Independent from Long Beach, California on February 27, 1969 · Page 75
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 75

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 27, 1969
Page 75
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f-14 -Indtptnelifit, Pr»sj.Te!egr«m . Long Beach , Pr*sj-Tel«gr«m .F.I9 Maps Aid for Home Keepers By GAYNOR MADDOX ' Newspaper E n t e r p r i s t Assn. Women within the family, how to help them build their family life -- that is the dedication of a 34- year-old executive of a larae corporation. Out of Yale, thr Navy and Harvard .Business School, Henry H. Porter jr. i- vice president and treasurer of General Mills. !rc. He entered the company immediately after Harvard. "Right now T guess I'm a bit too much of a missionary. My major drive is to excite people to respond to what they are doing and enjoy it," he explains. He admits It is not al- i ways easy. Particular | with older employes. "FIRST YOU must make them feel well-regarded by their associates and the company. Then they will regard themselves in a new light "People are the absolute key to business. To get them to increase their capabilities and broaden their outlook is vital. As a Navy officer I learned a lot about responsibility backed by authority," he says. General Mills is the largest seller of domestic flour and has one-fourth of the cake mix business. They own also a toys and games manufactory, a manufactory of small, children's ovens that bake miniature cakes with two light bulbs, and a home painting - set - by - numbers outfit, among other properties. FATHER OF two daughters, Porter, whose hobbies are skiing, tennis and classical music, says he channels off his nervousness through expansion of the business.. "That is my way of having fun," he confesses. "I think less of selling products and think more of housewives in their homes. New ways to help them raise their families, better ideas that will expand their lives, ideas that will put some color into the gray that settles on so many routine activities -these are my intense concern." Company finances are his first responsiblity. His second is new ways of doing things tor the American housewife. "WHEN I AM older, 1 may settle into the corporate pattern. But I hope not." he says. Both as an instigator and an emblem of rapid change in General Mills, Porter sees his work as a combination of tangibles and intangibles. When an 8-year-old bakes a perfect cake in her miniature oven, she is simulating her mother. Families who play games together achieve psychic unity. "Sales of painting-by- numbers sets are increasing. That means housewives are finding a new outlet for creative energies. Flour sales are down but cake mixes are up. Married life will change. But women will always ftrive lo achieve," he observes. * * * * THE NEED to anticipate, to adjust to these changes, to break established company patterns in favor of more acceptable and profitable ones, explains why so many highly educated young men are being courted by business. "The most needed skill of management is to be a hie to excite yourself and people around you to achieve a broader base," repeats Porter. 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PACKAGE · 4 VARIETIES WEIGHT WATCHERS ^ M FISH DINNERS 99' 89' » $ 1 06 REGULAR SIZE- Ik VALUE HLPHRBETR BEAUTY BAR SOAP 10' FROZE!! · 6 OUKCE CAf · 27= VALUE RICH ::: V:TAM::F 'C' 12 O'JMCS CAN r · 53= VALUE BOBRICK'S AMMONIA 49c 45* BATH SIZE A A ( ZEST BAR SOAP 21 c 20* ICH ::: V:TAM::F'C' ilmt RIPHB BETfl Orange Juice 24 (Ic 39c3r 4 : .1":;:-.' ;c;:c; ;:TRATE TOR IMiiAIIO.'i CSAI.'GS JUICE BANQUET · FROZEN · 5-02. · All VorfetlM BANQUET · FROZEN · 5-02. · All VorfetlM Jk Wf Cookin' Bag Entrees 29c 27 PLAIN OR IODIZED · 26 OZ. CTN. MORTON'S SALT 13c ECHILLINCJ · H/2 OZ. SIZE f A( Spaghetti Sauce 25* 19' BIPHfl BETH · 1-18. PACKAGE SPAGHETTI GOLDEN GRAIN · n OZ. PKG. ^ mt Spanish Rice A.Roni37c27 25 O2. BOTTLE · Kftlchup Loveri SiZft flft HEINZ KETCHUP 43c 35' 23 OUNCE r.OTTLE TOP JOB LIQUID CLEANER 66* GIAMT SIZE PACKAGE SPIC SPAN CLEANER 73c 99' 93* 19 OZ P A C K A G E - A U VARIETIES PILLSBURY CAKE MIXES 41c 12 OUNCE BOTTLE 12 OUNCE BOTTLE A l HEINZ CHILI SAUCE 33c 31 GIANT SIZE PACKAGE INCLUDES We OFF FAB DETERGENT SOME STORES CHARGE Sic 69 GIANT SIZE PACKAOI FLUFFY ALL DETERGENT BATH SIZE CORAL, GREEN OR WHITE LIFEBUOY BAR SOAP GIANT SIZE PACKAGE DASH DETERGENT INCLUDES 12c OFF SOME STORES CHARGE 77c 63' JOHNSTON APPLE PIE 79c 69* ALL OTHER VARIETIES BIRDSEYE · FROZEN VEGETABLES ··OZ. RICE. PEAS. MUSHROOMS =.07. :.:::rn W/OKIOB SAUCE . --a?.. -?. r;::. ?;:A::S W/ALMONDS^ ic-c2. =;:;:r3::; CUZE ^ 35' raczs::: ·'. oz. M:G · CHILI r, EEAIIS ** r , KOLD KIST ENTREES 29c 26 - -ZZ. SIRLOIN TiFS OH CREAKED CHICK!,' «= HrfER'S · FRCZEJI · '.'-·.- OZ. PKG. _ A HOT BREAD SLICES 53c 48* MEYER'S · FROZEN · i'.:,'; CZ. PKG. · A / CINNAMON LOAF 69c 58* SOME STORES CHARGE 20c 19 OILET TISSUE AU;.T TAiir · a O-JNCE IAR V KOSHER CR POLISH :05HER CR POLISH mtmt ICEBERG DILLS 59c 47* ,--x. A'JKT IAKE · 56-OZ. IAR · No Gar'.:: m i_ ) ICEBERG STICKS 59c 47* ir..OZ. CAN' · HORSE MEAT CHUNKS A At ALPO DOG FOOD 32' 29* SOME STORES CHARGE 27t PACK OF 4 · REGULAR SIZE EARS WOODBURY FACIAL SOAP 37c 33 f £q:.:r ETO=IC " KING SIZE BOTTLE YEL LIQUID DETERGENT INCLUDES 20c OFF 63' 81c 79* SCHILLINGS · 4 OZ. VANILLA 89c 79* SCHILLINGS · IVl-OUNCE SUE f A( WHOLE CLOVES 23' 19' CAILT DIET · 1-LB. CAN DOG FOOD 9c TAB' COLA = m BSC 48 PLUS ""OEPCSIT' ^ WJ BESFUvt THf mSHT Tn REFUSE SALES TO COMMERCIAL DEALERS SALES TAX COLLECTED OH ALL TAXABLE ITEMS THE QUALITY LEADER - THE PRICE LEADER TOO! Double "\ SAVE WITH ALPHA BETA'S 12.876 TOTAL DISCOUNTS Discount ) Save even more with Double Discounts «igg They mean extra savings lor you. tode possible by special puichases with the cost redaction; passed on to you-Look lor them throughout the store. 6634 E. SPRING AT PALO VERDE 1340 E. 7th AT NEBRASKA 644 REDONDO AT 6th ST. 1500 WILLOW AT CASPIAN First Prize -- S3 For newly-weds: a lovely way to make a very sentimental keepsake is by taking a turkey wish-bone, (leaning it -.veil, spraying it with sold paint, glueing it to a piece of preen fell, mounted in card board, and frame it with or without glass. It's wonderful for a ynune couple's first Thanksaivina remember- anco To pot , n ti l f t r u e S p m t of the seasons. I have four picture?, one of winter, spring, summer and f a l l . 1 chanse them and keep the seasonal p i c t u r e in our f a m i l y room where our f a m i l y sees it most. Mrs. Emil Shcrak, Itf-ll Iroqunis Rd., Westminster. Calil 32683 Second Prize -- S3 I use two. one-pound coffee cans to make an easy and inexpensive, yet colorful toilet-brush holder. 1 remove the lop and bottom from one can and tape n nn t o p of another can w i t h just the top cut off. Then I cover this two-deep can with a pretty yellow adhesive-backed plastic and cut a hole in a plastic lid for (.he brush ! handle to come through. A : piece of foil in the bottom j of the can retards nisting. : Mrs. Joyce DiMichele, 27IS Polaluma Ave., Long Beach, Calif. 90815 Third Prize -- $ 2 Many of us have on hand several of the lovely gold or red embossed .v pound coffee cans. They make lovely containers for plants. Punch some holes in t h e m for drainage and put the plastic cover on I the bottom for protection. Vinegar is very good for loosening rusty nuts and bolts, and can also bn used in emergency, to unstop a drain. Mrs. L. Holler, 455 Dawson, Apl.2, Long Beach, Calif. 90814 Great Stew Time Near The winds of March stir up thoughts of great stews in big pots. But let's settle for a modern, all-in-one stew t h a t has a lively topping made of corn meal flecked with green pepper. It. will lakn the chill from your hones. ALL-IN-ONE STEW Stew: Vx cup all-purpose flour 1 '/ 2 tsp. salt Vi tsp. pepper 1 !4 Ibs. beef stew meat 2 this, bacon drippings l'/z cup boiling water 1 8-oz. can tomato sauce 1 bay leaf Vi tsp. seasoned salt 4 carrots, 1-inch pieces 4 stalks celery. 1-inch pieces 2 onions, quartered Topping: 1 cup corn meal Vi cup sifted all-purpose flour 2 tsp. baking powder I tsp. salt I this, sugar 1 e S8 1 cup milk 2 this, liquid shortening !/i cup green pepper Heat oven to 350 decrees. For stew, combine Hour, salt and pepper. Dredgp meal in flour nurture. Brown in hot drip- pinps in skillet. Transfer moat to 2'/^-quart casserole. Add water, tomato 'auce, hay leaf and seasoned salt. Bake covered in 350-degrep oven 45 minutes. Remove bay leaf. Add carrots, celery and onions. Bake covered in 350-degree nven 25 minutes. For topping, sift together corn meal, flour, baking powder, salt and sugar. Add egg, milk and shortening. Beat until smooth. Stir in green pepper. Increase oven temperature to 400 degrees. Remove casserole from oven. Pour topping over hot stew. Bake uncovered in 400-degree oven until golden brown. I

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