Independent Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California on July 16, 1961 · Page 39
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Independent Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California · Page 39

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 16, 1961
Page 39
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Homii for S o i » _ 1 3 » LONG BEACH 3-Bft.-- 2 Bathi --Firepl. Agi.-Tbtautv. RMM *· ««"· O'KV.MM, cab. Sarv.c* rm. FA hiap..£otlner. Sprnfclrl. 2 car. Z BR--R-2 ZONE--$7.950 «rin.°:lr«m. f"^f^ mta ^ (cf'S.BR',' 1 N.L.B. or Lakewood. Homoi for Sal* 137 NORTH LONG BEACH I On.--J74 mo. $9300 "-- '6-Vm. frame. Flreplc. SMrt bsr. 10x15 cabin. 13xU Ilifrici rrn. 2 car gar. XSxlJO lot. ' -DESIRE TO RETIRE? Sharp 5-rm. D'wv Hd*d. Tile. NI* -fcof waler healer. Gar. rJC Blvd. M7SO. T«rm». Do.TI RATAJACK, Realtor GA 5 S«! KB O.rangt Oocn f AM 10 I PM MOORE'S INCOME S P E C I A L S IN NORTH LONG BEACH .. 2 ON I--$16,250 An' oulsFa.irjina bu/ for this ne* 2 br. ;home o'n o'd*r l-br. horn. on fear. Convenient location. 'TRIPLEX--$19,250 1 bdrin. each \v!1ri ceram'c til* frt llrcheo balh. Nat. werxl cabL- nell. 3-car delacherj oarage. DUPLEX--$15,450 J-Wrm. In front f. l-bdrni rear. Db'e. dsiached oarage. Leti cf bulU-'rl'. Only t years old. MOORE GA 3-5441 112? Soolh SI. Open evening!^ ""OPEN HOUSES 2 to 5 ' ' 1 2 1 5 E. 53RD ST. J'.BR. ON 54rl30 R-3 LOT Bll.-l.-i over. ranee. DI?p. Dish- mai!«r. Carpet. Rm. to build. S17JOO. Terms. Don'l mlssl 721 E. 59TH ST. . , . ELBOW ROOMI toe." 2-BR. 5 rm. plan. Mdwd. Uv, -rm. UK?|, »Jln. rm 9xlD. S'ftwtv painted ouljlde. Gar. Fed. XtrBS.-Lol 45x35. 511,850. Tarmr RATAJACK, Reallor GA 3-H4- M13 Orange. Open 9 AM to » PM ~~680Q LIME--OPEN P.M. '"*·' Resplendently Biaut. II IW» 3 e) den, ihaV. roof. 2 toath, 2 llrepl.l* E-2. lernil to ouallrlled buytr F '.F ; * M YOU V/ILL LIKE this clean spacious pre-war 3 B w lav carpel. Beajr. yard, o pr'clty it. + xlra oar. for nse triller A boafl Only SI2.S001 BRUCE K.UMKEL, Rllr. CAjjj. ·ir OPEN HOUSES A 32I SCOTT -- OPEN Spo'less ?-Br. Carpellno. Fenced yard. DXhoTdra lawn. GOOD A R E A , GOOD TERMS. 4101 BRAYTON -- OPEN 3-BP.. t. DEN. W. 10 w. carcel a. brapej. Flrepl. Ratio. Nice corner lol, SEE THIS) 1710* RAHN - OPEN 3-BR l ] .i balh. Shaip i cl«Bnl fenced vd. J c»r gar. 4V4% Gl Ir.. Mickey Bemis GA 2-4444 5175 1_ B. Blvd. Ev«s._GAlj«j P'ARIi ESlATEb Homes for Sol* 139 ROSSMOOR HOMES ARE SELLING Don'l rnlss oyt on values SEE i SUBMIT OFFERS OPEN 1:30 TO i 5420 EL PAROUE 5230 EL ROBLE 5301 EL ROBLE 5241 LAS FLORES LIVE IN BEAUTY Call us lo st« this perfect:* lovtly home w'3 BR's ». I'.i baths. A REAL Family rm. w/stcne I replace, bil.ln tilth. breakfast rm. overlooking a closed garden. targi living rm. e sep. dining rm ii'l enhanced DV luxurious w/w c a r o e l s draoerlei don« In subtle colors. Covered pallo A [com for pool. MILDRED ROBINSON GE 4-7*07 REALTOR GE 9 toll OPEN HOUSE 1-i 5150 El Rob'* 3 Bdr., 2 balh, ISxIf plac*. Sep. f.'ANCING. , x Dlnlno- Bdr, 2 B-ilh, ftilo, Lov#iv Hor 1S51 Ram'llo 4 BrJr, 2Vi Sain, Fvn. Rrn, Sep Play Yard, Rosa Ga:dln. A 1 ' "ERKELENS-THOMPSON REAL ESTATE INVESTMENTS M10 E ANAHEIM ST. CE I-"'" SALESMEN WANTtD In well established oHice. ApDOlnlrr.enls ccntidentfal, A oood worVlno aoreemenl. GLENN SUSTINE GA 7-5^09 OPEN 1 TO 5 ·300 E. COOLIDGE^f j-Br. Modern. Corner. Carpilloo- ' 5 ' r " S T . 5541 EL PARQUE OPEN I TO S Large family home ln*5iv!(Ju»ll custom dCJlcnfd, 3 bdrms. den 3 bfliris. Many luxury feature M O O R E HA 1-848 E. Carson _ Eves __GE_ ·"(/ear Do^eys 8. L.B. BlvrJ. 1'A -Br.-R-2 lol. 17500. Submll vcur lwn payment. DON JONES, Realtor ?;,\ E, MARKET __ GA 6189 LEMON Mr. ,beaulilyl HoutMon Park. Executlv* Iransler forces SAl* of thlj.-e^cganl *BR., ZA-balh »plll level hcrre. ovar MOO iq. II. nr«!c; DI!P. DIsTlwftlhar. FA hes). Carnal S. drautJ. Snrlnklars. 25x25 oatio. J-Cadlllac oaragiwitri wdrklhop ba!h. r »M,S». XLHT. TERMSI OA 1-J3X MIHKS Rllv. TO_7jj» "" OPEN SUNDAY 6221 VERDURA NR. DOWNEY AVE. ARTESIA ^ 3 BEDRMS., B4 BATHS A 1 profeiitona!;v dicoraled homp, «xp*ni'veW caroelcd 2. draoed. Natural ash kltr-htn wHh b'jlll-ln aooHar.cej. Forced air h.tal, a:r rondllloner, flreoiac* awnlnos. A real buy vou'll Invc III GA 7-5467 Rltr. HE 5-3368 ..-OUCH!!! It'i sharo! 3 bcdreom Spanish ilucco hom« nter Ho'jchton Park. ConiDletelY redccnraled. SH,700. On|/'l?0 nioiilh. Call . . . MeiVS.Really GE J-«4( · ;· -Evos.: GE 1-5472 Sacrifice By Owner Beflullful new (arot 3-Bd.'m. ; d«n. 2400 srj. If.. 3 bartii. bclH-lfii. Move In today. Own I 10 5 Sun. ^ ^540 Olela SI. ^ s S% M ETHIN "DTP FE RE Si Er.chmtir.s 2*BR. «· tfen + faml rnn. Mahogany nanri'no, sofltl maiier bed-m., 7,300 JO- II. luxury. Eaiy lo Unaic*. (vcrvrn'nol BURDGE E 3- OPEN I TO B 5130 EL ROBLE I BR, 1 BATHS. 137.000 D(j BAY REALTY HE M365 PJ_-Oi BE SMART S«« and vou'll buy 3-br., ? Owner wlli trade for leu eip live h?rn*. HA 9-J971, Bkr. DeBENEDICTIS Realty CUSTOMIZED -B«rfrm.. 3-barh. 7 Hr«- DiaeM. HUGE POOL A rumoui rm. wilh w«t bar. Xlnl bw fer lirgi lamllvl "KEMPTON" LARGE POOL- 3-Bedmv, I-bftlh lamlty fro. Oraofs. OUTSTANDING!! GOLDEN ESTATES . Cdroe«d, draped S, frnceo, frcnl 8. rear palio. 3 Bdfm. famllv rm, 2 balhi. . PRICED TO SELL! DeBENEDICTIS Realty NEW LOCATION: 5660 E. Pacific Cst. Hwv. (al Br' Blvd.] GE 4-9600 Homts fer Sale 139 WEST SIDE IMMEDIATE POSSESSION imi BALLAUTINE Sharcejl "Salem" avar- Lo«l one* poiiibte. W.W WATER mi TUCKER LANE Xfra sharp "Montuel'er," w xlr\l. pool. Your lerim. Gold.n Eltattl SPECIAL 11H1 DONOVAN TKIi (* a "Monev." Snarp, fvl carpeted landscacad. REDUCED $2000 3!71 T U C K E R LANE 2-1 'orv f roo.-n fer pool trailer. Wa'lc lo shopalng. C. ROY CONN 1111 Pa'o Verde CE 1-451! iHr * BEDROOMS iWr W3 W. CANTON J-jlorv home with !5»IJ5 nark- like Yard. IK b»lhi, fireplace, rilnlna room, l a r a e kllcncn wllh eallna area, ccramlt tile, fi|- poial, service porctt, ftncetf^ dbl. garagt. Flax b'e teriTA SEE SUBMIT tV 2 HOUSES ON I LOT -ftft JOS?^1 OALE AVE. FRONT J R R . 4 OEM REAR I-BEDROOM 50iW oar., waih room, spoarata rn«tcrt, Eervceb. Sle tvtxnlt. FAYE COLE REALTY l?» W. WILLOW Phcne a.TM I i rr e. GA -931S Homos for Sal* 139 WR1GLEV AREA StKithlandCltletPropMD 3S« DENVER , 1 Bdrm. Slucco. Tilt Klkh*n, dii- · posal, oarage. R-? Lot. «,50Q. 1373 CAMERON 3 Btfrm. Slucco, larflp llvino rooni dining room. Tile Kitchen ~ balrt, fenctd y»rd, double OB/-SI 27" Lwg. 113.500. 1787 CAMERON 3 Bdrm, Lara* liv'.no rcor-i A. Tir* kitchen balh double d«- tc.h«j .raraLTe. Pain) Save US. 3?0 DENVER RAnrh ilyle. 7 Den. Fireplace largi lo' 1 lorvtd for u.iUl. A good buy, SM.SOO. Call anvllmr t o i _ _ DELIA BRIGHAVi, Rllr. GA -9T_73 ' 2764 GALE, OPEN P.M. Clean 7 Br. { s:-[, D. R,, taMng I tnac* in kit., extra rn\ buill -- Low dn. Priced to sell 2766 EUCALPTUS OPEN 1 TO J You'it bi proud to cwn Ihii modern 3-br. horn* wltfi »«. d r . rrn. and ImclouslV carpeted w/w car- pellrj) throuohovt. Vnl - * - hood Hlchen ll r stMct porch. Beull- full/ landscaped (Kwtidi with many fruit trees, ll'i * ho/ity | MORRIS HOLMQUIST »U2 PacMIC «»r. HE7.HII Miles of Riding Trails FOR YOUR HORSES. Corral, barn HavlofF, Irailer roo-n and CHARMING 3-BR. w/llrtplacr, fully carpe!ed, A'wy tick si. Ddl oar. II 1 * ImoiatiHj'e. Hard -to Find--$24,950 T«rmi. May trada for imall home. _RENE Realty GE 4-0908 Charm - Comfort - Value _..ln£r can b« tnloyerj l.n Ihii -2-br. 2, den wilh scclixjcd palio. Lois or xtrai tncl., forced air heal flrept. . Prk« reduced. Open 1-5'p.m.. 3007 Oregon. ROGERS. GA i-lW3: HE 5-«S7 REX L. HODGES CO. Be I If lower, Paramount, Artesla, Narwalk NO QUALIFYING FHA loin no* ex.illng. EAIV- tO'bgv. 3-txdroooi, LaVewocxf Per*, honie. Walk 1o C^rwood ihoooJngj ctnl«r. AU schools clOM Incl. Jr. collrc*. SI 5,000 F.P, $103 j*r nrw. CBYI very- I I FAMILY ROOM Clean ai a pin. I 1 /? balhi r w w c*ro«T, lot, kitchen + «xtra Firge bedtocmv Brkk DJwii- «n. tfW«. d*tactied oar. t, C'B fence. Full price Sla^»-SI600 down la rtcw FHA loan corn- nilHmenl of IN. 400. BURT SMITH CO. REALTORS «W E. Flower Avt. TO 7-7373 j ' Orangf County Trap. 141 ''Another Chance" fo Buy Thit New Custom Medallion Home by R«1i*tl« Bulldir DUPLEX FIRST TIME Spado*.-) well 'ocaled ? bdrm. ea. Scp dine rmi. 1 5 x 2 9 Hv. rms. Loli cf III*. Ask lor Geo. Frankii GE 01737 2724 RESWAY, OPEN P.M. Viking Realty GA 4-0734 SJarp 2-BR.. sep. D. R. Lo's | --i_ 1 ___.-.-. i ol 1II«, pal.o. Nice yard. Owner 1332 TAPER.'OPEN P.M. Lov«lv 3-BR. srjcco. Remod. kit. N!c« vrJ. f=HA loan. Sub. Your tr 3270 GALE Cuilom 3 BR. + encl. Dorcll. , ,, _ Sea. D.R., w-w carpels, Pullman raga ba'h-Trv SHOD ctoivn. " - Slanlev 3M W. Willow GA 4-40SI ·SOLD Thii W«»l in Roiimoor ^ 12121 ChTinti Driv» For Prompr--Profenmnal P*/loralii«d Sirvic* In buying or lofltng your property, call Mill. CnJnt Sanden, RUr. 6A 4 6 1 5 1 Member Loig Btaeli Board Multiple Liili/i^ Strvic* * PEACE QUIET!! Soarklfro 4 bdrm, 2 hath with uorceous carceUnn throuar.out. R^ar living rcsm overtook* Iroo- leal paradise with waterfall Tow- Iro Into wa^erlno fish pond. Walled in yard, extra I it re e ca- raof. On a Cul de sac ilreif In an elecant nes-/ Mlohborhocd 4 blki Soulli and East oE Rounioor. Bll Ins, huct kitchen-family rm. combination. »22.50D. V/e can Vrorfc Iratfe for Los Altoi or moil f!«rf- b:« llnanclntr. SEE THIS TODAYU MOORE REALTY GE 4 3 ^ 4 GE 1-3142 STTONG BEACH SPARKLER ONLY $12,000 SHucMer HE 7-2151; G E 8 4 ( S S REX L. HODGES CO. money's wortn._ RIDGEWOOD HEIGHT Soacioui 7.BR. Nertt. Pleasa OrnAle firepl. Bca'jl. varti. Cc DAlio. C a l V«t or olrer iinanc^r.o. OA 3-x06? RAV A K E R S GA 3-XS91 Open 2 to 5 -- 1060 Luray 3BH., 7 BATH. DBLE G A R A G b . GA ?-2«7 RAY A K E R S MS -UM ROSSMOOR SHARP 3.BDRM. 311 E. S5TH - OPEN A real nice modirn home. Every rco.Tl carpeted. Cov. paKo for dcflj You'll l*e This. J1S.750. Emt lo buyl HOWARC BUTLER, RLTR. 417* A T L A N T I C AVE. GA 3 Mil OPEN 1 lo S - - · · 2 2 1 E. PLATT Charmlrg 2-flr. home. Redfc. ·'-., MUST BE SOLD I ~ -See a-.d Submll O(fe-'. ; MILDRED ROBINSON GE^«7 ResHcr GE_?.43i; 704. COOLICSE OPEN 1-5 Honns sell fasl In t(Us location. V//W carpet, llv. rin. d.rwng rm. crmn'nrtllon. Eaflno area In kilch. Ill lime otfered. JOE HODGE. REALTOR GA 3-)9H: GA 7-4M; GE 4 87M 3-'Br.,.|3/ 4 Ba.--41/2%" ^Vf*- old" ' Lfle. coverea patio. CB fer.ce. '/j blk. to bui line. Call for apot. 1o s e e . Mickey Bemis GA 7-4444 51J5 L. B. Blvd. Eve*. GAJ-3684 "80W. ARBOR. OPEN 1-5 Priced rioM (or G'jXk *a. JM,750 V*rv mrxJern 2-br. Close to schlj, ttores «. tramp. Swanion GA 3-1257; G A 2-33^3 REX L. HODGES CO. YOUR'DREAM KITCHEN SPOTLESS 3-BR. SITED tfn. to new FHA -Carpet drapei. Klrepl, 1- c»-. 75 fl frontage. Snac!ous bacfc yard 3 blkj. la Rsmona Park. ' O A ? a i W ; GA 2-1794 l_ARRVjyi[LLtK.__4S3q Orange SHARP 3-BEDROOM Xlnt 1ccalio;i. Ne\v carpef. Big k.k^en- Beaut, yard. 57 fl. lor. Ub[-,osr. 1 lk. in An^ntir Arle^s. Will FHA. LOW POWN. H;.Q. V/1!d«rmuth. Rllr. CA ?-Vt1\ 6'PEN--1511 PHILLIPS Huat prlci r«fucllonl Lge. 3 Br. homy. SCE, dln» rm, brlit. rm- DONT.JUST SIT THEREl Here Is an El Camlno n;ixitl wcrth invcitl pa ling. Corner lo* cation? caroeTcd throuchout. corv venretit lo ihoop'rvQ. You can sivff SSOOO. El you act no»v, becaut* 3 4 years frnrn now the san-c croMrtv Will be Vforth over i?0.000 t^nrj you fcnow this li true] WALKER LEE. 4\QQ Bcllllower Blvd. HA S.I214 MUST BE SOLD SUBMIT OFFERS B R I T T A N Y GARDENS 4 BR. «V fam. rm. W/w carp. 1 dranes. Wilier dryer Incl. TDD condition. I vear old. Owre.- tianiterrct.'. Call us. GOLDEN ESTATE Plus a oca!. (V.akfs tcr lovful llv- Inc In this lovely Jisn*.* w/iroo-cal o'nn tings, carpeli cf rapes Incl. Call u^ to ?ee Submit olfer. MELDRED ROBINSON GE 4-?407 Reallor GE. ·?-]!7 2800 Caspian--Open I to 4:30 3-BK. Home with Pool. IS45 Canton . . . 53.500 Di 3 BR., rumpus rm. Carpels. Pi 1250 W. 27Mi . . . . 510.650 G:od 1 BR. Home, built '57. 2701 Gal. Ave Ro50 2-BR. Home. Correr lot. 2210 Seabilght . . . . $ 1 2 , 9 5 0 2-BR., w-w carocllntT. 3 aars. PagttCunningham GA4.8II3 "'OPEN 2-5 1117 LOMA VISTA DR. S rccm frvne. GoorJ cond. Iniide 1 out. FirfDlate. Frnted yd. R--I kt. Ooje to tfownrown, n^tke.i ichocl^j tr^niportatlcn. Viking Realfy GA 4-0734 Khurneti, GA IBKiJ ? },-^- PfANT" 7^- Ihftl'i r.\\ 11 rweds you hav* H real cuslum bit 2-br., din. rm , 2 balhs. 2 1 /? car s«rage. JH.930. 5t:f*rt Stern. ·*£? W. Wllfow GA 6-39W; HE 3-735K" HE 7-77J4 REX L. HODGES CO. NEW LISTING! 3311 CASPIAN Oarmlng i-room, be^uliluli/ riec- crnredil Vifllv/slL custom dr^oer- lei, . picture winder, rcmcaelcd kitchen, lovelv yard. F.P. oniv US.753. termj. 2239~~t=ASYroPEN PTM. Vacait, clean 3 DR., w-w carpet, |gi k!1. Low, low down. 2138 EASY AVE. Sharp 1 BR. 4- extra room In oarage. New paint ojlilde. Lot of exlrai. Submit. _S.'aj 1 '" _ 3M _ W -_W' I tow GA 4-4Z5} S?50 dn.--1B5 mb.--S9500 2 BEDROOM GARAGE On Baltic near Willow. Slucco consfr. Has Jidvtrf., tile 8, furrvirt heat. -40 x US lot wllh Bar-B-Gui. Shrnvn by appl. p!eaie. JOHN W. REED, REALTOR _G A 3-?j 81 jOJ E^iy ark e t G A 2-1321 RETIRE COMFORTABLY ?-hdrm. caroetrfd Ihruouh plenrv varcl ior gardening. Ca^.i to *:% loan, J60 o*r iro. i!2 W. WI1l3w--GA 6 350J 22H4 DAISY OPEN I-S 2 Korr.ej. 1 lot W,OQO (town. 2120 PINE By Appt. J-BR. home Vrllh txj*st AD'. 3178 DAISY. JUST LISTED JBR., rurrpui loom. Pagi Cunningham GA 4-81 [3 StAfESMAN Thli ifBttly 2-br. dtn itll'ng at Jr. Enccullv* orlce In the h«art ol Wrlg'«y, IVi-ta, Alley. Selfert Stern, ^2 W. WI1kw. GA 6-3JQ3; HE 7-7B51; HE 7-77M. _REX L. HODGES CO. " R O L L HOUSE for R«iTr*d Coupl* «d pfl... I yard- Close In. 1 Bdfm covettd Dilio pr. Small . room In gar a pi ««w Keepir. Prjc* ^lu^^g. 425 W. I7»h J?- "X-Y*"0 -.^^ e 1JL K R H E 7-4. REDUCED PRICE !rrvinacul.s!e custom-bit. 3 b^s., 2 bfltbi. Walk-En panlry, dbr. oarfloc to fillty. Ke/ at !5 _W. HE MH1; ifE 7-7774. 3044 MAGNOLIA rrr.nia:ula'« 1-Br. h.onie. S e c a r a r e din* rm. Modernised. AddiHonal rcom A\\rchea lo oarage. Many ^M'ARJOR'IE HIGHT GE 8-3739 518 W. 36TH77oi D E"N P.M" POOL 3 bdrm;.. 1 balJij. dol. oarage. Nice location. Make o f f e r . EGAN GA6-3M3; G A 4 4 9 ? ? REX L HODGES CO. $500 DOWN 1-bedroom hwnc c a r . Cten in B*1IMov,er. Fenced lot. S e v e r a l Irult tr««. Priced *t 17450. $750 DOWN 3-b*droom A, rumoui rcom. hoSvd fldi., llrcplacei, garbaoc d'soosalj l 720 -M\t\ny, ?-car detached oarao*. Already FHA ao:i!*ed. Priced I at 115.950. V/1 BATHS -- $14.750 3 vrj, old. 3-b«drm. home In nkt rorxl. Htfwd. fteo/i. Knally cine cab:"tli, 2-car garage, chain I'm 1 *. fence. Term* JivalMtie. HAUSER REALTY CO. T595~DO\VN--$64 MO7 ? BRi., caroort, c I aster, wall turnae*; croii-fencco". SA*SO T.r. 2 ON I LOT Two 1 · B R i, 1 a I mo jt n en* C »-· corr. Hal b'rch cahlnels. 1170 mo. Inc. S15M tin. JH.OOO F.P. $500 DOWN--$70 MO. Sunnv 2-PR Kt servici porch; plainer; diipoial; w/w car 3*1; fc«a.Tv ceilings; ccirplelelv frnced AH imDreverMnii Ba'd, *SWO. EDITH DAY GERSH icrei -- Boulevard frontagi 2 acres-- M icr.t * *crej-C-^ R3, R-l JVz Bcrei-- R-l-- CWIMTI. polmlial Cloied Sur.cfav. See us Monday. S Y K F S REALTY CO. L5756_vVpa(J_r_uFI_ _ T O i ^ jt OPEN HOU'SE 1-5 P;M7 13i44 McNAB Ho. of Roiecra-u, F. «f Woerfruff. Si»rp 7-b«drcm hwr.t, rent as a oln, lni r tfe cut. Good ctoif-ln l o c a f f o n to everyfhlng. Drop bv · nd iee whal Sti^OO wilt buy. Rylee Cogburn, RUrs. W3? E. AHMla Bellfiowef INOEPENDENT-PRESS-TELEGRAM--D-lf Lang ItKli, cini., iurttti, July U. 1MV OrangtCountyffop. I'll BUENA PARK Jrongi County Prop. Hi, ... An Among home* UP SSO t OOO. orct b*jl buyer uriaWt k QUJ ALL ELECTRIC KITCHEN 1roe. BRs.r ISxTO iwilttn f « rooni wllh II replace, uar.c 2Vj ba., natural woodwork o-jt, lc«". covered patio, hw. * i oof, 10x10 cinlna area, : o a r . f. inianv rna-nv extra*. _- room tor pool, 80x155 lot. This H a real bc-y direct Irom bolder. 2060 Jd ft l.v. area at ONLY «4.500, AS LOW AS J5.000 DK. 2214 DELIA LN. Co N. on Euc1lrf 1rom Chawnsn 10 Pint SI. or Ord Way, \ blk E. on Qtd to Delia. Qctr, Oiliy mi solrf, can bt itoiVii eve. by *pix;lnl-niinl. Dan Reinhurt Contt. LE 9-6422 Will !»ke vacant lot In trade. The Beverly Hills of Orange County Walnut Park Estates iurro-jnd thii cus- laniilv $95 TOTAL--MOVE IN G.I. enly -- N*w Duich Haven nan 1 !. Corner lor, de'ached o-s- r»oe, 2 baihj, J Bdrm la-riltv rm. Carpeting in Living rm halli. Corno'eldy landicftped fenced. Immtcf. Occu?v.c.v. J*,700 F,P, LE 690C2 or E^ej KE 5-2W7 Bkr. BEAUTIFUL HOME-- W I T H POOL. 61k. wall, pato, B.B.Q., Irpl. BIMni.. 2 bdrmi., den, 2 balds, w/w carpet and draffs. Winy tIr». SMirltlci et H3.9Q9. ___ 7189 fcf03ver_Way ___ $300 ON.-- 3~0r, iTYalhv Hcf, fin". ' __ _____ _ 3-BDRM den, 1\, bami. Walk t~t stores. GJ. ban., 100? I Clrc'e, I mllei Eail or Long Beach out Ball Road. home. WanV'manv- BUILt-lN RAKGE COSTA MESA COUNTRY LIVING Kewly cuiJom txillt ? LxJrrn co,-i verF'b!« To 3, 2 balh\, bulIMn Likhen. garace, cnrpofl, carott Ing, tfrnpc^; 6 acre, trf«jj coo v«nlenr golf clubi. b*flch«i. 115.930 14,000 dcwn, 1150 mo. 2S9 Ora-ice Avc.. COMB 7AeiM. 1.1 8-3302 GARDEN GROVE 2^82 SAfJ FRANCISCO Price- reduced $1000, 3 Bdrm, 5lucco. immaculate. Lars* ti'e kitchen, tile cull man bdlh. Lovely yard. Dcublt delached o«raot. Loli of extras. S2530 down, Cat! anvllme lo lee DELLA BR[GHAM, Rllr. GA *173 SMALL'LOT Goocf focalkn. Owner mgit sell trill 2-bdfm., lof. Jlv. rm. aep. din. rnr:. Good bw. Call Marot Sutlcn, GE I-25W; GE 0-13W. REX L. HODGES CO. ELEGANCE! Mer* li 1he m«r ei?oa-if R a n c h Motfel In Rojsrroor. Ha CArneMnp- drvsncs. Bit In i:ove, diihwashtr f. retfloera'or. SW.SOO, with terrr,s flcxib',*. Set INs Today Or Re Sorryll MOORE Rlty. GEEves: GL 1-J1«_ lir«- PICTURE BOOK HOME FINEST LOCATION Soacroui 3-bdrrn i den, v;:i o-'ace, pallo, modern byilf-ln en, ? haths. ioiced afr h.edt. lawn iorinkltrs and other luxury features for «5,MO. Say when. WALKER LEE 6506_E. Scring_sr. HA 9-593^ CORNER KEMPTON SEE SUBWIT Overlived corner all feficcrf. Family room plus all drapes re* frit? AsVIng li-if I7ASCO. Anxious. Cdll GE ·MiW, 2765 Para V WALKER LEE CASH TALKS "Ptvriwulh" v,ilh cMl. Ai] reii_.. tb1« ctttfi lubmuifd. Quality cs.-t*h G.-a^s. all bullt-Ini. Top loc. See tada/ Si/rel 3251 OAK: KNOLL OWNER V/HL TAKE low down. "Ranch," ra Qualifying, quick DOS iesi i on, Maval ficer Irantferred. Will help nanct. M-jit be ic'dS 1IS22 WHATHERSY GE IO5II R Y E R S O N G E 9-0209 _ . _ _ _ CALIFORNIA LIVING 3-br., lovely cov. oah*o wfth frpl. bbq.'Clean. A gaod buy. Submit lermi--aM KEFF GA ?-iU; GA 7-7549. _^^ L. HODGES CO. BY OWN'ER-UnrtYlrlcted. Mdern hflme ^ Income. 3-bdrm,/ 2 balh. Garb. dlip. F.A. hedl. Built tn e'ect, ran?e ovtn. intercom, covered patio, fruit Irees, fenced. AKn ou«t house. On Fashion DON'T DODGER- BE AN ANGEL and let LI sbc.v YOJ ojr b^sti leaded selfdlon cf except tonally line vdluei. Single oul- vcur n-otfe!, doMt your happiness, 1rlo!e vour iflvingi find drive hem* to your Casll«. Call for a GrarxJ Slam AupclnlmenL WALKER L6E HSv;ay 101_ et_ Anaheim _ C E 4-7VJ, ^7j3 SOUTH ST. , 5939 LIME OPEN 1-6 3 , btfrm. Famllv kitchen. B^rch aibln«!s, oulIrpAn: ba?h. Wall to waUi Overiired Irtdry. rm. Xlnt local'cn. Jj - £ DEMA RHy. GA 3 - 1 2 l ""?ICOO DOWN TO FHA CLEAN, 4 BR., 7 Bath. W/W and drape t near shopping, ichools. 7l* Cflll Wary «ves HA 1-1638 MOULD REALTY 3315 DAMERON Besulitul 3-BR-, ?'/j ba'M. l«*d. Dbl. oar. Re- ENCHANTING FARM HOUSE-LOW DOWN Haw officer tram, fo/ced Jo jell 3 br. 2 ba. Din. rni. Ww tKn.-0-jt, custom drps. Prernluin cor. lot. S-^bnilt. Ow.'.er will help finance. 1 " t " ! HA 9-5971 or GE 1-122S REX L. HODGES CO. 4 BDRM. + FAMILY RM'. r*1ra iharo Yale model, r.ewlv decorated, WAV carrel* f. draaw. Park like lanJscaB:r.o wilh la.-oe Balio ?. Icng hrlcH flarden i'll-lns IK BEFOUL- MOORE Rliy. GE 4-3464 Eve*: HA . . NE 1-5338 · v £ } 6 PINE--OPEN 1-6 4. Rccms. Wall to V/A'I. Room fo txjlid in rear. R ^ lot. Close to m*--k«lt t, bus. H: Adema Rlfy. GA_2J_2jl feY OWNER--17500 dn. to 4.V*.*?, Gl. 4"Bdrm , t J .Vbarh., hv/d fin. 2-ca OAr./ls bfc yd. Ncwlv r«Jeco. Vi blocX from school. 31S.500 P.P. WE 4-13i8 O'RIVE, BY ? 2 ON 1 2 iep. hcui«. 1-BR. each. Dbl. dclarh. oar. Nr. s!or»t i trar.ip. ^LINCOLN REALTY ___ GA137B ' E. «TH V/AY 3-BDR5., liv.'rg rm. K, S«D. din. rm., w-w In Earlv AmfTiCfln. Unuliffll uscd-hrick fire- DI.ICC. Realtor. G A 2-331 B. _- _ FURNISHED 2-BR. or^ corner tn'.. On!v ^15.950 $3,CXO DOWM _ G-'t.'BElL. RLTR. GA 2-5400 5601 Lemon -- By Owner LovtV 2-Bi', com«r wilh tSO __:j-77a3. ] : m"5 SOUTH ST. Hooie A business, C-?, * vn. clrf furnished or unfurnished. ay OWNER fan. SPANISH STUCCO. . CRIFICE PRICE . S91W. wn. Ti 1BR. SAC ·ANISH STUCCO. Corn ^CE PRICE S91W. JW. pvrr.1i. of 5W y-/46i; UnterhHI 5-735^ . DIRTY THREE 1 I I-- b'0 3.BR, on corner lol ,." Ipe nvlng rm. frpl.. 3'; 5«p. dining rm, icr«n« .0. Mcf varcf. l/r itfaols. B ler. GA 2-31.' rm., flreo _ I-QvT2-fiR, Lo*. slracl, Pflnclpalt on|y._ GA 3 61H BY"OWN£R--2.Br. on rear of~R tot. Xhl loc^lton. Good buy. B E rf^NTLrBTToJaTion. Cusiom : Bdr.'Bv owner. 6241 Lerr.Ofl AVI Boa DH. S-BOT. Slucco. Fix It UD~ Hvo tlifl). Vac. BKf, ME4-K50 i ca ffEAR 2-Bdi-. «7« CHERRY. Sill | 3-B or trada lor Incoir.r CA24U2. 31 " W A K E A BIG SPLASHI Buy t h i s bia-jtllul E%'al« model v.llh " Soulhern lllte/«d fts, built-in , _______ . ... nocF. Carpeling S, dr j!ovt ov»»n, d i s h w a e r L1il«d for $32.500 M O O R E HA 1-8481 4 1 M E. Carsc n E v e5 GE SB?: ] KEEP COOL ! In 1his TxJa Pool! Love'V Kcmcion A'.odel--3 b I 3 * balh. Th" ii re*;iy SFE IT NOW I t MOORE RLTY. GE 4 GE 8-7)73 "Willfamsburq' 1 with POOL! Almost Itm sa. II. In Ihii PCCJ lar 2-jlory hoiie. Large healed DCOl srr#Fned lA^al. SS54X) dew cr ret's lraa« in your home 7 ? MOORE Ratify SE 3-49o6 Ev.i.. GE I-B'I?: O NEW FHA no seconds on Ihii larpe 3-txd loom A f Am llv room, fully im proved with carpelIncr and drao*s We hAve ieve^a) thai oin b hvidltd at tMi lew cfown pay "WALKER LEE --Hiw»yj01 at Anaheim GE 4-;*7 STUNNING PACIFIC E S T A T E S MODEL. Ornamental bl^ck end 01 inn front courtyard lush pur Ur.usu^l irolillng effec!i,fW)nv spec Fmen trees. Smnklrrj, I irge p v.Ufi brick olcvilcri. Profcisi dtccr. Be^ufilul CtUpirs dr fhruoul. Shultererf doors, etc. T a s^KJivDlrice, Priced bt'.att cotl FHA S'-.-.i. 1UM Oonovan Rd. fl/ ADtxj!ntmenl. GE 0-7-40 OPEN I TO 5 OWNER MUST SE1.U Ycu cnn aiti/rot Gl to an, 3282 HILL ROSE DR. Martin. Odegnrd Plumb 501 E. BOwv. HE 7-0736; CE 1-70SS LARGE FAMILY? 1300 la. ft. 4-br. 3 ba. lA rm . Ige. vArd. Bargain price Ens/ linaTcina. Will trade. Call GE 1-1371 or GE 1-177J REX L. HODGES CO. COLO EM ESTATE B/ owner M'xt30' uremiiTn lol. 3 Sdrrrn A larrllv rm., 2 balhs. AH bu.lHns. DraMi. 750 so. II. pa!io, Cinder WocK fer.ce, sorFnk- Ipr5 Qrduliful!v landscaoed, etc. i Basteryillc. CE.1_0'«. "'il?? BIG HC5GSE-- BIG LOT 4 BR. 3 Ba., Family. Rocm, All anpliArces Included in re* Lew P ""call Helen. HA S-7«? MOUJ.D REALTY _HA S-7«6 4^. WITH POOL""" OWNER TRANSFERRED SHARP HARTFORD MODEL Beaulifullv decor., caroel, drape jorlfiklers- O-wrer wilt carrv 2n Low dn. Priced fo ieir. _SJan'.sy ^» W. V/iltow _GA 4435 GOLLDE'fTESTATES--BY OWNtl S?COO 'educed. Premium tot, 3 b/ farrtly room, dining rocm, livin room, 7 balhs, bulft-in kilch.en w/w carpels, dracet. Oren hcust Suruwv. 2«l_B1ume_Dr. GE. 1 *^ "PRICED R'IGHT--LOSV DN" Plvmcurn, 3 br. deo, 2 ba drpi, iprnVlrs, indscod pal : Hurry to see, call Gloria GE 1-660? HA, S-74 MOULD REALTY GE . bu'.M-ir«. pat o. To . b«a-jtili-1 healtd rert. Gl 'oan pool, U _Rd_. _ _ C ASH "t A LK S Pow'ar "P/cvldence" m o d * Owner Teiivlna. $13,500 full crfc. Irv *?J50 do-ATi. Xtnt. focatton. G E J - 3 5 H RYER5ON GE9-0309 Extraordinary Value B/ owner, Plymouth* 3-bdrm.. rfen, ww crDl./ cult, tfrpj,, sprtn- )ct«r3. Immac. CE-1992__G_E_gjOg3 NEV/ LISTING Redecorated, new carpets, draaei refrlo-freeier comb. Spectacular 3-8R. farnllv with 15'«35' twaled oool, hugt lol. v»/« carpel,bulll- Int. S30.WO. GE I oKI. 3000 St Albarii Dr. Call weeker.ds _f*. fre Jl_ 7 _^- c ' 1 'P r L_ ___ ___ 4-BR'., bv owli'fr. GE 1-J2«. 10- caltd at 3371 Hfff Way Or. m,- X». _____ _ _ ___ BY OWNER. Lovtlv Plvnwulil 3'Br. A tkn., dry«r A drap*i, «tc._c«ij_Gri I.MM. _ BV OWNER. 3"Sr., pool. Xlnl cond. 3U3 Woodstock. _ GE 1J9M BY OWNER-- PIvmou'tK w/oool.. R«- LET'S GET ACQUAINTED I am a nfio^bor iMc.aSiirnc In r i^fci, frames i nw nag erne nl. C^M Chucl Allen GE 0-l99i _Cu-nrn'rv£5i_Rf.i[tv GE ESTATES MODEL in loo lo 3-txfrm. fam. rm, home irctytf w/w c3ip«l, draMi, bfock wal 33?2 Kuollev li iujl 1 blotk fro tKJi, «hool* i churchei. S Sun. ^._Bi/ cwfl^r,_GE_ 1^6" OVi-NER, cJiarmir.p S-brffrn. has x'rat J- 18x32' tuil. ocol, h-Micr. Waximuni THA l »7,900. CE V9T SPACIOUS CORNER 1100 la. ft. In 3-br. hnrpe. Din rrn, counlry 1vpe kit. Dbl. oar. FACTO GA 63W3; Hr VlOM REX L.JHOpeES_CO._ 3-BDRM. DEN"$167500 v/w canxt, flrfol., OIMHI beame ruitlc den. Be si co.-KJilicr*. i2 W. Willow, GA 4-391 REX L. HODGES CO, RARE BUY!! JR. EXECUTIVE 3-BR., 2 BATH. W. la w. carp. Block (e-tce. Irrmoc. thru-out. Al'-. lor Blancht GA 3-7O3 Viking Realty GA 4-0734 $500 DOWN 4 IrnDOU.tds, buVS 1hH lov#lv 7- btdcoorn h^me on 40x174 11. lol. Natural cabinet, bulll-'nt Id Ictien, alum-fiuin cisenicni v/-r- dcws, ienr*d. Chcfca locaf'tin. Close to Cerritas CoHeci. Se« thii cne today, lor ill,9io. Rylee Cogburn, Rltri. Open House Today, 2-5 II445--I65lh, Norwalt [E. of Cerriloi College, 50. ol Alondra B!vd.) J-bedrocunj, hdwti. floors, hulH-ln ranee f. oven, ash cab;r,elj, forced air htal, Vacanl. ImmtcIla'B rwmeislon. Only SI750 dcwn. AiiUTTit Gl loan. Full piite SI6,iOO. Prlcrrvore Really, Reallors, T O A - 1 7 6 S -"OVEN."DISHWASHER, INTERCOM ft, A.W.-F.W. RADIO. Polish sla't fitree lends to sur.ken living rotwn and sEoaralt sunken family roam, 1 lireclares. hardwood llr*. elc. ESTATE SUE REAR YARD, 1S5 FT. V/IDE with taM maleslic trees shfld ng A lovely pallo srra. For pride at owneiiNp ill ltiI tccfav Priced lo ieil at $27,950 YOUR TERMS ARRANGBO FARR · W Serv-r.O Or*nc« C». for W Y e f t r J . 1707 S. BROOKHURST. PR 2-1441. ArAt-rox, ? mllci So, S.A Freewav. BOWERVorFLOWERS" 4 Bdrrn - · 1V« Ba\t\ homi Many Elt1r^^ ~ $17.950 703 Sfonvbrook -- Anaheim OPEN 1-5 M O O R E HA 1-8481 _ 41S 1_E ,_Ca r_ion __Ey e s_J A_7-H« HORSEMHN", fhls 1i HI Modern fbr, home, IVi ba.. F.A. heal. *rov«, IrLg , co^ pat.o, sorlnklen, croi: ffMice, 112 x 147 lot + bami ervf_ Hh^30r~MO eol5a7"w! ol ~B«ach Blvd. $17.500 13ixlS5. R-I Dn Hazard. tlO.M. _ W E L L S Rlty, TE 3-05«; GA_^"" OQG~ KENNEL bflna^bJjQl, 3* ( OPEN HOUSE I TO 5 11642 PALOMA 4 4 dfro, hdvtd (Ira, rewly dec or*i«r, carpeted dracei. Blt-:n JDDlisncpi. Teri-IMc bjv Af $18,750--^1/2% Loan TOTAL PYMT $109 MO Can Keep Horse Here Juit reduced lor Quick ia«. Lcve fy 2Xtafl fujlom hon-e on T icres, J bdrmi. 3 ba^hi, two-sla slah^i. Terrific local I on, walk t ich=o:s i hopping. O*r«r enx Icui; m^ke olfer. Asking $39,950 TIDWELL REALTY t?31 KBlella. G.G. JA 7-*c9 EXTRA~CHARNilNG 3-Wrni. 4 ?0x20 d«n vrl^h lir«- clace. 1715 so, ft. of kivtllntM. Un'cut rock enlrv. BgilH-i over 1V ( balhi, Bea-jlitully Is-idicsptrf corner lol with ccvered oatlo In breezy Sanla Ana lusl icurfi cf Garden Grove. Acoraliea A! 118.500. Owner aiVlng only ili,- 930 or will Irad* fer acreaoc in Silverado Canvcn, Ora-^oe or'villjt Park ireai. Courleiy 'o Br Hainploji Rea'lv JE _4-4IU LU 1-S117 GARDEN GROVE BY OWNER C ITS I am built, fenced vd., cues! houi*, Rurnpyl Room, BAT, Fireplace, W-W Carpe:, 1 btcck to Sclicol Bui. Priced 1o tell. 717_W._31it_SI. GE. !-!«[ OPEN 7 TO* 5--900 V/7HILL Owner leaving. Com* i«* Ihii charnnlna 2 + den + POOL end lubmlt ycur alter. STOLP REALTY JH_» W._WILLOW GA._4.4712 """SUBMIT YOUR OFFER" Owner Musi sell 3-BR, Hi bafh. FlreoL Corner. M*ny xkai. Pat G r a y HA t-1531. 2880 EUCALYPTUS--OPEN VIKING RLTY GA 4-07 p. Sun. 1-5, 2700 Regway SHARP 3 BATH, ? BR. DEN. M«M fc clein. Scoar. dm. rrn. Lett ol tile. Xtra lot. car. 55 ri. lor. O. WlLOERMUTH.RIir. GA ?-?$2l Place lo Park Trailer i detached rumnvrs roonn. ShjHIe board. Slab to alley. FACTO GA 63903; HE 71034 REX L. HODGES CO._ NO'MONEY DOWN 3-bdrm., 1 barn, dbl. oaf ace. Nice lol. 100*; Gl i.nar.c.ny. tGAN GA 6-3903; GA 4-4?7l REX L HODGES CO. EXTRA NICE 2 DEN 5015 EASY OPEN 1-5 Mcde//i kitchen I balh, w-w, d.iD., lovely yd., dbl. oar. Rllr. 133S W. Willow GA 4 JUST LISTED Niw 2 8. 3-Ur. $17,500 114.500. Easy term i -- Call Bevlngton HE 7-1351; HE «37M REX L. HODGES CO. SOLD BY OWNER . Excealior.allv n'-ct 1 hErfrcwrr home, flfvy reffiorrated air ctm d Fenced. Hear evervthlrm. 2421 PINE AVE. OPEN 2 TO 4 Lovely, cradous 2-BR., irp. n R e'ec. ra.-ige, «(r-cond.. Iro!., Igi kit. Try 15.000 dn. or ubmlf. jVafl^icwi, ReAl'or GA 4-0-ifr/ 0'PEN"lT6"5' 7553 EARL AVE. See this iDOlleii 4 yr. o'd 1-Br. t, den. AIT carpe!ed. I baths. Xrra loe. service porch. 3 car car. ^E_RHHARpT_ REALTY_GA 7 1411 2130 EUCALYPTUS Largi 3-BR. ilucco. Beaullful. Farmnl D.R.. w/w caroelj draoes. Park-llkB yard. Priced to Itanlev, 3M W. Willow. CAJjai. SPECIAL!'!! 3-BR. 8, pool. »)J,;5(I. ANAHEIM Cui!om OPEN-Call A.v.« HIU HOME- INCOME New 2-bedrocm In front, roamv 1-bed room -i- t sleeping rooms I.T rear oil oa-'ace. Carpeting, draoes, imall yard, I Title upkeep. Ideal fc- rell red ccuPle desiring downtown BclLf}cv;«r Jocat'cn, Only 117.750- - SS950 down. HUMPHRIES REALTY TO 7-2707 "iff- Br7~D"enr$"i 6~950~!! Beit a r e a or Horwa'k. Wool c«r- peling, huge shop o f f dbl garage, beam celllno, Fflaillv r m v Thli Is * dream. Drive by 15071 ABINGDON 'sTOTLEReiHy SERVICE _M1E. Caison Pay-Ulla HA 9-iMI OPEN 1-5 P.M. 155M CARFAX AVE. (Bellfbwer HI Area) fl you «r« leading for tome- tn'nc » IMH« better we Invl'e vci; to inspttr thli lovely ? f. den or 3-hr. hcme. BIN/ land- icaced. SD!C ^"d sodn Tn cur. K f c X L. HOPGE CO. HA 5-4J CLEAN UP SAVE i ' Eilali croserlv must be sold. Good 2-bedrcom Slucco hovne, Mffd tile, big 50x150 R-3 zoned lot, bul needs pafnt Ins left t, out. Garagt and fenced yard. A whali of « hJV ft S9.f5»-S?,650 dcjm. HUMPHRIES R E A L T Y TO 7*2707 8"ELlFL6wfR~BLV6" " C-4 zo^cJ, 64 sc ]35 If. lol wirh jmnll 1-bedrcom 'heir* on iear. ideal BtvrJ. tocalkwi 10 build ytxjr 3uslneii building In Trent. R«al liberal termi. Call for derails! Ligtenberg Venteeq ~X,1 G e IH-cwt r_B Ivd. 7 Q t-jn% TRADE TRAILER In for 3 betfrocm home In C 3 " " icne. Xlnl location, Bell' " - ···- - Blvd. Y o u ' l l Be Sorry If You Miss This One! EASY DOWN i crly 1100 Mr mo. total payment. SPOlle» V cle^n 3 Bdrm. M*d firs.. fro\.. e'«c. bit In ilove, w«1«r iflftwer. Lovely nelghborfict-d. Sharp! Shake Roof 4 Bdrm , HI ba% hdwd. fin. BIMni, s!ove. frpi.' r cov. pallo, b'.k. f*nce, good nffchborhocd. AiVIng J19.500 -- E-Z lermt TIDWELL REALTY 60J? LlncoVi -- Huena Park . - _ _ LARGE POOL 3-br., family room, elec. kltcK., beaullful bucK v?rd, oulocor Itehl- Ing. vralerfan, near ichwiU t. bu. KM V/cst Si., Ana'-.ilm. Airer 5 home"" ? C balhs,'"kv«lY/ s, drapes, bolIMn R "·"="· ""--"-"/wSbOFP Druslve landscno. Or.iv ;l».5» F _ RA G P E H ^2 REeA r LT VAZ°J C l Vacant ^V Swiming Pool $17,350 Lovely 4-bdrrn., P; balh h Corner ftpl. F.-A. hi., w-w ca Jhru-ojt, drapes, hi.p« 2030 cow. pat'o- 15'x3S' An^wiv nnol. heal- «d nfUred vr/d.vlng beard. Lwdsrsped heauilfu'ly. Wiikirq distinct to malor Jhoooing ce-«lcr. BETTER HUHRY ON THIS OWE. EliH-SrlvAder 111?? Brookhysl Garden Qrcva LE ?-9^JI Balcony Dining Pool View YO-J can d:n* bv cavJ-'«iiQht .(in Iht «fa bo r a f t balcony dlfllmi room wim wroucril I/on railing 4 ' s f w i I!*PJ levjirtg lo tht betuUH 11 sunken living room with · circular trone frreptece that reahi» from the floor lo tht n*1ural own b*amj. Gait «cro» I his mwo Ill- cent idllno 1hrov?h a wall -of siro-lno olait to Ine RIPPLING BLUE UxW HEATED FtL- TERED iWlrVVMING POOL ccm- plela with d/tii'ng rooms in A terraced Yard of Kjjh Iroo'cal plants JrKL YwcCSl, «1c., A larot DftHo covered wllh decora- live aluminum, sup back Infr this Far?* 3 BEDROOM, 2 BATH HOME. HftfdvrOOd (toon, isjf wall-wall carwfs oVapci. Forcexl air heaMng a hugt m*if«r bedroom with rnai'er confroi lioht- Ino panel La ret family xlfchAi wilh BUILT-IN RANGE «. OVEU PLUS REFRIGERATOR, WASHER, natural cebineli/ elc. A HEAVY SHAKE SHINGLE root complelis thii o't'-jre book ranr* home. Bring your checXoooK al only S?7.»». Lancen.. 17U? BROOKHURST. LE 9-9571 So. of ChflD'TiiVt. OPO. Von'i MVt, Qgen 7 dAVt.y-8:^Af[er 8, JE 7-5MS House Guest? 7 Can taiifv b« accofrmoda'erf 3 '^ thli luxurious ours! houitof appro*. BOO SQ. It. soaclcui living roc;n wilhi llrea'ac*. nrlvafe bedrocnn,4 convenient balh. Coufd all? DM uierj for wonritrful rumpus room arvd early area. This Cuilom hcira ihawi lu^ri CarpeHns, Hardwood lioorj, maiily« flreo'aee, Kutf* V/a'.tt-ln c'osets and 1 soacioui b«i- rcoms. A LOVELY GOLDEN AWARD KITCHEN Cpeni to p'f; vflte dining room. Estate slie 'ol ir*owi Ve;dent lawn* a"id sp^e^o- ing tree*. Excellent nelohborrMMd* Close to ihopp'rur. SEE THIS TODAY tor an-amazlna Vii?u* at ONLY $18,500 · FARROW -j »SM GARDEN GROVE BLVD.- JE 7-9M!; AF1ER S JP '-5J4' OPFK DAILY i^SUN. ?_TQ_JI v 3 BED~ROb"'MS~;-f. BEAUTIFUL GARDEN GROYH LOCATION Larqa cornar lol--L*nJ*t*pea " nc RJLL'PRICE" ' -ONLY -: $ 11,750 v PUjisi* Call LAwr B ri:fl TRADE? W!M Tal« Car or T.D. for $2100 Equity t-kir., I balh, fincw til., wilh covtred oslio. $14,500 Full Price ACTION REALTY 13641 BrcoVh.urst L T 9 - S S S S pP^N_EyES._Tl^L_^_ _ ·fr"BIG 4-BEDRM. -fr ChiTn'ro ruitk: beau^y l-n oul custom area. 1750 m. ft, Shake foor. All-e'ecfrlc Vlfchen. Fully carpeted draped. Sharp larxj- icaping, s p r i n k l e r s . PaF'o, fenced, «1r. AskVig J2S,950. SUBMIT ALL °B F ROOKHURST REALTY 11342 Brookhuril LE M177 _ _ _ _ _ Im"TOTAL moves YOU tn 3 .. 2 ball-.l. Bll.-lni. (enctd. VataTit. _ JA 7-5M1 17CB" TOTAL movts ycu In. No ID. 3 Bdr. redec. homt. Bkr. JA7-51M __ *m. "Rtdtc. sio; Skf. _ _ i;io OWN: $495 DOWN 4 Bdrmi.--2 Balhi G.I. Reialc--Eicellenr Buy TOTAL PRICE $13,695 VACANT QUICK POSSESSION Bu' 1 It-En range oven, titlt. OBr- ace, F.A, heat, C.B, le-.t.e. Ellli-Schrader lli?2 BrooVhuril "^TUP^RTUUNG'E"^ OPEN 1-5 HIM YAHA DRIVE The *xouisU» pool hem* avail. ab!«, 3-Bd/m., Hi bslh, all clecr. klkhen, w-w cusl. drnD« i. beaul 15'x^O' healed pool amltfsl lovely tropical leUlng. Owner transferred Asuiclalc Realty, I5H Kate 1 - Anahelm. JA 7-5-W. . . GA 7.Mi8 Viking Realty GA 4-0734 Southland Cities Prop 140 Artesia, Norwalk Bellflower, Paramount, INVESTORS 3 beti/ocm, garage, fenced, i yri. CM. S7?95 P.P. »»S dowr- U9S DOV/ti Neat 2-bedrm. Movi In loday. O.-: 1 ^ tTTW P.P. BOWDFH RHAL ESTATE 0 N _H A 1333 34TH ST. Sm!i!l do*n or will G.I. Quick DOS*, en this 3 BR., obi. gar., strive 1 refrig, included. LINCOLN REALTY GA -1]7a "HOME INCOME ? 8R duplex 4 3 BR lume ·$ vn. o'd. Thii is ditferenl. Lft us ijiaw you. RMr. GA 4-X061 MUST SELL!! PRICE REDUCED ON THIS CORNER DUPLFX. BERNHARDT Realty GA 7-JMV? "Colored Area 2 Den! $17,900. Cor. storl Trad*? Owen REX 1_ HODGES CO. HE 7-'.m WRIGLEY AREA BEST BUY IN AREA 3 br 1X)0 ia. it. Cbt. flflr, S15 S S O ' 4 3 2 W V/illcw GA ^3M REX L. HODGES CO. G.I. RESALE 11 rnos. ortJ--GOLOLN ESTATE W52 RA^ena Dr. GE t-Ji?6 ROSS'WOOR POOL HOUE--S29.300. 17x35 heared, fJliered oool, 2 cfren* Ing rms. i-Brfrms., J a. fam. cm. GS1-73SI. 3322 Orangjnvootf. SOUTHERN ESTATE By Oivntr. Premium cor- wl. 3-BR., famiiv rm., 2 bt^ ? cation 11322 Lfn Lomond __GE_1 : MM BY OWNER -- GE 0-»07 Cintcm El Corafno 3-BR, 2-ba1l;j, famllv rm. Carpels/ dracil. (Pfki- Vlers, landscixl. Beit buy. See nl 1 bam, toed., BY OV/NER-- 3 BR. , w ka -- ., , ., patfo, bullMns, w/w carpel. Assume Gl ?/!% kan. Z42\ STORY home, pcol 3750 s bullt-lfii, w/w. O-« GE SIGNAL HILL , _ _ , l*m. rm., t ba., OH KnOll Dr. ON 1--NEW HOMES. J70CO do. P . P . . SH.SM. GA 4M43. WEST SIDE Open ! to 5, 2366 Baltic Yfin must ttt th ( t nlci 7-BDR. At PUTZ REALTY HE7-li7 IDEAL LIVING SDit'OL'i fam. rm. Priv. J-j»t like en ant 4 7 BR. + 2 bss. Sep. din. rm ir'o Crnr Int. You'll Fov« HI ^§_ 4 E?JS - Re a I»?r_-Jil 1 S_ E. ^m OPEN 3120 CHESTNUT 2-br. + PJayroom. BricK f Mao'e kltcrvfn, built-in slave. Fireplace. 1]S./56. Lo*_dn._Owne^jGA_6_S3*3 ·BDR , P'' ba -t study Ice. tin. Corner lot, Firpf., carpet, dftot^ Tr/ SS.OOO down or trade. MATTHEVYS,_Real!or. GA 4-W, ""CHOICE PROPERTY 3 BR -f one unil. C-1. JVINSLOW^REALTY KE_5 JS1 NEED ROOM? JTBR's. Heart OF WrWtv. fu'l liicrj lot /skir.o H3.JOO. Rllr . CA ' Fabulous 5-BR. $22,500 yjGO It of romfarll Trids? O*ri BEX L._HODGES_CO._HE_7.jai OPEN --2374 PINE Small lol. 1 B.R. Next to shaa. WINSLOW REALTY 2-BDRM. MAYFAIR $1200 DOWN Cut* 7-bedroom hcn-e, xinl Ifl tinn. VAcaht. move r-jhl in. F cric« i 11,550--payments *30 i month. Priomort Reall)', R«allori TO 4 1741 VACANT ACRE T»x»5, Room far t, homei, maybe more. Sidewalk), cuibi, public w»ler, may s*il *h - -· -' -l Xlnt Check r«a, Norll JP..?-' 70 OPEN SUNDAY 1-5 Heed morn room? Juif (iriv* ta 13743 185th PI, in Art« (Norfri of Soulh St., cast of N wailc Blvd.). Ycu will be arrar bcvf much you can buv for YO JW REX L- HODGES CO. HA . Open House 1-5 Sunda $1.500 down to FHA loan fer nice ^bdrm. home. Hexf te execu!iv» tr?ct In nicer , ,-., ft. of pood llw , corrals/ tacfcrm. Nr. Ir^Hi. BY OVrfNER 1W1I Beach SI. TO i , (lov,er. Juj1 o\t U3 Fl. lot wllh gfiiast atd Sxs^oa, S17,2i3 F.P.--take trailer dcwn oavmt or ai row ai ils» HUMPHRIES REALTY TO 7-370? r.rfra R.vri, Bellflower $400 DOWN 2 d«a In No. Bellllower, let, extra storaoe room en of lot. Vacant--move In. Nt end. Jusl takt cul new loan, 'il?,?^! t.n. BOGGS REALTY CO, 1)117 S. ClarV BUENA PARK __ BDRM.-- VACANT tf,vn. Oraprs. F.A. heat, C.B. fenre, BBQ i palia. IniiiiedJaht JA 7-779J . poisesilcn. See now. BFRNIER REALTY QUICK P055ES510» UJO fofal down. J Bdrm- firenlrtce. WAV Carpel- Hardwood l.oori, C B 1tr.ce Close ta school. ORArlGEFAIR RI.7Y. UN 3-]4M _l'.' 1 °ra nnjho r 0«. LA 1-ltt I ____ OP£N l-"s-- 8 1 7 2 SAN MATED SEE THIS. 3BR., 2 balh, will reolac* W-W carrel. V/ellsJW_3J)S44_HE 5-4 W 8 OWMER. ReHuctif. Anlhony Pool. screened nalio. X-bdrm., 2 bain* hcme, frol. Blk:. wall, aDDllaacei. Ooen SAT. i SUM. M7? Sin aMos_J,Vav, TA S-OlCi. _ ' BY Owner lUtO Down 3 8. lAflnllVrm. IV* balh,_ bit- Ini, WA^her-dryer, (rpl., wa'1, pallo, drapei. Open ' Ranches Df. TA , Ulo BEDROOM. l-ba1n home. Covered pat.o. Blxk fence. 12POO 6,'^n, no 7r.r1 trust deed. TO -vwirj Rundcuiit V;A s-iii 17703 Claik. SI. Bellf.'ower *T1\ SAN HUERTO CIRCljE OPEM 1-5:30. M.OOO DOWH Conner 3-BR.. !V. fca., ffrepl - - w - w . BuiIMn sieve A oven. Pal.o, B0Q. _BERYL LINVILLE, Rllr HA 5 4QH ' i "STORY CAPE cob 4 txVm , ^ ballii, fenced. Sear schcoli fc ihoppHncr. 119,900. LA O range County Prop. 141 IDEAL FAMILY HOME Open 1-5 P.M. Sunday IliSl HOLDEM S BR.. r/i balh. s f r d no glai_ racers ooen frem hi«e Hvlno room (D Covered patio. 5537 IT. . Mapla Leaf Agency IT. 71n _ GE /-MIS Just One Left-:- FUdueed lor puict SaU '· TRY $4,000 DOWhi .'- Ntw Luiurioui TripUt ; " Madaliion Elactric Kitc'nin 3 Bdrm., woe I caroet), d^MTr huill In RAO. scrlrkle/J, U'x24' er.c!oseiJ palio, IftrtJicaplnp, In Garden Grovs ^ For appomf to see call col'EtiJ KE 2-6758 evasJE 7-4062 By Builder _. Contemporary Modern" In nulef tecluded area. Schocjf across lha street. Laro« Mrnrr lot. 3-bdrm., 2-balh. Flrco:act, «ll built-in Icltchcn, ipnclous closer?. Foil price 517.417. Only $41' down" fHA. till JOY7ELLE DRIVE. Jult rasl cl Dale St., loul.i el Kalella, Ph:n« HE 7-HM cr OWNER ANXIOUS- READY TO DEALII schools. FHA. Low down. 5572 Sutherland Way, G.G. V JE 7-2H1 ·_? $9950 TOTAL .,, Lovalv JMrm. !, tv\ ta-nl. Im- maculflta Ins'ce out. Bio coy- ered pallo. 75»IH lol. lrj;»l locj; lion lor icfw'i. Pavrnenl at_ Setl'/liy RealV LE«-IHl' HJM BBOOKHURST ST. .-. LOS ALAMrTOS 15.000 DOWN--Zont M- 2 bldas. 32i' " mt M-l, trackna*-- frocitaoe. Sullafel* TRY $550 DOWN Wo Tnd. T. D. 3 Lovely Bdrms Hardwood floors. I'.i balh. f-orcei air heal. Lovely caroels fl. drao«J Ffr.ced vard. Covered palto, V/alK lo Orange Couoly plara. Securifv ReaMv LE ?-!143 127J2 BRQOKHURST ST LOVlNSLY CARED Foft Snug, Immac. ?-Bdr Sep. dinlno rm Home surrcu.".aed bv Irult U«i f'owers. Walk to shoo. Churches S. school!. iM.SOO lull price XEnt financing available. LANDMARK JE 4-tKS: LE 9-723 1245X Chapman at Harbor GARDiiN GROVE Foreclosure Bargain Bcrms., 2 bath!, laro* klfcben. uilMn, oven ra.^ce, *lc. Kewlv edeccr»leI. L a r g e lot. 117.500 vnl. asVlr.0 S1X.SOO. Small down. COMPTON HOM£ WITH POOL j Tint lo:«Ho-T. Near FYerwsv. Jill i dlrecHont. 3-Br., 2 bsihs, palk). B«3Ut. landjcaoerl, t7?,500. NE S4M7 DOWNEV Gl No Dn. $23.925 (full price] Only S3SS Coiti 1 Impound 1 ! 4 8RS., 2 batht, SrdvJ. (loon f i r e p t a c a , carpeting, VjuUl-ln range A dishwalntr. Close-in Downey Loc. 7132 De Raima Street (MO. OF STEWART GRAY RO. fc OLD R I V E R SCHOOL.) Open House Sun. 12-5 er caM BRad. 5 »33I ( UNIT NO. 4 CLOSEOUT 3 and 4 BEDROOMS 1180 Sq. Fl. S Minimal 1o B t a c n $99 TOTAL DOWN TO VETS MOORE HOMES E*^ cf Hwv, 39 On H«il Avr, Vj mill G.I. NO DOWN FHA LOW DOWN 3-Bio BDRMS., 7 balhs. n'. icroo r s Fenced Only $11.250 FP. RAPHAEL REALTV, 8*10 KdJelfa _GE lOOl? cr TAv^ar 3-^501 $9500 TOTAL 1 Btfrm, en large fenced lot with cover*rf oaMo, $S9S down. KATELLA REALTY IIS? GA'den Grove Blvtl- TW_.Mig "" "-ft~VVE~SURRENOER DEAR i" Ow soaclous 3-bdrrn.. 1 bath*, drfr- pla:«, bit.-ln ov«*n A C^r-, Iniuidted, fenced- lard- jcawd home. If 4.550, _Qv^neA. A672 Amy Ave. TV/ 3-737.! OWNER ANXIOUS -- 3 - bedroom homa on larg« [Of, chair, link ferKt, wafer jnltener. Can work out low dcvti paymenr. _Herb P. Smllh Realty T O _ l 4 t \ | 3-BDRM cuitom homfc. VA balh, i«v irate d'n rm.. w-w carpet, r^apes. Good area. FHA tirms, 519,500, SI 500 down. 1740} Ariel re. LE 9 4091 t~r7~0 DOWN PAYWT. 3BDR"" ?-balh. bIL-ln, R. «S. O. Immed. _ccc5Joancv,_Owne^,_JE 5-5SS1 NR G G. Blvd. 150 * lT3"~C-?r~Maite oflcr. HE5-W4I Trloa GA .M333 DOWK S 295 MOVES YOU IN FIRST MONTHLY:: PAYMENT STARTS SEPT. 1st . NO CLOSING COSTS " NO GIMMICKS Fenced Yeud Woll-tfl-Wall Carptt ; 3 Bedrooms 2 Baths 2-Car Gorogp ^ And many other bonui /ecfivrei ai no . ^ additional coif ., Garden Grove RANDAIE HOMES ; Model at -'13771 BOWEN 1 blk!. narth of W*iTmlnsl«r Blvd: hefvften Brookfiurn Md T»ft, Nightc -- Phon. JA 7-334* Days -- Jt 4-1849 '£ Orange Couirfy Prop, HI Orange County Prop. 141 Orange County Prop. 14a : , "BY OWNER BeauIiCul 3 bdrm., V/j ba., 5MO ft^agrtoM 4«_GA_y ?r- NEED LISTINGS. "('Scld out). Will advirtln till Wld- ,, ,, , ,,,. Leonard Stroh Rlt^ P A _^S?r? N'ar new Memorial Houj-lal. U«- ?br. R-2 lot. Xlnt condition. STOLP REALTY - OV»NER--Lge. 1mmac. cuslom red- waod 2-br, sep. d:n. rm. ulilltv. _ _ - - - ~»» GOLDEN AVF. OPEft P.M. 3-br i (Jefl, d«n. r..... Ice. Icitcn- _AL_RUTZ Jieally HEW_M7 POOLII Ci/stom flit, modern 2 BR., rrtwiv extras. Best area. r[tlo«, 1-BDR. iftKCO. R - 2 , t e t , Fenced. Bv ov/ner. 1W3 " REDUCED to m.XO. Heart v/rio 2-BR. Terms. Owner. 722S Ma J-8R. + DEN. 1 ballis. Ullrn mod- tm. Bail Wrln. Brlstow OA- 5~2-BR. f'O.-Ja. K-; lot. 1$ 1,000 or trrrft. Mjm-.ewi, GA«vf?7. $400 DOWN Larct 3-irm, xinf corner hx 5-car detach gjrjce, finced a arcgrvd, hoot lol; only 171.34 i i at 5'/i% to v«t» or non-v! PIOHE£R B R O K E R S U.H_3^ NO DOWN TO Gl's Laroeif i« - *cllon of lovely 3 ^-Bdrm. homes; fully fa-xhcaoea i fenced; top areas, cxrr*s ot\ort; from $150 total rrov*-ln; Hur/y A P*IONEE_£_BROKER5 _ UM 3.»dl EXTRA pOXRTERS Near Ca'holic school i mnlor Khofping. Gl, no down. FHA/ 1450 down. NO RWALK RITY. UM 8-: Exclusive No, Downey Level/ cuitom buflf J-bedroom de.i He me has loaci or charm. ADprox. MOO ia. M. +· » b*auri- fu1 h*8terf pocf i rumotJi room. ; lhat It complitilv itnced. Tr^iv I * b«au!iru1 execulive- horr.e-. Full price WS.OOO, t*rmj. Dovrti*v CUV Propflrlits, 11561 Paramo-jnl Blvd.. Hltri. TO 7-3103. , CUSTOM BUILT JUST $24,900 iSMiilve it on* llr«Dlflce, x.'cei lire ilecl. klkhe-i, fc-oo )iz P«- r-ice pfuf 3-8«.* 7 bairn loweiv «fteped pallo. Call GE 7-21W, 7265 Pafo V«rrfe. WALKER LEE 4792 CRESCENT $14,360 i rm. stucco homt. 50x200 lot. 7257-5» Jaclion --J3.400 dn. J hom«i. I tot. 2-BRj. ««cl. PAGE fcCUMNIHGHAfA GE I 3732 NEV/ luxury executive horr.t -- 3 Blrms., 2 flrepl^cei. Urea llvirra. famllv rm. dining rm. - fw» QUI.-WI it., Oownev. By owner. LM t-7510 OPEN SUNDAY, 1-S 4IM PEPPERWOOD. i bedroom. Corner. Small down fo FHA- TO tin*) Rur.riwilt WA HS31 17203 Clart: St. Beilflower J-BEDROOM, Vfr ba., hdwd. floors w/w crpt., d^^pes, dbl.' car., lo 1 50x105. Fefxed^ yd. t^^idewa^k BY OV/NER--2-Bedroom. Nfce Mx» covered oaKo. Near ichoafs i irxjpptno center. sgjOO. HA 1-7370 2 BDRM. House In Horwjik. FHA 1400 dcwn. Of, nothing down. UNIverillv fr3?33. 1 8R, fam. rm. 1*i ba., f|r«iol. 1500 iq. fl., w/w crol. " cxfrai. B wrier*. ME CASH "rvil convtrntton" V«Jf «wf; ty_ (mmtd -**.\on. Bkr. A^E 4- ner. Larfii J-bdfm, J fTrhn\ , ailinowtr. VE 4-1721 HOLLYDALE NER 2-bn. KollviJale. W-V( Will FHA A1JJIIO. 'las-i* U1 CtnhjfV LA MIRADA BY o-vvner, Orxn Sun. Attr. 3-h'.. den. ww carpet, draws, frpl.; coy, patio; 2 eth. colored f': bll-lns. View. Beautiful co.idi':on mrouo^out, )7I,5W. ^5U Talbot LA V 4 W S3W DN. 3 B R . CORNER LOT. 34 I(. llv. rm. 311,700. UN 3-BW. SANTA FE SPRINGS OPEN SUNDAY P.M. 10039 HARVEST AVE. Lire* 1-Btfrm., 1'4 hathi, covd. DAtlo, vt-w carper, drapei, hd*d floors, (flrcrt ««* rn»N 3 blkt. fo tl3f.ii. Near Frcfivay. S750 ^n. mflv 1rad«- C*U HfUrt piirct HA947K er UH 5-721: T R«4ltv. MOVE IN NOW NO DOWN Cotfi of Impounds Only BLUE BELL ESTATES IN BUENA PARK FOR YOUR FINEST FAMILY HOME VALUE 3 and 4-BEDROOM HOMES 514,950 to *15,950 Those Quality Features OPEN DAILY SUNDAY (Excjol Tueirfav) 10 A.M. to 7 P.M. CORNtR Of DALE AND BLUEBELL -- BUINA PARK LA 2-4712

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