Independent from Long Beach, California on February 25, 1964 · Page 21
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 21

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 25, 1964
Page 21
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I,.. . - - - _ ^Favorite '"Fizzles 9 Anita * * · By ERNIE MASON · · Closing on the outside in the final strides. Chop House captured the $24,650 Santa '· Mor-ica Handicap by a head Monday at Santa Anita. 'The winner of a division of the Las ITorw Handica · earlier in the meeting. Chop " House was overlooked by the crowd of 20,243 fans as she came back to record her sec- 1 cod stakes victory. The 4-ytar-o!d daughter of Porterhouse returned $ 17.40 ·$9-60 and J7.40 across the board as Affectionately was . installed the favorite and fin Ished 12th in the field of 16 starters. - 1 Sunday Doll, who had forged into the lead going around the turn to the · stretch, finished second and paid $1070 and $7.40 foci place and show while Jazz Queen was third for a $10.20 payoff. ««« NOTE I -- JoNn« Lantlim, ftt c i«"j°" ·»·»· »*d to taka · lac* ·t* * · lortw «rti» H tvm el*r m Monday** feurtn raca. The winnirff ridw wa» -5»v«ar-«ld Oartei rails, atnard J r n j j « f c « tanosnct. wtvll. LangM *irtherf lourth an liis mount. M Shaa. *all» began 19 hda M mi retired 1o brcoma · trains, tut nrtufntd to ndlitj ·bout · ITMT agix Joduv Kutfr Camnai fcfl wtilla frairv wi» · hers* and bro*a · ten* M Mis ront fcanrf. it tianoened whe fcx* · bad s*ep and ttumblei ·*· Hartacft will maka ona rt tils , Bifrwjenl aacearanevi kl ttia Wrsf fersar i» no. wi tit n «· iaatl Anita Dartw. 40O 4004 BcirvvvebTo7 f atmaet* 402V Ho*to** «vm. Molan 5«4 »t There Honey, 1 U SW4 Trader^ Folly. Vachvt -- - - - Vn.le, C*n» S Tour Trip, Bafcj AMTA CHARTS Cfaannr. w I t O us CounttU. MoqarnM, P*rttr 11B ' ',«*, CamctieHI HI IT "IS? 4-* 4 4 Q : avisi s?.g: VeH 1.30 Hal II (0 Piarca in Trawino 33.30 INDEPENDENT--f* 3 » ROYALS 1 COACH HAPS SCILVUS Charges Lakers Using Illegal Tactics i t i 4 * !· Travina K.X i U », tl laorard H» «1» 10 pure. tltt C*arj_ CKA*tl Ihw^onj fa eet V9 b, final stride*. «aa. TESJ aAOCAMBO tared oaca to fRiO^av IM of ttreto tnen took tfnrt Had Out LM.tnaC · - - - ktrena prnsur* r««r ._ . .aSyatt-w'.--.. " --intd »y J. U. Ltavllt, ._ _ _ _ _ _ _ med by Bryan Kama tor 110.000.1 for first ooarter, cte**4 a we* va iner--*. Securest (Wore MLnk* savlrtti arovnd. BETTY PUEBLO inn. 1 hone* roun«i"B Betty Pueblo: f«t _»iJtO_ OF_ ' ~ OH JAdr KwtrA . . . t/ oVUc Swvtn* . V 110X00. w*«ktned H* b^ tu Thtr* He^cy *artv ·«*. RE THER tjbii tor tlO.- *ftw Uiowlrg flood _,_*awrm_J«afc_ WJ ft V, . re. Jodry pad S9U Reina Sphere, Valpreda 4017 Contrxjna.t, SuJtUi 4CUNQ ComDrgmjse. " ynt Wendy f wt, war 5944 S - - - - --- · ·* · »* iterr n 1 117 J B 117 S t 1814 117 * IB S!! 1 ! i ?· u » j: 14 t» I! 4 AIv«r«X IMaiXBW* Oiurctt Tnn A C*uti» Jota ZUIU d from o*'i, Won Olvln*. Win-' M*n-- Subtle Dlt-, o*'i, CUi«nt UM | n tirhr ttaon. cam* to cvHid* bi fl 17.44 I^« stcgn and under xtranv h*ndima vot IM H last wvtniv nar«. swci A CA'jTi ' ' ---- Tralfr**---o. AntJ*non. V7. Oaiiv Doubi ~ Dout'e* aCAarwy , . Trxin. * turn, twid «n umctv. THAT'S XHN Orbit. Oi»rt«ho9- Sir. Fm. JaOtt Oatfs 'AMTA 'CAP 40U AuCMon Dav. tUtwortti xns * aOllWitrr Prtncc. Hotwaj tn * JWJ Helfmo, Sremberoer 11S 7 -- Firtf St-ike. C VT-lutney uns 11 i* About Him, Cnisftolrn xHi 10 _. - ...anr» C«m, H«ftrHarti» 11] 3 3949 rrdian Basket, Mn. Cenre Ring Hi t 204* Mru Sora. Hollev kllB S .Cedar JPpint. J_J_tjrrort 128 4 ,! Cincinnati Rojilj coach Jack MeMihoa Monday implied that coaching rival Fred Schauj urges the Lakers to use illegal defensive tactics. McMihon, whose Royals attemptmg to overtake perennial National Basketball Assocjatioa champion Boston, said the Lakers' Dick Harriett always holds onto Cincinnati's star guard Oscar Robertson when the tan pby against each other. "Bamett always him with two hands," Me- Mahon told the Southern Cah'fomia Basketball Writers Assn. The red say it's okay if it's not impeding the progress of a player. Well, anytime you hold the other player's two hands in yours it's got to impede him. "I heard Schauj on television when the Lakers were playing in San Francisco. He called this holding "hand-checking* and said the Lakers weren't doing enough of it So he must teach it to the players." The outsr-ckea McMi- hen, in his first year as C i n c i n n a t i coach, called Robertson "the best player in the world." He also said the Royals believe they can overtake the Celtics, especially if Jerry Lucas and Wayee Embry can match BUI Russell in rebounding when Cincinnati and Boston tangle. Lakers' center Jim Krcbs said the team's current problems--losing 15 of its last IS games--have been caused by * "somewhat lackadaisical attitude." *itn an* «»n: UCLA amkfc «- nttor J. O. Mana*. SMakni tor Irvn aac* JaM ··«*«. sail UCLA pitwd ecssibtvRs test tan af ma seavM wtan M tax** 43 eolnti aoainst Stanfori Ja in* »Kona fall Saturday ·lent to dcf»a) r» m«ar-s icon. ·*Mt won · tvougn eur cansfanS lisa at prtssv*.* taia Manaii. --USC ccacX Fa^tst Twain* u TrMan forward AL« TMUV was "n inartab!*" In lasj »t«kanff» avar«r*a vtctnnr against Kuashinetofl Vat*. "Vauni aot S7 frbffjnat and n painli h kit lint Ihraa aamn nalnsl WKK- IrBtD* Stat*.- s«4 Twavaai. "«« Brebably *s oootf a torwjra n Vttrt h to *ii Uagu*.» --Jalw *amba. ton* Baac^ SV* forward wfta scored a Wa4 of 73 eoinn hi twtt am«s lat wnkend. was a*m«d piavar ot Vi* wrcft. Lang B*ac coac* Dick rarrv said it was "on* of *·· *r*4 wwktros I *v«r saw batl alavar havt." Poly, Saints, Lancers Carry L.B. Banner Into Playoffs Tonight Leonard tt.fl! McC lar IU 50 H*n arm water rnnct Helena . iTart flood from »rt tycc midway of »'i elia fhen gava way un- e.«* laraer Bresiurt. KELENO raced uo ea ouf- *-M »ide eolna *Q tar turn, wtafcend sllBhtlv flare, won drtvlnB.|ln rtretca. FIRST 1TRIK£ closed fas* m waj tn crest auirt*r» between hones en i (A. Va'eiuuriat 19 Aduvral valour 1L v»iennjela 1 Cha O:dk 4Frevl , i Gueis V.... , . U Too Ume IBnmonl '. ' · O n a Caver (ftrtrrconk f f vebrtBM (Harmru . - » imewllle Coi!a . 1 pnvara Lacel (Yancz) . · 11 Tom.) Jlmylonn (Hall) _ 5 Reliquary IVolArl __ Honor Soln Vor*» _ ) T» Trie* reoeal «*m »-? 4473--fpURTH I xiil DTOCT down, could trn H' J4SM. JT» win enjuelal ,, T21T Threat irt tha way . M mu« x Horst Threat ... ..- -Fair race one b*c* Graduated last start taT too bad to be frve Coming oft even effort _ We* be tttia eood Oiased some of fnes* wia* ba Diaces foa low _ Occasional early ueed _ 1 icraTc* our _ . 13 Uav MM a Kc* rac* . y-jf. SKI Purno Jar.t. Cia»ford Jr. 1TI t . -. - ,,,,. By DOUG I\XS Poly, St. Anthony and Lakewood carry the Long Beach banner into the bas- kttbal] playoffs tonight as Southern Califomia's finest 32 teams go after the coveted CIF championship. Poly is the only team to play at home, meeting Garden Grove at City College, and the rapid Rabbits also are the only local entry favored to survive w h e n the field is cut to 16. St. Anthony p l a y s at Pomona, and the Cinderella Saints will be up against a tree-top tall t e a r a which has f o u r starters 6-4 or over and a record of 22 wins and 3 losses. Lakewood w i l l pby at nearby Corapton College and the Lancers w i l l be ask to cut down Pius X, perhaps the finest l o n g range shooting team in the CIF and also a club with a flossy 22-3 record. Tipoff time everywhere is 8 o'clock. · · * * POLY, of course, is the premier team in the Southland, this based on a 27-1 record, including 23 consecutive wins. The Hires are favored to reach the finals to be held in the L.B. Arena. Garden Grove, the Freeway League r u n n e r - u p , shouldn't pose a big problem, but after tonight coach Bill Mulligan knows anything less than perfection CIF Pairings Upper Bradnf--Garden Crovt vs. PoV at tSCCi Leuzlnoer at Western; Bell- rower at Redondo; Ventura · Artte^oot Valley; St. AnlTianv at Pomona; Dofnii*- Buez at La Hoora; Pasadena at Edoe- wootf; El JUUxitt at Sart Bernantlna, atl I m. Lawer Bracket--Laktrwoad n. F ' ' ~ ' College; t/ir» Ces.1* cause they ha\-e nothing to lose. Neither was expected to reach the playoffs, so should be under no undue pressure. W i t h the Saints, anything is possible. An under- do g status usually spurs, not deters them and they know d e f e n s e can win games. So can muscle and hustle, which they possess. ma, an » Daw id ( J* 1 . ^"* tl*ltfin »:»! 111 11 *0!| Hi hOO. KVOOCtJ 401* Bamboola, Howard S9« As* Father, Ro**rt .,_ 59W Quick Trick, Vex E Hi wont. Kill t-Atxrv* Susoidon it, R«cauet ITS * ·01* fc BJar« O* Colit RLWI HI S 4K» a-maval g ooiot. Jacob* l» 1 irrc l«ngat Bacza II fr»rin» OytcTunafi ITrrwinot . 10 Incw. Chief lYcazal «t,D! ' " t Pnanrorn Fiift (t.ono3en 2 Re*utv (L Va^ennwlal S A0rU SJlD winner last start . CTianct today _ - - - - - f it» w«a here . . Fc% VrwertT . _ j FriH INakasa J Ae-» oac* tCamp*j. *"* Old. SKTvL-tCtnonl.. I ffil Fritz'(NaiVsawa) . " *r» J*^» * c *TP* i --.- UNCSHQT--fUEDOil C.~ Tough one 1- . Oiftsed be-^tr . W i . l i ' · - 'KU!ed-Ha 1 plcon Tl. rT'irJ-SS?* : _ 5-J *Tim» Jack _ _ 1-1 llaiind dorr . _ 7! Tru lad _ a-11 STart pood -- *T Winner--FCJ; iTOli*- 57 ^""^ 1 * 4 BSM. J « 7 10 U . - L Po t Abov« Su P ftri I. If. Ctsrjto 7* 7* A*ane!l 1D.JO z ir 'b ii ; v^H Ii .oTtiTS? · " = · « . * « . «-f«l PUMP JACK wn »tw ta riot, dosed *«j on eut»idt ,fto «4 trp hi clming ttridei. i GLORY advanced tteadliv b**w*en on« tnto in itrett-h tLAlll-G «.n n tad euarTvr, tinisfieij samcly * « having tad lead miff**.; of LM.TYRO LA3 wtaktned $;io?it1» M . lviro.J SCRATCiltO-- fltwar. Wt«d:son. Bonarv uct y ia_jl ar,_pr aa an1i._t rafsa. J^vear eldx. ClarmlrrB. Puna^SOOt^Ta winner I IS Second Card (Nevn) ---------' Vie 4 flow SOB (Mane) t Air SMC* YOTt| 1 Lotfot war ( 14 tt:DTT*euD Reoeat ef last uood «ni win not be tar aw*/ _ B/ t-ue»» *A*I r "" SH^Harpi* Mo. Johnson (AtnciCrensraw, wamna Reft. 5U4 King Tamils. The Pan «T0 Field PJC* Boen 5%2 Som* Count. Fmipy Jr. Swift B«K bbert _ rfc B.eber 'ortd. JACOBS "rtin HI tlr. fan. Jtxter Cttdt ^---- i s , J«« le^cr LIBm. ii, 40CJ Tnt H*r*. Hi iii «M7a»rt Ot Clvi J!' »03« »Fre« world. _ f I (SC?9]v.r. wisft, Wai f JI OTS Air Vo»ag«. H frj sag Col Sivar, tin I t » IT* 13 l) I' Costa 4 } * N**« S 1 3 * York 3 4 d R«S la f *"" 10 i -" 77.00 i 1110 Mane 7.TC' LongOea 3 70 · Yca^a 7 90 ·l Donneiiy J TO IP- t Vitila 4 30 1* DofTi8u«5JO J3 ·aland 13.70 lne I Frea Wortd Ifrom beoirmino, forged to Irani entertng 3t *, 1:11. Cl««r,1 stretc* ana under mild Brplra was Jraw- litiff put. CREjjfSHAJV ctosad tdTit tet*«r, I 7JO 4M'KiN(» TGMiAS made vo cround f««ditv "··-"·- bet«m fcnnes m las* ood t-om gat*. «ofi enily, Vi'in-IFiELO RICH took short head on far -X tv Jedoar Ruler--'Alt A Wlo'.ltum. wtakened let la%t furton.?. LASCR tv O. Anderson. Jttutud pooJ LIGHT wejktned after iftowine flood j VractDw Prlnra* (Ycaza) 4 tff Boudcwr lLotioce" __ { Mink Is H;ca JBrinsonl _ Am it ftAoxM (Menel!) . : I AJrXast* (A. Vaienruela) . \ tasf tw» starrt , Reoulrei top race , SertrrTs a* if rou?e wanted _ Ouarf easjer - - "" ~ 7-J tird« Horn Owner * ' ! 403 Park PevaF. RaOkavIc)* 403 Roval GrovnfleO. Roval Oaks-JK 40T1 Phoenician 1L Vlcgrav 5764 Ahora, HI r! side ten Vetirok, AAefc,kaf1 S*3 Buliea RuNan. Shoong 5JJ Eiofit Bait, Ricfllgw tl l Ouict Td« (I va:enzueai f Tryst Time (Costa) . 4 Ctiarsira (Piercel 7 DawnsTreak " ' ' . US .1)1 . Til LfXAs like tn* soot . Have IWT w beat Must be cautfit , . PF 7i4-r *i/ / T37 j r,T I 114 I Ti »tr. ri*. Jockry i4 ne-- :23P«. OdA ~».a 440 4T.40 i ia.*o track fast. ti 3 fanui*i«j rTrevino) . . LCWCSHOT--TtYST TIM X107 Poor I _x1.B Reauim too race . ~ ~~~ ti! Start flootf from "7;"~''^" Ei Winner--B M 4. bv ~ "^ "pAHC "ROYAL raced turn, closed Btrgngfy unaer vioorous KrT'GloWol'oV'a Vf% far tur» while between norsei. **a*en«tf ^JK » ! ^A.Br««unMri | ta^fria.^il«ap^ RUFFlT« RED tnflfM u» i Jeetm A C'«n i. 3 firtuna 1 * l»l* CRosiJ 4 Wattierty (AJvarert 1 CWrrv Dear (Saeza) 7 Bib K Tu* L V ~ ' 4 putfr'rf IC«Tn iONsHOT--CHF»»Y i Won tn fast time Needed last w!U kmorwi _ Wot evtrmaWwd hert Cto»« to last itart . tmide cost enlv drawtacw. . M.«5«d tasier cfiancn Oia^ed somt at IT.eie ·af*, wan driving. br^*reen tones. Wutuei.AHOaJ. never *mraiT«rred.~'VETTROK ,raced with leaden while an trtiiOe, weak aut'd*, tried b» Ust furrof-j Ktrttth SC«ATCHrt-V«m» trfcely pinn «i D vine, *j. jtnaij Bta af upland; Corona . raul at Cfiartcr O»; Ywcupa bv«; El ; Csntrfj at taara, al B ».m. Lew«r t f ·. aa i-»--R *hem bvf; taiuen »t c I f Segunoo; SaVta Paula bve; 1C. IWuion at Pa*w Wosttr; Victor Valley bve; Bow ft c« Tec» at LaSalle; M*tw D«f at A*.a- o tion; Arasmdero at Buena. art I a.m. St AnTtienv (TI*1 wick; Canalnterla vs. Dunn or Tempi ton; an B p.m. Lawar Bradiit-Oesert at Aouinas; Pvrrti at ArTa Lema; He met at CHioatna; Carer at St. Jofin Bssco, ·1 I p.m. likely win result in defeat. Mulligan isn't taking Garden Grove lightly, either. but the Argonauts (I6-S) have not the height; speed or shooting ability to cope with Poly. Few teams have. St. Anthony and Lake- *vood. meanwhile, c o u l d pull off upsets simply be- We Now: Have Paris To Service Your 1SOO HICKETTS MOTORS Aaoriztd VoUiawagta and Fancbt Daaltr !or ti« U. Hoibot Arcs 933 LONG BEACH BLVD. SUV1CE HE 5-146S SALES HE 7-7(31 Drive-in Service * Fasti expert' car service r -Jr'Vtu\f*-fat tires ' · - ' . -·· · . --»· -~i ...... , "··- : . . : vr.;-' ' * Top quality auto supplies 4074--iEVENTN RJLC£. 7 ihirienos. Fill ii^e* I marts. 4 vear ** 6na Ul '** " * nd W Th*T " * Btao. RACE-- »^ miles. 4rrar«ld» ard ··. ClauJfted allowances, the Rtdond* 11 TOP Perfofinanc* *evn _ 113 Close ra ta betier d not race n baOcl Lost m · chote fmisn eartv soeeo . :li Norta Owmr 58» Chco Mous*, Mam 4C31 a Sunday Dofl, 40C1 Jazr Queeru C V Rafed, - S«? e-Poonetta. F'vir9 M 1C71 Roval Curraoe, S!rrrtb«rg (d03T,b-Oit Ravalty, Gatrti 5V71 b-Roval Babs, ft'iliori jr. 57T1 a Sablna LeiAic. Sultaa 4071 *n«cnor)atery. Jacobs 4C3T Shimmerinj Star, Brent 3003 Star Masgje. Jonn - 114 II i l l 14 » Iii I . Jotter OtftH j^JS^ 11' I J.70 10 10 U.10 SOPH SEXSATIOX Trent Gaines, Poly High's sophomore guard sensation, will lead the Hares in quest of their 2Sth victory in a row tonight against Garden Grove in opening round of CIF pbyoffs at LBCC. Gaines is averaging nearly 12 points per game. ?.1i IF 10 I *i t * Lonsow* a.Tfl; »* HiUeU l!w; ·" Yctia ~ CONSENSUS (n) I Carnamm HOC) Doctor I VwjnaQoctrfia Admiral Valor t Too Um« |5» 5vTr.oQlli« I Symbol re i3» 13 Karrv M rSrtoeriak*r __ . ^ i:« » Power Of Oeinry lArva^erf 1U J Don Juan (CarroaiJ ,, 1]I · Red Gar (BoEandi 4 On Wv Honor (Frev) Lacked oear racirp room [5WS1 a R nea;-cn«r, ttmendort FrvnoDutcrrmii I Sov Fax I Ffsmcuxi mean Oi;*f 1 SOT Fov PTianTDm Fish I Lonesorrw Jo* f IvnoDotcti mil mean Chief Spy For I Desert Cnief lit 41. V«ienzueia _ ODPO rLtenardl 1 Tvrf nera t«;*r _ ovitf baa KACE--A«rt * i lunenvs M mrf. *TMr*iOi, Anawai*crL I Zooron 4Ycajal 11 Lcma Manama W*v prever took Back fit* w*n »*«rr May Wt« P tarf F«ld kxA» too tough *« easier field lead for r*tiha Moot. IDtoney 4012 Fachendon, Oresvnan-Cold Mac Sweetie ft pvare Cav« I Dr. Kacy ate Cw« ( a Ptra'e Cov* Dr. Karv (It I T oo Prfnmncef 5^31 W; never, B ic* enbaugn 5WS Ctia^ew «A**-W, K B L ·Oil Cr Zwot* i LrmeWarass* I tmie«rw a i Zooron I ;»oron U)1 I Hjrry M- I farry K (*l rafY Pus 59K3 B*r*frxif C Rex ribwortn 4CR1 Chrunlctv. H gtv Tid« n itifj jnare*. 4^«ar-««i» »n« ·*. Cianntnri. ppna ock 13 CJU"rd» ad back iiiahfrv Coul _ T»«« one to beat idling tttuS NOTCH dropoed far turn, cam* taain 4 Kits U *l. Vj'enru*** . 1ITrJ*TT! Jet (Lonoaen) ,* l^"*. f ' QDJ i^ ort » - -- v tJ Swert And) Fleet (Yprtl T Pentfedift* Trevino» Ua-Porp Pueb'o H»vnaiie»eii u t P'» Mater A. V*lenzu*a) 11, U a Forwctan (Hfmanden _ 113 trained ·"tnr StlTTLtlTf 10 Pljvtact n. Va*TTy*«) -r 1T1 3 FnV B:rgs J '»^a , -- J't* * Rinolin* " ALL 3 SERVICES 1. F R O N T END A L I G N M E N T Our cirrrt rnrchsrucs alijn front whcrli to nvinufacturcr's original rpca£cations. 2. F R O N T VVHEEL B A L A N C E Precision baUnrir f rxtmdt tire life by ights incraJcd. 3. B R A K E ADJUSTMENT We atlJTOt braVrs. adj fluid and dean and repack {ront 9 95 American Car U ladv Va'entln* (Yor%( ·«, · *4 Merry ULnture (Caekl ' % -*.Jl *ar»ojes*mal fTrtvmoi jreo» m 1roi . _ ... . Coorf rao pn« tack fteouirrs top efttrt . Mat tater last srart __ T»uot pnc to tioura "»ut hi tnuah ^_ ntojesfnal u 4*cfl«» , , bold c^aiv*no» in last tM Bevrnfy »arSL BRAJV.BLCS ·dv*»red « M ctrwtoV en *Jtvd* M tost var1w. 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