Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 23, 1976 · Page 3
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 3

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Friday, April 23, 1976
Page 3
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Hughes'Directors Suspected Of Having'Hands In The Till' To Improve Infra-Urban Traffic ·; PALM SPRINGS, Calif: (AP) * -- A onetime secretary'to IIow- 'ard Hughes says the billionaire *· left a valid will but directors "ot his S2-billion empire don't ; ^\vant it found because' they f "would bo 'caught' ' ; hands in the till." .:"· In a CO] ' (Jay's Pai . Eleanor ' w i t h thei'r pyrlght story in Thurs' Im Springs Desert Sun t Rohrbeck, , 61, saic . Hughes drew Mp a .will In 1949 and signed a supplement in , 1951. She said the will probably can be found in Los Angeles , Mrs. Rohrbcck, interviewee L «l her apartment here,'said the . TTsr- "amed a~ c v-scutur -- a friend of Hughes' Father now r dead -- once [old her "no one .individual will get a dime' .from the Hughes estate. She said, ' The milk of hu man kindness was not known to flow through the veins of How ard Hughes. ' Mrs. Rohrbeck identified the executor only ''as "Uncle Frank.*' The woman saEd Hughes* officials .flew her to 'Los Angeles oh Tuesday, where, she said she told them all she knew abpul ihe will;''Hughes" officials'have been searching for such #.document without success since'the billionaire died April 5. "H'jghes once told, me lhal e^ery SOB has his hnnds in my pockc-is 1 she said "lie be lieved that when he died, some would be caught v, tlh (heir bands in the till This is w h j some' of w i l l ; found. ; AP Makes Error in Description r BOSTON (AP) -- The Associ- r alcd Press erroneously de ''scribed :thc .federal govern' merit's Project Head Start program as "defunct" in a siory r on early childhood education on r April 5. d The program, a federal'/dem- t onstration project, is still oppr the self-appointed aon t want the Mrs.. Rohrbeck said ' shi worked for Hughes from 1943 t 1958 Noah Diclrich, forme chief executive for Huphes confirmed that. She said she told Hughes offi crals Tuesday, . I'l had the cod cil (sup]jlemcntl in my ho little hands, ft was signed anci gave it to one ot the crownec heads The will was a leea lue will " She told the Sun thai Hughe' death was no surprise, adding ' We all knew and he kne\ that he suffered from a mid cal menial problem that led f his eccentric behauor and hi self imposed exile " She d' clined to elaborate at rag, but ttith budget creases ot less than one per cent's -year, for .the past 10 years, according to the Nation. ~al Head Start Association. 15 Federal funds, for public " schools, on the other: hand, 'have increased almost 240 p« ''cent during the . same Ittyear ' period The r budget increases'" for "Head Start have hot kept pace 'with'inflation, arid some communities have dropped the pro gram .after being . forced lo make up [funding gaps causec by inflation increases. and -small federa The program now serves less than 10 per cent' of those-who ..are eligible. The Ford adminis tralion ,has. recommended ' t u $434-rnillion .Head : Start, budget .for fiscal 1977,, $20 million less ;tban the budget .for 1976. The v Head - Start Association esti ^mates,anincTease_ ,of:$ lion is necessary in' fiscal 1977 £*'just lo maintain the existing £ level of program services with tout reducing.. the number .'o £ children served or severely di ·.luting the quality of program ^services offered." Soviet Actress Visits MOSCOW (AP) _ Sonet ^ tress Zoya Fyodorova left Mos cow for Ihe United Slitis toda to await ihe birth of her granc child. Miss Fyodorova s daughter Victoria, is expecting a child i early May. She and her hu band, Fred Pouy. live in Slam ford, Conn, Victoria, 30,- was born of wartime romance between he mother and an American nava officer. The affair" caused th imprisonment of Zoya and th expulsion of the officer froi Ulc country Victoria came lo the Unite Stales for her first meetii with her father, retired Adn Jackson R. Tate, last April. Sh met Pouy, an airline pilot, an they were married. Mbrttrwetr Arkansas TIMES, Friday, April 23, 1976 · FAfETTF.VlLI.E, " A R K A N S A S . ^^ £ Morses Relocation. Of Hwy. 71 By PEGGY FRIZZELL . . TIMES 'Staff Writer ; SPRINGDALE -- The Northe s t 'Arkansas · Regional I a n n i n g Commission (N- VARPC}'endorsee! "the Arkan- Highway Department's )raf t Envi rohme ntal Im pact lalcment adequately describes elocation of Hwy. 71 Thursday The commission, meeting-in lie Springdale City Admlmstra ion building, adopted a letter o send to Himry Gray, director f the state highway depart ment The letter states that the commission believes the impad statement adequately dscriuer a n y · environmental L factors related to the proposed limited access expressway betweer Sentonville and Fayelteville, The commission said that the expressway is' needed to im irove "intraurban" traffic low, and · recommended k . the road be built along the highway department's Alternate A route fn (he Draft Environment Impact Statement,-the highway department outlined two possi ble routes lor relocation ol Hwy 71. While both suggested route are west-of Hwy. 71, Alternali A is closer to the present Hwy 71 than is Alternate B. In ils letter to Gray, th' commission noted that the Wai SlrejBt .Journal predicts that th personal automobile-.will con firiuc to be "Inc.primary mean of individual movement. ' The letter concluded with th statements. "The Commissio fully endorses the immcdiat construction of the: confrolle access freeuaj f r o m 1-lyetti ville - northward to McKissic Creek. Any environmental fai tors that may be related: theret are considered to be adcqu'aU described in the above cite re[)Ort " Discussion on the letter pn ceded its unanimous adoptio b'i the commission NWARP director Ken Ritey said ".Nortl west Arkansas is growing" an cited figures that show the tpta population · of ... Faycttevillc gdale, Rogers and Denton-! .lie is expected to 'increase 9.000 by the year 2000. Sharrbn Crody, a : member of IB ; audience, asked if the ommisslon had considered the replications of Ihis 'road (from aycllcviklc t o McKissick IrccJO later ; being made an ntcrregional road connecting ic : Mssourl ' line with Van urcn NWARPC chairman Garland lolton'said (he commission has akeri no stand, on .the inter cgional road T thai has' been re\ iousl proposed by the tatc highway department However, . at a November meeting-of the-NWARPC, Mel on personally spoke fa\orabh bout a proposed toll road thai vould have linked the Mlssour jorder with Interstate 30. At Thursday night's'meeting Urs. Croddy said she .did no K i n k ' t h e two types of traffi) -- the intra-urban traffic tha ravels from one or the foin major Northwest! "Arkansas cities -to another -- and thi interregional traffic ·. -- . ' thi traffic that will "travel Ihrouj;! Northwest Arkansas withou stopping -- would mix, She also said she felt tha .he intra-urban traffic on th present Hwy. 71 may choose t stay: on Hwy. -71 rather thai move to the new road, sine the businesses are "located Hwy .-71. To this, Melton said'that th new road. might then take th through traffic o f f , t h e presen Hwy. 71,' thus "leaving th present Flwy 71 for use by loca traffic But RHey told the TIMES sta lislics have shown [hat only 1 per cent."of the traffic on th present Hwy. 71 is throug traffic -- the rest is intra-urba traffic. Ritey also noted Ihat .th Arkansas Highway Deparlmei still has not scheduled the pul lie. hearing on the Draft . Ei v i r o n 111 c n t a 1 Jmpiir'. V!ial ment. This hearing original! was planned for April, and no is expected to be held -in laf May. At Thursday's meeting, irn'mlss loners voiced disappro- al of the strict water pollution aridarris that place, Ehey feel, orthwest-'-Arkansas industries an unfavorable competitive nvironment: Environmental Protection gency standards for streams i N o r t h w e s t Arkansas ere 1 set up to keep .the clean ·aler in the streams clean. But ecause the area's streams are eadwaters,'and'so do not have. h volume at certain times f the year, treatment ot the laslcwater that is dumped into le streams will have lo be ioro advanced --- and .costly -- mail if.tHe same wastewater vere dumped into a river t h a t ad more water to assimilate he waste. The commission -wants' t h e Environmental P r o t e c t i o n Agency lo lower the standards originally. set for Northwest Arkansas. The problem which 'commissioners have seen coming for a couple of years camp to a lead Thursday night with the }Jty of Decalur's application for SPA money to build ,a tertiary [three-stage) wastewater 'treatment plant to replace its pro: sent plant that consists ,of pri mary treatment and lagoons. A iertmry .'treatment plant for Decatur is necessary if the city is to meet the 1977 EPA standards Cost of such a facility Is $1.223,998. The city, would .have to pay $365,999 of that cost, and if granted, EPA would'provide the remaining $B57,989. But the catch is' that the town's, only industry -- PetersonJndustries, a poultry processing , plant -would end up having to pay back 81 per cent" or the EPA portion of the grant, Riley said, He pointed out' that the federal Water .Pollution, and Control Act Amendments, say industries must repay r that share of the federal g r a n t v i h proportion'to their use of, the wastewater treatment plant. In addition to this,.industries will have lo pav their pro portionate share of the treatment costs of their wastewater. According to" a Peterson Industries' spokesman, this alone would cost the company -an extra $150.000 a year. Peterson Industries and the City oE Decalur sent two tetters along with the NWARPC's letter that favorably reviewed the grant, application for the treatment plant even while questioning the severity of the EPA standards t h a t require such a treatment planl. The City' of Decatur's letter requests the EPA to require a secondary treatment plant rather than the tertiary treat ment plant. Then, after the secondary treatment plant has been in operation for a while the city · suggests - that EPA Gasoline Syphoned SPRINGDALE -- T w o car gallons of · gasoline ., were syphoned From a : Hemenway Furniture truck Wednesday night or Thursday morning. Thi truck was parked at thi business on Hwy. 71 south. heck the quality of the streams nd revise its standards for Decalur.-' · ' " . ' , r The letter from Peterson In- luslries points' out the serious conomtc implications arising rom the stringent standards ,nd asks the EPA to reconsider he situation. After the commission , approved the grant^ application and slated, its .agreement with he cily's and Peterson's letters objecting to the; present EPA standards, Melton asked for and received permission to contact Governor Pry or today to seek' iis support in the matter. ! One commission member.said Jhat · it the standards aren't changed. "It's going tb ruii all ,he industries oul of the area ' f n other bu sines s, the co m- mission e n d o r s e d a - grant application f r o m the City o f . E I k i n s . for · ail EPA grant of $630,645 toward a total project cost of $8-10,860 with which to install a' sewer collection system. The sewer water- will be piped to the Fayettevllle wastewater treatment plant for treatment. ! The commission also (lorsocl Faycttevilie's Community Development revised apoli- cation..Three social service projects contained En the city's original Community Development application were declared ineligible for funding by (he Department of Housing a h d - U r b a n Development. So FayeUeville revised t h e application to use the money set aside for [he _social service projects on additional s i d e walks. streets and sewers. Melton asked commissioners ;o attend d'lviay 13 met Ling in the Springdale City Library at which time the Fayettcville- Airport hear Spnngdale Regional Study Committee « ill ' report from the' consulting ehgi n'eers on the ' feasibility of a regional airport.' That meeting will begin at 7:30 p.m. _ EVEREST: * J E N N I N G S WHEELCHAIRS FOLDS row HENTALS i SAUS FayeUevlHe Drug E.SUeSiiiure .. " «-"3« I Police Search \ For Motive in | Killing Of Four ; SAN ANTONIO, Tex (AP.).-- jlnvesligators are .looking' for"ti -green Chevrolet -and a mo- j;tive -- in connection .with the -killing of two children and their ^grandparents " .The four bodies . were found ^Thursday afternoon at a home '.'on the edge of San Anlonux if" The-ear' is owned by Jesus ^Juarez,-56, one of the victims, "authorilies said; They identified ^the olhers a« his uife T Julia ^Juarez, 53, and Iheir. grarid- jchildren, Phillip Moreno; -10, jand Rachel Moreno, 8. . Their bodies 'were found at 'the Juarez home ; in a small Cfishing park owned by the fami- !Iy. Juarez, his wife and the girl Iwere found in the living room Tof the house, Phillip about 70 Jyards away, fi^ach had been rihot In the head, police said ; OHicers said the youth appar- ;enlly Iried to flee but the killer "or killers caught up with him [and shot him on the spot ' Police Sgt Lloyd Brown said "the bodies were found by Ru- Sben Moreno, 17, brother of the Ssfem children ' ; Brown said Phillip and Each !«i had been living with their ^grandparents for some time. JTbey were the .children of Ru ;ben Moreno Sr and Juanita ;Juarcz, who are separated. "Brown said. · Invcstigalore said the house Shad not been ran acked and -they had no Indication of a mo "tive ' "I wish we knew, what hap- Spened," a police 'deteclive saicl, S"It was just two small children ;and fcn elderly couple." 3 SfaW Complete. ' EAST LANSING, Mich. (AP) t-- Michigan State's-. footbal · ^coaching staff is complete wilh ihe appointment Thursday o :Army coach Clarence T. Hew *gley as offensive line coach am Zrecruting coordinator. ;-.·· ; Hewgley, 50, fills'the eighth aiosition on the coaching slaff ^which has been shuffled mjne ·last month lo include five new ·assistants, . · · ' The shuffling was done bj flew MSO head football coach Jiarryl Rogers, former head a San Josa Slate, who brough Shree of his assistants with Slim. ' .; . · ' Hewgley has · coached , at ·jwinml, Fla.. Wyoming and Ne- .·Jraska. ; International Game : ROME (AP) -- The Rutgcr JJniversity basketball team takes on a national team frorn Puerto Rico here Friday nigh In a four-team invitational lour nament. , ' : ';·'··: T Both games will be played at the 15,000-seal Pallazo. ,Dclo iport arena, international rules Wll be observed. '. The to-irnament finalt will U held Sunday. Open Daily 9:30-9:30 Closed Sunday FRIDAY and SATURDAY Charbroil GAS GRILL With Mobil Mount and 20-Lb. Tank ' HANGING PLANT BASKETS Our Reg. 050 4.77 U Cho cc ot green or (lowering. Full plant m 8" pol Briggs Strarton Engine 5 H.P. ROTO TILLER Our Reg. $ 199.88 4 cycle, forward and reverse gears. SO Lb. White DECORATIVE ROCK ;1 ·|39 FRUIT or LEAF TREES IN PACKAGE Our Reg. 057 3 27-4 27 fc Wide seteclkm lo choose from. 3' PLASTIC or WOOD FENCE Beau*ifuI while fence, decorative and nseful. 40 LB. COW MANURE Odorless, weedless r for garden or fawn. BEDDING or VEGETABLE PLANTS Picked 6 in * tray Choice of flowen, tomatoes, peppers. 40 LB. ORGANIC PEAT or 50 LB. TOPSOIL COMPRESSED AIR SPRAYER Includes carrying strap, long hose and nozzle. 3 HP 20" LAWN MOWER 4 cycle Briggs Slratlnn engine. 14 £aage s*«I deck. 3 CU. FT. DECORATIVE PINE BARK J CU. FT. MULCH CONDITIONER Our Rff. l.» . VLB. SEV1N GARDEN DUST k- FH vegetables »»d aninuls. Vigoro Ammonium Nitrate Lawn Fertilizer STRAWBERRY PLANTS Ererbearing or lone bearing. PEAT POTS 2'A" -- 12 PV/ or 3" -- » Pk. Hwy. )1 B, Horlh at Rolling Hills Drive in FayeHeviHc, Ark. Paintees; . . . the sassy sensational new look in urider-i things by Renee. Colorful paint-orama scenes are on both front and back of these 100% stretch nylon bikinis. They're comfortable and long wearing. One size fits 4-7. $1.75 LINGERIE STREET FLC5OR The Fire Islander Fun Crowd: easy winners in these super-' separates of nylon, acrilan and polyester knit. All are completely :oordinated in lacrv white, and yellow. STREET FIOOR FASHIONS Visa texturized polyester pant suit and skirt, $13.98 each. Acrilan sweater, $18.98. Nylon shirt, $14.98. Long sleeve T-shirt, gn.jjjj.

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