Eureka Humboldt Standard from Eureka, California on April 13, 1962 · Page 3
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Eureka Humboldt Standard from Eureka, California · Page 3

Eureka, California
Issue Date:
Friday, April 13, 1962
Page 3
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National Library Week Work Re Late Hem By RU-FLO HARPER LEE (Fourth In a Series) It was in my second year o high 3 -hool that the Eureka Li brary became a real part of nrj life. Henry Kendall, a raw-bonec Hoosier, who had arrived her by way of Alabama, where h was both a teacher and attorney was the librariau and he hirec me to work after school, Satur days and in the summer vaca tions. I checked out books and pheck ed them in and put them bad on the shelves. I read and reap and read. History, poetry, politics /iction, biography and autobiog raphy. As I look back now, I realize Mr. Kendall was a man beyond his times. He had no race preju dice. He had taught In a Negro Teacher's College and his firs teaching in Humboldt was at the Indian School at Hoopa. But I think it was in his atti tude toward the problem of cen sorship that Air. Kendall showcc best the kind of man he was. Well do I remember one eve ning, however, when a prominenl local minister came in with fire in his eye, slammed, a book on the desk in front of me and demanded Mr. Kendal. For an hour then, as I checked books in anc out the minister went on and on insisting that such a book should not even be published, much less put into a public library to corrupt the minds of the young. Mr. Kendall listened politely, his agitation shown only in the way he kepi tapping one foot. When the clergyman slowed down to take a breath Mr. Kendall remarked gently that he could not allow the minister to act as censor and riionnel'^l-;^: KV'IO"-,TY v--^eurckn TONIGHT 5:00-- Ranger Mark. 5:3ft-Mattle's Funnies 6:W-- The News by £ Wilh Jack Mortimer. 4:15-- Hunlley-Brlnkley Report. *: 30-- Alfred Hitchcock Presents. 8:30-- The Flintstones. -. 9:00--77 Sunset Strip. 10:00-- Targer Corrupten. 11-00-- llth Hour News. 11:15-- Big Week-End Movie-"Tomorrow Is Another Day" -Ruth Roman, Steve Cochran. TOMORROW t:30-- King Leonardo (In Color). 10:00-- Fury. 10:30-- Bible Study. 11-00-- NBC Major League Baseball-Pittsburgh at New York. 2:00-- Bar i Theater. 3:00-- Humboldt Farm and Family Show. 3:3(-Western Dance Time. 6:00-- International Show Time. 7:00-Fight of the Week. Paid Adv. KIEM TV 3 FRIDAY, APRIL 13, 1942 5:30-- Huckleberry HoUHO. 4:00-- News. 6:10-- Weather. i:30--Sea Hunt. 7:00-- Biography. 7:30-- Young People's Concert. 8:30-- Route 44. 9:30-- Bell Telephone Hour (Color). 10:30-- Eye Witness. 11:00-- News. 11:05-- Big 3 Movie-"Blonde Baif'-Beverty Michaels. 11:15-- Weather. SATURDAY, A P R I L 14, 1«2 10:15-- Baseball Game of the Week- New York at Detroit. 1-00-- Big 3 Mattnee-- "Forbidden Alliance" -- Charles Laughter. 3:00-- Sky King. 3:30-- Mighty Mouse Playhouse. 4-00-- Big 3 MGM Matinee-"Boy Friend"-- Jane Withers. i:OQ-- Dan Smoot Report. K-RED "° "' KIEM SATURDAY! Local Nnws 7:«, ll:Mp, 5:00p. Mutual News on half hour. ll:»p, :15p. 10:3«p. FAA Flying Weather 7:30, 7:15p. Eureka Municipal Golf 6:54. Eureka Police 9:54. Highway patrol 4:5Bp. I f ^V D R I V E - I N THEATRE H ja ,.""·"·-"'·"""· -- Open 6:30 HI 3-3826 STARTS TONITE 3 THREE 3 Real Great Features TOGETHER! JACK WEBB DON DUBBINS · "kKiETdUGHERY ELVIS PRESLEY ·Uf,iniMtHE d^Sfek. :a//ed With ry Kendall he calmly returned the book t its regular shelf. ' On another occasion when well-known matron protested vo ciferously about a book she con sidered objectionable, Mr. Kenda! waited for her to complete he tirade and then l o o k i n g he straight in the eyes, he said, "Per haps you would prefer a differ ent type of reading," -- you'll fine the Elsie Dinsmore books on Ilia shelf over there." I think everyone who knew Mr Kendall really loved him. Boll in the library and on the street where he could be. seen riding tf and from work on his bicycle 01 walking with his beloved Candace who preceded him in death, hs was a very distinct part of Eu reka. Today, the Eureka City Library which started out with some 500 volumes has more than 45,000 volumes. It is yours -- use i and look at the wonderful worlt of the past, the present and -the 'uture. Today the; C o u n t y Library which in my day was housed in what had been a private home now occupies, along with the county school library a large area in he new county court house. The theme chosen for Nationa Public Library Week this year is "Read - And Watch the World Grow." But it doesn't quite satisfy me. Watching doesn't seem enough. I think we should participate. COLTS INK MATUSZAK BALTIMORE, Md. (UPI) -- The Baltimore Colts have signed line- jacker Marv Matuszak, a nine- 'ear veteran of the National Foot- lall League, for the 1962 season. Matuszak, a former Tulsa University star, became the 22nd to sign for this year. IN ARCATA it's COSBY'S TV SERVICE VA 2-1902 j-x/ejs CALL f S g^ NOW \^ J J /So FOR THE FINEST IN GUARANTEED SERVICE Antennas · Tubes · Batteries THIS AD WORTH Am E f \ ON R E P A I R CALIS ^ 1 » V Offer good until · June 15, 1162. RAINBOW CLUB 4 1 1 - 2 n d St. Eureka THIS WEEKEND! The LUMBERJACKS Doug Cecil, Al Truby Slenn Carr Playing Every Eve. Except Tuns. NO COVER CHARGE Dancing weekdays 9 p.m. til 2 a.m. Sunday mat nee 3 p.m. til ?? ' Open Daily from 12 noon FREE $795 Antenna on any Service Call or Purchase of $3.00 (or more] upon presentation (or mention] of this ad- M · Ann Lar ANSWERS YOUR iders|rj| D ROBLEMS S^^ll j Dear Ann Landers: 1 was amused at the way you nodded in agreement with the Old Maid Aunt. I refer to the woman who was fixing sandwiches in the kitchen for her young nephew and his 1 card-playing buddies. Auntie almost swallowed her dentures when she heard these - guys talking about girls in a way that no gentleman ever talks about a lady. The big mouths were reciting names and addresses, r telephone numbers and dimensions like crazy. ' You shook your verbal finger and warned "See, girls-- I tolc you so! Behave yourself because men have big mouths and they always tell!" I work around women constantly-- about 25 of them. I listen to them chattering away like magpies, 8 hours aday. No group ol males can be pettier, more malicious, or more destructive than a bunch of females. Women classify men NOT according to their moral standards, but according to how much dough they'll spend. These women read love letters aloud and sometimes they laugh hilariously. No tender phrase is too sacred to be ridiculed. Keeping a confidence is not a matter of sex-- it's a matter of integrity. And it rests with the individual. What do you say to THIS, Ann Landers?-OLD DODO Dear Dodo: I say you're right. And having said THAT, there's nothing more to say. ·fr ·£ -fr Dear Ann Landers: What is your opinion of a high school that dictates to kids what size pants to wear and what to do with their shirts? One kid was sent home because the principal decided his jeans were two sizes too small. Another guy was told to put his shirt collar down flat instead of standing it up the way he likes it. My boy friend was stopped in the hall yesterday by a teacher who ordered him to put his shirt-lails inside his trousers and to button up his shirt. This crummy school is getting more like Russia every day. I thought America was supposed to be a free country. Please answer in the paper IF you are on OUR SIDE. If not, skip i t -- LIKE IN REFORM SCHOOL Dear Like: Since this is a free country I decided to answer in the paper even though I am not on your side. It is the parents who SHOULD see to it that their kids go to school dressed decently. When the parents fail to meet their responsibility--the school must accept it. Skin-tight jeans worn low on the hips, stand-up shirt collars, shirt-tails out, and exposed chests are all trade-marks of smalltime hoods. Since public schools are paid for by all the taxpayers, the majority of kids who are self-respecting and decent should not have their school's reputation ruined by a few sloppy punks who have crummy taste. Dear Ann: I am writing this for my daughter who is in her room crying. She is to be married in July. The groom-to-be has a little sister 4 years old. She was an "unexpected dividend" and her parents dote on her. The child's mother wants her to be a flower girl in the wedding. My daughter does not want a flower girl. She says she has attended too many weddings which were spoiled by small children who became confused, or frightened, or did something amusing, and turned the wedding into a circus. Advice, please.-- M. 0. T. B. Dear M. O. T. B.: The bride INVITES those whom she wishes to participate in the wedding ceremony. If she doesn't want a flower girl she should not be pressured into having one. T?T £ £ Does almost everyone have a good time but you? If so, send for ANN LANDERS' booklet, "How To Be Well-Liked," enclosing with your request 20c in coin and a long, self-addressed, stamped envelope. Ann Landers will be glad io help you with your problems. Send them to her in care of this newspaper enclosing a stamped, self- addressed envelope. Union Lee Steel Hik( DETROIT (UPD-Walter Reu er, president of the United Au Workers union, joined Presiden Kennedy Thursday night in cri cizing the action of the U.S. Stee Corp. in raising prices $6 a to Reuther, in a letter to the Pres dent, termed the steel firm's a ion a "sneak attack on pri stability-- the economic Pearl Ha bor." He called the price hike 'reckless and shameful" action b "a tiny handful of executives." The UAW leader praised 11 President for his "forthrig and vigorous defense of the pu ic interest." "I am confident, Mr. Pres Colgate Honors Justice Warren .HAMILTON, N. Y. (UPI) Chief Justice Earl Warren r ceived an honorary doctor o aws degree Wednesday night a Colgate University convocatio marking the 100th anniversary o the birth of one of his predece sors. Charles Evans Hughes. Warren said Hughes' opinio foreshadowed present findings the nation's highest court concer ing the rights of all men to equa treatment. Hughes "was partic lariy concerned with civil righ and equal protection of the la :or all races," Warren said. He said Hughes "took each ca as he saw it under the law am the Constitution, and he decided i without consideration of the lab . .commentators might pin o lim." Hughes, he added, con not be classified as either "a li eral or a conservative." CARPET OF THE MONTH *der Joins 2 Criticism dent," Reuther said, "that you lave the full support oE the American people behind your efforts to defend this nation" against the actions of the U.S. Steel Corp. Reuther said the firm's action, "shocking though it was, is merely a symptom of a fundamental troblem that the nation cannot afford to continue to ignore." The problem, Reuther said, was be executives whom the Presi- ent described as men whose pursuit of private power and profit exceeds their sense of public responsibility and who act with utter contempt for the interests of 185 million Americans. Reuther proposed procedures which would have price leaders n major industries give advance notice of proposed price increases and be required to produce all tertinent facts and records at a mblic hearing before they could le made effective. The proposal would not impose either price or wage controls, he said. Under such a plan, if a corporation felt that the demands of the union would require a price increase, then the union would be required to defend its demands, le said. Aggies, Nevada Split FWC Tilts DAVIS (DPI)-- The Cal Aggies and the University of Nevada split a Far Western Conference twin bill Thursday. The Aggies took the opener, 4-1, and lost the nightcap, 11-2. Mike Sloss pitched a five-hitler or the Aggies in the opener while Bob Reid tossed a seven-hitter in lie nightcap and whacked three nf Nnviwl.Ys 13 hits Voter Group To Support School tliis office for three years. Davis has been active in The League of Women Votei of Eureka voted to support 11 proposed school bond ballot mea urc for the Eureka High Sehoi District during the annual inee ing held April 5. New board members and ofl ,, cers were elected and other i: sues were decided on during 11: meeting held at the home of Mr: Walter Otto, 3415 I St., Eureka Mrs. Jasper Davis became pret ident of the board succeedin Mrs. Dan Brant who served i Mill League of Women Voters sine 1958. She has had wide expoi fence in civic activity and serve on the Edreka Junior High Schoi PTA for one year. Mrs. Roge Weiss was elected first vice pre_ ident and Mrs. Severn Anderso second vice president. The assembled members viewed the "National Continuin Responsibilities," which incluc support of long range plannin for water conservation and the di velopment of water resources. The Eureka League also vote to recommend "Consumer Pro Lection Needs" as a current ite: of study throughout the country At present the National Curren agenda includes study of the Uni ed Nations and foreign economi policy. The League again adopted as local continuing responsibility sup port of long range planning t insure good education for the c tizens of Eureka. The recent stud of air and water pollution in Hum boldt C o u n t y resulted in th adoption of another continuing re sponsibility to support measure to prevent undue pollution in th: area. The local current agenda stud item voted upon for this year study of the city governmer of Eureka. This will be a revie' of the "Know Your Town" stud made by the Eureka League i ,he past, and will include an eva uation of the city manager go\ ernment operating under the ne\ charter as compared with th government under the old char HOPE LANGE TUESDAY WELD MILLIE PERKINS vertisement. THRIFTY GREEN STAMPS Let Us Demonstrate COLOR TV FOR YOU No Obligation DURAN'S TV Sales Service 1J7 - 3rd Slr.M HI 2-943 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. {except SutuUy) DYNASTY Wards Best 100% 501 Nylon Pile 73 iq. yd. I pid Park Rules For Arcafa Under Sfydy ARCATA - Redwood Park fa cilities should be under the super 'ision of the city's Recreation Di rector, the Arcata Recreation Commission agreed at its meeting leld earlier this week. The Commission's recommenda .ions on this, and other rules gov :rning the park facilities, came about as a result of a list o] luggestions compiled by the count's Community Facilities Com- Tiittee, headed by Councilman loward Clark and turned over to ie recreation group for study. At Uie council's meeting next liursday, commissioners will ask ity fathers to approve: That recreation facilities and ustodians be under the supervis- m of the Recreation Director. That all groups such as Boy couts, Campfire Girls, church roups. Parent-Teacher associa- ions. Chess club and Community Mayers be given preference heir requests to use the park fa- ilities at no charge as in the jast. That all groups such as anni- 'ersary parties, birthday parties vedding receptions, potluck sup- iers. showers, and so forth, iddition to cleaning up after meet- ngs, be charged a $5 fee, anc )0oked on dates not interfering with already scheduled meetings, fees to be paid to the City Clerk, and receipt shown to cus- odian before admittance is al- owed. That all facilities be closed and ockcd at midnight. That the Community Players uilding not be used for any other nirposc. That no liquoi be allowed ie facilities. That adequate adult supervision je present at all functions. That a monthly written report 1 lating the organization, number; f people and fees received be Question Man... By Phil Dean How do you jeel about Friday the 13th? \ IIUMBOLDT STANDARD oa, * pr \\ a \%i, p a g 8 3 Bill Snell 2312 J SI., Eureka High Sdiuul Student "I have to get my polio shots I think it is very un- Joanne Frost 880 School lid., McKinleyvillc Secretary "I don't think I'm supcrslitiou: but J will be careful since it Friday the 13th." Milford Brown I*. 0. Box 827, Arcafa Lumber Employee "Some people say it's unlucky jut it's just another day to me. [ think it's just an old saying." Elmer Miller P. O. Box 224, Arcala Plywood Employee "It's just another Friday to me I don't believe in superstitions a all." School Trustees The Eureka school board consider adopting a time schec ule for its budget deliberation when it meets Monday night. It is recommended that trustee mid examinations of the prelim nary budgets for the elemental- and high school districts, May and May 21, respectively; file tci ative budgets with the count superintendent of schools, Jun 5; approve publication, July 16 and conduct a public hearing anc adopt final budgets, August 6. The board meets at 7:15 o'cloc! n'the library of the Eureka jun or high school. Twins' Opener is Snowed Out ST. PAUL-MINNEAPOLIS (UPI --Tlie Minnesota Twins, snowec ut of their home opener agains Angeles today, moved indoors or a workout at the University f Minnesota. Several inches of snow still cov- red the ball park but officials ·ere hopeful of playing Saturday fternoon's game. Twins officials decided Thursay that the six-inch snowfa: hich hit the area could not be eared in time to permit the sea- in opener. Bill Robertson, director of sta- um operations, said equipment 'Uld not be moved onto the out- eld to remove the snow because would tear the turf. He said we'll just have to wait and let ature do most of .the job." resented to the Recreation Com- nission for their regular meeting That no overnight camping be llowcd in the Community Forest ntil such time that proper facili- ics have been installed. Faces So SACRAMENTO (UPI) -A rcso lution calling for a new study o the problems of representation i both the Assembly and Senal was awaiting final approval the Assembly Friday. The measure by Sen. J. Eugen McAteer, D-San Francisco, wa adopted by the Senate on a vot of 30-3 Thursday. McAleer urged its passage dui ing a 15-minute speech in whic he attacked Los Angeles Super visor Frank G. Bonolli. He defie Bonelli and Los Angeles Board o Supervisors "to produce proof, I provide us with a bill of particu lars, give us a list of grievance Ihat Los Angeles has \vilh th state Senate." 'Where havo we failed them le asked. "We passed air pollu lion legislation, the Metropolitan Transit Authority Act, narcotics egislation Los Angeles wanted he water bond issue and many Dthers." Noting that Bonelli and the su- ervisors again are proposing a ew initiative to reapporlion the enate to give metropolitan areas reater representation, McAteer sked: "I suggest the people of Los ·ngeles carefully analyze w h y Bonelli is doing this. Bonelli vants to be a candidate for slate vide office, he has gubernatorial imbitions. "He charges the rural Senate vilh flagrant disregard for thc. iroblems of Los Angeles. Let him prove it." AT MOONSTONE BEACH Serving HOT JL, TAMALES * TamaSe House Open Fri., Snt., Sun. from 12 Noon CHILI CUPS Necessary For Big Perk Picnics The Recreation and I'ark Department has announced that a new policy with regard to group picnic reservations will be insli- .ited at Sequoia Park effective mmediatcly. The department requests that iny group of 50 persons or more hat desires to use an organiza- ion picnic area at Sequoia Park ontact the Recreation and I'ark Jcpartmenl office to obtain roup picnic reservation permil. The Recreation and Park Do- artment personnel said that the c\v arrangement will cut down onflictions that have arisen in ie past and will provide the de- artment a means of giving bet- er service to organizations and Two Young Men Land in Jail OAKLAND (UP!) - A quiet cruise in a small battery-powered. . ., ·enlal boat on Lake Mcrril he- fore sunrise Thursday landed two men in jail on suspicion of grand theft. Officers responded to calls from residents wiio reported seeing the . boat cutting slow, fancy circles, complete with running lights glittering, about 3 a.m. When Everett Moore, M, Oakland, and Ben- " janiin II. Clark, 22, Alameda, fin-ally put in at the boathouse they were taken to jail. Moore explained to police that he led convinced his friend he had a private boat at the lake and had started the craft, one of several roups using Sequoia I'ark. jboats Infomiation vith regards to any ark, a recreation facility, or pro- ram may be had bv callinn III -7331, Ext. 73. hours rented during daylight ' by a concessionaire, by short-circuiting the ignition. "It was such a beautiful night," he Isaid. SATURDAY NiTE DANCE DATE 9:00-2:00 A.M. Music that Will Please Everyone MOOSE H A L L 107-5th St. Eureka Newly Remodeled Dining Room 777 RESTAURANT ---Buffet Dinner--Serving from 5:00 p.m. ALL YOU CAN EAT 777 RESTAURANT RIO DELL RO 4-5608 Tonight the exciting story of DANCE TO LIVE MUSIC The Bowl features 13.73 Sq. Yd. .. Includit In 11 MONTGOMERY WARD HI 3-3033 4th F Sts. Eureka HUMBOLDT SWISS CLUB Sat., Apr 14 9 P.M. 'til 2 Gen. Admission 50c Music by Louis Studor featuring Swiss Sausage and Jo ° Buclor ..... ,, OPEN TO PUBLIC Midnight Supper a , Beatrice Fri. Sat. Eve. 9 'til 2 a.m. Batty Stomplca on Piano and John Mell playing J j bass! *| THE BOWL - FORTUNA The amazing story of tho Noire Dame football coach who made HID "Fighting Irish" team a national institution! Another biography in this fascinating new TV series bringing you famous 20th century personalities portrayed in actual newsreels of their lives and times. Brought to you by P'G'^E* A.VrtV I''.,! W/.V,V*.- ftnftq CHANNEL 3 -- 7:00 P.M.

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