " - ' v B to 7; Sun. 10-1 . Long Beach Engine jmA, transmission .. Rebuilders GA 4-0407 SAVE AT BURKS 19" General Electric 82-chc.nnel UHF-VHF PORTABLE $( TV '. -- SAVE AT BUKK'S 23" UHF-VHF TELEVISION Now $ Only ... SAVE AT BURK'S -COLOR TV 11"_1»"_2|"_23"--25" Choose from our : large display. . Hundreds of sef s. Open 9:30 to 9, uivn 133 KABC--News; Nlghllkx KFSMH31*'"!,.?««= 0 conscientious objector defender J. B. Tietz, European tourist authority Jack Matcha. 13 Movie: "The Flame," Vera Ralston ('47) 28 Diary: Lewis Clark 11:30 2 Movie: "Young Don't Cry," Sal Mineo, James Whitmore ('57) 4 (Color) Tonight, Johnny Carson, Don Adams 7 Movie: "Mrs. O'Malley and Mr. Malone," Marjorie Main 12:00 5 Movie: "Reaching for the Sun," Joel McCrea ('41) 12:30 11 Movie: "Great Lie," Betle Davis ('41) 13 Movie: "Corregidor," Otto Kruger ('43) 12:45 9 Movie: "My Favorite Wife," Gary Grant ('40) 4 News Wrap-Up 1:15 2 Movie: "She Devil," Mari Blanchard 2:00 11 Movies: "Devil's Island," "Folly to Be Wise" and "Blue, White Perfect" 2:15 9 News; Spectrum . S-rr./W.OuO-Mik Factory Warranty SUNBEAM '66 ALPINE ·a New )72J cc Engine ft 5 M«l« Marlm Crvtkshalt ft Alttnutar ft comMtitloa 4-Spttd Synchrt *Tt«rInVsii« Trunk ONLY $2385 p. 0 .. IMl'OKT A I TO IdfiO Long Buck Blvd. Phoni HE 2 - 8 S I 6 OPEN SUNDAY MATTR.E55 BENOVATIN ONE-DAY SERVICE! Your clrf m«ttrilt reeondiKontd by «rp*rtt to nrvt you VA» « new unit. Suporb iloepi^q com fo*t ai * low, low eric*I S A V E ! ACME (WAITRESS FACTORY Ph. 438-9451 LAS VEGAS NEWEST! PHONE Far information and future rexrvtHoni lo . . . BURK'S Open Evenings 'til 9 Sat. to 7--Closed Sunday 356 Long Beach Blvd. 5372 Long Beach Blvd. A SUPER VALUE at DOOLEY'S! SOFA BEDS 878-4211 '129 LAS VEGAS M~m 1-.W I 1111 ·« NEVADA I HOTEL CASINO 1 7 Famous Brands of Sleeper Sofas '» SLEEP SHOPPE 5th LONG BEftCH BLVD. Acrots Fran Stan, Long Beach SYLVANIA 1966 19" Color TELEVISION Deluxe Wood Grained Cabinet Sylvania's 19" Color Roll-about offers unmatched convenience and enjoyment at a wonderfully Low Price! 50 $ 399 Y%f "the spiritual revolution" f| TONIGHT, MARCH 15 ·% 7:45 p,m, r'-'i* HEAR ERWIN II. CAN1IAM Editor In Chief of The Christian Science Monitor SHRINE AUDITORIUM ADMISSION FREE Don't miu this fresh outlook and penetrating analy- sis by a journalist-statesman who is one of the world's respscted thinkers. Timer E/ecfrFc CiccA djirf Dc/ix Rollaboal last Optional or Eifra Coif FREE DELIVERY, SET-UP, 90-DAYS SERVICE IN YOUR HOME and FULL GUARANTEE \«ardware Mart 5075 lONG-BEACH BLVD.-NORTH IONG BEftCH MM. t Fri. 9 to 9 -- lues.. Wed,, Thurs., Sflt,, »to * SUNDAYS 10 to 5

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