The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on March 13, 1920 · Page 4
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 4

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 13, 1920
Page 4
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THIS DAILY ' tfREE PRESS ••'••*: ~He -whispered -with the : secretary, j |»hom Donald perceived i to glance { -toward him in a rather apprehensive j •tanner. The secretary came forward, .•taking a preposterously low bow. • -u.fl-wjn conduct you to the prime min- fcrter at once, Mr. Paget," he said. "No Jtme mast be lost. lam going to have m toxicab called." .Donald addressed the second sen lord again. "I understand," he said, controlling himself with an effort of will. "Very well, my lord, I shall say no more at this time. On you will rest the respon- dbillty. And you will-repent this bitterly within a day or two." And he walked quietly out of the • *BJee, leaving the second sea lord and Ots secretary staring at each other. He ^iras at the bottom of the starway be. lore they had recovered their self- i>oss-»ssion. Then the sea lord snatched :np his telephone. A curious haze was creeping up from 4he Thames, spreading perceptibly from corner to corner. It-blotted out the redness of the evening clouds and •tung overhead like a great, smoky pall. A newsboy rushed past, shouting. Donald saw the contents of the placard that swung before him. It' mentioned a series of local explosions ': -which had been occurring along the east coast of England. Donald was trying to locate a hotei. JHe groped his way from corner to Corner, clinging to the railings of areas fend pillars of houses. He had reached some open space, which he Imagined to be Trafalgar square, but it was impossible to cross. Carts,- carriages, omnibuses,, stalled by the fog, loomed up on every side. Horses stood snorting Invisibly, a few Inches away. Drivers struck ,ont with ithelr whips promlscuons^y. Men were Bhonting, women screaming. . Panic fcad begun, ill knew that this was not »ne of those rare black fogs that descend upon London. ?' Then it was that the news of the man-monsters began to filter through the crowd. ' A man announcing himself, through a megaphone, to be the police commis- jsibner, ordered all to remain still until star bombs could be set off. Nobody Jheeded him, and his efforts to stay the jpanic were unavailing. The mob had ftegun to flow in one direction, sweep- Sing all before it. • Donald had been swept along with 'It, and then left, stranded and jammed 5>y tlie human torrent, into a small re-cess. In front of him he felt a para'pet. He tore himself away and was lost j Jn the crowd. . Donald hoisted himself to the parapet, scrambled to the outer -toping, and clung there. The shrieking mob rushed past ,.and never touched him. .-Then there came the sound of a mighty explosion, a long volume of 'resounding thunder. It went rolling •down the river like the discharge of a •thousand cannon. i And then, as a flood from a hosepipe, a burst of water from' the skies -eteluged the city. It boiled through the sir with hissing lashes, as if the por- .tals of the firmament were broken open. .The grinning face of the moon Ijroke through the smoky pall. Suddenly the stars appeared. And It was *alm. clear weather. ; A roar of relief seemed to go up irora the ( throats of the multitude. And •very slb^lyjffi'e'traffic began to resume Tits course again. • .; . . : What .had., happened, as scientists «fterwar,d.surmised, was-this;: The hy- -(flrogen, increasing until It attained a certain chemical relationship to the «i3*geh of the atmosphere, had exploded where it was densest,; on contact (with firs, as in a laboraforyl' But the Jexplosion instantly generated water j&* the twoi gases met. Hence followed *he deluge. But as yet the government was only <Uroly beginning to understand that this was some .unknown natural force and not a contrivance of the enemy. They dia not' know until Donald pre- -•ented himself in the office of the second sea lord at nine o'clock. The second sea lord grasped him by the hands. ; "There isn't time to say'more than rthat I apologize," he said. "The government has' been searching for you *3nce daylight. We've cabled "Washington, and they have placed you aiTour disposal. Ton are the only man who can advise us, and—the prime minister wants you-immediately. Anil that's JK> joke this time!" : CHAPTER XV. i The Battle of the Dogger. ' •Within -the next three days a series •fit phenomena occurred which left no (doubt as to the clangers which were -menacing the human race. . Before noon messages began to pour iri Apm.Bll parts of the country and from tie fleet. The admiral .in com-: jnand of the home squadron wired that ..* torpedo-boat destroyer had ap- ;Hjroached him "imder a flag of truc£ • •'with the singular statement that.the .ioeepn Sad rec«!J!jjd all along the Baltic JBttoral, leaving,a.Vast swamp of mpd-" jOj Kand, In which ..ships were embed- Tbe Zuyder JEee'no longer eslgt- NEW ARTICLE; TEN RIDER UP Vote Sought oh Substitute Reservation Backed by Sena- v tor Lodge. eu. A spur 6T land exIehaeaiFom tKe dogger bank" nearly to Ostend. He proposed a temporary armistice. By evening reports were telegraphed \ that an army of the monsters had landed npon the shores of Lincolnshire and Norfolk, had crossed the Wash, which became first a swamp, then an inundation, and was moving along the river beds toward Cambridge,- stripping the land of vegetation. By nightfall all communication between London and the eastern counties had ceased. The telegraph poles were washed out of the sodden ground. The approach of the herd was measured by the haze. Already' poultry and domestic animals .were being devoured. There wore- reports that children had been seized from riverside houses. The docks, the shores of Essex and the Thames estuary were abandoned. The flats were, a level stretch of water, above which the steeples of tlie churches stood out as isolated landmarks. Everywhere- the war had been halted by a short armistice. The governments of the civilized, world devoted their whole attention to the consideration and solution of this new and.stunning problem. In the meantime there had been a good deal of activity on Fair Island. The tifial stirsjo created by the departure of the herd soon subsided, break- Ing Into a choppy, turbulent sea. The FS5, tossed and battered as she was by the waVes, nevertheless held tight TOie locked rudder prevented her from submerging. Within the messroom tlie queen ol the swarm was housed securely. She was almost invisible, and not at all visible by daylight A- silent, phantom figure, she created fear and awe in each of them. They did not know what her connection with the swarm might be. They knew she had not human intelligence. * * *• * *" *. * Prom his position upon the highest point of Fair island, MacBeard saw the swarm vanish at sea. He saw -the F55 start in their wake, and threw PLAYS NEW CARD FOR PEACE Vlelds to Mild Reservationists and Outside Pressure for Ratification— Compromise Causes Violent Storm to Breafc Out. . -Washingtcta, March .13. — Senator Lodge : --yielded-, to the. mild -reservation Republicans and to the pressure of ou,tslde. interests -which want the peace treaty .ratified, by offering in" tlie senate a cbmprpmise of his original reservation, on'article ten. Hardly had this compromise been offered and read at the secretary's desk w-hen a violent storm broke out which threatene'd to postpone for at least another week Hie fiiiiil vote on the <iues- tipn of treaty ratification. , . Opposition to the proposed '.'oinpro- miso ciyive first froni the llopulillcan side, and was so iironoimced as to convince even Senator Lodni- that hu had "iiiuill chance of cf'tini nuyililiig -even iinproxiinantju the full Ki>ini!>!ic;in vote for it. Xo! only w.-ri-. the Invroii'dla- IJIe uppiim-nt.s MI" tliu iiviiry aligiu't! ::.L.:iiiist it, l)i:t scn;i;ni-:: who have 1 hi-rp- toforo vntwl w : .th Senator l.ndiri 1 I'nr ralification CSIIIIK nut fi;itly in upiins:- rion (o it. ,-unl dojmumMNl flip rornm-o- mise as a l.{epublic:i!i surrciidiM 1 . Among- tlie latter were Si-nntnrs Pre- liiighnysiMi of 7Ce\v Jersey, :inil ">V;i!'.s- ivorlh of Xu\v York. Irrocuru-rubles who spoke against it included Senators Knox. Brnndngei' n;id jlc('.'orir.lck. Democrats Also Object. l^i-om the Doinoi-rutJc side i::nne opposition equally "vigorous, speeches against the compromise heinir delivered by Senator MoKellar, a suppfirt- er of the president, and,, by Senator Reed, one of tlie leading tre.-iry op-" ponents. Se' issue hanging in'-the balance and likely to be determined by a, very close ( vote, -the treaty opponents indicated' that they . will prolong the discuss-bn until Senators La Toilette, • Johnson, Poiuclexter and'Foll are able to be .present to cast their vote against ratification. It has been impossible to ; obtain-' pairs' for Senators Johnson, Perirose, Fall, and La Fpllette, -nil of whom are against 'the treaty. The compromise offered by Senator, Lodge was written by Senator Lenroot of Wisconsin. It does not differ materially in form from the original reservation by Senator Lodge. But In' the transporsltion of language, it. permits -the' obligation , under,~article ten to continue, although the use of the military 'fend naval" forces is' restricted, ] to .the action of congress. , . ' Thai, 'opponents'"of tlie .treaty denounced the compromise as.n surrender by Senator. Lodge,, despite the fact that in presenting it he told the senate j he wo'uld not sponsor it if he believed it affected in any way the original .reservation; ' That 1 it did substantially affect this principle.was freely charged .hy npp.Q/sing senators during, the course of'tn'e I)ftt r ei'''ftel')fite"tliat 'ensued. . Wh'at Reservation Says. ' ' As ^presented the -reservation reads as follows: ' . ."Tlie'United States assumes no, obligation to proservp the territorial..integrity.'or independence of any other country by the employment of its military nr nnval forces, Its resources or any form uf economic dl's- criminatinn, nr to interfere in controversies' between nations whether members uf the league or not under the provisions of article ten, or to employ HIP military or nans! forces of Hie Un'.rort Sr.atos under any .article of the trc'nly fur. any jmrpose unless in any particular'-case the congress, which under the Constitution has .the sole-pow-. er to .declare war nr tiilthnrize'\ the employment of tiio military or naval forces of, tlie United Slntes, sliall in tlie exerciso DC full liberty of action, by act, or joint resolution so provide." MRS. BRUCE Tells Remarkable Story of . Sickness and Recovery. :Brooksburg,_Ijia.— "When; I was a young girl I clerkeci in my father's ———-—-—•—--•.— aid Hf te d heavy boxes which cauaed displacement and Ismfered greatly. I was married at the «ge of-eighteen ttnu TOBht' tO :< 8 doctor about my trouble and he said if I had a child . I would be all right 'After' three years twins came to ua and Iffia get all rigfctt'but three years later a baby boy came and I was troubled again, teotild scarcely f j - any work at Ml and suffered for four are. A neighbor told me about Lydia Pinkham's Vegetable Compound and I took it for .a year.or more. Now I have a baby girl and do. not have any female trouble. - Son can do anything- yon like with my. letter to help others. •' —Mrs. 3. M. BKOCE; R. F. D. S, Bfooks- Ind. makers -of Lyifia E. •Pinkham's >w« Gbmpotmd have ttiousands of that above—they tell the else .they could not haveibeen obtained for love or money. This me'dicihe is no stranger—it has stood the test for more than fortyjears;- : '•••••" If there are;any complications you do not understand write to Lydia E. Pinkham Medicine Co. (confidential) Lynn Mass. - . .- truth, DR.aH.ROTH llmited'-to^Dlseiiieii of EYE, NOSE, .EAR and THROAT Over Woolworth Store, -\ Murphy sboro, III. v . . Phone 159 ' JESSE HAYES All Kinds of- Moving and Tranctar Work. LAUKA K. SWARTZ O8TEOPATK1C PHYklCIAH Chronic CHwaw* • tpcclaity Offlo* In Laudcr-Ntohol* •!«•, W. W.HAMDLipN Coal and Ice MAC KEY COAL OFFICR PbeiM CM V Danish King's Villa Is Robbed. Cnpanhngen,- - March 13.—Burglars htive ransacked the '-villa of King Christian, situated on tlie Skaw. Silverware find antiques -valued at several thousand kroner were stolen. The Sifcuw is the northern extremity of He Saw the F55 Start in Their Wake. up his hands and raved. Coward as he was, he could not let his last hope slip " im like that, _ . (To be coBUnaad.) •• ASKS RAISE FOR U. S. MEN Chicago Association of Commerce Calls Customs Employees Poorly Paid. Washington, March 12.—Declaring that the efficiency of the "United States customs service is being impaired by wholesale resignations of experienced employees because of Insufficient pay, the Chicago Association of Commerce submitted a petition to'congress asking nn appropriation^ of $1,000.000 for increasing, salaries In the service. Investigation by the chamber shows that the employees have received no Increase in ten years, according to the petition which was presented to the senate by Senator Sherman. A PROCLAMATION fWHereas, the people of our city have been led to pur- Chase so-called remedies -from which they have received' no 'benefit whatever, and having thus wasted'so'much hard-earned money, it has come to pass that they know not what to believe.. Inasmuch as this unsatisfactory state of affairs exists, KNOW, THEREFORE, ALL PERSONS who are in need of such a medicine that we will supply them" •with 'VINOL 011 a POSITIVE GUARANTEE that if it does not succeed in benefiting- them we will refun'd the entire amount of money paid us for it. . There is no one medicine that-will cure everything, but there are some we know to be honest, reliable, and of great curative value. Such is VINOL; it is not a secret medicine,—just peptonate of iron and all the curative extractives of cod liver oil, combined with'other .bodybuilding and strength-creating ingredients. The com plete formula is on each label. We KNOW that it should benefit every one who uses it. •Could any offer be more fair than this ? You are ill; we offer you medicine which we believe will help 1 you, •and if it does not-we will return your money. • Is there anyone foolish enough not to accept this offer? You owe itHo.your family, to your friends, and yourself to try this medicine which we give you our pledge is a genuine cod liver and iron preparation of great merit. We unhesitatingly recommend Vinol as a Body Builder and Strength Creator for Feeble Old People, Delicate Children, Frail Women, All Run Down Persons, and Those. Needing a Good Tonic after any Severe Illness, and for Coughs and Colds. Do you think we could afford to lend our name to its praises, as we have been doing in the newspapers, if we did not know VINOL to be an honest and unusually 'valuable remedy for the ills for which it is prescribed? We certainly could not; we therefore ask you,, our neighbors, friends and acquaintances to accept our assurances that this is a genuine offer, and that any and all persons who need a medicine of this character should feel a sense of security in-accepting it: ' , Call and get a" bottle to-day. You won't be sorry. Claude Fox, Druggist Ocath only a -matter of short time, Don't wait until pains and aches become incurable diseases. Avoid painful consequences by taking GOLD MEDAL world's standard remedy for kidney, liver, bladder and uric acid troubles—the National Remedy of Holland since 1696, Guaranteed. Three sizes, all druggists. Look foi tbo n«mo Cold Medal on ntor b-» *nd accept ao imitaticn li your- , . ,. it dealer doem't.'.ca^iy' Aera, iientl intwoey arid bust meas- HAD TO .GET OUT OF BREMEN Entente Military Mission in City on Official Business Forced to Leave. Paris, March 13— The entente mll- tary mission which went recently "to Bremen on official business and .was .tracked, by a crowd when leaving the larracks after preliminary negotiations \with the German officers there was ultimately obliged to -leave the city - without having- accomplished the purposes of .its .visit, according to advices from Berlin. ' The entente officers were the object of a fresh demonstration upon their departure, tlie reports state. A crowd gatherer! before their hotel, breaking the glass in the .windows of the automobiles conveying the party and displayed so much hostility that the German authorities were compelled to send a strong escort to accompany the mission to the railway station^ DR. J..W: BARROW NEW HAMILTON BUILDINO H*ur* t to 11 A. M. and a to • l». .. PHONK U Vlrflnla BulMInf ECONOMY COAL Y ARE J. B. WOOD*, PROP. Washed Nut, Egg and Lump Phone 149 K.' HENRY BAIN TRANSFER GET OUR PRICE! Phone 342 K H. O. HALL & CO. FEED, COAL AND. POULTRY SUPPLIES Phone 233 W. A. BRANDON, M. D. GENERAL PRACTICE AND TH« EYE Cy«« Taitod - SlacMi PltUtt Virginia Bldg. Carboadal*. IK, F. L. LINGLE, M. D. Genera) ;Prnctk» •petlal attention to Ey«, Ear, MM* •M Threat QlamM Fltud Phone*: Residence 330-2, Odtoe >tt>f BLAMILTON & BRADLEY Attorney* at Law Phon. 212 K Suite 112-115 New Hamilton Building DELIA CALJ3WELL,, M. D/ McANALLY BINLD.'IVQ 211 West Main 8tr**i pfflc* Hour*—8 to lu «.M.: 2 to 4 P. K, CARBONDALE CANDY KITCHEN Home Made Candies and let Croat; Telephone 144 Y -% TCH! • •y^irij—. n <^\» S- \l ~|JJ i : fl I A- ,if HUNT'S Salve' -fiila-'ln-thi treatmcntoflTCH.ECZEMA RINGWQRM, TETTER or •ther : itcH!n8 »lrin diseura. Trt a 75 cent bo» our risk. "~ DKDO SfSOSK I riliS, tor t . . A*l«».Reltal SWUWDRUGWSTSEVFUmiERF DE V/VLERA'S HOME (S RAiDEi* Dublin Police Seek Countess Markle- lez, Sinn Fein Member— Woman Not Found. Dublin, March 33.— Tlie police- raided the residence of Mrs. Eamonn- de Val'era, wife of the Sinn Fein load-y er, in search of Countess Martlevicz,.. Sinn Fein member of'parliament for- the St. Patrick's division of Dublin- They, were unsuccessful, however, to their quest. 'It instated, that the police mistook a cousin of Mrs. de Valeia.' from London, for the countess: in disguise. . cone ON its 'is euetv. iWTtRNATIONAt. CARTOON CO.».y." - Si I

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